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Looking for animation technique from old Disney nature movies

Please help me find an example of a paint-in-the-opening-scene animation effect. [more inside]
posted by alms on Jan 12, 2012 - 6 answers

Almost zero details, help me find this video

I'm trying to find an old Disney (?) short film, featuring a Cow conducting on an orchestra, to the music of Strauss, or Dvořák; I'm not that sure. Any ideas whatsoever?
posted by lipsum on Sep 15, 2011 - 10 answers

70's Disney(?) Movie With Still-Frame Animation

I'm trying to remember an old (most probably Disney) short feature or possibly an episode of "Wonderful World of Disney" which began with an opening narration, accompanied by pictures of each word the narrator says. (for example, if he said "I felt happy" there would be a picture of an eye, then a picture of a piece of felt, then a picture of a smiley face, timed to his words.) [more inside]
posted by ShutterBun on Aug 20, 2011 - 1 answer

Searching for a Disney Santa Short on DVD

I'm trying to find a copy of a favorite Disney Christmas-themed short (B&W, probably from the '20's or '30's, featuring a very jolly Santa and lots of little kiddies) on DVD. Problem is, we don't know the title or anything else about it -- can you help ID this film? [more inside]
posted by anastasiav on Nov 8, 2007 - 4 answers

Where to download Dali's "Destino"

Salvador Dali's "Destino"- where can I find or download it? [more inside]
posted by hincandenza on Nov 20, 2006 - 4 answers

Walt Disney and the Golden Age

What are the best books on Walt Disney and his Golden Age (the early 50's through mid 60's)? [more inside]
posted by TetrisKid on Feb 26, 2005 - 6 answers

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