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Mickey Mouse's Ass on a T-Shirt?

Where can I get an old-school design "reversed-on-the-back" Mickey Mouse t-shirt? [more inside]
posted by melorama on Jul 7, 2011 - 2 answers

Is Mickey Mouse really making swiss cheese with his penis in this clip?

Is Mickey Mouse really making swiss cheese with his penis? [more inside]
posted by PostIronyIsNotaMyth on Apr 11, 2011 - 7 answers

I want to hear a cricket sing "You are the only animal who can think!"

I'm looking for a Jiminy Cricket mp3 and can't find it anywhere. It's a Disney Sing-a-Long called "You are a Human Animal." [more inside]
posted by mattbucher on Apr 13, 2010 - 6 answers

Why are mouse-ear balloons now encased in a second balloon?

I noticed recently on a trip to Disneyworld (FL, USA) that the ubiquitous mouse ear balloons are now enclosed in a second, clear balloon. When did this change, and does anyone know why? [more inside]
posted by juniperesque on Jan 24, 2010 - 11 answers

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