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I need advice on mounting an Xserve

Can anyone think of a reason that would prevent me from mounting an older g4 xserve flush against a wall? [more inside]
posted by SECONDHANDSMOTE on Mar 27, 2008 - 13 answers

How to make my own karaoke discs from scratch?

How do I take a song off a regular cd, add viewable lyrics (and whatever else is necessary) and turn it into a karaoke disc that I can hand to the kj at a karaoke joint? I already have evil lyrics and some other audio software, but I can only find reference to working with songs that are already on a cdg ... no references in my audio programs to exactly how to make one myself. [more inside]
posted by thewhynotgirl on Mar 27, 2008 - 3 answers

Physical cut-ups: Making Frankenstein vinyl records and books

I want to physically cut-up vinyl records and books into pieces, which I will then glue back together in various, alternate combinations. What are the best methods of doing this? [more inside]
posted by 0bvious on Mar 25, 2008 - 10 answers

Help me find Shipping Pallet furniture plans mentioned in the latest Dwell.

In the latest Dwell magazine there was a house featured with a chair made from pallets. Very simple and elegant, it also had a small mention of a company called Tolstrup. Help me find the downloadable plans mentioned. [more inside]
posted by huxley on Mar 18, 2008 - 9 answers

Homemade guitar amp filter

I built this mini guitar amp based on this circuit. But I used a 4 watt speaker rather than the 8 watts specified. What are the consequences of that change? [more inside]
posted by Grundlebug on Mar 17, 2008 - 8 answers

Help me build a raised herb garden bed

Help me construct a 3' tall raised herb garden in my backyard. Materials? Subtrate Levels? [more inside]
posted by blastrid on Mar 13, 2008 - 8 answers

The Compleat Idiot's Guide to Machine Shop

Machine shop for dummies? [more inside]
posted by kableh on Feb 27, 2008 - 14 answers

DIY Ping Pong 101

What should the dimensions and surface of a DIY ping pong table be? [more inside]
posted by roofus on Feb 25, 2008 - 5 answers

secrets of the fine d-i-y

what's the secret handshake that gets me access to the interesting/unusual materials that designers and contractors can get ahold of? [more inside]
posted by phoeniciansailor on Feb 24, 2008 - 17 answers

DIY photolithography

DIY photolithography: has anyone ever tried to etch their own high-resolution PCB layouts or electrode patterns? [more inside]
posted by Krrrlson on Feb 24, 2008 - 6 answers

How to make egg noodles?

How do I make decent egg noodles? [more inside]
posted by macsigler on Feb 22, 2008 - 8 answers

Mirror, mirror leaning against the wall...

I have a mirror that looks like the one in this picture. The frame broke. [more inside]
posted by sweetkid on Feb 22, 2008 - 7 answers

A more breadifying experience

What is the secret to bread texture? [more inside]
posted by rouftop on Feb 19, 2008 - 28 answers


Working on DIY solar charger from modified garden power lamps. Of course the panels look different than the ones in the pictures! [more inside]
posted by aetg on Feb 17, 2008 - 6 answers

What features should I add to my basic backup solution?

I've rolled my own backup solution, and I want to know if I could/should be doing anything more. What I'm basically doing now is copying over everything every 10 days, and deleting anything that's over 4 backups old. [more inside]
posted by philomathoholic on Feb 16, 2008 - 24 answers

Making a better gaming PC

What are your recommendations for upgrades to make a more competent gaming PC? [more inside]
posted by ZaneJ. on Feb 11, 2008 - 23 answers

Help me spec my new PC

What are the best components for a build it yourself system these days? Not nec. brands but what specs are important. Can you rec'd a good place to read about the options?
posted by Barrows on Feb 10, 2008 - 10 answers

How can I learn to cob with the best of them?

Cob on the corn(er): where can I learn to mix and build with cob? [more inside]
posted by eralclare on Feb 7, 2008 - 9 answers

Help me hang my curtains!

DIY: I'm hanging two sets of rolling curtains from IKEA today in my apartment. Each one will be hanging from the ceiling of a window niche, which is drywall. [more inside]
posted by syzygy on Feb 2, 2008 - 3 answers

Looking for remodeling picture series

I'm looking for remodeling picture sets (like this) for renovation inspiration. They don't have to be on Flickr, but a sequential, step-by-step series would be nice. Is there a site that specializes in these types of DIY remodel picture sets?
posted by (bb|[^b]{2}) on Jan 30, 2008 - 2 answers

DIY portfolio printing - Best paper?

Printer paper - I'm printing my portfolio for application to art college. Hoping to DIY so I'm looking for high quality, A3, dual-sided, matte paper for use with a Canon Pixma IX 4000 printer. I think. [more inside]
posted by rog on Jan 28, 2008 - 6 answers

How do I play DDR without upsetting the neighbors?

I'm in a second floor apartment with touchy neighbors. How do I play DDR more quietly? [more inside]
posted by ®@ on Jan 23, 2008 - 18 answers

Sawing boards sans garage

What set of power tools can I assemble that will allow me to build things out of wood and will store in a closet? [more inside]
posted by Foam Pants on Jan 22, 2008 - 23 answers

Homemade bed that withstands non-sleep activities

Woodworking filter: What steps can I take to ensure a home-built bed can withstand, umm, nocturnal escapades? [more inside]
posted by toomanyplugs on Jan 18, 2008 - 15 answers

Can I make an Ikea product

I need plans to make my own ikea inspired furniture, do these even exist ? [more inside]
posted by carefulmonkey on Jan 16, 2008 - 6 answers

Soldering a leaky flask-bad idea?

Thinking of solder to fix a broken flask. Tell me why I shouldn't do this. [more inside]
posted by ®@ on Jan 15, 2008 - 12 answers

Nice rack.

Design for a home-made wooden snowboard/ski/snowshoe rack? [more inside]
posted by unSane on Jan 13, 2008 - 4 answers

Best saw blade to cut LDF?

What type of saw blade should I use to cut LDF (light density fiberboard?) [more inside]
posted by howling fantods on Jan 12, 2008 - 6 answers

Pimp my walls

The original wallpaper in my house was applied directly to the drywall. I'm guessing this is/was a pretty popular builder's trick, at least in the 80s (and oh, the horror of the peach and navy wallpapers), but even with careful scoring and steaming I am losing the very outer epidermis of the drywall paper in a lot of places. [more inside]
posted by Lyn Never on Jan 10, 2008 - 18 answers

What's Wrong With My 10-Year-Old Speakers?

About 10 years ago, I bought a pair of Bose 301 Series 2 speakers. They've now been through a number of moves and they're sounding not-as-good. I'm not sure how to define the difference--they sound muddier, and less three-dimensional. I pulled off the front grill and didn't see any visible damage. How can I determine the cause, and then repair it? [more inside]
posted by yankeefog on Jan 10, 2008 - 11 answers

What kind of plywood should I buy fo a desktop?

What plywood is guaranteed to be straight and rigid? i.e., suitable for use in furniture construction? [more inside]
posted by robotdog on Jan 9, 2008 - 14 answers

Changing the speed on an old drill press

How do you change the speed on an old belt driven drill press? [more inside]
posted by drezdn on Jan 7, 2008 - 10 answers

Looking for a good fabric marker.

I'm looking to make a pair of DIY Vans and I need help in deciding what to use. [more inside]
posted by MaryDellamorte on Jan 5, 2008 - 6 answers

Simple home studio

Will you help me set up a simple yet functional home recording studio? [more inside]
posted by kjl291 on Dec 29, 2007 - 13 answers

Linux + emulators + roms = homebrew console

How do I create a linux-based game station that's loaded with emulators and roms that I can hook up to my tv? [more inside]
posted by deeman on Dec 27, 2007 - 13 answers

Best online resources for DIY computer building?

Best resources for building your own computer? [more inside]
posted by spikeleemajortomdickandharryconnickjrmints on Dec 18, 2007 - 20 answers


Is a DIY lojack plausible? [more inside]
posted by furnace.heart on Dec 17, 2007 - 13 answers

DIY Music Toys

DIY Music Toys - The DIY Music Box Kit is the kind of thing I'm looking for. I've also got enough links and resources about circuit bending toys, etc. What other music doo-dad toys are out there for not-so-serious music making?
posted by agregoli on Dec 14, 2007 - 7 answers

DIY or...

Inspire me, punk-rock style. [more inside]
posted by 2or3whiskeysodas on Dec 7, 2007 - 19 answers

My head is the size of a melon, and it just snowed.

I have a huge head and need a winter hat. [more inside]
posted by mecran01 on Dec 2, 2007 - 24 answers

How can I use a tripod with a camera that has no tripod mount?

How can I use a tripod with a camera that has no tripod mount? [more inside]
posted by abkadefgee on Dec 1, 2007 - 17 answers

need clasp for bike chain bracelet

need to find weird folding bracelet clasp for bike chain bracelet [more inside]
posted by annoyance on Nov 30, 2007 - 8 answers

Can I mod this furniture the way I want to, or is it a recipe for death?

Can I mod this furniture the way I want to, or is it a recipe for death? [more inside]
posted by zadermatermorts on Nov 28, 2007 - 12 answers

Have I fried my car stereo?

Have I fried my car stereo? Exposed wires crossed, and then no more music... [more inside]
posted by robotot on Nov 22, 2007 - 8 answers


Has anyone bought closets from IKEA? [more inside]
posted by cgs on Nov 20, 2007 - 19 answers

Looking to build a DIY mini-LCD video player.

I want to put together something that can play a single video to a mini-LCD and small speakers. The components (speakers, LCD, battery, and playback device) need to be able to be able to fit in a small box (roughly 3" x 4" x 5"). [more inside]
posted by TheRoach on Nov 15, 2007 - 7 answers

Simple, small, cheap accelerometer/LED?

I'm looking for a simple, small and cheap way of measuring acceleration. Basically, I want to make a set of LEDs light up if they are accelerated significantly, becoming brighter the faster the acceleration happens. [more inside]
posted by Zarkonnen on Nov 13, 2007 - 13 answers

Transform my grill

I have a Weber brand Smokey Joe® charcoal grill, and I'd like to modify it someway to transform its main duties from cooking to heating human beings on an outdoor porch. [more inside]
posted by c:\awesome on Nov 10, 2007 - 6 answers

In the event that the weighted companion cube does speak, the Enrichment Center urges you to disregard its advice.

How to figure out the dimensions of the Weighted Companion Cube? [more inside]
posted by Ctrl_Alt_ep on Nov 9, 2007 - 8 answers

Pass me the homemade bread.

What parts of your cooking do you strictly DIY? I'm looking for more ways to incorporate "doing it myself" into my cooking. [more inside]
posted by lucyleaf on Nov 9, 2007 - 79 answers

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