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Opening a US account without residence?

I am a US citizen, but live in Australia. I have a Delaware based schedule C corporation. Can I open a business bank account in the US?
posted by Dag Maggot on Jun 17, 2007 - 7 answers

Coin Laundry start-up

I'm considering starting a coin laundry business. Can I have some suggestions for a good name? (It would be in Australia, so international pre-established names A-OK) Also has anyone here been in the business? Pitfalls, potential? [more inside]
posted by Dag Maggot on Mar 15, 2005 - 36 answers

Mexican Import Business

My wife and I have this crazy idea to start an import business. The notion is to drive a big van down into the heart of Mexico, load up on cool homewares, (pottery, etc.) and drive it back across the border. How realistic is that? Does NAFTA apply? Will they pull out the latex gloves every time I come back across the border?
posted by Dag Maggot on Feb 15, 2005 - 4 answers

US to Aussie business

I am an American and an Australian, I would like to bring some product or service idea from the US to Australia as a business. Please guide me [MI] [more inside]
posted by Dag Maggot on Jan 20, 2005 - 15 answers

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