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It didn't succeed...try, try again?

So one relationship didn't work out. Is it horribly rude to resume communicating with someone else who may know or be a friend with the other person? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Aug 12, 2013 - 9 answers

Should I contact an acquaintance who recently de-friended me on fb for no apparent reason to ask why?

Should I contact an acquaintance who recently de-friended me on fb for no apparent reason to ask why? [more inside]
posted by Rinoia on Nov 19, 2012 - 23 answers

You Done Left Fingerprints and all.

I had a peeper at my window. I suspect someone I barely know. How to proceed? [more inside]
posted by alltomorrowsparties on Jun 15, 2012 - 17 answers

Stay away from my desk!

An acquaintance keeps showing up at my office. What's a reasonable boundary for me to draw here, and how do I do that? [more inside]
posted by zeptoweasel on Apr 1, 2012 - 13 answers

Can you help me decline an open dinner invitation?

How do I decline an open dinner invitation from an acquaintance with whom I do not wish to spend time? [more inside]
posted by kellygreen on Mar 18, 2012 - 17 answers

Unless I initiate, there's no talking. Is this normal?

I've always had to initiate nearly all [online] conversations I've ever had. I would like to do something about it. [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Dec 3, 2011 - 14 answers

Coffee, yeah?

How to Ask People Out for a Coffee? [more inside]
posted by easilyconfused on Aug 3, 2011 - 15 answers

My linked in is blowing up

I have had a rash of contacts in the last few days asking about a specific job at my company. I sort of know the hiring manager, but not well enough to just send every random person his way. Basically, I want to blow off these networking inquiries from my colleagues and acquaintances, but maintain cordial relations. How do I handle this delicate task? [more inside]
posted by rainydayfilms on May 11, 2011 - 18 answers

Whether to contact an acquaintance re: kids and cancer.

A childhood friend posted some pictures of her children today on Facebook in which it appears that her older child has a common symptom of a type of cancer. Should I contact her about it, or should I stay out of it? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Dec 17, 2010 - 24 answers

Do You Care What You Call People, Whether it is a Friend/Acquaintance?

How do you define acquaintance, friendly acquaintance, friend and best friend? What are the signs/traits of fair weather friends, friends of convenience, friends out of pity? [more inside]
posted by easilyconfused on Nov 20, 2010 - 24 answers

Gift suggestions for house of acquaintances?

Invited to spend holiday in France in a gigantic villa with a couple who are only acquaintances and their friends. There will be 15 adults and as many children (age baby to 12). Lodging is gift to all invitees. I can't come empty-handed! What on earth to bring? I thought local chocolate and coffee (Vosges chocolate and intelligentsia coffee from chicago) but friends cringe, as it is FRANCE. anyway, coffee and chocolate is not enough probably. Also thought of the kids but other than age range, i know nothing about them. Please help! I don't think any others are american, but not 100% sure. thank you thank you thank you
posted by dublin on Jul 10, 2009 - 57 answers

How Do You Make Friends From Strangers?

You've moved to a town very remote from any of your established social circles: you have no best nor casual friends nor any romantic relationships. You go into one or more meetings of utter strangers with whom you know you share some common interest (OneBrick, a Mefi meetup, a Meetup.Com thing, or something else entirely). What do you do — specifically, pretend I've got Asperger's here (no offense to those who do) — to take things from the level of "just an amiable conversation" to an actual friendship? [more inside]
posted by WCityMike on Sep 25, 2008 - 27 answers

Expressing sympathy to a well liked acquaintance

My excellent mechanic has obviously been going through some personal problems the last few days. [more inside]
posted by brevator on Aug 22, 2007 - 14 answers

True friends vs. acquaintances

What are the little things I should do to deepen relationships from the good acquaintance level to true friend level? Why did your best friends become your best friends? [more inside]
posted by Sharcho on Oct 22, 2005 - 12 answers

How do you explain your musical tastes to others?

Indie/ObscureMusicFilter: How do you explain to strangers or acquaintances what kinds of music you listen to? (+) [more inside]
posted by evadery on Jan 11, 2005 - 54 answers

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