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February 26

Best Practices for Handing out Donated Clothes

I would like to get some advice (i.e. reading material) on the best way to manage the distribution of used clothing at a local food bank! [more inside]
posted by bitteroldman at 3:22 PM - 10 answers

February 25

Are there official poster graphics for advertising March for Science?

I want to put up posters around my institution to raise awareness of the upcoming March for Science. No posters seem to be available from the official shop page. I've mailed the organizers but haven't received a reply. I'm willing to print my own posters, and now am looking for suitable graphics. [more inside]
posted by StrawberryPie at 12:27 PM - 4 answers

What does teen spirit smell like these days?

I'm looking for blogs, pin boards, Instagram feeds, web sites, collaborative projects, video, online artwork, web comics, and graphic novels and other online stuff that is very popular with teenagers. [more inside]
posted by alms at 6:28 AM - 7 answers

February 24

Recommended bathroom literature (literally)?

Who are good (scholarly) reads on bathrooms? I've found a few books, but most seem oriented as pop-history of the weird. Interested in the Institution that is the Modern Public Bathroom. I want to better understand the "why?" of this space. What laws, economics, religions, aesthetics, etc. created this thing? Keen on literature that discusses non-US countries, too, either as a focus or comparatively.
posted by cichlid ceilidh at 2:55 PM - 16 answers

February 23

Is it really that weird that I don't own a microwave?

I had a new friend over to my apartment tonight for the first time, and he noticed I didn't have a microwave and commented on it. He seemed really surprised. Other people have commented on it over the years, as well. Is this really that strange? [more inside]
posted by Automocar at 9:35 PM - 82 answers

February 21

Necessity is the mother of invention

Looking for examples of nonprofit organisations or other types of social enterprise who are doing innovative work or focusing on innovation as a way to meet social needs, particularly examples that break away from or subvert the charity model. [more inside]
posted by amusebuche at 12:32 AM - 9 answers

February 20

facts for grandma

My grandma has been reading a lot of unreliable and misleading Russian-language news and blogs. It makes me sad to hear her repeat racist propaganda that she saw on some random website that's translating Breitbart with a splash of weird post-communist flavor. Can you guys suggest any good Russian-language news sources that are reliable and provide legitimate, fact-based coverage? I'd like to offer her some alternative sources of information, because she's sophisticated enough to be online, but not really sophisticated enough to see the propaganda she's reading for what it is. Thanks in advance! She'll be voting in 2018 so...
posted by prefpara at 12:00 PM - 7 answers

February 19

Songs for a brain problem situation

I'd like to build a playlist of songs for getting through clinical depression, anxiety and OCD. I have some good starting points. [more inside]
posted by Countess Elena at 3:13 PM - 24 answers

February 17

HGTV for police stations

What makes police station buildings good? What would you like to see as a community member or police officer? [more inside]
posted by sepviva at 7:17 AM - 17 answers

February 15

What are some slang terms or buzzwords of 90s era dotcom culture?

I'm writing a piece referencing 90s era dotcom culture and I didn't mix in those circles back in the day, so I'm struggling with authentic-sounding dialogue. Any kind of buzzwords at all that evoke dotcom culture, especially first wave, would be most appreciated. I don't even need to be saying something in particular, just classic buzzwords I can throw in there. I tried clicking on Askmes/posts that were about this general subject but most of the links were long-dead and/or were post-mortems. [more inside]
posted by GospelofWesleyWillis at 4:58 PM - 118 answers

February 14

World news roundup email similar to NextDraft?

I really like the NextDraft news roundup, but it tends to be focused on America. Is there something similar that touches on the big news stories occurring around the Globe? As well written and concise (with links) as NextDraft? Hook a brotha up!
posted by Brandon Blatcher at 3:24 PM - 4 answers

February 11

Tommy Atkins, Jack Tar, GI Joe

What are some other names that represent soldiers? Any country, any era.
posted by LonnieK at 6:32 PM - 36 answers

February 10

Black history question

A few years back, I've read a story about a black female entrepreneur who created a successful business by hiring a white man to act as the company's face. Her story is as inspiring as it is un-google-able. Please help me find it again! [more inside]
posted by rada at 12:39 PM - 1 answers

February 9

Best books about decline and fall of Ottoman Empire / Greco-Turkish war?

I am interested in learning more about the very end of the Ottoman Empire. Broadly speaking, this would cover the twentieth century period of the empire (1900-1922) with strong coverage of the Greco-Turkish war and the other conflicts with Allied powers trying to carve up the Empire after World War One. [more inside]
posted by the hot hot side of randy at 5:19 PM - 5 answers

Bladerunner: Bangkok Edition

I'm going to Thailand for a few days to garner some creative inspiration for a cyberpunk project set in the future in Bangkok. As this is more a research trip than a tourist trip, any recommendations for places should I seek out? [more inside]
posted by egeanin at 12:46 PM - 9 answers

Questionable river miles of the old Galena to Branson float?

Every old magazine article and brochure of early float fishing in the Ozarks says that the difference from Galena to Branson, which was often a four or five day trip was 125 miles. Even today, the Missouri Department of Conservation, a generally reliable source of information on Ozark rivers persists with that 125 mile figure. Of course, the float is no longer possible because Table Rock Dam backs up the White and James River almost to Galena. [more inside]
posted by clockworkjoe at 12:15 PM - 3 answers

February 8

I'd like to interview grad students in ATX. Help me get started.

I've always liked reading journalism, and specifically human interest stories. I really liked reading Gig when I was a kid, and back when Paul Campos had his law school scam blog running I loved reading the stories people would submit. I've also enjoyed reading Andrew Sullivan’s and Rod Dreher's correspondence with their readers as well as Humans of New York. I might've studied journalism or history in college but I wasn't confident enough in my ability to support myself afterwards. However, this passion in me has never died and I'd like to put it to productive use. [more inside]
posted by bookman117 at 5:40 PM - 4 answers

Know an artist that does commissions, likes MTG, and steven universe?

It's a pretty simple request... I'd like to commission some art for a magic the gathering playmat, but I'm not sure who is ideal. I read a lot of webcomics and might reach out to those creators, but I don' know any that would be a good fit for this request... basically, I want the cast of steven universe adapted as various planeswalkers from magic the gathering. I don't think the artist being a magic the gathering fan (or even steven universe fan) is strictly necessary, but I think it would help give the art some life if they could sort of happily run with it...
posted by wooh at 1:25 PM - 8 answers

February 3

Thelwell cartoon (non-horsey)

Looking for a half-recalled Thelwell (?) cartoon. One that's not about fat ponies or anything else to do with English countryside. This one was of two blokes holding some product (kitchen knick-knack? electric clock?) and one is asking the other whether they should sell it as traditionally crafted or as featuring space age technology.
posted by hawthorne at 3:12 AM - 2 answers

February 2

Find immigration/terror attack commentary video clip.

I can't find a video clip I saw re: immigration/terror attacks/syrian refugees/something similar where a man (Senator? Governor? former General?) was commenting somewhere along these lines: Nobody said holding our values would be easy. Nobody said doing the right thing would be easy, or completely safe. People might need to endanger themselves or even die to do what we consider to be the right thing. Help me find this video clip please. [more inside]
posted by gummo at 9:34 AM - 0 answers

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