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September 20

Recommend where to donate for Carribean Island hurricane relief?

This hurricane season has been brutal. What NGOs are most likely to successfully deliver disaster, public health, and reconstruction relief?
posted by anthill at 7:13 PM - 7 answers

Can't find this feminist song from the 70s

I'm looking for a song women marched to in the 70s. [more inside]
posted by sugarbx19 at 4:49 PM - 10 answers

September 18

Lorenzo Il Magnifico

Ada Palmer refers to Lorenzo de Medici as a "perfect humanist prince." What is the best single-volume biography of Lorenzo? Best single volume history of the Medicis? And best single-volume history of Medieval and/or Renaissance Florence?
posted by the man of twists and turns at 8:15 PM - 5 answers

September 16

How can I donate for victims of the Asian flood?

What's the best way to help victims of this flood?
posted by maurreen at 9:02 PM - 1 answers

September 15

What to expect, other than being as awkward as always.

I, mid-30s, fat, incredibly introverted, and completely not at all cool, have been invited to a concert tonight for a group I'm really excited to see, with some people I know who're a few years younger than me. Problem: I have never before been to a concert at a bar like this, and I'm incredibly nervous about it because I have no idea what to expect. So how do events like this actually work? [more inside]
posted by Sequence at 4:40 PM - 22 answers

September 14

Vaguely remembered anti-Irish folk song

When I was in college, very late, when many people were impaired, I remember some of them started singing what seemed like some sort of old anti-Irish song. I want to know where it came from, if they didn't just make it up. Google doesn't show anything. Half-remembered lyrics inside. [more inside]
posted by vogon_poet at 8:19 AM - 7 answers

September 13

Looking for a wedding/engagement photograper in NYC

I'm getting married! We're looking for a photographer to do our wedding and some engagement photos. The last time someone asked, three studios were listed. One is still open, but the other two are no longer around. [more inside]
posted by Hactar at 5:51 PM - 11 answers

September 12

My little boy asked me to buy him a dress. I have questions.

My little boy asked me to buy him a dress. I did. Now, I have questions. [more inside]
posted by TryTheTilapia at 6:29 PM - 29 answers

Disaster Recovery - Mexico

What are the reputable organizations providing relief help to the victims of the Mexico earthquake? Preferably not the Red Cross.
posted by brookeb at 4:31 PM - 7 answers

September 11

Help us name our new non-profit coalition!

Please help us name our new nonprofit! We are a cooperative (co-op based), community nonprofit incubator redevelopment coalition! Any and all suggestions would be very welcome! [more inside]
posted by Baby_Balrog at 9:16 AM - 14 answers

September 10

How can I better focus my charitable giving?

Since the election, I have made an effort to increase my charitable giving. I've given small amounts to lots of different organizations around many issues: funding abortion, fighting climate change, donating reparations to individuals and groups, ACLU, SPLC, local food banks, Donors Choose, and many others. But my budget is relatively modest and I haven't been doing much in the way of volunteering or taking action. I'd like to get more focused about making an impact. Can you help suggest the best way to do that? More details below.... [more inside]
posted by Threeve at 12:44 PM - 10 answers

September 9

The Weekend Starboy Tour - how long do individual concerts last?

The Weekend Starboy Tour - how long do individual concerts last? Typically. Understanding that each show is different, but, you know - in general. We're anticipating Boston here, so the follow up is, how difficult to get public transport from TD Arena to South Station for a 9:30 PM train on a weekday night. Frankly, I'm not optimistic but, you know - knowledge is power.
posted by BWA at 1:06 PM - 3 answers

September 7

Did Native Americans *really* not climb the White Mountains?

So I'm reading Forest and Crag, Laura and Guy Waterman's excellent history of hiking in the hills and mountains of New England. I'm mostly really liking it, but at the beginning the book makes an assertion that I found unsatisfyingly dismissive: that pre-contact Native Americans did not climb in the mountains of New England. I would like to dig deeper into that and try to figure out how true that claim really is. Can you help me? [more inside]
posted by Anticipation Of A New Lover's Arrival, The at 9:02 AM - 13 answers

September 6

Membantu saya!

I'm going to be working in Indonesia (rural Borneo). I know basically nothing about Indonesia! What are your favorite books/podcasts/movies/websites/music/resources/??? from or about Indonesian history, culture, politics? [more inside]
posted by ChuraChura at 7:30 AM - 5 answers

September 5

How to find friends when one is gifted and lonely?

Hi. I do not have many friends. I have a difficult time socializing with most people because I think and feel differently due to being gifted. Small talk bores me to death. I like original and open minded people; someone that is curious and likes to have deep talks. Where do I find these people? Even online? I live in a small town that's pretty conservative and straight-laced. No idea where to find creative and people that get me for being different. I know being humble is important too. I just feel lonely.
posted by RearWindow at 4:09 PM - 30 answers

September 4

Body mod mural?

Can you tell me what major American museum has, or had, a mural depicting various ethnic groups showing traditional body modifications? This is a disturbing memory of mine. [more inside]
posted by Countess Elena at 5:22 PM - 4 answers

September 1

"So, about that Donald Trump guy?"

I shy away from arguments/conversations, like to change the subject, etc. But it seems like I'm missing out when its between friends who actually really enjoy these conversations. Have you changed how you get better at accepting what I call basically meaningless arguments ? [more inside]
posted by sandmanwv at 9:24 AM - 10 answers

August 31

More Like This

I love curated sites like Brain Picking, Boingboing, and Kottke. Where can I find more site like these that have the best of culture, technology, and media?
posted by captainscared at 6:42 AM - 19 answers

August 30

Need resources in Sacramento, CA for mom and kid who can't go back home

Trying to stay in California until the waters down south recede. Difficulty level: I'm running out of money and our families are trying to "teach us a lesson" about poor planning? [more inside]
posted by polly_dactyl at 2:54 PM - 16 answers

Merit Badges for Adults

I like the idea of Boys / Girls Scouts for adults. Are there any programs / websites I can enroll in to earn merit badges with the ultimate goal of being a more useful and resourceful adult? I would love to tell my kids that dad and his friends are now Level 4 knot tiers and Level 2 campers.
posted by jasondigitized at 5:49 AM - 17 answers

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