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January 26

What happened to strikes and civil disobedience?

The default paradigm for political activism in the US today, especially on the left, is centered on protests, petitions, and contacting elected officials. But thinking about left-wing activism in the past, other tactics come to mind, such as strikes and various forms of civil disobedience. These seem to have largely fallen out of favor. Is this impression true and if so, what accounts for this? [more inside]
posted by hoist with his own pet aardvark at 7:26 PM - 21 answers

Those qualified should seek public service: Chinese version

The recent question Plato on the virtuous citizen, received a quote from J Livengood, he who refuses to rule is liable to be ruled by one who is worse than himself. I vaguely recall similar sage urging to civic responsibility in a Chinese context, to the effect, a good man should not hide but rather should involve himself in public service. Confucious? Outlaws of the Marsh? 请 帮 忙 。
posted by gregoreo at 4:56 PM - 1 answers

January 25

Resources to explain why we are protesting this administration

A friend of mine has asked on Facebook what the marches on Saturday were all about. He states that he agrees with what most of the protest signs said, but he doesn't understand the point of "standing around with a sign." Are there any simple articles that explain what protests have accomplished through history or specifically what "the point" of the Women's March was? [more inside]
posted by ialwayscryatendings at 11:56 AM - 21 answers

January 24

How to stay informed without losing my mind or my day? Trump filter

It seems obvious that the need to be well-informed about current events is crucial right now. But how do I do this productively? [more inside]
posted by kmr at 2:21 PM - 27 answers

January 23

Words Inspire

I'm looking for suggestions for speakers for a progressive event. Who can you think of who might be well known enough to be a draw in a rural, 98% white area and who would speak well and passionately about progressive issues that are likely to be most relevant to lower income, rural voters. Issues might include healthcare, preservation of public lands, rights of indigenous people, womens rights, and economic justice. Budget would be under $5K, so really looking for someone who has some name recognition but is not extremely famous.
posted by anastasiav at 9:54 AM - 6 answers

What are some great political activism tools for a public flyer?

Hi hi, Much inspired by the Women's March in DC that my sister and I attended, I have decided to remain actively engaged in the political process within our small town. I want to formulate flyers with several good political/ activism App suggestions, websites, and issue points to distribute locally, to encourage participation in our area. [more inside]
posted by erattacorrige at 8:26 AM - 8 answers

Reading the Resistance

In the face of the global rightward populist turn, I have found myself thinking quite a bit about the concept of "the Resistance" that I have found in scraps of history and pop culture, such as the French resistance to the Vichy government. I would like to know more about the history of organized resistance efforts across the globe, particularly their structures and tactics, and their impact on large-scale events such as elections and war outcomes. Most interested in nonfiction accounts, but open to good fiction, films, other genres. Thanks! Vive la résistance!
posted by Miko at 5:32 AM - 15 answers

January 21

Italian last names, poop related, started as a joke?

I have a half-remembered anecdote from a Latin lecture about a number of (I beleive middle age or earlier) peasants being asked/made to have last names where they had not previously been allowed to/bothered with, and a lot of them chose really sophomoric names that mean "Poop-lover" or things of this nature. I recall it being regional, and I think I might be conflating multiple events. Details inside. [more inside]
posted by neonrev at 7:10 PM - 7 answers

Washington Mall Photos

I saw the aerial photo taken by the U.S. Park Service which showed the difference in the number of attendees of the 2009 Obama inauguration and the 2017 Trump inauguration. President Trump was enthusiastically supported, as was President Obama. Why the stark difference? [more inside]
posted by CollectiveMind at 12:18 PM - 30 answers

DIY Photobooths and other sorts of affordable wedding entertainment?

What are some good options for DIY photo booths for a wedding? Anything you've seen or tried that worked well? (Or stuff that didn't really work?) While we're at it, any other types of wedding reception entertainment that was fun and likely not over, say, $700 to pull off?
posted by sirion at 11:19 AM - 14 answers

January 20

Catfished by Faux McCartney?

In ~1996 I briefly corresponded with someone who may or may not have been Paul McCartney. Is there any way to find out if it was really him? [more inside]
posted by PhoBWanKenobi at 7:38 PM - 5 answers

Help me learn more about protests

Looking for resources about a particular aspect of the effects of protesting. [more inside]
posted by smeater44 at 1:03 PM - 5 answers

January 19

Crash Course in All Things China

Current events has made me realize that I need to learn more about China, it's history, it's politics and particularly what it's doing in the world right now. [more inside]
posted by Jalliah at 8:58 AM - 27 answers

January 18

Futher reading/thoughts on gross inequality needed

The recent Oxfam report on the 8 richest men holding as much wealth as the poorest 50% of the world has led to me hearing arguments about how these people deserve their money and they give to charity so it's all OK, which I find kind of awful. Does anyone have thoughts/ websites/discussions/books to recommend that examine this in a more sophisticated way? [more inside]
posted by everydayanewday at 6:56 PM - 14 answers

Where to go? Immigration to Europe.

My boyfriend and I would like to move with our infant son to Europe for at least ten years if not forever. Which (preferentially Western European) countries are considered relatively simple to migrate to? Details inside the fold. TIA! [more inside]
posted by Everydayville at 12:30 PM - 20 answers

January 15

What should we write on our signs?

I'm attending the women's march in LA with my four year old daughter and a number of other family members. The problem I'm having is that there is so much WTF and everything is infuriating at this point I don't have the mental energy left to condense it all into something short and pithy. I think I'm stumped because I'm naturally an optimist but I can't find that part of me right now. Any advice? What will your signs say?
posted by ohyouknow at 10:52 PM - 50 answers

January 14

What's it like to live in Roanoke, VA?

After spending a day in Roanoke, VA, and checking out housing prices, we've added it to our list of possible relocation towns. We are a white, middle age couple (no kids), and we both work remotely, so finding we don't need to find jobs there. We are very much attracted to part of the country for the weather and natural beauty. But what is it like to live there? [more inside]
posted by kimdog at 7:09 AM - 15 answers

January 12

It's passive aggressive only if you're in the West

How do you reconcile the fact that core aspects of East Asian interpersonal styles can arguably be interpreted as "abusive" through the Western lens? This is particularly challenging for me in the therapy setting. [more inside]
posted by gemutlichkeit at 8:17 AM - 21 answers

I know DC is a young city, but how young is it, really?

I'm going to be moving to DC and want to get an insider's view of the demographics of the place- namely, general age groups in certain neighborhoods. [more inside]
posted by Dormant Gorilla at 6:46 AM - 24 answers

January 11

What is it like living in Duluth, MN?

I am thinking of moving to Duluth, MN. I've been to the Boundary Waters in the summer, and Superior National Forest and Tettegouche in the winter, but have only spent limited time in Duluth. I love the idea of living in a port city on Lake Superior with such easy access to amazing wilderness. Is it possible to still get outside and recreate without getting frostbite when it's -20F, or is that the time to hole up indoors and knit in front of the fireplace? Do the building codes allow you to build a backyard sauna? Does Duluth have enough culture and music and community to not feel totally isolating for a single almost-30-something? Snowflakes inside. [more inside]
posted by cnidaria at 3:48 PM - 21 answers

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