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August 18

At what point do I fly to Ferguson, MO and who do I work with? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 5:18 PM - 19 answers

August 17

How do I get into following academic publishing?
What ways exist where would one keep up with big ideas or events in the academic publishing world, in some kind of passive way that involves me regularly checking in and picking out what's interesting and saving those for later. [more inside]
posted by dubadubowbow at 1:52 AM - 7 answers

August 16

How did peasants in the Middle Ages survive the winter?
What strategies were used by peasants of medieval Europe to prepare for and survive the harsh winter months? [more inside]
posted by dontjumplarry at 6:11 PM - 27 answers

Craigslist etiquette
What is proper Craigslist etiquette as a seller in this situation? I listed a couple items. Someone replied. I arranged to meet them at 3:00 today. Then my co-worker said he might want them and he's the one coming over to be a manly presence while I sell this stuff, so I feel obligated to him. Then I got swamped with about twenty other e-mails wanting to set up times to look at the items, and one offering to buy one sight unseen. How to proceed?
posted by HotToddy at 10:54 AM - 12 answers

August 15

How to get over a bad moment with a reporter
A while back, a journalist witnessed me displaying a small lack of integrity. Now, I see his name everywhere and can't get over my shame and anger about what happened. How can I move past this? [more inside]
posted by violetish at 7:42 PM - 28 answers

Name my brass quintet!
My brass quintet is giving its debut recital next month. We all identity as LGBT (and have slight aspirations of trying to get gigs playing at weddings, same-sex or otherwise), and we rehearse on Capitol Hill. At a loss for what to call ourselves. Hope us?
posted by QuantumMeruit at 11:46 AM - 36 answers

Help me find this essay - against disconnecting?
I have a dim memory of an essay/article floating around a few months to a year ago. It was basically an argument against disconnecting and 'digital detoxing'. Can you help me find it? [more inside]
posted by nerdfish at 3:13 AM - 5 answers

August 14

Books about inequality and privilege
I'm currently traveling in a developing country (Ghana) and got the very common feeling that "I'm so privileged/lucky" compared to some of the underprivileged people here. I'd like to continue this train of thought, and read more books about privilege, dealing with privilege (do we have a responsibility to give back since we have privilege?), and generally how inequality comes about. What do you recommend? Some books I've found on this topic are inside. [more inside]
posted by markbao at 2:28 PM - 3 answers

(In)Famous Neoconservative Postermodernism Quote
I'm having trouble remembering this (apparently) well-known quote by a prominent American conservative expressing a 'post-modernist' worldview and approach to political life. [more inside]
posted by eagle-bear at 10:35 AM - 6 answers

Automators against automation?
I am looking for research on, or organizing around, the ethics and social fallout of automation from the standpoint of the workers doing the automating (i.e., computer programmers and allied trades). [more inside]
posted by enn at 7:26 AM - 7 answers

August 13

Does your Six Flags have fake histories?
At a recent visit to my nearest Six Flags ("Fiesta Texas") I started to notice signs for fake histories of fake towns across the park. Is just a feature of my park, or do ones you've been to have them, too? If so, what are they? [more inside]
posted by bison at 5:43 AM - 8 answers

August 12

OkCupid code words?
I've noticed in my travels on OK Cupid that there seem to be a few code words in play on the site --- for example, mentioning the movie Secretary in the movies/books section seems to pretty consistently be a gentle hint that the person is either into BDSM themselves or at least kink friendly. It made me wonder what other key words may be out there that I'm missing out on, in case I've put them in my profile or see them in others'. What is the modern handkerchief code?
posted by maggiepolitt at 11:48 AM - 34 answers

August 11

Mysterious mediterranean marine artifact
Haven't had any luck in identifying this object found, at about 5m depth, just off Ammouso beach on Lefkada - some sort of pithos, or something left over from a war? Photos: 1, 2, 3. In a brief, snorkeled dive down, though it looks rather thin, the surface did seem to the touch to possibly be terracotta, and the four regularly placed, circular handles remind me of a pottery feature. Any ideas?
posted by progosk at 11:37 PM - 4 answers

Marriage-related charities?
My fiancé and I would like to make our first joint gift to charity around the time we get married. It would be nice if the charity is marriage-related in some way. We're already aware of and are considering organizations that promote marriage-equality, but are also looking for other ideas. (For example, we found one that works to prevent child marriage, and others that help survivors of domestic abuse.) Other suggestions -- preferably specific recommendations -- along these lines? US-based would be the most convenient.
posted by redlines at 5:45 AM - 4 answers

August 9

House tours (not the Newport, RI variety): specific to American hosts?
Do people outside of the US commonly go through the ritual of giving new guests "the tour" of their homes (i.e. a walkthrough, or at least peek at, every single room of the house/apartment, beyond what is necessary--not talking about overnight guests or housesitters, or showing folks the bathroom and where to put the coats)? [more inside]
posted by blue suede stockings at 7:42 PM - 13 answers

August 8

What are some good books/documentaries about oppressed subcultures?
What are some good books/documentaries specifically about members of a subculture appreciating the fruits of that subculture while realizing that it was created as a reaction to oppression? [more inside]
posted by Senor Cardgage at 4:16 PM - 6 answers

August 7

Prepaid credit card offer for Ender Wiggin?
Today in the mail we received an offer for a prepaid MasterCard addressed to Ender Wiggin, the hero of Orson Scott Card's book, Ender's Game and the recent movie of the same name. I can't find another instance of this online and wonder if it would be safe to throw it up on eBay for kicks and see what happens. I ask about safety because our address is on the offer, but not our name. Only Ender's name appears on the paperwork and the plastic offer card that comes with it. Thanks much for your thoughts.
posted by anonymous at 7:46 PM - 14 answers

August 6

Unemployment figures for Germany during the Weimar Republic?
I need to show unemployment figures for Germany during the Weimar Republic (starting no later than 1923) in a way that consistently compares apples to apples and not apples to oranges -- i.e., total number of unemployed OR total percentage of workforce, but not sometimes one and sometimes the other. (Having both would be ideal.) I would also prefer a specific month for each figure, if possible, rather than just the year (i.e., "Unemployment reaches 5.1 million in September 1932" is more useful than "Unemployment reaches 5.1 million in 1932"). [more inside]
posted by scody at 1:52 PM - 3 answers

August 5

Best Apps for NYC
I just moved to NYC, successfully thanks to my last ask. I downloaded the basic apps on my iPhone (Seamless, Uber, Yelp). Is there anything else that will make my life easier? [more inside]
posted by elvissa at 7:49 PM - 10 answers

Book titles, fiction, one on TCM/acupuncturists and other Kids 80s bk
OK, Kids book. I was 5 in 1985, I think I read the books when I was 7 or 8. I think my mom got this book from discovery toys- or not. But I remember there being a purple potion and there was like a spirit or something that came out of the potion/bottle, and there was a beach and a witch and a storm. [more inside]
posted by cheetahchick at 4:08 PM - 7 answers

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