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Asides from the Jamaican bobsled team, which other international competitors or talents are involved in pursuits that seem like a highly unlikely match given their nationality or location?
comment posted at 7:48 PM on Apr-17-14

Should I put more effort into reading books? Is not reading books detrimental to my critical thinking skills?
comment posted at 11:50 AM on Apr-17-14

Here and there, around the web and (much less) in person, I've heard of small appliances spontaneously turning themselves on. Googling has turned up some product recall notices and grisly photos of burns, but I'm more interested in personal experiences--have you ever experienced a small appliance spontaneously turning on? What happened? Was there loss of property/limb/life involved?
comment posted at 11:25 AM on Apr-17-14

I was wondering if anyone knows what my digestive system/ body is struggling with: I am almost 24 years old. I have a very stressful teaching job, and sometimes I don't eat very well because I don't have access to a supermarket. But, even before I started this job, I began to suffer from constipation. I only experience a bowel movement on average once every four days (often it takes a week.) My father has Crohn's disease, and I have been to see his doctor. His doctor told me that he sees a lot of young women with this problem, and he recommends that I take miralax regularly. I take it about once every other day, and occasionally drink Senna tea. But it doesn't always help. I have trouble particularly the week before my period. Have any other young women experienced this kind of thing? Is it as common as my doctor says? Does anyone have "home remedy" advice that actually works well?
comment posted at 6:06 PM on Apr-16-14

How do I keep my parents from being quite so upset, angry and unreasonable, while retaining control over my wedding, marriage and life?
comment posted at 4:33 PM on Apr-16-14

This morning someone posted a sweet gaming room to reddit (picture has since been taken down), and it made me think, "gee, I'm an adult now, I can do anything I want!" And since I'm nothing if not impulsive, I now really want to buy a video game console. For the first time ever. If I use both hands, I still have leftover fingers when counting the number of times I've played a video game in my life. Show me your ways, geeks of MetaFilter!
comment posted at 6:54 PM on Apr-16-14

My favorite place in the entire world is Philadelphia's exquisite and incomparable Mütter Museum, I've seen Body Worlds more than a dozen times... and you should probably refrain from clicking either of those links if you are squeamish. I will soon be spending a week in NYC followed by a week in Washington, DC. Can you help me make a list of similar museums, exhibits, and collections to visit while I'm there?
comment posted at 1:36 PM on Apr-16-14

I requested an SSDI hearing within the amount of time needed to continue my benefits. I spoke with the office twice, in person, to ensure that I had done what I needed to to continue my benefits. As my benefits didn't arrive today, I have done some frantic searching and determined that SSA never gave me the form that said, yes please, I would like benefits continuing, although I have proof as to when I asked for the appeal.
comment posted at 1:51 PM on Apr-16-14

When the good folks at Nestle USA (Lean Cuisine) and ConAgra Foods (Health Choice) package the meals that wind up in our microwaves, how do they know how long we should cook them? I assume it has something to do with volume and density of the food. What else? And for those of us who like to think about such things: How come you cook some of them all the way through, but others have to be stirred before being reinserted for a second blaze of rays? And how come you cut that slit over the vegetables in some, but not others? And the dessert is pretty much always uncovered. Why is that? Counting on you, MeFites.
comment posted at 10:51 AM on Apr-15-14
comment posted at 10:54 AM on Apr-15-14

Can anyone offer any leads about getting raw milk in the Baton Rouge area?
comment posted at 8:42 AM on Apr-15-14

Help name that blog: adult toy store clerk edition.
comment posted at 5:28 PM on Apr-14-14

My SO recently gave me his password. What does this mean?
comment posted at 6:06 PM on Apr-13-14

I have a friend visiting me that wants to watch the Red Sox and so I got tickets for the upcoming Red Sox v. Orioles game in Boston (Friday, January 18). Said friend is a big baseball buff, while I only have passing interest and haven't been following any baseball closely for more than two years now. My friend won't judge me for that or anything, but still, can someone give me a quick rundown of interesting talking points for this game?
comment posted at 6:25 PM on Apr-13-14

Due to a flare up in a (diagnosed, currently being treated) disability, I've had to take intermittent FMLA leave - which is about to hit the 12 week limit! How do I talk to my boss about reasonable accommodations going forward?
comment posted at 4:34 PM on Apr-16-14
comment posted at 5:41 AM on Apr-17-14

I am looking for blogs that deal with small-scale farming, homesteading, and sustainable living.
comment posted at 2:27 PM on Apr-11-14
comment posted at 2:51 PM on Apr-11-14

Hi, me and mrs.chasles and the two littlest chasleses all eat rice, and how! we cook a LOT of white rice in the rice cooker but for flavored rice (think uncle bens type stuff) we switch to the boxes. they are great and savory but very high in sodium and quite a bit more expensive than white rice in the cooker. so how do we migrate from boxed to recipes in the rice cooker (or slow cooker)? the flavors we usually buy are like chicken and herb, wild mushroom, that sort of thing. nothing cheesey etc. In other words is it as simple as "throw some mushrooms in with the rice" or do we need to get more complex? Now with the background out of the way here is the question distilled down: how do we get that intense creamy flavor in a rice cooker? we are both good in the kitchen, so complexity or make-in-advance are all ok for us! thanks for helping!
comment posted at 9:23 AM on Apr-11-14

I recently learned that the brain starts out with a lot of fluid intelligence (the ability to acquire new skills and knowledge) which decreases as time goes on. I'm 21, and it has reduced a bit already—but it's never too late to start. How can I take the most advantage of this and build the right foundation for my brain while I'm still young?
comment posted at 3:58 PM on Apr-10-14

We recent got a new-to-us used car. Other than following the manufacturer's scheduled maintenance, what should we do to maintain and maximize the life of the car? Examples inside.
comment posted at 1:18 PM on Apr-10-14

I work as a math tutor at a community college and have the opportunity to spend an hour teaching math to a group of students preparing for a the college's math placement test. Now, I don't know what's on the placement test, but I want to teach something that's more engaging and conceptually accessible than "here's how to multiply (4x+3)(2x+5)", since I can't possibly review all of high-school math in an hour and don't think the students will get much from just another lecture. What are some interesting topics that I can explore that will be accessible and memorable?
comment posted at 11:57 AM on Apr-10-14

The other evening I was hanging around my apartment eating dinner. At some point after I finished eating, and for several hours afterwards until I went to sleep, I experienced a state of mind I can only describe as "mystical", or perhaps hyper-awareness. Whatever it was, it was so different from anything I can remember experiencing that it threw me completely off balance and I'm still trying to figure out what happened. Looking for insight from others who may have had a similar experience. Details inside.
comment posted at 10:26 AM on Apr-10-14

My dad's birthday is coming up. He is a special scone. Can you help?
comment posted at 9:19 AM on Apr-10-14

We are considering eloping or having a wedding with an extremely limited guest list. Has anyone had a great experience with this? Will I regret it?
comment posted at 2:47 PM on Apr-9-14

What does healthy requited love look like? How do I know if a person Likes Me Back?
comment posted at 2:15 PM on Apr-9-14

I'm a bit OCD from a touchy/feeling standpoint, and hair gel / spray / wax gives me the chills. I have short hair (under a few inches) and need to gel my hair for work (office environment). Any suggestions for a non-sticky feeling, OCD friendly hair gel / spray / wax etc.?
comment posted at 2:21 PM on Apr-9-14

Does The Scarlet Letter belong to a literary genre? How would publishers market the book today, and on what book shelf would you find it in the book store? Same question for The Brothers Karamazov. Could these stories, if they were told in a prose style indicative of the 21st c, find a publisher?
comment posted at 12:29 PM on Apr-9-14

I will be in Scottsdale with my 2.5 year old for 5 days, and I'm interested in toddler-friendly things to do. Although we will be staying in Scottsdale, we are willing to drive around.
comment posted at 5:32 AM on Apr-8-14

I'm having a battle of ownership over a cat. Back on January 29, when it was -50 C, I found a very cold and very friendly kitty on the street outside my house. I brought him inside, shut him up in my spare bedroom and stuck up lost cat posters all over the neighborhood. After two weeks with no response I took him to the vet, got his first shots and had him tested for FHIV, and started introducing him to my female kitty. That night I got a call from his owners, a (very poor, aboriginal) family who live in a small apartment on the corner facing my house. I took him back to them, told them that I'd had some of his shots done and that he'd need to be fixed; I gave them the name of the low-income clinic that does it for 25 bucks, and told the kid that I'd be happy to pay for the rest of the shots, too. I also told them that he shouldn't be outside in this cold. Then I went to Vancouver for February break.
comment posted at 6:28 PM on Apr-7-14

What did the bloodletters of olden times do with the blood they collected? Presumably it was disposed of, but how?
comment posted at 3:31 PM on Apr-6-14

Where do I go online or irl to get specific federal income tax questions answered?
comment posted at 2:39 PM on Apr-6-14

I'm looking for examples of critical theory being successfully used to bring about progressive social change. Is there a particular legal, policy or social reform that can be clearly ascribed to the influence of critical theory (or any of its offshoots, such as queer theory or postcolonial theory)? I can think of many examples of activists who are influenced by theory and its concepts -- from queerness to performativity to the panopticon -- but is there any clear evidence of campaigns influenced by theory having tangible impact on lived social conditions, beyond merely "awareness raising" or "reshaping the discourse".
comment posted at 6:12 PM on Apr-5-14

Can you recommend audiobooks read by (preferably male) speakers with a deep and pleasant voice? Topic of the book not terribly important. Think noise-sensitive listener who needs to be kept moderately entertained.
comment posted at 11:59 AM on Apr-5-14

A potential employer has extended a formal offer to me. Taking the job would solve some problems, but would create so many others because of the time commitment involved. Is it ethical to turn down an offer at this stage?
comment posted at 1:28 PM on Apr-4-14

Discipline seems to be a fundamental trait: if you have it, you can have the self-control (and delayed gratification) to improve your health, work, and other parts of your life that seem to rely on having discipline. So how does one go about developing and improving discipline?
comment posted at 8:28 AM on Apr-4-14

Let me first state that I have started seeing a counselor and take anxiety meds. What I am hoping to learn from fellow mefites : What works for your *if* you are hyperquick to anger even in times when you feel calm?
comment posted at 6:44 PM on Apr-2-14

I'm interested in finding songs that are like Massive Attack's 'Angel' and Velvet Underground's 'Venus in Furs' - songs that are a combination of sensual and trancy/trippy. Pandora is not cooperating, so it may be a job best suited to the human ear. I'd eventually like to compose a playlist, so bring on the suggestions!
comment posted at 6:53 PM on Apr-2-14

I told my friend I'd developed feelings for her. She didn't reciprocate - but we said we'd still be friends. Within three weeks we're at each other's throats and now it's all over. What the heck happened?
comment posted at 4:18 PM on Apr-2-14

John's unvaccinated, fractious outdoor cat, Wretched Beast, bit Janet when she tired to help John capture the cat so it can go to vet. John and Janet live in Westchester County, New York. John took Janet to the emergency room and has paid her subsequent medical expenses. Janet wants the rabies vaccine. The doctor instructs John to quarantine Wretched Beast for ten days. If at the end of the ten days that cat starts acting rabid then the doctor will administer the rabies vaccine. Janet wants the rabies vaccine NOW. Shouldn't the doctor give the rabies vaccine sooner rather than later? Suppose Wretched Beast doesn't show symptoms for a longer period of time?
comment posted at 7:51 AM on Apr-2-14

Is there a term for when readers/watchers are pushed into trying to figure out which is the "true" version of something fictional? For example, in Life of Pi when it's up to the reader to figure out which version of the story is "true" when we know that none of it is true at all because... it's fiction. Bonus: What are some other examples of this?
comment posted at 6:01 PM on Apr-1-14

How do I write a letter of condolence to my best friend whose dad passed away when it is the only way I have of contacting him?
comment posted at 8:22 AM on Apr-1-14

My friend and I want to go on vacation in late May, somewhere in the US. No relaxing and lying around by a body of water. No touristy stuff. Where should we go?
comment posted at 8:41 AM on Apr-1-14

My wife and I have a dog. She wants to adopt another one, I'm being very resistant. Are my reasons completely ridiculous? Are two dogs really better than one?
comment posted at 6:18 PM on Mar-31-14

Apropos of Louis C.K.'s low key no-frills "just a standup set" Saturday Night Live monologue, I'm curious. Are there other examples of SNL opening monologues that deviate from the expected pattern?
comment posted at 1:09 PM on Mar-31-14
comment posted at 2:00 PM on Mar-31-14

Thanks to well-meaning family, I have owned a number of stocks and other assets since my birth. The net worth of these assets is very modest, but if I sold them it would offset some ongoing financial stressors. Yet it seems prudent to keep them for a while longer. But why? What if everything crashes next week? What if [the specific stocks I own] crash next week? How do people predict this and stay on top of their assets without spending an inordinate amount of time on them?
comment posted at 9:47 AM on Mar-31-14

We live in an apartment in Massachusetts and are expecting a baby four months in the future. We think the apartment may not be deleaded. I know that a landlord is legally obligated to delead an apartment that a child will live in, and I assume that covers the case in which a child appears after the lease has started. If that's the case, how does deleading work when tenants are already living in the apartment, and is it logistically feasible for us to go through that process?
comment posted at 6:37 PM on Mar-30-14

I am actually incapable of dressing up and not feeling like a ridiculous fraud. I have to attend a relative's wedding this summer. I cannot figure out what on earth I can wear. I'm in my late 20s so I'm running out of time in the "I'm young and can only dress semi-appropriately please don't kick me out of your event" department. Snowflakes below the fold.
comment posted at 4:05 PM on Mar-30-14

Should my parents pursue this matter of civil rights, social justice, and mistreatment by police?
comment posted at 9:01 AM on Mar-30-14

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