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Apparently I have an issue with frequently clogging toilets (more than other people, maybe?). Is it my toilet paper habits? Is it my bowel movements? Help me figure this out.
comment posted at 5:36 PM on Feb-20-17

I would like to be able to do a search for a word across all of the cookbooks that are on my iPad at once. Say I want to quickly see whether any of my cookbooks contain a recipe to make a specific food, or that uses a certain ingredient. I could use the Unix command grep to do the search on my Mac. What can I use on the iPad?
comment posted at 5:52 PM on Feb-20-17

My son has a locked-down account on my wife's computer. My wife plugged in her iPhone when her son was logged in. This brought up iPhoto, but the import screen hung on "Loading..." We closed iPhoto, logged out of the limited account, logged into my wife's account, and restarted iPhoto. Same result. Rebooted -- same result. Any ideas how to fix?
comment posted at 3:31 PM on Feb-19-17

I need to do some research on linguistic topics, but don't have access to university databases (yet.) Where else can I find articles etc.?
comment posted at 11:16 AM on Feb-19-17

What options should I put into the drop down for the question of gender in my software application?
comment posted at 10:35 AM on Feb-17-17

What makes police station buildings good? What would you like to see as a community member or police officer?
comment posted at 8:07 AM on Feb-17-17

I'm in a bit of a sticky situation with my ex-girlfriend. We broke up in November but we're still living together. I'm looking to move out but feel compelled to offer some financial assistance to her in the coming months. What is reasonable in this circumstance?
comment posted at 7:02 PM on Feb-16-17

I'm trying to set up internet service, through Comcast and they require that they obtain my social security number in order to run a report on my credit history for paying bills. I told the service representative I was reluctant to do this. Apparently the alternative is a 100 dollar deposit. Upon googling on this topic on the internet, many people throughout the years have had this same issue - but I can't find an actual up to date as of 2016 or 2017 solution to this. People have also written complaining Comcast haven't returned their deposit either. Should I give Comcast my social security number? Any alternatives?
comment posted at 7:43 AM on Feb-16-17

When you type the first letter or three of a name and Gmail gives you a selection of names to choose from that all start with those letters, it is important to me that I not miss-click and send stuff to the wrong name. So, I need some suggestions and best practices for emailing specific people while minimizing the risk that I will accidentally click on some other name that shouldn't be getting the info.
comment posted at 2:54 PM on Feb-15-17

Even setting aside all of the current-events stuff that happened, 2016 was a damned weird year for my wife and me. I left a job in June, taking a buyout package equal to half a year's salary. I did several contracting gigs over the summer. I worked as a subcontractor through a recruitment firm. My wife left a job in October and subsequently did some similar subcontracting work.
comment posted at 9:30 AM on Feb-15-17

I recently lost some money (think something like a large health bill, ticket, or emergency airfare) and now am having intrusive thoughts about eating only cabbage and oatmeal for a year to "make up" for that lost money. Can you help me get rid of these thoughts?
comment posted at 9:47 AM on Feb-15-17

Vermont vacation for picky mother-and-daughter?
comment posted at 4:03 PM on Feb-13-17

Shepherd and I's theme for our radio show this Saturday is songs that feature talking. The best example I have for this is "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" by Elvis Presley. What other songs have this?
comment posted at 7:54 AM on Feb-13-17
comment posted at 8:56 AM on Feb-13-17

What are the ethical boundaries for a therapist/psychologist pitching me on a "money management educational system" business that she and her husband are members of, based on things I told her during one of our sessions? Kosher? Or weird?
comment posted at 8:00 AM on Feb-13-17

Looking for a picture of the 'brentus firmus' straight-snouted weevil, taxonomy here.
comment posted at 5:57 PM on Feb-12-17

I was recommended a trilogy of murder mysteries in a passing conversation on the bus. I didn't think to write down the titles, but now I'm trying track them down with from the details I remember.
comment posted at 3:14 PM on Feb-12-17

After having replaced my coffeemaker(s) (various styles & brands) too many times in too few years, I finally settled on a stainless steel, old-school stovetop percolator and I love it because it just works, there is little waste and the coffee is wonderful and hot.
comment posted at 9:20 AM on Feb-12-17

A friend has started giving me large anonymous cash gifts. I don't know who it is or why they're doing it. I appreciate the gesture but I don't know how to deal. Help?
comment posted at 8:14 AM on Feb-11-17

I have been fighting off a cold since December. After some rest, I thought it had finally gotten better, but this morning I woke up and it's back in full force. What can I do finally kick this motherf..... to the curb?
comment posted at 7:27 AM on Feb-11-17

So high school wasn't great. Wasn't awful, I realize in retrospect, but seemed kind of awful at the time. No one was horrible to me, but I was only close to a very few people and only one of those was in my year. That one has invited me to our 30 year reunion and in a mid-life burst of social confidence I said I would go. I have been out of touch with these people since graduation day.
comment posted at 2:03 PM on Feb-10-17

I've taken up oil painting in the last few months, and I'm trying to work out how to best carve out space in my home office for things like workspace and storing wet, work-in-progress canvases.
comment posted at 8:14 PM on Feb-9-17

I went under general anesthesia today to have my two remaining wisdom teeth removed - both of the bottom ones. I got all the info from the nurses about no straws or spitting, soft foods only for a couple days, etc. What tips and tricks can you give me, based on your experience, that will help healing go easier?
comment posted at 7:49 PM on Feb-9-17

Mrs. Sockinger and I are having problems with our marriage. When composing this post, I was tempted to write a big-ol’ wall of text, but I ultimately decided to limit myself to one topic: How do I deal with my wife's anger?
comment posted at 6:40 PM on Feb-9-17

I have a couple of major stressors right now and probably for a while. Zen koans (specifically The Gateless Gate) have provided me a lot of happiness over the years in little doses for reasons I can't explain. Have other bite-sized pieces of orthogonal thinking or non-thinking given you comfort?
comment posted at 1:26 PM on Feb-9-17

I was dumped a month ago by my long term partner. We were together for five years and spent the last year apart, long distance but committed. He dumped me out of nowhere and I am having trouble moving on.
comment posted at 7:14 AM on Feb-9-17

So I'm looking for some photos to use as my Chromecast background and thought some old time New York photos might be neat-- anything before the 70's, the more the better! The trouble is, I'd like to be able to download them all in bulk-- or at least fairly quickly-- and I don't know the first place to look for that sort of thing! Archive.org might be an option, thoughts??
comment posted at 6:39 AM on Feb-9-17

I have a friend of ~8 years who is also a coworker and a recent work change has raised tensions between us and I'm afraid she thinks I was given an unearned promotion. As her friend, I am worried that she is succumbing to stressful situations that are piling up and I don't want to be part of the problem. I want her to experience happiness. More inside ..
comment posted at 2:11 PM on Feb-8-17

You know that aromatic funk that cooperative living spaces have-- a combo of food, spices, body odor, used furniture, and nag champa? MY HOUSE NOW SMELLS LIKE THAT.
comment posted at 9:50 AM on Feb-8-17

Sadly, it's past time for me to upgrade from my beloved 1997 Civic hatchback. I think I have the used car buying process down thanks to previous posters' questions, but what's the best way to get rid of the car you have, when that car has issues?
comment posted at 8:52 AM on Feb-8-17
comment posted at 1:25 PM on Feb-8-17

I am currently using an iPhone 5S through Verizon. It's about 2 years old now and is paid off, and the battery life has been getting shorter and shorter. I am really used to it, and I don't want to get something that's substantially different. I have played around with a Samsung Galaxy S7 and did not like it at all.
comment posted at 6:37 AM on Feb-8-17

Due mostly to climate change, my hometown of Washington, DC no longer really seems to have four, distinct seasons. Today's forecast high in the upper-60s to mid-70s Fahrenheit (about 18-23 Celsius) seems no longer all that atypical for an early February day, and it's now common for summery weather to last all the way through US Thanksgiving. Is there anywhere where people still experience the weather I was promised in the media of my youth?
comment posted at 7:19 AM on Feb-7-17

I own my own house but I am renting it out to roommates. I have been telling everyone so far to not leave their toothbrush, dental floss, and toothpaste in the bathroom, but I instead tell them to take it back to their rooms. It keeps the bathroom clean and less clutter. Is this a strange request? My friend told me that it's kind of pushy to make someone do something like this and enforce rules on roommates. But I explain it's like college where people take their toothbrush to the bathroom and take it back to their dorm room.
comment posted at 5:31 PM on Feb-6-17

I just spent the night at a hotel and did not sleep a wink! I am flying to California for a week-long vacation in two weeks. What can I do now to prepare, that will help me rest well?
comment posted at 2:36 PM on Feb-6-17
comment posted at 3:01 PM on Feb-6-17

Planning a trip to Washington state in mid to late June for me, my wife and our 5- and 1-year olds. We're thinking of a couple days in Seattle and then the rest of the week exploring Olympic National Park. My questions are: We like the idea of Olympic because of the wide array of things to see there (coast, mountains, rain forest), but is it worth reconsidering Rainier or North Cascades instead? Or could Rainier be a day trip on the way back?
comment posted at 2:45 PM on Feb-6-17

I know how some makeup works. For example, I understand that foundation is for covering up imperfections in the skin, such as acne scars. Lipstick draws attention to the lips, a sexual connotation, or a cultural affectation. Toner accentuates the cheekbones and thins the face. Is there more? I would like to know.
comment posted at 2:54 PM on Feb-6-17

A memoir I've been working on for years with a musician is coming out in March. I'm the co-author, not the person whose name is in big letters on the cover -- my name comes after the "with." I've got a "not sure how much I owe these people" question.
comment posted at 10:37 AM on Feb-5-17

Firm-bordered ladies and gents of Mefi (and fellow soft-around-the egdes ones, on a mission to be firmer) kindly share your tips, resources, advice, book recommendations etc. that helped you establish strong personal boundaries in your lives.
comment posted at 10:50 AM on Feb-5-17

Looking for tour company/sightseeing suggestions for first-time American tourists to London, including day trips beyond the city. Is stonehenge worth it? White Cliffs of Dover? Somewhere Downton Abbey-esque?
comment posted at 1:44 PM on Feb-4-17

It's been covered before, but the questions are a few years old. US/California filter. I am planning to start a new job (YAY!), but plan to take a 1-2 week-ish break after leaving my current job. How does one think about healthcare insurance coverage in between? Does signing up for COBRA retroactively still work, and really, how does one do this? Any concerns with that plan? Explain this to me like I'm 10 years old.
comment posted at 7:14 AM on Feb-3-17

I'm looking for books that have a similar kind of feel to the James Herriot/Jennifer Worth books, that is, non - fiction (mostly), based around a profession (or hobby), interesting, humorously told anecdotes and recollections.
comment posted at 6:04 AM on Feb-3-17

After nearly 10 years of having iPhones, I finally broke a screen. It seems to work okay, but still bugs me. If the phone were newer, I'd have it fixed, but ...
comment posted at 7:27 PM on Feb-2-17

Time for some more reading! What's this decade's Blood Music by Greg Bear?
comment posted at 6:40 PM on Feb-1-17
comment posted at 7:29 PM on Feb-1-17

My boyfriend expects me to call/text more often, or at certain times. I get busy/distracted or, being a mildly anxious introvert, feel like not talking to anyone at the moment. His feelings get hurt in a bad way, because he feels I don’t have a longing to connect with him, so he feels neglected and unloved.
comment posted at 8:29 AM on Feb-1-17

Every week I field telephone enquiries from new customers to see if they make a good fit for my business but my qualifying process might be a little too efficient at the cost of effectiveness.
comment posted at 8:57 AM on Jan-29-17

There is an ongoing problem with someone smearing poop on the walls in at least one bathroom at my office. This need to stop, but I disagree with HR's plan, which is to put cameras outside the bathrooms to monitor people's comings and goings. What can I propose instead?
comment posted at 10:25 AM on Jan-29-17

Dear females in America, how do you wash your private parts in these conditions? Sincerely, Scandinavia.
comment posted at 6:51 PM on Jan-28-17

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