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I tried to arrange a get together with old friends but offended one friend's SO in the process. As a result neither my friend or their SO will attend. Should I be honest or tell a white lie about the reason?
comment posted at 1:14 PM on Apr-28-17
comment posted at 1:27 PM on Apr-28-17

I'm looking for speakers to play music in the house from a phone/mp3 player for under $50. Is there any better alternative than regular computer speakers?
comment posted at 12:55 PM on Apr-28-17

My husband has expressed the desire to incorporate some rituals into our (mostly secular) lives to mark the turning of the seasons, and the progression of the year. We're looking for small meaningful acts that we can incorporate in our lives, and repeat each year. Any and all ideas welcome!
comment posted at 1:18 PM on Apr-28-17

I need to insert pictures of clock faces with different times on them (7AM, 7:15, 7:45, etc.), along with a picture of that time's activity (eat breakfast, brush teeth, get on school bus). I am finding this difficult to do in Word, and I'm pretty sure I need to submit this in Word. Any suggestions?
comment posted at 1:19 PM on Apr-28-17

Assume I have been living in a cave or something. Try to clue me. Thx.
comment posted at 7:49 PM on Apr-27-17
comment posted at 1:25 PM on Apr-28-17

So my daughter and I have been gifted a place to stay in Medford, MA, this weekend and we have a super tight schedule. We will be on Frederick Ave in Medford and need to know the fastest way to get to the Museum of Science. There is apparently no Hopstop for Boston, so I'm hoping that one of you amazing nerds can help out some other nerds to get there.
comment posted at 6:46 PM on Apr-27-17

I'm in a workplace which leans heavily liberal and activist. I don't want to think about political issues at work, since they have nothing to do with my job directly. Is it all right if I keep my head low and disengage? How best to do so?
comment posted at 7:01 PM on Apr-27-17

Hey everyone, I'm looking for some reflections, magazine or blog style, about a friend or loved one's suicide.
comment posted at 12:58 PM on Apr-26-17
comment posted at 1:15 PM on Apr-26-17

There's a new baby in our family, and I'm building a library so he'll have interesting things to read when he's 5, 10, 15... What children's books pack a powerful intellectual punch for their size? I'm looking for ones that make the reader question everything (e.g. social norms, traditions, their identity, even consensual reality). Kind of like a Philip K Dick book but for children. Also good: anything which encourages precociousness (like Matilda). A few that came to mind: 1) Eat Now, Pay Later. Short story I asked about here years ago: 2) The Sneeches, by Dr. Seuss 3) Matilda, Roald Dahl
comment posted at 10:02 AM on Apr-26-17

What are some tips and advice you can share on how to manage anxiety? Lately it has become so immobilising that I am unable to function properly throughout the day. I am (obviously) having a hard time talking about it with family and friends, though I feel MeFi is a safe space for me to ask.
comment posted at 7:25 PM on Apr-25-17

I'm looking for *recent* data and statistics, preferably UK based but not necessarily, showing how libraries prevent destitution and homelessness, in any way - but in particular through aiding jobseeking and service-finding for folks without Internet at home. Narratives and anecdotes (published) also welcome.
comment posted at 4:26 PM on Apr-25-17

My boss told me about an article from the 1980's that he would like me to try to find a copy of. The publication was Manhattan,inc.. The article was titled "The Erector Set" and was a profile about some NYC real estate developers, including: Daniel Brodsky, Bruce Eichner, Jeffrey Katz, Steven Ross and David Solomon. I have done what online searching I can, but I think I need some direction here. Any guidance would be appreciated!
comment posted at 9:36 AM on Apr-25-17

I am currently feeling quite upset with an in-law and biting my tongue to preserve my child's future relationship with that person. Where do you decide to draw the line in these things?
comment posted at 2:45 PM on Apr-24-17

We plan to retire to a single-family house in either Cape Cod MA or Fernandina Beach FL. How to decide? Especially looking for input from people who live or have lived in either place.
comment posted at 8:13 AM on Apr-24-17

In typing this out, it feels like a human relations question, but this is actually a question seeking help in finding a screen + TV content.
comment posted at 7:53 PM on Apr-23-17

After going to a park to see a great horned owl and some babies yesterday, I'd like to explore getting into bird watching. My local Audubon Society meets on a night when I have a conflict. They do have some bird watching events on weekends that I can go to. But as a complete novice, what can I do on my own?
comment posted at 3:31 PM on Apr-23-17

There are a wide range of items one could potentially have issue with while dining out. Which complaints warrant mentioning to the wait staff or manager and which do not?
comment posted at 9:59 AM on Apr-23-17

I'd like to find a good place to work from remotely with my laptop in NYC (preferably Manhattan) for two days next week. In the Bay Area, we have coffeeshops where for a reasonable hourly fee you can essentially rent a table and wi-fi, and patronize the cafe as desired on top of that. Guarantees good internet and no side-eye from employees for taking up space for long periods. Is there anything like that in NY? Google is not turning it up on a quick search.
comment posted at 12:59 PM on Apr-21-17

I wish I had known this before we got married, but my wife and I may be from different species! The only remaining question is, who is the alien? Please read and tell us (based on your own experience of the earth) who the alien is.
comment posted at 11:20 AM on Apr-21-17

Can anyone suggest a laptop for an incoming college Freshman this fall, under $1000, no gaming? Also, any advice on how to shop for this is much appreciated!
comment posted at 8:04 PM on Apr-20-17

I have vague memories of a sci-fi short story that I would have read some time in the mid-to-late 70s, involving a kid, un-athletic and not capable of doing much physically, who discovers in the end that his physiology is perfectly suited for (if memory serves) Mars. Help me find this story?
comment posted at 3:16 PM on Apr-20-17

I'm having a lot of trouble dealing with yelling at home. My wife's daily yelling matches with our young son are exhausting and stressing me (and I must reduce stress for medical reasons).
comment posted at 11:11 AM on Apr-20-17

We're getting married in a pinball arcade whose decor features wall-sized, airbrushed paintings of skeleton-wizards and is generally very '80s (and AD&D). What safe-for-all-ages, high-energy songs would you put on the wedding playlist that would work well with the venue's natural goofiness/oddness? (We have ABBA and Queen. Good lord do we have ABBA and Queen. And more inside!)
comment posted at 5:02 PM on Apr-19-17

Just that - if you've had a particularly pleasurable solitary birthday, what made it so?
comment posted at 1:36 PM on Apr-18-17

Is it fair/feasible to adopt my parent's cat, given my roommate's qualms and the two specific cats involved? I've read previous questions about re-homing, about the dangers of outdoor cats, etc, but am still torn and feeling terribly guilty about even considering saying no. Pictures of all involved cats inside.
comment posted at 1:55 PM on Apr-18-17

I've been doing a 5:2 intermittent fasting diet and mostly it's pretty easy and is having results but on nights where I'm fasting I have a hard time sleeping.
comment posted at 10:21 AM on Apr-18-17

A small bird is repeatedly flying into our window with reckless abandon, similar to the one described in a previous thread, and we're wondering if anyone has any new ideas. The poor bird has been at it for several days now. Details of what we have tried so far inside.
comment posted at 9:57 AM on Apr-18-17

Leftist anarchists of MetaFilter, your ideas are intriguing to me, and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter. I've been a fairly conventional liberal for a long time, but the recent U.S. election has me rethinking that a little bit. I'm curious about socialist anarchism as an alternative. I know there are some MeFites who identify this way politically, so my question for you is: how do you engage with politics as it currently exists?
comment posted at 10:19 AM on Apr-18-17

Hi All, After deciding to leave teaching (the only career I have ever had; straight out of college up until last June), I applied for a position as a public library page. I made it through the general online application, civil service exam, cover letter/resume submission, and I just got the call today saying HR wants to interview me in one week (I don't know yet if this is the only interview, or if there will be another one later). I really, really want this job and would love to ace the interview. Can you kind folks help?
comment posted at 7:03 AM on Apr-18-17
comment posted at 6:01 PM on Apr-18-17

I've become the lightest sleeper ever. Please help me with a white noise solution that is portable for traveling. Sleepy snowflakes to follow.
comment posted at 7:09 AM on Apr-18-17

What's the best advice you ever received from someone who you thought was really being a "stick in the mud" or an "old fogy" when they gave the advice, but later you realized - they were totally right!
comment posted at 6:17 AM on Apr-16-17

My 10-pound dog is getting older (he's now between 10-12, best estimate) and I've noticed that he likes to stretch out to snooze on the couch during the day. He sleeps in a crate at night, so is this an indication that I should get him a bigger create so he can stretch out?
comment posted at 12:20 PM on Apr-16-17

My wife "shuts down" when she has strong feelings and then she says mean things. We are trapped in a bad cycle.
comment posted at 6:25 PM on Apr-15-17
comment posted at 10:56 AM on Apr-21-17

Great meal at a Mom and Pop Italian restaurant tonight. When I say "Mom and Pop," I mean she cooks and he serves. That is it for staff. Typically we are tipping for excellent service which the server directly benefits. Mrs. Ashtray Elvis points out the person who sets the price and profit margin has more to gain. Is tipping necessary and if you said yes how do you calculate the amount?
comment posted at 6:17 PM on Apr-14-17

It's another book recommendation question! MeFi, I need a book that is completely engrossing; something to fall in love with, something I can't put down, something that makes my heart feel like it's expanding not un-painfully. Notable reads that scratched this itch for me in the past include The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, The Black Jewels Trilogy (Anne Bishop), Freedom (Franzen) and The Unbearable Lightness of Being. Help!
comment posted at 2:45 PM on Apr-14-17

I'm interested in planning a public read-out during Banned (and Challenged) Books Week, September 24-30, 2017 at my public university. Just recently, the library at the University of Virginia did a read-out of 1984, next to a traveling exhibit of panels from the Berlin Wall. I cannot hope to match that in terms of coolness, however, I would like to have a similar public reading at my library on campus.
comment posted at 6:30 PM on Apr-14-17

The cat is fine now, after a few days in the cat ER, thankfully! But this was a very expensive hospital stay and we are wondering if the giver of flowers should try to help offset the cost of the vet bill. What is the etiquette here?
comment posted at 10:20 AM on Apr-14-17
comment posted at 10:42 AM on Apr-14-17

I just read "up in the old Hotel" by Joseph Mitchell and I found the two features in it about gypsies in the New York of the 30's very interesting. Do you know of any more works of fiction or non-fiction that feature this culture in a somewhat central way? I don't care if it's romanticized, realistic, fantasy, blog or whatever. Maybe not about Nazi persecution. Off the top of my head I can recall three instances I found interesting:
comment posted at 7:27 AM on Apr-13-17

In general, I can get into the heads of people with whom I strongly disagree. But I just don't get how people can claim they love democracy while actively working to deny voting rights to other citizens by limiting access to the polls (due to location, hours, limits on vote by mail, or making it hard to register). Can you help me understand this?
comment posted at 11:29 AM on Apr-12-17

A colleague of mine referred an internship candidate to me and after looking at their resume I decided to interview them. The candidate did well and I told them that I would be in touch if we decided to move forward and offer them an internship. Applicant sent me and colleague separate thank you emails. Before I had a chance to even read said email, colleague responded to the one they received and extended a formal offer without telling me because they thought I'd said it was okay. I didn't. At all. Now what?
comment posted at 10:15 AM on Apr-12-17
comment posted at 12:43 PM on Apr-12-17

Is there an obligation to like certain movies/shows, read certain books, listen to certain music, or otherwise consume/experience/appreciate certain pieces of cultural media in order to be considered smart?
comment posted at 9:41 AM on Apr-10-17
comment posted at 10:45 AM on Apr-10-17

I have some US domestic air travel coming up-- worst case scenario is 4 trips in three days (work travel scheduling shenanigans). I have a broken metatarsal and so am in a walking boot. A few questions: 1- the most discomfort is coming from the disparate heel height between the boot and the shoe on my other foot. Dansko clogs and a random pair of sandals are coming close but not perfect. Any footwear suggestions? Hopefully something not too casual? 2- should I rent one of those knee scooters? It would reduce the literal pain of walking more than a block on the bum foot, but would it add to the unbalanced jankyness in general? Can I gate check it? Can I wheel a small suitcase while knee scooting? 3- should I give up and just check bags and ask for a wheelchair? How much time does "I need a wheelchair" add to the airport experience? Thanks MeFi!
comment posted at 7:15 PM on Apr-9-17

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