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Give me some dark, driving, haunting tracks to round out a playlist.
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When did they turn from a weblog to a glorified store? Did I miss something?
comment posted at 1:53 PM on Dec-8-16

Taste in anything (music, movies, coffee, you name it) has long been a source of anxiety and stress for me. I don't know how to determine quality and I worried that I'm getting it wrong and, worse, that my preferences reflect negatively on me somehow. Details within.
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Service workers of Metafilter (retail workers, contractors, plumbers, baristas, etc.): What are some small, non-obvious things customers can do that are a big help?
comment posted at 8:49 AM on Dec-7-16

What are your favourite examples of music writing? I'm looking specifically for pieces and articles that introduced you to someone new, that made you want to either buy their records or go see them live. My own favourite example is the artist biographies from the Golden Plains Music Festival.
comment posted at 8:52 AM on Dec-7-16

I have been a renter on Airbnb, but never a host. I would like to rent out my entire house for the Superbowl in 2017.
comment posted at 7:51 AM on Dec-5-16

We're starting to look for a second car. Much research will follow, but can you point us on our way with any recommendations for a AWD sedan that's quiet and safe? Generally always will be two adults and a car seat, so will need four doors.
comment posted at 6:05 AM on Dec-5-16

My partner is slowly working back towards sexuality/desiring sex (1-2/year). I'm being patient/respectful of her timetable, & can generally handle myself in the interim alright. Last time she felt up to being interested though, it was a bit out-of-the-blue for me and I had trouble going zero-to-interested quickly enough. Avoiding my dry-spell routines would probably help, but holding off for 0-12 months with uncertainty isn't exactly sustainable/pleasant. How do we balance this mis-sync?
comment posted at 6:16 AM on Dec-5-16

Experienced road trippers, what do you do about eating? Especially lunch?
comment posted at 8:46 AM on Dec-3-16

I want to give the same Christmas gift to two of my team members, and a different gift to the third. Plus, the gift would be a rerun for one of the two, as it would replace the same item I gave her previously, which got broken. Should I do this, or move on to a different gift idea entirely? Specifics inside.
comment posted at 8:31 AM on Dec-3-16

How do you handle what feels like bullying behavior from someone when that bullying behavior is being expressed, for lack of a better word, in the form of demands that you check your privilege? I am involved in a community where one member has an unflagging dedication to pointing out my insensitivity and bias, citing infractions that they do not call out in others and haven't been pointed out by other community members.
comment posted at 1:52 PM on Dec-2-16

I'm getting radio interference on my desktop monitors, and am assaulted by some sports talk show constantly whenever I'm not playing anything that would drown it out. As a result, I am reluctant to turn them on, and do so only infrequently, and am missing out on the full experience of shrooming dog videos on Facebook. They're Yamaha HS50s, connected to a Behringer mixer with 1/4" cables, and the power in my apartment is not grounded. Every time I try Googling this issue myself, I have a confused. Please tell me what to do to to fix this before I learn something about sports and/or throw the speakers through the window!
comment posted at 9:00 AM on Dec-2-16

Say that six people share two shower booths, since there are 14 students per floor, where two are in suites, thus leaving twelve people per gender to use two bathrooms equipped with two shower booths each. Also assume that the shower booths are cleaned using bleach-soaked mops every day at 2 pm. Finally assume that you take showers late in the evening and early in the morning. Under this assumption, if you go barefoot into those shower booths, is this okay?
comment posted at 9:07 AM on Dec-2-16

My mother died this morning. I am a co-signatory on her bank account. I live in California. I need answers ASAP because I don't want her funds frozen once we file the death certificate. I have a few questions.
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Can anyone share stories of people who have been successful/achieved their dreams despite mental health issues? Books, articles, any other media or personal stories would be welcome.
comment posted at 1:30 PM on Dec-1-16

Finally spilled coffee on my 6-year-old MacBook Pro, borking the keyboard. It still boots up seemingly fine, but the hard drive is encrypted with a 40+ character password and I can't enter the password due to borked keyboard. I tried booting it up with a USB PC keyboard attached, but the laptop didn't recognize it. The problem is not the USB, since it will recognize a USB mouse. Is there a way to bring up an onscreen keyboard? Or another solution I'm not seeing?
comment posted at 9:48 AM on Dec-1-16

Smart Wool socks are the only socks I've found that are both durable and comfortable on my super-wide feet (EEEE), but I want to branch out from wool for Reasons. I've already tried Sock Dreams, and the socks in the right style are not wide enough no matter what they say about them on the website.
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After finishing the penultimate novel in The Queen of the Tearling trilogy I have a sudden desperation to read about ambitious and competent women in fantasy. I'm thinking anywhere along the lines of the ruthlessness of Cersei Lannister to the intelligence of Hermione Granger. I'm not looking for books that follow the familiar Young Adult trend of someone being thrust into a responsibility they are reluctant to take on. I want to read about women who are driven and set out to accomplish what they want, with no preference to YA or adult fantasy.
comment posted at 5:44 AM on Dec-1-16

I'm tasked to collect the different (academic) research topics on security and privacy of our group and commission someone from communications to help with making some graphical representation for a website. What should that look like? What symbolizes computer security/privacy/safety? I'd like to avoid clichés like padlocks or keyboards with the return key re-labeled, while retaining a mental association.
comment posted at 5:27 AM on Dec-1-16

How can I remove a large dark urine and feces stain from a hardwood floor? From a human, not a pet.
comment posted at 5:07 PM on Nov-30-16

Sweet fiancé and I are getting married in a park, in July. Seating is extremely limited. How do I work this out?
comment posted at 12:51 PM on Nov-30-16

Our general contractor made an error that substantially increased the cost of construction. They are now asking us to cover it. How do we respond to this while maintaining a good working relationship for the rest of the project? Input from folks in the construction business would be especially appreciated!
comment posted at 8:40 PM on Nov-29-16

Say I wanted to contact the people who make policy decisions at Twitter. For example, the people who decide what types of users to delete and under what circumstances. Who are those people?
comment posted at 8:51 AM on Nov-29-16

Is it typical for a partner to not stay over after having sex for the first time, if it's not a casual sex situation and there's no obvious reason that they need to leave?
comment posted at 8:37 AM on Nov-29-16

My apartment only has a shower. I have a couple of vacation days coming up, and I'm tempted to rent a hotel room that has a nice bathtub. Difficulty: I am 6 feet tall and like 240 lbs, which means that a standard size bathtub is really unsatisfying. I want a big bathtub, ideally with some kind of heating element so it doesn't get cold after twenty minutes. How can I find such a thing?
comment posted at 8:09 PM on Nov-28-16

We're buying a house - yay! I may be going on strike... oh no! What cheap improvements can I do to the house between shifts picketing?
comment posted at 3:25 PM on Nov-27-16

Other than sketching, basic knitting and crocheting, we are not a family of crafters. I'd like to start giving gifts that will inspire family members to express themselves creatively. People have expressed interest in learning to do some type of craft. Assume I know nothing about the world of AC Moore, Michaels and JoAnn Fabrics. I don't know what to buy; let's try to stick to $25 per person.
comment posted at 3:19 PM on Nov-27-16

So you may have noticed Twitter has a new option to report users for hate speech. How can I help link this to a safer Twitter by getting users banned?
comment posted at 7:10 AM on Nov-26-16

Long story short: I no longer celebrate Christmas. This year I'd like to do something on the day that makes me feel happy, warm, loved, and good. What are some things I can do, make, experience on my own that I might be able to use as alternative winter holiday traditions?
comment posted at 12:18 PM on Nov-25-16

Where should I buy social justice merch if I want to be sure the money will go to support social justice causes?
comment posted at 12:20 PM on Nov-23-16

I'm currently engaged in a project that will involve the use of many early photographs. Some of this material is online, but much of it is not. I'm looking to gain a better sense of early photography as a whole so that I know what to dig for—with a definite preference for detailed books over coffee table books. Thank you!
comment posted at 6:55 AM on Nov-23-16

I was astonished to find out this morning that my wife faces the showerhead when taking a shower. I face away from the showerhead and assumed everyone did the same. She says that most people face the showerhead and I'm the unusual one.
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I feel my new guy pulling away a little - should I talk to him or leave it alone?
comment posted at 6:12 AM on Nov-23-16

I want to give my wife a variety of flavors of coffee and coffee flavorings for Christmas. She has no interest in quality, she is a connoisseur of what I like to call "shitty, super sweet coffee." Help me find some different flavorings and options to make her mind reel with the delicious possibilities! ($120 total gift limit)
comment posted at 11:38 AM on Nov-22-16

My current bf had a codependent relationship with his ex, and she helped him through difficult times. Now she is losing her job and wants to move in with him, and he feels responsible for her happiness. Where does this leave me?
comment posted at 1:52 PM on Nov-21-16

I am moving to Boston at the end of December. I have never lived north of DC before and thus have never had a need for snow tires before. Help a displaced Southerner out.
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I have several hundred photos I'd like to organize and send out for other's viewing. Or send them a link for viewing?? Simple to organize, and to scroll thru. Ideas?
comment posted at 3:14 PM on Nov-20-16

How can I download all attachments to an email sent to my Gmail account without them (necessarily) being downloaded as a zip file?
comment posted at 7:41 AM on Nov-20-16

I'm a Canadian living in the U.S., and I've been outraged/horrified by the White House staffing decisions. Since I'm not a citizen, I obviously didn't vote - so, can I call "my elected officials" to give my opinion and denounce these decisions? Should I?
comment posted at 5:44 AM on Nov-19-16

Since I'm always struggling with plumbers here at my home, I realized that my home was just not built to have a water closet. And I have come to wonder how things worked back in the day. My apartment is clearly intended for the upper middle class. It is spacious and originally had a room for staff. But it was built without a toilet. There was a bath, but what is now the toilet was originally a storage space. Actually, the whole back part of my apartment was clearly not open for guests - the doors are lower and the decoration is more primitive. I can't bring in a normal fridge because the doors are too narrow. My question is: how did the people who visited my apartment during the early 20th century pee? There is a huge dining room and a den and generally the layout suggests tons of entertainment (very little space for private life). But these guests must have had bodily functions? Or what?
comment posted at 1:00 PM on Nov-18-16

I like to get my daughter a book or two at Christmas and I'm hoping you folks have some great recommendations. She is a good reader for her age. Some of her favorite books are the Laura Ingalls Wilder series, Louise Erdrich's Birchbark series, Eva Ibbotson's Star of Kazan, and Kate Sered's The Good Master. I think she likes girl heroines, adventure of some sort, and a setting in a different time and/or place. She also been into fairies and mermaids lately (we just read the first Emily Windsnap book).
comment posted at 1:06 PM on Nov-18-16

My publication pulled a cryptogram puzzle from the generic content producer we are subscribed to for our holiday guide, however when editing the pages we realized no one knows how to solve this.
comment posted at 1:48 PM on Nov-17-16

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