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My community offers free lunch and snacks for children during the summer. Should I participate in this program?
comment posted at 6:34 PM on Jun-26-17

How can I set boundaries with a visiting friend, without coming across as rude or unwelcoming?
comment posted at 9:40 AM on Jun-26-17

A friend and I are visiting Stowe, Vermont over 4th of July weekend. What are some fun things we can do there?
comment posted at 9:30 AM on Jun-26-17
comment posted at 2:53 PM on Jun-26-17

My son, 15, is difficult to find books for. Despite the saying, he tends to judge them by the cover. He'll be away for a few weeks, with limited access to computers, so I'm looking to find some science fiction books for him.
comment posted at 8:18 AM on Jun-26-17

Is there any way to drop an “F” if my kid with mental illness missed the deadline for Withdraw? The college she is attending is University of Chicago. She took 4 courses last quarter, got 3 As. The 4th course needed to be withdraw. She was diagnosed as depression and had been on medication. She was really sick in April (the beginning of the spring quarter). She missed classes as well as exams. She was managed to catch up for the other 3 classes. For the 4th course (the hardest for her), she never showed up in the class again after her sickness. She didn’t drop the course until we found she got an “F”. This could be really related to her social anxiety and panic disorder. She automatically put a “Wall” if she feels not comfortable of answering these emails. She never replied to emails, text messages and calls from her family for several weeks when she was “sick”. The class instructor agrees to change “F” (fail) to “W”(withdraw) if the associate dean agrees. However, the associate dean believes that my kid couldn’t possibly forget the deadline because my kid withdrew courses in previous years. Also the dean think she is too “rude” to not answering emails to the professors and the staff.
comment posted at 8:00 PM on Jun-25-17

As a public radio junkie, I hear radio hosts interview guests located in remote studios several times a week. I've always wondered what goes on behind the scenes.
comment posted at 7:14 PM on Jun-25-17
comment posted at 7:16 PM on Jun-25-17

My town is having a heat wave and I've noticed that I am struggling to get enough calories during the day. I have no appetite until night and then I feel vomitty because I haven't eaten all day. I don't know if this is an illness coming on or a continuation of the illnesses I already have. Or, is this a common thing that people who are used to heat waves experience. It is triggering some ED thinking and I am seeking help trying to find ways to put food in when nothing but liquid sounds appealing as well as just curious if this normal for the human body to do.
comment posted at 10:10 AM on Jun-25-17

I just put on a pot of green beans, which I will be eating soon with some potatoes and olive oil on pasta. This will be breakfast. As it turns out, I much prefer non-breakfast food for breakfast. It only recently occurred to me that there's no actual requirement to eat oatmeal (or whatever) in the morning hours. I did not expect to find fun in eating pasta in the morning but I do. In what unexpected areas, no matter how small, have you discovered some amount of pleasure or joy?
comment posted at 10:21 AM on Jun-25-17

After a couple of weeks in the online dating world, I'm pretty disheartened. It just moves too fast. No one wants to invest quality time in written communication. What's a sapiosexual to do?
comment posted at 5:54 PM on Jun-24-17

While looking for something unrelated on my ISP's web site, I came across a pricing document that included, in addition to normal internet products, "HIGH-SPEED INTERNET SERVICE (Not Including Internet Access or ISP Features)". What does it even mean to have internet service and not internet access? What is the use of this?
comment posted at 11:23 AM on Jun-24-17

Hi Metafilter! Once upon a time, I was in a relationship that ‘changed the game’ for me. I’ve been dwelling on how powerful it was ever since. We're friends again, but it's hard. Ideally: I’d like to keep the relationship, and change my attitude towards it, so that I have space to change my attitude towards life. Realistically: I know the best way would be to change my attitude towards life, and the focus on the relationship will follow. Hope me. Tough love me.
comment posted at 4:03 PM on Jun-23-17

I've realized I need to get better at planning at work - especially for medium- and long-range projects and goals. I have no trouble finding suggested planning methodologies and documents online. Where I struggle is in understanding where and how this fits into daily working life. Can you share your planning hacks, techniques, systems and routines with me?
comment posted at 11:50 AM on Jun-23-17
comment posted at 2:02 PM on Jun-23-17

My almost-twelve-year-old is looking for books with daemons or similar companions. She loved Pullman's Materials books and is looking for something similar. She also complains that what she's generally being offered is too simplistic. She wants something a little more challenging. What are your recommendations?
comment posted at 6:02 PM on Jun-21-17

Last year, I asked this question about starting a PFLAG chapter. Unfortunately, I did not get the go ahead from national because there's a chapter in a nearby town. What other options are available?
comment posted at 4:16 PM on Jun-21-17

I'm looking for a countertop oven that's precise enough for baking - do you have one?!
comment posted at 11:23 AM on Jun-21-17

My wife is a stay at home mom and I'm wondering what happens to our cash flow if I were to die unexpectedly. We already have pretty detailed attorney-written wills, our house is under both of our names, but will my personal bank account become inaccessible until it goes through probate?
comment posted at 8:49 AM on Jun-21-17

A once-common practice at ethnicity-specific restaurants (in America) seems to be the use of a font that evokes some aspect of the native script of that ethnicity. Three questions about this: (1) Is there a name for this phenomenon? (2) Is it generally regarded as appropriation? (3) Does it occur in scripts other than Roman (or near-Roman scripts like Greek and Cyrillic) as well? Like, are there Japanese Indian restaurants with names written in Devanagari-imitating katakana, or British pubs in Israel which have especially "Roman" Hebrew letterforms, or somesuch?
comment posted at 8:52 AM on Jun-21-17

When people are talking about advertising on the web, and more specifically about targeted advertising, they always say they are seeing or getting ads. Where, specifically, are these ads?
comment posted at 6:40 AM on Jun-20-17

I've made some progress, major diet changes, but I still have many questions. I'm sure most have been answered, but I have not had the best luck finding those answers. My searches seem polluted with chaff and many sites I have found are either not terribly useful rehashes of the obvious or they just reek of quackery. Forums, food databases, recipes, all would be welcome. Just hoping you can act as peer reviewers here and recommend the best evidence based resources you've found. Thanks much.
comment posted at 6:42 AM on Jun-20-17

I really want to quit a job after a few weeks. Help.
comment posted at 2:12 PM on Jun-19-17

I run a longstanding blog focused on local news and issues. By and large, commenting has always been civil. A locally contentious issue came up a couple of weeks ago, was debated in a brief thread of about nine comments. Now one of the participants wants me to delete his two comments. I can't decide. Details inside.
comment posted at 10:31 AM on Jun-19-17
comment posted at 10:33 AM on Jun-19-17

We'll be visiting the beach a lot this summer. We're several trips in and I'm not sure how to get all of the sand out of our clothes.
comment posted at 8:00 AM on Jun-19-17

I have trouble finding a true, intimate, reliable female-female friendship, even when dealing with those who call me their "best friend." (Ha!) Please help me rule out all potential causes, including the possibility that I am somehow repellent in ways that only women my age can detect. (Men like me well enough, as do children, Baby Boomers, and senior citizens.)
comment posted at 3:34 PM on Jun-18-17

I'm recently retired and, for varying reasons, want to reestablish contact with some acquaintances and former colleagues I've fallen out of touch with. I want to reach out via email but keep getting stuck on the awkward first sentence. What do I say to explain or get past the lapse in our relationship? Something breezy and light seems appropriate, but I'm at a loss for a good first line. Mefites have always been so good at wordsmithing and clever turns of phrase, I'm hoping you can help me now.
comment posted at 9:53 AM on Jun-18-17

I got me some of these sausages and cooked them until they were burnt on the outside but, internal temp was only like 130/140. They were in freezer forever before that. I'm paranoid about food poisoning. That is pretty rare from prepacked food right?
comment posted at 4:44 PM on Jun-17-17

Yesterday my boyfriend committed suicide in our home. I'm out of town, heading back. I have no idea what I'm doing. I've never lost anyone before.
comment posted at 4:09 PM on Jun-15-17

I'm going to be starting an (academic) job in the fall, and I have a new shiny e-mail inbox that comes with it. What system should I set up now to keep my college-associated electronic life organized?
comment posted at 3:47 PM on Jun-15-17

About two weeks ago I bought a fancy bottle of maple syrup as a gift (aged "bourbon style," in a wooden cask, though not containing alcohol). For various reasons I did not see the person I meant to gift it to, the moment passed and I planned to return it to the local gourmet shop where I bought it.
comment posted at 2:46 PM on Jun-15-17

I'm involved in a lowkey dispute betweene me, my husband, my sister and he boyfriend. It involves my husband growing pot plants in the backyard.
comment posted at 10:40 AM on Jun-15-17

What things are reasonable versus unreasonable when it comes to asking for changes in a partner?
comment posted at 8:41 PM on Jun-14-17

Throughout my childhood, my mom was diligent in taking care of my physical needs (food, shelter) and intellectual development, but has been deaf to emotional needs. It's always been a one-way street of me comforting her, and her unloading problems and anxiety onto me. In her old age, my mother has also developed paranoia, which she refuses to treat. I estranged myself from her a few years ago, and many relatives have told me that it makes her sad. I feel persistent feelings of guilt about it. How do I stop feeling guilty?
comment posted at 4:41 PM on Jun-14-17

What would it take to make my yard more lounge-friendly like my friend's house who has a pool? I don't want a pool, but I want that happy relaxing resort atmosphere, where people feel comfortable laying out, relaxing, tanning, etc. How can you accomplish that sans-pool? Is it even possible, or does the pool have an advantage from psychology or air temperature?
comment posted at 8:53 AM on Jun-14-17

The refrain goes: "Every Night! I have to have it Every Night!" where "every night" is pronounced "Ev. Ree. Night!" It has out-of-place world-music riffs interrupting now and again, but it adds to the disturbed nature of the song. I want to hear it more.
comment posted at 7:14 PM on Jun-13-17

For those without laundry facilities in your living space, what do you do with items you want to wash separately but don't have many of?
comment posted at 6:32 PM on Jun-13-17

My license renewal form has, on the bit to send in, "I certify that I have no mental or physical condition and I am not taking any medication that could impair my ability to operate a motor vehicle." Help me figure out whether or not this is true for me and if not, how else to renew my Washington State driver's license.
comment posted at 8:33 AM on Jun-13-17

A recent injury means I can't run with the zombies again for another couple of months. I've been using my gym's ancient stationary bike in the meantime but really missing the narrative elements of Zombies, Run. Is there anything similar for biking? I could just use the Zombies, Run app with the bike but I find it kind of weird and distracting. I don't want any gamifications that involve me doing any tasks outside the actual workout, but I do miss the story. Any suggestions?
comment posted at 12:19 PM on Jun-12-17

My boyfriend’s adolescent younger brother is currently living with an aunt, but wants to leave his aunt’s house to move into a juvenile group home. Help us help him make the right decision! This is in Massachusetts. Details inside.
comment posted at 7:49 PM on Jun-11-17

We have a house across the street from a popular beach. During tourist season our driveway and garage are constantly blocked by people who find it convenient to park there. I get it, it's a very tempting spot. We can of course call to get the offenders towed, but I want to try to put some positive energy into preventive measures this year. I'm looking for suggestions for something witty, funny or otherwise unusual that might make someone think twice before parking there.
comment posted at 10:59 AM on Jun-11-17

I am 47 and recently, after an audit, found out that I am worth a little over a million dollars. I want serious ideas about what I can do to leverage that worth to get out of the rat race and enjoy the rest of my life as stress free as possible. I guess my question boils down to "What would you do in my shoes?" or, if you've actually been in this situation, what did you do?
comment posted at 7:38 AM on Jun-13-17

My twitter feed has been filling up with politics; I follow one account, they retweet another account, I follow that account - and now it is all politics all the time. I'm looking for active accounts with interesting content on science, history, art, and so on. Instead, I keep finding more politics and famous people who use twitter as a public diary (which I don't want). Do you have any favorites?
comment posted at 8:57 AM on Jun-10-17

I still want to be friends, but I can't go on doing this one-sided friendship!
comment posted at 9:29 PM on Jun-9-17

In late April, the clinic told me that the rumbling sound I frequently got in my left ear was caused by a retracted eardrum, and that the retracted eardrum was caused by a blocked Eustachian tube. (There was no sign of infection.) I was told to take Flonase to help clear the Eustachian tube, and also to do the Valsalva maneuver. I know that the Valsalva maneuver is "close your nose and mouth and exhale until your ears pop." But what exactly does that feel like or sound like? How hard to I push?
comment posted at 2:55 PM on Jun-9-17

A friend of mine just gifted me a used iPhone 6 in great shape. So how the heck can I use it? (Please speak slowly in English)
comment posted at 5:41 PM on Jun-8-17

We have a new house (well, in a couple weeks). A house with more rooms than we are used to. They called the big room the "grand room". That doesn't work for me - I need help naming my rooms NOW before terrible names stick! Tell me what to right on my moving boxes!
comment posted at 5:31 PM on Jun-8-17

I find myself headed back to the annual American Library Association conference for the first time in quite a while and, as in the past, feeling a little overwhelmed. Sessions I can hack, but it's all the other, ancillary stuff - receptions, actually worthwhile vendor dinners, etc., etc., etc. - that I always seem to overlook and miss out on. So, librarians of MeFi, do you know of anything happening outside the regular conference sessions that I should try to make it to? How can I feel like I really wrung the full value out of my registration and travel costs?
comment posted at 7:21 PM on Jun-8-17
comment posted at 1:12 PM on Jun-17-17

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