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I am planning a road trip from NJ to Mackinac Island, Michigan the first weekend of August. We are thinking about taking the long way home and stopping off in Montreal. Here's the catch. I know nothing about Quebec or Montreal. Hope me?
comment posted at 2:57 PM on Feb-23-15

Growing up, my family moved every few years and I was constantly a "new kid" navigating unfamiliar social situations. Although as an adult I now have many great friendships, I have an almost compulsive desire to be inclusive and not exclude others. I have a pattern of befriending people who say they are lonely and then feeling responsible for making them not feel lonely. How can I be compassionate to lonely people without reliving my childhood anxiety?
comment posted at 12:29 PM on Feb-20-15

Recently discovered and fell in love with Zenni Optical, and now I'm wondering if there are other things that are "best kept secrets" that provide incredible value.
comment posted at 12:48 PM on Feb-20-15

It's been quite some time since I've been on a flight, let alone one with checked baggage. I'm going to San Antonio at the end of next month. I would appreciate some assistance regarding how this works given all the new rules and the freaking horror stories...
comment posted at 7:29 AM on Feb-20-15

After years of trying to make my freelance writer's salary stretch to fit my California budget, I'm ready to admit defeat and move somewhere cheaper. Unfortunately, I have no idea where to go. All I want is a high quality of life with a low cost of living. No problem, right?
comment posted at 12:31 PM on Feb-19-15

Specifically I am looking for libraries that will give me a library card as a non-resident, without having to show up to that library in person. I find that my local libraries don't always have the books that I'm interested in, so I figured if I cast a wider net I'd get a better selection of ebooks.
comment posted at 8:08 AM on Feb-19-15

So this is a weird one - on occasion, my own computer loses connection to my WiFi signal - whereas my roommate, who sometimes is logged on to the same network via the same signal and sometimes IN THE SAME ROOM - does NOT. Please suggest where I should look to start diagnosing the problem.
comment posted at 8:16 AM on Feb-19-15
comment posted at 7:13 AM on Feb-20-15

People on AskMe often ask how to develop their social skills. I have an even more remedial question: why I should bother to develop my social skills? (Or: how can I do so without resenting every moment of it?)
comment posted at 2:47 PM on Feb-18-15

I have a relatively small (but growing) collection of jewelry that's currently being stored haphazardly across a range of hooks, pouches, boxes and drawers. Various big plans (set out all the necklaces nicely in this place here) have fallen by the wayside in the hustle-and-bustle of working life. If you're a naturally untidy/ absentminded person, have you found a storage system that keeps your jewelry safe, accessible and in good condition, but that's easy and low-maintenance enough to keep in practice?
comment posted at 6:23 AM on Feb-18-15

Flickr used to be my go-to site for getting free images to use in classroom powerpoints. Even with a lot of spam, you could search and find nice images, especially diagrams and non-photo visuals, quite effectively. Now it has even MORE spammy photos and the search function feels more inadequate and the site seems a whole lot *slower*. Are there good alternative archive sites I could turn to instead? (I've already tried Google and Bing Image search - they're OK, but a bit too noisy as well) Thanks for any tips!
comment posted at 6:25 AM on Feb-18-15

I'm doing some presentations for parents of kids K-12 grades about the nebulous topic of internet safety and could use some advice/stories/resources from real-world parents to help me make sure this is relevant and useful.
comment posted at 6:26 PM on Feb-16-15
comment posted at 5:37 AM on Feb-18-15

I can't find a clear answer to this: Someone is illegally taking photos or recording in a movie theater (or live theater), which I think is against copyright law. This is also on private property, and there are noted rules against that. But I think it's also illegal to confiscate the camera and delete the photos/video...
comment posted at 8:22 AM on Feb-16-15
comment posted at 8:54 AM on Feb-16-15

I car share with my former partner. How do I get myself to buy my own car?
comment posted at 7:45 AM on Feb-15-15

What is this intriguing device I noticed at a friend's house? Friend has no idea. It's about 6 inches in length. It was patented by Holland Mfg of Willamantic, CT, and a Google search suggests it might have something to do with 19th century silk manufacturing. Ideas?
comment posted at 2:34 PM on Feb-14-15
comment posted at 2:38 PM on Feb-14-15

Seeking words of wisdom & experience, advice, reality checks, really anything that can help me gain some clarity or peace of mind. Lots of text, apologies in advance.
comment posted at 7:53 PM on Feb-13-15

The title says it all really—I need a recommendation for a criminal defense attorney for someone who may be charged with domestic violence and/or rape in New York City.
comment posted at 4:59 PM on Feb-13-15

Due to financial & career reasons, I need to relocate from Tampa Bay area to Detroit area. My wife is livid. She has a history of depression, difficulty making friends & has told me just before we moved down here (15 years ago) that she'd be a happier person in a warmer climate (as we're from Philly & know all about cold/snow). We have 2 kids... my daughter is about to turn 15 & is in the 9th grade (1st year of HS). My son is 11... and in the 5th grade (next year is middle school)... He also has Aspergers (social disorder)... but is mainstream this year & most of last & is doing just fine. Nobody wants to move (me included), but financially & career wise, there is no other option... I welcome all thoughts on this... as it's a tough one to digest
comment posted at 3:36 PM on Feb-13-15

At least, that is what I'm afraid of. Due to intense pain, I'm sneaking in to see my dentist tomorrow morning before the gods dump a seventh foot of snow on Boston. At my last visit he decreed that I need a root canal re-treatment on an upper right bicuspid, and I'd do just about anything to fix this, so I'm on board. But I have some concerns...
comment posted at 3:17 PM on Feb-13-15

Currently in a marriage where the love has faded. Looking for advice. Blah. Blah. Blah.
comment posted at 4:49 PM on Feb-11-15

Tell me about what cultures, cultural practices, arts, religions, languages, lifestyles, hobbies, habits, fashion, unconventional individuals/families, or any other aspects of human life in the U.S. still remain severely underdocumented; or are at risk of fading away before they can be properly or meaningfully documented.
comment posted at 6:44 AM on Feb-11-15

I finally just started a Twitter account two days ago. I have not yet tweeted, retweeted or requested friends. Now I'm told the account is suspended.
comment posted at 5:15 PM on Feb-10-15

I recently found out that a friend from back in my college days died eleven years ago, but I can't figure out where, or what happened, just a date. How can I find more information?
comment posted at 3:02 PM on Feb-10-15

There is no one in my life… so who benefits from my death? Not a request for legal estate advice. I need to sort out my limited beneficiary options given my dismal family situation. Help?
comment posted at 10:12 AM on Feb-10-15

How do AirBnB Hosts apply discounts for customers?
comment posted at 6:58 AM on Feb-10-15

Dear husband asked for advice about our ice dams last week. Our entreaties were ignored by the Ice Lord and we have a full on leaky ice dam that has really messed up our first floor bathroom ceiling and probably more. What now? Three specific questions inside.
comment posted at 8:50 AM on Feb-10-15

I'm looking for examples of written and visual humour (newspaper columns, stories, comic strips) produced by African-Americans for an African-American audience prior to the Civil Rights era. I've read Langston Hughes's Simple stories, and have seen some scattered examples of cartoons by Jackie Ormes, Chester Commodore, &c., but was hoping to find more. Online archives would be great, but I'm also interested in hearing about print anthologies. Thanks!
comment posted at 4:25 PM on Feb-8-15

I recently upgraded a few steps in my Mac life and have an problem I need to solve. I send out a simple newsletter to some subcribers that I create in dreamweaver- save as an html- then open in safari and, until recently, used the "Mail Contents of this Page" option that my older version of safari had, that would open apple mail and then send.. It seems that safari no longer has that option OR am I missing something.
comment posted at 9:35 PM on Feb-6-15
comment posted at 7:08 PM on Feb-7-15

When I'm out drinking, I bring my group's empty bottles and glasses back up to the bar so the bartender doesn't have to come out and get them. When I go out to eat, I consolidate the plates and cutlery after the meal so they're easy to bus off the table. What are some other similarly inconsequential-seeming habits I can adopt to help make the world a slightly easier and more pleasant place for my fellow travelers to live?
comment posted at 12:06 PM on Feb-6-15

Can anyone identify the origin of these icons?
comment posted at 12:23 PM on Feb-6-15

I have an online shop that sells vintage items. I also have a book of paintings by my favorite contemporary artist. If I use a page from her book as a background for photographing something, does that violate her copyright? More inside.
comment posted at 12:40 PM on Feb-5-15

While trying to check a quotation about retirement by one Hartman Jule, I found that while the name appears on lots of quote-collecting websites, I was unable to find any biographical information on anyone by that name. All references inside books only lead to epigraphs (i.e., more quotes), most having to do with retirement or advertising. Is this a known pseudonym of an individual? In lieu of any information on Hartman Jule having been a real person, I'd like to find the primary source(s) for the quotes attributed to him.
comment posted at 1:00 PM on Feb-5-15

I know that if you plan well with accountants, you can reduce your tax profile. At what income bracket do you actually get enough advantage from doing this and finding all the weird corner hidden deductions to well cover the expense of hiring the accountant in the first place?
comment posted at 4:51 PM on Feb-4-15

I'm using an up-to-date 2-year-old MacBook Air and I just can't manage to get Vimeo videos to load. Can someone help me fix this by speaking to me as if I am your elderly aunt's even older senile neighbor?
comment posted at 10:53 AM on Feb-4-15
comment posted at 11:29 AM on Feb-4-15
comment posted at 1:41 PM on Feb-4-15

In theory, if most of the public is vaccinated against measles, only other non-vaccinated people are put at risk by non-vaccinated people who get the measles (or other vaccine-preventable diseases). But apparently some vaccinated people are also at risk? Is this really the case? If so, how common/easy is it for vaccinated people to get the disease that they were vaccinated against, and how does this happen?
comment posted at 8:26 AM on Feb-4-15

Every day I make a cup of instant oatmeal at the office. This is the ideal breakfast setup for me - quick, easy, cheap, low-calorie, fairly non-perishable food that I can store in my desk drawer - except I'm not sure it's all that healthy. Is there a nutrient-rich alternative to this?
comment posted at 8:23 AM on Feb-4-15

A friend and I have 10-11 days to spend in Transylvania in May, and would be grateful for any suggestions for the first 8 days (including detour up north to Maramures).
comment posted at 10:51 AM on Feb-3-15

As I work to pay down my debt, while simultaneously learning how to better enjoy life without spending money, I am always in search of essays and books that demonstrate the same: a life well-lived that isn't dependent on having much (if any) money.
comment posted at 9:29 AM on Feb-2-15

We live in a 3BR townhouse. Our electricity usage spiked really dramatically in December, and it's stayed up in January. I cannot fathom what is causing such a spike, but I don't know a lot about electricity usage. Details below.
comment posted at 9:09 PM on Jan-30-15

Independent Vermont Culture Filter: Help us come up with a strategy to assure our 55 year old underemployed neighbor doesn't freeze to death this winter.
comment posted at 9:05 AM on Jan-30-15

How can I become more comfortable talking about myself and sharing my interests with others?
comment posted at 7:53 PM on Jan-29-15

So it's winter, and through a combination of excessive hand-washing and laziness, I've let my hands get dry and chapped to the point where they're developing cuts and bleeding. There are so many cuts, I'm not able to keep them bandaged anymore, and am very worried about infection (especially when I visit the doctor's office tomorrow.)
comment posted at 2:56 PM on Jan-29-15

I use Statcounter to track who visits my Tumblr, and a couple of IP addresses in a couple of towns are giving me some concern.
comment posted at 9:18 AM on Jan-29-15

I'm hoping to get suggestions for how to relax after a day of drinking coffee. I'm looking for relaxing behaviors, rather than substances. Hoping to hear what people actually do in their real lives, as opposed to what the experts suggest.
comment posted at 9:38 AM on Jan-29-15

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