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Thanks to Google Books Magazines and OpenLibrary, I've been enjoying a number of vintage magazines. But is there a place online to get whole issues (not the odd scanned page) of 1980s/1990s women's/teen magazines to read?
comment posted at 2:08 PM on Nov-20-17

Is there any way to add "featured image" capability to a self-hosted Wordpress site without CSS? Is there really no plug-in?
comment posted at 1:05 PM on Nov-20-17

I recently finished Umberto Eco's The Name Of The Rose and think it is a wonderful, wondrous book. I loved the interplay of language, theology, philosophy and mystery, the images, the characters, the narrative style. What else can I read?
comment posted at 1:18 PM on Nov-20-17

A question about how to gracefully keep from having to pick up the tab every single time we eat out with friends and family. Details inside.
comment posted at 7:59 AM on Nov-18-17

Thought experiment: two conflicting concepts regarding weight loss where the math doesn't add up and is completely contrary to real life conditions.
comment posted at 8:45 PM on Nov-17-17

My mom loves mystery TV. She's seen every season of Midsomer Murders and I can only assume she's seen every mystery TV series on (Canadian) Netflix (Miss Fisher, etc.). She especially loves the Cumberbatch Sherlock, and is periodically obsessed with Jack the Ripper. What hasn't she seen that she might like?
comment posted at 7:03 AM on Nov-17-17

Help me find a very specific out-of-season bathrobe.
comment posted at 9:34 AM on Nov-16-17

According to superstition, walking under a ladder should be avoided because it brings bad luck. But what about when the ladder is leaning against something that you have to walk under? Is that still considered unlucky? Or is only the space directly under the ladder the bad-luck zone?
comment posted at 8:35 AM on Nov-15-17

My need for space hurt a friend, and I need some advice, please.
comment posted at 6:50 AM on Nov-13-17

This is a 2 part question & id appreciate help with both if possible. First, how this affects me personally, and second, how it is affecting me in the context of a romantic relationship.
comment posted at 6:57 AM on Nov-13-17

I do a lot of public speaking for work. I usually make a page like this one with downloadable slides in various formats; I'd love to be able to embed my actual talk. I use Keynote to make/present my talks, but its PDF export is suboptimal and I can't upload those talks to Slideshare. Slideshare's PDF and Powerpoint options are no good. Is there somewhere else I can upload a Keynote presentation so that someone can click through it while reading the presenter notes, Slideshare style?
comment posted at 1:22 PM on Nov-12-17

We make our coffee in a Pyrex jug with one of those plastic pour-over cones and paper filters. It tastes better than coffee from a fancy machine, but there's a problem. I always measure out a pint of water to boil, and usually get a pint of coffee back. But sometimes it's reduced to as little as 3/4 pint. I guess the rest of the water is absorbed in the coffee grounds, but why does it happen at some times and not others? How can I prevent it?
comment posted at 6:10 AM on Nov-11-17

In conversation this evening we were talking about the use of nauseous vs nauseated. Often I hear “I am nauseous” when from my understanding the correct usage is “I am nauseated.” However, the former is so prevelant that it has become an acceptable usage. (**Not here to argue about what is technically correct or incorrect,**) This reminded me of another example that’s been on the tip of my tongue the whole night but I can’t quite recall. It is a similar situation in which a different form of the word is used incorrectly but it is done so often that it has become an acceptable usage of such. The example I am thinking of is very similar in that “I am....” Can you think of any examples?
comment posted at 6:09 AM on Nov-11-17

How do I continue my relationship with my mother? Wall below.
comment posted at 6:26 AM on Nov-11-17

I have several emails in my inbox from the beginning of October. They're mainly from people introducing me to other people, or for wanting to collaborate on work. And I haven't responded, partially because it was a slog of a work month, and partially because it feels too late to respond. As each day passes, it feels harder and harder. I'm curious what language you've used in these situations where your response is late. I have much more time on my plate now and would like to rekindle these potential work relationships.
comment posted at 11:47 AM on Nov-10-17

I had a really uncomfortable conversation with a friend yesterday and I don't know how to process it.
comment posted at 2:46 PM on Nov-8-17

I need to use anonymous email to report something at work. (I've thought this through, it is the only viable option). Will TOR, on my personal tablet, effectively protect my IP address? Note: this device has been on work's guest network where I have to log in. So, if they save IP addresses/logins, and they wanted to look, they could match me up if TOR lets my IP through.
comment posted at 11:46 AM on Nov-7-17

Like the title says: I'm a middle-aged guy trying to date in New York City or D.C. Hope me, datingfilter! Snowflake details after the jump!
comment posted at 7:36 PM on Nov-6-17

I subtracted money from my sublessee's security deposit for damages, but they won't accept my check. How should I handle this?
comment posted at 9:38 AM on Nov-6-17

Recent career changes the past few months (not entirely by choice) have left me in a new position that requires semi-frequent international travel (30%-40%) for 1-2 weeks at a time, often on extremely short notice. I've handled it okay - fortunately I'm an over-planner and tend to be prepared for anything (delays, jetlag, etc) - except for one small problem: I'm a terrible flyer. I have a lot of flying coming up very soon so I need to figure out something.
comment posted at 7:43 PM on Nov-5-17

Please recommend: recent science fiction books (and stories) that are based on sciences and disciplines other than the usual 'hard' ones like physics, chemistry, astronomy, math, biology, computers and engineering. Looking for things like musicology, linguistics, sociology, philosophy, criminology, economics, etc.
comment posted at 7:13 PM on Nov-2-17

We have a new employee who has somehow avoided using computers over the past ever. Any particular recommendations for an online course that teaches the basics: Navigating via keyboard and mouse, finding your way through drives and folders, basic commands like copy and paste, using menus, email, navigating and searching online, etc.? Additionally, the basics of Microsoft Office would be good in the same or a separate course.
comment posted at 11:46 AM on Nov-2-17

After twelve years of wonderful monogamous sex exclusively with one other person, and never the faintest hint of any erectile or orgasm problems, my first and second attempts at intercourse with a different person have been so humiliating that I fear I now have a hangup that will make it forever impossible.
comment posted at 3:16 PM on Nov-1-17

I'd like to merge two macOS Photos libraries into one, with the ability to weed out duplicates during the process.
comment posted at 11:08 AM on Nov-1-17
comment posted at 1:33 PM on Nov-1-17

I work in an industry where most people work as freelancers. I follow a lot of them on Twitter (where I am not very active) and I often wonder if those with thousands of followers and regular updates of themselves at industry events and retweeting industry-related articles are more successful than someone like myself who is not very active on social media. I wonder if focusing more energy into social media would lead to having lots more or higher paying work. On the one hand, perhaps it's a case of people only posting the positive on social media and not comparing your inner self to someone else's social media outer self. On the other, I suppose these people are a lot more easy to find online than I am, which I guess leads to more work. If you work in a freelance dominated field, do you find that being active on social media helps a lot? Or is it not worth the effort?
comment posted at 7:08 PM on Oct-31-17

I spent about a decade using the clear deodorant sold at Trader Joe's. They stopped carrying it. I can't find a replacement or acceptable alternative. My pits hate everything I try, except for the kinds that are ruining my clothes.
comment posted at 10:46 AM on Oct-31-17

I was raised Catholic but don't practice. My husband is half Jewish (through his father) but was raised by essentially atheist parents. He never had a bar mitzvah, went to synagogue or Jewish school, never celebrated Hannukah or the Sabbath meals. My husband's grandparents fled Eastern Europe in the early 1900s and considered themselves religious. His grandfather fought in WWII then spent 5 yrs in Israel setting that up (or something).
comment posted at 10:22 AM on Oct-31-17

So, recently I just found a new girlfriend, and just out of pure conversation, I said that I think she is pretty, and then I just casually asked my roommate what he thinks... and his response was that "she is not my type". I got insulted and angry by his comment but I did not show it outwardly, and I just continued the conversation and changed the subject. I thought he was basically say that she is unattractive. My roommate is sort of like a friend because we sometimes hang out together, but now I just feel I don't want to interact with him anymore. Is the phrase "she is not my type" just a polite way of saying "she is ugly", or is it just saying something like "I prefer blonds instead of brunettes" type of comment? I am angry but also really confused because I think my girlfriend is gorgeous and she gets attention from many other guys. And I was surprised by that comment too, and how nonchalant he was about saying it. If someone were to ask me about what I thought about his girlfriend I would say that she is pretty even though I didn't think so, because it is being discreet.
comment posted at 10:30 AM on Oct-31-17

Just what it says, I'd like to provide an Uber account for an out of town relative, pay the bill, but with some issues. See below.
comment posted at 6:05 PM on Oct-30-17

Can you think of ANY show, documentary, movie, TV show, web series, podcast ANYTHING that has to do with an audition or selection process or competition. It doesn't matter what's being auditioned or selected or competed for: Dance, Acting, Cheerleader, Chess, whatever. Looking for things that show the selection process, but also interested in docs or movies where the subject is training/studying/practicing for a competition or audition. Fiction or Doc, it's all good.
comment posted at 5:55 PM on Oct-30-17

While staying with family recently, I've been introduced to the world of Keurig machines. I never thought I would consider one, but I'm getting addicted to the easy just-push-a-button single cup coffee wonder. But am I too late to the game? Has the rest of the world figured out that these machines cost too much money, or break too easily, or some other issue I'm not seeing?
comment posted at 10:35 AM on Oct-30-17

Back in the day, library books tend to have genre stickers like these; the sci-fi rocket and Holmesian detective are good friends. There are more modern additions to the family, but these old ones are close to my heart. What is their origin? Who designed them? Who first sold them?
comment posted at 6:27 PM on Oct-29-17

The biggest feature I want is to be able to scan a bar code or ISBN, and have the phone pull all the relevant data, including, most importantly, some sort of Dewey or LOC call number. The next important feature is to then be able to export or upload this data straight to Goodreads and Librarything.
comment posted at 5:31 PM on Oct-29-17

For the life of me, I can't seem to get my iPhone to push contacts to my Mac and my iPad, and vice versa. I can visualize how I think it should work/how I want it to work, but I'm afraid I haven't turned on something.
comment posted at 1:24 PM on Oct-28-17
comment posted at 1:35 PM on Oct-28-17

I have an old iMac (13, 2 - 2.9 GHz) running El Cap that very suddenly mostly stopped working. I can get into single-user mode just fine but everything else is hanging and freezing. Trying to see if there are things I can try from the command line before I give up on it entirely. Suggestions welcome.
comment posted at 11:00 AM on Oct-27-17
comment posted at 2:47 PM on Oct-27-17
comment posted at 5:53 PM on Oct-27-17
comment posted at 1:12 PM on Oct-28-17
comment posted at 6:55 PM on Nov-15-17

My sister-in-law passed away a couple of years ago (in her 40s). My wife has not processed through a few old 401k and IRA accounts of her sister. I would like to help her with this, but I'm not the executor (she is). Can I help her with this so she doesn't have to do it? If so what do I need to get so that I can talk to companies and send then whatever paper work they require?
comment posted at 10:53 AM on Oct-27-17

I woke up this morning to a number of ants in my kitchen. I vacuumed them up and cleaned my counters thoroughly (I wipe clean daily, but apparently missed something!) I then called the apartment complex exterminator, who came and deposited a bunch of dots of gel ant bait around the areas where they were. It has been about two hours since, and now there are BAZILLIONS of ants in my kitchen. I am told this is normal. Is this normal? How long does this last? Should I burn my apartment down? Also, I have a cat. Will she die if she eats the gel? The ants? Please help.
comment posted at 10:39 AM on Oct-26-17

My three-year-old daughter is acting out and asking a lot of tough questions about her dad being gone a lot. I need resources about how to answer her questions, how to respond to the acting out, and how to tell if I'm out of my depth and need to seek professional help.
comment posted at 9:47 AM on Oct-26-17

I'm struggling with feelings of complete abandonment after my father died earlier this year, leaving me responsible for a number of his "problems." The more I think about all the shit he left me to deal with, the angrier I get. I feel like I shouldn't be struggling because I'm in my late 20s and I'm supposed to be mature and together, etc. but I'm not. What do I do with these feelings?
comment posted at 7:24 AM on Oct-25-17

How can this social situation be resolved? A friend brought uninvited guests to a party and the guests low-key harassed the hosts and other guests.
comment posted at 11:45 AM on Oct-24-17

I'm hoping to hear about how it went for you being on antidepressants if you took them despite doubts/misgivings. The reasons are about what you'd expect.
comment posted at 11:31 AM on Oct-24-17

An average quality package of beef jerky costs around $1/oz, about the same as filet mignon (or at least what they call "tenderloin" around these here parts). Why is beef jerky so expensive? Am I being jerked around? Can you jerk my attention to some great jerky that's either cheaper, or really worth the price? Thanks.
comment posted at 6:37 PM on Oct-23-17

My wife is trying to make costumes for Halloween and wants to find some cheap family pajama sets to embellish. The problem is there doesn't seem to be anywhere that sells simple cotton pajamas without patterns or frills. At best we have found heavy (and pricey) fleece pajamas and plain long johns (which are too thin and underwear-ish). Does something like this exist?
comment posted at 7:31 PM on Oct-19-17

I run a book club through my church, and I am foreseeing some drama on the horizon. What do I do? Details inside.
comment posted at 7:54 PM on Oct-19-17

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