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I want to feel amazed. Please give me your best examples of transcendent performance (musical, sports, film, fictional stories, etc.) that show people performing at the peak of what's possible and even surpassing their conscious selves. Give me the chills! Raise the hair on the back of my head! Some Youtube links would be great. Thanks!
comment posted at 7:37 PM on Sep-24-16

I've lived my whole life in the Midwest/Rust Belt and the South. A year ago, I moved to Boston, and I am floundering, struggling really hard to adapt to the aggressive conversational style people have here. I feel like I can't get a word in, can't ever finish a sentence, never get a positive or encouraging reaction to anything I say, and spend most of my time smiling and nodding stupidly as others talk over me. I know I need to "be more assertive" and "grow a thicker skin" and whatever, but... how?
comment posted at 6:42 PM on Sep-24-16

I believe "loner" is used in the U.S., whereas the expression "a man who keeps himself to himself to himself" is used in the U.K. Do the two have different connotations? If so, what are the differences, and why?
comment posted at 4:01 PM on Sep-24-16

I generally enjoy social gatherings and parties when I attend them but as an introvert, I often get cold feet at the last minute and end up not going. What kinds of affirmations and strategies can I use to get through this?
comment posted at 3:58 PM on Sep-24-16

We're planning to visit far-flung family with our young toddler: where should we go, and what do we need to know? Phoenix, AZ and Portland, OR areas.
comment posted at 4:04 PM on Sep-24-16

I'm planning a trip to celebrate holidays, partly with my girlfriend and partly with my mother, and I'm having a communication / conflict issue between the two. Can you help? Details inside...
comment posted at 4:14 PM on Sep-24-16

My wife wants to buy an expensive artwork for the house. While I also find it beautiful, I don't think it's a good idea, financially. We're at loggerheads. Help me think this through.
comment posted at 7:31 AM on Sep-23-16
comment posted at 8:09 AM on Sep-23-16

On NPR's On Point show today, the topic was plus-size fashion. The main guest was Tim Gunn, and another guest was a Time reporter. The Time reporter talked about several startups, including a few where you could send in your measurements and they would send you clothes to try on that were calculated to fit based on you measurements rather than on standard sizing.
comment posted at 7:55 PM on Sep-22-16

I have a cassette deck, a stereo receiver, Audacity, and a late 2012 iMac. I am gearing up for a winter project where I record some cassette tapes, in stereo. I need help completing the circuit.
comment posted at 11:55 AM on Sep-22-16
comment posted at 1:24 PM on Sep-22-16

I am a 44 year old ciswoman and my partner is a 61 year old cisman. I have never been married and have had many sexual partners but this is my first time encountering this exact thing. It is also my first time being involved with someone who is more than a couple years older than me but I'm not sure if that's important. My question is about whether his lack of an erection during foreplay is a sign of not actually being turned on, even though he seems like he is.
comment posted at 9:52 AM on Sep-22-16

My trainer doesn't respond to my appointment requests. Now what?
comment posted at 8:44 AM on Sep-22-16

Another grieving process question: Since my dad died, I've had difficulty getting along with my mother. What's going on, and how do I make sure our relationship does not become permanently weakened?
comment posted at 8:39 AM on Sep-22-16

Is anyone familiar with practices/policies/laws/cases surrounding mandating a pregnancy test either in the medical environment or in other cases? I am interested in anecdotes, personal opinions, as well as pointers to articles or other resources.
comment posted at 11:38 AM on Sep-21-16
comment posted at 1:11 PM on Sep-21-16

I've read all of the MeFi threads about Puerto Rico and I'm trying to figure out if an excursion to Vieques makes sense for this trip. So many people have told us to visit Vieques (and MeFi seems to confirm this), but it seems a bit expensive to get there ($400 for two people is expensive for us for a flight). I'd also like to get some opinions on whether Vieques is worthwhile for a 2 or 3 night stay, as opposed to spending more time elsewhere in Puerto Rico and saving Vieques for another trip?
comment posted at 11:41 AM on Sep-21-16

I am looking for suggestions on how to help. My husband's family seems to be stuck in a pattern. His parents are older and his mother's anxiety is so bad that she can't be left alone for a minute.
comment posted at 7:03 PM on Sep-20-16

I'd like a workspace setup with a writing surface, laptop & mousing space, storage for pens, pencils and stuffs in a fold away table top setup system so that at the end of my work at home workday I can just fold it all up and stick it in a closet until i need it tomorrow.
comment posted at 3:39 PM on Sep-20-16

The "how to pay for grad school" articles that pop up in a Google search are WOEFULLY LACKING in specifics. I'm looking for actual, specific tales of how real people out there in the world financed their Masters degrees. Feel free to get brutally honest.
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comment posted at 3:32 PM on Sep-20-16

A 2016 Congressional Research Service report says CPB received $445 million from Congress to fund public broadcasting in most recent two year appropriation. Later in the report, it says "While federal funding for CPB primarily comes from the Departments of Labor, Health & Human Service and Education, it may receive other sources of funding from the federal government."
comment posted at 3:06 PM on Sep-19-16

My wife and I are new empty nesters, and are considering moving to Des Moines, Iowa. What is it like to live there? What are the pluses and minuses? We are hoping to find a friendly, welcoming community with some larger city amenities. Ideally, we'd also find other non religious, politically moderate-to-liberal folks. Will we find it there?
comment posted at 2:34 PM on Sep-19-16
comment posted at 3:35 PM on Sep-19-16

I've had athlete's foot for 5-6 months now, but I didn't recognize and start treating it until more recently. I've tried multiple treatments for the last several weeks, and while some symptoms have improved, the infection seems like it's still spreading. How long can athlete's foot take to heal when a treatment is actually working? When should I conclude that my OTC treatments are not working and it's time to see a doctor?
comment posted at 7:44 AM on Sep-19-16

Why do I get such severe colds and is there anything I can do to relieve my symptoms when I get one?
comment posted at 6:02 PM on Sep-18-16

I’m a 30 year old man who was bullied to a certain degree back in middle-school. I came to the states as a 4th grader. I went to a Catholic school, and was the only new kid in class. At the time, English was not my primary language and dreaded reading out in class due to my thick accent. I was laughed at, and called “stupid” or “slow” from time to time. Those two words have continued to haunt me from time to time up until now.
comment posted at 9:55 AM on Sep-18-16
comment posted at 11:03 AM on Sep-18-16

Ever since the XKCD post on global climate change, I've had a chicken-little sky-is-falling mindset that has influenced just about every realm of my life. What's the point of saving for retirement if the earth melts? How can I work for a corporation that produces goods at an industrial scale? Which bag of quinoa is better for the environment? Paper or plastic? Please help me get past this paralysis and back to life.
comment posted at 10:14 AM on Sep-18-16

Why do sellers overprice a property, and what will convince them to take a lower offer? What should I do about these specific properties that I am interested in?
comment posted at 7:35 PM on Sep-17-16

My partner is incredibly kind and loving to me, and I'm very happy with her, but she can lash out at others. How can I put my anxiety about this to rest?
comment posted at 3:51 PM on Sep-17-16

This compass is on all of the Bucharest Metro maps on the interior walls of the trains. There's no accompanying scale information or other hints as to what it refers to.
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comment posted at 11:26 AM on Sep-17-16

Can you suggest a web based computer game that might appeal to my aging mother who is obsessed with sitting in front of the computer all day? She will like something that seems "artistic" and will turn her nose up at something that she perceives as being for the hoi palloi.
comment posted at 1:37 PM on Sep-16-16

I had a book published by Wiley this year (YAY!). It was a labor of love, and I believe it will help A LOT of people, but I am very shy about self-promotion. I speak at conferences all over the world, but my employer (who owns the book rights) will only allow me to give away copies, not sell them at these events, so all the excitement only amounts to a handful of sales when I speak. How do I get the word out to real readers, and expand my readership without looking like a self-promoting windbag? I am willing to spend $, but I want to spend it wisely.
comment posted at 11:30 AM on Sep-16-16

I'm looking for TV shows (or movies) that star, or heavily feature characters who are kind and loving to each other, who grow and develop into better people, and who are (often) genuinely trying or doing their best. If there are multiple characters you would want to hang out with in person, that's probably a show for me! I'd especially love to know who you'd want to hang out with and why in your answers.
comment posted at 11:38 AM on Sep-16-16

I've been making envelopes from old books, both for myself to use and to sell in my etsy shop. My current method often inexplicably yields crooked ones, plus I think there's a faster way to do this. Also, I've yet to track down peel-off adhesive strips that I can put on for people to close them.
comment posted at 6:48 PM on Sep-15-16

What are these coins?
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My friend Jenna (alias), a 62-year old woman, very smart and capable, lost her cashier job of 30-some years about a year ago. She's freaking out and has asked me for help. Now I'm freaking out!
comment posted at 1:17 PM on Sep-15-16

How do you set boundaries with friends? I have a friend who's going through a rough time, and I'd like to support her, but it's sometimes quite challenging. Snowflakes after the jump.
comment posted at 12:31 PM on Sep-15-16

What's a good fireplace-related gift for someone?
comment posted at 12:57 PM on Sep-15-16

On my counter I keep a bowl of fruit and vegetables. Each morning I wake up to find little nibbles in the fruit, which I then discard. This has happened for about a week. What could it be?
comment posted at 9:57 AM on Sep-15-16

The recipes I'm seeing for Dutch Babies (aka German pancakes) all entail blending the batter in a food processor or blender, in order to have a lump-free batter. I don't have either of those appliances, but I do have a stand mixer. Have you made Dutch Babies without blending? What were your results? How hard a requirement is the blending, as opposed to Very Serious Mixer mixing?
comment posted at 9:40 AM on Sep-18-16

My partner's mother has had a size medium case of the Alzheimer's for years now. The father passed away long ago, there are no other blood family to speak of, and my partner is feeling pretty crushed by feelings of guilt and anxiety. Short of a support group (no time) or a therapist (already got one), what're resources, techniques, and tools, from cognitive tricks to fictional books, that will help my partner deal with the serious guilt and anxiety of feeling like they're not doing enough? (Just to be clear: A) the mom is doing physically fine and has a great set up, this is not about her, but about their child, my partner, and B) my family and I are pretty great and help as much as we can, which is a lot; again, this is not about how to help the mom more, this is about helping my partner deal with feelings of guilt and anxiety that they are not doing enough.)
comment posted at 2:43 PM on Sep-14-16

So I've just finished "A Wrong Turn at the Office of Unmade Lists" by Jane Rawson. I've read everything by Tom Robbins, Douglas Adams and Franz Kafka.
comment posted at 7:58 PM on Sep-13-16

I am about to have a serious discussion with my fiance as I have recently discovered that she has been going behind my back to login to my facebook account to monitor my activity. It appears this has been going on since July and there have been multiple logins. Therefore, I would like to ask the internet for advice on how to properly confront this type of behavior.
comment posted at 2:48 PM on Sep-12-16

I'm looking for catchy songs which feature the name 'Charlie.'
comment posted at 9:37 AM on Sep-12-16
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