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I like female vocal music with close harmonies such as the Andrews sisters, Wilson Phillips, and Abba. Who else will I like? Any and all genres, any and all time periods. Thank you!
comment posted at 8:41 AM on Jul-20-17

I've read and watched Misery recently and I'm fascinated by the depiction of secluded, extremely rural living, in that case the mountains of Colorado. I would love to read some first-hand accounts of life in similar places in the USA, fiction or non-fiction.
comment posted at 8:47 AM on Jul-20-17
comment posted at 11:12 AM on Jul-20-17

I have a few weeks off of work and free of morning obligations, so I decided to try a sleep experiment I read about online. The results are... terrifying.
comment posted at 7:39 AM on Jul-20-17

I want to spend a lot of money (for me, anyway) on a dress I may be unreasonably obsessed with. Give me the go-ahead or talk me down? Plus size dress question inside.
comment posted at 3:48 PM on Jul-18-17

We have a 1920s house with knob-and-tube wiring and plaster walls. We're looking at getting the whole thing re-wired and brought up to code. What should we think about? If you've done this, what was your experience?
comment posted at 12:14 PM on Jul-17-17

I was drafted to make some punch for a friend's baby shower in a few weeks. Apparently, pregnant friend told organizer that I make good punch... I don't think I've ever made punch in my entire life. So here we are. What I would like is a punch base that guests could add either ginger ale/seltzer OR champagne to. (Optional booze is enthusiastically approved of by organizers). Internet searches are not giving me what I want. Do you have any good recipes for this set-up?
comment posted at 7:51 AM on Jul-17-17

We are going to be in Duluth for a long weekend in August. We have no idea what to do while we are there! Help, please!
comment posted at 7:48 PM on Jul-16-17

My mom's cousin is dying of pancreatic cancer and I want to be supportive of my family without overstepping boundaries.
comment posted at 4:15 PM on Jul-14-17

My mom is disabled, and has just turned 62. She contacted the social security office and asked if she could get social security, and they told her that there was nothing that she would be able to do.
comment posted at 5:50 PM on Jul-13-17

Say your partner is having an issue/conflict with someone else. They tell you about it, and you actually feel like the other person may not entirely be in the wrong or that your partner's the one overreacting, etc, do you share your feelings or shut up and take your partner's side?
comment posted at 12:40 PM on Jul-13-17

I recently joined the Twitters and could use some tips on how to filter the proverbial firehose of information. There are many interesting accounts, but following more than a couple of them gets out of hand, as in my feed instantly has hundreds of messages. Using Tweetbot on iOS and macOS, but will consider alternatives. Also, I welcome suggestions for worthwhile accounts to follow.
comment posted at 5:30 PM on Jul-12-17

My civic/volunteer/political/activism group made simple baby blankets to donate to Project Linus. We loved doing this! What other hands-on donation/charity crafts or group activities can we do? We are in the greater Boston area of the USA.
comment posted at 6:28 AM on Jul-12-17

My two year old iMac, running Sierra, does not recognize that there is an ethernet cable plugged into the port. The cable is good, the originating port on the Airport is good. Is there any way to force the computer to check the port? I can deploy simple Terminal commands.
comment posted at 11:31 AM on Jul-11-17

How long does one have to stay in a place before one can say they lived there?
comment posted at 1:37 PM on Jul-10-17

I've found myself increasingly impatient and annoyed when friends give me conventional wisdom/ knee jerk responses. I don't fully understand this emotion, but want to get a grip before I scream at a friend.
comment posted at 7:43 PM on Jul-10-17

Other than wandering a bookstore & word of mouth, where do you go to find new books you'd like? What blogs, websites (e.g. The Millions, Goodreads, Booklist), magazines, or podcasts do you use...?
comment posted at 6:57 AM on Jul-9-17

This past weekend I asked a woman to go out in the next few weeks and she agreed. She's pushing to have that date now despite agreeing to said date in a few weeks because of my overly busy schedule. How do I kindly get it across that no means no? (oh yes, there's more inside)
comment posted at 1:50 PM on Jul-6-17
comment posted at 2:02 PM on Jul-6-17

I've always been confused about how the total number of people doing something is determined. For instance, this site says 88% of people in the U.S. use the Internet and slightly more than 10% don't.
comment posted at 12:15 PM on Jul-6-17

It seems like I never learned how to end a conversation. Some of my conversations end naturally, while others I'll get "trapped" in for way longer than I intend. How should I think about this, or what approaches can I use, to naturally end a conversation when I want it to end?
comment posted at 6:35 PM on Jul-5-17

I am about to put in a little online book order and would like your suggestions to help round it out.
comment posted at 3:57 PM on Jul-4-17
comment posted at 6:32 AM on Jul-5-17

How can I turn down requests for my cell number from acquaintances who want to ramp up relationship to friend level?
comment posted at 3:54 PM on Jul-4-17

I have this image in my head of a popular poster in girls' rooms in the '80s. It was a long, narrow poster of multiple scoops of ice cream on a cone.
comment posted at 6:33 PM on Jul-1-17

What are some great books on software, computer science or related topics written by women or non-binary people?
comment posted at 2:46 PM on Jul-1-17

Earlier this week there was a post on the Blue featuring Ben Folds composing a new song ("These Spaces Are Designed to be Flexible") in 10 minutes during a live performance at the Kennedy Center. Ben grabbed lyrics from a program handed to him by an audience member. Including a few very popular examples below the fold, what other songs out there use partially or completely "found" lyrics from another nonmusical work?
comment posted at 2:30 PM on Jun-30-17
comment posted at 2:37 PM on Jun-30-17

My name is Sarah, with an H, and a handful of co-workers keep spelling it 'Sara' in emails and documents. How do I best respond to this?
comment posted at 10:18 AM on Jun-30-17

1.) Is it normal to freak out/have a meltdown, crying, depression) over a relatively simple change in one's life? (Though, granted, some of my behavior right now is directly caused by sleep deprivation, said change being a new job with early-early morning hours. I know for a fact sleep deprivation makes me mostly lose what control I do have over my emotions Still. My reactions, even with that stressor factored in, don't seem "normal" as I see it.) If it isn't normal, what do I do about it? 2.) I am bonded at the hip with my partner. The change that caused this post means I will spend far less time with my partner than before. The break is causing me tremendous anxiety, though practically speaking this change is a good one and I should be happy about it. How do I make this less feel less traumatic?
comment posted at 9:06 AM on Jun-30-17

I'm a US citizen, but my education took place almost entirely in Ireland. I got my Fine Arts degree from an Irish college (actually an IT, if it makes a difference) about ten years ago. I'm interested in taking classes in several subjects for my own personal information - I am not interested in pursuing any further qualifications, but rather in learning for the sake of learning.
comment posted at 2:31 PM on Jun-29-17

I am working on a startup non-profit organization with about half a dozen team members. We need to get our password house in order. We have accounts at places like Squarespace, Mailchimp, Survey Monkey, Twitter, etc that multiple people need to access. Maintaining a list of login credentials in a Google Doc is not the right solution. What is?
comment posted at 11:16 AM on Jun-29-17

A person who is no relation to us walked into a TMobile store and bought a phone on our account.
comment posted at 10:17 AM on Jun-29-17

What things should I consider when writing letters to a person in rehab?
comment posted at 10:01 AM on Jun-29-17

What are the best alternatives to Facebook for providing on-line events listings with RSVP, the ability to send out updates, etc.?
comment posted at 10:12 AM on Jun-28-17

Arriving in Boston (South Station) at 6pm on Monday, July 24th. Departing at 6:30am the next day on a flight from Logan Airport. What should I do during that time that's entertaining, cheap, and safe?
comment posted at 8:30 AM on Jun-28-17

I am a single woman, late 40s, divorced for almost 20 years and dating most of that time. I have a lot of newly single friends, recently divorced, new to dating. Anyway, I met this great girl, in that situation. We have been friends for about 6 months, talk or text almost every day. We have our differences, but we worked those out by just not talking about it at all (we are on opposite sides of the political spectrum, which in this particular day and age is really a big deal as we all know). Here's what I want to talk about - So she started dating after getting divorced from a 25 year marriage. She met a new guy online. He is married and "separated" for 1 year, but per my friend, he has not pursued a divorce at all. The man and his wife share a child. The man is far apart from the wife, in different cities. (Please see the extended explanation for the rest of this. Thanks.) What would you have said or done with this situation/friend?
comment posted at 6:55 PM on Jun-27-17
comment posted at 7:58 PM on Jun-27-17

I've finally scheduled an appointment for Monday. What should I do before then? What should I do during? And what should I do after?
comment posted at 6:48 PM on Jun-27-17

I am fat and so is my boyfriend. We want to see concerts and plays, but most of our local venues have tiny, uncomfortable seats that leave you holding hands with your neighbors. How do we deal with it?
comment posted at 1:51 PM on Jun-27-17

My partner and I developed a cohabitation agreement before we moved in together, which primarily concerns: finances, house guests, logistics, and house-related decisions. It's time to revise/update it, and I'd like to expand it to address less concrete things concerning our relationship (something like mental loads, emotional labor, love languages, future expectations, areas of responsibility...). Do you have a "relationship contract"? What has worked for you? What should we add to ours? Details about us below.
comment posted at 1:35 PM on Jun-27-17

There's a lot of rhetoric about the healthcare bill killing the poor. Certainly it will have a disproportionate effect, but why would rich people actually want to do this, when the poor serve the rich and consume what they make? Hypothetical inside.
comment posted at 10:04 AM on Jun-27-17

Sexual abuse survivor badly triggered by thought of airport scanners and groping + family health crisis across the country. What have you done + what do I do?
comment posted at 8:56 AM on Jun-27-17

My community offers free lunch and snacks for children during the summer. Should I participate in this program?
comment posted at 6:34 PM on Jun-26-17

How can I set boundaries with a visiting friend, without coming across as rude or unwelcoming?
comment posted at 9:40 AM on Jun-26-17

A friend and I are visiting Stowe, Vermont over 4th of July weekend. What are some fun things we can do there?
comment posted at 9:30 AM on Jun-26-17
comment posted at 2:53 PM on Jun-26-17

My son, 15, is difficult to find books for. Despite the saying, he tends to judge them by the cover. He'll be away for a few weeks, with limited access to computers, so I'm looking to find some science fiction books for him.
comment posted at 8:18 AM on Jun-26-17

Is there any way to drop an “F” if my kid with mental illness missed the deadline for Withdraw? The college she is attending is University of Chicago. She took 4 courses last quarter, got 3 As. The 4th course needed to be withdraw. She was diagnosed as depression and had been on medication. She was really sick in April (the beginning of the spring quarter). She missed classes as well as exams. She was managed to catch up for the other 3 classes. For the 4th course (the hardest for her), she never showed up in the class again after her sickness. She didn’t drop the course until we found she got an “F”. This could be really related to her social anxiety and panic disorder. She automatically put a “Wall” if she feels not comfortable of answering these emails. She never replied to emails, text messages and calls from her family for several weeks when she was “sick”. The class instructor agrees to change “F” (fail) to “W”(withdraw) if the associate dean agrees. However, the associate dean believes that my kid couldn’t possibly forget the deadline because my kid withdrew courses in previous years. Also the dean think she is too “rude” to not answering emails to the professors and the staff.
comment posted at 8:00 PM on Jun-25-17

As a public radio junkie, I hear radio hosts interview guests located in remote studios several times a week. I've always wondered what goes on behind the scenes.
comment posted at 7:14 PM on Jun-25-17

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