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I wash and reuse plastic silverware when I bring my lunch in and need a fork. I usually bring something that requires a fork 1-2 a month and I'll use the same fork for a few months, so maybe 2-6 times, before I inevitably lose it. I wash it once I get home and then stick it in a drawer. My boyfriend thinks I'm a weirdo. Is this at all normal?
comment posted at 8:17 PM on Oct-19-14

Should you wash your hands after touching genitals (your own and/or a partner's)? Assume the partners in question are monogamous and STD's are not a concern.
comment posted at 8:37 PM on Oct-19-14

I know this may sound like a "duh" answer but when you're living it, it's not so easy and that's why I've come to the good ole internet for help from strangers. My SO is wonderful & we're very in love but this money problem keeps coming up and I could use some advice...
comment posted at 5:57 PM on Oct-15-14

Aside from size/space, what are the main interior differences/features between a British home and a North American one?
comment posted at 1:11 PM on Oct-15-14

How can I connect to a public wifi network when the login page stubbornly refuses to appear?
comment posted at 9:28 PM on Oct-14-14

What's the more common practice in the U.S. and elsewhere? What particular locales, religions, ethnic backgrounds, etc. are associated with a preference for shoes off or shoes on inside the house? Are there any good maps showing where one or the other practice is more common across the world or in particular countries?
comment posted at 1:13 PM on Oct-13-14

I was at the movies with two friends. We arrived early and were chatting in our seats. I like to save my popcorn for when the movie starts. So, I put a napkin over my popcorn. It's been a habit of mine since childhood (my family all does that).
comment posted at 8:02 PM on Oct-12-14

I'm looking for phrases to use when you see someone who has a strong passion the appeal of which you just cannot understand--a passion that appears to be one of the things the person lives for, one of the things that gets them out of bed in the morning. (I'm looking for secular passions, not religious ones.) Funny is good but not required.
comment posted at 10:35 PM on Oct-11-14

Another breaking up question, not from a relationship but from brands. Help me decide when to switch from a couple of consumer products, when the alternatives may not be any better than the one I currently use.
comment posted at 3:37 PM on Oct-11-14

I think my partner drinks too much. My partner thinks I'm overreacting. Who's right?
comment posted at 9:54 PM on Oct-10-14

I ordered a bunch of exotic spices from Penzeys. Recommend some dishes/recipes so I can play with them!
comment posted at 7:54 PM on Oct-9-14

How do I apologise to a former SO, now friend, for the mistakes that ended our relationship and avoid being mis-interpreted as trying to re-visit the past?
comment posted at 3:00 PM on Oct-8-14

I'm working on a social media response protocol (similar to the Air Force classic template here), but trying to come up with a pithy Golden Rule along the lines of "If you don't say anything, you can be almost certain that you're not making things worse". But... better. Ideas?
comment posted at 8:42 PM on Oct-8-14

Is there some kind of instinct or reflex that causes people to walk and stop in specific ways? I feel like I actively try to avoid getting in the way of other walkers, and if I thought that there were non-conscious reasons for people getting in my way, I might be more forgiving of them.
comment posted at 12:29 PM on Oct-6-14

So I have to do a couple of presentations over the next few months (the most imminent one being on Tuesday) and because OpenOffice drives me batty, I just bought Keynote...
comment posted at 7:55 AM on Oct-3-14

It's getting to be fall and winter's not far behind. This is our first fall/winter in our first home. What are the practical/DIY/gardening-y things we need to do to be ready for the change in seasons?
comment posted at 11:09 AM on Oct-2-14

I like to keep cooked or par-cooked food in the fridge, then throw together dinner. For example, I heat up some browned ground beef, cooked spinach, whatever other veggies, with taco seasoning and serve with guacamole, and I have "Mexican." I swap out the taco seasoning and guac for Worcestershire sauce and Parmesan cheese, and I have "English." Swap it out again for Italian seasoning and I have.., um... Italian. But that's my entire repertoire for this kind of meal. Can you suggest other flavor profiles?
comment posted at 8:44 PM on Oct-1-14

Live-in boyfriend and I are on completely different schedules, and he requires lots of loud alarms to wake up. But they wake me up, too.
comment posted at 9:43 AM on Oct-1-14

How do I safely navigate through life without having to succumb to loneliness? Is it possible?
comment posted at 8:03 PM on Sep-28-14

I've discovered that the missus and I really come together in our enjoyment of watching documentaries about interesting people doing interesting things in interesting ways.
comment posted at 7:57 PM on Sep-27-14

Our relationship is mostly great, but we disagree about the appropriateness of expressing irritation and anger at your partner. She can be outbursty, and I can be over-sensitive, so we might bicker, and then fight about the fighting, and we're trying to break the cycle.
comment posted at 7:29 PM on Sep-28-14

People answered my earlier question nicely and the tenant who was in the condo has left. I am going to sell the place, and I have a pretty bad history of understanding real estate transactions; please help (US market)
comment posted at 9:23 AM on Sep-27-14

I maintain a small Twitter feed where I do a "This day in history as illustrated with cool books from Open Library" thing. I often use Wikipedia's day thing (today's example) and it's often all about the history of men, conquest, nation states/building and a bunch of other things that aren't always relevant to my interests. I need more options.
comment posted at 10:19 AM on Sep-26-14

I understand the literal answer to this question--if I donate $100,000 to charity, I can deduct that amount from my net income for tax purposes, and my tax liability will be significantly less. If I'm well into the 39.6% federal income tax bracket, I will reduce my federal taxes by $39,600. But I'll also have $100,000 less in my account. Can charitable giving increase the total amount I retain, even considering the amount lost by donation?
comment posted at 2:54 PM on Sep-25-14

Since having a manic episode about a year and a half ago, my parents started treating me like I was a minor again (I'm almost 30 now). How do I most respectfully tell them that I'm am going to move without turning it into "I'M NOT ASKING FOR PERMISSION, DAMMIT: I'M MOVING AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME"? Thanks, mefites.
comment posted at 12:50 PM on Sep-25-14

When I make have five to seven servings of veg a day, I feel great and lose weight, regardless of whatever other rich foods come my way. Standbys now are roasted cauliflower, broccoli and asparagus. These all reheat well (and are great straight out of the fridge) but I'd like to expand the options.
comment posted at 9:48 PM on Sep-24-14

Tagging along on my wife's business trip with our 1 year old daughter in a few weeks. Hotel is in Raleigh, and we won't have a car. Looking for suggestions on fun things to do with a child in town, with preference for public transportation and walking.
comment posted at 6:14 PM on Sep-23-14

I need help figuring out how to use up two big jars of jam.
comment posted at 11:35 AM on Sep-23-14

I've recently been on a soup kick. However, my meager store of recipes I'm good at cooking has been exhausted. I'm looking for soups that are relatively easy to prepare, are healthy, and are cheap to make. I'm not really interested in cold soups at the moment. No particular restrictions or considerations beyond that.
comment posted at 9:57 AM on Sep-23-14

I have asked similar questions in the past, so I apologize if this seems redundant but I am not having any success with shedding the weight. I am roughly fifty pounds overweight and I don't like how I feel or look right now. I can eat very lightly for breakfast and lunch, but at night I tend to eat way too much. Some of this is related to a medication that I take, but I'm unsure how to counter this other than through sheer willpower.
comment posted at 9:33 AM on Sep-23-14

Can filing for unemployment hurt your relationship with your previous employer?
comment posted at 5:33 PM on Sep-22-14

So my housemate and I are having a bit of a disagreement about houseguests, and I'd like a reality check and some advice on the situation.
comment posted at 8:37 AM on Sep-22-14
comment posted at 8:39 AM on Sep-22-14

See extended: my husband is displaying cognitive effects of Lyme disease. I need to decide whether to let him sleep or drive him to the emergency room.
comment posted at 7:41 PM on Sep-21-14

I'm looking, roughly speaking, for a game, but it needs to be as un-game-like as possible. I'd like something interactive I can play with when feeling overwhelmed which is visually appealing, responsive, fairly simple, and has few or no objectives. Levels and world-building are too addictive for this purpose. I'd like to be able to start and stop playing quite easily, and to be able to play when my mind is out for the count (so no puzzles). Can you help?
comment posted at 8:53 PM on Sep-20-14

Am I using Google Street View wrong? I have two destinations in Google Maps and the resulting route was calculated. What I would like to do is "walk through" the path in the full screen street view. Is this possible? Because it's not working the way I would expect and ironically my Google-Fu is not really helping me.
comment posted at 8:29 AM on Sep-20-14

My fiance is hearing voices or random strangers talking about him/us. Really intimate details that no one could know. I am 99% sure this same type of thing cost him his job recently. This has happened maybe 4 times in the last 2 years that I've known him. On two of those occasions over been in the same place he has and I've not heard any of this. He tries to confront people and of course no one knows what he's talking about when he does this.
comment posted at 9:14 AM on Sep-19-14
comment posted at 9:36 AM on Sep-19-14
comment posted at 4:28 PM on Sep-20-14

Getting back in the online dating saddle, and I would love some honest critiques of my profile. In the past I haven't had much luck, but I've decided to give it another go (and yes, I'm aware of the dismal stats on black women, but I also think my profile could have been stronger). So for those of you who enjoy this sort of thing, any advice you have to offer would be fantastic.
comment posted at 8:29 PM on Sep-18-14

Can you think of a single word for a person or organisation who aspires to follow new trends and fashions? Not "hipster", which is in the ballpark, but closer to the business idea of a "fast follower"? Doesn't need to have negative connotations.
comment posted at 8:43 AM on Sep-18-14

Me and my ex are still friends, we still talk and we're friendly with each other but he never gave me a reason not to be anyway. We just started talking again a few weeks ago after being broken up for 2 years.
comment posted at 2:39 PM on Sep-17-14

My wonderful partner has a 7-year-old, 2nd-grade son who is having a little trouble keeping up with his peers in the reading department. We're trying to give him some extra attention in that area so that he can catch up, and we'd like to try and foster in him a genuine interest in reading. What books (or comics, or anything) could we give him that he might like, and which would be appropriate for his reading level?
comment posted at 11:53 AM on Sep-17-14

Recently on my booklog I got asked the following: "Suppose you could recommend 100 books for a high school library (ages 14-18). What books would you want the librarian to buy, and why? (Fiction, non-fiction… whatever you think it important for teenagers to read.)" What would y'all recommend? Note that this is not a hypothetical exercise, but would be a list of recommendations for an actual school library.
comment posted at 8:22 AM on Sep-17-14

Say I choose to live my life as a (superficially) middle-class educated man from the late 1920's USA, but, you know, with internet and healthcare. What fashion magazines/articles/pictures/blogs do I model myself after? What interior design resources inspire me? What kind of accessories do I use?
comment posted at 5:50 PM on Sep-16-14

My hair looks best when it has not been washed in two days or so. After that it looks greasy, freshly washed it is super-fluffy. How can I simulate or maximize the sweet spot of day two dirt?
comment posted at 11:03 AM on Sep-16-14

My partner frequently tells small lies. They also keep certain things secret, including behaviors they deem private. This is a lifelong strategy that long precedes me, and in many ways, has nothing to do with me, however, it drives me up the fucking wall.
comment posted at 11:13 AM on Sep-16-14

I've had anxiety issues for years that are variable, but getting worse, and I'm having trouble coping. Should I make an appointment with a psychiatrist and try meds first, or start with therapy and add meds if necessary?
comment posted at 6:30 PM on Sep-15-14

A headshot was recently taken of me by a friend, in front of an orange brick wall with a repeating interlocking Greek meander pattern (here is an example). I love the photo: finally, I look capable and presentable. But... does that pattern look too much like the Nazi cross? Should I try to get a new background?
comment posted at 8:46 AM on Sep-15-14

Does the labor force participation rate account for undocumented workers?
comment posted at 8:50 AM on Sep-15-14

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