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It looks kind of like a human body, but wrong. Any description of what it is and/or how it was made would be welcome. Thanks!
comment posted at 7:05 PM on Jul-27-15

Explain this crazy little thing called hashtags to me. How do you use them? How do you find good ones? What the heck are good ones? Why are they good? What do you do with them? Also, twitter culture and relationships.
comment posted at 2:42 PM on Jul-27-15

How do I deal with my unexpected strong feelings about my estranged father's death in light of my recent discovery that I am pregnant?
comment posted at 1:56 PM on Jul-27-15

Friends are getting married and have asked me to select a reading for the wedding. What are some good readings for weddings? (This will not be a religious wedding.)
comment posted at 10:16 AM on Jul-27-15

After spending a while researching Kindle vs. Kobo, I bought a Kindle Paperwhite. I've only had it for half a day and I'm starting to think I made the wrong choice. Help me figure out whether I should return the Paperwhite, whether I should buy the Kobo Glo, or whether I'm barking up the wrong tree entirely.
comment posted at 4:10 PM on Jul-26-15

Received a Save the Date for a wedding for a couple we'd like to be less close with, but didn't receive a real invite. What to do?
comment posted at 3:12 PM on Jul-26-15

I'm looking for tasks where (1) each person consistently does it in a particular way, (2) believes that everyone else does it that same way, and (3) is wrong about (2).
comment posted at 12:12 PM on Jul-26-15

Doing a design project for a record store and am looking for iconic album covers that only feature text? For instance, Live at Leeds, Masters of Reality, or Ornette! would all be good examples. Looking for ones where if someone were to substitute other words, what was being referenced would be obvious. Thanks!
comment posted at 9:29 AM on Jul-26-15

Hello! We were asked by our RE Agent to provide a list of "must have, " "would like to have," and "definitely must NOT have" items as we start our search. We pretty much have the first two sections covered, but haven't really thought out the "must NOT haves" for our future home. We've started a short list, but we don't know what we may be missing... any suggestions?
comment posted at 7:49 AM on Jul-24-15
comment posted at 10:46 AM on Jul-24-15

My girlfriend is having a difficult time trusting me after I revealed I had in the past canoodled with a girl who had a boyfriend.
comment posted at 6:28 AM on Jul-24-15

Where can I find the simplest possible instructions for building a Little Free Library, from wood, from scratch?
comment posted at 4:26 PM on Jul-23-15

His dad passed away suddenly 2 weeks ago, it's been an extremely difficult time and he and his sisters just want to get through his financial things and move on. They feel uneasy about paying such high fees for a lawyer to probate it and are looking into doing it themselves, is this a smart move?
comment posted at 2:33 PM on Jul-23-15

"Can't travel? Hate the relatives? Let US bring the wedding to YOU!" That's our upcoming pitch to family/friends, anyway. Help us elope and eat our cake, too.
comment posted at 3:12 PM on Jul-23-15

How do I react to someone else's emotional labor?
comment posted at 7:14 AM on Jul-23-15

At first there was HD DVD and BluRay and there was a sales war. Presumably, both standards sold, but BluRay sold better and the consumers who bought HD DVD technology were left with junk. I'm looking for books that describe this type of process of technology standardization and adoption in technology.
comment posted at 6:29 AM on Jul-23-15

I recently received some money (less than $50K) from an annuity held by my late mother. No taxes were withheld at the time. I'm pretty sure I need to pay income tax on this money -- do I need to pay it now, as an estimated tax? (This is in the U.S.) I seem to recall reading that if I wait until next April I may be subject to some kind of penalty. What I think I need are links to info -- I'm not readily finding what I want to know at the IRS website.
comment posted at 6:39 AM on Jul-23-15

Looking for recommendations for Seattle restaurants serving cuisine from other countries that are notably popular with people from that country. Chinese restaurants loved by people from China, Swedish restaurants frequented by people from Sweden, Italian enjoyed by Italians, Ethiopian patronized by Ethiopians, et cetera.
comment posted at 6:41 AM on Jul-23-15

The priest from my church will be marrying us. He is not asking for a fee, so we'd like to make a contribution to the church and a gift to him. Any thoughts on what would be appropriate?
comment posted at 5:16 PM on Jul-22-15

I went on a date with an amazing woman, she told me she thinks I'm amazing but just isn't feeling the chemistry. Been there, done that, but this time I'd kind of like to *not* just give up. I know rom coms have lied to us all, but surely it's possible to try to court a woman without coming off as a creepster?
comment posted at 9:24 AM on Jul-22-15

What's that 90s song with the guy talking?
comment posted at 8:03 AM on Jul-21-15

In light of the thread on the blue about unpaid emotional labor, I'd like to construct a self-assessment checklist so that I can actively work on being better at emotional labor. I've got 20 or so line items already written down (posted below the fold), which I've amassed from trying to distill the thread. What additional items should I add or change to more fully flesh out this list?
comment posted at 12:32 PM on Jul-20-15
comment posted at 12:54 PM on Jul-20-15

I just moved to Boston and don't know much of anything about it's history as a music town. I mean I'm generally aware of classic rock bands being from Boston, and then Mission of Burma, but what else? What books, documentaries, websites, magazine archives, etc should I read to find out more about the Boston (and surrounding area) scene?
comment posted at 11:33 AM on Jul-20-15
comment posted at 12:17 PM on Jul-20-15
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comment posted at 12:10 PM on Jul-23-15

Help me guide someone through fair use in scholarship. Or not, as appropriate.

I work in academic technology support. We were recently contacted by a faculty member asking for help downloading videos from YouTube so that they can host them on our institution's private video streaming service. Our first instinct is to push back, shut them down and maybe start monitoring and deleting because of the possibility of copyright infringement. But, since my understanding of fair use in academia is fuzzy (possibly because the intersection of fair use and scholarship is so fuzzy) I thought I should see if there's anyone here who has handled a similar situation and can provide guidance, copyright education resources, sample policies and/or advice.
comment posted at 8:37 PM on Jul-18-15
comment posted at 8:11 AM on Jul-19-15

Spending a week in London soon. Here at home in the US, my wife and I are quite used to using Google Maps on our smartphones to help us get around in unfamiliar places on vacation, but we know we won't be able to use our regular phones when out and about in London. We've been thinking about buying an inexpensive Android phone once in the UK entirely for the purpose of using Google Maps to help us get around. is this a good idea, and, if you think so, where would you go to get one?
comment posted at 7:32 AM on Jul-18-15

I'm a sensitive flower when it comes to digestion. I follow a sort 40-30-30 / paleo'ish diet and like to have a constant stream of good quality protein coming into my body. Are there any all-natural shelf-stable meal options that have good quality protein in them?
comment posted at 7:13 AM on Jul-18-15

How do I shake things off when I'm really irritable? Lately I will have days where the world just pisses me off. It seems like everyone is being stupid, narrow minded, or judgmental of others. I try really hard not to be those things but it seems like I have days where I AM being moody and judgy. I need help figuring out how to shake off that mood and get my mind in a more positive, open mindset.
comment posted at 10:33 AM on Jul-17-15
comment posted at 11:09 AM on Jul-17-15

What do I need to know about selling a house that I don't currently know?
comment posted at 4:14 PM on Jul-16-15

I have been with my fiancée three years, but he doesn't communicate with me, and I'm at my wits end. Is it worth ending an otherwise good relationship if he won't listen to you?
comment posted at 12:42 PM on Jul-16-15

My 62-year-old mom with "pseudodementia" was taken to the hospital last night after a psychotic episode, and now she's in the neuro wing of the hospital under involuntary commitment...what should I expect to happen, and what could be wrong with her?
comment posted at 7:09 AM on Jul-16-15

My partner who is hemi-plegic would like to go swimming but when he walks out of the water (with assistance) he feels like his ankle is going to snap and break. I guess we need some kind of ankle support specifically for his situation. Help!
comment posted at 7:13 PM on Jul-15-15

Asking for my husband: what's the best moderately-priced shoes for occasionally standing for 12+ hours/day?
comment posted at 10:27 AM on Jul-15-15

I am having two MRIs with contrast this week and I'm absolutely dreading it. Do you have any tips on how I can make it more bearable?
comment posted at 10:22 AM on Jul-15-15

Inspired by yesterday's Your Shot post on National Geographic, I bought a print. Now I want more
comment posted at 3:30 PM on Jul-14-15

So, I tore my rotator cuff a while ago, and I'm going to a physical therapist for that, and she's really pushing for me to go to the local swimming pool and take the aqua-aerobics class there. I really don't want to, but she won't shut up about it.
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I need to apologize to my friend again, but I don’t feel sorry for what was said – only for having hurt her. How can I do that successfully?
comment posted at 9:23 AM on Jul-14-15

I e-mailed a friend of 8 years recently, saying I'd be in the area and asking if she wanted to get a drink.
comment posted at 3:30 PM on Jul-13-15

You have no idea the kind of self-shaming feedback loop this has been causing me. I've had, and continue to have, immense internal resistance to fixing this problem, but I must fix it and need your help. When I bought and financed my car 10 years ago, the financing dept got my last name wrong. It has been wrong on my registration and title (since I paid it off 5 years ago) ever since. I'm looking to trade this car in for a new one and need to get this fixed. How?
comment posted at 2:46 PM on Jul-13-15

Can someone point to good resources for real science-based nutrition?
comment posted at 1:42 PM on Jul-13-15

My OKCupid profile is an experience. Help me make it a good experience.
comment posted at 11:53 AM on Jul-13-15

DirtyOldTown and I have a pretty great six year-old boy child who is spending the week at his grandma's house and during that time, we're moving him into a larger bedroom. His last room was Lego-themed, but we want to give him a room that's a little broader and a little less merchandising specific this time around. Really, we are less about a theme and more about filling the room with cool stuff he would like, so that when he comes home and sees it, he'll be drawn to it and start enjoying some independent time. (He never enjoyed hanging out in his tiny bedroom he was in before). Looking for fun (and not overly expensive) ideas for knick knacks, doo dads, wall art, etc. to make an inquisitive junior scientist excited about his new lair.
comment posted at 6:18 AM on Jul-13-15

Does anyone have good matches for the Fuscia/Magenta-ish colors used by DEC for their (very) old PDP series of computers? I'm trying to use the colors and am looking for near matches. Optimally, I'd love to find what DEC themselves would have used for promotional materials, as well as paint mixture codes if I wanted to paint stripes of matching colors on my walls. ;)
comment posted at 6:54 PM on Jul-12-15

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