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A family member (with a history of being psychiatrically unusual, at the very least) has an extreme, scary and violent delusion which is making her miserable and may cause harm to others. She is a smart, fiesty, aging hermit who lives alone, sees few people and resists medical care. Looking for resources about how to handle a situation like this.
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TriviaFilter: I host an annual trivia night for my company and am looking for some fresh ideas for rounds/topics this year. What's the most fun / innovative / clever trivia round you've played lately?
comment posted at 10:11 AM on Apr-29-16

I agreed to look after a dog for 24h. Got paid but the whole deal was informal. The dog broke my laptop (cheapo, thank heavens) while goofing around and being playful and loveable. Local (Dutch) laws about this are messy and eg insurance companies in previous cases seem to disagree on who's liable. What to do?
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While taking a break from work to peruse Buzzfeed, I came across this quote from a gynaecologist: “Childbirth, gravity, menopause, smoking, and obesity can all wreak havoc on the vagina and over time can weaken the muscles of the pelvic floor.” I notice these kinds of statements all the time—talking about anything vaguely related to health? Make sure to mention the OBESITY CRISIS—and I can't figure out how being fat would wreak havoc on a vagina.
comment posted at 3:17 PM on Apr-28-16

I'm in the market for a new car and I _think_ I've narrowed the options to either a Honda Accord or a Honda CRV. Help me decide!
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Loyalty is considered a virtue. However, it doesn't seem to benefit the loyal person very much. If anything, they are much more likely to feel betrayed than their less-loyal counterparts. What does a loyal friend/partner/employee gain from being loyal?
comment posted at 6:27 PM on Apr-25-16

My elderly and mentally ill aunt appointed me as her health care proxy and it has been invoked. I'm specifically interested in what rights I now have in regards to her living situation.
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Asking for fiction: I would like to stage a FICTIONAL eye-related accident that involves a person falling into one of those fireworks that is a fountain of sparks. Let's say the person falling on the firework is 5'8" and the firework is at table height. The person trips and falls and gets the firework to the face. What sorts of physiological damage are we looking at?
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I've been having some sleep problems and recently saw a specialist. Among other things, he recommended creating a nightly bedtime ritual that takes about 30 minutes or so and helps me wind down. I would be appreciative if you would share your own most calming routines, best practices, good suggestions for getting into the right mental space for sleep?
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I will be on a months-long work assignment in Las Vegas this fall. I've only ever lived in big, east coast cities. What do I need to know about living out there?
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How do I come to accept that I don't have a mom?
comment posted at 4:12 PM on Apr-23-16

We've been using the investment service our local bank provides, but advisors keep leaving and we have to explain again what we want. The latest was the best; he understood our needs and managed our money well. Now we've gotten a call from him saying he's left the bank and hopes to keep us as clients; we've also gotten a letter from the bank saying "[new guy] is replacing [old guy] as the Investment Advisor on your account(s)." We don't really want to change advisors again, but we also don't know what's involved in the decision; your thoughts are welcome.
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Please suggest pop-history books about day to day life, objects, design and culture.
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I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation for this, but I am curious about it in any case. I took a few photos for my "story" in Snapchat when I was working on the yard yesterday including one later where I pointed to my cut up forearms from working with all the brush. When I spoke with my SO today, he'd seen the story, but not that specific photo. We compared notes sitting right next to each other: when I look at my story on Snapchat, I see the image. When he looks at my story, it skips right over it. When I look at who has seen my snaps, all the ones around it have a few views and that one has zero. What happened?
comment posted at 11:22 AM on Apr-23-16

In Wade Davis' book Into The Silence, he mentions the Tibetan plateau as the meeting place of various religions of the world. Can you recommend books that cover or relate to this subject?
comment posted at 11:49 AM on Apr-22-16

I stopped drinking about 5 weeks ago. I'm still baseline low key depressed like I've been most of my life (with occasional swings in either direction), but in general I am calmer, less confrontational, less impulsive and less argumentative. There are zero downsides to not drinking alcohol. But as the time since my last drink increases, the more I worry how disappointing a relapse will be. How do I keep a realistic perspective? And how do I stop this internal belief that alcoholism is my "destiny?"
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The next week is going to be a rough one for me. My father is going in for cancer tests this week. He'll be seeing a oncologist on Friday before getting a biopsy for what could possibly be lung cancer on Tuesday. He clearly hasn't been diagnosed with anything yet (so who knows, it could be nothing, I guess), but I have been a wreck since Monday. I cannot stop imagining the worst case scenario. I am so afraid of my father being seriously ill and dying and these thoughts are just consuming me. I am completely petrified. How can I cope with this uncertainty? And if the news is bad, can I even survive?
comment posted at 1:11 PM on Apr-21-16

I have close friends who, when they can't make it to a social occasion I'm planning, invariably ask me to change the date so they can come. I think it's bizarre for them to suggest- either come or not, but I can't reorganize everything for all the other people who have already RSVP'ed yes, for one person. Is this a normal/appropriate/common thing to ask?
comment posted at 4:43 PM on Apr-20-16

Is there an iPhone app that can record sound, date and time, and indicate how many decibels the sound being recorded is at? I have an iPhone 6S.
comment posted at 8:20 PM on Apr-19-16

I need help with some very short phrases for some promotional buttons I need to make. Help me?
comment posted at 5:17 PM on Apr-19-16

How do I get married when every aspect of weddings is shrouded in complicated family and social pressure, to the point where I don't actually know what I really and truly want?
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Where's some good eats on the drive from Montreal to Boston? I looked at Chowhound, but the posts all seem to be 7+ years old. Where have all the chowhounds gone?
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I would like to broaden her mind a little and give her a selection of comics to see which she likes best and see if she takes to reading as a life habit.
comment posted at 5:50 PM on Apr-17-16

Most typical treatments for anxiety and depression don't work for me: therapy doesn't work, SSRIs don't work and atypical anti-depressants such as Wellbutrin don't work. What other options do I have?
comment posted at 9:36 AM on Apr-17-16

I want to plan some kick-ass events at my academic library for this year's Banned Books Week (in September). I'd love your ideas.
comment posted at 8:58 PM on Apr-16-16

What's the shelf-life of hummus?
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My neighbor got drunk on my couch the other day, and I endured six hours of strangeness. Now I don't know what to think or how to act.
comment posted at 2:05 PM on Apr-16-16

How do I stop hating socializing?
comment posted at 7:24 AM on Apr-16-16

Over five years ago I (male) decided to separate from my wife. We’ve been married for 16 years. The dam burst of emotion that fueled my decision to separate was spent before going all the way to divorce. She hasn’t divorced me either. Neither of us has dated anyone else. Things have simmered to an uneasy state of limbo, where we’re technically married, yet more like just friends and co-parents. How do you break out of an indecision so powerful that any choice feels like dying? Warning: tsunami of text inside!
comment posted at 11:08 AM on Apr-15-16

How much talking goes on in your 3 (or more) person Scrabble games? I've been playing Scrabble with two friends recently; at some point, they decided to put a time limit (2 minutes) on each person's turn because I was taking a while to play. In our most recent game, I realized I was getting distracted during my turn because the two of them would chat a bunch.
comment posted at 2:41 PM on Apr-14-16

I have a new etsy shop focused on abstract art and hand-painted glassware. The link is in my profile. I'm just getting started and don't know yet how to get more views. I was careful with photographs and tags, and I've been using social media. I know I need more merch and am working on listing what I have. How do I get more traffic, and how do I turn that traffic into customers? Please be specific (i.e. which teams to join, etc.)
comment posted at 9:06 AM on Apr-14-16

An immediate family member has been arrested and charged with a felony. I want to protect myself and my spouse and avoid involving ourselves in the situation to the greatest extent possible. Unfortunately, there is a complicating factor.
comment posted at 2:30 PM on Apr-13-16

I just read about the Copia app, that connects markets and restaurants with "left over" food to shelters and organizations that feed people in need. This is the best example of my question. What is it called when you have X (service, tangible) and are using technology to share it with people in need of X? And vice versa (you need X and use technology to find it). Is there anyone writing about this and/or studying this particular use of technology?
comment posted at 12:22 PM on Apr-13-16

My super-rich, super-WASPy, tangential in-laws, have invited us to stay with them for a few days. I do not understand their ways and am terrified of making some huge social faux pas and creating offense I don't understand that will last for forty years. What do I wear? What do I say? How do I avoid weird undercurrents? Please advise!
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I'm putting my parents up in an airbnb in a major canadian city. The owner put the house on the market prior to renting it out and has shown it twice since my parents have been staying there. After the first time she promised it wouldn't happen again. I can't find anything referencing this issue on the airbnb site. Are there rules about this?
comment posted at 4:44 PM on Apr-12-16

I am part of an organization run entirely by volunteers, with income from several sources. We've never filed taxes, but the question has come up of whether we need to. I'd appreciate advice from the experienced.
comment posted at 11:20 AM on Apr-12-16

My partner and I have minor trust issues to deal with. He had an email exchange with an old ex- that I asked to read and have mixed feelings about and I'd like to hear your outside unbiased perceptions of it.
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My ear, just my right ear, has been feeling full/ stuffy/ like it needs to pop for approximately three months now, and only the most extraordinary effort of willpower has kept me from clawing off one side of my head. The current best-guess diagnosis is TMJ issues, but no one knows, and my TMJ issues have been historically stubbornly persistent. Tedious explanation follows:
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My roommate has confronted me about putting improper items in our trash that can be recycled. I don't really care. Where do I go from here?
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I am rejoining the dating world after 2 years & need help with navigation and a specific date!
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I started online dating recently and this is the question that I get asked often. Or "what do you do in your spare time?". I actually don't do much. I "think" rather than "do". How to even answer this?
comment posted at 10:55 AM on Apr-10-16

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