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Hi all, I had my first appointment with a pain management doctor last week that did not go well. I am curious about the legality of the contract that I was required to sign in order to receive care.
comment posted at 1:46 PM on Sep-13-14

After a divorce and some time, I'm dating again and have met a super awesome guy. We're taking things slow but there's chemistry. So I need help about an issue that could come up between us.
comment posted at 11:41 AM on Sep-13-14

What would be fun things to do when a long-distance makeout buddy is visiting? (other than, uh, make out) What little things would make this special and interesting and fun?
comment posted at 8:42 AM on Sep-12-14

The pharmacy gave my mother double the prescribed dosage of Baclofen, which possibly caused or contributed to a condition resulting in a trip to the emergency room. My dad, unfortunately and perhaps not in a clear frame of mind, went to the pharmacy to give them a dressing-down, and returned the bottle. IF (and it's a big if) litigation is in our future, what other evidence or documentation should we be collecting now?
comment posted at 10:32 AM on Sep-10-14

How is it possible to feel anxious and questioning most of the time, but also feel genuine moments of excitement to see him and genuine calm/happiness to be in his presence?
comment posted at 5:04 PM on Sep-9-14

I'm interested in solid research on the safety of bicycle helmets. I'm pro, but open to research supporting the cons.
comment posted at 8:57 PM on Sep-5-14

I am a 35-year-old female, my husband is 44. We are having issues with mismatched libidos, but it goes deeper than that.
comment posted at 1:16 PM on Sep-5-14

As a tutor of every age group from kindergarten to college, I often hear the sensible question, "When am I ever going to use this in real life?" I would like to be able to better answer this, and so I ask you, Metafilter, when do you ever use the things you learned in school? Do you use math? English? History? If so, what parts? And how?
comment posted at 1:40 PM on Sep-2-14

So I have achilles tendinopathy as well as problems with my knees and feet which means (long story short) I need non-weight-bearing exercise. I have a recumbent stationary bike which is great for developing strength in knees, is easy on the poor achilles and is generally a good idea. Problem: I loathe doing it because it bores me senseless. Solution, I hope, is to gamify it.
comment posted at 5:06 AM on Aug-27-14

What's the worst that will happen to me if I use my HSA card for a non-medical bill? Or a few.
comment posted at 12:06 PM on Aug-22-14

After a month and a half of unsuccessful job seeking, I'm running into the problem of applying to multiple jobs at the same institutions. Is this okay? Are there any problems I should be aware of?
comment posted at 11:51 AM on Aug-22-14

Scenario: Funded by a well-known VC, a previously successful (sold last company to Motorola) creates a (hyperbole, aside) revolutionary video instruction platform that *eliminates* bandwidth constraints, worldwide, at the same time increasing the capacity for student interaction by an order-of-magnitude and optimizing data analysis capacity of educational video.
comment posted at 3:41 PM on Aug-19-14

Events in Ferguson, MO have me upset about a lot of things, but I'd like your suggestions on concrete local actions to take to combat (further?) police militarization. I'm in Colorado, but location-independent suggestions encouraged, too.
comment posted at 12:24 PM on Aug-15-14

So, friends are receiving emails that appear to be from me. They are not from me. As far as I can tell, my accounts or machine have not been compromised. What now?
comment posted at 7:56 AM on Aug-14-14

I love jargon, especially among sub-genres of things. This week a web developer friend uttered a sentence about frameworks and databases that made sense but sounded so ridiculous I had to stop and ask him to repeat it. I'd like to hear more of these. Please give me the most jargon-filled sentence that you might have uttered at work in the past few weeks and made complete sense to coworkers, but sounds utterly ridiculous to outsiders, and state what your occupation/context was for it.
comment posted at 8:10 AM on Aug-14-14

Should I go with Optimum/Cablevision or Verizon FiOS internet in Brooklyn?
comment posted at 6:59 AM on Aug-14-14

I have fallen hard for someone at work. My 18-year marriage has been good, but now that I'm in this place I'm in, I'm seeing things in a different light and I am beginning to question everything. If you've been through this kind of thing before, what has helped you work through it?
comment posted at 9:03 PM on Aug-13-14

The other day, I had a uniformed guy come to my door and identify himself as a representative of Honeywell/Lynx asking about the ADT sign I have in my front yard (bought from eBay about a month ago). He seemed to know (or presumed to know) that I don't have ADT service and asked me if the sign was there when I moved to the house or if I'd "done that myself." Has this ever happened to anyone else?
comment posted at 3:12 PM on Aug-10-14

I'm crushing on a single dad, how do I go about this?
comment posted at 2:50 PM on Aug-8-14

My lifelong New Yorker spouse would like to take a helicopter ride for his September birthday. Have any of you done this, and could recommend a company?
comment posted at 11:46 AM on Aug-5-14

I'm looking to raise my game in all sorts of areas and seeking advice on the things you've invested time and money in that lift your life out of the ordinary...
comment posted at 10:19 AM on Aug-2-14

I'm nearing the end of police academy for the largest police department in my area. An officer in a suburban department of my area was just murdered on a traffic stop. My fiance doesn't really follow local news and is unaware of the murder. Should I talk with him about it? Or should I continue to let it slide by unremarked unless he hears about it? What about the rest of my immediate family? If you were my family member would you want me to talk about this with you, or would it make you worried? Is it relevant that a LOT of the cops in my department have been in shootings or other critical incidents during their careers? I would honestly estimate that at least half the cops I've talked to have been involved in a shooting, keeping in mind that the cops doing training at the academy all tend to have 10, 15, or more years on. Is it relevant that my fiance has some general problems with anxiety?
comment posted at 2:05 PM on Aug-1-14

Are there any portable DVD drives (not players) with their own internal battery?
comment posted at 8:30 PM on Jul-30-14

Questions about deep throating, not sure if I'm going too far - NSFW.
comment posted at 5:03 PM on Jul-29-14

In summary: my sponsor, and her sponsor, advised me not to take a medication that is helpful to me and which I was not abusing. This makes me feel uncomfortable. More details below.
comment posted at 7:44 PM on Jul-25-14

I have bought the movie "Blue is the Warmest Color" on DVD, and now I would like to know the name of one of the actresses of the movie.
comment posted at 11:14 AM on Jul-11-14

My husband finally got the tenure-track academic job at an awesome university he's been working towards his whole life. So how can I get myself to stop hating him for it? Lots of rambling inside.
comment posted at 9:08 AM on Jul-11-14

Ever come across a scene in a movie and thought that the website or program or interactive "platform" was really cool? First thing that comes to mind of course is that really cool Minority Report scene or this Mission: Impossible software... It doesn't have to be too far into the future, it could be modern.. Could be the graphics that caught your eye, could be the simplicity, could be anything at all..
comment posted at 7:29 PM on Jul-8-14

About 15 years ago I behaved badly. Should I tell my husband about it? Ordinarily I'd say no, it's in the past. But there are some complicating factors. Help me figure out what to do.
comment posted at 1:11 PM on Jun-29-14

One of the first issues of Maker Magazine had a project to build a backyard modern shed/office with simple materials bought at any home improvement store. I've been Googling all morning but can't seem to find the plans online or any references to the project since the magazine has launched Maker Shed as their store for buying stuff, which muddies the results. Can anyone help me find this project?
comment posted at 3:59 PM on Jun-28-14

I've taken some estimates for work on my large deck that will involve mostly painting, some replacing trim, and replacing some rotten joists and boards. A contractor who comes well recommend from similar work by neighbors gave a quote, but he is not licensed and bonded. A contractor who we have worked with in the past and has done good work for us, who is licensed and bonded, gave us a quote for twice as much. It's a significant amount of money.
comment posted at 3:34 PM on Jun-27-14

This morning, I was surprised to see the clear imprint of my wife's butt and thighs in a bluish tone on our white melamine toilet seat. Is the actual chemistry known here, and what should we do to avoid this in the future?
comment posted at 1:30 PM on Jun-27-14

I will be applying to "editorial assistant" jobs soon, which is a career switch. How do I submit the best possible application?
comment posted at 7:12 PM on Jun-24-14

Rate my reaction to burn rides. Am I getting upset about the marijuana equivalent of an alcoholic drink with dinner? Also: How to talk to my boyfriend about it.
comment posted at 9:03 PM on Jun-24-14

The love of my life has been admitted into a detox and rehab facility. Communication has been cut off (I'm told this is part of the process) and I have no idea how he is. I am sad, I never knew it was this bad, but he almost died of alcohol poisoning. What should I expect while he is in this facility? What will happen when he returns home? What should I do when he is home to make sure I am conveying my love and support?
comment posted at 6:21 AM on Jun-25-14

How can I as a poor person make myself less scary to a potential partner who has gainful employment and a career?
comment posted at 7:53 AM on Jun-20-14

I'm organizing as as-yet themeless, artist-less show on contemporary Saudi Arabian art for an American audience. Where could I find significant artists, significant prior shows, critical responses, constraints, if any, under which they work, and, in general, information on the Saudi cultural climate? Books, essays, blogs, I'm open to anything at this early research date. I don't read Arabic, by the way, but I can get by in French, Italian, and German, if needed. Thanks.
comment posted at 3:47 PM on Jun-19-14

This feels like a very strange question to ask as I can't figure out if the issue is technical or personal. I will try to explain, however.
comment posted at 10:52 PM on Jun-17-14

I'm considering a career change into web development and I'm hoping AskMe can help me sort through the abundance of relevant information and get a sense of what reasonable expectations might be. To put it succinctly, I'd like to make about $75-80k a year so that I can support my parents while still being able to save money for my own future. Is it probable for a self-taught developer to earn a salary in this range?
comment posted at 7:14 AM on Jun-13-14

We all know of them, and some of us are unlucky enough to know one or more in real life - the narcissist, the emotional vampire, the malicious manipulator without a conscience. Some of us have seen them in action for years, but the malice was never turned our way. And now, my partner and I are on the receiving end of that malice. What safeguards can we put in place to protect our family?
comment posted at 7:29 PM on Jun-11-14

I started a new job couple of months ago. I feel it may not be working out. I don't want to be impulsive. Is the decision to quit a good one?
comment posted at 10:09 AM on Jun-8-14

I'm doing a bike ride that is to raise money for breast cancer research. Truthfully, I'm more interested in the ride, but there will be many on the ride more focused on the cause. I wanted to wear my new Sufferfest jersey, but worried that, given the folks who may be/know breast cancer survivors, it might be viewed as offensive or insensitive. Is it OK to wear the jersey, or should I pick a different one to avoid hurting someone's feelings?
comment posted at 8:05 AM on Jun-5-14

My brother (four years younger than me, we are both in our 30s and single, I am a woman) and I have had a back and forth relationship - it was normal brother/sister stuff - fighting and whatnot but nothing crazy - until I went to college, when we were super close. Then when I graduated college, he started and dropped out and went to community college and finally graduated after 7 years, and is actually doing really well as a banker, though he's between jobs now. Our relationship deteriorated rapidly after I graduated college though, because he had a big issue with drinking and was living with our parents and using them, I thought. That was a long time ago, and I've tried really hard to see where he's coming from and I thought our relationship had improved, but now new issues have come up... (wall of text inside)
comment posted at 11:32 AM on Jun-1-14

I'm concerned about going in pregnant to my regular health provider without an understanding of what I might be up against if it turns out I might need an abortion.
comment posted at 6:50 PM on May-22-14

I recently took my Verizon American iPhone 5s outside the country for the first time and installed a Cosmote sim card on it. Immediately all my contacts on the messages app lost their names and only appear as their American phone numbers, e.g. +1 (xxx) xxx-xxxx. How can I fix this?
comment posted at 10:09 PM on May-15-14

My son will be having a birthday sleepover in a couple weeks so we will be hosting about six twelve year-old boys. In addition to feeding them and the Minecraft LAN party, we'd like to watch a movie with them. Suggestions?
comment posted at 8:27 AM on Apr-29-14

I'm looking for a women's long-sleeve swimsuit, preferably with UV protection. Any recommendations?
comment posted at 2:38 PM on Apr-24-14

Help with clothing grooming etc. for men?
comment posted at 2:03 PM on May-13-14

What kind of hat is Pharrell wearing at 14s in the Happy video?
comment posted at 6:41 PM on Mar-31-14

Back in the 1980s, I remember a lot of older (richer) friends in Southern California were obsessed with gray market cars, importing special German versions of BMW and Porsche cars to the US and driving them. I haven't heard the term used in ages and there are TONS of Euro-spec cars I wish I could get in the US. Does this still happen? Or is it prohibitively expensive on both ends these days? Or is there some other reason?
comment posted at 3:56 PM on Mar-28-14

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