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What fun souvenir can we make with old carpet?
comment posted at 1:49 PM on Apr-24-17

My mother-in-law's garage door opener abruptly stopped responding to the remote control a few weeks ago. But it appears it didn't stop responding entirely—it'll still open/close if you press the button...from about one foot away from the receiver. We installed a new unit, no joy. What gives? What are our options?
comment posted at 4:02 PM on Mar-10-17

I'm working on a podcast where I interview interviewers. For journalists and whatnot. What should I name it?
comment posted at 2:04 PM on Feb-1-17
comment posted at 4:04 PM on Feb-1-17

What gear do I need to achieve this specific guitar tone from Bettie Serveert's "Kid's Allright"? I'm looking to replicate the sound the guitar makes from about 2:29 to 2:42. I really like that heavy, machine-like grinding distortion. I assume there's some kind of effects unit that's key to getting this sound. Any suggestions as to what that might be?
comment posted at 6:19 PM on Jun-21-16

I enjoy spending time in temporarily deserted places that usually bustle during daylight hours. Examples include San Francisco during Burning Man weekend, Penn Station at 2pm on Christmas day, almost everywhere in the US on Easter Sunday, the Financial District in Boston on Saturdays and Sundays, many major European cities during August. Where should I go, and when?
comment posted at 10:57 AM on May-18-16

How can I make beautiful Powerpoint slides like those in this example presentation, titled "Steal this Presentation"? I can't download the presentation as a powerpoint file, only as a pdf. I have no graphic design skills, so I was hoping to find a template or powerpoint file somewhere, so I can just borrow the fonts, layouts, etc. Thank you for any help or example presentations you can link me to!
comment posted at 1:45 PM on Aug-27-15

I'm a big fan of Kitchen Confidential and other "insider", confessional-type memoirs. After just finishing the rather disappointing Heads In Beds, I need recommendations for some really juicy tell-all memoirs about working in the service industry or pretty much anything interesting.
comment posted at 8:41 AM on May-2-15

My family be traveling to southern California for a wedding this summer. I'm open to staying anywhere from LA to San Diego, but am stumped as to where to stay. Help us have a relaxing time!
comment posted at 2:13 PM on Mar-25-15

I want to sell my electric bike. Where should I sell it and how do I protect myself?
comment posted at 6:07 PM on Mar-6-15

I am about to publish an e-book of poetry that includes sensual and sexual imagery. This is a part if Amazon Kindle content guidelines "Pornography We don't accept pornography or offensive depictions of graphic sexual acts. Offensive Content What we deem offensive is probably about what you would expect."
comment posted at 3:48 PM on Mar-6-15

Fastest way to get a U.S. passport renewed for a child under 18?
comment posted at 12:20 PM on Mar-1-15

People on AskMe often ask how to develop their social skills. I have an even more remedial question: why I should bother to develop my social skills? (Or: how can I do so without resenting every moment of it?)
comment posted at 9:36 AM on Feb-19-15

I'm doing some presentations for parents of kids K-12 grades about the nebulous topic of internet safety and could use some advice/stories/resources from real-world parents to help me make sure this is relevant and useful.
comment posted at 10:52 PM on Feb-16-15

Can you identify from screenshots the car that the Mythbusters used in their recent drifting episode?
comment posted at 3:05 PM on Feb-16-15

Are Quora questions all written/edited to follow a stringent style?
comment posted at 2:17 PM on Feb-12-15

I run a menswear website, and we have two paid subscription offerings: a newsletter (delivered on our site and via email) and a physical subscription service (pocket squares, every other month). Our provider, Memberly, is shutting down in a couple months. What's the best alternative?
comment posted at 8:38 PM on Feb-9-15

Vimeo is now removing any uploaded videos that contain any copyrighted music. Are there any services that have similar features to Vimeo, but don't do this?
comment posted at 3:58 PM on Feb-9-15
comment posted at 3:59 PM on Feb-9-15

I have an online shop that sells vintage items. I also have a book of paintings by my favorite contemporary artist. If I use a page from her book as a background for photographing something, does that violate her copyright? More inside.
comment posted at 12:37 PM on Feb-5-15

What's something you did (or are doing) as a parent that's different from "the way everybody does it" that worked really well for you?
comment posted at 9:02 AM on Feb-5-15

If you had a concept for a truly useful app, but not the technical skills to create it yourself, what would you do next?
comment posted at 8:06 PM on Feb-2-15

Can you recommend a female marriage counselor in Durham, NC? Or, failing that, any good female therapist who can help me make sense of my marriage?
comment posted at 7:09 PM on Feb-2-15

My wife isn't vaccinated and she believes that vaccinations are harmful.
comment posted at 4:23 PM on Feb-2-15
comment posted at 6:02 PM on Feb-2-15

Dear AskMeFi, If I were to become a licensed psychotherapist (MFT, LMHC, LPCC; not a PsyD clinical psychologist), would it be within my legal scope of practice to help my patients using holistic traditional Eastern Asian therapies such as meditation, bodywork and body therapies, medicinal herbs, lifestyle guidance, etc? How about if I were to get a second credential or license? Rather... how *could* I make it legal, if there is a way to do so? Practice different modalities on different days? Lots of waivers?
comment posted at 4:51 PM on Feb-1-15

I've started listening to podcasts on my daily one-hour-each-way commute. I'm enjoying StoryCorps, This American Life, and Pop Culture Happy Hour so far. What other podcasts might I enjoy? Bonus points for content relating to books/authors(But NOT podcasts of authors reading their work--I can listen to audiobooks for that!)--but I'm open to other topics. I'm not really into advice-type programs or comedy--funny is fine, but not comedy as the main draw. Thanks in advance--I know you'll steer me towards some great stuff!
comment posted at 9:24 PM on Jan-30-15

I'm asking this on behalf of my wife. We moved to the Bay Area (East Bay) a few months ago because I got a job here in the tech industry. Given our costs, it's not really enough to support both of us on, but my wife is having trouble finding employment.
comment posted at 9:16 PM on Jan-26-15

I'm shopping for a used car right now (current one has 100k miles on it and is breaking down regularly) and I stumbled onto older (2011-2012, but not very old) Nissan Leafs going for only about $11k used. They cost at least double that new, so why are they so cheap now? Are there recalls or wear or drawbacks? Shouldn't electric cars last for a long time and be reliable?
comment posted at 11:38 AM on Jan-23-15
comment posted at 11:52 AM on Jan-23-15

Why don't drivers at least in California don't use their turn signals?
comment posted at 10:21 AM on Jan-23-15

I'm dating someone new and condoms have been breaking at an alarming rate. I'm bewildered about what's going on and how to fix it. (NSFW ish stuff inside)
comment posted at 12:30 PM on Jan-22-15
comment posted at 12:31 PM on Jan-22-15
comment posted at 12:49 PM on Jan-22-15

There are tons of suggestions on how to stop nail-biting on metafilter, but they all seem to coincide with the idea that to stop a compulsive habit, one must replace it with another habit.
comment posted at 7:34 PM on Jan-19-15

Hi MeFi, So a bit of a weird situation here. I was laid off in 2013 and at the end of that year I applied for Obamacare. It took FOREVER to get the application going since the website was awful so long story short, it's early 2014 and I get a job with full benefits. I completely forget about the application for Obamacare and it's now January 2015 and I received a letter from CeltiCare Health saying 'hi, here's your coverage card. you are now insured with celticare...' So now, technically, I have two coverages? One from my employer and through Celticare? How does this work? Should I call Celticare and let them know I already have insurance? What benefits are there to having two? Legal or not? Thanks for your help!
comment posted at 3:49 PM on Jan-19-15

My brother and his wife had their first child recently. In principle, I'd love to meet their newborn. Problem is, we live on opposite coasts of the US and I don't make much money. I could swing it if I had to, but a trip out there just to stand around the little bundle of biology and watch it eat, sleep, and poop doesn't feel like a good value to me. Am I obligated to go?
comment posted at 12:37 PM on Jan-18-15

Please tell me about your very favorite small (or smallish) town in your state or province (US/Canada, only, please).
comment posted at 7:20 PM on Jan-18-15

My Mr and I own a 1994 "Sportsmobile" that is parked all the time next to our drive. It runs and Mr keeps it pretty well maintained. Mr bought it used several years ago. He paid quite a bit for it. We never use it, however...and Mr has expressed to me on occasion that he'd like to just get rid of it. It has a couple of issues that are difficult. (Water leaks into it, for one thing. It is an ongoing problem).
comment posted at 10:07 PM on Jan-16-15

Let's say I really care about some charity. I'd like to do an online fundraising drive---with premiums that I send to donors. I'm not affiliated with the charity, or I am but this drive is an independent, personal initiative. Either way, the charity isn't involved except for the happy day when they get a check. Is there some online service that makes all this easy for me?
comment posted at 4:19 PM on Jan-16-15

A buddy of mine I've been wanting a closer friendship with got very drunk and offered to help solve my high libido problem. I didn't do anything with him then, because, um, hello, informed consent, but I texted him the next day to signal that everything was cool and I was receptive. He, and I should have seen this coming, was blacked out, remembers nothing, and is not interested. I feel humiliated. What comes next?
comment posted at 4:51 PM on Jan-16-15

My oldest child, age 12, has recently come out as transgender. We are trying to show her our unconditional support, but her grandparents are unlikely to be as supportive. Suggestions for coping? Difficulty: Asian and Catholic.
comment posted at 2:31 PM on Jan-15-15

In my house I have 6 smoke detectors. At least one started going off in the middle of the night to remind me to change the battery. I changed the one I thought was low, and after a repeat performance next night, changed the batteries in all the others. In my house with high ceilings, this is a big deal involving risky ladders in awkward positions. One is still sounding in the night. AARGH! How do I find the one that is still complaining?
comment posted at 11:54 AM on Jan-15-15

MF, you're the best, I am entering into a PhD program with 24k in the bank. Wife is quitting her job to stay home with our 7 month old. Is an index fund/savings account/... the best place for these funds now? Anyone come out the other side of something like this successfully?
comment posted at 10:00 AM on Jan-11-15

On the recommendation of several friends I watched the entire last season of Masterchef Junior (US), and I was amazed at what 8-12 year olds on the show were doing, but part of me wonders how real the show really was. I've googled and can't find much beyond people saying it's fake and others saying it's real. Is there more info I'm missing?
comment posted at 7:55 PM on Jan-10-15

I'm trying to put together a canonical list of the best Twitter personalities for people who are into popular sports (football, basketball, golf, soccer, etc.) and gaming (poker, blackjack, slots, etc.). Who are the best that are currently tweeting, and why do you like them?
comment posted at 8:12 AM on Jan-4-15

I've been seeing a guy for 2.5 months that I've known for a year. I'm 33, he's 38. I ended a 10 yr relationship last year so I apologize ahead of time for having the dating skills of a 23 yr old. We're in a meetup group and participated in weekly events long before we started dating. We spent the first month seeing eachother 1x/week, that built to 2x a week plus Fri or Sat. He seemed to really enjoy lying down with me talking about our day. (similar jobs). Our dates were rarely planned more than 24 hrs in advance. It was usually: "What are you doing tonight/tomorrow? Do you want to do A,B, C?" I did that with prior relationships.
comment posted at 6:56 AM on Jan-5-15

I want to put together a playlist that will motivate me to practice. What are piano songs/pieces that make you say "I'm going to go practice!" or "I wish I knew how to play piano!"? I'm looking for specific songs rather than artists or genres, please.
comment posted at 9:21 PM on Jan-4-15

Family dynamics are slowly driving me up the wall, but I can't bear to let things wind destructively. How can I cope without being caught in the storm?
comment posted at 8:28 PM on Jan-3-15

My boyfriend of the past 4 months and I are still struggling to have consistently successful sex with each other for a number of reasons and I need suggestions for things we can do to fix it.
comment posted at 10:25 AM on Jan-3-15

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