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June 22

Trying to find Aussie comedienne's TED talk about anal bleaching

I'm trying to find an amazing TEDx talk I watched recently about vanity, mortality and anal bleaching. An Australian comedienne. Help! [more inside]
posted by asavage at 8:06 AM - 1 answers

June 14

Combo tropical/sidereal astrology readings?

I am looking for an astrologer to work with personally over the phone or even email who could check out both my tropical and sidereal (aka western and Vedic) zodiacs and make a composite chart and then explain it to me basically. [more inside]
posted by jitterbug perfume at 9:20 PM - 2 answers

June 12

Non-Biblical Readings for an Infant Baptism

I'm looking for a reading for an infant baptism from a source other than the Bible. There will be at least one biblical reading, but I'd like to have at least one non-Bible reading. I'm open to both secular readings and spiritual or religious readings from sources other than the Bible. Possible themes: welcoming into the community, parents' responsibility to children, gratitude for the gift of a child, what a child brings to a family or community, things along those lines. [more inside]
posted by If only I had a penguin... at 9:08 PM - 9 answers

June 9


I am sure this will be an easy one for those who know what I am talking about. It was a pop-philosophy utilitarian analysis of thief vs producer / smart vs stupid, shown on a four quadrant grid. What is that essay? [more inside]
posted by Meatbomb at 5:51 AM - 2 answers

June 4

Tell me about disagreements in Christianity

Following the recent Islamic extremist attacks in the UK, a narrative has come from the far right that somehow all Muslims think the same way and believe the same things. It seems that western societies are open to the idea of variation and disagreement within Christian culture, but tend to see Islamic cultures as homogenous. What examples are there of major disagreements within Christianity? [more inside]
posted by matthew.alexander at 5:44 AM - 29 answers

June 2

Addressing a Buddhist monk by email

I recently met a Buddhist monk who asked for my email address so we could stay in touch. He introduced himself in person with a name like "James" and begins his email with, "I'm James, the monk who met you today." But his email also includes the sentence, "Below is my title and ordained name." He signed the email with his ordained name. How do I most respectfully address a reply to him? With James? Or the ordained name? Or "venerable" + ordained name?
posted by adiabat at 2:57 PM - 8 answers

May 22

Rigorously Defining a Value System

Is there a philosophy book or site that would be helpful in guiding me through rigorously defining my own value system? [more inside]
posted by bfranklin at 5:54 AM - 9 answers

May 10

accepting the things i cannot change

How do you stop yourself from being ground down by the frustration of everyday things that are not going to change anytime soon? [more inside]
posted by Ziggy500 at 4:46 AM - 18 answers

May 6

bounded compassion among buddhists

how do buddhists stop their compassion for all things from negatively impacting them? [more inside]
posted by quadrilaterals at 9:51 PM - 16 answers

May 2

What stories about moral superiority exist in your religion/culture?

I know about the Christian story of Jesus telling a man to worry about the log in his own eye before the speck in his brother's eye. [more inside]
posted by aetg at 4:37 PM - 8 answers

April 25

If the "Loaves and Fishes" miracle happened, what kind of fish was it?

I'm doing research on fish taken out of the Sea of Galilee during biblical times. I was wondering: if Jesus' Feeding of the Multitude miracle happened as described in the Bible, what species were the "two fish" Jesus used? [more inside]
posted by joechip at 1:29 PM - 5 answers

March 31

Religious scholars: help me find commentaries on Bible stories

I am looking for scholarly commentaries on Bible stories, particularly the Old Testament. These can be Christian, Jewish, or Muslim (since there's a lot of overlap between the Bible and the Koran). [more inside]
posted by FencingGal at 11:09 AM - 13 answers

March 30

Best intro to meditation with some structure? Book? App? Etc

Zen Masters, help me? What's a great introductory program for meditation? I need something that will give me daily assignments (ideal would be every day for a month, but I can adapt). It can be a book, an app, a website, whatever. And yes, I know there are many different types of meditation and I will be learning for the rest of my life. I just need something with a bit of structure to get myself and a friend into the habit and hold each other accountable. Thoughts? Thanks guys.
posted by michaeldunaway at 4:38 AM - 20 answers

March 26

How does a good Jew pray 3x a day?

What should I pray every day. [more inside]
posted by bearam at 3:42 PM - 7 answers

March 25

I need a synagogue in downtown Manhattan having evening services

I missed services at my synagogue this morning and I need a place to say mourner's Kaddish for my Dad tonight. Does anyone have recommendations for a synagogue (preferably in downtown Manhattan) where there are evening or Havdallah services tonight? Open to any denomination. I am a woman and I don't mind divided seating but don't want to go somewhere where I wouldn't be allowed in with pants or prohibited from saying the Kaddish in my section. Any suggestions very much appreciated.
posted by Sylvia Plath's terrible fish at 1:26 PM - 1 answers

March 14

Is the 90's video like CPG Grays "The Trouble with Transporters" online?

I remember seeing something on TV in the 90's like CPG Gray's "The Trouble with Transporters". Does anyone know where to find it? [more inside]
posted by StimulatingPixels at 10:50 AM - 3 answers

March 13

I would like to read the Bible.

I would like to purchase a bible that is easy to read, is clear on intent and can educate me. I am not religious. I would like to read this historically. I want to understand why people think that their personal beliefs are more important that other peoples personal beliefs. The concept confuses me. I would like to read a bible that is just direct and specific. What should I read?
posted by Vaike at 7:58 PM - 22 answers

March 10

Names! Names! Names! in Shin Buddhism?

This seems like a rather frivolous question to ask, but, does anyone know if there are any US celebrities who practice Jodo Shinshu (aka "Shin") Buddhism? [more inside]
posted by Hanuman1960 at 8:02 AM - 1 answers

March 9

Theology and history of fasting

Theologically well versed of MeFi: can you please enlighten me about the place of fasting in different religions? For example, I recall some differences between islamic and christian practice but nothing properly explained. Moreover didn't really find a "definitive" handbook of the topic, and I usually feel safe learning about a subject if I have a couple of these books at hand. [more inside]
posted by kmt at 6:23 AM - 10 answers

March 5

Mezuzah for Goyim?

Hopefully, we will be closing on a house at the end of the month. On the front door, there is a door knocker in the shape of a treble clef. This has what looks to be Hebrew letters on it (the house was previously owned by a Rabbi), and when I showed it to a few friends, they said it was a Mezuzah. I think it's absolutely lovely and I would very much like to keep it, but as a religious object that I have little familiarity with, I have a few questions: [more inside]
posted by emilyclaire at 9:53 PM - 14 answers

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