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June 7

How can I spend more time around dogs?
I enjoy dogs but am very busy. Where can I go spend a few hours with dogs? I think it may improve my mood. [more inside]
posted by Jewel98 at 9:34 PM - 11 answers
Mean cat. No, REALLY mean. Find us a vet in Austin who can handle that?
Our cat is terrified of strangers to the point of serious violence. (We have both owned reasonably shy and standoffish cats before. This one is worse than any other cat we've known — the bites and scratches he gives people who pick him up are sometimes not just warning nips but serious attacks. We are almost certain he was abused before we adopted him, for this and other reasons.) We need to find a vet in Austin, TX where we can take him. We have already been asked not to return to Animal Trustees, the discount vet clinic in town, because he clawed a vet tech there, so we are worried that he will be unwelcome other places as well. Suggestions? [more inside]
posted by nebulawindphone at 1:40 PM - 18 answers

June 3

Panleukopenia outbreak in our house. What now?
My fiancé and I foster homeless kittens and cats in our house as volunteers for a local cat shelter. Panleukopenia just hit us hard, killing all of our fosters, making us really depressed, and now we don't know what to do. Any advice? [more inside]
posted by ashtabula to opelika at 7:18 AM - 12 answers

June 2

Removal/rescue of bird's nest under the eaves of my back patio
I'm not sure how to attach a picture of if I can. Our association is saying it's not their responsibility to remove it. I don't know if the bird/eggs in the nest are dead or alive. The big bird hovering over the nest hasn't moved in a week. There are daily bird droppings directly under the nest on our back patio. I'm an animal lover. I don't want those birds/eggs killed. Who can I call in Orange County, California to help me with me with this? I did a Google search but couldn't find anything for this particular situation. Any ideas? Thanks much. Sincerely, htm
posted by htm at 3:28 PM - 24 answers

How to long until robin fledglings will leave?
I love wild birds and am lucky enough to have several types of wild bird nesting in my backyard this season. First to leave the nest was a fledgling robin, some research has informed me that unlike many other fledglings which seem to get up and out of the back yard quickly robins stay fledgling for a while, running around the ground hiding and being fed and trained in the ways of being a robin by their parents but I can't find any info for how long it will be at this stage. [more inside]
posted by wwax at 11:05 AM - 6 answers

We have two very healthy, VERY active longhair cats. We (two adults and an 5-month-old) live with them in a 700 square foot apartment. There is cat fur EVERYWHERE. You can neither walk through the air nor sit on any surface without getting covered. We've tried all the obvious fur-mitigation measures; help us figure out how best to keep our apartment clean. [more inside]
posted by Cygnet at 8:36 AM - 20 answers

June 1

How can I maintain sanity while I await my horny cat's vet appointment?
My adolescent kitten is in heat. Unfortunately, it's not quite hot enough to melt my eardrums, so both of us suffer while she stands next to the front door and yowls in vain for tomcat dick. She seems as miserable as she's making me. Unfortunately, her appointment to get fixed isn't til Wednesday. Is there anything I can do to make her less screetchy in the meantime?
posted by t(h)om(as) at 2:19 AM - 16 answers

May 31

How to keep my cat playful
My cat doesn't play with toys anymore. How to keep her playful? [more inside]
posted by jmd82 at 6:29 PM - 15 answers

How to care for a snail?
How does one properly care for a snail? [more inside]
posted by Canageek at 6:28 PM - 12 answers

What to do about these cats?
A family of cats -- a mother, two kittens, and a father -- has moved into my backyard in Bayside, Queens. Now what? [more inside]
posted by thursdaystoo at 5:03 AM - 11 answers

May 30

Help my dog overcome his terror of umbrellas
My 6 month old pup is terrified of umbrellas and I need help because it's a big problem! [more inside]
posted by long haired child at 9:12 PM - 13 answers

May 27

How can I keep my dog cool during the summer months during walkies when it is still over 90 degrees out during the night? [more inside]
posted by elizardbits at 3:55 PM - 29 answers

Would our Jack Russell Terrier challenge raccoons?
Will our Jack Russell terrier challenge raccoons which might try to enter house through doggy door when we are gone on vacation? [more inside]
posted by ragtimepiano at 12:40 PM - 14 answers

May 26

Natural flea/tick prevention
Are there natural flea and tick preventatives that you have witnessed to be actually effective? Pregnant this year and hesitant to put the normal pesticide mix on my dogs and cats. Yes, I have googled around but I trust the people on metafilter more than random websites I find. Thanks!
posted by sickinthehead at 1:48 PM - 10 answers

My cat is bored and I am lazy. Cat fishing rod construction ideas?
My cat is constantly begging for play and I am mostly game but also want to get some rest once in a while. She is mostly bored with the usual rotated toys - ping pong balls, toilet paper rolls and such. Her big thing is stick and string combos and old shoe laces but she is even bored with those sometimes plus their restricted range means she doesn't really got run around after them that much. I was thinking some sort of fishing rod hybrid could be dr. frankenstiened up but I don't fish so I am not sure of the details. Being efficient (lazy) I like the idea of casting and then reeling in from the luxury of the couch. [more inside]
posted by srboisvert at 10:59 AM - 28 answers

May 24

My little scavenger
My sweet pup learned to scavenge to survive as a stray in a rural area with her mom. Now she's up to her ears in kibble and tasty treats, but the allure of dead animals, chicken bones, live bees, and bird poop beats everything out...not to mention the nectar that is dirty pond water! I'm doing the obvious, but have any of you successfully untrained fervent, compulsive scavenging behavior? Tips to share? [more inside]
posted by gone2croatan at 6:38 AM - 14 answers

May 23

Cat, road trip, hot weather, weak AC in the car
Moving this weekend! With a cat. Three hours in the car. Air conditioning in the car is not awesome. What can I do to ensure the safety of the cat? [more inside]
posted by radiosilents at 3:18 PM - 15 answers

How can I stop my cat from turning on the bathroom faucet?
Help! My cat has discovered how to turn on the bathroom sink faucet by herself, and she will not be dissuaded. I'm sick of coming home to running water every time I leave the house. Any ideas? [more inside]
posted by aldebaran at 12:10 PM - 29 answers

May 22

Smaller home, three cats, a need for litterboxes. HALP.
Moving from a two bedroom house to a two bedroom apartment in late June with three cats. We need clever litterbox hacks for our furry friends! [more inside]
posted by Kitteh at 1:34 PM - 17 answers

May 21

A mysterious bird is taunting me with its song.
I live in a wooded suburb of Providence, Rhode Island, so we have a great variety of birds all year long, especially during the warmer months. I keep hearing one bird song outside my window that I can't quite pinpoint. It's a "whee-oooh (high-low-ascending), ooooh (descending)" sound. A recording of my impression is attached, as it's a been a bit hard for me to get a recording of the mysterious bird alone. [more inside]
posted by Seeking Direction at 11:51 AM - 5 answers

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