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March 6

Mystery Forest Animal Sound

Can you tell me what animal is making this sound in the forest in my backyard? [more inside]
posted by cda at 7:29 AM - 2 answers

March 4

My cat is getting spay surgery! Help!!

My poor kitten(5 months in good health) is getting spayed on Friday! Omg I feel so bad for her. I do not know what to really expect. They have done preop tests and they said results were good. But so scared of the whole experience. How did it go for your cat?how long did it take for her coat to come back?
posted by barexamfreak at 1:42 PM - 35 answers

March 3

Dog training videos for fun activities?

Loads of links all over ask.metafilter for basic dog training, but I want FUN things. I really enjoy Kristin Crestejo's videos, for example. Anything 2-10 minutes long about a new activity with steps for training it would be perfect. [more inside]
posted by AllieTessKipp at 5:08 PM - 2 answers

March 2

Keeping a chill cat happy & healthy

I just adopted a sweet, 9-year-old female cat, Lucy. I want to make sure I give her a happy and healthy life. Particularly, I want to make sure she stays physically fit and is not bored. [more inside]
posted by picardythird at 3:26 PM - 23 answers

March 1

What are the ethical concerns of owning pet fish?

I was going to post a question about how to set up my first fish tank, but as I was writing it I realized that before I decided to go ahead and set it up, I first needed to figure out whether I thought it was ethical to do it in the first place. [more inside]
posted by sam_harms at 4:55 AM - 27 answers

February 25

What can I do for a random injured dog?

I saw a dog get hit and injured on the highway. What should/could I have done? Unpleasantness inside (no gore or death). [more inside]
posted by cmoj at 12:43 PM - 7 answers

February 24

Garden worm or intestinal parasite?

I just found this worm, brownish and about an 3/4 of an inch long, on the bed next to where my cats were resting. Can someone identify it, and let me know if it's harmless or potentially an intestinal worm? [more inside]
posted by zombiedance at 7:08 PM - 6 answers

February 19

Mr. Wheezy Cat

Lord Conrad Blackcat (8 or 9) has a very, very loud wheeze, which started last November. It's sort of disturbing to hear. [more inside]
posted by jeather at 5:35 PM - 10 answers

How do I win this dog's trust?

I just started doing contract work in a small office a few times a week, and one of my co-workers brings her adorable Australian Shepherd (~1 year old) on Tuesdays. From day one, this dog has been very threatened by my presence, and unless she is restrained, she will attack me whenever I walk across the office. Are there any things I can try to help ease this awkward situation? [more inside]
posted by oxisos at 1:43 PM - 44 answers

The problem is, I want to hug all the world's dogs.

How can I figure out what dog I want to adopt, when it's so hard for me to meet with them? [more inside]
posted by meese at 9:23 AM - 16 answers

All I do is ask cat questions! Litter Box edition

Mrs Binkleton and Crocket Man are new roommates. Everything seems to be going as well as it can I guess, but there's a litter box dilemma, but I'm not sure if it's in my head! [more inside]
posted by JenThePro at 8:43 AM - 5 answers

February 17

This Damn Cat

How can we stop a senior cat's behavior when it does not appear to us that the behavior is being rewarded? Alternately (although we'll mention it at his annual exam in April) is this a sign of some sort of elder cat illness? [more inside]
posted by crush-onastick at 6:59 AM - 30 answers

February 15

Indoor cats: to vaccinate, or not?

My cats are indoors. They never interact with other cats and it's extremely unlikely that they would ever make it outdoors. Do I still need to get them vaccinated? [more inside]
posted by Fister Roboto at 5:45 PM - 30 answers

Pet photographer in Toronto

I'd love to get my girlfriend a session with a pet photographer for her birthday - she's dropped hints about wanting to get some great photos or a portrait of her beloved cat. Any recommendations for good photographers/artists in Toronto?
posted by greatgefilte at 1:48 PM - 5 answers

February 14

Best flea control for cats while pregnant

We have two cats that sleep on our bed. I would love to know the safest flea control method to use during (human) pregnancy (not pregnant now but planning ahead). We've been using Advantage II, but it looks like prenatal exposure to one of the main ingredients - imidacloprid - by parents using the flea treatment in fact - was associated with autism spectrum disorders. What safer options are there? Thanks!
posted by slidell at 4:24 PM - 20 answers

Adopting an elderly cat

We are considering adopting an elderly cat who has stage 3 kidney failure. We have two cats. Are we crazy? Is this just asking for trouble? [more inside]
posted by sadtomato at 1:08 PM - 18 answers

February 13

What's going on with my dogs paw(s)?

Photo 1 Photo 2 For the past two months my American Bulldog has had a sore on her right paw. It's a small bump that will occasionally leak or bleed since it irritates her. [more inside]
posted by jwfree at 10:38 AM - 8 answers

Does the awesomeness of cats allow them to violate the laws of physics?

I’d like to get a better understanding (or, really, any understanding) of how cats are able to survive under extremes of temperature. [more inside]
posted by akk2014 at 8:13 AM - 8 answers

February 10

Does my cat just have a cold?

Symptoms: been off his food 2 days. Sleeping a lot (more than usual) in one spot. I picked him up and he sounds congested. [more inside]
posted by tippy at 7:25 PM - 12 answers

Handling doggy acid reflux

Help me help my dog live a cage free life! [more inside]
posted by parakeetdog at 9:42 AM - 7 answers

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