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October 12

challenging male vocalists!

I'm working on a music project and need some help coming up with a list of artists to work off of... parameters inside. [more inside]
posted by thereemix at 1:56 PM - 50 answers

Theater games for young kids in an audition setting

What are some easy drama games that can be played with a couple of young kids? [more inside]
posted by egeanin at 12:39 PM - 4 answers

Surgeries Optional

I've just read NEVER LET ME GO and THE UNIT and am looking for more books along those lines! [more inside]
posted by moxiedoll at 12:30 PM - 12 answers

Books about Cajun culture

I'm looking for books, fiction or non-, about Cajun culture in Louisiana. [more inside]
posted by Rinku at 11:51 AM - 3 answers

October 11

Who Has Covered Donna Summer's Version of MacArthur Park (Suite)?

I heard a male voice covering Donna Summer's version of MacArthur Park (Suite) on college radio (KALX) the other day, and I can't seem to find it myself online ... Does this ring a bell for anyone? It's a man singing, and it's pretty darn faithful to the 17:48 medley, i.e MacArthur Park, then One of a Kind, then Heaven Knows, and then Reprise. If anyone knows any recorded covers of Summer's version, I'd appreciate any info.
posted by mrgrimm at 2:58 PM - 13 answers

Unputdownable podcasts or audio books (non fiction) please...

I like to listen to non fiction serialised podcasts on my commute. Favourites include Crimetown, Serial, S-Town, How to be a Girl and Up & Vanished. I could do with some recommendations for gripping non-fiction audio books or podcasts (serialised) in any genre. [more inside]
posted by TheGarden at 2:49 AM - 16 answers

October 10

Favorite standalone SFF novels

I'm starting a SFF book club, and we'd prefer to read and discuss standalone novels (if only to avoid hearing 'well maybe they wrap it up in Book 2!'). What are your favorite standalone SFF novels? [more inside]
posted by palindromic at 6:37 PM - 55 answers

Drummer needs portable stu-stu-studio

I am a drummer who writes songs. I need recommendations for a synth that will help me demo my songs to my bandmates! [more inside]
posted by Sauce Trough at 12:57 PM - 9 answers

Did David Bowie (or anyone else) say something like this?

"People are born with a certain number of songs about themselves and their lives inside of them. After they've written all of those songs, they have to learn how to write other people's stories too/instead." [more inside]
posted by Candleman at 11:53 AM - 1 answers

Less Reality, More Fantasy!

Can you recommend me up some reading that meets a specific theme: fantasy/fabulist creative nonfiction? [more inside]
posted by Kitty Stardust at 9:58 AM - 4 answers

Songs with the "drip" sound?

Hello askmefi! I'm looking for songs that involve that "drip" sound heard in so many synth/house/pop music compilations lately. I figure I can throw together one of those fun "askmefi spotify playlists" that come up every now and then. An example of a song with the drip is "Make Me (Cry)" by Noah Cyrus, and "Wind Bell" by In The Blue Shirt. [more inside]
posted by bbqturtle at 7:14 AM - 12 answers

October 9

A fairly short and cheerful literary novel

My book club is burnt out on doom and gloom and is looking for something uplifting. Not too long either as we're all exhausted. And it should be a novel that could reasonably be described as "literary". Please help?
posted by hazyjane at 11:32 PM - 40 answers

Another round of Name My Blog!

I'm a way-too-long unemployed education journalist, and I 'd like to keep writing through a blog on civil rights and equity. This would encompass the entire education continuum. I am stuck on a title before I even begin, so a title would really help me a lot. I would love an iconic phrase related to a court case, but "All deliberate speed" was a book, I think. This question is anonymous to separate my posting history from my (theoretical at this point) professional life. Thanks!
posted by anonymous at 8:58 PM - 1 answers

historical fiction for kids set in London or Malta?

I asked this before about different spots a few years ago, but now I have an older kid too, so let's try it again. [more inside]
posted by fingersandtoes at 4:58 PM - 14 answers

Looking for a cartoon on the Dunning-Kruger Effect

I am looking for a particular one-page cartoon that explains the Dunning-Kruger Effect. I saw this cartoon at least 10 years ago on one of the popular comic-cartoon websites such as It may have been on, but I can't find it there now or anywhere else. It was a perfect portrayal of the Dunning-Kruger Effect. [more inside]
posted by nogero at 11:34 AM - 4 answers

We all like sheep! Er, all we.

Looking for recommendations for a Handel's Messiah practice app, or just a CD/tracks. An app that I can speed up/slow down would be awesome, but if you have a favorite CD/MP3 recording that you recommend for practicing the Messiah alone I'd like to hear about it. Android is preferred but I have access to an old iPhone if there's a really good iOS-only one.
posted by Tehhund at 8:32 AM - 5 answers

There is no happiness like mine. I have been eating poetry.

I would like to find a book of poetry, in English, that a second language learner would be able to read without too much trouble (and without the poetry being written for children or coming across as a language textbook). [more inside]
posted by gursky at 6:21 AM - 18 answers

October 8

Digital art shortcuts and sekrits

I'm trying digital art again for the first time in forever. I have an iPad Pro, an Apple Pencil, and ProCreate, and yes, there are so many tutorial videos out there that I'm watching. But! What I'm looking for are simple strategies that I can use right away to make my illustrations look better. That'll help me be happy with my experiments as I work to improve, if that makes any sense. Do you have tips or links to tips? [more inside]
posted by wintersweet at 2:50 PM - 3 answers

In Search of Gender Analysis Tool for Television

I'm looking for some kind of tracking/analysis tool to be used as a way to track gender in television. How many times does which gender propose any idea, bust down a door, solve a case, get threatened with violence, etc. I'd like to not have to reinvent the wheel, and I'm assuming someone somewhere has down this based on articles and studies I've read (but regrettably not bookmarked for their footnotes). [more inside]
posted by knitcrazybooknut at 2:01 PM - 5 answers

True stories of atonement

I'm looking for stories about someone/s that did something/s terrible, and then not only realized what they had done was terrible but took active steps to atone for it in action. For example: by making reparations to the victims above and beyond what was required by law, by taking steps to ensure such a thing never happened again, by actively sacrificing for general greater good because the specific thing they'd destroyed could no longer be fixed, etc. [more inside]
posted by Cozybee at 2:59 AM - 15 answers

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