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June 15

I have a lot of specific questions about police procedure

I'm about 98% done with the rough draft of a novel and have a lot of questions which I'm not finding answers to in various (U.S.) law enforcement manuals online. I'd ask the police, but I can't imagine they have time to field rhetorical questions from every aspiring novelist who might contact them (I'm not a famous author; I haven't even had a short story published). [more inside]
posted by johnofjack at 4:39 PM - 9 answers

Debt Collectors not leaving voicemail

tl;dr: incurred debt as resident of FL, debt collection agency leaves no voicemail. What are my options when I am planning to change numbers? [more inside]
posted by iNfo.Pump at 7:49 AM - 7 answers

June 14

Buyer's remorse: buyer breaches real estate contract

What are the consequences for breaching a real estate contract on the buyer's side? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:06 PM - 9 answers

Attorney ethics question

Dear lawyers: I have an ethics question. [more inside]
posted by triggerfinger at 4:29 PM - 10 answers

I want to start a reviews site. How to protect myself from lawsuits?

I'm wanting to start a reviews site where people can report unethical members X_PROFESSION. Clearly, members of X_PROFESSION will not be happy to see themselves reviewed on my site. What is my legal risk in running this site? How can I protect myself from lawsuits? [more inside]
posted by when it rains it snows at 8:31 AM - 10 answers

Do I need to appear in Los Angeles small claims court?

I know you are not my lawyer, etc. We have had a serious family death and I need to pack up everything to move across country in the next few days, for an undetermined amount of time (6 months, one year?), but I am supposed to show up here in small claims court in July. Need advice. [more inside]
posted by Vaike at 7:28 AM - 10 answers

June 13

Me vs Verizon

Traveled to Mexico. $800 in charges. Verizon doesn't care. Help me understand whether or not this is my fault. [more inside]
posted by shew at 10:02 PM - 12 answers

Wait, what's my name again?

I changed my name on my marriage license (years ago, in California) but nowhere else. What's my legal name? [more inside]
posted by pennypiper at 11:48 AM - 12 answers

June 10

Camp Hero State Park After Dark?

Is getting a fishing permit the only way to be allowed into Camp Hero State Park after sundown? And if so, are there any other spots nearby that'd be just as good for astrophotography? [more inside]
posted by Venadium at 12:46 PM - 3 answers

June 8

What happens if my father dies without a will?

My father has just been diagnosed with a pretty terminal brand of cancer. The last will he made is about 20 years old. I'm an only child and he's still married to my mother, but he seems completely uninterested in making a will. Whenever I ask him about it, he says he'll make one "eventually." I don't think that he gives a shit and I doubt he'll make a will. What now? We're in Alberta. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 12:55 PM - 10 answers

Murky business is afoot in the neighborhood

Some of my neighbors and I have noticed suspicious characters regularly and discreetly picking up small packages off of my neighbor's porch. Our first impulse is to call the police, but that thought is complicated by two things: 1. The neighbor is himself a cop who works in an evidence room. 2. We live in a place where corruption is well known. What should we do in this case? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 9:18 AM - 30 answers

Temporary Child Custody: Sweden to the United States

My Sister-in-Law (SIL) wants to get temporary custody of her niece, who lives in Sweden. The child's parents want this to happen too. How does she start? [more inside]
posted by Flood at 7:25 AM - 13 answers

EU husband/US spouse move to Scotland to live and work?

If hubby is successful with Italian citizenship, is he allowed to live and work in Scotland as a member of the EU? Can I live with him in Scotland, and work there as his US citizen spouse? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 12:39 AM - 7 answers

June 7

What was Brock Turner's sentence?

I want to know exactly what Brock Turner's sentence is, and it doesn't seem to me that any news outlets have been reporting this information. I do not want to debate or discuss the sentence. I am aware that the media is reporting 6 months in county jail, followed by 3 years of probation. My question is: what is the penalty if he violates the terms of his probation during those three years (what is the incentive to report to probation, test negative for drugs, etc.)? ie. what period of incarceration is probated for a period of 3 years? [more inside]
posted by likeatoaster at 4:54 PM - 7 answers

My plants need a lawyer.

My neighbor caught my ivy growing on their wall. They're a coop. I own my attached building. Their tree sticks its branches into my walkway. What kind of lawyer handles these types of disputes? Have any of you had experience with this and can recommend someone? We are in Manhattan.
posted by Obscure Reference at 10:20 AM - 18 answers

June 5

Source for military customs, prejudices, traditions

I've been reading a book in which a US-like military and its organization are frequently discussed, and I'm curious about informal traditions and unspoken rules within the military, like how commissioned and non-commissioned officers feel about each other, how certain ranks defer to one another in certain circumstances, why sergeants are (apparently) hated by privates, and all that. Any good FAQs, guides, blogs, that sort of thing?
posted by BlackLeotardFront at 8:04 PM - 2 answers

How many Americans are incarcerated abroad?

I'm looking for the total number of Americans in prison abroad from a reputable source (ideally but not necessarily the US government or an academic study). It would be great to have some stats for Americans in prison in individual countries (especially Mexico and Canada), but my googling has failed miserably! PLEASE HELP!
posted by matthew.alexander at 5:06 AM - 1 answers

June 4

How can I verify whether somebody is detained by the NYPD?

Asking for fiction: If one wants to know if somebody unrelated to them (a friend) has been picked up by the NYPD, what is the procedure? Or is that information protected? [more inside]
posted by angrycat at 7:27 AM - 6 answers

June 3

Opposition research

I am trying to get informed on a wide variety of political topics so that I can speak intelligently about them when they come up in conversation. I am looking for reputable sources for both the left/right sides of an issue, but would like to learn more about the Republican/conservative/right side as those are the opposite of my political leanings. [more inside]
posted by chaostician at 9:35 AM - 3 answers

June 2

Is there a DC company that I can pay to film a political stunt video?

Is there a company that I can pay to film a video of someone walking behind Paul Ryan ringing a bell and yelling "Shame!"? [more inside]
posted by andoatnp at 5:29 PM - 19 answers

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