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February 12

Are there any good general books (academic-ish) on voter supression?

I'm curious as to whether anyone can give me some pointers for digging into the problem of voter suppression (past and present) in the USA. I'm looking for stuff that deals not just with Presidential and federal elections but how it plays out at the state and local level as well. [more inside]
posted by AdamCSnider at 1:19 PM - 5 answers

Asking the Wizard

I want to use a two-sentence quote from the Wizard of Oz in a personal writing project. Since every word is probably copyrighted, how do I go about getting permission to use it?
posted by CollectiveMind at 8:04 AM - 7 answers

February 10

A history of American political parties

I am looking for a survey level overview on the history of American political parties. I'd prefer a book that begins with the Federalists and reaches to modern political parties. [more inside]
posted by Hop123 at 12:49 PM - 3 answers

What is the best way for an anti-Trump group to register ourselves?

What are the benefits and disadvantages around the different ways to register a lefty activist group in New York/New York City? We are looking at a 501c3, 501c4, fiscal sponsor, an LLC (???) or something else. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 12:36 PM - 8 answers

New US Constitution groups/thinktanks

Given that the US Constitution is over a couple of centuries old, and that the world has changed dramatically since its introduction, I imagine a number of American groups have proposals for full replacements for governing the United States. Please link me to any of these you're familiar with (along with - if possible - a précis about their most notable differences from our our current constitution). Note: I am not looking for proposed single amendments, but for full-scale replacements.
posted by Greg Nog at 8:49 AM - 12 answers

February 8

Tea Party:Tea Party Express::Anti-Trump Democrats:???

I would like to support leftist candidates for all sorts of offices in the US government, not just in general campaigns where we can win an open seat or unseat a Republican incumbent, but also in primaries where a Democratic incumbent is doing an inadequate job (like Dianne Feinstein, for example, I so badly want to her go away.) Is there a national organization working on this? [more inside]
posted by contraption at 12:12 PM - 7 answers

Travel planning for volatile times

U.S. citizen (but identifiable "activist") deciding whether to visit North Africa – help me guess the unguessable re. possible future effects [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 8:23 AM - 8 answers

Swing District Finder Website

I came across a website several weeks ago that showed me the nearest swing districts to my zip code. It also showed who won and who lost each election and by how many votes. Any ideas? It was a link from another blog, but I can't seem to come up with the blog or search terms to find it. Relatedly, I'm interested in other websites that are organizing Democratic efforts for the midterm elections. Thank you!
posted by defreckled at 8:22 AM - 4 answers

February 7

What are our rights when passing through US Customs and Border Control?

Has anyone produced a guide to your rights when crossing the US border, particularly at airports? I'd especially like a version that includes a rundown of any differences between citizen/permanent resident/nonimmigrant visa holders/refugee visa holders. [more inside]
posted by nat at 3:39 PM - 9 answers

Please help me register my daughters as Irish citizens

My daughters were born in the US to one American parent and one Irish parent who was born in Ireland. We all currently live in the US, and the Irish parent is a permanent resident of the US. I want the children to be registered as Irish citizens so that they will have dual citizenship, but I keep getting stuck on the application process. [more inside]
posted by insoluble uncertainty at 9:57 AM - 7 answers

Daily White House Protest During Lunch?

I work about fifteen minutes from the White House (between Dupont and Farragut North) and I'm thinking about using my lunch break to go and protest for like twenty minutes a day for the rest of this week and most/all of next week. Is this really stupid and pointless? If not, should I try to get other people to join me? How would I best do that? I don't have Facebook so I can't organize that way (and I would really, REALLY prefer not to sign up if I can avoid it). [more inside]
posted by Mrs. Pterodactyl at 5:52 AM - 19 answers

Resources for political groups on the watch for infiltration?

I'm trying to hunt down some good informational resources for political groups / activist groups who are concerned about infiltration by agents provocateurs: what to watch for, how to be smart and prepare, general best practices, etc. I'm less concerned about infiltration by law enforcement/intelligence groups, and more concerned about James O'Keefe types. Looking for links to existing informational or training resources--please don't post general advice unless you yourself have personal expertise in the area.
posted by anonymous at 4:43 AM - 1 answers

Website that tracks legislator's stances on upcoming actions?

Is there a website where I can see each upcoming congressional action, with an up-to-date indication of which legislators have come out in support or in opposition, and which are so far uncommitted? Or another quick, frequently updated way to tell which legislators might be persuadable on each issue? If not, is there any org that might be interested in creating something like that? [more inside]
posted by daisyace at 4:42 AM - 5 answers

February 6

How will seeing a naturopathic doctor affect my disability claim?

I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and I'm on SSDI. The doctor I've had for 15 years, who helped me successfully file my claim for SSDI, is retiring. So I need a new doctor. A friend referred me to her naturopathic doctor. I think this ND would be a good choice, and it's not easy for me to find a suitable doctor. But I'm worried that having an ND instead of an MD might hurt me when my disability claim is reviewed. [more inside]
posted by Cinnamon Bear at 5:34 PM - 9 answers

Civic Engagement Is Hard

I'm going all in with this civic engagement, #resist thing. But how do I best keep track of what my state senate and assembly are up to? [more inside]
posted by yasaman at 11:38 AM - 13 answers

Breaking a sublease?

I just received access to a sublet that I rented sight-unseen (dumb, I know) and it's in awful condition. I want to get out of it ASAP but I really don't know how. Usually, I think I would be referred to the lease but the truth is, I haven't seen it. While it was supposed to be attached to the sublease agreement I signed, it never was, so I don't know what 'breaking procedures' would be. [more inside]
posted by hejrat at 7:18 AM - 14 answers

February 5

Break in! Ahhhh!

My house was broken into and my Mac was stolen. What do I need to worry about? [more inside]
posted by Toddles at 8:35 PM - 4 answers

Best way to donate?

In an effort to maximize the effectiveness of my financial contributions to anti-fascist organizations, I'd like to ask what's the best way for my family to make a donation. [more inside]
posted by Mag Plug at 1:47 PM - 2 answers

Can you get a legal divorce from relatives and is it worth it?

I find that even as an adult relatives seem to have certain rights that I wish they didn't. [more inside]
posted by lazywanderer at 9:19 AM - 14 answers

February 4

Should a non-citizen travel outside the US right now?

Should a person who is from a Muslim country not on the travel ban list risk traveling outside of the US right now? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 4:29 AM - 29 answers

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