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January 17

How can I responsibly send $ and items (books, music cds) to a prisoner?

I have a pen pal in Angola (Louisiana State Penitentiary) to whom I'd like to send money and items (books, cds). I've used JPay and they charge a fee, and then Angola takes 50% of the money after that. When I mail him CDs, books, they must be new and they cannot contain explicit content. Even after I followed these rules, he didn't receive a book until months after it had arrived. Has anyone written up strategies for navigating this bureaucracy? Do any mefites have personal experience with this that they're willing to share?
posted by yaymukund at 8:40 PM - 13 answers

Have you seen video of Romney saying he'll fight poverty?

Apparently Mitt Romney's sounding out running again in 2016, and he's testing a platform where he says he'll address poverty and income equality. I can find lots of text, and other video from the Republican event, but I can't find remarks on poverty in particular caught on video. Does anyone have a go-to repository for finding political/news video like this? [more inside]
posted by gusandrews at 11:50 AM - 4 answers

January 16

Should I worry about personal info in my proof of residency?

I provided a bank statement as my proof of residency. Is this bad? [more inside]
posted by circumspice at 4:39 PM - 7 answers

Round 2: Disputing Bogus Apartment Damage Charges in Collections

So, this is a follow-up to this previous question. Looking for some tips for next steps. Long story short, after moving out of a DC apartment in May our corporate landlord billed us a totally bogus damages. Now they've sent it to collections and it's showing up on the credit report. How do I fight this and get it off my credit report for good? [more inside]
posted by forkisbetter at 1:01 PM - 4 answers

January 15

In a real pickle with SSI without legal representation.

YANML, I understand. I'm just in a real pickle and would like advice/guidelines on any suggestions on what to do. More details in the fold. [more inside]
posted by dubious_dude at 2:56 PM - 9 answers

January 14

Child Support Help (PA, OR, and UK)

Help me understand how this all works with multiple states, lack of a job, life long student, and possibly an international move. [more inside]
posted by Socktimus Prime at 3:55 PM - 17 answers

January 13

temporary health insurance via health benefit exchange in New York

I need to obtain some sort of health insurance for myself to cover between now (or February 1) through the end of March. I live in New York. Is it possible to get temporary health insurance through the health benefit exchange, or would I be locked into a longer plan? [more inside]
posted by thereemix at 4:42 PM - 5 answers

Barrister/Solicitor in UK in "Broadchurch"

I'm an American watching right now (well, paused it to ask this question) the most recent episode of Broadchurch. I've been a bit confused about Charlotte Rampling's character, but because I read a bit about the barrister/solicitor distinction, I assumed that the idea was that she's an ace barrister and would be the one representing the prosecution in court. [more inside]
posted by Ivan Fyodorovich at 2:36 PM - 6 answers

What to do if you lose your driver's license while on a road trip?

I didn't loose my license, but this is something I have been wondering for sometime now. say if you are on a 2-3 week road trip across the country(USA) and you lose (just lose the physical license card, not your driving privileges) your driver's license, what do you do? Can you just file a police report in the state you are currently in and use a copy of that to complete your trip or are you totally screwed?
posted by WizKid at 9:20 AM - 12 answers

January 12

Su casa es mi casa, but I'm not sure we want it.

We ended up hiring a lawyer to assist in enforcing the divorce "agreement" and won! Or did we? The total judgment against the ex is 50K and he is required to sell the property. At the hearing, he tossed us a curveball and offered up the property in lieu of selling it himself. I'm confident we would not be able to turn around and sell immediately to cover the debt owed. Should we force the sale or hold onto it in hopes of making a profit? [more inside]
posted by Mysterious Trousers at 7:44 PM - 15 answers

What happens if you can't replace your drivers license in California?

I lost my California driver's license. I mean I physically lost it, it wasn't revoked or suspended. Due to DMV backlogs, I can't replace it for another six weeks. What will happen if I'm pulled over? [more inside]
posted by phoenixy at 5:46 PM - 18 answers

January 10

apartment doesn't allow pets, need one for depression

I've struggled with depression for a long time -- I'm officially diagnosed and medicated for it. Having a cat has helped in the past, but last year I had to move into an apartment that doesn't allow pets. What are my options? Do I have any legal ground to stand on when asking for a waiver since it's due to depression? What if I get a doctor's note? I live in Massachusetts. Thank you for the help.
posted by Ain at 8:48 AM - 16 answers

January 9

Looking for a lawyer south carolina family law

My ex hasn't seen our kids in years. He has called about three times total in 2014. He did miss birthdays and Christmas though. Youngest son doesn't know who his dad is. Oldest son wants nothing to do with dad. Ex owes over 10k child support. He recently started paying child support again. He has expressed interest in having the kids over the summer. I worry because when we did live in the same state ex would regularly beg for me to take the kids back early so he could watch football. [more inside]
posted by Noyra at 4:14 PM - 5 answers

NYC shelter for undocumented immigrant women?

My homeless friend is afraid to go to a shelter because she is an undocumented immigrant. What resources are available for her in New York City?
posted by anonymous at 3:02 PM - 4 answers

Help me preserve my passport

My US passport needs to be renewed. I am supposed to submit my old passport along with my renewal documents. Will I get the old passport back? It has several stamps with sentimental value, so I'd like to preserve them if at all possible. I know it's possible to "lose" the old passport and pay a fee, but is that necessary?
posted by philosophygeek at 10:54 AM - 34 answers

The legal case in Sharia against terrorism

What are the specific arguments from the perspective of mainstream or traditional Islamic jurisprudence that forbid or sanction terrorist attacks? [more inside]
posted by skoosh at 7:41 AM - 6 answers

January 8

How to keep up with Federal & Local data security laws?

I work with (and perform IT functions for) a small direct mail house in the heart of New England. My supervisor has tasked me with keeping up on new and changed laws and regulations regarding data security in the states that we operate in (MA, ME, NH, VT) as well as federally. Is it too much to hope that there's a website that specializes in this? [more inside]
posted by TrueVox at 8:10 AM - 6 answers

January 7

OK to open this mail?

A misaddressed wedding invitation with no return address turned up in my mailbox. Should I open it and let the wedding couple know this guest did not receive his invite? Extenuating circumstances inside. [more inside]
posted by apparently at 8:04 AM - 36 answers

January 5

By reading this, you consent to send me $100 and make me a sandwich

My first reaction when seeing a headline to the effect that people's Facebook posts stating that Facebook had no right to use XYZ data did not retroactively invalidate users' consent to the terms of service was, "no shit." But then I thought, well why the hell not? [more inside]
posted by univac at 12:44 PM - 19 answers

January 3

Acquiring the rights to out-of-print books in the US.

I'd like to try acquire the rights to material from a few related out-of-print nonfiction books published in the US during the 1920s and 30s, in order to create interactive electronic media from the material. (Initially a website, possibly an offline phone app. in the future.) This is almost certainly not fair use, and copyrights have been renewed for most of the texts. I'm hoping for a sanity check and some pointers from someone who knows more about book rights than me. [more inside]
posted by eotvos at 2:32 PM - 4 answers

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