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October 14

Estate planning with a baby

We need to get wills. I've never done this before. What am I not considering? [more inside]
posted by JoannaC at 5:55 AM - 7 answers

October 13

Which fascist leader threatened to punch the opposition?

Well hello! Recent political developments have reminded me of a half-remembered story from the rise of fascism in Europe (at least, I think it was Europe?). A fascist political leader was being interviewed by a journalist, who asked how he would deal with the opposition. He jovially replied something like "We will punch them in the nose!" or "We will break the faces of the opposition!" or some such thing to that effect. It feels a bit Mussolini-esque to me, but hell, it might even be from a post-WWII noneuropean authoritarian regime. Does this ring any bells for anyone?
posted by Greg Nog at 11:26 AM - 3 answers

What would a theoretical left wing president do?

Okay, I was thinking about this last night, and realized that I don't understand the full extent of the US president's executive powers, and I don't really understand the political-capital consequences for using them. Questions inside! [more inside]
posted by Frowner at 7:22 AM - 5 answers

October 12

What can be done to make Chapter 13 less horrible for a human creditor?

We are not a bank, but hold a secured note. (Complex details inside) Days before the sale, the debtor just filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy. What can we do to maximize our chances of getting either the property or the loan/lawyer fee amount soon? We were counting on this for a lot. Also, please help me not get taken for a ride by a lawyer that I'm not sure is acting in our best interest, and not panic. [more inside]
posted by corb at 11:48 AM - 13 answers

Prisoner I have never met emailed asking to contact me. What now?

What it says on the tin. I don't know this person and I've never lived in Indiana, where she is located. The service she contacted me through is called Getting Out and appears from a cursory Google source to be legit. A) how and why did she identify me as someone to contact, B) should I respond in any way, and C) is this a Thing?
posted by sciatrix at 5:56 AM - 26 answers

October 11

Tier 1 Capital, market value of common stock or shareholders equity?

I am trying to understand the definition of Tier 1 capital. Internet sources seem contradictory. I understand the concept but I am confused as to whether it is shareholder equity or the market value of all shares of common stock that make up the portion that is not retained earnings, preferred stock or creative things. Wikipedia does not make this clear. Also if you can point me at a good resource for answering these kind of simple but slightly obscure questions I would appreciate it. [more inside]
posted by Pembquist at 3:27 PM - 8 answers

Want to ask my city to provide context for a Confederate monument

A public park that I frequent (Sam Houston Park, in Houston TX) has a large statue which was dedicated in 1903 "to all heroes of the South who fought for the principles of states rights." I consider this to be a blot on the park, and while I don't want it to be removed, I would like to approach my city government about building a plaque or a marker explaining the historical context of "Lost Cause" monuments. [more inside]
posted by Clambone at 2:49 PM - 5 answers

October 10

How to break a rental lease

How would someone break a lease at the beginning of a rental agreement and what are reasonable causes for doing so? [more inside]
posted by CosmicSeeker42 at 7:17 PM - 7 answers

October 9

What political donations are most impactful in October?

This late in the election cycle, are my (modest) donations best targeted towards individual statewide candidates, or towards general democratic get-out-the-vote efforts? If the latter, any suggestions? I'm specifically interested in impacting Missouri statewide races, which will be highly competitive if enough disgusted GOPers stay home.
posted by chrisamiller at 8:23 PM - 7 answers

Which down ballot Dem candidates should I donate to?

I have some extra room in my budget and would like to support a Democratic candidate in a close race. To whom should I donate? Or is better to just donate more to Hillary's campaign? [more inside]
posted by that possible maker of pork sausages at 6:46 PM - 11 answers

October 8

Going to be in South Carolina for cleanup work, where to view debate?

I'm going to Charleston SC with the company I work for on Sunday, knowing that tv and internet can be out due to storm damage, is there any good options for trying to hear the debate? I have a portable AM/FM/SW radio I can bring, do you know of any stations that would be broadcasting it? Barring that any other good options?
posted by Ferreous at 12:06 PM - 2 answers

Which Republicans have stopped supporting Donald Trump?

Who are the politicians revoking support from Donald Trump? I'm looking for people who aren't on this wiki yet.
posted by andoatnp at 11:57 AM - 12 answers

Low-Income Housing, Unaffordable Rent Increase--Help!

After being financially ruined after a divorce, my 3 kids and I were lucky enough to be chosen for a low-to-moderate-income 3 bedroom home; the rent was $650 monthly which was all I could afford at the time. Unfortunately, my rent is now being raised to $1450 (30% of my AGI) and I just cannot afford that. I have a son with a mental health disability who is thriving in a special education program in the public high school. If we move, I won't find a comparable program (also, it's his senior year and moving him will not go down easy). Wise Hivemind: is there ANYTHING I can do to get the board to reconsider? Does my son's disability factor? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 4:58 AM - 15 answers

October 5

What Do We Call the Lawyers Who Defend Lawyers?

What do we call the lawyers who defend other lawyers before the state Bar and how does one find them? (I'm currently going to go with "not through the state bar association.") [more inside]
posted by DarlingBri at 1:43 PM - 11 answers

October 4

I didn't leave you, you left me!

The daycare we've been using suddenly announced they were closing with 30 days warning. In our community, this is ridiculously little time to find a new place. Miraculously (and with connections), we found a place, but need to start next week to keep a spot. All good, no? But when we tell old daycare, they tell me that we're contractually obligated to pay them for 1 month after we announce we're leaving. YANML, TINLA but does this make any sense? [more inside]
posted by papergirl at 6:33 PM - 17 answers

October 3

State prosecuting attorney job review

How does a job review for a state employed prosecuting attorney employee work? [more inside]
posted by lstanley at 3:05 PM - 8 answers

How to collect on Stopped Payment Cheque

I work for a doctor's office and we received a cheque for a large amount of money. After agreed-upon services were fulfilled, the person stopped payment on it. Medical insurance is not involved/not used. The person resides several states away. How can I legally collect payment on this?
posted by Kombucha3452 at 2:04 PM - 10 answers

What's the rationale for making voting information public?

Your voter registration details (party, name, address) and voting record (how you were registered, where you voted, and the fact that you voted, but not your selections) are public record. What is the rationale for that? Why did anyone think that the safety and privacy drawbacks were worth it? (It doesn't seem like it to me, but maybe there's a good reason?) Is there some record of the deliberations from when this was decided?
posted by blnkfrnk at 1:43 PM - 11 answers

Liability for car broken into while in garage.

My car was broken into sometime last evening or night while it was parked in our gated apartment complex garage. Is my apartment company at all liable for this? [more inside]
posted by Everydayville at 1:35 PM - 8 answers

October 2

Best time for phone banking on the weekends?

I'm helping organize a phone banking effort from Hawaii for a ballot initiative in Washington state (3 hours ahead). From my googling, It seems the consensus is to phone bank 2-5pm Hawaii time (5-8 PST), Mon-Thurs. Since that's pretty inconvenient for most people's work schedules, we're considering holding these on the weekends. If we're to phone bank on the weekends, does anyone know if different hours would be more optimal than 5-8 PST? [more inside]
posted by defmute at 10:46 PM - 5 answers

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