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September 17

How serious is someone getting searched by a DEA agent?
I feel that something more serious is going on than a "traffic stop", but then again, I may be paranoid. Advice? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 6:08 AM - 11 answers

September 16

Can I legally make bumper stickers criticizing car dealerships?
I may have made a custom bumper sticker saying "has lying salesmen and bad ratings online" and stuck it on my car's bumper underneath the dealer's name/logo on the car. Someone looking at my car's back bumper might see the message that "(Car Company) of (City)" "has lying salesmen" etc. Is this legal to have on my car? [more inside]
posted by sninctown at 10:19 PM - 9 answers

September 15

Article about using a point system to establish guilt or innocence
Help me find an article about using a point system to establish guilt or innocence. I read the article several years ago and the author was advocating a point system to establish guilt. I believe he dissected the evidence given during a major trial and awarded points based on the evidence. The idea was that some evidence was rewarded more points, especially if it was independently verifiable.
posted by TorontoSandy at 4:22 PM - 2 answers

New legal name, now what?
So for personal reasons, I've changed my birth name to my online name and now I'm chasing my tail trying to think of where I need to change my name. The givens are SSN (done), Driver's License, Passport, bills, lease, degrees, medical records (?)... But I'm wondering if y'all can tell me what I absolutely need to (like legally, I have to) change my name on and what I really shouldn't bother with. [more inside]
posted by patheral at 2:31 PM - 14 answers

September 14

Where can I watch the Scottish Independence Referendum returns live?
I'm hoping to follow the Scottish Independence Referendum returns live as we do here in America for our big elections. Does anyone know where someone in the USA could watch as the counts come in? (Does this even happen over there, making a night of it?)
posted by drowsy at 5:57 PM - 20 answers

September 13

Is this a known scam, and what are my next steps?
I believe I've just thwarted a scam being attempted in my name with my credit card. I have several questions about this: 1. Have I understood the scam correctly? 2. Does the scam have a name or is it something new? 3. Who should I report this to? 4. What steps should I take to protect my identity? [more inside]
posted by alms at 1:58 PM - 6 answers

Bench warrant and the Canadian border...
I'm headed to BC (from WA) for a few hours for a class reunion. I had an unpaid ticket from Wyoming last year which likely turned into a bench warrant (am assuming, haven't gotten notice of anything, was due to not having my insurance card even though I had insurance). If I go to cross the border will they find that and deny me entry? [more inside]
posted by shawnmk at 10:59 AM - 2 answers

TAX??? Low earning American marries High Earning European
Okay. I have been in Europe now (and live as an EU citizen) for almost 10 years. I have no desire to ever return to the states. NONE. WHATSOEVER. NONE. I make very little money so have never passed the threshold to need to pay American tax. But if I get married to a high earner here in Europe. (we are talking 200k plus per year in salary) what happens? Is that joint income if we are married? And if we want to have, say- 3 children, in quick succession. How could this work? Could I have the children, pass on my citizenship, pay tax and then relinquish? What happens? I am completely fine with giving up my US citizenship, and my possible future husband has no desire to live in America- but I realize it could be beneficial to my children. I'm not sure exactly what to think. This is not happening at the moment. But it could happen in the next couple of years. Advice and anecdotes are most welcome!
posted by misspony at 10:15 AM - 13 answers

If this were a bug or a font, I'd know what website to use.
My neighbor is flying a flag I've never seen before. What is this? What does it mean? [more inside]
posted by dr. boludo at 9:30 AM - 11 answers

September 11

New Home Buyer's Nightmare
I'm asking this for an acquaintance. She and her husband purchased their first home earlier this year in Texas. Some time after moving in, they realized that the floors were uneven and discovered that they had major foundation problems (concrete slab foundation). [more inside]
posted by syzygy at 11:48 PM - 12 answers

What should I look for in an attorney for the terminally ill?
I'd appreciate recommendations and suggestions for (and about) elder care attorneys in Portland, OR. Bonus points: not for an elder, but for someone with a terminal illness. [more inside]
posted by geckoinpdx at 4:16 PM - 5 answers

September 10

How do we best donate to the family of a deceased colleague?
A friend and colleague recently passed away leaving behind two very young children. Although she did not have a substantial income, she was by far the primary wage earner for her household. Many of us at work and elsewhere are interested in contributing to the immediate support of her family and the future education of her children. Does anyone have suggestions about what the best mechanism(s) would be for doing this? Our office is in Maryland, and she and her family were residents as well.
posted by procrastination at 2:40 PM - 8 answers

Inheritance Tax on estimated value of photo negatives left behind? WUTT?
An acquaintance's brother-in-law, a retired photojournalist (Newsweek, Time), has left specific instructions to destroy his negatives after his death so his family won't be hit by US inheritance taxes on the estimated market value of the collection. He sells through Getty and Polaris so this is a valid financial threat (he believes). Kinda sad, I think. He did a close up and personal pictorial project with a young Bob Dylan living in New York, and these rare shots would be destroyed, along with... [more inside]
posted by spock at 7:46 AM - 24 answers

How will Westminster be affected by Scottish independence?
Hello, could someone please point me to any recent thinking/speculation on what would happen to the UK parliament in the event of a win for the Yes campaign next week? [more inside]
posted by runincircles at 3:16 AM - 11 answers

September 9

We lost the misprescribed bottle; what other evidence is there?
The pharmacy gave my mother double the prescribed dosage of Baclofen, which possibly caused or contributed to a condition resulting in a trip to the emergency room. My dad, unfortunately and perhaps not in a clear frame of mind, went to the pharmacy to give them a dressing-down, and returned the bottle. IF (and it's a big if) litigation is in our future, what other evidence or documentation should we be collecting now? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:19 PM - 10 answers

September 8

Helping my mom get disability
My mom has been attempting to get disability for a while, and it won't happen. She has a paralyzed leg, and has lost feeling and fine motor control in her fingers. She has finally heard that a retirement account that she can't access seems to be the problem. [more inside]
posted by FireballForever at 1:13 PM - 21 answers

September 7

Recommended reading for life as a small-town cop?
For a creative project I'm working on, I'm looking for good things to read about life and work as a small town US police officer. So far, I've only found romance novels and self-published Amazon memoirs. Any well-written non-fiction books I could be perusing? [more inside]
posted by HeroZero at 1:33 PM - 13 answers

Do they have sovereign immunity over ME?
The town vehicle hit my car. They are claming soverign immunity over the insurance company. The insurance company says I can file a claim as an individual. It looks like the deck is stacked against me. Should I file and how should I do it? [more inside]
posted by Xurando at 5:20 AM - 14 answers

September 6

Can I visit a Federal District Court Case Mangement Conference?
Are US Federal District Court Case Mangement Conferences open to the public? Does anything interesting happen in them? [more inside]
posted by morganw at 4:36 PM - 5 answers

sex work on a tier 4 visa
YANML but: I am a student on a Tier 4 visa in the UK. I want to strip or engage in other forms of sex work while going to school. Does this violate the self-employment or professional entertainer work restrictions of the Tier 4? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 7:06 AM - 6 answers

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