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July 25

How do I "I do?"
My partner and I are having a wedding in two months. We'd like to get legally married before the ceremony, but can't decide what the best option for us would be. My partner is a man, but here in Ohio it isn't possible for him to change his birth certificate to match this. Do we go to another state to marry, or try to get a license in Ohio? [more inside]
posted by dinofuzz at 9:28 AM - 9 answers

July 24

Bookshop For Sale; Foreigners Welcomed
How realistic and/or easy is it to buy and run a physical bookshop in a foreign country? [more inside]
posted by applesurf at 5:38 PM - 9 answers

How to eliminate Student Assistance Corp. from my life?
I do not have any student loans with Nelnet. And yet, I receive telephone calls from the Student Assistance Corporation (evil wrongdoers, as supported on the internet) several times a week. Help me make it stop! [more inside]
posted by miss tea at 6:24 AM - 12 answers

July 23

Was Grandpa spooky?
Can I find out through a foia request, or some other means, whether my grandfather was a spy, code-cracker, or somehow involved in Cold War hijinx? [more inside]
posted by metajc at 7:37 PM - 13 answers

What to do about an unresponsive attorney
Several of my family members and I are working together to help select, coordinate and pay for legal representation for a family member (I'll call him Bill). The attorney we have hired will not take our calls nor respond to phone messages or emails sent to him, and Bill has an important hearing coming up. [more inside]
posted by Strumpf Marionette at 12:18 AM - 12 answers

July 22

How should you approach a bar essay question if you blank on the answer?
I'm taking the bar next week. (IL if it matters). I feel strong in some areas, weak in others. Strengths and weaknesses I can handle, but there's one situation that I'm nervous about. How should approach a question if I just flat out blank on the rule of rule? [more inside]
posted by helloimjohnnycash at 1:26 PM - 21 answers

July 21

The Numbers
In the 1995 Quebec Referendum - roughly how many grassroots volunteers/activists did each side have ?
posted by sgt.serenity at 3:07 PM - 2 answers

How do I serve papers in Canada?
My friend has an uncomplicated divorce (no assets, no kids, no shared debt, filing taxes singly.) The ex lives in Canada and is a Canadian citizen, my friend who is filing for divorce is in California and a United States citizen. She has free legal help-- they got the papers filled out properly and explained the general process, but didn't explain serving papers. Paying to speak to a lawyer is out of the question. How do we serve papers internationally, to a known address? What if she refuses delivery or can't be found?
posted by blnkfrnk at 1:42 PM - 12 answers

July 20

When does a signature become irrevocable?
In the context of an employment contract in Illinois, does the employee have any ability to rescind their signature if the employer has not yet signed? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 1:55 PM - 6 answers

Give me my money back
I moved out from a terrible landlord in North Carolina last June, and then because I was living in Chile with a postal strike/mail delays, the security deposit check had hit the 90 day void by the time it got to my bank. Now I'm back in the US and he won't give me my money back. [more inside]
posted by crayz at 8:28 AM - 12 answers

July 18

Divorce Lawyer in the Twin Cities
Looking for family law/divorce lawyer recommendations in the Twin Cities to help a couple with young children and assets go through a non-contentious divorce. Email if you prefer. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 7:32 PM - 2 answers

July 16

How are water rates set in California, and why is water still cheap?
California is in a severe drought. The state just passed a law authorizing heavy fines for people who use water in visibly wasteful ways, and some municipalities are rationing households or talking about doing so. However, my impression is that actual water rates (prices for ordinary use) haven't gone up much. Is that correct? And if so, what would need to happen for rates to go up, and why isn't it happening? [more inside]
posted by aws17576 at 7:14 PM - 17 answers

Recovering stolen property
Does anyone know what the procedure is for confiscating something that's stolen? [more inside]
posted by small_ruminant at 4:36 PM - 12 answers

Stop me from committing health care fraud. (tongue-in-cheek)
Yeah, I have no intention of committing health care fraud, but I am a bit uncertain on whether I should do this or not (request reimbursement from two insurance companies). More under the fold. [more inside]
posted by dubious_dude at 2:58 PM - 8 answers

July 15

A friend thought his lease ended August 1st, but he just got a call from his landlord saying that it ended two days ago. They don't have anyone slated to move in for two weeks, but say that they need that time to have the apartment professionally cleaned. What are the best steps for him to take? What rights does he have legally? We are in North Carolina. [more inside]
posted by matkline at 2:40 PM - 14 answers

July 13

From Church to State to Corporation
I suspect this is a huge question with more than one answer, but… It has been decades since I read a book (article?) that laid out a theory of (let’s call them) epochs in civilization where the predominant force governing people’s lives were/are church, then state, then corporations. [more inside]
posted by Short Attention Sp at 4:28 PM - 7 answers

Thieving, lying landlords
How do I get my belongings back from a thieving police officer and his lying, thieving wife? [more inside]
posted by Amalie-Suzette at 5:35 AM - 14 answers

July 12

Puzzling Mail Carrier Behavior
Can someone familiar with post office procedures tell me if this is a messed-up as I think it is? One day, two independent packages expected that day were, according to the USPS tracking page, scanned as both "Notice Left (No Authorized Recipient Available)" and "Delivered". All four scans had the same timestamp, 2:16 pm on the day they were due. Someone was present at that time, no delivery attempt was in fact made. [more inside]
posted by George_Spiggott at 5:18 PM - 14 answers

July 8

Requesting a French police report. Enclose €5 for stamps?
I need to request a police report from a French city. The USPS doesn't sell International Reply Coupons anymore, and I can't mail coins. I can send a €5 bill (about US$7) to cover the €2 postage, or nothing at all. I have included my email and fax in the letter as well as a self-addressed envelope. Is it a good idea or bad idea to include the five Euros?
posted by wnissen at 5:35 PM - 3 answers

Please help me sue someone's ass.
I'm beginning to fill out the paperwork to initiate Ontario Small Claims Court proceedings against my former tenant, and I have some questions. [more inside]
posted by orange swan at 4:08 PM - 6 answers

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