June 24

Help me get over my fear of leadership

I've been supervising staff for about a year. I would, eventually, like to continue moving up the career ladder. Several people at levels higher than mine have recommended things like doing trainings or talks for other people in the organization, or other projects that would get my face out there as a "go to" person for something. Every time this is even suggested, I freeze. [more inside]
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Wordpress (wp cli) fail

I am trying to update my Wordpress installations via wp cli, which has always worked in the past. Today it is failing. Help me? Details within. [more inside]
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Irish/Gaelic mythology literature

I’ve recently watched a few movies drawing on Irish/Gaelic (not sure of the difference) mythology: The Secret of Kells, The Secret of Roan Inish, and Song of the Sea. I'd like to go to the source of the myths. What books can you recommend?
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Windows 10 audio issues and slither.io

Don't know if these are related, but when I launch a new tab in chrome on windows 10 (creators update) the tab audio is muted. I have to go into the windows volume mixer to unmute it. Also there is always a volume slider for Slither.io and I've never played that game on my PC. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling chrome to no avail. Help?
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Looking for the best raw climate change data in tab form

Looking for a website (NASA/NOAA? others certainly welcome) that has downloadable tab data of raw, uncorrected daily highs and lows as reported from all weather stations (or other direct, non-proxy sources) for the 20th century up to modern day. [more inside]
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How to be able to use a touchscreen device in a glovebox

My spouse uses a glovebox at work (this is an inert atmosphere chamber - basically an air tight space that is filled with, in this case, argon). He needs to use a touch screen inside the glove box but since he's reaching inside of it with giant butyl gloves, it doesn't work. Any ideas for a good workaround? [more inside]
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Gift idea for an acquaintance who has ALS?

I work at a bar, and one of my regulars is a very sweet woman in her 60's (?) who has ALS. She has invited me to attend a 'celebration of life' for her (she is not close to death as far as I can tell, but wants a party with her friends while she is still somewhat communicable I believe), at her home tomorrow/today (Saturday). I'm honored to go, as I'm new and she does not like everyone that works where I do. [more inside]
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Which languages should I have a document translated into?

I have a document that I'm translating to spread far and wide, emphasis on wide. I'd like to make it truly global and cover every language where it could be widely read. Is there any good way to figure that out? Wikipedia's list of the most widely used languages was a good starting point, but I'm having trouble distinguishing which languages overlap and might be less necessary due to users generally reading in a different more common language. So what I really need to know is, which languages will give me the widest possible reach, especially including ones most likely to be used by the young and tech focused.
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June 23

What is the context of this reference to 'Munchkins' in the Oz books?

Someone I was speaking with recently made reference to a kind of 'Munchkin' punishment in the Wizard of Oz (or similar books). The punishment involved confinement with all the best things given to the prisoner Munchkin. What book is this from and what is the context of this 'punishment'?
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Becoming a Drama Teacher

I am seeking advice and possible support on how to become a great teacher of drama, (for bi-lingual youngsters aged between 11 and 17.) I would appreciate book recommendations, internet forum recommendations, web sites, anything really that is sincere and aimed at excellence. [more inside]
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Please explain the new Dropbox photo folders to me

Dropbox has been sending out a notice that says after June 30 "2) You’ll no longer be able to view, create, or share photo albums on the web after this date." AND "4) You can continue to share your photos through Dropbox via shared folders or shared links." What does that mean?! [more inside]
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What Playstation games should I play?

I have a Playstation 1, 2, 3, and 4 and I am looking for games to play. I like third person action games. [more inside]
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The First Broadcast of the CBC

Did Monty Python create a short film satirizing the CBC that aired in the 1970's? [more inside]
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What Southern California tree is this?

What tree is this? Spotted in Agoura Hills, CA.
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Captain Sunshine with Synth Steel Drums?

I heard Neil Diamond's Captain Sunshine while at a pub this afternoon in northern B.C. Or was it a cover? It had a synth streel drum solo. Help me find the Captain Sunshine with Steel Drums. [more inside]
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Jeans for Old Man with Big Waist, Short Inseam.

My 88 year old dad's pants no longer fit. He really can't go out shopping, so I've been trying to find him some new jeans. [more inside]
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18+ Gay Bars/Clubs in Chicago?

My wife and her under-21 sister are going to her first Chicago Pride. They want to scope out the nightlife tonight, but finding under-21 bars online is fizzling out. Any locals know of gay or gay-friendly venues that accept under 21s? [more inside]
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Time vs Distance

How fast must I drive on the Interstate 80 in Nebraska to keep within the umbra of the eclipse mid Aug?
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Will No One Rid Me of this Troublesome... Cabbage?

We have been surprise-gifted with an extraordinary amount of red cabbage from a neighbor's extremely bountiful garden. Recipes needed! Bonus if the recipe somehow includes white carrots, because we have been gifted a shopping bag full of those as well. [more inside]
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Innovative jobs programs for people with barriers to employment?

Can you point me toward any successful programs which prepare and train people with significant barriers to employment for jobs and career opportunities? I am even more specifically interested in programs which do the pre-employment prep and training as well as actually placing people in jobs with decent wages and benefits or a career ladder. [more inside]
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Tips for getting un-intimidated by bouldering

I'm joining a bouldering gym, primarily because it is the closest place to my house offering a range of fitness classes. But, since it is a bouldering gym after all, I would like to try bouldering! Looking for any tips that can help me get off to a better start than my first time. [more inside]
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Good Neighbourhood to Stay in in Cleveland

Which (non-touristy) Cleveland hood should I stay in for a night? [more inside]
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Name this bird (Romanian edition)

A bird has taken up residence in a tree outside my apartment and its constant, repetitive calls at night are driving me nuts. I am hoping it will calm my nerves slightly if I at least know what type of bird it is. [more inside]
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Help my friend deal with the NYC beaurocracy

Asking for a friend, who's girlfriend was just hit by a New York City-owned vehicle. It sounds like a nightmare. Does anyone have experience or ideas about navagating this?: [more inside]
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Dating a New Person That's Making Me Feel Uncomfortable

I met a girl on Tinder, and we talked for a week before meeting up. However after a few dates, things are getting weird... [more inside]
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12 beautiful (layover) hours next Sunday in Amsterdam... tips please

My wife and I will be returning from a Norway cruise and docking in Amsterdam next Sunday at 7am. Our plane leaves that night at 7pm out of Schiphol. We both have small backpacks and roller bags. Important Q: Where can we stash our stuff for the day so we can enjoy the city? [more inside]
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It's taking it out of me to try to stay friends with her

Hi Metafilter! Once upon a time, I was in a relationship that ‘changed the game’ for me. I’ve been dwelling on how powerful it was ever since. We're friends again, but it's hard. Ideally: I’d like to keep the relationship, and change my attitude towards it, so that I have space to change my attitude towards life. Realistically: I know the best way would be to change my attitude towards life, and the focus on the relationship will follow. Hope me. Tough love me. [more inside]
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FoodFilter: Montreal edition

Restaurant recommendations around downtown Montreal? [more inside]
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Please describe for me your planning routines

I've realized I need to get better at planning at work - especially for medium- and long-range projects and goals. I have no trouble finding suggested planning methodologies and documents online. Where I struggle is in understanding where and how this fits into daily working life. Can you share your planning hacks, techniques, systems and routines with me? [more inside]
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Cheese by Post

My friend recently moved to Florida and is lamenting the lack of good cheese available in her area. Her birthday is coming up next week and I want to get her a cheese basket or a cheese of the month type thing. Help me find one? [more inside]
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Sorry my dog peed on your kid's stuff

Last time I visited my niece with my dog, he peed on her toys, jeez louise, not embarrassing at all. When not around my niece, he's never peed in the house. I'm visiting them again soon. Is there anything I can do to prep for a pee-free visit? [more inside]
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Doors without casings in the Oval Office.

Whenever I watch a show about the American President and Oval Office, I notice that every depiction has at least two doors that appear to have no casings or door jams. Why is that? Aesthetics? Shoddy carpentry? Clearly visible in the current seasons of Veep and House of Cards.
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Text message forwarding from one phone to another.

I have been issued a new I-Phone at my job. I already have a personal (android) mobile phone which I do not wish to give up. I need to know how to ensure texts sent to my personal phone number are visible on my work phone, so I will not need to carry both. [more inside]
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Small bathroom: should I just give up on a separate bath and shower?

Current layout - possible plan. I've removed a couple of old cupboards and now have an empty corner in my small, sloping roofed bathroom. Would love to have a separate shower and bath, but I don't want to end up with the worst of both worlds. Lots of questions, any pointers or stories about your bathroom renovation decisions much appreciated, especially if you were dealing with limited space or sloping ceilings. [more inside]
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Intersectional resources for foster/adoptive families

Looking for online resources about foster care parenting and adoption. More inside. [more inside]
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What is my recourse when the Dept. of Revenue makes a mistake?

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue recently put a tax lien on my credit report for unpaid state income taxes. The problem is, I didn't live in the State of PA during the year they're claiming I didn't pay income taxes. They're not being very helpful...what should I do? [more inside]
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excuse me i would like MORE magic dustpans

Fantasy where people who do housekeeping/domestic/child rearing activity are awesome because of it, and not in spite? [more inside]
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Foot fungus hell

I've been dealing with foot and toenail fungus for years and it is not getting any better. Topical solutions work temporarily but not completely. Two of my toenails have fallen off and my feet look disgusting. My right foot especially is constantly peeling and flaky on the bottom. I have no health insurance. What do I do? [more inside]
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Chirashizushi ingredient suggestions?

I'm making chirashizushi tomorrow. Rice, fresh fish, tofu and mushrooms are no problem, but where I live [Ireland, and not Dublin] I don't have access to some of the other ingredients that typically crop up in recipes. Do good substitutes — that are likely to be available in, say, a good Western European greengrocer's — exist for lotus root and kampyo? Alternatively, what are some good Euro-ubiquitous ingredients for chirashizushi?
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Does anybody recognise this obscure YA horse book from the 1980s?

Back in the 80s, when I was a young tween girl, I was obsessed with horses. I read this book which for some reason stuck with me for years and I've never been able to track it down. Spoilers inside. [more inside]
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Is my home carbonation device a death trap?

The BBC reported today that a whipped cream canister exploded and killed a French woman. At my house we use a somewhat-similar device that makes water bubbly. Help me, seltzer engineers, to assess what we should do. [more inside]
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June 22

Are people with the same name [as me] hindering my job search?

I've been submitting resumes via an online job search engine, with no responses. I live in an area with a lot of jobs; I have skills, so I'm at a loss. For reasons, I have no online presence. After poring over AskMe and Ask A Manager, I've been considering creating a LinkedIn profile, though I'd prefer not to. After searching my very unique name, I found, much to my surprise, three other people with the same name. [more inside]
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How do I become an official scorer in professional baseball?

I like keeping score. I'm curious what it would take to do that professionally. [more inside]
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How to find some cheap, horrible room to rent in Seattle?

I'm asking on behalf of a 22-year-old friend--my girlfriend's son. He's a full-time dishwasher, looking for a room in the $500/month range, within a 90 minute commute from downtown. What are some ways he can find a place? What are some things he can do to get more callbacks? [more inside]
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Free day in Chicago tomorrow - what should I do?

I have a mostly and unexpectedly free day in Chicago tomorrow - what should I do with it? Staying downtown near State + Hubbard - was at the Art Institute today. I'm interested in hearing any and all suggestions, but am especially interested in those related to music (esp. garage / punk / noise / jazz / free improvisation / modern classical), visual arts (*very* broadly defined), regional history and culture, natural history, and high quality walking / bike tours.
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I scream, you scream, we all scream for spumoni colored backgrounds!

In the throes of trying to design my workplace's new website (ugh don't ask), I've found an almost perfect background. Problem is, it's by wix (first 5-6 google image results for "wix candy stripes") but we don't intend to use wix. Help! [more inside]
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A cheap phone for my European vacation?

I am going to Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands and I want to have a phone in case of emergency. My normal cell phone doesn't offer any sort of international roaming and it is "locked" so I can't just swap SIM cards, so I think I probably need a cheap "burner" phone that works in Europe. What's my best option here? [more inside]
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How do I quit an internship gracefully?

I plan on giving my two weeks' notice for an internship in a couple days. (There are a number of reasons for this -- stress, unsatisfying work, wanting to spend more time on personal work, wanting to spend more time with my partner before they leave the country, etc.) We're running hard against a number of deadlines, and when I leave I'm going to be putting even more work on my coworkers' shoulders. How do I leave without looking like a jerk?
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Writing scholarships to NZ from US

I have a friend in Seattle who's a talented (though only lightly published, web stuff and a couple of journals) writer and I'm interested in hunting out any scholarships that might get her from there to here, but I'm not sure where to look.
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From a writer: time to get a new agent? How do I do it?

TLDR version: I'm a published author with a well-respected agent who has seriously let me down. But he's the only agent I've had, so maybe I'm being unrealistic and should just be patient. My contract doesn't say I *can't* look for new agents while he represents me, but I can't find a clear answer as to whether or not this is generally frowned-upon. Any other writers have thoughts on this? [more inside]
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Appropriate Response to Sudden Departure of Employee

A new employee (~1.5-2 mo) at our company called out yesterday because of a "family emergency." At 11:30pm last night, she sent her boss an email saying she quit, effective immediately. This is a management-level employee in her 30s, who otherwise seems quite stable. She responded to some texts from her boss last night (asking about the email), but has not responded to any phone calls and has not even been responding to texts today. I am worried for her safety at this point. What is the appropriate response? [more inside]
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Gladness personified

I saw a YouTube video of one of those dancing windsock car sales mascots set to Cream's "I'm so glad" once. I lost the link. Do you know where I can find this video?
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How to copy/archive a favorite website?

One of my go-to websites for Japanese Recipes, Washoku Guide suddenly announced that they're closing up shop next week. That's not enough time to go through and copy all my favorites! Is there any way to copy/archive the whole thing myself?
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Bumper stickers with a single "M"

I've started seeing these round "M" bumper stickers around my part of town a lot, usually black, but today's was blue. I haven't been able to get close enough to read the url, and Google image search hasn't helped, unless people are super-into advertising the Paris Metro. I realize it could be anything, and could be regional, but does anyone know what they represent?
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No good at my job

I've been in my role as Policy Officer in a Government department for several years now but I feel like I'm no good at it. I do my best but there is nothing I seem to be good at or improving on very much. My work gets changed a lot but I can't see any logic behind the changes to learn from. Others seem to get promoted and progress a lot more easily than me. I've had other roles within the same organisation with mostly the same problem. I'm hunting for a better fit but I'm not sure what else would suit me. I was considered able at school and at university so this struggle is new for me. My performance reviews are always average - not terrible but not great either. What should I do? How can I cope with always feeling like the dull kid?
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Software dev looking for daily edification

I'm working on creating good daily habits, and I'd like to incorporate some programming/CS/software dev exercises while I'm between school and work. [more inside]
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I signed up for Lynda.com. What should I learn?

I want to upgrade my skills so I can make more money. I signed up for Lynda.com, and now I don't really know where to start. What are some in-demand skills I can learn there? [more inside]
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How can I watch "The Godfather Saga"?

How can I watch "The Godfather Saga," or "The Godfather Epic," or any of the like "Godfather Part I"-"Godfather Part II" megacuts? HBO had the "Epic" version on its streaming platforms a while back but pulled it. Is there any other streaming platform with it I'm not seeing? I don't see it on DVD or Blu-Ray either? (To be clear, this is the seven hour chronological cut of the first two "Godfather" movies, not the individual movies themselves.)
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Any wealthy advice for a new board of director?

Hi All. I have finally joined a small non-profit board of directors organization. I am trying to seek some advice, tips, glossary tips, legal advice, project management, and career advice as a board of director. [more inside]
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Vacation planning

I'm planning a vacation up to Maine driving from the pocono mountains pa and would like to make some stops along the way. Looking for some recemendations and any unniqe ideas. I use a mobility cart and will be using along the way.any help would be greatly appreciated.
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