September 23

Great Scott! Why Couldn't I Think of This?

It must be a sign of me getting old, but I found my Googling ability faltering a little. [DISCLAIMER: This is going to be one of those SF-related trivia questions.] [more inside]
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September 22

I'm getting noise complaints and now paranoid. Advice??

I'm receiving noise complaints from my upstairs neighbour on a weekly basis and at my wit's end. Even my landlord seems confused. I live by myself and rarely have visitors. I love music but only listen with headphones without exception. The noise complaints have all been due to volume from my TV. Sounds simple? Ugh let me explain inside. [more inside]
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Trying to figure out what to do about my marriage

Basically, what it says on the tin. At a crossroads in my marriage and not sure what to do, and I'd like to get some perspective on how it looks to other people. [more inside]
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To switch jobs or not? First-job software developer edition!

Hello! I'm trying to decide whether or not to switch jobs. I've never done this - the job I'm at now is my first - and am soliciting as much advice as possible before I make what feels like a Very Big Decision. I'm a software developer, in my early 20s, and very lucky to make enough money to live the way I want as well as save for my future goals. [more inside]
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Is it normal to fire people without stating a cause?

I had to let someone go at work, but HR and my supervisor wouldn't allow me to say why. Is that normal practice? [more inside]
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Dedicated Circuit vs Oversized Circuit

I just got a plug-in hybrid, but don't have any outdoor outlets at the house. The driveway runs adjacent to the side of the house that already has 240V service for a window A/C on a dedicated circuit. The charger is also supposed to be on a dedicated circuit. I'm thinking of pulling 8ga through that conduit and installing a 40A breaker (Car:16A, A/C:8A). Does having dedicated circuit matter as much if you comfortably oversize the circuit capacity? [more inside]
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Ensemble movies involving a court case?

Looking for examples of movies where a group of different people band together to engage in a court battle against someone, and win (as a group/community/class-action lawsuit, etc.) [more inside]
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When is it time to see a physician for anxiety?

Difficulty Level: Canadian with no family doctor. For my entire life, I guess, I've really struggled with anxiety (probably depression), excessive worry, low-self esteem, and so on and so forth. I have had a rough year and my situation right now is really not... ideal. I am seeing a therapist, but I am having soo much anxiety. Is it honestly time to see a doctor for some sort of medication? How do I proceed without a family doctor? [more inside]
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Do you know this paper on weirdnesses in families with schizophrenia?

My partner once ran across an article in which a woman studied families that have several members with schizophrenia. She found that each home had some weirdness. The example she remembers is silverware kept under the sink so it would be extra clean. She doesn't remember the name of the article or the author, and an old psychologist told her about it, so she believes this is rather old research. Can anybody point to this article?
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Organize my Diabetes

Recently I've had to start taking insulin. I carry a messenger bag for work, and it has my laptop and room for a case of some sort. I have a bunch of stuff to carry including syringes, testing strips, my freedom lite meter, my insulin, and various other accoutrement. [more inside]
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Do I have roaches?

If I saw one roach in my new condo, are there definitely more? Do I absolutely need an exterminator or can I wait and see? [more inside]
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How do you draw a penis?

How do we learn to draw a penis? This has been niggling at the back of my mind for years, and it is finally time I got to the bottom of it. [more inside]
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Give me your best waterproofing treatments

What's the best way to add some water resistance to outdoor clothing? Is there anything out there that's better than good old Kiwi Camp Dry? [more inside]
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Laundry soap vs detergent: hygiene, and the environment.

I read a site that claims that soap doesn't get laundry properly clean, that detergents found in most commercial laundry powders are more effective. Is that true? And are laundry detergents still ecologically damaging? [more inside]
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shopping for art in Paris and London

I'm hoping to buy a painting from one of these cities. Where should I look? [more inside]
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Please help my stomach!

Need advice on coping with my reflux/gastrointestinal issues which have been going on way too long. I'm getting really frustrated - details below. [more inside]
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Concerned Citizens for Astroturfing Education?

On certain medical student forums, I'm seeing vague-looking ads saying things like "the medical education system is corrupt", and link to this mysterious site, sponsored by an "advocacy group" called "Concerned Citizens for Medical Education". However, I cannot find any references to "CCME" other than their website and Twitter (which hasn't been updated). No contact information is on their website other than a generic form. A Whois search seems to link to...some kind of proxy service in Panama? Sure smells like astroturfing to me - but who exactly is behind it? [more inside]
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Differences between DVD and Blu-ray

I have a 1080p television. Today, I rented a Blu-ray movie for the first time, and it seems like the picture looks better than a standard DVD does (my player plays both formats). However, I am completely open to the possibility that this is all in my head. Are the differences between DVD and Blu-ray perceptible on a tv like mine? [more inside]
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What's the best way to "cool down" a relationship (poly)

Started a relationship over the summer that got really intense, really fast (emotionally, not so much timewise due to competing family and work priorities). I'm poly, which he knew going in - but once intense feelings got involved he developed jealousy issues he isn't willing to deal with. He has proposed we "go back" to being FWB, which I'm not opposed to. Does anyone have any practical advice about how to let go of some of the feelings and cool things back down to a more casual level? (longer details available inside) [more inside]
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Shady Subletter Sullies Space; Shirks Settlement

Shady subletter filter: I sublet my apartment this summer and came home to find the place dirty and some items missing or ruined. Per the signed agreement between us, I cashed the check my subletter had left as a security deposit and emailed him with a detailed list of charges. Today I found out that the check bounced; what, if any, recourse do I have to get this money from him? [more inside]
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Medium for a séance in the Bay Area?

A friend is trying to put together a seance, and is having a tough time finding a medium to conduct it. Anyone here have any experience or knowledge of such a person in the Bay Area?
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I speak English, you speak... English?

I have a cousin who never actually says what she thinks. She has a front she puts up, and she does it to everyone. I see her on a regular basis, for Reasons. More below fold. [more inside]
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Reducing kid's morning TV (or suggestions for very short programs)

I try to control my (almost four year old) kid's tv time. She always watches a 15 minute video or so before her bath at night (usually Bearenstain Bears.) A few months ago, she started watching another 15 minute episode in the morning while I braid her hair. I want to cut this out or shorten it -- ideas? [more inside]
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I want the app equivalent of the the pill timer cap

Is there an app/web equivalent of the pill timer cap? These caps tell you the last time you opened the bottle (in days or hours or whatever). I want a webpage or app (iOS) version where I can get a list of things, and it will allow me to click to say "I just did this" and then count up and show me how long it's been since I clicked last. [more inside]
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Modern honky tonk slow dance

I want to make a playlist with a particular sound. I don't know how to describe said sound other than it reminds me of slow dancing at a honky tonk, as perfectly exemplified by this scene in The Leftovers (possible season 2 spoilers). I would prefer modern takes on this genre. [more inside]
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Searching campaign contributions for local US elections

I'm researching the donations a particular campaign donor has made in local races across the United States that concern the criminal justice system (e.g., elections for district attorneys and judges). plus the Federal Election Commission plus give me fairly complete campaign finance data at the federal level, but only partial data at the state, county, and city levels. Where else should I be looking?
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When did Cory Doctorow stop making (new) books downloadable for free?

I have been a fan of his for some time, but can't seem to find anywhere online mentioning this, including his own site. I figure he would have certainly expounded on it somewhere, which I am curious about. Anyone? Thanks! : )
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Capital coming; cashing chips conundrum.

About a year ago, I filed a claim for cause contra a company (Let's call them Acme School Bells, for convenience) for compensation of injuries acquired in an accident. [more inside]
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3D Printing a Spare Bike Rack Part

How can I go about 3D printing a part for a bike rack? Do I have to design it myself? Can I send one to some place and get a duplicate back in return? [more inside]
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Pairing Stationery with My Consulting Business

I've started a new consulting business, and the idea of special stationery fits it well. For example, high-quality journals, colored pens, etc. I am considering a few options but am trying to figure out if I'm setting myself up for a lot of needless work, or if this will contribute to my business. [more inside]
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How do you do archaeology without the gun and the whip?

I'm looking for good sources on the practice and process of conducting archaeological digs. My Google-fu is coming up short on good sources because I probably don't know the right questions to ask, and university textbooks are expensive. Can anyone point me to good sources (video, books, websites) showing the process of surveying, extraction, etc? [more inside]
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Twitter discovery and analytics for beginners?

I need recommendations for tools to harvest and analyze tweets. I am curious about a Twitter troll farm or bot army and trying to figure out who is behind it — NOT Russia related! I'd appreciate specific recommendations as well as links to guides that cover the topic.
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Wanted: mental health/therapy podcasts and leftist history podcasts

I am looking for two different types of podcasts: podcasts that focus on therapy and/or mental health aspects of specific people AND podcasts that focus on leftist history. Examples and parameters inside. [more inside]
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ISO black & white laser printer w/ copier scanner functionality

Hi folks. I would like some recommendations for laser printers. I am finding the multitudes of options and inconsistent user reviews to be overwhelming so I hope the trusted MeFite community can help. Details below. [more inside]
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Camper shoes in downtown Seattle?

Does anyone know of any shops in downtown Seattle that carry Camper shoes? I'd like to try on some pairs I found online. I know Sole Food at U Village has some and there's the store in Bellevue, but I'm hoping for a more convenient location.
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suggestions for creating Mix CDs with crossfades on Mac [2017 version]

I'm looking for new CD burning software that will allow me to drag and drop tracks from iTunes into it and then adjust track edits and crossfades. [more inside]
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Bolt website shutdown?

Has the website shutdown?
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"It inappropriate to compare the salaries of 2 people that I manage."

I work at an American startup. I remotely manage a two person team that is based in London. My boss tells me that it is inappropriate to compare the salaries of the two people, even though the rockstar performer is being paid less - and is a woman. I don't understand why. I could use advice on how to handle this as well as the overall sexist culture. [more inside]
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Biz Casual Men of Mefi, where do you get your shirts?

I have to wear business casual everyday (chinos/wool pants, button up shirt). I hate it and it's killing me because I hate button-up shirts. Do you have a button-up shirt you love that's comfortable and well-cut and looks ok? Tell me about it. [more inside]
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Glass dip pens, how well do they work?

I am thinking of buying a glass dip pen but I have never seen one irl and have no idea how well they write. I have no experience with dip pens of any kind. [more inside]
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How do I renumber existing footnotes in Microsoft Word for Mac

I have a LONG document with hundreds of footnotes that currently are numbered sequentially. I'd like to add section breaks to the document and have the footnotes start from the number 1 at each break. I'm not sure that it's even possible. Can anyone offer advice? [more inside]
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Is it any wonder that i feel like Audrey Hepburn in Charade?

Work-related blues. Pay is okay, it's a family-run business, but a number of people are causing me to crawl the walls in more ways than I expected. [more inside]
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Dealing with Difficult Parent, Teacher Edition

I desperately need some help in working with a parent who not only refuses to acknowledge her teenage daughter's inappropriate learned behavior, but does not see that she is actively encouraging and rewarding the behavior. Worse, the mom sends blistering emails every time teachers try to help the kid. This parent is sucking the life out of me and my team and I need some help. [more inside]
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September 21

Earphones Question for the hard-of-shopping

There are SO many choices. I've tested big over-the-earphones and on-ear phones but you can't try the in-ear styles because, you know. I want them for some long (14+hours) flights coming up and also to be able to listen to podcasts and music in the house and outside walking the dog. Appreciate your advice and recommendations! [more inside]
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401K for a foreign national, with extra sauce

Trying to figure out future pension/financial ramifications if non-US citizen takes job with US company. [more inside]
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Help me Copenhagen and beyond

So, I'm going to Copenhagen next Friday. I've got some plans, but tell me something awesome to do. I have accommodation booked in Norrebro. Special art, design, day trips, and solo dining. I read this previous Ask and will hit many of those spots. [more inside]
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What arrangements do you have with adult children living at home?

Our 23-year-old lives with us. My partner and I are trying to figure out expectations, division of expenses, and how to encourage our child toward adulthood, and I'd love to hear about what other parents do. There are complicated factors having to do with disability, so do read, please. [more inside]
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fidget object. not toy

I'm looking for something to fidget with, not a fidget toy or anything made to be fidgeted with. For example, a pocket knife is perfect except that would be inappropriate at meetings and sometimes I am not sober and shouldn't be around sharp objects. [more inside]
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Where should I go to get this bracelet appraised? Or should I bother?

Yet another question about selling jewelry. I found a few gold things that I can sell as scrap, but there is one distinctive piece that is worth asking about, a very intricate bracelet. Since I know nothing about jewelry, before I take it somewhere to sell I wanted to check if this looked like the kind of thing that might have additional value over the weight. If so, can any jeweler do the appraisal or should I contact one of the large auction houses? [more inside]
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Funny first-person stories about doing something dangerous

I'm trying to write a funny story about a first-time skydiving experience. I need help on the technique of funny. What are some examples of short (<1000 word) stories or articles about doing something dangerous for the first time?
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How to maintain a cell phone battery pack for emergency purposes only?

Hello everyone. In case of an emergency, I bought an Anker Powercore portable charger for my phone. I'm not going to use it for day to day use, just for an emergency. Might anyone know the best way to maintain it? I'm thinking it's not good to keep it always plugged in, right? Should I use it to charge my phone once or week or on some other schedule? Thanks in advance for any advice.
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How to relax in my cubicle at work

I've had a long and kinda-stressful week at work and it's not quite over. What can I do to feel super-relaxed and calm when I'm in a cube farm? (That is, in addition to the large quantities of herbal tea I already consume.) [more inside]
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Someone else would have a punny title for this

Is the art of making puns an acquired skill, or innate? I am always so impressed when people come up with some dumb play on words based on their present situation. To be clear, it's the spontaneity that's the impressive part for me - the thought literally never occurs to me. Punners of AskMe, how do you do it? Does the thought just pop into your head, or do you have to actively it through first? Did you grow up in a particularly punny environment? Is there anyone out there who has become proficient in punning in their non-native language (English or otherwise)? Would also welcome references to any pun-related scientific literature.
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No, sorry, I don't want to be your friend...

I feel like suuuuch an awful person for asking this question, but... I don't know how to resolve it. I'm in a grad program and one of my classmates is trying really hard to become friends with me, but in all honestly, I really don't want to be her friend. How do I navigate this gracefully and with kindness? I feel so awful that I don't want to be her friend!!! [more inside]
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Fun things to do in Richmond, VA tomorrow?

Partner and I are considering a spontaneous day-trip out to Richmond, VA tomorrow. We have enough basic familiarity with Richmond to have a general idea of what could be fun to do, but are seeking insider tips and unexpected ideas. [more inside]
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Is it appropriate to request a woman use her full name at work?

A female friend of mine works for a large multinational organization. For sake of the argument, she has been called "Sam", short for Samantha, for 5 years at this organization. Recently the organization hired Samuel Smith, then told Samantha that from now on she'd be known as "Samantha" and the new hire would be "Sam" to "avoid confusion." [more inside]
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Communicating the importance of privacy without making it an issue?

My business frequently handles organisational and personal data. As a business, how do we communicate that we take privacy seriously without making it a huge issue? [more inside]
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A way to find all the movies that got a certain grade on Cinemascore?

I'm trying to find a list of the movies that got D's on Cinemascore. But I can't come up with the right Google search terms. The menu options on Cinemascore itself lead nowhere. Anybody know a trick? [more inside]
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How to act like an established creative studio even though we're not?

Apart from working inside an agency to learn its inner-workings, is there a resource where one can learn more about these things? Things like documents (contracts, creative briefs, price points, ...), processes, and strategies? How are these learned when one has limited experience working in another company? [more inside]
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Unintentionally Anonymous Madonna Mocker Sought

I'm seeking the name of an unknown comedian who mocked Madonna. He's British, probably in his 50s, and my wife and I saw him probably on either Youtube or Netflix. He did a very filthy and hilarious routine about sex with Madonna. What's his name?
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