April 25

Sorry, another podcast question

Looking for more podcasts like Pod Save America, Two Dope Queens, Pop Culture Happy Hour, and Call Your Girlfriend. ie, topical but sort of general-interest, with smart, funny people riffing on general topics. [more inside]
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Things that are better with kids

Come September my husband and I will be transitioning from our little two-person family to three (fingers crossed, of course)! We've spent some time thinking about things we want to do before the kid arrives, and will be going on a last holiday for just the two of us. But we also want to think about the reverse - what are experiences or things that are better with a kid, or that can only be had if you have a kid? [more inside]
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Help identify this souvenir spoon idol

I recently purchased four unrelated souvenir spoons, including one with this idol-type image. It appears to be a tattooed figure holding two smaller figures. The smaller figures are sitting in each other's laps and holding onto each other. The seller had no idea what the image represents. There are no markings on the spoon itself. Is this an image specific to a particular religion or mythology? Or is it some generic exoticized trinket?
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Laptop repair in Alexandria, VA area

My Dell laptop seems to have a bad video cable - any suggestions for a reputable repair shop? Prefer the Alexandria/Springfield, VA area if possible [more inside]
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If the "Loaves and Fishes" miracle happened, what kind of fish was it?

I'm doing research on fish taken out of the Sea of Galilee during biblical times. I was wondering: if Jesus' Feeding of the Multitude miracle happened as described in the Bible, what species were the "two fish" Jesus used? [more inside]
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how can I ratproof a row of delicious brassicas?

The neighborhood rats agree that my brassica plants are tasty. I want them go eat something else. What do I do? [more inside]
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Starting sertraline (Zoloft), does trouble concentrating improve?

I've been taking sertraline (zoloft) for about a week for generalized anxiety disorder. I am less anxious and sleeping better. However, I am really having trouble focusing at my desk job. I am feeling a little restless, not jittery. I am still on a half dose (25) of my target dose (50). Does increasing the dose or simply more time on the medication improve concentration at all? The irony is that I am concentrating better, in the sense that I'm not ruminating or dwelling. The downside is that I'm not as motivated to accomplish work tasks.
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Recent stats/data on how libraries prevent destitution/homelessness?

I'm looking for *recent* data and statistics, preferably UK based but not necessarily, showing how libraries prevent destitution and homelessness, in any way - but in particular through aiding jobseeking and service-finding for folks without Internet at home. Narratives and anecdotes (published) also welcome.
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Newish Japanese>English translator - how to negotiate contract/pay?

I'll be working remotely from home. This is the first job I've taken in which negotiation is a factor - I'm worried I'll either sell myself short, or end up pulling an Icarus. Rate of pay is per word when translating documents, and per hour if I end up interpreting through phone. Catch: They want to hire me through a contracting agency, and negotiations will be through them. I'm doing internet research, but could use some friendly MeFite advice for negotiating rate of pay, what to ask for/bring up, what to watch out for, etc. [more inside]
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Raising informed citizens

No newspapers and no television - how do you expose your kids to current events? [more inside]
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How do I date the bubble-boy?

I met a great new guy, but he thinks he might be allergic to my dog. [more inside]
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How to function sort of well the day after a night of broken sleep?

I haven't been sleeping so well recently and am having a hard time being productive during the day, what helps? [more inside]
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How do I search for a specific type of hotel room?

I'm trying to find a hotel suite in NYC with a bedroom and a sofa bed outside the bedroom. Not a suite with a bed and a sofa in the same area. This is proving very hard to do in websites like Expedia or Hotels.com. Can this type of search be done? (or alternatively, if you have a specific hotel to suggest, I can just look at that)
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Sharing content online privately, without ceding my rights

The problem: keeping family and friends aware that I exist and am okay. The difficulty: I don’t like using Facebook or email. (Contra, say, Twitter/Mastodon or MetaFilter, which I seem to use compulsively.) What is a good, opt-in way for pushing small text, video, and photo notes to people that doesn’t force me to cede ownership of my content?
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I want to further my education, but have no idea how.

Now is a good time for me to consider furthering my education, but I haven't the foggiest idea how to go about it. [more inside]
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Marriage therapy or continue individual therapy?

I have been seeing a therapist/counselor on my own for a few times due to major issues I have with my husband and his family. My husband knows that I have been going. Would you recommend that I bring him with me to my appointments, or keep on working on myself, alone? [more inside]
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What's wrong with my grapefruit?

Most grapefruits are good and solid, but sometimes they're stringy and the sections fall apart. What causes this, and how do I avoid it? [more inside]
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on a plate or in a hill?

Often for lunch I rinse a can of beans and throw them in a container with some other ingredients to make a salad, like chickpeas + lemon juice + Parmesan. It is quick and easy. What other simple can of bean "recipes" should I try? No dietary restrictions.
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Help me find a specific article?

My boss told me about an article from the 1980's that he would like me to try to find a copy of. The publication was Manhattan,inc.. The article was titled "The Erector Set" and was a profile about some NYC real estate developers, including: Daniel Brodsky, Bruce Eichner, Jeffrey Katz, Steven Ross and David Solomon. I have done what online searching I can, but I think I need some direction here. Any guidance would be appreciated!
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Speeding/Disobeyed traffic control device ticket in NYS

I received a ticket in Westchester county, New York, a couple of weeks ago. The cop told me instead of a speeding ticket, he was writing it up as 'Disobeyed traffic control device'. I'm not sure whether to try to fight this or not. [more inside]
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Windows Movie Maker Replacement

So, I get a new PC and Windows Movie Maker is no longer supported. It was the one thing made by MS that I actually used, other than Windows, of course. Is there a comparable replacement that is free or doesn't cost $200? Will it eventually come back as an app for Windows 10?
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How to embed exercise into one's lifestyle?

I try to latch exercise into my day so that it seamlessly fits in. I'm looking for more ways to do this. Examples include: working close enough to home so walking is easier. [more inside]
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Fire Drill Safety Protocols

I work in a tallish building (around 10 floors) and just went through a fire drill that upset me. However, I think it may have been standard protocol. [more inside]
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Ow. My ear!

My left earlobe has had a state of troubles lately. It's been wrecked by an allergic reaction, then a fungal infection, and now my earring back has embedded itself into the lower piercing on my lobe. What can I do until the doctor can see me? [more inside]
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What to do about my teeth.

About 3.5 years ago, I fell down a flight of stairs and knocked out two of my teeth. (0/10 do not recommend.) The dentist reimplanted the avulsed teeth, but they were out of my mouth for over an hour and we knew this would not be a permanent solution. Sure enough, it looks like the time is coming for me to consider other options... [more inside]
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Plaster face casting in Toronto?

I've been fascinated by the idea of having my face and/or hands cast in plaster lately, but my own attempts have not been very successful. Where in the Toronto area could I have this done? And how much should I expect to pay? Is plaster the best material or should I consider something less breakable? The fine detail is important to me, but so is durability.
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Help me think outside the music box...

I'm in charge of wrangling sponsorships for my school's upcoming "Humanities Hall of Fame" induction ceremony. We've been around for 65 years, so we have some VERY accomplished alumni, and the whole thing promises to be a pretty big deal. Trouble is, I was never really a fine arts person in high school, so I'm afraid my thinking is somewhat limited in terms of which businesses might be interested in contributing to this kind of thing. [more inside]
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there will be mountains and there will be wine

What medications are safe to deal with motion sickness over the long term (10 days or so), that do not interact with alcohol? [more inside]
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Dealing with anonymous harassment

Someone has been leaving harassing and creepy notes on random doors in the condo complex where my girlfriend and I live. These notes either claim to be from us or from management due to our repeated complaints about the recipient. Fortunately, our complex's management does not believe that we are behind the notes and the people who have received them seem to accept the fact that this is someone's idea of a sick joke. We have a good idea of who is behind this, but no proof. What should we do next? [more inside]
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Switching insurance for weight loss surgery

Is it possible for my husband to go on Medicare in order to have weight loss surgery covered? [more inside]
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quest for more handbags

Can you suggest some handbag designers I might like along the lines of Patricia Nash and Anuschka?
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April 24

Family Tinnitus? Now the kid is hearing it too....

Is something causing tinnitus like ringing in two of my 4 family members? [more inside]
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Help Me Remember a Creepy British TV Thriller

I'm trying to remember the name of a British TV show from approximately 15 years ago, give or take, involving a group of young men and women, one or more of whom began receiving a series of creepy emails or videotapes (I'm pretty sure it was email). [more inside]
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Are there simple, non-higher-ed math certificate programs?

Recently as a sort of hobby I have picked up several certificates in areas of interest. I really enjoy learning a new thing and then getting a certificate I can hang on my wall. The cost of these certificates has ranged from $100 to $700, they took from 1-3 months each, and I completed them online with minimal bureaucracy. With that done, I'm wondering if there's anything like this for mathematics. [more inside]
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Longer bike tours in Europe in early June

It took 20 years, but my wife and I are going to be in Europe (starting in London) in early June for a couple of weeks (yay!). We'd love to hear suggestions for a moderately challenging bike tour (~50 miles a day, 2 to 6 days) anywhere in Europe that is reachable by train. [more inside]
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Help me move to Long Beach

Moving to Long Beach for my partner's work in about a month—and would love some advice about the city. [more inside]
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I rocked the boat and now I'm scared. How do I process this emotion.

I participated in a social justice initiative at work. The initiative unexpectedly became very public, very quickly, over the course of this past week. I'm in a vulnerable stage of my career. I'm terrified of the potential backlash. How can I become one of those people who so fearlessly stand up for their beliefs? [more inside]
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Help me build a UK vacation itinerary for this May!

I'm in Liverpool from May 7th-13th for work. I then have the 14th-21st free to do whatever I please, before flying out of Manchester on May 21st. Help me make an itinerary! [more inside]
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Pork Shoulder past its sell by date - am I being paranoid?

On April 15 I bought a cut of pork shoulder at Whole Foods at the deli counter. Then I got crazy busy during the week and didn't have time to cook it. Since I bought it at the deli counter it just has a sticker that says "Sell By 4/20". Well - it's 4/24 now, and like a dope I never put it in the freezer. Would you eat this meat? [more inside]
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Midwest MUST-DO's

I’m currently living in Chicago but plan on moving away in a year or two. Do you have somewhere you consider an ESSENTIAL road trip destinations from Chicago that I MUST do while I’m here? [more inside]
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Could somebody please explain Skype to me?

I need help understand the account types, charges and payment plans. [more inside]
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Budget-friendly snacks for 10-24 people

I'm looking for snack ideas for casual gatherings I host in my home 1-3 times a month. I'd like to keep it under $30/event and simple is best! [more inside]
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What made you feel confident again?

I am trying to rebuild my self-confidence and am seeking inspiration and stories from others who made a comeback after a long period of low self-confidence/self-esteem. [more inside]
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I ruined it for myself: Chef's Table edition

I started watching Chef's Table on the recommendation of one of the other questions here. Things for me lately have been very stressful, so I wanted something that would be engaging yet contemplative. I need further recommendations, now. [more inside]
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Books about Wall Street during the 1930's?

I'm looking for fiction or non-fiction books about Wall Street during the 1930's. [more inside]
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Trust your gall to the Azores?

Wife is pregnant and has multiple gall stones. Should we still travel to Ponta Delgado? [more inside]
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How long is too long to leave a cat alone?

I will be traveling for 8 days. I'm worried about leaving my cat alone as she is very attached to me... [more inside]
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Ontario real estate: what's the best downpayment percentage?

Buying our first house. Should our downpayment be large or small? [more inside]
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How to use only a custom dictionary in Word (or other word processor)?

How to use only a custom dictionary in Word (or other word processor)? [more inside]
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What to do with a new MacBook pro that is having issues?

I purchased a new MacBook Pro last month--mid-level 13" model with the TouchBar FWIW--and it's had 3 or 4 kernel panics in the four weeks that I've had it. I've got the logs for one of those times at least. Is this machine a lemon? And if so, what's the best way to go about getting it replaced?
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For the sake of the kids: diplomacy edition

I am currently feeling quite upset with an in-law and biting my tongue to preserve my child's future relationship with that person. Where do you decide to draw the line in these things? [more inside]
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Am I leaving myself open legally with this construction arrangement?

Neighbor and I share a common driveway. It is shaped like a Y, the common driveway, and then each leg of Y leads to each house. We need to redo all of it. I simply don't have the money right now. Neighbor is flush with cash and says that if I could cover *my* portion in front of my house, he'll pay for the rest of the driveway. [more inside]
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The best time you ever asked for help

Tell me about a time when you decided to ask someone for help/input/advice instead of flying solo and how much easier/better your life was as a result. (Please.) [more inside]
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Macaroni—let me finish—salad

By popular demand from my drinks thread, I'm seeking your suggestions for Arrested Development-themed dishes. They can either be foods directly referenced on the show (got a recipe for Hot Ham Water?), or ideas inspired by the show (maybe you've dreamed up a Never Nude Salad). Please share with me your tastiest Mayoneggs and all other twisted creations lurking in your brains. ;) [more inside]
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Comedic, Kid-Friendly(ish) informative Graphic Novels (science/history)?

My son (5 years old) and I had a great time reading through The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage: The (Mostly) True Story of the First Computer. Most of it went way over his head (and, to be fair, mine as well) but he enjoyed the heck out of it nonetheless. I'm looking for more graphic novels in this vein that I can read with my son. [more inside]
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Resources for creating a California LLC partnership?

Can you point me to resources on how to create a California LLC partnership? [more inside]
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Avoiding Dry Socket?

I had a wisdom tooth removed today. They mentioned the risk of dry socket, and said to not: smoke (not worries), drink from a straw (easy enough), not eat seeded food that might get caught in teeth (also pretty easy), or spit - not spitting seems very, very hard, especially with my regular brushing and mouthwash routine. Does anyone have any advice for making sure my mouth heals optimally in the next week?
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Looking for a poem

I believe it's by Robert Creeley, maybe George Oppen. [more inside]
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What's growing in my tree roots?

While doing some yard work, I found that my tree (oak) had some shallow roots that were coming out of the ground. While pruning and digging around for a bit, I found there were some strange hollow things in the root system that I'm having a hard time identifying. [more inside]
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Seeking food recs and resources in Portland - pizza and vegetarian

What are the best (NY style) pizza places and great vegetarian spots in Portland? Grocery stores too! Alberta Arts district mainly, but city-wide too. [more inside]
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