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July 28

I'm having guests over for a clambake and, because of dietary restrictions, will have to use vegetarian sausage instead of linguica or chorizo. I need your help figuring out what brand of vegetarian sausage to use--something that the meat-eaters won't mind. [more inside]
posted by yellowcandy to Food & Drink at 3:03 PM - 13 answers

My mother has terminal cancer, and I don't know how much time she has left. Others with experience losing a parent: what would I regret not doing with this time? [more inside]
posted by joan cusack the second to Human Relations at 2:52 PM - 25 answers

This is a two-part question.... I have the idea of a "stone soup" kind of fall gathering where everyone brings something to make a huge pot of vegetable stock. I need to know what makes good stock – what to put in and what to leave out – and then what should I make at the party for us all to eat and enjoy some of this stock right away? [more inside]
posted by amanda to Food & Drink at 2:29 PM - 10 answers

I want to separate from my spouse. What can I do to minimize stress and maximize my resolve? [more inside]
posted by anonymous to Human Relations at 1:33 PM - 17 answers

Hi all! We found a color we like and, I'm assuming, we can get a paint color match (right? at least pretty close?) in any paint brand. So... what's the best satin, low-lustre or eggshell paint brand? [more inside]
posted by ancient star to Home & Garden at 1:32 PM - 19 answers

I want to get a 10" tablet just for reading comics. There are a LOT of cheap options out there. I don't want it for gaming or drum machines or word processing or really wifi connectivity. Just reading comics in HD with smooth touch controls. Any recommendations? [more inside]
posted by kittensofthenight to Computers & Internet at 1:27 PM - 10 answers

Hi Everyone I would like to help a friend in China access Bloomberg, Youtube and a few other sites unaccessible from China. I have a few spare computers, can use Linux, Mac etc. Any ideas? I thought about Remote Desktop but perhaps a VPN solution will be better. Thanks! BB
posted by bright77blue to Computers & Internet at 1:18 PM - 8 answers

Adrift, lonely and feeling hopeless. Advice would be appreciated. [more inside]
posted by morning_television to Human Relations at 12:46 PM - 14 answers

Every adhesive bandage I've used in the last year has irritated my skin to some degree. What can I do? [more inside]
posted by hollyholly to Health & Fitness at 12:13 PM - 16 answers

My 15-yr old daughter recently told me she has been having sex with her boyfriend of 10 months (also 15 y.o.) [more inside]
posted by cherrybounce to Human Relations at 11:57 AM - 76 answers

My oven is bipolar: when I follow the instructions for frozen pizza, it's done in about 66% of the time, i.e. instructions say 18min, it's done in 12, usually less - 18min would burn it to a crisp. Thicker things, like pork roasts or heating a pre-cooked ham, are barely tepid in the center at the time in their instructions, i.e. instructions say 45min, takes over an hour to get to the recommended temperature. The oven is a generic, in-every-apartment-I've-ever-had kind of stove. What's it's problem? [more inside]
posted by AzraelBrown to Food & Drink at 11:32 AM - 17 answers

Please give me guidance on how to find professional bloggers and work with them. [more inside]
posted by Leontine to Work & Money at 10:57 AM - 4 answers

I went to a gastroenterologist recently who tentatively diagnosed me with Acetaldehyde Dehydrogenase Deficiency (which causes the so-called "asian" flush). I am caucasian with some Russian descent, and I do not get flushed when I drink. Are there any precedents for non-asian, non-flushing sufferers of this enzyme deficiency? Should I get a second opinion? [more inside]
posted by qzar to Health & Fitness at 10:49 AM - 27 answers

We're looking to switch providers, and the quotes are based on very different replacement-value amounts. What do we actually need? [more inside]
posted by Dashy to Home & Garden at 10:38 AM - 6 answers

What are the best websites/blogs/etc. to read contemporary fiction? I'm particularly interested in writing by women, experimental fiction, and magical realism, not necessarily all at once. [more inside]
posted by dysh to Writing & Language at 10:30 AM - 5 answers

I left a damp down comforter sitting in the dryer for a couple of days, and now it has a gross moldy smell. How can I fix this? [more inside]
posted by bobafet to Home & Garden at 10:06 AM - 16 answers

There are a couple bushes in our front yard that are attracting an insane amount of flies. How do I destroy them, and make my front yard livable again? [more inside]
posted by furnace.heart to Home & Garden at 9:56 AM - 12 answers

How to open "file://" hyperlinks in Internet Explorer 10? [more inside]
posted by colecovizion to Computers & Internet at 9:46 AM - 5 answers

I'm housesitting and the loo roll (toilet paper) seems to have gone a tad mouldy. I obviously took the moudly bits off and chucked them in the bin but I am now left wondering whether the mould might have left spores in the rest of the loo rool, invisible to the naked eye. [more inside]
posted by mrsh to Health & Fitness at 9:35 AM - 17 answers

A few related questions about light renovating and filling of an apartment (with some NYC-specific stuff.) [more inside]
posted by griphus to Home & Garden at 9:15 AM - 14 answers

I'm looking to rent a new apartment in NYC. For our 3 previous NYC apartments, we’ve filled out an application and paid an application fee and then once our application was approved, paid security deposit / first month’s rent at lease signing. The management company for the apartment that we are looking to rent is requesting the following: we fill out an application, pay an application fee and give them a security deposit equal to one month’s rent. If our credit is approved, then the security deposit is non-refundable and we basically have to sign a lease. Is this legal? [more inside]
posted by bzn to Law & Government at 9:09 AM - 6 answers

I have about 1/4+ cup of sourdough starter to use up. Tell me what I can make that I can eat today. [more inside]
posted by RaRa-SpaceRobot to Food & Drink at 8:48 AM - 8 answers

I have a piece of furniture that I bought at a garage sale about 8 years ago for around $50. We need to get rid of it, but I don't know how much to sell it for. I think it's possible it's worth more than $50. [more inside]
posted by pyjammy to Home & Garden at 8:46 AM - 13 answers

We have friends with restaurants who would buy fingerlings, table flowers, herbs, etc. We have an artesian well. We have a giant ancient hops vines we could grow more with clippings. That's about all our ideas for now. Thank you.
posted by Kazimirovna to Home & Garden at 8:30 AM - 3 answers

I'm trying to get to the bottom of something that happened over the weekend -- to nutshell, was cuffed and placed in a holding cell and charged with an OWI. Never been in trouble before. Looking for a lawyer, but seem to either be told that they have fees that I could never afford to pay, or that they can get me into a diversion program which I'm pretty sure is offered to first time offenders anyway. Help? Details behind cut. [more inside]
posted by anonymous to Law & Government at 8:29 AM - 21 answers

We live in st Petersburg fla near the beach and intercoastal. This thing is dime sized, on a web, and making me want to stay at work..... What the heck is it? Arachnophobia trigger warning.... Picture here
posted by chasles to Home & Garden at 7:52 AM - 13 answers

I posted a question last year about safely scraping peeling lead paint from my house and repainting. Pros estimate $25-30K (yikes!). One reply suggested that "It cheaper to just get rid of the old wood siding and just install some new one. If you do that, you might want to look into adding insulation; there could be programs that would provide some financial assistance." Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to find such a program? FWIW I'm in Westchester county in NY state.
posted by Quisp Lover to Home & Garden at 7:49 AM - 6 answers

Have used google to no real avail. My office has an NEC Aspire system. Can't locate model number, but is a 22-button main phone. I need to reprogram the extensions on an employee's phone and am not finding instructions anywhere. Help?
posted by miltoncat to Technology at 7:47 AM - 2 answers

Recommend me novels that have a strong component of sport, physical training, or exercise. [more inside]
posted by quadrilaterals to Writing & Language at 7:32 AM - 20 answers

Are there any? The only possibilities I can immediately think of are Lawn Bowls and Shooting. And maybe varieties of race car driving (I'm not sure if there's a physical fitness component to this at all?) Is there anything you could say this of that IS a more physical sport?
posted by Kirn to Health & Fitness at 6:09 AM - 48 answers

I have just completed my MSc in mathematics in Europe. I do enjoy math, but I spent my uni years feeling like a autodidact hippie marooned on an island full of Mr and Mrs I-Want-A-Good-Job. My main interests revolve around humanities (literature/history/anthropology) and economics (but not finance), and instead of starting a "stable" well-paying career I dream about something inter-disciplinary. I am very open to earning little money and relocating just to do kind of work that engages those skills. What are some random uses of my degree? [more inside]
posted by desultory_banyan to Work & Money at 5:02 AM - 12 answers

I have a battery operated NOAA weather radio, but can you recommend a battery operated small over-the-air (terrestrial) TV. I have looked at Amazon and found a RCA DHT235A 3.5-Inch LED-lit 720p 60Hz TV. Bonus if it can run off a 12V battery as well. (I am in N. Florida)
posted by lungtaworld to Technology at 4:31 AM - 3 answers

I recently re-watched the wonderful mockumentary "All You Need Is Cash" and once again the joke about Barry Wom's bride to be and the Scotsmen from Hull flew right over my head. [more inside]
posted by soundofsuburbia to Media & Arts at 3:58 AM - 4 answers

I have a 5 day old carcass of a cooked duck in a plastic bag in the fridge. [more inside]
posted by thegirlwiththehat to Food & Drink at 2:58 AM - 16 answers

I'm about to rent an apartment that has a pair of HDTV mounts; one in the living room, and a smaller one in the bedroom. Anyone got any ideas for creative, non-destructive repurposings for wall mounted HDTV racks? [more inside]
posted by StrangeTikiGod to Technology at 12:54 AM - 7 answers

Outfitting my new apartment and I'm in need of a queen-size mattress... price range $200-$600. I like soft beds but don't have a great back either, and generally I sleep well in hotel beds. Already have an Ikea bed and slightly flexible slatted base--can I put a memory foam mattress directly on top of this setup? Otherwise, what mattress should I acquire and where, which will arrive in under a week? Thanks in advance!
posted by serelliya to Shopping at 12:06 AM - 11 answers

July 27

What's a good dinner (first-)date spot in Budapest for a couple of twenty-somethings? I'm 25, they're 28. I'd prefer Pest side, something not too loud, not super expensive by Budapest-ian standards.
posted by yaymukund to Travel & Transportation at 11:46 PM - 4 answers

I have been isolated and depressed for 10 years. I need help. [more inside]
posted by anonymous to Human Relations at 11:12 PM - 34 answers

I'm the Anon from this question. You smarties were on the ball -- but now that I'm post-surgery what do I do next? [more inside]
posted by anonymous to Health & Fitness at 10:57 PM - 17 answers

I'm designing a long book in InDesign CC and I need to have endnotes (for each chapter) at the end of the book instead of footnotes on each page. According to several links (1, 2, and 3), this is not possible in InD CC. Keeping in mind that I have absolutely no scripting experience, do you know about any plugin I can download or any easy workaround for this?
posted by omar.a to Computers & Internet at 10:12 PM - 4 answers

My Mother's legal guardian is a crook. What can I do as her son? [more inside]
posted by hobodeluxe to Law & Government at 9:47 PM - 9 answers

My father is gifting me his shotgun. He and the gun are in Maryland. I am in New Mexico. Googling tells me that if he handed to me in person there would be no issues and no paperwork required. It also tells me that to be shipped interstate the gun can't be shipped to me directly but must be shipped to someone with an FFL. Apparently My father can ship it out even though he does not have an FFL but the recipient must be licensed. [more inside]
posted by Warren Terra to Sports, Hobbies, & Recreation at 9:04 PM - 5 answers

A friend asked this question on Facebook just now, so I'm passing it on: Any clue who this is? Singer-songwriter. Came on the scene in the mid-eighties. A New Yorker. Titillated journalists dwelt on the fact that she left home at thirteen to move in with some African musicians, with her parents’ okay. Wrote a song about a dream in which she made love with her mother.
posted by zadcat to Media & Arts at 8:54 PM - 3 answers

We just got a new TV stand that has doors in the front, and a back that's nearly solid except for several small cutouts for wires. We have a TiVo and a receiver in there, and they're ridiculously hot after just a few hours of being on. How can I improve airflow so I don't burn out my components? [more inside]
posted by gchucky to Technology at 8:39 PM - 7 answers

Currently my partner commutes to work from Enmore to Lane Cove. It is costing around $12 per day, I've googled around for cheaper ways but come up with nothing - are we missing some way to cut the cost or do we have to suck it up? [more inside]
posted by everydayanewday to Travel & Transportation at 7:56 PM - 4 answers

I am around 50 years old and my kids are around 30. Is there one really cool smartphone game we could play together? [more inside]
posted by cda to Sports, Hobbies, & Recreation at 7:55 PM - 11 answers

I know that most cities have a reason for being where they are(near a river, natural harbor etc) but I'm curious about cities that are actually in poorly chosen locations or make no sense at all. I'm sure several of the southwest cities may meet this bill but also curious about global cities too.
posted by aleatorictelevision to Science & Nature at 7:27 PM - 28 answers

Kindle filter: How can I disable popular highlights? The Help instrux aren't much help, i.e., they don't work. (I have Kindle across several platforms.) HELP!
posted by LonnieK to Computers & Internet at 5:57 PM - 4 answers

Some time ago an acquaintance gave me a large vase that she said was made by a famous art glass maker in Louisville, Kentucky. I can't remember the name of the maker, but got the sense from her that it was a company that would be well-known among aficionados of art glass, as much as, say, Viking is. However, Google searches haven't produced anything definitive. Does anyone know what this company might be?
posted by Mechitar to Media & Arts at 5:13 PM - 8 answers

We need a light source for our patio area... With some special snowflake requirements below. [more inside]
posted by LaBellaStella to Home & Garden at 5:06 PM - 6 answers

Why did you get a master's in atmospheric sciences? What kinds of jobs are available for people with this training? I have my BA and am considering going back to school. I love weather and that part of the newscast is always my favorite. Your stories and any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
posted by rabu to Education at 4:54 PM - 6 answers

Garden peeps: any idea what this might be? [more inside]
posted by New England Cultist to Home & Garden at 4:18 PM - 13 answers

I love having a moon phase widget on my android phone. Three days ago I noticed the one I had, had disappeared. I then downloaded a few others to try. Paid apps even! None of them change on the desktop(?) of the phone, indicating where the moon is in its cycle. Is this because I have mobile data turned off to save battery power? Or is there another reason? I also downloaded the app Sun and Moon but is it anywhere to be found on my phone except in My Apps to uninstall? Is it heck. What's going on?
posted by glasseyes to Technology at 3:55 PM - 10 answers

I'm registered for the Chicago Marathon this October (in 11 weeks) . It'll be my first race running this far. I also bruised the hell out of my heel 2 weeks ago. Now that I can run again, how do I adjust my training plan? [more inside]
posted by garlic to Health & Fitness at 3:46 PM - 8 answers

I'm getting hitched! On September 6th! My dress doesn't fit, and it needs to be altered. [more inside]
posted by Elly Vortex to Work & Money at 3:44 PM - 6 answers

My nose runs all the time, despite not having a cold. I don't think I am allergic to anything - I don't have the itching or sneezing that goes with allergies, and being around animals or flowers doesn't make it worse. I don't have any sinus issues. Also it's a year-round affair, though worse in winter. I'm tired of it! Can anyone offer any advice? [more inside]
posted by beccyjoe to Health & Fitness at 3:40 PM - 21 answers

What curriculum design frameworks and resources should I use to develop a high school level art course? [more inside]
posted by Hermione Granger to Education at 3:11 PM - 5 answers

We planted six grapevines under the trellised roof of our outdoor deck. We planted them by six wood post that are 4x4 and 8 feet tall. What are the best ways to keep these new vines thriving? [more inside]
posted by timpanogos to Home & Garden at 2:26 PM - 5 answers

I'm a fiddle player, and long ago and far away I had an LP by a female classically-trained fiddler/violinist. For the life of me I can't recall the woman's name, but I do remember she recorded that song based on the Robert Burns poem "John Anderson, My Jo". She both sang the song and played the violin. The LP was an eclectic collection of mostly instrumental Celtic and American old-time tunes. Anyone remember this musician's name?
posted by Agave to Media & Arts at 2:10 PM - 9 answers

My partner and I just moved into a new apartment in Queens. There's one small issue, and it's our peephole. It's missing the cover on the inside. Where can I get a replacement? [more inside]
posted by SansPoint to Home & Garden at 1:50 PM - 9 answers