May 28

Following up with a job lead?

I'm looking for advice on how to follow up with a job lead in light of an upcoming promotion at my current job. Advice welcome! [more inside]
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US tax Roth IRA ladder conversion/recharacterization questions

I'm looking into using a "Roth conversion ladder" to periodically convert some of my money from a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA, which I can then withdraw five years later in a tax-advantaged manner, despite being younger than the typical age to withdraw funds from IRAs. I have several questions about this. [more inside]
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Help me fight brain fog from bupropion (generic welbutrin)

I have been taking Vyvanse 30mg for about a year and a half for ADD. I had combined it with Celexa and then Cymbalta for depression. I tapered Cymbalta to later realize I really needed something for depression. The doctor put me on bupropion XL (generic Wellbutrin) and now I have been taking 300 mg for about a month. [more inside]
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What's an Oxford tutorial (or Cambridge supervision) like?

My nephew (who is American) is applying to Oxford and Cambridge to do (read?) English. I'm excited about the idea, but he's not able to go over to visit before he applies (and presumably does his interview.) Can you tell us more about what a tutorial/supervision is like? [more inside]
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Chaotic Neutral 8 Yr Old Needs NerdFood

My son, who is turning 8 in June, has out of the blue asked for Dungeons and Dragons for his birthday. I played some D&D as a kid, so I am comfortable DMing whatever game he gets, but am not sure what system would be the most fun for him. [more inside]
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What kind of things can I do to help my partner with his business?

My husband just started his own house painting plus remodeling business after several years of working at a local college managing a mostly student-lead paint crew there. He also other years working part-time in the trades. (And after basically remodeling/building our house). I want to help him grow and be successful. [more inside]
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Examples of great moments in politics

I'm looking for examples of successful politics - what can happen when people work together to identify and resolve a problem. Any country, state or city, any political group. I'm especially interested in people from opposing parties working hard together and making a real difference. [more inside]
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Drawing blood twice in 2 days— problem?

Two doctors asked me to perform blood tests. I unthinkingly decided to do them two days in a row— one on Thursday and one yesterday. I didn't tell the second nurse that I had just had my blood drawn the previous day. Is it dangerous to have blood drawn twice in two days? Less importantly, could it mess up the results from my second blood draw? [more inside]
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Should I fade from this friendship?

I have had a good friend for about 2 years. He is also close friend with someone who seems to have a huge amount of animosity towards me and goes out of her way to put me down. She is super nice to him though and he only speaks very positively about her. A lot of bitchy behavior towards me happens in front of him and he always tells me that I am over-reacting or being too negative. Her behavior keeps escalating and I am frankly disappointed that he seems to take her side. Time to cut the friendship off? [more inside]
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May 27

Do I make a lateral career move strictly for happiness?

Hola Mefi, Here's the rub: I work at a place that I do not like very much, but is on the up and up with lots of funding. I am the last person in my department who has not quit and hold a lot of tribal knowledge. I got a job offer from a competitor for the same amount of money and the same title. Do I make a happiness move or do I try and make a few bucks? Deets inside. [more inside]
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Tell academic supervisor about depression?

I want to disclose to my (former) supervisor that I've been struggling with depression this year, but I'm hesitating. [more inside]
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Help someone be a (phone) genius in France

My wife (C) is going to Paris soon. She'd like to use her current US iPhone there for voice & data, but is a bit technophobic about SIM-buying & -swapping. I'd like to get her a step-by-step how-to. [more inside]
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Help make my game awesome

I'm developing a 2D mobile game. What are the little details that I need to be sure to think about to make it awesome? [more inside]
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If you had a programmer for 6 months ... what would you do?

I have a programmer with nothing to do for the next 6 months. He can build almost anything. What can I have him create that would could generate some passive income? [more inside]
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How do you digitial art?

I need to step up my game with Photoshop. What monitor, what tools, what software does a real digital artist like yourself use? What tips do you have for me? [more inside]
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What to do with 3 full drums of diesel fuel?

My landlord's ex left 3 industrial drums of diesel fuel on the property when they split. I just moved here, and would like the yard space free, which would please everyone since they're just taking up space at this point. What's the most responsible way to get rid of them? Post on Craigslist for people who need bulk fuel? Hazmat? Thanks!
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What are these jewelry findings/medal components called?

...and where can I buy them? Jewelry/trophy/award makers of MetaFilter, I'm hoping you know some standard trade term to describe these two different components of medals/ceremonial jewels that are typically worn pinned to the left breast. [more inside]
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Lunch me!

There have been many lunch questions, but this one is mine. Snowflakes inside: [more inside]
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08 Jetta -- doesn't start, then does after key left in ignition

08 Jetta, manual. Drove out to a store, parked, came back, wouldn't start, tried a bunch of stuff. Electrical system came on but no warning lights. Happened to leave the key in the ignition while discussing the problem and suddenly all the dash lights popped on, after which point it started fine. Drove home, turned it off, tried to turn it back on right away--same situation all over. [more inside]
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How can I fill my salad days as simply as possible?

I have tons of surplus lettuce that I need to eat this week! What is your favourite super simple homemade oil & acid combo? [more inside]
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My Dog is Giving My Dog Walker a Complex. Why?

The next entry in my series of newbie dog questions. My newish rescue dog Huggy is difficult about walks in general, but is now making our friendly dogwalker insane by refusing to walk. She clearly likes her, so what gives? [more inside]
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Resurgence, or, Can I Surge Protect My Entire Building?

The electricity in our neighborhood often spikes. So far it has killed several fancy toaster ovens, the electronics on the oven, and the rooftop air conditioner. It's easy enough to find a surge protector for a toaster oven (they make 1875 W surge protectors), but what about major appliances like ovens and air conditioners? Is there a way to surge protect where power comes into the building (in which case the entire condo building could benefit)? Are there heavy duty surge protectors for ovens and rooftop air conditioning units? Do they work?
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Lesbian London in one night?

Myself and my girlfriend have an unexpected day and night in London, England tomorrow (Saturday, May 28). What should we do and where should we stay? [more inside]
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Setting Boundaries vs Being Controlling?

I have very poor boundaries, and I'm just beginning to understand what that means. I've been trying to be aware of that and then set them in my relationship with my husband - but I'm unsure I'm doing it right, and am not just ending up being controlling. [more inside]
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Can I use this bulb in this lamp?

I have a lamp. The socket is marked "660W", but the outer part of the lamp says not to go over 60W. I used a 250W infrared bulb in the lamp for a few hours with no problem. Is it safe to continue doing so? Is it even safe to use a normal 60W bulb?
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easy x delicious?

I made a delicious caprese salad the other day, and was really impressed by the amount of tasty it was relative to the amount of prep work. I know lots of things that are easy to cook (or, in this case, leave uncooked) and lots of things that are delicious, but could use a lot more crossover. [more inside]
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What is the quintessential poetry style guide book (if one exists)?

My wife just graduated with her masters in poetry and I'd love to get her a high quality, hardcover, commemorative book. [more inside]
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How to cope with living in an awful place

I'm 21 and still live in my parents' apartment. It's awfully messy with trash and clothes and clutter all over the place. My room (the only bedroom) is fairly cramped. To make matters worse my mom insists on putting laundry bags full of clothes in my room. And my 13 year old brother is going to move in my room soon. [more inside]
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Change your attachment style

I have an avoidance attachment style. I want to be secure. How do I do this? [more inside]
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Seeking resources for small business newbies

We are in the early stages of considering a new business - exciting! While we're very much at the "tossing around an idea" phase, we'd like to have as much information and advice as possible. And so I come to you, Ask MeFi, seeking your best recommendations for resources, knowledge, & discussion to help us turn ideas into a plan. [more inside]
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Looking for ways to keep my room from smelling like shit

Someone I know keeps complaining about how my room has a 'gross smell' even though I wash regularly, don't let food rot away in my room, empty the garbage from my room quite regularly, vacuum at least once every 1.5 weeks and, to my knowledge, don't do anything that would be the cause of things smelling like shit. Regardless, I'd like to take steps to keep my room smelling fresh. [more inside]
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How is babby foot unformed

I'm in the shedding-like-a-snake middle of a Korean Foot Peel, and it absolutely, positively needs to be finished in 48 hours. Help. [more inside]
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How do you pronounce "moths"?

Do you say moth-s, mawths, mothz, mawws, or something else entirely? I've recently found out that no one can understand me when I say "moths." I don't believe I say any other English word so confusingly, so I'm curious how I came to say it so peculiarly, and whether my pronunciation is unique to me. I do have a bit of the northern cities vowel shift (and no longer live in the midwest), so I'm wondering if that adds to the confusion.
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Cultural Appropriation in the Mechanics of Magic

I am a white cis-het male working on a writing project that includes both a fantasy novel and a tabletop RPG system and setting, based in an alternate history Earth where magic is a part of normal life. I believe in the importance of diversity in representation, so I would like to depict an America in which European/American culture is less hegemonic than in reality. One of the ways in which I want to do that is having non-European systems of magic be influential on the art and science of magic in this world. In particular, I am considering whether there is a way to incorporate chakras into both the fiction and the game's system without it being cultural appropriation. More details after the break. [more inside]
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Blogs for binge reading?

Looking for addictive, binge-worthy blogs that I will want to read from beginning to end. Basically, if you couldn't stop reading, I'd like to hear about it. [more inside]
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My Twitter Account has booted me out, is asking for phone number - hope!

My Twitter account wanted a phone number to verify a new account, and when I entered it it told me "unsupported phone number". Also, the drop-down menu pops back to Canada when I've selected United States. Please hope me! [more inside]
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Doc required me to sign a mandatory arbitration agreement. Sketchy?

I fractured my ankle and went to an orthopedic doctor this week. Before I could see the doctor I was required to sign a form agreeing to waive my rights to a jury trial and solve any problem with arbitration. I've never been asked to sign this in a medical setting and it felt sketchy and coercive since I was in a lot of pain and needed to see a doctor. Is this normal? Should I get a different doc? [more inside]
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Therapist recommendation in Roanoke, VA?

Looking for a therapist in Roanoke, Virginia for an anxious new college graduate. [more inside]
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Smart thrillers, not too gory?

Here's another "choose my entertainment for me" question: If I like "Alias" and "The Night Manager"—smart, not-too-gory, lots of twists and turns—what else will I like? [more inside]
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How do I handle seeing gross and unsanitary behavior at a restuarant?

I was getting take out from a restaurant yesterday when one of the workers behind the counter cut themselves. I was shocked when another worker pulled out a first aid kit, placed it on the bag my food was going to be placed in, and helped the other worker put a Band-Aid on their cut DIRECTLY OVER THE FOOD PREP AREA. This is clearly appalling behavior, but I'm not sure what to do about it. [more inside]
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Best cheap or free resources for learning R?

I'm looking for some help cutting through the mix of crap that Google throws up and finding some quality free (or very inexpensive) resources for learning the statistical programming language R. [more inside]
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I liked your study, let's hang out?

Is it appropriate to ask out someone I met while participating in his experiment? [more inside]
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Help! Who was this hilarious NOLA comedian?

I was in NOLA in February or March 2016, visiting an old friend. One night we went to Comedy Gumbeaux at Howlin' Wolf, sort of an open mic style thing. The obvious crowd favorite was a younger-looking black woman who had a hilarious set about "getting marmaladed" (when a tourist gets seduced into moving to NOLA by a sexy local) and dick pics and Cain gift cards. WHAT IS HER NAME??? [more inside]
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Why would someone lie about their age on a draft notice?

I need some help brainstorming. Looking on, I have found two draft cards (well, one draft card and one draft registration card) that are definitely the same person, but the birth year is off by four years. It doesn't seem to me to be an issue of skirting an age limit on either end. Ideas? [more inside]
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Looking for a good men's suit / tie / shirt combo for a summer wedding

I will be attending a wedding as a guest next weekend. My options for a suit are: dark grey, light grey, and a lighter navy. I'm interested in buying a new shirt and tie combo for the occasion, but I'm looking for some options. I'd like something that's bright and fun, but doesn't clash (which I often have a hard time discerning). [more inside]
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A Boat has no Name

I bought a new-to-me Bayliner 175 identical to the one featured in this old promo pic. It's my first boat and I'm thrilled. But what's its name? [more inside]
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Debt Collection Questions - What do the dead owe?

I have some medical bills that my late husband apparently accrued in the last months of his life. I've been trying to figure out for what and how to get them covered by his insurance for months now and it appears that it's gone to collections. What should I do? [more inside]
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Repeated sleep paralysis while falling asleep?

I'm going through a really stressful period in my life and only sleeping about 5.5 hours per night. While falling asleep, with my mind going and going, I realize that I'm awake and paralyzed and it causes delayed release of adrenaline as I sort of eventually jerk awake.. [more inside]
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Homeowners title insurance fees on a closing of a property, got scammed?

Gave power of attorney for a closing we we're physically present for, got the sale receipt and found that the attorney charged a 3385.00 title insurance fee to his own name. Did we get scammed? [more inside]
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Is this a bedbug?

I found this little monster crawling on the wall of a short-term rental apartment I'm staying in. HALP
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Yes really! Really!

Have you experienced relationships with people who respond to (what feels like) everything you say with, “Really?...” or with some variation of (benign?) incredulity? [more inside]
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Can I pay the Internet to write my emails?

I suck at correspondence, and would like to pay another human to draft the occasional very brief email message for me-- standard thank-yous, requests, friend check-ins, etc. (I don't need a full-on virtual assistant; just the occasional $5, 5-minute task). Is there an established gig website that handles this sort of custom short content request? How else could I go about tracking down someone to provide this service? [more inside]
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Should we get supplemental insurance before getting pregnant?

We plan on getting pregnant in a year. I have heard about getting short term disability insurance before getting pregnant, which you can then collect after the baby is delivered. Does anyone have any experience in this? Is it worth it? Which plans worked for you?
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Things to do in Denver when you are a puppet

What should I do while in Denver (starting tomorrow). I will be there through Thursday. [more inside]
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Old metal. High crime. Bad stash.

What late 90s or early aughts crime show starred an aging metal musician sporting a distractingly weird moustache? Thought it involved Slash but I can't find anything.
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Being a Breaker instead of a Maker?

I'm curious if there's any information about people who have trouble with creating something wholly new but instead seems much better at modifying or creating by assembling parts of things they already know. [more inside]
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May 26

Hotel in Brussels

I am looking for a hotel in for two nights in Brussels. I have a flight to West Africa on Tuesday, June 7 at 10:25 a.m. so I will need to get to the airport very early. I see that the hotels near the airport generally cost more than those downtown, and aren't necessarily easier to reach. For speed and safety reasons, I'd like to stay at a place that's a direct train or taxi ride away from the airport. [more inside]
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Get My AC Into This Terrible Small Window

Our bedroom has a very old window. How on earth can we get a window AC in it? [more inside]
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Becoming a speech language pathologist and cognitive therapist - fast

A relative suffered a brain injury and stroke. We want to learn everything there is to know about assessment and treatment of speech and cognition problems after severe brain injury. Researching this, it has been hard to cut through the morass of questionable information coming from companies pushing a product or service. I'd like to get the information that doctors/pathologists/therapists get in their training. Things like textbooks, manuals, class notes, clinical guides, peer-reviewed articles, etc. are great. Free and on the internet is best, but not necessary. Thank you.
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Wordpress/Site Hosting

My question is two part: 1) the problem I am currently having with Wordpress site and 2) a larger question around what exactly is the most cost effective way to use Wordpress to create a professional website. [more inside]
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