October 5

Looking for shows that aren't about jerks

I've reached my jerk quota in the real world, so I'm looking for some good TV shows (preferably on netflix or amazon prime streaming) that aren't about jerks. [more inside]
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Winter is coming. 8-day Northeast England/Scot Driving trip in January?

We want to travel by car around Northern England and Scotland just after the new year (Jan 8-16) for a vacation/holiday. Where should we go given the Xmas/NY/Hogmanay holidays are just finished and weather might be…changable? One Brit, One American, mid 40s, likes culture, nature, art, off-the-wall stuff. [more inside]
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Montreal Next Week

Flying into Montreal during Black and Blue. What's the festival like? Also accepting all suggestions re: Montreal in October. [more inside]
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Wedding photographs without the bells and whistles

We do not want a "wedding photographer." The setting is photogenic and we don't expect perfection. How can we go about finding a photographer to capture our event without the demands usually placed on wedding photographers? [more inside]
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Not just another sightseeing in London question

Every time my mother comes to London, we do things I want to do. What would SHE want to do? [more inside]
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Looking for rhyming 'dad' sayings/phrases

My son is 9 and one of my favorite things to do is gently aggravate him with dad-esque sayings. [more inside]
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Retin-A around the eyes. A do or a don't?

I have used retin a for years but avoided my eye area. I've googled but never found a consensus. I have a low .25 percent strength cream... Can you beauties of askme give advice or experience?
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Figuring out next steps in IT career or change?

Have a general bachelor's degree and coming up on 10 years as a Helpdesk technician. I work for local government and make pretty good money (for a Helpdesk field tech guy... Probably 5 bucks more an hour than industry standard). However, I'm bored out of my mind and my motivation is definitely waning. Thinking of programming but not sure whether I would benefit more from an Associates or a dev bootcamp. [more inside]
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Is this sweet chili sauce safe for canning?

A friend sent a link to this sweet chilli sauce. I'd like to can it, but only if it's safe. What is the opinion of Ask's canning brigade? [more inside]
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Bipolar: When to tell a date

I met a wonderful man who is smitten with me, and I with him. We have been talking on the phone for two weeks (we met online), and have had four fabulous, fun dates. He expresses that he really likes me. He is 37 and I am 30. He has been married before, and I asked him why they got divorced, and he explained to me that she developed bipolar disorder I with schizophrenic tendencies about 3 years into their marriage, and she could not get stabilized. She had multiple trips to the psych ward while he was in med school, and it was really hard on him. He was studying to be an anesthesiologist and the final straw was when his wife called his residency hospital and told them he was poisoning her with intravenous drugs. Well, that would all be fine and good, except...I have bipolar II. [more inside]
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Figuring out how to quit you

I've been taking lessons from my really, really awesome violin teacher for the last three years. In the past four months, I've been non-committal - I had a horrible, traumatic death in my family, and I bought my first house, and I had/have mono. I don't want to play violin right now, or for the foreseeable future, but I can see myself returning later. How do I tell her that I need to take a lot of time off? [more inside]
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How do deal with "If you loved me, you'd..." in a relationship?

I come from an affectionate family; my husband is physically affectionate, but he says "I love you" to me basically on my birthday and Christmas (you get the gist). I've told him recently I'd like to hear it once a day or more, that it means a lot to me to hear it. [more inside]
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Please help me sleep train my toddler

Experienced parents of Mefi! I know there are so many of you! So, I've posted this question on a forum specific to sleep challenges but received no feedback so turning to the green. My 14 month old has refused for the past two months to sleep in her crib...it started around the time that she started pulling up an walking... She is now walking steadily so this milestone has been reached. Please help us transition her back to the crib soon because baby #2 will arrive in a few months and I'm getting too big for us all to be in our bed. [more inside]
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Interesting 20thC Continental Philosophy debates related to Descartes?

I've been reading through Descartes works over the last few weeks and I"m wondering if there are significant debates / secondary texts that I should also read with it. For example, I just learned that there was a kind of debate between Derrida and Foucault on Descartes' Meditations. Are there other notable engagements? [more inside]
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One-week getaway hike in winter

I'm looking for a week-long hike that I can do over Thanksgiving or shortly after, in North America, where weather won't be too inclement. Where shall I go? [more inside]
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Non-cable US media broadcast of beheading? Obscenity charges thereof?

Some years ago, a national non-cable news program broadcasted footage of a terror group's beheading video. Was there ever an obscenity charge brought against the station, or was that broadcast permitted by legal authorities? [more inside]
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October 4

Explain my credit card statement

What is current vs statement balance? [more inside]
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Dia de los Muertos in Chicago

One month until Dia de los Muertos! I have last year's ofrenda packed away carefully, including little purchases I've made throughout the year, but you gotta buy new pan de muerto ever year, you know? What panaderias in Chicago sell pan de muerto? And while we're at it, who sells sugar skulls? [more inside]
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Descendants of Scotsman in neglected grave in Shan State, Burma?

Twenty-five or more years ago I was visiting a school in Taunggyi District, Shan State, Burma (I live in northern Thailand). The school headmaster told me that there was a Westerner's grave in an overgrown field not far from the school. I don’t recall the actual township where the school was located. He pointed the way and I found a solitary grave marker, fallen over and weather-worn, in the midst of tall grass and weeds. [more inside]
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I don’t want my calendar in the iCloud

I just updated my Mac OS to El Capitan. When I opened the Calendar app, all of the events were gone, until I checked the “Calendar” box under iCloud, then they reappeared. When I check “Calendar” under the “On My Mac” section (and uncheck the box under iCloud), they don’t appear. Why is this happening? [more inside]
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An American Remote Worker in Katowice

I'm looking for advice and more questions about working an American job remotely while living in Poland. [more inside]
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Need help finding a stylish but warm winter coat.

My old pea coat has finally been laid to rest. After last year's brutal winter, I was thinking of upgrading to something a little warmer. But I'd also like it to be something I can wear with business attire, so I'm leaning towards something like a wool overcoat. Can you name some brands that have quality (i.e. warm) women's winter jackets? [more inside]
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Design and audience

Hi, parents of young children. I've been commissioned to design and format a series of small books aimed at you and your kind. How do you want it to look? [more inside]
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5 days off near Sequim, Washington....what to do?

I'm spending 5 days house-sitting near Sequim Washington. I've not spent any time in Washington since the 1970's. What are some cool things to do? [more inside]
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Good nonprofit that works on environmental lead in Chicago?

I would like to donate some money to a non-profit that works on issues related to environmental lead in Chicago, especially as it affects children. Advocacy, lobbying, policy work, education, direct lead remediation work, or any other kind of work on this issue would fit the bill. Who should I donate to? [more inside]
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Body work for osteoporosis?

I have a friend (female, 55) who has hip pain caused by osteoporosis (which has been hastened by chemo, some 10 years ago). I want to get her some sort of body work (e.g. massage, cranial sacral) as a birthday present. [more inside]
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Examples of pre-20th century surrealist art?

Can you suggest some examples of surreal or magical realist artworks – dreamlike scenes, fantastical animals, enchantments – but from before the 20th century (ie, before Surrealism, and fantasy/magic realist fiction)? For example: Gustave Doré; Bosch; some of the medieval religious art collected on the "Discarding Images" blog.
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Which 5-door hot hatchback did/would you buy?

I've never had a fun-to-drive car, and after selling my gas-guzzling FJ Cruiser and driving an equally thirsty F150 for a while (a free loaner), I've decided to buy a fast, fun, but also fairly practical car in the $30,000 range. Anyone done the same? [more inside]
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Can I Eat It Filter: Sweet apricot kernels

My father bought a box of four mooncakes, the five-kernel type, containing mostly cashew nuts, but also sweet apricot kernels. Is this okay to eat? [more inside]
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How do I end my relationship with an acquaintance who is a user?

I need help ending a relationship with a former neighbor when I am her only friend left. I have given her a lot of money and put a lot of effort into helping her over the last year and a half since we met.But now I fear she is coming to rely on me to financially support her and I can't do that. How can I cut off someone who I know is alone and has been through a lot but who I also believe is toxic? [more inside]
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[Insert title related to "These boots were made for walking" here]

I'd like to buy a pair of women's boots, but I don't exactly know how to shop for them. Got any tips/advice? [more inside]
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Avgolemono Question

When making avgolemono, do I strain the solids out of the broth before serving? Also, if you have a link to a trustworthy recipe for this Greek soup, I'd appreciate it.
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Baa baa, black sheep have you any, wait, what is it that I need?

I'm making a winter coat. The instructions for the pattern I found online say to use a "double sided winter coating" and not to use a lining. [more inside]
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Looking for tour guide (book) for the U.S. written for Spanish speakers

I'm interested in finding a guide book for tourists (a la Frommer's, Fodor's, Lonely Planet, etc.) with the U.S. as its subject, in Spanish, published for distribution in Spain or Mexico or other parts of Latin America. A book dealing in one or more regions of the U.S. would be okay, but not one limited to a specific city or state. Various searches in Amazon ("guia turistica estados unidos", "guia viaje estados unidos" etc.) bring up some guidebooks for specific U.S. cities or states, but nothing for the country as a whole. Surely what I'm looking for exists? If so, where else should I be searching, and/or what different search terms should I be using? By the way, used books would be fine - preferred, even, if not too old.
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Desiccant Food Safety

The internet seems to say that silica gel is safe to use in a food context. I have a jar of sugar that's pretty lumpy. Is there any concern about placing a desiccant packet in the jar for a while? Note that this packet did not come with a food item.
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Please explain beds to me.

I am so confused. Please tell me what kind of bed (& mattress) I should buy. [more inside]
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What is this symbol? (on a train at a museum)

My mom took this picture of a train at a museum in Maryland today -- is it a rail company logo?
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Help me become a good manager.

I'm looking for bullshit-free, low-cost resources or training programs that I can use to become a more effective manager. [more inside]
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Rules of thumb for understanding weather patterns in the US

I want to get a better understanding of how weather works in the northeastern US. With all the talk about Hurricane Joaquin and how "this is different to a regular nor'easter", I've realized that I don't have a good gut-level understanding of basic stuff like which way weather patterns move, what a northeasterly wind means, etc. Happy to get either your explanations, or links to things I can read/watch. [more inside]
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Nation Safe Drivers Club/A-Affordable

Hello, I belong to the Nation Safe Drivers Club through AAffordable in Massachusetts, does anyone happen to belongs to NSD through A-Affordable and if so, could you share the 24 hour line with me? The online number I found just goes to a phone tree that instructs me to call the number on the card :/ (My card is locked in y car along with my keys) Thank you in advance
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Looking for a cast iron bathtub with a specific shape

We're trying to find a 60"x30" alcove bathtub made of cast iron but shaped like the American Standard Princeton tub. It's similar in shape to the cast iron tub we wanted to keep but which our contractor accidentally broke. It seems to be a standard "vintagey" tub shape, whereas new Kohler cast iron tubs have weird, angular shapes. Toto has one that's a little closer to what we're looking for but not quite right and more money than we're hoping to spend. Are there other manufacturers that I'm missing?
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The g stands for get off my lawn, football doodles.

I'm sure there's a setting tweak for this, but how can I set my Google homepage so that I still see Google Doodles but get whatever cool stuff the world outside of the U.S. is getting instead of these stupid, stupid American football animations every single Sunday from now until January? Google Doodles are generally so awesome, and these are so lame that I hate them and never want to see them again. I'm using chrome on both my android phone & PC.
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What is the best sofa bed out there?

We're looking at buying a sofa bed for a finished basement part of our home. We'd like something that is functional as a sofa, but it's much more important that it be a relatively good and comfortable bed. This will be for occasional visiting guests, so it's not critical that it's super-durable, but the more durable the better. We're willing to spend some money on this but, of course, cheaper is better. What kind of beds should we be looking at? Any specific recommendations? Wildcard recommendations (Murphy bed?!) also welcome. [more inside]
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Because rolling my eyes won't be motivational.

PhD student says he struggles to feel motivated since his wife's grandfather passed away two weeks ago. I'm supposed to motivate him. Advice? [more inside]
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In search of old growth forest

I'd like to do a short backpacking trip in old growth forest within driving distance of the DC area (4-5 hours or less, ideally). I looked up the locations of old growth stands in adjacent states, but many are quite small, and I'd like to get some recommendations on places I could hike and camp a couple nights. [more inside]
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What are these Germans saying?

By no means do I need a word-for-word translation or anything, but what is generally going on in this video? That is, what is the gist of what the introducer is saying, and when Pit Hartling comes on stage, what is he explaining about the Rubik's Cube before he does the flourish at the end? What, indeed, is this event? Thanks for your help, German speakers!
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Looking for advice on how to think about buying an apartment in Queens

I am a professional in NYC, living in Queens. I'm a transplant, but I think I will be here for the next, well, forever. A number of people I know are buying apartments, but a lot of them had help from their parents. I don't have that luxury, but if I wanted to, I could probably afford a place in a good neighborhood (though nothing as trendy as Astoria, for example). Snowflake details follow! [more inside]
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At what age does male pre-ejaculate typically dry up?

A seminal question for the men of MeFi. [more inside]
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How to develop a strong, healthy level of self-esteem?

I'm a 31 year old lady with the goal of developing an inner, natural sense of self-esteem. I've noticed some habits in myself that seem related to low self-esteem. I'm not entirely sure how these habits developed, but I want to change them. [more inside]
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What is the best way to renew Canadian Passport in the US?

Calling all Canadians in the US. I have to make a decision whether to send in my passport by mail or make a personal trip to Canada. [more inside]
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Book recommendations for junior fantasy

Another book recommendations question! My son, aged 9, is devouring the Ranger's Apprentice series. What else is in a similar, perhaps a little older, reading ability range, that has strong plotting and imaginative worlds. Also sci-fi...
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October 3

Songs with strong vocals and minimal accompaniment

Please suggest songs featuring a strong vocalist and minimal accompaniment. [more inside]
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I can taste the fear in their eyes - I love cooked eyes!

I often read about how quickly killing animals makes better-tasting meat. Supposedly the fearful state a hunted animal often dies in releases chemicals (adrenaline? bad juju?) that make the meat less wonderful. True or woo? Science me, please!
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Strengths and weaknesses of different languages?

What are some of the strengths and weaknesses of certain languages? I'm most interested in English and French but if you have knowledge of another that would also be fascinating! [more inside]
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Get a mattress topper or buy a new bed?

I have a queen latex mattress from Ikea that's about five years old, though it's only been in active use for about four years. It's really, really, really firm, and I am thinking it might be making my sleep suboptimal. Is it time to replace it or just get a topper for it and wait another year or two? [more inside]
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Severe GERD or something more?

I may need GERD surgery, but my symptoms are unusual, and I don't know what to do. More inside. [more inside]
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Do you know this cat?

I am wondering if anyone knows anything about these ceramic cats. [more inside]
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It coulda been a bonding experience

Please help me ID these two rap songs I heard at the gas station tonight. Yeah I shoulda just asked them but I didn't and now it's killing me. [more inside]
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EPDM roofing in Canada?

We are creating a new roof on a small 100 sq ft house addition with a slight slope, almost flat but not quite. Should we go for an EPDM roof? [more inside]
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Why do my friends want to remain group-text only?

I have a group text with some friends from work, and we used to hang out regularly. Now, they seem to only want to be my friend over text and won't ever hang out. [more inside]
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