March 23

Best way to pay a medical bill

I received a bill for ~$4000 for a surgery I had 8 weeks ago. (After insurance was applied.) I was laid off a few weeks ago and while I could pay the amount out of savings, I'm wondering if it's better to set up a payment plan with the hospital. I have never done this. [more inside]
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Storing CDs In The Cloud.

Time to free up house space, so time to get rid of my CDs. Please help me sort out my options. Details inside. [more inside]
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Why am I moving my legs off the bed while I sleep?

I fall asleep on my side, but recently I've started doing something odd; rolling onto my stomach and moving my entire body down to the end of the bed so that my feet and legs are hanging off. [more inside]
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It’s His Party (And I’ll Cry if I Want To)

One of my oldest friends makes a high-drama (and expensive) command performance out of his birthday dinner every year, and I’m unclear how to handle it going forward. (excruciating detail within) [more inside]
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How to best raise a child far away from family?

Recently pregnant, and living a 6+ hour plane flight away from both our families. What tips and tricks do you have to help our future child(ren) build and maintain close family ties with distance keeping us apart for the forseeable future? [more inside]
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OCR on MacOS?

I have some scans (currently TIFFs) of old newspapers I would like to OCR on my Mac. Can anyone recommend a good solution? I tried PDFPen but it seems to choke on some of the larger broadsheets. Is that my best option? Web services? Anything?
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Old obscure songs / band ID request

Can you ID this (80s?) light rock band based on one anti-apartheid song ("how can we afford to condone a racist government?") and another slow one ("Think I'll write myself a letter / maybe then I'll feel better")? [more inside]
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How do I print A4-sized images?

I have a number of pieces of art that I would like to print as either a photo album (a la Shutterfly) or a self-published book (a la [more inside]
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Unique, not-to-be-missed shops in the Baltimore area?

I'll be visiting Baltimore, MD + points north for a few days. I'd like to buy a gift for a female friend while there (specifics inside, but think middle-aged-crafty-lady tastes). Especially seeking interesting items (not souvenirs) that wouldn't necessarily be available via the standard online channels or at my local mall back home. What area shops should I check out? [more inside]
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Help Me Help You

I've got an employee on my team (technical executive... VP level) that is very easily rattled when challenged. I'll call him Davis. Davis is extremely talented, technically capable and delivers more software solutions of higher quality than anyone on my executive team. Unfortunately, he has an unpredictable temperament (things 'get to him' easily). I want to invest in him to get him over his gap in soft skills but I'm struggling to get through to him. Examples inside for the hive mind. [more inside]
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Name That Music Video

Bits I remember: it was shot and edited so as to jump backwards in time every few seconds/beats, progressively getting further back. It opens with a woman (a jogger?) emerging from some bushes, possibly colliding with someone. And I think it ends with her on the top of a building. [more inside]
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Explain this exponent

1600 to the power of 16. How can I effectively explain just how large this number is to a non-math audience in common language? My calculator says this number is 1.8446744e+51. That is kind of meaningless to me (e+51?) Is this number a sextillion? Can we put this number in context to other large numbers?
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Protesting Paul Ryan in style

Paul Ryan will be headlining two fundraisers in the next two days: tomorrow evening in downtown Chicago and Saturday evening in Racine. Mr. DrGail and I will be demonstrating at both of these, but could use some help coming up with pithy signs we can carry. Topics could include the ACHA or really anything else. Ideas?
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Night Photography in Tampa Bay

Having bought a new DSLR camera I am trying new picture taking challenges. I'll be in St. Pete, Largo, Clearwater area for a month and would like ideas or tips for early morning night shots. No Tampa area please since I don't want to wrestle with that traffic. I have a tripod so walking is fine. Thanks.
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Fidgety people: what do you do while you watch TV?

I like to knit, but currently have a wrist injury which means I have to abstain for a while. Looking for other things to keep my hands and brain occupied while consuming various media. [more inside]
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Can you recommend me educational medical iPad apps suitable for a 10yo?

My daughter has for some time been very interested in medical topics and the body, and is learning anatomical jargon the way some kids learn the names of dinosaurs. I'm sure there must be some great iPad apps to indulge her curiousity, but I'm confused by the choices. The field seems to be dominated by anatomy apps aimed at medical students on the one hand, and crappy or creepy and not very educational games aimed at small children on the other. Do you know of quality apps suitable for a 10 year old?
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vegetarian protein for tadpoles (not a euphemism)

I have tadpoles in the garden pond; to minimise cannibalism when they turn to protein diets, I want to supplement their food. As a kid, I used liver-on-a-string, but now I'm a vegetarian so what are my options? [more inside]
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Looking for recommendations on things to do in DC & the surrounding area

In April, I'm going to be going to DC and the surrounding areas with my dad for a week. What are some must-see things to visit there, and along the way back to Massachusetts? We're definitely going to tour the museums (as I love to see art up close and my dad's a history buff) but other than that we're a little fuzzy on the particulars. More details under the cut. [more inside]
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March 22

Tell me more about Records and Information Management

I'm interested in making a career shift and I'm curious about records and information management. I think the field would be a good fit for me. However, I'm not sure where to begin to make this change. What type of further education/qualifications would I need to get? I've noticed that some people in the field have an MLIS, some don't, etc. After I manage to get those qualifications, how do I get my foot in the door? The field seems a bit mysterious to me! [more inside]
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Help! I need to stay fit for the next two weeks. #exercisefilter

I'm getting married in 2.5 weeks. A couple of weeks ago, my trainer had to suddenly stop the group training classes that had been getting me in the best shape of my life. I have a handle on nutrition and will keep that going on my own; but what can I do, on my own, for the next few weeks to maintain the stronger muscles and healthier body fat percentage that I've worked hard to attain over the last 9 months? I can't deny that I want to look good when the cameras are on me. [more inside]
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What do these phrases mean actually?

From "The Third Man" by Green. Martins and the police are in the sewer chasing Harry. Martins said," It's odd thing-I don't even know your name." " Bates, sir." He gave a low laugh in the darkness. "This isn't my usual beat. Do you know the Horseshoe,sir?" "Yes." "And the Duke of Grafton?" "Yes." "Well, it takes a lot to make a world." My questions are..what the Horseshoe and the Duke of Grafton are and, what this Bates's last phrase means. I wonder if both are the names of the popular places like Sherlock Holmes House.. in the UK and if they are located in his usual beat ?? I googled them, but I couldn't find the answer.Thank you for helping me.
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Wife made new beach handbag and she needs a label. Suggestion?

Maybe something we can print at home or make at home but I don't know where to get the material to print on. Or... we can buy them I guess but we've never done this before. Any help please. Thank you. OH, she is going to sell each one hand-made. Maybe a few, maybe a lot.
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Buffer for a kitchen sink that opens to living space/carpet

Recently moved. Kitchen counter/sink opens to living room and carpeted area instead of being walled in. Only a couple of inches, if that, of counter space between the back of the sink and the edge of the counter. Not a lot of buffer for splashes. What can I do to block the sink area off a bit to avoid splashing on the carpet when I am washing the dishes, et cetera? [more inside]
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Help me have a fun day off in London

I've got a day off tomorrow. I live in London. What should I do? [more inside]
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Help me identify an actor!

I'm thinking of a comedic actor who may still be active but came up in his 20s in the 1980s or maybe 1990s and who primarily acted in screwball comedies. But I can't think of the name! [more inside]
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Best Floppy Heel Trail Running Shoe?

I normally shop bargain bins and veer towards minimalist shoes for road running because whenever a shoe has a rigid heel counter, I tend to wear holes in the lining within a month. I'd like to find trail worthy shoes that fit my clown feet and have that same lack of hard plastic that wraps up behind my heel. [more inside]
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Retirement gift for a hobbyist composer?

What would be a good retirement gift for a work colleague who will soon have significantly more time to compose music and enjoy his acreage in the mountains? [more inside]
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In a relationship, what's the difference between romance and friendship?

I've been in a happy relationship for 7 months - the last 5 have been exclusive - with a man who is very sweet, funny, and good to me. We spend a lot of time together, have a lot of fun and good sex, but he's not the most romantic person in the world, in large part because he's not very emotional. The other day a good friend of mine told me that she felt like my boyfriend and I were "just friends" and that she didn't think I should be very invested in a long term commitment with him. I'd love to hear from the married/long-term partnered folk out there: what's the difference between romance and friendship in a relationship? [more inside]
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Best Salted Oatmeal Cookie Recipe?

What is the best salted oatmeal cookie recipe? I love the salted oatmeal cookies from Whisked in DC but they're a bit pricey for me to consume constantly and they haven't published the recipe (I wrote to ask). Please help me make delicious salted oatmeal cookies at home! [more inside]
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Accessible tourism in Utah

How do I make the most of my time in Utah? Difficulty: heat, children, wheelchair. [more inside]
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art song for mezzo-soprano or alto?

I’m in my second year of voice lessons, and I need to find an art song in the mezzo-soprano or alto range for the final exam. Classical singers of MeFi, can you give me some suggestions? [more inside]
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Best way to print directly on duplicate DVDs ?

(Note: I know it's illegal to copy DVDs to sell them...I'm not doing that)...just looking to print black type headlines directly onto my own back ups. [more inside]
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What's the situation at Trump Tower these days?

Family BlahLaLa will be in NYC in a few weeks and I'd really like to go do something at Trump Tower. Yell at it? Spit at it? Hold up a sign? New Yorkers and other knowledgeable folks, what say you? It's not going to be the focus of our vacation, but I feel it's our patriotic duty to show how much we hate him and reject everything about his administration.
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Replacement for Firefox on Mac OS Sierra?

I've been a Firefox loyalist for...way too long, honestly. Its performance is now dire. It hangs and I have to force quit on a regular basis. What, besides Safari, should I replace it with? [more inside]
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What are your favorite YouTube performances (by the original band)?

It is a unique joy when I encounter a particularly cool live (usually-but-not-necessarily acoustic) performance of a song that I love on YouTube. A bunch of examples are in the "more inside," but I particularly like tight harmonies, and stripped-down, and clean in a way that makes you hear the song in a new way. I want to fill a playlist with these. What are your favorites? All genres are welcome. (Note: I know there are probably a zillion pretty covers, but I am looking for the original artist playing their own song.) [more inside]
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Endless ebay bidding and selling messages spam

Over last night and today I have received literally hundreds of emails from ebay to my seldom-used gmail address. It must be a scam of some sort, but it's odd and there's no info online as far as I can tell. [more inside]
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Dining for one in the East Bay

I'll be traveling to the East Bay (Oakland, to be precise) in July, and I'll be alone. Can you recommend places that are good for solo diners? Difficulty level: I really want dim sum. [more inside]
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Desktop Support as a Long-Term Career? Yes or No? Why?

Being the Computer Technician for a Hospital, Clinic, School District, or Corporate IT has been always one of my ideal long term jobs. But curious on how the the Outlook of a Desktop Support Technician will be for the next 20+ years? I love talking to people a lot and resolving technical issues. [more inside]
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Looking for affordable bluetooth receiver for my car. Help hive!

I have used several automobiles that have bluetooth and have paired my devices with them. I like that i can hop in the car and my phone will automatically pair and connect. My car does not have this luxury however i do have a mini jack input and usb power. I am looking for a device that will give me bluetooth audio in my car. I have bought a couple over the years but they Neither A: turn on when my car turns on and B:pair automatically with my device. Hive! Do you know of such a device that I can power with my car's USB and will pair automatically with my phone (iphone6)?
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Deciphering writing in an old paperback from Slovenia

I need help deciphering some writing in an old book I bought in Slovenia. [more inside]
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Sunscreen For My White Cats

I recently finished screening and thoroughly escape-proofing my porch, with an eye to giving my cats a safe taste of the outdoors. But I know my two white cats will now need sun protection for their ears, and many human sunscreens are toxic to cats. What feline sunscreen do you use or can recommend? [more inside]
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Is this phone number a mobile or landline? What web sites/apps do this?

At work, my boss has asked me to verify a few thousand numbers, as to whether they are cell phone numbers or landlines. Preferably by uploading a spreadsheet that feeds back results, rather than one by one. Any advice? Thanks. (both free and paid solutions considered)
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Name my blog, please!

I'm trying to come up with a nice, catchy, .com-domain-available name for my blog on the topics of organization, budgeting, planning, productivity, aimed at the disorganized and overwhelmed crowd. Something like Unf*** your habitat with a focus on organization and planning - and with less swear words. I'd like to keep this PG-rated. Any ideas are welcome!
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Normalise my cupcakes

I'm looking for ideas for database/statistics themed baked goods, possibly with a medical research angle. All the 'computer cake' pinterest boards are terrible. [more inside]
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Can someone explain what kind of seizures I'm having?

I've made an appointment with a neurologist but I just an incredibly disorienting seizure where apparently for the first two hours I missed the "Who is the president is the?" sort of questions. Then the rest were spotty pieces of memory that were very foggy dream-like, with it me like watching a movie almost. There were dream like elements (I thought people said things they didn't, etc.). I am fine now, but while I wait on my appointment, what is going on? [more inside]
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My coworker slapped my butt. Now what?

This was a couple years ago, but it still bothers me from time to time. To get my attention (and as a mild rebuke while she asked about something I hadn't done yet), my coworker slapped my butt. What, if anything, do I do? [more inside]
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Books for small children with OCD?

I have two preschool-aged children, both of whom exhibit some classic signs of OCD. I've been aware of it in my eldest since they were very tiny, but only recently my youngest has been sharing that they are having intrusive thoughts about death and dying. They are especially struggling with it at bedtime and asking a lot of questions about it (which I am comfortable answering in an honest but reassuring way. We had a death in the family last year, and my parents are both dead, so I think my kids are old enough to start understanding that all living things must eventually die). [more inside]
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March 21

What's the loudest *impulse* sound I can regularly expose myself to, wit

I'm trying to determine my options for suppressed handguns that I can use without hearing protection. [more inside]
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ideas for cooking with someone on a very restricted diet?

I have a friend who is a very good cook. We mostly hang out by cooking together. Unfortunately, she's now on an extremely restricted diet: no meat from land animals or poultry, no dairy, no gluten, complex carbs only in moderation, basically* no simple sugars. Fruits and vegetables are very likely to be okay. Eggs, pulses, and plant oils seem universally okay. What can we cook together that would entertain us for an afternoon but fit these criteria? Obscure salads? Fancy crudite cuts? [more inside]
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Birkenstock clog-a-likes?

I used to be able to find men's clogs at American Eagle Outfitters that were similar to the Birkenstock "Boston" clogs, but a lot cheaper. No longer! Does anyone know where I might find something similar suitable for wearing around the house and office?
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How do I keep up my entrepreneurial momentum?

I'm changing paths with my business -- how do I keep up optimism and focus? [more inside]
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Do I need a birth certificate to replace my lost driver's license?

I lost my California driver's license and need to replace it as soon as possible, because I'm interviewing for new jobs and may have an offer soon. I actually don't own a car and almost never drive. The license is really just for official ID purposes. [more inside]
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Cereal with unrefined sugar

I am looking for a cereal that is sweetened (minimally) with an unrefined sugar (like honey). Anything? [more inside]
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Celebrity turned author, how much writing do they actually do?

I love reading books about makeup, fashion, celebrity lifestyle etc. I have a number of books in my collection written by celebrities or people that are not from writing backgrounds (a costume designer for example). I am really curious to know how much actual writing they do and how the relationship with the 'written with...' person works. Examples after the jump. [more inside]
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Help!!! I really screwed up a recording: is it possible to recover it?

Hi Ask MeFi! I made a terrible mistake the other day: I put my phone in my pocket to record an interview that took place outside/while we were walking, and ended up recording a lot of loud, awful pocket noises instead of the conversation. Is there any way to salvage this? [more inside]
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Looking for a good developer laptop

I may be in the market shortly for a laptop that would primarily be used for development work. Looking for recommendations from the MeFi crowd. [more inside]
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This part can just be open air

Why are windows added in a somewhat haphazard way on skyscraper construction? I've been watching this this as Salesforce Tower is going up in SF, but I've seen it on other skyscraper builds too. [more inside]
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New washer and dryer help!

I am replacing my Kenmore washer and dryer that are about seven years old because they are the worst appliances I have ever purchased in my life. [more inside]
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Raising Rates in NYC + Freelance Isn't Free Act

I've been working with "Marney" for 3 years. I charge her $50/hour for all-inclusive communication services: high-profile speeches and pitches on multi-million dollar bids. Recently, she partnered with "Barney," and he hired me to write the pitch for a multi-million dollar proposal too. Between both companies, I had three consecutive rush jobs in five weeks. They now owe me several thousand. How do I get them to cough up before tax time? What's the best approach for raising rates and adding rush fees? I want my new terms to align with the new Freelance Isn't Free Act in NYC. Advice? [more inside]
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What's to forgive?

An old high school friend sent in a friend request on Facebook. I had not responded because I am kind of tired of old high school friends on Facebook, you know? Then I get a message from him apologizing for his behavior back in high school.... [more inside]
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