July 22

Building Twitter presence for a US state-level Political Candidate

I'm helping out on a political campaign for a progressive (Dem) candidate to my state's legislature. Election is in November. I offered to help start a Twitter account but am drawing a blank on how to "launch" said Twitter account. [more inside]
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Atypical angina in the hemothorax? Get me 5000ccs of tamoxifen STAT

I'm looking for the most ridiculous misuses of medical jargon in film or television ever. There are surely loads of examples of horrific misapplications of real terminology - many bonus points shall be awarded for YouTube examples!
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Welcome to Maine

I'd like to drive somewhere north with my dog for about 3 days next week. I'm in Portland, Maine. [more inside]
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Things you were never told about approaching 50

I'm not far out from being a half-century. Recently, in discussions with peers of a similar age, we've discovered several commonalities. For example, most now have little problem in dropping time-consuming people who drain us from networks, or even in mid-conversation, or saying "no" to pressurised requests. On the negative side, nearly all have annoying or restrictive medical ailments of food, bowel or colon. None of this we were told would be a fact of deep-middle age, at school, or college, or in the media. What else - good and bad - is a commonality of most people around the age of 50?
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Preserving cherries

I have forty pounds of organic bings (dark sweet cherries) that I need to deal with this weekend. We are pitting and freezing some-but need your best ideas for preserving the rest. [more inside]
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Short term survival tips for a completely effed up workplace?

I took a job I shouldn't have and now I'm so completely demoralized I am having a hard time getting it together to even start a new job search. Any tips? [more inside]
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Recommendations for a used car that's more spacious than a Honda Fit?

Because of a drunk driver totaling our perfectly functioning 2007 Honda Fit last weekend, we find ourselves in the market for another used car. Added wrinkle: I'm expecting a baby in early September and were thinking about maybe buying a somewhat more spacious car the next time round. [more inside]
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New York City heat-transfer/heat-press vinyl T-shirts ASAP

I would like to get custom heat-transfer/heat-press vinyl T-shirts made in New York City this weekend, ideally with sparkly/glitter/metal flake lettering. Can you recommend a shop? [more inside]
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Warners A Night at the Movies

One of my favourite selection of dvd extras has been A Night at the Movies, the selection of shorts and trailers which accompany the releases of 30s, 40s & 50s films on Warners and some MGM discs. I'd like to collect the lot and I remember seeing a definitive list of them at some time but can't find anything only other some brief mentions in discussion boards. Does anyone have a list?
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Books recommendations on universal human truths?

Humankind has always believed in good and evil. It has believed in higher divine powers. Humankind has always had the need for love. These “human truths” and many more have formed the basis for most of the world’s greatest literature, film etc. What books (or websites) discuss these universal human truths across time and cultures?
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Good industry memoirs

I am looking for examples of memoirs which changed assumptions about particular industries or professions, or remoulded individual practitioners in the public conciousness. Not whistle-blowing, but books which exposed unusual facets of a particular job, or lifted the lid on unexpected excesses and humourous incidents. [more inside]
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Do Dagwood Bumstead and F. Scott Fitzgerald have the same hairdo?

Is Dagwood Bumstead's hairdo meant to be a stylized representation of the sort of 1930s hairdo that F. Scott Fitzgerald sports in this picture, that one and this other photo? [more inside]
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How do you keep your vintage-filled house smelling fresh?

How do you keep your vintage-filled house smelling fresh? [more inside]
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Planner words of the world unite

Planner nerds of the world, is there any way to use existing smart notebook/smart pen systems to create a paper planner that syncs with a digital one? (The existing systems seem to be designed for notetaking and sketching, but I'd like to be able to add calendar entries to Google Calendar, update an address book, keep lists, etc.) Bonus question: which of the existing smart notebooks allow you to save as vector files?
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July 21

What's the best turntable I can buy for under/near $500

I have a good stereo setup (with phono preamp). Ideally I'd like a turntable that's pretty easy to set up and won't require a ton of tinkering. I'm not an audiophile or designer, but I'd like it to sound and look purty good.
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Help put my feet in comfortable wunning shoes

I run/power walk/hike (or, I should say, I'm going to again) and need new shoes. I have no interest in running more than a 5k, but I like the convenient fitness aspect, that it's an easy way to get my heart rate up and that it makes me sweat and feel good. What kind of shoe do I need? [more inside]
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Cross rural China by train - must see places to stop in between?

I'm planning a trip to China and would like to see more of the countryside, starting from the east and moving by train to Xinjiang. Recommendations on rural pitstops along the way? [more inside]
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Choreographer in Boston area

I'd like to work with an instructor and choreographer to come up with a couple of dances for myself and a couple of friends, technical dance novices all around. We're looking to create one burlesque and one lively coordinated pop dance number, and get both the choreography and dance instruction to make it happen. We would love to work with one person who could help with all of it if we hit it off, though happy to work with different artists if those styles don't come in the same person. They should be excited to work with a bunch of middle aged queer women to put together something sexy and fun but slightly weird or askew. Halp, please! Do you know of anyone?
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Raising prosocial kids: apology addition

I am raising a boy, and I am on a quest for ideas to help him become a good apologizer as he grows up. Details inside... [more inside]
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public participation in Comprehensive Plan review

Our small town will be undertaking a 10th-year update of its comprehensive plan. What are some best practices, or strategies, for such a review, and particularly for gathering public input? Can you recommend a town or small city that has done this particularly well, given results? "Town hall" type meetings have not worked well in the past.
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Need to find a personal assistant for my remote, elderly mother

I live in California; my 79-year-old mother lives in an elderly community in Silver Spring, Maryland in a 2-bedroom apartment. How do I find someone to help her manage her life - take care of paperwork, track medical appointments, etc.? [more inside]
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Veganish dinner party just got unexpectedly bigger; what (else) to cook?

I had a couple of last-minute RSVPs to a dinner party tomorrow, bringing the total up to a terrifying ten people. 2 of us are vegan, the rest are a mix of vegetarians and omnivores, but the menu I had planned is all vegan. Is this going to be enough food? And if it's not, what else can I serve that won't expand the budget and prep time too much? [more inside]
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Looking for bluetooth wood-y speakers

10-ish years ago I had a pair of Edifier speakers that I picked up for $40 off a showroom floor, and they were perfect for me. They were probably an old model version of this. I'm looking at a couple of other Edifier models as replacements but don't know if I'm missing other options. [more inside]
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Accidentally sent BIG amazon package to old address -- what do do now?

I am an idiot and accidentally sent my Amazon packages (some of which are pretty big) to an old address. My old landlord is understandably annoyed and doesn't want to deal with it. He's an old man, not a professional landlord in the business-y sense of the word. It is far away from where I live, and I don't know anyone in the area who can get them for me. [more inside]
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I could be my own personal assistant?

I have a classic problem, which is that I'm productive as you could like all morning during work hours... just not at the right things. [more inside]
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More sites for "Make Your Own Magazine Cover" type things?

I love the Pulp-O-Mizer, a site that lets you make your own spoofy magazine covers-- also "Break Your Own News!" What other generate-your-own-fake-graphics sites would I enjoy? Thanks!
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Concord, NH weekend -- worth it?

We will be attending a wedding in Concord NH in October. The wedding is on a Sunday night, and we're considering heading up there on Saturday morning to make a weekend of it. Is Concord fun? [more inside]
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Feminist information/ mythology/ explanations about menstruation

I need help conceptualizing what happens to my mind when I'm PMSing from a holistic/ feminist /empowering perspective and am looking for traditional rituals, self care options, and/or mythological explanations that "value the divine feminine energy" instead of the misogynist assumption that "women are hormonal". I'm looking for spiritual/ psychological healing options rather than help with the physical cramps and headaches and etc. [more inside]
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How do I keep track of sources/citations in Scrivener?

As I'm typing my draft in Scrivener, I want to keep track of my sources on the fly. I want to just be able to link a spot in the draft to a source, and I'm shocked there doesn't seem to be an easy way to do this. I'd also like to be able to toggle between viewing citations and not viewing them, if I just want a clean view of my draft. Why is this so hard? [more inside]
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I don't know how to talk to my boyfriend about his weight

I pointed out my boyfriend's lack of weight loss progress and regretted it immediately. He looked very hurt, and though he is not the type to acknowledge it or want to talk about it, I know that I wounded him deeply. I realize that by bringing it up so insensitively, I may have irreparably damaged the trust between us and maybe now there is no way to talk to him about it constructively without hurting him more. What do I do? [more inside]
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Can I get these PF treatments more affordably?

I posted a while back about having had severe plantar fasciitis for over two years. (Link to that post below). My doctor and I agree that I've tried everything short of surgery, shockwave, and PCR (plasma replacement). I'm hoping to not have the surgery, but I'm trying to figure out how I can pay for other treatments. Difficulty level: low income meets Medicare. [more inside]
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avast antivirus update, computer will not accept logon profile

I accepted an avast update last night. Now the computer does not recognise my logon profile. I can use the guest account, but not my regular account. What should I do? [more inside]
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Espadrilles that won't fall apart

In the summer I like to wear alpargatas/espadrilles, but the Tom's canvas alpargatas I bought in late-May have already begun to fall apart. Any recommendations for sturdy, well-constructed espadrilles/alpargatas that won't fall apart? (note: not boat shoes) [more inside]
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Jamming during cardio

Can you recommend to me uptempo songs with a heavy bass I can listen to while doing cardio? Ideally the song should stay uptempo the whole way through - many I've thought would work well actually slow down during parts of the song. [more inside]
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Getting information about non-valuable old pocket watches

I've just been given some old pocket watches that belonged to my grandmother. I don't want to sell them and don't care what they're worth (probably very little), but I want more information. What's a good place to look? [more inside]
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Detecting (and maybe repairing?) corrupted files

I recovered a bunch of files from a failed hard drive but it appears a chunk of them are corrupted (i.e. photos are messed up, files won't open, etc). There are all kinds: photos, music files, documents, spreadsheets . . . Is there a tool to scan through all of these and detect which ones are good and which ones aren't without manually opening each one? I'm on a Windows 10 computer. I just want to stop encountering random files that I can't open nor fix. [more inside]
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Establishing WA state residency headaches!

I recently moved back to Seattle after 7 years away. I need to get a WA license and change my car's registration information from Virginia to Washington. However, establishing proof of residency here by the guidelines of the WA DOL is proving to be a headache. They don't appear to accept things like my lease agreement and the documents they do accept are things I don't have (I don't have any utility bills because my landlord is paying for that, my employer, The UW, doesn't offer physical paystubs or checks anymore (it's 2017, after all), etc.). [more inside] [more inside]
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I want other people's memories.

I collect other people's old photographs. The vast majority of which that I have access to are from antique stores, junk shops, and sometimes estate sales, where I only see photographs from around 1965 or earlier. Where are all of the more recent photographs, and how can I get some of them?
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Career options for former journalist / writer / fiction MFA?

All-around smart person and good writer with varied employment history (magazine editorial, freelance journalism, nonfiction author, adjunct writing teaching, fiction MFA) seeks to understand the career options from here. [more inside]
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Chevy Volt through the Drive Green with Mass Energy program?

I live in Boston and have never owned a car. I use Lyft/Zipcar/Turo/Enterprise a few times a month, and otherwise stick to public transit. But I'm very tempted by the Chevy Volt advertised through the Drive Green with Mass Energy program -- $115 to lease, no money down, or $16,500 to buy. Is this as good an idea as it seems? Snowflakes and fretting inside ... [more inside]
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Inspecting the "Final Inspection"

Is there existing research or journalism answering the (disputed) question of the authorship of "The Final Inspection"? [more inside]
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How to best deal with an irresponsible/dramatic housemate?

My housemate had some serious health problems this year and then her long term boyfriend broke up with her. She's going off the rails, causing drama, being manipulative and clinging to a burdensome victim narrative without taking any responsibility for her own actions. How do I deal with this? Snowflakes below. [more inside]
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The best fountain pen money can buy?

On the spur of the moment, I have been tasked to research the purchase of a fountain pen that will be a gift by a large group of people to someone on a special occasion. The person in question will be using the pen, so it needs to be known for its function in addition to any other qualities pens of this price range may possess. The price range would need to be anywhere from 300-600 (cost matters, it can't be cheap even if a cheaper pen is better, hey, I know).
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Sudden bloating

One of my very best friends suddenly looks pregnant. [more inside]
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What is the RLI?

The song "Radio Bomb" by the Matthew Good Band makes a reference to an organization called the RLI. The song is about pirate radio operators and the lyric in question is The RLI and the FCC will be driving around in their little undercover RVs. The context is (probably) 1990s Canada. What the heck is the RLI? [more inside]
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I need some wind in my sails, but is this a reasonable expectation?

I realised that my partner does nothing for my ego. Which leads to the conclusion that I need a partner to do something for my ego. So. Is this a relationship problem or my problem? [more inside]
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Way to figure out which banks are in which states?

I'm trying to find a bank that has locations in Georgia, SC (negotiable), IN, WI, and IL, other than Wells Fargo. Is there an easy way to figure this out? [more inside]
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Where to spend a few hours with kids between Paris/CDG & Beaune?

I'm driving from CDG to slightly before Beaune and have some time to kill. Any suggestions for places that can accommodate jet-laggy 9-12 year olds and their grown ups? We gravitate toward open spaces, mild activity (lazy swimming, kayaking, etc.), local shops/groceries, small towns, cafés, maybe a nap spot, and the unusual. [more inside]
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Which monitor for Macbook Pro and Surface Pro?

I'm looking at replacing an ageing iMac with a new Macbook Pro plus external monitor. I've also got a work-issue Surface Pro 4 and would like to be able to use the external monitor for that as well. The main question is, what monitor should I be looking at? [more inside]
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flexible seating for guests

I am looking for suggestions for comfortable, attractive floor seating solutions that I can fold or roll up and put away when not using them. [more inside]
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Translating made-up words

A question for professional translators: (when) is it acceptable to make up a word in the language into which you're translating? Major spoilers for Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis inside! [more inside]
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July 20

My love language is quality time - his may not be/not a planner. Help!

Boyfriend and I have been together for just under a year and lately a difference in love languages is becoming a bone of contention. I want to resolve this going forward. [more inside]
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How to assess what you want vs. what you are capable of enjoying

How do you differentiate normal fears about the future from debilitating anxiety? How do you weigh intellectual capability against an emotional handicap? How do you determine what the ideal next step should be, when you're not sure if aiming high will actually give you the lifestyle you want or need? [more inside]
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Who are the original artists this song is in the style of?

I really like the song Late Nights & Heartbreak sampled on Jay-Zs new album and was surprised to find out singer Hannah Williams is contemporary and British. [more inside]
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What is Camerage?

This Galaxy magazine cover from 1952 is credited to "Camerage," which according to the issue's editorial is an experimental photographic technique. I can't find any other references to Camerage online, and as far as I can tell it was only ever used on one other cover. I'm wondering if it's something incredibly obscure, or if it's just another word for a well-known photographic technique (like how "Rayograph" is another word for photogram). [more inside]
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Is it worth replacing an engine in a used car?

Is it worth replacing the engine in my 2008 jeep liberty? [more inside]
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Cost of the toll troll?

I'm driving from Baltimore to southern Vermont. First time driving the northeast coast and all I hear about are tolls! Oddly, I have not really dealt with tolls in any of the places I've lived. If anyone has made a similar trip, how much money should I take with me for a round trip in tolls? Can I pay in credit card or just cash? Just quarters?? [more inside]
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How do I confront my father about utterly fucking up my life?

tl;dr I am my father's only daughter and he molested and tried to rape me when I was a teenager. IANAP but I think it is safe to say my father has fucked up my head and by extension my life and I want to confront him. [more inside]
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Interesting t-shirts for a full-grown woman?

I recently started wearing t-shirts with stuff on them, but I'm having problems finding ones that fit. Do you know any shops on Etsy or the like who carry graphic shirts for tall women? [more inside]
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Should I get an epidural?

This is my first pregnancy and I've gone back and forth a lot on this question. I don't have any complications and my doctor says I can try to a totally natural birth although obviously have to be prepared for anything just depending how things go. I'd love to hear your experiences with this...I feel like I just keep going back and forth on all the statistics and advice! [more inside]
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