November 22

I want to create an automated series of reminders on my outlook calendar

I run a three-month program that kicks off with a new group once a month, and it involves a lot of moving pieces, including scheduling meetings (that I can't schedule until the new folks have started), and sending instructional emails at a certain time for each cohort. [more inside]
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Middle-aged man in search of the perfect wallet

I have spent years looking for a good, buy once, wallet. They are generally too small (Credit cards don't fit) or the leather is shoddy and falls apart. I will pay top dollar for a really great leather wallet. Suggestions please.
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Any Buddhist Retreats Wk of Dec 26-31 w/in a 6-hr Drive of New Haven?

Anyone know of any? I know it's a long shot but this is something I'd like to try. Doesn't have to be the whole week. Needs to accommodate beginners. Prefer something heavy on silent meditation. Thanks!
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How to change from an "alpha" to a "beta"

My workplace is absolutely awash with people who are constantly jockeying for position. I am in the really fortunate position of having now been promoted to the job I want at the level I want to stay at for the rest of my career. So how can I be one of the people who manage to put their egos aside and quit playing these games? [more inside]
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November 21

Volunteering for a Paid Position

Is it appropriate to offer to work for free at a non-profit if the position is usually paid? [more inside]
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How can I change how I see a website?

Please help me bleach a part of a website! I'm doing it with a Firefox add on, but it's not updated for 57 and I doubt that it ever will be, and I can't update Firefox until I can replace the function it fills for me. I want to stay with Firefox, and get updates. Please don't suggest Pale Moon. [more inside]
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The little apartment that fell from the sky

Seeking stories of serendipity that saved people at the end of their rope - that were actually made possible by people laying the seeds of their own salvation [more inside]
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Help Me Mac My Roku and Continue Life Sans TV

So my puny 19in TV finally gave up the ghost and I feel zero need to replace it. I'm the happy new owner of a 27in iMac on which I can stream my Amazon and Netflix addictions. And yet. I miss my Roku. Details below. [more inside]
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Help me light my loo

I'm looking for a nightlight solution for our bathroom. It just needs to be barely bright enough to illuminate the way, so we can navigate a nocturnal path to it. [more inside]
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Books to read after Wandering Earth?

I'm looking for sci fi short story compilation recommendations. I've read Wandering Earth by Liu Cixin, which I really enjoyed for it's engaging read and what felt like fresh topics to me. Are there others that folks would recommend? Hoping to curl up with a book this Thanksgiving.
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Looking for ways to improve my office at work!

How do I make my office at work smell nice? What else can I be doing to make my office a nice, peaceful place to work? [more inside]
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Seeking gift ideas. Edition #659.

My oldest sister (B) and I are hung up on what to get as a holiday gift for our middle sister (C). The fact is, C has been so distant from B and me for so long that neither of us know her very well. But since our parents died, C has been at least trying to stay connected with us and that's a huge improvement that we want to nurture. [more inside]
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twitter basic

Apologies for the lamest question of the day, but is it possible to see who has liked or forwarded a tweet? I know you can see how many people have liked it. Hovering over or clicking the likes doesn't show who liked it, though. Is there a to see who liked or forwarded a tweet? [more inside]
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Help me end intrusive thoughts

I was in a relationship that ended almost 3 years ago. I can't stop thinking about the person. Tawdry details inside. [more inside]
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Need recommendations for a new printer/scanner

I'm planning to buy a new printer/scanner soon. I'd like to keep it under $100. I print mostly text documents (plus the occasional picture), and want something that will do auto double-sided printing. Oh, and NOT HP. When I look around online, most say they are wireless. I have a desktop computer and no WiFi. Can these wireless printers be attached to a computer the old fashioned way? Any recommendations for what to buy and/or what to avoid would be greatly appreciated.
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Questions about sharing old Audio Archives online.

I have an old computer not connected to the internet (Mac OSX 10.6.8) (not my main computer) with some old audio files (Audacity 1.3.14-beta) archived on it. I would like to hear some suggestions for the easiest way to share these audio files online. [more inside]
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Evolution 101

What are some good books to explain the basics of evolution and how it works while countering creationism and ID? [more inside]
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Ideas for workspaces please!

#writers and #freenlancers: where, other than your favorite coffeeshops, do you feel comfortable to buy something small and then plop down for an hour or two of work? [more inside]
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Moving iTunes lib from one ext drive to another. Difficulty level: GRAR

I am trying to move my iTunes library from an older external drive to a newer external drive, following this how-to. I got all the way to the part in section 2 where you select iTunes and drag it to the external hard drive. This is where the problem starts. Specs and specifics inside. [more inside]
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How does/will American Net neutrality affect European folks?

Can anyone predict how Net neutrality is going to work out? Please refer to the likely European experience - if that is even possible. [more inside]
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Holey crochet blanket, Batman!

How warm/useful is this chunky v-stitch afghan likely to be? [more inside]
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Domain name help

I'm thinking of registering a couple domains for my wife and young child, and hell, maybe even for myself. I've never registered a domain before and could use some guidance on both how to go about it, and what domains to choose. [more inside]
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How can I get the boiler in my new flat to start up?

I just bought a new flat and I can't get the combi boiler (hot water / central heating) to start up. It turns on, and although it is old I have no reason to believe it shouldn't work. I don't want to look like an idiot calling out a plumber for something stupid I don't understand. Details and photos inside. [more inside]
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Rotary Telephone Trick?

I started reading "Secondhand Time" after seeing it recommended in another ask, and I'm curious about a "trick" that involves a rotary phone. The trick was "so that the KGB agents who tapped our phones wouldn't be able to make anything out" [more inside]
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What do I want?

My parents have asked me for a Christmas list this year, and they do a format of something you need, something you want, something to wear, and something to read. I have no trouble filling out small, reasonable gifts for need, wear, and read, but I absolutely cannot figure out something I 'want'. My mom really likes this format, so I'd like to stick with it, but I can't figure anything out this year. Small details after the jump, but without all too much detail to try and get a lot of ideas. [more inside]
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Business banking with check deposit by phone

Is there a bank that lets you deposit checks into a business account by phone or online? I'm not looking for depositing them with equipment that I rent. Thanks!
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Seamed hose for thick-legged women

I'm plus size and I carry most of my weight in my hips and thighs. I also dress vintage. I'd like to find seamed pantyhose that fit and aren't completely uncomfortable. [more inside]
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More stuff like ‘traffic cones of Japan’ and ‘Brooms of China’ please!

I love collections of photos that document the ordinary parts of everyday life in other places, like traffic cones in Japan. I’m not really looking for art and cultural examples, like the masks of Mexico, but a collection of the baguette delivery boxes of Moorea would awesome. Please share similar web sites, instagram, anything else not requiring a log in that you enjoy!
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Record digital video without distortion?

I want to take some video of myself, weekly, that doesn't distort the proportions of my body. But, all webcams (and I think my mac's built-in camera?) seem to have fish-eye lenses. [more inside]
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Which areas can I specialize in with a degree in computer science?

I find myself at a cross roads, I have just finished my internship and with it my time in college. My time as an intern was spent in web development specifically in C# and Javascript. I'm not sure how to feel about it, on the one hand I like UI work but web in general was not very exciting. One of my friends in this career is looking for jobs in the business analyst field, I asked if he was doing this to avoid programming, he told me he was very interested in the large volume of data that is handled in that position. In a way he opened my mind, I don't know which area I want to go in anymore. [more inside]
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Searching for the best resources for information on Autism

My newly 4 yr old grandson has been struggling with a variety of issues over the past couple of years. Now they're suspecting Autism might be yet another thing to add to the list. [more inside]
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Is there an app that tracks how much time each person in a convo talks?

I would like an app that keeps track of how much time each person in a conversation, meeting, therapy session, etc talks. This could be done manually. It doesn't have to involve speech recognition or anything. The interface would be something like a chess clock in reverse. There's a spot for each person. When a person starts talking, they tap their spot and the app begins running up their time. When they are done, they tap their spot again to stop their clock. Alternatively, if someone else jumps in they can tap their own spot and the app starts running up their time and stops running up the previous person's time. [more inside]
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Have you ever chosen love before career?

I am a 32 year old gay guy from Argentina. I work for a big company and some weeks ago I was offered a temporary position in Europe for 9 months, with no extra pay as I would only cover a coworker during her maternity leave. Once I finished it, there was a chance they would want to keep me there or send me back to Argentina to a different city. [more inside]
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Seeking eerie tales of the icy sea

A number of my favorite books and stories are eerie tales of the sea - China Mieville's novel The Scar, John Wyndham's Out of the Deeps, the boat parts of the Earthsea Trilogy, ghost stories that take place on ships, the Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland, etc. Eerie tales of the sea are extremely restful, for some reason. I especially like tales of Antarctica, such as Ursula Le Guin's "Sur" and Birth of the People's Republic of Antarctica. I would like more. [more inside]
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What to say in job application when supervisor will speak unfavorably?

With my last long term full time employment, I was subject to some rather unsavory behavior by my employer. Human resources had to be involved, and I wasn't told very much about the situation and they were not terminated. Most applications ask A) may we contact supervisor and B) why did you leave. Officially I was laid off, as that was really the only retaliation they could legally do (state employment). I obviously won't be getting a good review from that person even though my employment reviews were quite good. What do you say i this situation?
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Non-US Disability/Handicapped Access

Can anyone suggest an information source for learning about disability/handicapped accessibility resources in other countries? Are public buildings/facilities set-up or required to have ease-of-access entry? I have family members that would like to travel but are concerned about a lack of access. In particular, they are mobility-impaired and use either a walker or scooter for most of their daily activities.
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Recommendations and advice for a 2 in 1 windows laptop

I'm looking for an affordable 2 in 1 laptop that can serve as my primary all purpose machine. I'm not a heavy gamer but I do like to play occasionally. I do some light coding - no seriously computationally expensive stuff. Weight isn't an issue. I'd prefer a larger screen. I don't want a Chromebook or iPad. [more inside]
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Expanding (kids') views of the world through other views of history

Inspired by a note about secondary school curriculum across West Africa from glasseyes, I'm interested in how history is taught in different places, for myself and for my kids. Details below. [more inside]
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Smart meters- yes or no? [UK]

I got a text from my electricity company today, with a date for my smart meter installation, which I haven't requested. Should I just go ahead with the installation or cancel? [more inside]
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I Have Tendinitis In My knee. Are My Running Days Over? What Cardio Can

I ran for years. At one point my knee starting really hurting. I went to the doc and they told me that I had tendinitis. I would take a month off. The pain would stop. I'd run again and it would come back. Ibuprofen would help, but the pain would come back whenever I ran. I tried again recently, after years, same result. Is there anything that I can do to still go running outside? If not, what other forms of cardio can I do? Other info inside. [more inside]
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Storing flour cut with butter

For biscuits, can I do the "cut flour into butter" step once, for multiple recipes, and store it until needed? How (refrigerator/freezer)? For how long? [more inside]
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Help me use these new mental health diagnoses to find resources

Had severe, treatment-resistant depression for a long time. Recently, after a few suicide attempts, there are two new diagnoses on the horizon: my psychiatrist thinks I may have bipolar 2 rather than depression, my therapist agrees and is pretty sure I also have borderline personality disorder. I've got a basic, Tumblr-and-Wikipedia-level understanding of both of those. I know they're treatable and the stigma they carry is often unfair. I know DBT for borderline is A Thing. What else should I know about living with either of these diagnoses? What books or articles should I read? What resources should I make use of?
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Osteo, physio, or something else?

YANMD, but I slipped 3 discs in June, and have been in physio twice a week for most of the time since then, with two spinal epidurals in August and September. I feel like I should be better than I am by now, and would like advice on what other kind of treatment to look into. [more inside]
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How to ask for what you need/want in dating?

New to dating, and it seems so different than what dating used to be- how can I ask or express what I want for my long term without putting pressure or expectations? [more inside]
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Best English translation of the Decameron?

Please what is the best English translation of Boccaccio's Decameron? I can't find any quotes of chunks of the McWilliams or Nicholls translations online and I want to buy a fun but full translation. [more inside]
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Compromising with someone who won’t compromise

I’m involved in a legal dispute over an insurance policy. It’s been going on for a year. The other party is completely unwilling to settle and it is eating me up inside. I know I can’t make them resolve this if they don’t want to. I need to focus on dealing with my own stress better. How can I do this? [more inside]
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Why was freedom of movement one of the founding principles of the EU?

Why was freedom of movement one of the founding principles of the European Union? I can find lots of articles that take this as a given, but none that talk about the motivations that led to it being regarded as a fundamental principle. Does anyone have any pointers to such an exegesis? [more inside]
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November 20

Where can I buy a used sewing machine? Should I buy used?

My mom has a Sears Kenmore from the 70s, and it is solid. It's made of metal and it smells like oil. It has worked beautifully for the past four decades. Can I just buy one like hers somewhere? Should I? I'm in the Bay Area. [more inside]
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poem with the line "Why do I fall in love with every girl I've ever met"

Just that--I think it's part of the classic canon, like Bukowski or TS Eliot or something. Might've even been quoted in a television show like Mad Men. Would love to read the full thing again.
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Dog breeds that are good with cats and with stairs

My wife and I would like to get a dog. We're both fond of pretty much all kinds of dogs, but there are a couple of practical considerations. First, we have a cat, so we're looking for a gentle dog with a good sense of humor (the cat is pretty funny.) Secondly, our house has lots of stairs. The dog would need to be able to handle stairs, certainly in the prime of life and, hopefully, when older, too. Given that we may need to carry the dog up the stairs in its senior years, though, maybe we should look for one that weighs no more than, say, 50 pounds. [more inside]
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Big difference between Wordpress stats and server logs

Hi, I volunteer as co-editor and main tech person for an academic collaborative blog. In our most recent full calendar month (October 2017), there was a 4-fold difference between the unique visitors reported by our server logs (Awstats) and what was reported by Why? [more inside]
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Buying better

Help me come up with a list of 'good' brands that don't rely heavily on sweatshop labour [more inside]
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animism shmaninism!

I've been reading a lovely but very heady book about animism. What are some other books (or other types of media) that explore animism themes further, and perhaps more directly? [more inside]
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Skype call log

I want to see my skype call log on an android phone with specific details (i.e. number of missed calls) from a specific contact for the last 4 months. [more inside]
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The college experience, for adults.

I miss having random conversations with smart people who are doing research in fields that are not my own. Is there any good way to scratch that itch as an adult? [more inside]
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Can an old git get a part time degree at Berkeley?

I’m someone in my 50s living in the Berkeley area and although I have written software since the 80s and probably wrote part of your web browser, I have no actual qualifications in computer science. No degree at all in fact. I was wondering if there was some way I could attend CS classes at Berkeley here and there and and work my way to a degree. Is there an organization that helps people like me work this out?
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Will you help me time my Thanksgiving meal?

I have never cooked a big meal before. I'd like to do as much in advance as possible. Please share your expertise. [more inside]
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What kind of houseplant is this?

Small, delicate indoor plant with trifolate leaves, each leaf has 1-2 ridges along each side. Grows upright, and leaves are medium green, thin and glossy, no woody stems. Here's a picture. [more inside]
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My Squirels aren't drinking!

I am rehabilitating some baby squirrels since Hurricane Irma destroyed their nests. I'm getting them ready for release, but they almost never drink water, and seem to rely solely on food for hydration. How do I humanely teach them to drink? [more inside]
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"Please Don't Cash Our Check" as a Donation Request

I have been asked to help write a letter from our church to an entity that rents space from us, requesting a donation. It requires a high level of finesse, and I'm stumped. Can you help? [more inside]
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