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April 16

Parent may have cheated the other out of significant money. What to do?
I think one of my (divorced) parents may have withdrawn legally shared assets and the other parent may be unaware. What is my moral responsibility in this situation, or is it none of my business? Complexities inside. [more inside]
posted by corb at 7:52 AM - 18 answers
How do I deal with this potential street harasser (if at all)?
How do I deal with this potential street harasser (if at all)? Details within. [more inside]
posted by joeyjoejoejr at 7:20 AM - 27 answers

April 15

What does it mean to be "psychologically flooded"?
My girlfriend has a diagnosed anxiety order. Oftentimes in conversation she has trouble processing what is said and pretty much shuts down. After the conversation she tells me that she was flooded and doesn't remember what we discussed. I want to learn more about psychological flooding. Can you help me find some resources to learn more about it? I didn't have much luck with my keyword searches on Google. Specifically I want to learn if there are ways I can help her become flooded less often. Thanks!
posted by speedoavenger at 8:29 PM - 15 answers

Helping a preschooler who's about to move!
Helping our preschooler move from one home to another: we have lots of flexibility, so we want to plan the best transition we can as he leaves behind the school and friends he loves. [more inside]
posted by kalapierson at 6:45 PM - 5 answers

Bad Roommate II: Electric Boogohgodpleasekillme
Problematic roommate finally moves out. Everybody is happy! Problematic roommate gives one day's notice that she is moving back in. Everybody is sad! How to head off disaster? [more inside]
posted by dekathelon at 5:55 PM - 53 answers

No, not Tiggers! Triggers.
I would like to give a short awareness talk aimed at raising awareness of triggers. Five minutes or less, keyed towards the safety issues for the trigeree. What key points should I include? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 3:11 PM - 7 answers

New Teacher Hired, Pissing Off Veteran Staff, Help?
I'm in my first year as a principal at a special needs high school and recently, the school director (above me organizationally) hired a new teacher who isn't quite fitting in. Far too many staff members have approached me and basically, this new teacher is pissing a lot of people off. It's not worthwhile to get into specifics, but it is fair to say that their issues are valid and this new teacher acts like a know-it-all, she's fairly abrasive and dismissive to seasoned staff. These teachers are well-respected in our field and great at their jobs. [more inside]
posted by kinetic at 2:35 PM - 23 answers

My mother has Schizophrenia, how can I help her?
For the last few years my mother has had symptoms of schizophrenia. She believes that an organization is following her, harassing her and screwing job opportunities. She is taken things to a extreme level and has called cops accusing individuals, family members, and others who don't even know her. What do I do? [more inside]
posted by The1andonly at 12:45 PM - 10 answers

What should I give - if anything - to my good friend as a wedding gift?
One of my best friends from college is getting married this week . The ceremony is small (just family) so I was not invited. I'd like to give her a gift but I'm not sure what. [more inside]
posted by Shadow Boxer at 7:50 AM - 12 answers

April 14

I have no idea if I am this dude's friend, date, or source of intrigue
I met a guy on okc last October. He asked me out several times during November and I cancelled every time. He then deactivated his account for three months. He reappeared mid March this year and we have been hanging out once or twice a week since. To what end I am completely unsure. I guess I could just come out and ask him but I am a complete freak when it comes to my own romantic situations - I have no idea how to read them, I cannot guide myself and I spend a lot of time very, very confused... as well as bordering on panic. Help me figure out what is going on here and what I should do about it. There is a very long story inside, but I swear to you, I have looked on here, as well as googled my issue and all I can find is quizzes on to help me, or advice blogs from chauvinists. Of no assistance. [more inside]
posted by DeadFlagBlues at 11:28 PM - 21 answers

Just one year old marriage and in crisis
Just one year old marriage and in crisis [more inside]
posted by Sall at 7:48 PM - 21 answers

One date with someone who was bereaved shortly after
I've been on one date with a man whose brother died shortly afterwards. I want to support him and respect his decisions (including about whether to continue the relationship) but absolutely do not want to take advantage of his grief. I don't know how to approach this. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 6:53 PM - 18 answers

Looking for blogs of experiences learning English or moving to the US.
I am really interested in the experiences of internationals (preferably East Asians) learning English and/or moving to the United States. I am in college right now with a lot of Chinese international students, and I am trying to understand what they are going through. I'm also learning Japanese, and I'm curious about what it's like for Asian students to learn English. I'm looking for blogs that will tell about the authors' experiences (surprises, difficulties, etc.) learning English and/or coming to the United States to live. Preferably, they would be at least somewhat humorous. Any suggestions?
posted by vash at 12:48 PM - 4 answers

How to set boundaries with a student without hurting her feelings?
I recently finished teaching an introductory one month course for college freshmen. This is a small college in a semi rural low income region. A student (18) sent me a facebook friend request and I accepted. Our college does not have a web portal which could be used for communication between teachers and students. Facebook sometimes makes up for that lack when other platforms are not available for sharing educational materials, study resources, etc. This student initiated fb conversations with me. First it was just to ask me about her test results and school stuff. Then she revealed she was very worried about failing, I tried to tell her about the importance of both being dedicated and not afraid of failing, about the need to persevere, etc. Over the course of the last few days, she has started revealing more about her problems. [more inside]
posted by Basque13 at 12:21 PM - 21 answers

Anxious jealous insecure EEEEEEEJASFADF​JKLSAJKFLSDJ!!
What are some things I can do to 'work on' my anxiety? [more inside]
posted by dinosaurprincess at 9:18 AM - 20 answers

April 13

sharing passwords with significant others?
My SO recently gave me his password. What does this mean? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 5:37 PM - 37 answers

Handling the shame of suicide
I attempted suicide a week ago. Things are good now. New meds and more therapy. Tons of support. Really really glad I am alive and feel safe and secure that it won't happen again. But how do I deal with the shame of seeing how I hurt people who love me? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 9:45 AM - 31 answers

April 12

Whether and how to ask out someone I previously dated.
I'm thinking of contacting someone I previously dated to see if he wants to date again. I know there's a good chance I won't get a positive response or will just get hurt again, but I can't help the feeling that there's some kind of unfinished business here. So I want to contact him. My questions are: (a) is trying to see if he wants to date again absolutely a bad idea? and (b) if not, how do I contact him? Do I text him and just say hello and try to gauge his response before going further? Call him out of the blue to talk? See if he wants to meet up for a drink? [more inside]
posted by singlesock at 9:35 PM - 17 answers

Is it just me, or was this weird?
I was out walking on a bike path near my house just now (after dark) and encountered someone driving an unmarked SUV who claimed to be a police officer. I took him at his word, but am now rethinking it and slightly freaked out. Was this within the realm of normal cop behavior? [more inside]
posted by whistle pig at 7:59 PM - 23 answers

I will survive! But I'd like to keep my sanity, too.
Hostile, toxic workplace is causing me tons of stress. I can and will do my job well, conduct myself appropriately, and be courteous and pleasant as Mrs. Cleaver at a dinner party while I'm there. When I get home, I just fall apart. Being fake for 14 hours a day is exhausting, self-censoring every word that comes out of my mouth is a trial, and documenting in detail every mundane task I've performed is time-consuming. I need any advice, articles, or techniques to help me fake it through my days and stay sane! [more inside]
posted by notaninja at 2:19 PM - 18 answers

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