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May 18

Moving home after year abroad - am I making the right decision?

In a few months I will move home - but how can I know this is right for me? [more inside]
posted by Kat_Dubs at 2:05 PM - 9 answers

Should we move to Portland OR despite the impending "Big" Earthquake?

We have loose plans to move up to Portland, OR later this year and "live happily ever after". Except last night I stumbled upon some articles abut the "Big" Earthquake and now I'm questioning EVERYTHING. Am I crazy? Have you been in a similar situation? What did you do? [more inside]
posted by modernsquid at 1:15 PM - 42 answers

Addressing the need for me-time in a LDR

My GF and I are currently long distance, though only for a short while longer. We're planning for me to visit her at the end of the month for four days. Due to manic work commitments and sickness, I was looking forward to having this (long) weekend to myself, but my GF has said that my not coming to visit has made her feel "not nurtured." I don't know how to address this in an adult fashion; advice is welcome (snowflakes abound…) [more inside]
posted by six sided sock at 12:43 PM - 42 answers

Let me ask you about a fandom

I'm super curious about Homestuck, and everything I've read leads me to believe I would probably like it a lot. Like, if I enjoyed Achewood and all the associated character blogs and etc. etc., Homestuck seems right up my alley. However! My partner's middle school-aged daughters are cosplaying megafans of Homestuck, and I don't want to appear to co-opt their fandom. Especially because I am an Old. [more inside]
posted by witchen at 7:34 AM - 14 answers

I like my life, but I don't like myself

I'm a woman in my thirties, very happily married, in an interesting career. I love my partner, friends, and home. I have been treated for depression fairly successfully. So why do I feel like such a loser? [more inside]
posted by lilpinksockpuppet at 4:16 AM - 17 answers

May 17

Dating in New York City, places to go, things to see and do

Sometimes people invite me on a first or second date and then insist that I suggest a place to go or a thing to do. What are some fun/interesting/free/inexpensive things to do in Brooklyn and Manhattan south of ...say the 70s east or west side? Budget conscious is important because the concept of "who invited" gets murky in this situation, and I make sure to always be prepared to pay for anything I have suggested. So pizza suggestions are good. Steaks are not. [more inside]
posted by tulip-socks at 3:41 PM - 11 answers

My little brother is driving me madder

Hi, for the past week my little brother has been get on my nerves so much. And it's been getting worse and worse. If we play around, he doesn't know when to stop and has to get yelled at by out parents. He just turned 12 and I'm 20. I'm getting sick of this, and our parents are telling us to work it out ourselves. But it doesn't work. [more inside]
posted by starlybri at 2:10 PM - 24 answers

How do we move an elderly relative with OCD from one state to another?

Our relative lives in one state. We live in another. She has lived her entire life within a 1-mile radius and 70 years on one city block. She's rarely traveled. She's lived in her current house for 4 decades. She has deep anxiety/anger issues and is OC. She had planned to live and die in the same place. It looks like that will not be possible. How do we make this move the safest & sanest way possible for all concerned? [more inside]
posted by clarkstonian at 9:56 AM - 28 answers

May 16

blockity block

Is there a way to block someone who has already blocked you? [more inside]
posted by femmegrrr at 8:03 PM - 9 answers

Last year my girlfriend went mad over a small mistake I made

Made a small mistake, girlfriend went mad - was I being unjust or was she? [more inside]
posted by jamesbarrie at 6:11 PM - 31 answers

Dealing with parental guidance as an adult child

My parents are kind, generous people, but they are starting to interfere with my life in a way I'm not sure how to handle. [more inside]
posted by cuppycake gumdrops at 5:15 PM - 36 answers

Questions to ask when spending long hours with someone?

A friend and I travel together frequently. What are some interesting questions we can ask one another while we're hiking for hours on end? [more inside]
posted by buckaroo_benzai at 12:32 PM - 20 answers

Is it okay to want more interesting friends? Can I get them?

After years of tricky life circumstances, I don't have much of a social circle left and I probably seem like a boring workaholic loner, which totally isn't attractive to people who, well, have the kind of fun I'd like to have. Should I just make friends with available people I have little in common with, or can I be more likeable to people who already have active, interesting social lives? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 12:01 PM - 16 answers

As an introvert, I struggle to meet women outside of work

I cannot seem to meet interesting women outside of work because I either scare the holy daylights out of them with my silhipence, my sexuality (I identify as a mild sado and naturally am very dominant), or my intensity. Help? [more inside]
posted by thebotanyofsouls at 9:17 AM - 86 answers

How can I get my roommates to clean up after themselves?

I and my spouse own a three bedroom house, and live there with four roommates, two dogs, and a dismaying number of parakeets. My roommates are generally considerate, and we work around each other as best we can, but they just will. not. clean. without someone directly telling them that it needs to be done. Since I and my spouse have the lowest tolerance for dirt, we end up doing it. Snowflake: my roommates are my adult children and their significant others. [more inside]
posted by underflow at 8:26 AM - 40 answers

May 15

Advice for a tall-ish mom of a short child?

My preschool-aged daughter is very short for her age. She's always been confident and happy, but, recently, she has started to realize that that all of her same-age peers are much taller than she is, and she's not happy about it. Short women and parents of short women, what can you tell me about the experience of being a short female? What are the challenges? What are the perks? What can I do to help my daughter deal with challenges she might encounter because of her stature?
posted by TEA at 8:19 PM - 42 answers

The Trouble with Answered Prayers

I met someone on a dating site five months ago, who turned out to be alcoholic. Despite all odds, and both of us trying to resist the other because of this--we talked openly about it--we ended up getting involved and slowly got closer and closer. Finally, he stopped drinking, turned to AA, and effectively disappeared, at which point my abandonment issues kicked in. Help me understand what happened to him, and how to soothe myself in the aftermath. Apologies for the wall of text within. [more inside]
posted by Puppetry for Privacy at 2:07 PM - 17 answers

Snap, Crackle, Pop

I'd like to know how to do a particular type of hand gesture. It's a casual gesture of conclusion, sort of like dusting off your hands. In this gesture, one hand falls into the other generating a little percussive sequence like snapping your fingers, cracking your knuckles and clapping your hands all in close succession. It only takes about a second to execute. Does this type of gesture have a name? Can you help me deconstruct the motions?
posted by Jeff Howard at 8:49 AM - 18 answers

May 14

Am I Too Fast Or Is He Too Slow? Or Both or Neither?

I recently met a man I dig, but I feel like he's being cryptic about his life. I'm not sure if I'm expecting him to open up too fast or if he is being too slow. Either way, do I cut my losses or wait and see? [more inside]
posted by mermaidcafe at 9:44 PM - 21 answers

How should I engage with my partner's strong Russian nationalism?

My partner is Russian and fairly nationalistic about it. He and I (and sometimes some of our mutual friends) occasionally tangle over statements he makes, increasingly now with the situation in Ukraine. I'm not entirely sure of the best way to reduce these conflicts, if I even should, and I would be super thankful for any advice. [more inside]
posted by daelin at 8:45 PM - 19 answers

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