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August 16

Examples of adults complaining about the younger generation?
I am trying to find examples (essays, articles, etc.) of previous generations complaining about the work ethic of the younger generation. It doesn't matter how far back it i
posted by cherrybounce at 8:54 AM - 11 answers
An on-demand mother's helper/babysitter in the Cambridge/Somerville area
Can anyone recommend a part-time mother's helper that can get to North Cambridge? We want extra support for a week in taking care of this guy. The mom will be at home, and we want to reduce the chances that she gets overwhelmed, starting this Wednesday, after his grandma goes home, and I go back to work.
posted by ignignokt at 7:45 AM - 11 answers

August 15

How do I conquer my longtime addiction to relationships?
How do I conquer my longtime addiction to relationships, but... also date in Brooklyn? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 10:12 PM - 9 answers

Am I being a good friend or being taken advantage of?
I had to back out of a paying gig that a friend and I had agreed to work on together. I backed out because of health complications, but she was very upset, so I agreed to try and help get the project finished in any capacity that I was still able. It's now turning into a much bigger mess, and said friend is expecting more work from me. I want to help my friend, but I also feel like I'm being a sucker. [more inside]
posted by LANA! at 5:25 PM - 21 answers

building solid community in your thirties and forties
Folks in your thirties and forties, especially ones that are married or in committed relationships - how have you built or maintained communities and social support networks outside your family? Especially if you have kids? How would you recommend that one build a good foundation for this earlier in life or if you wish you had (particularly following a significant life event like a divorce). I am going through a break-up and facing these questions right now in my earlier thirites, and wondering how I can better prepare myself if this happens in the future. [more inside]
posted by waylaid at 12:43 PM - 19 answers

Immigrant parents won't drop the subject of their former country, help
It's been 32 year since they immigrated to this country, but pretty much the one and only thing my family ever talks about is the home country, and it drives me crazy. I can't change them, but I could probably handle it better. Details and the plea for help within. [more inside]
posted by tumbleweedjack at 10:32 AM - 30 answers

August 14

Best resources/tools for relationship communication
My husband and I, as any couple, have communication issues. We'd love some books, online resources, and even therapy recommendations for us! [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 9:34 PM - 14 answers

My sister offended my girlfriend. Can or should I do anything about it?
My sister made a careless remark about a coworker being "too old" to have children that really offended my girlfriend. Ever since, my girlfriend has been making snarky remarks about my sister whenever I mention anything about my immediate family. My sister has no idea that my girlfriend feels this way. Can I do anything to change how my girlfriend feels about this situation, and should I even try? [more inside]
posted by Chuck Barris at 8:44 PM - 42 answers

Have you ever regretted a breakup but resisted reconciliation?
My BF and I ended our six month relationship several weeks ago. Since then we've been in touch a few times and both expressed culpability, longing, and regret. We've had one conversation about giving it another chance that seemed to put a line under things, but since then we've had contact again, expressed the same feelings again, and we're on track to having the same conversation again. We're not moving on and we're not getting back together. How do I make this next conversation "stick?" More details inside. . . . [more inside]
posted by bernie60676 at 5:48 PM - 16 answers

How to best support my partner who wants help w/ shame & addiction?
My partner has been wrestling with alcohol and sexual shame for a long time. This week, he confided in me that he wants to seek help based upon a boundary I set for myself, that he does not want to live like this anymore. I don't want to "over-help" or engage in any co-dependent behavior and I want to be a loving partner in this. But I also need to protect myself and our kids. What can I do or what should I avoid? Specifics inside. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 3:23 PM - 11 answers

How do I deal with ongoing animosity between long-divorced parents?
My parents got divorced twenty years ago. How can I set boundaries with my mother while still having a good relationship with my father? Recent events have made it obvious that there's still a lot of hurt and anger between my mom and dad. [more inside]
posted by baronette at 9:38 AM - 14 answers

Yeah, I never said that.
Why do people keep putting words in my mouth? I'm 30, but it's been happening as long as I can remember. It reallllly fucking pisses me off. [more inside]
posted by Enchanting Grasshopper at 2:41 AM - 30 answers

What is it like to "come out" about having experienced mental illness?
I would like to hear stories from people who have "come out" about their lived experience of mental illness. What is it like to simply say, offhand, "Oh, yeah, I had depression" in the same way one might say, "Oh, yeah, I'm queer" - and have that be relatively common knowledge about you, rather than a private matter to be shared only with your closest confidants? How did you make the decision to be open and honest about your experience, and what were the benefits/pitfalls of doing so? Did you worry about professional ramifications down the line? How did it affect your sense of self? Do you ever wish you could un-disclose and stop being the "token crazy person"? I am particularly interested in hearing from people who have "come out" about their experience in order to assist others - for example, using your lived experience in a professional context to work in mental health promotion or peer support work.
posted by embrangled at 12:57 AM - 32 answers

August 13

relationship problems rising from facebook
I have been with my girlfriend since 5 months ago. Since the beginning we became friends on facebook. I love and trust her and have not seen anything suspicious from her. The only thing that got me a little worried was that on two occasions she told me that she kind of still cared about her ex boyfriend who she broke up with two years ago. When she saw that I got offended she told me that I do not need to worry because the feeling she has for him, is like a mother-child feeling. [more inside]
posted by mbn1455 at 11:51 PM - 32 answers

Dating someone who has AD/HD and narcolepsy - how do I cope?
I just found out that my boyfriend, who has narcolepsy, also has AD/HD. Many of our problems make so much sense now, and I'm kind of at a crossroads. Do I have what it takes to lead a happy relationship with this very, very dear person? Will I get used to the sacrifices and compromises I have to make? [more inside]
posted by doctordrey at 4:48 PM - 20 answers

How to adjust my negative expectation of relationships
I grew up witnessing my parents' verbally abusive marriage. They are combative and insulting toward each other. Also, my mom has always blamed her marriage and kids for her stalled career and other unhappiness in her life. When I think of having a relationship, I automatically feel like it will drag me down and make my life worse. I've come to understand over the years that others actually think of a relationship as a safety net and source of comfort. I want to think of them that way too. How can I adjust my mentality? [more inside]
posted by vienna at 3:19 PM - 16 answers

How do I get antidepressants?
Who can prescribe antidepressants, who should, and how should I find/talk to that person? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 3:06 PM - 17 answers

August 12

33F, don't honestly feel like dating, but feel like I should.
I am sitting here with a poochy belly over my underpants, having just eaten a forbidden snack, writing this question at 1am. My apartment is usually messy, and I don't look or feel particularly attractive (though I can clean up well). I don't have many friends in this city, so I don't go out very often. I'm also midway into 33, female, almost 2 years single (except for one "fwb" that's been over) since my last long-term relationship ended, and feel this immense pressure to DATE. RIGHT. NOW. before it gets *really* tough to find someone. [more inside]
posted by Sa Dec at 11:06 PM - 37 answers

How to get over someone who left you for someone else?
How I get over my ex who left me for someone else? [more inside]
posted by Parh6512 at 6:31 PM - 17 answers

How to talk to adult male about uncircumcised penis hygiene?
Have you ever had to talk to someone about their uncircumcised penis hygiene? Has anyone ever had to make suggestions/requests about your foreskin odor? How did it go? What do you wish you had said/heard instead? [more inside]
posted by tulip-socks at 11:58 AM - 34 answers

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