January 25

What to do with all these weird sticks?

I bought some gesho sticks to make tej (Ethiopian honey wine), and I wound up with more gesho than I'm likely ever gonna use on tej. Is there anything else I can do with it? [more inside]
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Best platform/solution for a lecture series website?

I'm looking for the best way to present information online about a lecture series. [more inside]
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Should I go to the dentist? And if so, where do I even go?

I recently arrived in Uppsala, Sweden. I'm here for six months but my teeth started hurting today. It isn't so much as pain as it is sensitivity towards pressure and heat. It isn't ongoing and it comes and goes (usually if I bite down on something very hard). It happened a few weeks before I left, but it went away so quickly that I didn't think it was an issue. Now, I'm not sure if I even need to see a dentist and if I do, I'm not sure I am covered by insurance because it isn't an emergency procedure. Therefore, I will go to a dentist if it is absolutely recommended, but I'm trying to avoid it. So my question is two-fold: should I go see a dentist? If so, where in Uppsala do I even go?
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set up an investment account for a foreign relative

my relative wants to invest in the US stock market. he lives abroad and has no social security #, i.e., is a completed foreigner ("non-resident alien"). he proposed that i invest his money under my name and my social security #, and is increasingly insistent. i certainly can set up another account to keep his money and any investment / transactions completely separate from mine, but i am concerned about whether this is legal and also tax consequence. is this sth doable?
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What are these mysterious streaks and discolorizations on this paneling?

These are houses in the Denver area. The streaks are new and of unknown origin. [more inside]
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An arachnophobe walks into a cinema...

I'm supposed to be going to see Enemy with some friends today. Is this something that somebody with really crippling arachnophobia can actually do, and is the film worth the risk? I'm already pretty comprehensively spoiled (and spoilers follow). [more inside]
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What fields matter the most in our fight for 450PPM (climate change)?

Mr. Miyagi me! I want to spend my career fighting climate change in the most meaningful way possible, but have no idea where to focus my energy. Help this idealist find the best convergence of need and opportunity for MBA types. [more inside]
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Best Science Fiction of the last year

I've gotten out of the loop on recent Science Fiction writing. What are the best science fiction short stories and novels published within the last year?
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January 24

Day trips and hikes in and around Sydney & Melbourne?

Next week I am visiting Australia for the first time. Flying in to Sydney, spending a week there with relatives in Merrylands, then two weeks with relatives in Melbourne (Braybrook) and then another week in Sydney. I want to know what is the best way to spend my time given that I am primarily interested in nature and day hikes, so the most pressing question is really 'What are the best day trips and hikes within a two-hour radius of Sydney and Melbourne?' Other factors: [more inside]
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Jump on the tiger

Who is this photo of, on the inside sleeve of Dio's "Holy Diver"? [more inside]
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Gaining weight on a low-fat diet (with restrictions)

I've lost too much weight following gallbladder surgery, so what are some good foods, recipes, and strategies to try to get some more weight back on? (With dietary restrictions) [more inside]
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A Martian Bolt of Thunder

Does Mars have thunder? [more inside]
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What the heck do I do with my fine arts degree?

After a turbulent period in my life, I've realized that being a struggling artist is not the lifestyle for me. I've recently obtained my BFA in illustration and I'd appreciate any suggestions for career options. [more inside]
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Sinus Infection Help!

Hi, I've read similar questions on here before but I just want to know if anyone has any updated information or is in a similar situation and can help with my sinus/tiredness issues. [more inside]
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How do you get a non-tech job in the Bay Area that isn't miserable?

I'm asking this on behalf of my wife. We moved to the Bay Area (East Bay) a few months ago because I got a job here in the tech industry. Given our costs, it's not really enough to support both of us on, but my wife is having trouble finding employment. [more inside]
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Stay very still for three months.

How can I keep a friend who can't move her neck or shoulders as she's recovering from surgery from going stir-crazy? [more inside]
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[Beds on which to have] sweet dreams are made of...what, exactly?

I'll soon be purchasing a new bed and mattress. I have sleep apnea, so it's especially important for me to choose the right ones. And I don't know what I'm doing. [more inside]
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Help me ring my bell

Help pick out the notes used in an automated chime [more inside]
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Now that everything is available, how do you cope?

Last year we finally received unlimited broadband internet and after years of dial-up and mobile internet with all of their relative limitations and knowing that I would, my addictive personality had begun to attempt to consume everything. [more inside]
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What does hunger feel like?

Can you describe what it feels like when you're hungry? I'm not talking about hunge as in starving/food insecurity, I mean regular old "Time for dinner now..." hungry. I've noticed that I'm frequently hungry when I shouldn't be. I think maybe I'm just misinterpreting a sensation as hunger but that it's not huger. So what does hunger feel like? [more inside]
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Japanese interest in 'exotic' cultures in the late 70's

Where can I learn more about Japan's heightened interest, starting in the late 70's, towards cultures they deemed to be exotic, especially in (but not limited to) music? [more inside]
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Laptop battery won't hold charge, but the battery may not be the issue?

Help me diagnose, because I'm not convinced that it's because the battery is completely/irreparably fried. I am computer hardware naive but would prefer to explore all diagnostic possibilities before purchasing a replacement battery, especially if that won't fix the issue. [more inside]
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Drywall repair for amateur

Looking for recommendations, tips and products for a small drywall repair job in our bedroom. [more inside]
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I want to learn to enunciate like Christine Baranski.

I want to learn to enunciate better. What exercises, books, websites, or other resources will help me acquire cut glass pronunciation?
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Advice for Growing a Start-Up?

How do self-funded start-ups that are at the jumping off point between being a hobby and turning into a full-fledged “real-thing” do it? [more inside]
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Student Housing in downtown Portland

My eldest will be heading off to Portland this summer, with plans of attending the Paul Mitchell School downtown. I'm trying to get a sense of what our housing options are, so I can budget and she can plan (she really likes things to be planned out). My ideal would be something as dorm-like as possible-in the sense that there are staff onsite, or available much of the time, other students around, and perhaps some of the extra costs are already rolled into your rent (utilities, internet, etc). [more inside]
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Travel advice for Atlanta please!

Hey mefites of Atlanta! I am going to be traveling to your fabulous city for work in early February and I would like your advice! [more inside]
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Inexpensive subscription clip art sites?

I have been subscribed to for a few years now, but it's time to renew and I'm checking to see if there's another clip art site that will suit my needs for the same cost or less. [more inside]
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Questions for triple-negative breast cancer recurrence?

I found out that I had a recurrence of breast cancer about two months ago, and subsequently had a mastectomy towards the end of December. Although it is a local recurrence, I was told that I should get chemotherapy. This was a big shock to me - I thought the mastectomy would be the end of it - and I couldn't really think of any questions to ask. I'd like to prepare a list of questions to ask my doctor, and would appreciate some suggestions. Details inside. [more inside]
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How much home can I really afford?

My partner and I want to buy a house in DC this fall but are having some difficulty understanding how much house we can actually afford. We haven't applied for pre-approval yet because we're likely won't start looking until September or October. (Though if there is a reasoning for why we should get pre-approved and buy a house in the next few months, we're open to hearing it. But we currently live in NYC and it would be logistically complicated). Financial details inside. [more inside]
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Only a loser would settle for me

I can't imagine someone choosing to date me when there are people out there who are so much more successful, competent, fit, daring, worldly, and self-assured. So if someone likes me, I assume they can't do better than me, and that's a turnoff, because I'm not so great, so THEY must not be so great either. How can I get out of this mental trap? [more inside]
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Eating when you're gone all day

I'm going to be gone from 8am-9pm three days a week. How do I feed myself? [more inside]
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Should I self-publish my poetry book?

I am a well-published poet in journals but have no books out yet. The manuscript I’ve been circulating since 2011 has come very close, though, and has been a finalist in a number of prize contests held by some of the bigger small presses. Almost all of the poems in it have been published individually, and a handful have been nominated for Pushcart Prizes. I had been committed to the idea of one of those small presses but am now thinking of self-publishing. More inside. [more inside]
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In search of underground death metal (esp. from classic '85-'95 era)

Can you recommend relatively little-known death and thrash metal bands (who have published CD's)? [more inside]
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January 23

How do I make a lateral move with a noncompete?

I'm looking to switch jobs within the same industry. I'm under a non-compete for up to 12 months, terminated at my current firm's discretion. How does a job search work? [more inside]
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my boyfriend likes to text other girls and I don't like that

WALL OF TEXT INSIDE. My boyfriend is perfect and wonderful and amazing except we have some terrible trust and commitment issues. Cycle(s) of emotional cheating and suspicious forgiveness. I don't know if it's too late to fix or even how to proceed in that direction if it's not. Help. [more inside]
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Religious figures thoughts on life as a process

Can you give me quotes from historical or mythical religious figures on the thought that life is process, that one is never "finished"?
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Time to upgrade from a smartphone. What camera should I buy?

I'm thinking I should pick up a camera to use on my honeymoon in Costa Rica this summer and just to have a better camera around in general (have an iPhone 6). I don't want a DSLR cause I want pretty good portability and no lens-swapping (although the ability to add lenses later doesn't necessarily need to be counted out), in addition to not spending as much as necessary for a solid DSLR/lenses. [more inside]
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What's the best golden-age Spanish and bilingual hip-hop?

I'm learning Spanish. I like rap music. And so, for practice, I'd like to listen to some golden-age (or golden-age-sounding--sample-based beats, no crossover, that true-school kind of thing) Spanish and bilingual English-Spanish hip-hop. I already know about 'La Raza' and Cypress Hill--what else is out there?
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glue a teapot back together

My sainted mother shipped me a teapot, but the insert for the tea leaves broke in transit. How should I best repair it, considering that it will be sitting in hot water that I'll then drink? [more inside]
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Best regional foods in Europe?

What are some of the tastiest, most interesting regional foods and food products in Europe? [more inside]
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New Contract vs. Outright Purchase: Cell Phone

I wonder: should I buy new cell phone outright, or get another subsidized phone? [more inside]
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New England for non drivers

My husband and I are travelling to Boston for a wedding and will then have the last week of May to relax. We are looking for recommendations for a beautiful remote place in northern New England where we can stay for 5 days. The catch : neither of us drive so it has to be accessible by some combination of public transport. [more inside]
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Object Source Lighting Modeling Help..

Hello! I'm building a miniature and I'd like to incorporate some object source lighting for the first time. However, I'm having some trouble visualizing where the light would go. I'm wondering if you can help. [more inside]
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How do I transfer contacts into iCloud?

How do I transfer Outlook Exchange contacts into my iCloud account? [more inside]
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VSCOCAM Photo Data...Where???

Numerous articles mention this as a thing, but my Googlefu is failing and I cannot figure out how to view photo data (ISO, aperature) without posting it to my grid. This is driving me crazy! [more inside]
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What should I sit on?

I need new seating, that isn't a chair, for my desk. I'm thinking maybe a fancy kind of stool, but need recommendations. Snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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More minimalist/algorithmic/mesmerizing (piano) music please!

I've been playing Canto Ostinato, a piece for four piano's by Dutch minimalist composer Simeon ten Holt on repeat for the past couple months. It makes air travel and long work days utterly pleasant. With more of both coming up, I'd love to find more similar music that's equally mesmerizing.. Any suggestions?
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Finding translation customers at trade fair?

How do I network/find new customers at a consumer trade fair, and is it a good idea at all? [more inside]
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Minimum salary? Really?

I had an interview yesterday. It went alright, until the end when he asked me what my absolute minimum salary was. Is this a thing? [more inside]
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We give programmers what they need to get the job done: A door

There was a job advertisement to this effect about ten years ago. I don't remember if it actually said "a door", but there was a big picture of one in the middle of the page. I'm looking for a copy but so far it has defeated my Google skills. Can someone help a cube dweller out?
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Help me find a cheap health insurance plan I can get online

I am getting health insurance just to meet the minimum coverage for something I'm doing that requires health insurance. I just want a cheap plan that I can get online. I tried googling but it's overwhelming and I don't know which sites to trust, half of them look like spam/scam to me. Is there a good comparison site?
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Looking for info on the impact of having children on happiness

Does having children impact men and women's happiness differently? [more inside]
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Reactivate Flash

I deactivated Adobe Flash and can't get it back. That means HTML pages don't show images. [more inside]
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[nsfw] Help me keep my boat out at sea when there's motion in the ocean.

I'm a dude getting distracted during sex. What's going on and how do I "fix" this? [more inside]
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Talk to me!

Trying to dumb the back story down: Fell head over heels in love with this woman about 7-8 years ago and prob the only time I have been in love. She liked me back (I think to the same degree but not sure). She was the one for sure. I was in a terrible emotional/mental spot and felt like I did not deserve her or to be with someone that I loved, so I basically told her that I was not in a place where I could commit. She tried her best to show me otherwise and for literally years we kept in touch and talked a lot. She continued to date other people. [more inside]
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Front End Development Lite?

A question in two parts. One, is there a market for front end developers who know just HTML, css and some javascript? And two, is there really a market for front end (html, css and javascript/jQuery) positions or is this skillset not a good long range career choice? [more inside]
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Confused about dating, too fickle to live

If anyone wants to help me with my weird confusion about dating, read on.. . [more inside]
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Telling prospective employers you've been laid off

I just got laid off. I was already having early discussions with some prospective employers, so now I'm not sure what to tell them, if anything. [more inside]
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Occupational therapy for borderline personality disorder?

Do you have any resources (ideally online) where I can find info on the role of the occupational therapist (OT) with day hospital patients with borderline personality disorder? Benefit points for anything about interventions that have a research/evidence base? (these seem very thin on the ground!) I am also interested in how OT's/mental health staff generally work with BPD/similar within therapeutic communities, any evidence for this and the role of group schema therapy/evidence gained about this approach?
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