October 19

Give me your Harriet Vanes!

I've been re-reading my dogeared Dorothy L Sayers books, specifically the ones featuring Harriet Vane. And I want more like that. [more inside]
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October 18

Headphone Filter: Over-Ear, Closed, Good Isolation & Noise Cancelling

Looking for closed-back, over-ear headphones that have a good passive noise isolation seal, and good active noice cancelling to help attenuate what gets past the seal. Bonus points for iPhone mic and remote. More points still for Bluetooth, since phone manufacturers seem to be dropping the headphone jack left and right. More details inside... [more inside]
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IoT Router

We are beginning a new home remodel. This will result in installation of a lot of IoT things. Our router is an OLD Mac Airport Extreme from the Cretaceous. It only does 802.11 a, b, and 5GHz bands. [more inside]
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Word processing on the go

I need suggestions on technology that will let me take notes quickly on the go. Writing by hand is too slow for my purposes, so I need something as portable as a journal that I can type on with a QWERTY keyboard. Netbook? Some other solution I'm not thinking of? [more inside]
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Shopping for home insurance

It's easy to compare the price of home insurance, but how do you compare the quality —and whether the quality difference is worth the price. I'm thinking of both tangible specifics like deductibles and exclusions, and also less easy-to-pin-down qualities like customer service and how well they treat you when you need to use the insurance. Are there good lists of questions to ask on the phone, or good comparisons of providers available?
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Universal Remotes - Upgrading a Harmony One

My Logitech Harmony One remote is wearing out (the buttons are failing) and I need to upgrade! I need to figure out the best upgrade path - if you have experience with or own Harmony products, or competing products, can you let me know what you'd suggest? [more inside]
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how to deal with negative emotions while working through couple-issues

Partner & I have finally started to face up to issues that have been building for 10+ years, and it's all pretty raw. We're both seeing therapists individually, and a relationship counsellor together. But in between sessions, I need to be able to relate to my partner like a relatively normal human being, and right now I don't know how to do that. [more inside]
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USA is to slavery as Germany is to Holocaust

Do all countries have an iconic or original sin? [more inside]
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Configure Outlook calendar with internal vs. external colors/categories?

I color code my Outlook calendar using categories to keep track of multiple projects I manage at work. I have a fully established personal color-coding system, but the admins have just mandated that we switch over to their system. Is there anyway to configure it so that I preserve my color-coded categories in my view, but everyone else sees a different set of colors when they look at my calendar? [more inside]
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A comic about gaming culture's slope into misogynistic nonsense?

Asking the hivemind for a friend who can remember seeing this comic but can't seem to find it after some searching around. Their description: "It was a shitty sketch of a stick figure bending over to look down the pit. Like gamer culture>edgelord>MRA>>>white supremacy."
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Can I Eat This: Soup avec Drainplug

Good news: Homemade veggie stock is delicious. Also, I just found my drain stopper that's been missing for a month. Bad news: Today I boiled a pot full of frozen veggie scraps from the last month. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to me, this bag of scraps also contained this black plastic InSinkErator drain plug. After 45 minutes of boiling, the drain plug does not appear malformed/melted in any way. Can I eat my delicious soup stock or will it kill me?
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Help me plan the trip of a lifetime...at the last minute.

I'm moving to Santa Barbara, CA from Richmond, VA in two weeks. My amazing friend is taking a couple of weeks off work to drive out with me in my little VW Jetta. Help us plan an epic road/camping/hiking trip...at the last minute. More details inside. [more inside]
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Neighbor's tree on utilities- no one cares

Our neighbor has a huge cedar tree right next to the property line. This tree has been topped in the past, is rotten inside, and subsequently has a heavy broken branch being held up by the telephone line. I can't get anyone to take action- what can I do to get this cleared up? [more inside]
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Is there a term for unsophisticated verbs in writing?

I'm trying to figure out how to explain why the usage of particular verbs is weak. [more inside]
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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Pun Costume Ideas ?

We (a bunch of us) are dressing up as a swarm of punny variations on Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Our ideas so far: Ruth Vader Ginsburg. Babe Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Ruth Badger Ginsburg. Ruth Masterbader Ginsburg. Ruth Bader Ginsburger and Fries. Give me more. Thanks
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How much do you chew before swallowing?

I've realized I don't chew very much and actually enjoy the feeling of little food chunks going down my gullet. Apparently, soft foods should be chewed 5-10 times and tougher foods (meat, raw veggies) should be chewed up to 30 times! I probably chew most foods 5 times max. My tummy and bowels are fine, I'm not gassy/belchy, and my teeth are fine, so this seems to work for me. Does anyone else do this, or go to the other extreme and chew, say, 50 times before swallowing?
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Dealing with nausea on a flight

I have been experiencing nausea since starting new medication last week. Tomorrow, I have to take a flight (a few hours in the air) and am dreading it, since I already get motion sickness on flights and other transportation. Any tips for coping? [more inside]
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What to do with old math textbooks?

My father in law is a retired math professor, and has a number of math textbooks he is trying to get rid of. He is looking for somewhere to donate them "where they'll be more useful than just recycling them." Is there anything he can do with them/anywhere he can donate them? [more inside]
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Need to scan photos that are IN an album (and want them to stay there!)

I put hundreds of photos in a real-life album and I saved them all digitally but Life happened and my scans are now all gone. [more inside]
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Shortwave Radio Blues

Is my new shortwave radio defective or I am doing something wrong? [more inside]
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How now, soft towel?

How to have soft bath towels? [more inside]
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Wavy-Curly-Fine-Thin Hair Help

My hair is very baby fine, and as thin as you can imagine, but it has an enormous amount of body, which can pouf at the slightest damp breeze or flatten out something fierce if I dry it wrong. It is in generally good condition, highlighted blonde, and prone to dryness, frizz and breakage. It would be typed a mixture of 2's, with a little bit of 3a in the back. [more inside]
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Can I get a business loan without personal credit?

I haven't used a credit card for years, and have no debt (I own my house). I am interested in buying real estate for a business that I can't just pay for in cash. I had a good credit score but it doesn't count any more. Will this make it impossible to get financing? Is there anything can I do short term? I would like to know what to expect before talking to banks.
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What is the best router for connection to husband's work computer?

We need a more powerful router---what brand is best? [more inside]
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Yet another 'why does my cat do this?' question

My indoor cat has recently started meowing at the door of my apartment in the early morning (around 5 or 6 AM). Why might he be doing this? [more inside]
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What changed your life? (street arts outreach team edition)

If you are or have been involved in delivering arts (in very the broadest sense of the word) activities for young people in an outdoor/outreach type situation, what are the tips, tricks and even (portable) arts items that have changed your life? [more inside]
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REM and Ra Ra Riot - Please recommend songs with swimming

Hi, I am the new owner of a waterproof MP3 player and I want to make a mix of songs about swimming. Recommendations? [more inside]
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Evidence of life improvement

I have a 12 hour car ride back and forth this weekend and I would like some listening material. [more inside]
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Help me find cover songs in arabic

I'm looking to build a playlist of covers of english (or french) songs in arabic. I've gathered a few here, but I'm reaching my youtube-fu limits. I'm searching for songs that are sung in arabic, are covers of reasonably well known us, uk or fr bands, but I'm also eager to learn what search techniques I can apply to find more of those. Thanks for your help !
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Realistic watercolor digital brushes for Krita

I was just going to buy KyleBrush.Com's watercolor brushes when he announces that he has sold everything to Adobe. What do I do now? Adobe CC subscription is not an option. [more inside]
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What did I do to this Word document?

I was working on a simple Word document last night. I thought I hit command-P to print, but nothing happened--except that when I looked at the screen again, most of it was filled with Chinese characters. What? [more inside]
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Can Facebook page owners see that I've visited?

I was visiting a Facebook page for a business and clicked a link on it to see some photos. Immediately after I did this, I got a Facebook message from the business saying they had sent me an attachment. I deleted the message, but was this an automated thing or will they have a record of sending me that message and knowing I was visiting their page? I have not liked, followed, or connected myself in any way to this business. I also didn't respond to the message. I can't find anything about this on Facebook but it's kind of squicked me out.
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The most dramatic Askme ever?

I'm a single woman, 35, recently out of an LTR. I made a mistake and slept with my (partnered) graduate program director. I am now pregnant after the morning after pill did not come through for me. Hope me out of this clusterfuck. [more inside]
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Should I out myself as bisexual in an academic job application?

I'm a bisexual cis white man applying for faculty jobs in some social science/humanities fields. There are two reasons why I'm considering mentioning my sexuality: first, that many jobs want me to talk about how and why I'm qualified to teach to diverse student populations, and second that I would be interested in teaching gender and sexuality courses. I would probably follow this advice on how to go about mentioning it, slipping in some "As a queer scholar, I ..." language along the way. [more inside]
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BM Question

Possibly TMI (but not graphic) question about bowel movements... [more inside]
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October 17

What is the best way to react when people point out that I am shy?

I am a shy reserved person, and whenever people feel the need to point this out I feel slightly offended and awkward. What is the best way to react? [more inside]
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Me too. Me too. Me too. Me too. Me too. ENOUGH.

Writing a screenplay about outing abusers- so timely! Here are some legal and logistical questions, essentially: How best could a group of people share a secret online document that lists known abusers? Setting is Ontario Canada, and the legal aspects should be extremely accurate. [more inside]
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Help me find a phone case that lets me listen to music in my car!

I'm looking for a phone case for my iPhone 5S. The problem is, to listen to music in my car I need to plug it in, and the part of the cable that touches the base of the phone is large enough that it isn't compatible with many phone cases. Here's a picture of the phone plugged in, and a picture of what the current case covers. [more inside]
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Help me identify this wood block art thing

We inherited a wood block carving from some well traveled relatives. Unfortunately, they don't remember anything about it as it has been sitting in a closet for many years. Help us figure out where it's from, and any other details about it. [more inside]
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The Strangers (2008 film) Alternate Reading

I recall stumbling upon an "alternate" reading of the 2008 horror, The Strangers and I can't find it. See inside for what I recall from the theory (spoilers too but geez, it was almost 10 yrs ago): [more inside]
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Tuft and needle topper?

I purchased a tuft and needle matress. After a few weeks, it feels super supportive but too firm. Has anybody gotten a topper for this situation. [more inside]
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The truth is out there, but where?

What are the better online UFO discussion boards/forums? [more inside]
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Swimming for stress and displeasure

I'm terrible at the crawl stroke and can't seem to get better. Can my swim workout consist of the sidestroke and breaststroke instead (or anything but the crawl)? Details further on. [more inside]
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Creative sources for pencil-width, clear, rigid plastic tubes?

For a craft project, I need to source some straight, stiff, clear plastic tubes, ~18" long and about 3/8" in diameter. This feels to me like the sort of thing that would usually turn up as packaging for something else (candy? hardware?) Mefites, have you encountered any materials fitting this description recently? Where might I look?
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If we quote any Bible verses, the urns will be rollin'

It appears it will fall to me to say some words at the interment of my grandparents' ashes. Help me find a light-hearted, even irreverent poem or very short reading, nothing religious or overly emotional! [more inside]
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Israel Travel in 2008 vs. 2018

I'm traveling to Israel for the first time in ten years, and I'm interested in what the latest and greatest travel tech is, as well as what has changed in terms of Israel travel since 2008. Specific questions inside, plus background. [more inside]
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How can I paint or Dye a Piece of Bleached Coral?

I bought a large branch of coral ( 1 foot high, 1 foot wide. I'm planing on Mounting it on a base as a sculpture. I've attached a few photos. I'm thinking watered down Artist Acrylics. Or maybe Inks from Ink Wells. [more inside]
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Favorite depictions of internet/internet use in movies and TV?

What are your favorite depictions of the internet/internet use in movies and TV? [more inside]
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Sauna + safe kitty or fresh air + no kitty?

Rental house + indoor cat + summer = ??? In short, I'm soliciting ideas as to how we can throw open our sliding glass doors to prevent the house from turning into a sauna whilst not allowing our indoor-only cat outside. [more inside]
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Digital Private Geocaching App???

My wife is working on a project where she needs to associate video content with specific locations (within say 10-20 feet). She's having a hard time trying to find an app that will help with the project, and I'm hoping someone here knows of an app (or some other solution) that could work. Additional details below the fold. [more inside]
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How Do I Create a (Free) Photo Website?

I need tips on how to organize the site, how to name it, where to host it...the works. [more inside]
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HBO via Amazon

Straight to TLDR: What should I watch on HBO while I'm paying for it on Amazon? [more inside]
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Help me let him down gently...

An adult with autism recently befriended my kids at the swimming pool in our apartment complex. Now he wants to hang out all day, every day. I am extroverted, but my "alone" time is very important to me so I am going nuts. [more inside]
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Writing classes, groups, and workshops in LA -- where to find them?

What are the best places in LA for a writer to hone their craft? I'm a new writer and would like to learn more about how to do it. Details inside. [more inside]
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I have a mazda cx9 2010 and a small small question

Where is the Tire Pressure Sensor Monitoring button? [more inside]
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Last $60 in Philadelphia

You're staying in Queen Village in Philadelphia and you have to get to Kindred South Philly every day for a week. You have $60 total. How do you get around? Where do you get food? Is there a better place to stay? [more inside]
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What are the best ways to help my mother improve her computer skills?

How can I best help my semi-retired mother bolster her Microsoft Office skills? The programs and tutorials that I have found so far at the library seem to be geared towards people who can barely click a mouse and the programs at community colleges seem geared towards tech-savvy students. I am looking for something in-between. What are some of the best methods to boost her proficiency from a 1.5/5 to a 3/5 or better? [more inside]
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Help me brainstorm a new job title!

I'm in a creative organization that has both writing managers and editorial managers, and in my role, I actually do both of those things. I'm the only one, and I'd like a different title to reflect my unique responsibilities. Help me brainstorm one! [more inside]
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Buying HeartGuard without a prescription

I am trying to get a six month supply of Heart Guard to a person in Northern CA who has lost everything in the fires. I can easily find the meds but not a prescription. I was thinking of contacting the Humane Society in Sebastopol where she is staying to see if they can help. I am willing to pay for the meds, and if I have to, a Vet visit, but would like to skip that last part if possible. Any one have any other ideas?
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Tell me about your bidet

We've decided to install an aftermarket bidet, but there are a lot of options (and price points) out there, so I turn to the wise hive mind for guidance. [more inside]
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