August 23

Burning playlists onto CDs from iTunes in true AIFF format

Hi All, So I ripped my CD collection onto iTunes recently and strictly in the AIFF format. First question...does iTunes truly preserve the full integrity of an AIFF file or does it dumb it down in some backhanded way? So first I want to know if I have a true blue AIFF file on my hands (in iTunes) if that's how I ripped it. [more inside]
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What is this Dystopian Book that I read?

It started out with this person, in a winter area, who then had to travel. [more inside]
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Is it a good idea for me to buy a condo?

I am thinking about buying a condo. Struggling between 'life is in transition right now' and 'if I don't do it now, I might never be able to afford it.' Special snowflake details below. [more inside]
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What to say in a request for identifying information letter

My state allows adoptees to request the names of their birth parents, but the adoptee is required to include a statement with the request. There are examples online of what to include in a non-identifying request, but what should I put in my identifying one. What should I say to make the most effective letter? One important note: I'm not allowed to include that might identify myself. [more inside]
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Good current blues?

Please recommend contemporary blues I should listen to. [more inside]
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What's the easiest way to protect a decoupaged wall?

I'd like to decoupage a wall with some old book pages, but I don't want to destroy my drywall. Ideally, I'd like to find something simple to install as an underlayer that will allow me to take the whole thing off relatively easily. Is there anything (inexpensive) that people use to do this? I've googled, but I didn't find a lot related to this specific issue. Thanks!
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Headphone recommendations?

I need something through which to listen to sound while I'm at work, to drown out distracting conversations happening around me. Earbuds are often uncomfortable for me. I'm a complete novice to audio. Any suggestions? :) Ear bud solution: not breaking quickly, not hurting in ear, staying on if moving, cancelling sound (but maybe not always), wireless for exercise?, not broadcasting sound to everyone. Prepared to have buds or on-ear. [more inside]
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What good does a dollar in the bank do vs. a dollar given to charity?

Is there any quantitative analysis in existence comparing different allocation of a single dollar and the differing amounts of good those allocations would make? There are many ways to put a dollar to work, but what is the best one? [more inside]
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Gimme your hopeful songs - preferably dancers...

Can anyone recommend some tunes for general promotion of joy, frenzied dancing and it's-all-good-no-matter-what vibes? [more inside]
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Workout Routines for the Time Constrained

I've been trying to lose weight and get in shape this year. So far, so good! I've dropped 25 pounds, and worked my way up to 25 pound dumbbells at the gym. I think I'm hitting the limit of my workout routine... and I don't have a lot of time I can spend at the gym. Where do I go from here? [more inside]
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Reasonable J-E technical translation rates per source character?

I'm to be translating a ~50 page Japanese technical auto manual into English, and the client would like an estimate. The material is fairly esoteric which would justify charging a bit more, but I'm a relative newcomer to the field which would justify charging a bit less... though I'll be doing more work on research, etc than someone more experienced. How would you go about things in my situation? (I'd like to charge per source character, since it seems simplest to estimate.) [more inside]
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What is this scam

My parents and I keep getting calls from a 'company' stating they can help us access funds from the sale of a property we have in trust, in exchange for a cut. They won't stop calling. I don't even understand their scam. Can you help? [more inside]
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I can't afford these office lunches

How can I decline work celebration lunches? [more inside]
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My Google-fu is not strong enough for this question

Not asking you to do my homework but... I'm trying to find the volume (in US$ terms) of diaper rash creams and baby lotions sold in the USA each year and I'm unable to find it. Most leads point me to paid report such as this one. Does anyone know how to frame the question in order to obtain good results? or which Search Engine is most appropriate for that kind of search?
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How should I go about looking for acting jobs?

I see Netflix, Showtime, HBO, Hulu, et al. putting more and more billions into original content every year. How do you suggest I begin looking for acting jobs in my area (central Florida)? [more inside]
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How to Build Me a Software

You may remember me from this question. I have come a long way since then and, for a different company, have built my Portfolio Management Database too. It's very nice, thank you. What would I have to learn to turn it into standalone software? [more inside]
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Is retirement fun? What do you do all day??

My partner and I are having ongoing conversations about saving for retirement, and something I'm coming up against is a lack of imagination for how good retirement can be--a retirement "dream" to plan for. So please share your retirement anecdotes and realities with me! [more inside]
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Financial Advice

Should I use my mutual funds from my 401K rollover to pay off my debt? [more inside]
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Make-ahead camping meals/snacks that don't need refrigeration

I'm going camping this weekend and I want to make snacks and possibly meals ahead of time. [more inside]
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Airport to work in: IAH or EWR?

Which airport is more comfortable to spend a full day working in airside: IAH or EWR? Flying United. Both are the same fare. Looking for a good place to sit down with power plugs that has a table or desk-like space so I don't have to prop my laptop on my actual lap. [more inside]
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Photo posting and backup workflow with Slack and Dropbox

I'm working as a photographer for a show. I have a multi-step process involving photos that requires me to do a ton of repetitive steps involving backing up to two separate Dropbox accounts and then posting links from one of those accounts into a group Slack channel. I'd love to automate this. [more inside]
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Trying to find an airplane disaster

I'm looking for a particular plane crash story. [more inside]
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Give me greasy music, please

Ray Wylie Hubbard performed his "Snake Farm" in concert recently, and called it "greasy" ("That one's so good'n'grEEEzy," he said, in case inflection makes a difference). What does this word mean in this usage, and can you give me more of it? [more inside]
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I'm Gonna Show You Crazy

Similar songs to Bebe Rexha's I'm Gonna Show You Crazy? Loving the lyrics and overall feel of the song. Just left an abusive relationship and looking for similar sounding songs to take my power back.
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Why are someone doing this?

I'm running a small blog, and recently I have been getting subscribers to my email list, about 50 a week, from accounts like They are all outlook accounts, but don't respond to emails and emails to them are not bouncing. I have no idea why anyone would do this. Has anyone else seen this? I'm using Feedburner.
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Should I disclose my PTSD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder to HR?

In order to provide myself with more security at my job, I am considering requesting reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Despite years of participating in weekly therapy sessions and taking (many) prescription medications to manage the symptoms for diagnoses of PTSD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Dysthmic Disorder, I have experienced bouts of insomnia, anxiety, or panic attacks that have negatively impacted my performance with other employers. I always managed to persevere and perform well, but only with a lot of fancy footwork and struggling. I want to know if I have legitimate options to handle this in a better way with my current employer (a large university). I would especially like to hear from a) people who work in HR at large companies or universities, b) psychiatrists or therapists who have played a role in this process for patients, or c) individuals who sought reasonable accommodations for mental health issues like general anxiety disorder, PTSD, or depression. [more inside]
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Hiring: evaluating collegiality and "fit" without bias?

I'm a member of a small research group that is making some hiring decisions and I've been asked for my feedback on a few candidates. Could someone point me to some resources/best practices about how to evaluate whether or not someone seems like they'd be a good colleague, without imposing a notion of "a good fit" that could be unfair (especially to under-represented minorities)? [more inside]
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What do I do with a sudden influx of cash due to divorce?

I am about to have a large amount of money due to divorce and the sale of my former home. What do I do with it? [more inside]
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Fast cheap and...not out of control, hopefully

Trying to find a fast, light, cheap road bike for commuting. Looking for something that is single speed and can get me from here to there, can take a beating, and that's about it. The lighter the better!
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ISO kitchen storage

I am looking for kitchen dry good storage that meets the following: [more inside]
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Do I need to lose these 7lbs? (Content warning for weight loss)

I recently discovered I weigh seven pounds more than I thought I did because it turns out I've been using a faulty set of bathroom scales: 8 stone 7 (119 lbs/54kg) instead of 8 stone flat (112 lbs/51kg) and I feel like I need to get "back" to what I thought I was. [more inside]
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August 22

How to handle MIL who has invited herself on a trip

Bear with me: I know there are lots of riffs on "MIL inviting themselves on vacation" type posts. This is my situation, which is a little different than any I've seen so far. I am separated from my husband (her son, obviously), have been for two years. Long story, but it was a sad ending, and MIL only knows a partial, simplified reason for why it ended because she and FIL are very judgmental and I was worried about them treating my husband badly. (My reason: he's still a nice guy, good dad. Our marital issues are not their concern.) [more inside]
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Yet another mystery book question

In the vein of cherished childhood YA books, there's one that I can't quite remember, but would dearly love to find. Blurry details below. [more inside]
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What's up with the cars parking on the off-ramps?

So here's a stumper. In the mid-80's or so I drove south down I-5 to LA to meet up with I-10 and go from there to Phoenix. All along the southern part of I-5 there were cars parked along the sides of the off-ramps, tons of cars. All I could think of was that maybe there was such a huge population that this really was actual broken down or abandoned cars waiting to be towed or something, but does anyone know what was really up with that? There were a lot of them and they were on every single off-ramp.
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Someone is trying to sue us?

An insurance company we used to have has been desperately trying to get ahold of us. Now I know why: Somebody is trying to sue me. [more inside]
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What was it like to have terminal syphilis in the US in the 1920s?

My father's father, an middle class Irish-American, died of syphilis in the midwest in 1924 when my father was about 14 years old. Since everyone with direct knowledge is long gone, I don't have any relatives I can ask about this episode in family history. I'm interested in informed comments and/or citations to works of fiction or nonfiction that would shed light on what that experience was like for my grandfather, my grandmother, my father and his younger brother, the family unit as a whole and the larger community. [more inside]
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Try Before You Buy Engineering

I'm an electrical engineer currently in the market for a new job. A smaller company I just interviewed at for a full-time position asked if I'd be willing to do a small project on a freelance basis. I've been out of the market for about 10 years is this the New Normal? [more inside]
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Skydiving after breaking your back?

If you have broken your back in the past and then, years later, gone skydiving, I would love to know how your experience was. My doctor is saying neither yes nor no. I had a compression fracture of my T-12 21 years ago. I still experience some pain. I'm not asking whether or not I should do this or not--rather, I would love to hear from anyone who has had a similar injury and went on to do a tandem jump. How did it go for you?
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What's the best way to magnify an eclipse? With two viewers?

So the eclipse was amazing, and an acquaintance watched it with binoculars and managed to see a solar flare rise up and curve back into the sun at the last second of totality. That sounds amazing and so I want to see awesome(r) things in 2024. What good options do I have for looking at a magnified image of the corona during the totality? [more inside]
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Non-comedogenic, dry makeup primer?

Last year I received a sample of makeup primer, and I was surprised at how much improved my skin looks with it. Since then, I have been trying out a few different primers and haven't found a perfect one yet. They either feel too silicone-ey and greasy, and/or they seem to break me out. Does a dry-feeling, non-comedogenic primer exist? (Bonus if it also has some glow to it but not required).
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What are some great looking AND super comfortable dress shoes?

So I've got very big trip planned. My last one of those, I bought some dressy hiking boots with solid reviews that I intended to use as my main shoes. The hybrid of looks and comfort didn't pass muster and my feet paid a price. I know that I could just go with standard walking shoes but anything that looks like it could be on Hiker's Monthly, isn't going to be appropriate for a more upscale urban tourism. And I'm trying NOT to lug around two sets of shoes. So IS there anything that does both? I'm willing to spend to make it happen.
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Experiences similar to total eclipse

What other experiences could I seek out that are on par with the wonder of seeing a total solar eclipse? [more inside]
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European soccer crazed son -- birthday idea(s)?

My son (15), who BTW does not play soccer, is obsessed with European soccer. Doesn't matter what league. It probably stems from a fascination with the XBOX game FIFA, but it has extended to watching the real thing with a passion. I'd love to take him to a quality game in Europe -- ANYWHERE -- but I have no idea where I might get the best bang for the buck. [more inside]
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Recurring lip ulcers

What do recurring lip ulcers mean? How can they be prevented? [more inside]
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My neighbor's dog bit me. Now what?

I went over to their house on Sunday to bring them something. She brought the dog out with her, holding it by the collar because it was barking and trying to approach me. It lunged at me and sunk two teeth into my upper thigh, through my athletic shorts, before she pulled it back. Now what do I do? [more inside]
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Clear zippered storage bags

Can you point me retailers of various sized clear zippered storage bags? Looking for the type that American sheets and comforters are typically sold in. [more inside]
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Twinkle Twinkle Little aaaargh

We just bought a house. Previous owners had small kids, and it turns out the doorbell plays Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, which is unacceptable for us. Chime unit doesn't look reprogrammable - can we buy a new chime unit and get it to work with the existing doorbell or do we need to buy a whole new set including new doorbell? [more inside]
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How do I tell if my toilet cleaner is the type that damages the flapper?

I bought a whole bunch of toilet cleaner tabs, the blue pucks you put in the tank. They were on sale for 100 pucks for $100 so I thought they'd last a couple years. But I just read online that they may damage the flapper because of the chemicals, and now I'm worried. How do I know if the cleaner I have is safe? [more inside]
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Crashplan is ending. Who to use now?

Crashplan has just announced it won't service home users anymore. The options it suggests are crashplan for small business or carbonite both of which are very expensive. What cloud backup solution should I consider instead for multiple computers across three locations. [more inside]
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Learning Spanish at home as a couple.

My husband and I are learning Spanish at home. Best programs / work books / resources / etc for each of us individually and as a couple? We are open to paid options. [more inside]
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Looking for online diaries and journals

I'm looking for online diaries and journals, such as travel journals or diaries kept by immigrants or settlers - ideally, ones with short entries in simple language. [more inside]
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Family Dinners for People Who Hate to Cook

Working Parents Who Hate To Cook: what should be on our list of easy family dinners? [more inside]
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How do I get my landlord to stop fixing stuff??

My landlords are ALWAYS around. They are always working on the house, which is great, but makes me feel ill at ease in my home. Its always noisy, I feel uncomfortable in my home because someone can always be expected to be at a window, and I'm frustrated as important things that should have been fixed long ago, like the air conditioner and dish washer are still unusable. How do I talk to my landlords so that they fix the important things, and then let me live here without interruption? [more inside]
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Did I make a mistake in filing a protective order?

Should I cancel my protective order, and put into place a no-tresspass instead? [more inside]
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Eliot Waugh is my favorite

I am done with Season 2 of The Magicians. I need more fantasy-based television with some caveats. New or old shows are fine. [more inside]
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iPhone switcheroo guidance, please

I currently have a working iPhone 5c, which I would like to transfer to Mr Jane, as he has decided to finally ditch his old flip phone. My plan is to buy a used iPhone SE, from Swappa or Gazelle, for myself, based on this previous ask. We have a shared plan with both phones on AT&T. Is it just a matter of taking the phones to the ATT store and having them reprogram the numbers/switch the SIM cards or whatever voodoo magic they perform? Please explain it to me like I am 5 years old.
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Best Handheld System For Retro Game Emulation?

I'm looking to get a handheld system for retro video game emulation and am wondering if anyone has any advice on what to get. [more inside]
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Whelp now we're *those* parents

My daughter got a dud fourth grade teacher assignment we were notified about last week. We are pushing for re-assignment. Please offer advice as to how to do this effectively without any of those involved dealing with significant future awkwardness. [more inside]
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Trying to determine whether I should get MRI on my shoulder or not

I work at a grocery store where I lift heavy shit, do repetitive motions over and over again, and collect the shopping carts by hand which exerts alot of force on my shoulder. I've also never had the best posture in the world either. Long story short I've been to 3 different doctors about 5 times total over the last 3 years.And I am trying to determine whether or not I should go through with the mri or not. [more inside]
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Why have my colds started to turn into months of post-nasal drip?

For the past two years, I have been getting colds that turn into months of thick, sticky mucus dripping down my throat from the back of my nose. For all of my lifelong nasal problems, this one is new. A complicating factor is that I moved across the country to an infamously polluted West Coast city in the midst of the first of these episodes, although later experience shows that they are not limited to my new place of residence. [more inside]
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