March 28

Spring is here! So are the frogs. Help me!

I have a completely irrational but very persistent fear of frogs. Has anyone else experienced this fear and overcome it? What worked for you? [more inside]
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Catch for us the little taxes

How do I do taxes for the first time? I live in NJ, and I had a paid internship last summer in CA. The internship provided free housing (is that taxable?) and I'm a college student in NJ. Sub-questions: What forms do I fill out, and what software can I use? [more inside]
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I received a connection request on LinkedIn from an old friend ...

* Special snowflake advisory * [more inside]
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Last minute marriage, need to not pay for health insurance twice

We got married on the spur of the moment and are now facing the prospect of paying for health insurance twice for the first couple of months of being married. [more inside]
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March 27

Special Birthday Suggestions in Copenhagen?

My wife and I are Americans, but will be in Copenhagen on the night of her 40th birthday in early July. I'd like to plan something very special (such as dinner at an incredible restaurant or a breathtaking daytrip) to celebrate the occasion. Any suggestions? [more inside]
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It's Alright

What is this song? Chorus: "iiiiiit's alllll-right" [more inside]
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Do student loan repayment plans

My student loans are past-due and I can't afford the minimum payments. I need more assistance for the next two years and I'm concerned I won't be eligible anymore. The loan servicers website offers income-based repayment plans along with other options, but support isn't available to answer questions until next Monday. I'm really freaking out... Can anyone shed some light on the consequences of repayment plans, deferments, and forbearance? [more inside]
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Does marijuana cure cancer?

Can medical marijuana cure or at least be effective in some capacity in treating cancer? [more inside]
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Verbiage to get FMLA approved when care needs are yet unknown

My mom has maybe a year to live after being diagnosed with cancer, and I want to spend more time with her than I have vacation. What do I say for the care I'm going to provide to get FMLA approved if she and her husband can physically care for herself most of her remaining time? [more inside]
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Live-updating Android photo frame?

Is there an Android app or web app that will show the latest image from a Flickr album or Dropbox folder? [more inside]
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Credit card fraud, transactions not showing up?

My debit card was stolen remotely (I assume over the Internet). There are two processed transactions on my statement and one pending. I called both places and neither could find a record of the transactions. What gives? [more inside]
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How do I become location independent?

I need a portable, work-from-home career that pays enough to live on (for me, about $30K minimum). I'm introverted and unhappy with my current location, and I like travel and having the freedom to move when I want. I'm frugal. [more inside]
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When do you re-express interest in a job interview?

I received an email from a job I'd applied to a couple of months ago requesting my availability for a phone interview. I responded via email (per their request) the same day with my limited availability. As a healthcare provider, it seems that tight schedules are the norm, but I haven't heard back, four days later. When, if ever, is it appropriate to send a follow-up email? [more inside]
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I want to build up an awesome collection of 80's toys!

What are the best toys from the 80s, which can still be purchased easily? [more inside]
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Great Eggspectations

Do you know of a store in the Toronto area that sells those hollow chocolate eggs that you can personalize for Easter? [more inside]
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I Can Haz Nice Things?

Thinking about using silk in two bedding projects. I have two cats and a toddler. Is this a terrible idea? [more inside]
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My husband wants to build a house. I don't. Help.

My husband and I are at an impasse and I need help either figuring out how to make my case more clearly or ideas how to get myself on board. [more inside]
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Career change out of nonprofits?

I’m hoping for suggestions for career changes for someone who has spent their entire professional career in nonprofits and government, and is looking for something that pays a little more, is maybe a little less bureaucratic, and which plays to their strengths (community organizing and building, creative thinking, program planning, social engagement). [more inside]
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Online CentOS administration courses / resources?

I'd like to take two or three weeks and intensively study the administration of CentOS servers. What resources or online classes exist? Red Hat certification courses/resources would count. [more inside]
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Is amlodipine banned in Holland

I am trying to research this drug. The statement that it has been banned in the Netherlands shows up on several forums, but I can't find out if this is actually true. [more inside]
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Longshot music ID question: -- help me find this indie song?

Help me identify this indie rock song (with a Belle and Sebastian sound) with song lyrics that go, "I'm wasting my time." [more inside]
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Long Form History Podcasts

The impossible has happened - I am caught up with, or have finished, all my favorite history podcasts. I'm looking for some new ones to add to the line-up. [more inside]
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How can I reset a admin password that is forgotten?

I have a Toshiba laptop with Windows 7 running and two user accounts on it. One has admin rights and the password has been forgotten. [more inside]
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How to backup Windows Sever w/ Exchange on-prem and in the cloud?

Our small office is running Windows Server 2008 R2. This one server acts as our file server, our mail server with Exchange 2010, our Active Directory server, AutoDesk License server, etc. I want to have on-prem backup and use a cloud storage for some form of offsite backup, but I can't seem to find the right solution. [more inside]
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It's not that I mind having more friends, but...

It seems that whenever I meet a woman I really like and think I have a connection with, she can only view me as a friend. I'm generally okay with this, because their great qualities as people is what attracted me to them in the first place, and those don't change just because she's not interested in me. But when it happens over and over and over again, it does make me wonder whether there's something I'm doing wrong. Why is it I'm consistently viewed as good friend material, but not good lover material? [more inside]
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LinkedIn post snapshot

These updates to LinkedIn have been killing me. Have they completely removed the little box on the left on the Home tab that would include analytic info on any postings you made? (How many in your network saw the post, 2nd connections, 3rd+ connections?)
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Where to start/what to plan to open a small side business?

I'd like to start a small side business, myself only as a part-timer to start. The essence of the business is for me to design and print small 3D charms. I can start using a 3D printing service like Shapeways or i.materialize and already use free tools to do 3D design work so it seems like startup costs are low. I'm looking for what I should do to prepare for the long term. [more inside]
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Public transit phone/picture-capable-device etiquette

On public transit, do you feel threatened about people holding devices with cameras in such a way that they could potentially be taking pictures or recording? Do you feel pressure about how you hold your own camera-capable devices? This is more of a general question, but details about why I became curious are as follows. [more inside]
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Plus sized pillowcase?

We have king sized pillows, which we like very much, that are sized larger than normal king sized pillows. [more inside]
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Should I Forget Him or is There Still Something There?

This guy I met a few months ago has been sending me some very mixed signals for a very long time and I honestly don't know what to make of it. Whenever I'm just about to write him off for ghosting on me, he re-appears and it's like nothing ever happened. Anyone have any advice or tips? [more inside]
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Keep those knees rigid. Jerk that lower back.

Can you provide feedback on my dumbbell-centered weightlifting routine? [more inside]
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What do you listen to on your amateur radio or scanner?

Having just earned my amateur radio license, I've purchased a handheld transceiver with decent wide-band coverage and I'm trying to figure out what I should program into it. I've added the nearest repeaters on my licensed bands, but what's worthwhile to add next? What else do people program on their mobiles, HTs, and scanners? I'd like to find active and interesting channels to monitor when I'm not conversing with someone myself. [more inside]
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Why would I want to wash clothing in 14 hours?

Might be a silly question, but it's plagued me since buying our house. Why does my front-loading, 2000's era Kenmore washing machine have a delay start of 14 hours? Is there a reason or was 14 picked at random? [more inside]
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Who sits at the Head Table?

My wedding is coming up in September and we're kind of in the final stages of organization. I think everything is under control, but I'm very uncertain of how to format the head table..... everyone (and every website) is telling me different things :( [more inside]
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I hate my fat face!

I've recently lost quite a bit of weight after a couple of decades of being overweight, but while the rest of my body is shrinking, my face is the same ol' big fat face. Can I expect it to deflate at some point? Is there anything I can do about it other than just continuing to lose weight? Or am I doomed to end up like Michael Palin in Brazil?
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Help ridding my website of licensed images

So...I woke up to a lovely email from Getty advising me that I had been using one of their premium images on my shop's (extremely low traffic) website ... [more inside]
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Fun baseball defense strategy videos for little leaguers?

My eight-year-old son is in Little League baseball for the first time. A lot of the what-to-do-when scenarios are mysteries to him. So we're looking for upbeat, fun videos about all aspects of defense — including knowing where to play for the outs, base coverage, relays, rundowns, and cutoffs — that we can watch so he can see the plays in action. [more inside]
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Automate sending a dictionary definition to a flashcards program?

I look up words I don't know as I read and I'd like to make flashcards of them to review later without having to stop reading long enough to make the cards. Ideally, whenever I look up a word in an online or ebook dictionary I'd like to automatically generate a new flashcard in a program like Anki or Mnemosyne. Ideas? Thanks!
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Tight hips a problem in the bedroom.

Please help me loosen up my hips so that I can lie on my back in peace. [more inside]
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The rest of the meds world

What are SNRIs, and what are they like to take? [more inside]
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winning over estate agents as a customer?

The treatment I get from estate agents in the UK is almost as though they are not looking for business. I have been trying to buy a house for over a year and find estate agents to be surly, often not returning calls. How do I make clear my interest and what should I do to make sure I am treated well and fairly by estate agents in the UK?
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Multiple private health insurers?

USA insurance-filter: is it possible to be covered by 2 private insurance plans at once? We like my wife’s employer’s insurance, but it doesn't cover the expensive fertility treatments that we’ll be receiving soon. My work’s insurance does cover those treatments. Can we pay for both insurance plans and be covered by both? [more inside]
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Searching for a certain comic strip about life stages

About two years ago a certain online comic strip - making a point about accepting absurdity in later life - was briefly a meme and I'd love to find it again. If I remember right, it had three panels with images & text something like... [more inside]
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Attending F1 races as non-gearheads with a 4-year old. Advice?

We happen to have somewhat recently moved near enough the UK F1 track (Silverstone) that it's feasible to attend a race. We enjoy, but don't actively follow racing, and our kid's really into Cars (Disney), so we thought it might be a fun day out. But the ticketing options are confusing for this casual fan. Help? [more inside]
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Support Email from HTC in Taiwan

Does anyone have the Support Email from HTC in Taiwan? [more inside]
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Online security/privacy

Serious advice about protecting your privacy/identity online is often monstrously impractical. Which are the tools/practices that offer the best real-world security-convenience tradeoff? [more inside]
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Please recommend a book/article by a woman about workplace sexism.

A friend has been given an opening by a leader in a large, conservative organization to help him understand women's experiences of sexism in the workplace. Is there a book or article by a woman talking about her experiences you would recommend? [more inside]
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Overwhelmed by jobbing and job searching at once. What to do?

I'm looking to jump ship from my current job, and I'm struggling with keeping my cool. I've been dealing with some pretty rough anxiety as I respond to recruiters and companies, slip out of the office for interviews, prepare presentations for said interviews, and do it over and over again with multiple businesses. How can I deal with the guilt of completely dialing it in at work so I can find a new job? [more inside]
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Do I give back a lot of money that no one will ever ask for?

$40,000 was deposited in my bank account last week, and it's not mine. I've figured out that it was tax money owed to my old employer (from 2013) but they never claimed it so the tax office waited until now and forwarded it to me. What do I do now? [more inside]
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How to bring active window to foreground in OS X?

I just got my new MacBook Pro and I want to get to work, but I cannot figure out why active windows remain in the background. Clicking on an inactive window doesn't bring it to the foreground. If I want to actually see what's in the active window, I have to minimize the inactive window that's on top. I've looked at different settings but I don't see how to change this. Help is much appreciated.
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March 26

School ratings in Nashville... do they mean anything?

My family is considering a move to Nashville from Chicagoland next year. The idea of being able to afford living in the city center after having been trapped in the 'burbs sounds appealing. Listings at places like Zillow (via and Trulia show ratings for assigned schools in these areas... and the ones for non-suburban schools are scary, like one to three out of ten kinda bad. How seriously should I take these ratings? I'm interested in both specific-to-Nashville comments and more general thoughts on school ratings. [more inside]
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Where to go in Germany in June

We've decided to go to Germany in early June, rent a car, and drive from Frankfurt to Dresden over the course of a week. Where shall we go? [more inside]
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Images to prompt writing

I need pictures that are funny or creative in some way, but also have several subjects/actions visible. Here's one that works really well. Here's a page with several that could work. Can you help me find more that are 6th grade appropriate and have limited/no text on them? [more inside]
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KonMari: How to "develop the instinct for what really inspires joy"?

Practitioners of Marie Kondo's tidying method, can you please help me understand the experience of an object under consideration "sparking joy"? [more inside]
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Email blast, then opt-in to follow thread?

I'm on a couple of email lists, and what happens is someone will email everyone, then someone else will reply to everyone, and so on... Sometimes it's something I'm interested in, sometimes it isn't. Is there a way to have an initial email go to everyone, then those who are interested can continue the conversation among themselves and those who are not can just ignore it and never see any follow-ups?
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How do I find an apartment?

I am searching for an apartment for the first time in my life and all I seem to be finding are Craigslist scams or people that don't reply. What's the best way to look for an apartment? [more inside]
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Anxiety before seeing boyfriend?

I get really anxious before I hang out with my boyfriend. Its frustrating. What can I do? [more inside]
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How do I help my friend through her fears about graduating?

My friend is graduating in 6 weeks from college. She is usually really animated and bubbly, but I was hanging out with her yesterday, and she mentioned in passing that she's thinking about going back to college for another major (she is currently getting her second major after her first didn't work out for her), but she's iffy on whether her dad will let her or not. [more inside]
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Memoirs about PTSD

Mac McClelland's Irritable Hearts: A PTSD Love Story is kind of changing my life. What else can I read that touches on similar issues? [more inside]
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Can I help to #shutdownthefuckbarrel in a small, personal way?

There was a recent thread on the green about what happens when people are arrested, And then I saw the 22 March 2015 episode of John Oliver's Last Week Tonight that discussed how people get screwed over with municipal fines. How can I help to Shut Down The Fuck Barrel? [more inside]
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