October 23

Find the Fabric!

I suspect I have the most impossible askme question ever... but miracles have happened here before, so I thought I'd give it a try! I have found a bolt of fabric that I've fallen in love with, but the shop (Zarin in NYC) doesn't have enough of it for my upholstering project. [more inside]
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Online movie service for classic movies?

Is there a Netflix type of service that's geared for classic (pre-1970) movies? I'm outside of the USA, so TCM.com doesn't work. [more inside]
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Flash Error On Xfinity on Demand

Help me fix flash error on Xfinity on demand. Comcast is no help at all. [more inside]
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Strategies for a fun, affordable large wedding in the midwest?

We want to throw a party for about 300 people that happens to begin with a wedding ceremony. What are some nontraditional / outside-the-wedding-industrial-complex strategies for creating a meaningful, festive, family-centered, and cost-conscious celebration event for such a large group? We're in St. Louis, Missouri but are very interested in general strategies and examples from other regions that may not be as commonly known here, as well as St. Louis-specific advice. Help! [more inside]
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One Girl, Two Cups: How to separate two cups stuck together?

While moving, I put a glass tumbler inside a tea mug like so. Now they are stuck and I cannot separate them. I tried running hot water over them; I tried applying vegetable oil with a Q-tip but can't get it down far enough; I even tried breaking the tumbler in hopes that I could salvage the mug. (It's pretty sturdy). Any ideas?
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How do you get silly string off indoor walls?

My latex painted, rough textured white wall now has festoons of glow in the dark silly string firmly bonded to it. How do I get this off? [more inside]
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Where to for Seattle guerilla wedding?

What are the best free or nearly free places in or quite close to Seattle that would be nice for a small 8 person wedding party to have a ceremony? We are thinking outdoors, like at a park, like Gas Works Park for instance. [more inside]
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Media About Occult Stores, Books, Organizations, etc.

One of my favorite tropes in film, TV, and books is when there's a supernatural, occult, and mysterious world hidden just beneath the surface of our own (metaphorically or physically), and that one simply needs to dig a little deeper to find it. I especially love it when an outsider gains knowledge of or access to this supernatural part of our world through a store, book, or, heck, even the words of a mysterious old person. [more inside]
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Who would want an old wall unit air conditioner / heater (PTAC)?

I live in a condo that is heated and cooled by PTAC's - 100+ pound electric air conditioner / heater wall units such as are common in hotel rooms. Except that two of mine are 15+ years old and don't work well, such that I need to replace them. I want to find someone to take my old PTAC's away and ideally help me put the new ones in place too. I figure I'd just put a posting up on Craigslist with that offer (no charge for the units, but I don't pay anything either), but before I do, I'm curious: are there really people out there who would be interested in this? If so, why? For the scrap metal? For the bit of life left in the things? Are they worth more than I thought, should I charge something? More info on them below. [more inside]
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How do I underwear like a grown-ass woman?

I have no idea how to buy underwear that fits anymore. How do I buy underwear in the modern world? [more inside]
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Workplace Drama - How do I choose/do I have to?

Work part time (eg, no full time contract) in academia. Currently split between two departments, with most of my time spent in Department A. Department B gave me a promotion. Now Department A wants me to only work with them. Dept B wants me to eventually be full time with them. Added complication: there is growing bad blood between the two departments, and both sides are smearing each other. [more inside]
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"I Voted" Selfie Contest?

I run the social media pages for our school's page, and want to do our part to GOTV on the 8th. I was thinking about doing a prize drawing for people who post selfies with their "I Voted!" sticker. As long as the selfie is taken at least 100 ft from the polling place - is there any legal issue here? I'm in Missouri, if it matters. We all get offered stickers here, and I suspect the number of absentee voters in our area will be low, so not too worried about them feeling left out.
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Halloween costume for a blue-haired 8 year old

My 8 year old son cannot decide what he wants to be for Halloween. He has turquoise blue hair, which doesn't have to be part of his costume, but I mean, if you're going to have blue hair, you may as well make the most of it at Halloween, eh? [more inside]
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Raising kids in a ski/ mountain town vs a large city??

We recently moved from Brooklyn to Lake Tahoe and love it... but we're starting a family soon and i'm freaking out a little. Is a small mountain/ski town really a great place to raise kids? Is it "better" than raising them in NYC? [more inside]
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Please help identify this film!

Sitting around at the pub and a friend is dying to find the name of a film she saw as a child - please release her from this cinematographic purgatory! [more inside]
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You don't need a silver fork to eat good food.

Can Metafilter please crowdsource our dinner tonight. I'm out of ideas. [more inside]
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Surfing Lessons Near Bangkok

I just had my first surfing lesson and it was a lot of fun. I'll be in Bangkok and Pattaya later this week, but somehow I can't find any surf schools. Can the hive recommend and schools or teachers in that area?
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Bitten by bedbugs at hotel

Help me deal without panicking [more inside]
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How would I know if my webcam had been infected by malware?

The news stories on Friday's attack on Dyn noted that devices from the "internet of things" has been infected by malware which was conscripting them to send requests to the DNS. Is there anyway I could know if devices which I own were infected? If they were is there anything I could do about it?
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Frame me

I'm trying rather desperately to find some new eyeglass frames that are very similar in shape to a pair purchased years ago. I don't even know if there's a name for the shape I'm searching for; it seems fairly uncommon. Please see this photo of my old frames. New frames can be just about any material, and I strongly prefer to buy online at a shop that offers high index lenses. Anyone seen some glasses this shape? Thanks for any info you can provide!
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October 22

Loan or gift?

Someone we met earlier this year needs help. He has asked for a loan but we can easily afford to give the money to him. We're not sure whether it's better to lend it to him or just make it a gift. [more inside]
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Am I too incompatible with my white fiance?

I am a Nigerian woman engaged to a white guy of Swedish background. We live in Canada. We've been together for about five years and I love him very much. We've been arguing a lot lately, mainly because of what I perceive to be his pattern of insensitive and condescending behaviour towards me. Recently he was in one of his argumentative moods, and in response to me saying (facetiously) that I have a fantasy about killing slave masters, he told me that it's strange for me to identify with descendants of slaves, since my ancestors in Nigeria also sold slaves to Europeans. He said by talking as if I have suffered from the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, I am "appropriating someone else's tragedy". This deeply upset me, more than any of his other insensitive / arrogant comments have. He has also made other comments that suggest he is not sensitive enough to race issues to support me. He doesn't seem to understand how black people understand their identity or how racism works. I fear that we are going to have problems in our marriage because of this. How can I explain why the comment he made is so hurtful? Have any of you found yourselves in a situation like this, and stayed in your relationship? [more inside]
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Stressing out about cooking mini-Thanksgiving tomorrow

I'm cooking a mini-Thanksgiving for six people tomorrow, occasioned by my birthday (yesterday) and realizing that I had a turkey in the freezer from last year. Turkey is now in the fridge, thawed. But I haven't cooked a turkey or mashed potatoes in a few years, and I haven't cooked for more than 4 people in a while either, so I'm kind of freaking out. Help me plan, and suggest mashed potato and turkey recipes! [more inside]
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Have yourself a pleasant end of year period

I'm trying to think about what to do for the Christmas-New Years-Early January Birthday period this year. Every year I get stressed out and exhausted thinking about all the planning buying all the presents, doing all the cleaning & decorating and such that I don't really get around to anything and the actual days in question are kind of let downs. Then I feel regret and wish I could get a re-do. Trying to avoid it all this year. Any thoughts? [more inside]
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What to do in northern NJ?

We will have time to kill this Sunday afternoon. Looking for things to do between Princeton and Newark, New Jersey. Unique sights, nature stuff, events, anything goes. Also, any suggestions for comfortable, quiet places to rest?
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Identifying a Mexican mariachi trumpet/brass sample from an 80s song

The first 40 seconds of the song "Ecstasy" by The Wolfgang Press (1984) features a sample of a Mexican mariachi-style trumpet/brass piece. I cannot identify the source of this sample. [more inside]
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Meet the devil at me

Help me dress up like a Crossroads (as in, Blues musician Robert Johnson selling his soul to Satan at a crossroads).... [more inside]
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My son ruins shoes. What are the most ruin-resistant high-tops for him?

My 8 year old son has some foot issues...his feet/ankles pronate inward. Between his OT and his podiatrist, we've been told to get him anti-pronation inserts and high top sneakers for ankle support. The inserts were easy to get...the high tops are not as simple. We're looking for recommendations! [more inside]
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49 Day Funeral Customs

My friend, who is Taiwanese American, is having a gathering at his home for his mother’s 49 day funeral ceremony. We will be making paper lotus blossoms. This is in the United States, and we are in our mid-30s. I am not sure what dress is appropriate for the 49 day funeral ceremony. Is it formal black? Casual since we will be making origami lotuses? Also, is it appropriate to bring food and alcohol? Are there more traditional offerings that I should bring? Are there any other customs that I should be aware of for this ceremony?
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Roof leak! Eek!

Two-three years ago, I had an oak branch plummet through my roof, like a spear thrown from Thor himself. Of course this was the year after my new roof had been installed, but I digress. I took a new shingle, and some of that black goo (can't remember the name) up there, and patched it up nicely.... [more inside]
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please help me find a comic from my childhood

As a child, I dimly remember reading a specific comic book, and (after all this time) I'd like to find it again. The story had Iron Fist fighting Fu Manchu in a frozen or icy place. [more inside]
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Children's book identification - 1970s

Another one of these! There is a book I have been trying to remember (for no real reason) for 157 years, and I'm finally going to ask. Early to mid-1970s, color illustrations, gems, a little girl... [more inside]
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Really funny comedy recommendations?

Looking for recommendations for movies or TV shows that will make me laugh out loud, with a couple specifications. [more inside]
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Does your town schedule Trick or Treat?

I grew up in Ohio and trick or treat times would be scheduled and published in the newspaper. I'm in California now and can't seem to find scheduled trick or treat times for my town. Is it possible scheduling trick or treat is just an Ohio/Midwest thing? [more inside]
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How to distract a hungry cat?

After fostering cats for a couple of years I decided to adopt the lovely Adelaide, rescued as a stray late last winter. She's been with me since February and recently I've had to own up to how she's putting on too much weight. More details inside. [more inside]
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Are non-committal friends the new normal?

It is sometimes a herculean struggle to get people in my friend group to commit to events. Often 50% to 75% will cancel the day of the event, just hours before. None of them have kids, serious relationships, or crazy work schedules. Is it me? Could I organize things differently? Or is this the new normal? [more inside]
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Best resources for cheap flexible last-minute travel?

Which resources should I be using to find high-value/low-cost flights/hotels if I don't have a particular destination in mind? Looking to take a short trip from NYC for a couple of days next week and go someplace new or different (to me). Do airlines have last-minute just fill some seat deals for those of us who don't travel enough to have any status? Do you have specific ideas for easy and inexpensive escapes from NYC at the end of October?
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Cracks in drywall: who do we call?

We recently noticed some cracks in the drywall around a little alcove in our kitchen. The cracks appear right on the seam of the drywall where the wall angles away from the main kitchen wall. They're on both sides of the alcove. It looks to me like a patch job was done before, and I am concerned this is pointing to something more serious. Is it just a patch job over some poor drywalling, or should I be calling somebody in? If so, who? Photos are here. [more inside]
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Please help me to not quit teaching.

This is my second year as a certified secondary classroom teacher (I have 4 years of experience including full-time substituting k-12 and paraprofessional work). I don't know where to begin. I live 3000 miles away from all of my family and friends. I teach in an urban school in Arizona, consistently ranked as the 1st or 2nd worst state for teachers. I'm depressed, frustrated with myself, and feel like I'm losing control of my class more and more as the year goes on. Soul-spilling rant inside. [more inside]
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Managing post stress emotions

Things are finally better at work, but I think I'm finally letting myself have the meltdown I should have had before. How do I keep it from impacting my work and life? Strategies, tips? [more inside]
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Should I let my mom use my name in a MLM business?

My mom has joined a MLM business that sells "health" products. They've got all sorts of wonderful claims and, of course, no science to back them up. My mom wants to add my name in as one of her distributors. She says she will do all the work, I'll get the money, and eventually a new car. She just needs my social security number and bank account. [more inside]
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How easy is it for someone to discover your real identity online?

I'm struck by cases where someone who suddenly becomes famous is shamed by people online after they discover embarrassing comments they made in the past. As an example, CEO of Whole Foods used an alias and engaged in petty fights online over prospects of company. Somehow, hackers discovered it was him. Say I say some really harsh things about iPhones online (e.g., on Ask Mefi), then achieve fame through asking a question at a Presidential debate--how easy would it be for someone to discover my shameful anti-iPhone tirades?
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Quick! Is there an applied linguist on board?

I have the chance to complete my master's in applied linguistics for almost no cost. I want to do, but am not sure it's quite right for my career. Can anyone help me, please? [more inside]
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Warm workout clothes?

I've recently started walking the trails near my house for exercise. As it starts getting colder, I've realized I need better clothes to wear. Must be available in petite, and have pockets (either in the sweater or pants is fine, I just need to carry my keys and phone.) Ideally, I would like some kind of zip-out lining, but I don't know if that's possible. Thanks!
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Advice for attending a Hillary rally?

My main question is- if I take a day off work and go all the way up to NH on Monday, what are the chances that I'll actually get into the Clinton/Warren rally? If anyone has been to a Clinton rally recently, how early do I have to line up for a good chance at getting in? If I bring my 6 year old will it be a miserable experience for both of us?
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Using public dorm shower booths barefoot

So this is 5~10 years ago but I used to get into dorm shower booths barefoot. I'd thought that if you wear a flipflop in the shower, that the flipflop(I wore a really cheap one back then) would become the harboring ground for bacteria itself. Now I'm in a university environment again and came to think about how to manage my slippers -- I found out that you need footwear in the shower. Even so the shower floors were cleaned by the janitors every day; I always washed my feet with soap and then wiped them with towels before wearing my flipflops outside -- how much bad fungus do you think I would have picked up? I seldom had any symptoms of foot disease during college as far as I can remember, although during work I had less luck and my formal shoes were worse places for athlete's foot and foot itches. Now I wear plastic, thick slippers around and will buy Crocs soon (although I'm sharing a bath with only four people now).
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October 21

Browncoats? (not the Whedon kind)

Many years of Anglophilic TV-watching have left me with a clothing question. What's the deal with the light brown, mid-length, indoor overcoat that certain British workers wear? [more inside]
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Free/low cost online solution for file sharing and discussion forums?

My research has left me confused. I want to provide a simple online place/forum for participants in my adult education programs to share files and discussions. [more inside]
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Best European sites for locating copies of out of print books

Does anyone have recommendations for particularly effective search engines for European second-hand / out of print books? Back when I used to look for these books pre-google, there were a couple of specialist sites that consolidated searches across numerous second-hand booksellers' catalogues, but I've forgotten their names. Do these still exist and if so, are they any use? [more inside]
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How do I deal with the pain/guilt of not keeping in touch with family?

I have social anxiety, and I've put off calling my family members (other than my Mom) for years because I'm afraid/don't know what to say/think they'll reject me. Now it looks like one of them doesn't have much longer to live. How do I not hate myself for putting off getting in touch? [more inside]
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Help a teacher with their Halloween costume!

After my costume became a sleeper hit last year, I need help coming up with another fun costume for 2016! Help! [more inside]
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How do I turn my mother's house into my home?

My mother passed away over the winter, and now I am alone (except for two cats and the squirrels in the attic) in the house we've shared for years. I'll be staying in the house for a year or two, and I'm trying to figure out ways to make the house feel like *mine*, not my mother's house that I happen to live in. [more inside]
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Free or cheap computer for indigent artist

Hi, my friend is a brilliant digital artist and wants to apply or ask to get a free or cheap computer - his present main box is manufactured in the last millenium! Are there agencies, websites or subreddits, etc where he could show some of his work and get parts or a complete computer ? Should be capable of running adobe cs5 if possible. He is in the UK.
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Test credit card for production?

I'm working with an ecommerce startup and we need a test credit card for production testing, as in a real credit card where we can purchase and void transactions. Is this something that a credit card company provides? I basically, don't want the card to get flagged because we use it then void it continuously. This might just be, use a corporate card and they don't care, but didn't know if there was a more clean way to do this. Bonus points if there's a magical card that we can have make transactions that don't actually go through so that we can use that for automated testing.
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Break my daughter's heart or get sicker

I have come to the realisation that I can no longer safely or humanely look after the 2 cats my daughter grew up with. It is not fair to them, my neighbours, my landlord, and I am unwell and it is difficult for me. But my daughter has gone through so much in the past few years, bulimia, OCD, anxiety, depression, at least 2 rapes, her grandmother died, her father went to prison for a horrible crime. She can't take the cats on, she lives in a high rise on a limited income. There is no one else. I can't face telling her that I need to find a new home for them, and causing her more grief, but I can't keep doing this. It's too hard. I also love the cats but I'm not being a good enough kitty mama. What do I do?
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How has sleep apnea affected you cognitively or emotionally?

My partner was diagnosed with sleep apnea 18 months ago. He became somewhat emotionally unstable around the same time. It's time to put my foot down and insist that he seek treatment for the apnea. I'm wondering whether I need to ask him to seek separate treatment for the emotional issues--which would be an extremely hard sell--or whether those are likely to improve if the apnea is treated. [more inside]
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radio tech nerds! your bat signal!

Hi. I have a question about the FCC assignment of radio frequencies in the early 20th c. U.S. I know three things that I can't resolve, probably because I have only dipped into this lightly (and really can't get stuck in right now). [more inside]
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I quit. Here is a gift.

Leaving my job. Love my boss. She is taking my leaving like a champ despite it putting her in a tough spot. Looking for help for a thank you/good bye gift. [more inside]
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Is eating with utensils better than eating with your hand?

Objectively speaking, is it better to eat with utensils than hands? If so, why? [more inside]
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best free or cheap video chat

I have a regular video chat with friends. For the last few years we’ve been using Google Hangouts for this purpose, but lately it seems like the quality has gotten worse. We have regular sound/video quality and connectivity issues, to the point where sometimes we just give up. What are our other options for doing this for as little money (and with as little hassle) as possible? There are usually 4-5 of us involved, and a mix of iPhones/laptops/Android devices being used to make the calls. [more inside]
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