March 6

How do you change your style of motivation?

If you're someone who gets initially super excited about something and makes a lot of initial progress before getting bored or discouraged and quitting, how do you change that into a more constant level of motivation? [more inside]
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Pain in proximal tendon area of vastus medialis

I have moderately severe pain in the proximal tendon area of my vastus medialis for about seven months. It manifests when I raise my leg in bent or straight position. Does anyone have suggestions for physio-therapeutic exercises or any other treatment? Thanks.
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UK: "Cultural fit" for a major international bank's content arm

Hello! I've got a second (and final) round of interviews for a content position within a major international bank in London. In this one, they'll be looking at the "cultural fit". Do you have any pointers on what they mean by that? What kind of "standard" interview questions should I prep for? Thanks for your help!
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March 5

I'd like suggestions for a CBT therapist in Montreal.

I need some help with a few harmful behaviours I have (I should really cut down or eliminate my use of some problem substances). None of the behaviours are wreaking havoc in my life, but I need a touchup to get them under control. I'd like to look into CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) to see if it can help, as traditional psycho-dynamic psychotherapy didn't help that issue. [more inside]
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Volunteer work for employees in the NYC area

I work for a startup company and on our company's 3-day meeting we would like to use a half day or full day of work to volunteer for an organization (soup kitchen, maybe?) It is at the end of April. We are looking for something we can all do together. There are about 20 people in our company and our office is in downtown NYC, but can travel anywhere. It will be on a weekday. Any recommendations on what to do/who to contact?
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UK: normal to be asked to pay for own DBS/CRB check?

Just a quick question - only really relevant to Britain, I think. I've applied for a job (part-time social care work) and I'm being asked to bring £60 in cash to the interview to pay for a DBS (criminal records and background) check. This seems dodgy to me - is it normal to be asked for this? [more inside]
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Whats your "Perfect Day" in Seattle?

My SO and I are looking to relocate. What's the "Perfect Day" in Seattle like? [more inside]
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iPad storage blues

Daughter's iPad 3 Mini tells me it's got 6.9 gigs of photos on it. I've removed all of them, yet this figure is unchanged. The computer it's backed up to has only 1.7 gigs of photos on it. What gives, and how do I zap this?
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Poutine Hipster

Recently poutine came up in a convo I had with a foreigner. After they told me they visited Canada and while here made sure to try poutine, I explained to them that I was familiar with poutine before most Canadians knew what the hell it was and that in the not-too-distant past poutine wasn't well-known outside of Quebec. I estimated that it only started becoming popular outside of Quebec in maybe the late 90s. Am I off in this estimate, MeFi? [more inside]
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Boyfriend bad juju beanplating

Dating for 6 weeks, "officially" boyfriend and girlfriend, have been spending time together most days. I've excitedly told my friends about him and invited him to a 30th and on a group holiday a few of us were going on. Last weekend he went to a farewell party on the Friday and a birthday on the Saturday without inviting me, but came to my place afterwards (on the Friday he left my house to go to the farewell party, then returned afterwards). I felt disappointed that he seemed less excited to introduce me to his friends than I did him and my gut feeling is not good. Thoughts? [more inside]
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Dulles to Baltimore at night-- transportation possibilities?

I am flying into Dulles (IAD) on a Wednesday night at around 9pm. I need to get myself to Baltimore/ Mount Vernon area that same night. What are my options? (No valid driver's licence so can't rent&drive) [more inside]
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Does left-handed sucking indicate ultimate left-handedness in a child?

So, our beautiful 3mo baby daughter seems to strongly favor her left hand for thumb sucking. I'm right-handed, her mother is right-handed, almost everybody of our extended family (very large, 50+ first cousins just on my side alone) are right handed. That being said, my sister is a lefty. Question: is there any data regarding whether the hand a newborn / small infant uses to suck indicates future handedness? Nothing sinister in this question, just curious what we have in store.
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Sad Soup Story

Can-I-eat-this filter: Homemade chicken noodle soup sitting out on the balcony in the snow, thawed overnight on the counter, then left in the fridge for 2 days. Now it tastes funny... [more inside]
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Given an F-Statistic, is there a way to find the P-Value with a TI-89?

One of my Stats II homework questions is: "Five groups are being compared, with 13 observations per group. The value of the F statistic is 1.61. Obtain the P-value of the test." I found an online calculator but won't have access to that during tests. Is there a way to find this on the TI-89? [more inside]
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Let's Twist Again

How many sets of Weighted Russian Twists are you supposed to do for the exercise to be effective? [more inside]
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Books/review of high school math for former math major, current tutor

I need book recommendations two categories: 1) for myself for review (that are somewhere between high school text books and Spark notes) 2) just straight up textbooks for high school math (algebra i, geometry, algebra ii, trigonometry, pre-calculus) [more inside]
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How to sell a domain anonymously?

I have owned the .com of a domain for about 10 years. Hadn't done anything with it although I had planned to. Competitor appears to have bought the .net of the same name about 2 years ago, put up a website, and is probably selling his service from it (our occupation is exactly the same)... [more inside]
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How bad is lying down compared to sitting?

This question is directed towards anyone with a medical background. I've read a few articles online that talk about how bad sitting is for health, but I couldn't find much on the detrimental effects of lying down when compared to sitting. I lie down a fair amount, especially on my days off - sleeping in late, listening to music in bed, etc. - and would like to know just how bad this is for my health. Obviously too much of either isn't good, but are all forms of sedentary equally unhealthy? [more inside]
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Reslip a slide

What can be used to give a metal playground slide new slipperiness? [more inside]
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Lost/stolen safe deposit box; now what?

Mom went to Citibank this morning to collect some items from her safe deposit box. Today, she opened it (with the employee's assistance, per the bank protocol), and they both discovered that the box itself was gone. We spoke at length with the branch manager, but they're refusing to give us any written affidavit or anything that we'd need to file an actual police report. Does anyone else have any info for situations like this? (Beyond lawyering up, which I'm ready to do!) [more inside]
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Excel 2013 - Using data from two columns to identify a row in a third

I have data on one sheet of an Excel document with three columns. I want to extract this for use on another sheet as follows: If a row in Column A contains X (text string) and a row in column B contains Y (also a text string) then what does the row in column C (always a value) which matches these two criteria contain? With the data I have, this will always return a single result. [more inside]
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NYC eats for an Aussie

My friend is coming to New York City from Australia this weekend. I'm a local, so I don't have any idea what sort of restaurants I should take her to that both say "New York" and that she wouldn't be able to get in Australia. Thoughts?
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Wallet that will let me use my credit/debit cards without removing them

I would like a wallet for credit/debit card. My imagined wallet has two key properties. A) It's small. Right now I use an elastic as my wallet. I wouldn't want to add much more bulk than that. B) Cards are somehow attached to their slots and can be used without detaching them. This could be either because they rotate out from the pile or (better) because they stick out. from the short end of the rectangle that is the pile. Does this exist? Where do I get it? [more inside]
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Dressing for success, special snowflake style

I just started a better job in a new office and it is becoming apparent to me that I need to up my game, wardrobe-wise. Corduroys/chinos and knit shirts aren't doing it anymore. There are a few things about me that make this slightly complicated. [more inside]
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How can I be more satisfied with my life as it is right now?

Everything in my life is in transition, and it's driving me crazy. I know I am moving towards my goals, but I just want to be settled in at least one aspect of my life. How can I just relax and enjoy my life as it is now? More details inside. [more inside]
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I have a couch (sofa) I love. It is, however, more than 10 years old and falling apart. Help me find a new one that shares its perfect qualities. [more inside]
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Any non-perishable cooking ingredients I should bring to Japan?

Later this year I'm getting transferred to the parent company's operation near Tokyo for 1 to 2 years. As someone who loves to cook, are there any non-perishables I should be considering shipping over? (oils, spices etc?) [more inside]
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What are some modern plays that have been made into great movies?

I really liked Glengarry Glen Ross and Carnage, looking for suggestions along the same lines.
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Coordinating medical specialists at different hospitals

After a terrible run of illness (and another PICU admission this week) we have seen a few different pediatric pulmonologists. The doctor we like the best doesn't have privileges at our hospital. How do we coordinate care? [more inside]
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HoneymoonFilter: Europe Edition (Greek islands, Italian neighborhoods)

Which neighborhoods should we be trying to stay in, as first-time travelers to Rome and Florence? Which Greek island should we be looking at? [more inside]
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What's a good buy at the Harbor Freight?

There's a Harbor Freight near me, and it's filled with bargains! But I expect that a lot of the stuff is junk. What are the good values at HF, and what should I avoid? I don't like buying disposable tools (or anything, if I can help it), even if it's cheap; I'd rather pay for quality than just buy garbage, but I'm sure some of their stuff is a good deal. I've heard good things about their pneumatic brad nailer ($20 or so), for example.
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Leasing a small SUV?

We are leasing a new SUV (I don't need any discussion on leasing -- it's the option right now). Looking at the Volvo XC60, the Hyundai Santa Fe, and the Acura RDX. Any insights? [more inside]
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Total mileage of alleys in San Francisco

How many miles of alleys are there in San Francisco? I don't have access to, or expertise with, GIS software, and this isn't turning out to be very Googleable. Anyone?
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Las Vegas -- Real Estate -- For Housing, Not Investment

I have an adult disabled son who has been living in Las Vegas for five years. I am considering purchasing housing in Las Vegas for him to live in. I would like your advice. Details below the fold. [more inside]
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Vermont/New Hampshire for the toddler set

Any suggestions on toddler-friendly places we should stop at on a drive from Boston to NW Vermont? [more inside]
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Are my meds healing my injury or just removing the pain?

I'm taking 2100mg Gabapentin daily for an impinged nerve in my neck due to degenerative disc disease and stenosis. I want to step down off the drug because of the side effects I'm experiencing. If the drug is actually doing something to heal the problem then I won't, but if it's just acting as a pain reliever with no other benefits then I'd prefer the pain over the side effects. [more inside]
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Viewing bike paths in Google Maps

When I route bike directions in Google Maps, I have the option to "show bike paths," which are marked with green lines, dots, etc. Useful! However, the blue route line that tells me where to go also blocks me from seeing whether the route Google is suggesting is a bike path/bike-friendly. How can I view both at the same time, so I can figure out what sections on my route are bike-friendly? Example here.
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What is the name of the gospel song performed by Mary Mary

Hi Mary Mary performed on Good Morning America today and sang a medley. The second song that was sung had these lyrics in I'm singing alleluiah, I'm not what I used to be........ I looked online and cannot find the name of this gospel song. Thank you. Lynn
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French song translation help

Lately I've been enjoying Grenadine's eponymous album. But my French is non-existent, and I can't find lyrics anywhere. What are these songs about, anyway? [more inside]
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How can I be better at anticipating others' practical needs?

I want to get better at accommodating others when they are trying to do something practical. Holding doors open for others is the obvious example, but other little things such as remembering to grab a spoon along with food someone requested, positioning myself as to not get in the way of others when people are moving things, keeping things tidy, retrieving the right tools for a job... [more inside]
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Looking for a book discussing race and associated aspects of culture

When younger, I read a book that offered a somewhat Politically Correct account answering questions about different cultures and races. For example, one of the examples I remember in the book was the author explaining why people of Indian and pakistani defense like to bargain when buying products. The explanation centered around the importance of this practice in everyday activity. [more inside]
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New clothes without a size or money?

I don't fit my clothes and I don't know how to buy new ones. Fashion advice for a woman with a tight budget, uncertain taste and a rapidly changing body? [more inside]
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Road Trip Unknown unknowns

We are driving from Germany to Turkey later this month. I thought we had most of it sorted, but this comment in a post about Europe talking about vignettes in Austria made me realise there are probably quite a few things I didn't know I needed to know. [more inside]
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Who's building the giant robots?

Help me find all organizations and groups that are building giant robots or animatronic figures of whimsy and fun. [more inside]
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She wants to see the world through these glasses!

In my friend's never-ending search for the perfect pair of frames, a friend noticed this pair and became obsessed. I want to help her find a pair as similar as possible, but they've got to be available in Canada.
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Demonstrating How Accommodations Help Kids on IEPs

I'm putting together a 1 hour training for new teachers who have little understanding of disabilities and how they affect teens in the classroom. Although I do annual presentations about this, I'd love to mix it up, make it more hands-on and understandable. [more inside]
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Is this supposed to be a side effect of a butt injection?

Weeks ago, when I was sick, I had injections in my ass. They were super painful (as far as injections go) and have left what feels like pebbles in my butt cheeks. [more inside]
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Ideas for interactive presentation?

Professional presentation to 200 educators. Presenter would like to add audience participation through technology - probably phone/internet. What budget options available that will work anywhere without tech onsite? [more inside]
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March 4

Can I buy a Beuys coyote photo?

I'd like to obtain a print of one of (any of) the photos taken during Joseph Beuys' 1974 performance "I like America and America likes me." Is this even remotely possible without engaging an art dealer and spending 10s (100s?) of thousands of dollars? Is it even possible with that?
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Help me find these retro glasses!

I am trying to find the glasses in this photo. I asked the girl wearing them where she got them and she told me Chinatown in her area, but I'm coming up empty on Etsy, ebay, Amazon, Poshmark, etc. Can you help me find them? [more inside]
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Should I resign before the (probably negative) performance review?

I'm afraid I'll be getting the second negative performance review in a row from a job I loathe. Should I just try to jump ship now? [more inside]
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Finding out if a Life Insurance policy exists?

How do I find out if a Life Insurance policy exists? My Dad passed away last week after a short illness, and I'm in Milwaukee taking care of his affairs, cleaning out his apartment, etc. It was so sudden that we never got a chance to discuss specifics like if he had a will (he doesn't), etc. This is in the State of Wisconsin, city/county of Milwaukee. [more inside]
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Should we drive or take the train in Europe?

We are finalizing our plans for our honeymoon, and we're wondering whether train or car travel would be the best approach. [more inside]
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The World Wins

Tonight I came across an old Ted talk by John Hunter, who is the creator of The World Peace Game, where he guides and facilitates his students into solving complex world problems by getting very player to cooperative achieve world peace. Here is the link to the Ted Talk. [more inside]
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Help me find a certain style of wedding photographer.

I really like the "Luciana Flower Comb" and "Augustina Flower Vine" photos on this site. They're a bit "Laura Nyro in New York in the late sixties." The lighting contrast and the dark background and the small hit of color from the lipstick are very appealing to me. I'm getting married and would like to hire a photographer who can produce shots like this in his/her sleep, but I don't know what to search for -- what terminology, etc. "Goth" is not what I want, and "vintage" is too broad. Would "chiaroscuro" get me anywhere? [more inside]
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Overawed, humbled and uncertain what to do

My friend and colleague, who I asked to be a professional reference, wrote a recommendation to Linkedin the most awesome and humbling words about me I have ever read. I have no idea how to process this. [more inside]
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have Tagalongs gotten smaller

have Tagalongs gotten smaller. did they used to be bigger. how much smaller. they seem too small tbh
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LA + baby + travel = SUPER GREAT, right?

The husband, the baby and I are flying to LA for a week on very short notice (Saturday). I'll be busy for most of the days; he'll be bopping around with the kid (and is familiar with the area). We'll have one full day for fun together. Ideas and tips? [more inside]
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Ancient cassette tape is finally broken, lost the track list ages ago.

Deutsche Grammophon classical recording. Acquired it circa 1983. Title: Serenades and Romances, The World's Loveliest Music for Strings. I think the catalog or serial number is 413 655-4 but I can't find the track list online. [more inside]
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Tropical island summer vacation recommendation for college women

My 19 year old daughter and her girl friend would like to visit a tropical island for a week or two, during the summer break, that is safe and has either public transportation or is easy to get around otherwise (they don't drive) and see the sights. Any suggestions? Requirements in order of preference: safe, island, beautiful, easy to get around without a car, other young people, not too hot, nice beaches, not too expensive (airfares from US, lodging, food), interesting places to explore. Thanks!
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