April 27

Recommend me a flashcard app for iPhone

Cramberry was my go-to flashcard app, but it doesn't seem to be supported or available anymore, and I have stuff to learn! [more inside]
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April 26

What were the purposes and pitfalls of introductions a century ago?

Emily Post devotes her entire second chapter to the etiquette of introductions. The Victorian-era Lady Constance Eleanora Caroline Howard likewise spends 20 pages on the subject. But what were the larger purposes and goals of introductions? [more inside]
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Can I improve the view outside my windows?

My apartment is lovely inside, but all of its windows face a back alley. There is a conspicuous lack of green when I look outside. What can I do/plant to remedy this? [more inside]
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How to record WeChat voice call

Tomorrow morning I'm conducting an important interview with someone who lives in China and prefers WeChat voice call over skype or traditional call. I'd like to record the interview -- with the interviewee's consent and everything. What's the best way to do that? [more inside]
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Learning Spanish: Windows 95 edition

I have vague memories of learning Spanish with a Windows program aimed towards children. It was drawn, had mini narrated stories/conversations with clickable objects, and a dog with a sombrero. I remember locations being a bus stop, a bar (?) and the inside of a house (cross-section, with each room and its objects labeled). I'm guessing it's from the Windows 95/98 era, and definitely not a JumpStart title. Does this ring any bells? I've Googled keywords to try and identify it by the CD-ROM cover, but no luck.
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Getting scammy/random calls on my cell of late...

Every so often I'll get unwanted calls, but they tend to be thankfully few and far between (aside from when I got put on a political call list for a while). The past few days, however, I've received a much higher number of weird calls that are not for me, most of which seem to have a real person on the end but some of which are robocalls. Any ideas on what gives? [more inside]
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"You Got This" songs

I'm going through a really tough time at work. I stood up to my boss about something and got threatened with disciplinary action for being "disrespectful". All that to say, I need some music to make me feel better about standing up for myself and taking care of myself. What songs inspire you to feel that?
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Developing real estate for dummies

I'm considering buying an empty lot in California to build my dream home. Whose professional advice do I need and when? [more inside]
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What help exists for People-Who-Harm?

I've been studying cycles of violence and abuse. Though I've found many resources for survivors, I see few geared towards abusers. [more inside]
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Reflections after a friend's suicide

Hey everyone, I'm looking for some reflections, magazine or blog style, about a friend or loved one's suicide. [more inside]
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Our princess is in another console

Can I play a Nintendo Classic without a TV, using a laptop or desktop computer (a 2015 MacBook or a 2012 iMac)? [more inside]
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Anniversary in New Orleans

The mister and I are celebrating 15 years of wedded bliss by returning back to our honeymoon spot of New Orleans. We'd like to have a nicer dinner for our anniversary. No special snowflake requirements other than he doesn't want to bring a suit. [more inside]
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tattoo touch up question

Tattoo artists/people experienced with tattoos, I come with a question regarding getting an existing tattoo touched up. [more inside]
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Autopay Luddite Bills When my Bank Doesn't Offer It?

Is there a service out there that will send paper checks to my billers automatically each month? Difficulty: my bank absolutely does not offer this service. [more inside]
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Where can I buy Bonibee Eterna frying pans?

I'm looking for a reputable on-line seller (i.e. something I've heard of, like Amazon) or a brick-and-mortar place in the Greater Seattle Area. [more inside]
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Seasonal allergies... how long is spring season?

I’ve had fall allergies for years, and I usually take allergy medicine until first frost. Spring allergies are a new thing for me the past few years. Claritin (or generic equivalent) works well for me… but how do I know when to stop taking it? I don’t really want to just try stopping and see what happens, because if it turns out that allergy season is not over for me, it takes about 4 days for Claritin to fully kick in.
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Can the LiveScribe pen keep my notes from dying?

I'm really looking for a solution to this problem: when I have an important idea, I write it down on whatever is nearby- sometimes a notebook, sometimes a receipt, sometimes an index card. I'm working on multiple projects, and the notes get disorganized quickly. The LiveScribe seems like a solution- makes your notes digital and searchable. But is it? [more inside]
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Children's books that encourage questioning everything

There's a new baby in our family, and I'm building a library so he'll have interesting things to read when he's 5, 10, 15... What children's books pack a powerful intellectual punch for their size? I'm looking for ones that make the reader question everything (e.g. social norms, traditions, their identity, even consensual reality). Kind of like a Philip K Dick book but for children. Also good: anything which encourages precociousness (like Matilda). A few that came to mind: 1) Eat Now, Pay Later. Short story I asked about here years ago: http://ask.metafilter.com/251717/Name-of-short-story 2) The Sneeches, by Dr. Seuss 3) Matilda, Roald Dahl
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What is motivating in a knowledge based company?

I'm putting together a list of employee recognition ideas, where the recognition is more than a pat on the back or a gift, but geared towards life long learners and other growth-based individuals. Details within. [more inside]
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NYC apartment hunting: broker edition

Should I get a broker for my NYC apartment hunt? Bonus question: what exactly can a broker do for me? [more inside]
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Help me think/be more like a Businessy Person

Businessy People communicate in bullet points and actionables. Their focus is always on the bottom line. They're calm and reassuring (because they GTD, and talk clearly and simply about how they're going to do that). I am a million embedded clauses, diversions - complications. I tend to notice nuance instead of the bottom line. Or problems to solve that people may or may not agree exist, Big Picture issues that I may be the only one seeing or caring about. How can I discipline my mind and communication for work? [more inside]
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Please tell me about Readers Theater.

What states have Readers Theater as a speech/debate event? Did you do this as a student? [more inside]
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April 25

Pimp my CV

I'm applying for a policy job in a tech company. Most of my experience with CVs involves dull templates and I am looking for some inspiration for this one. [more inside]
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Negotiating in India-- difficulty level: academia

The fantastic news: after several years floating around on 10 month contracts, picking up freelance editing work for peanuts, and generally wringing our hands about the future, my husband and I got assistant professor jobs! The catch: In India! The bad news: the (new) private university is run like a business (eyes on the bottom line). They want you there 9-5 M-F and every other Saturday measured "biometrically". [more inside]
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Shampoo that let's you fly

I am looking for a shampoo that doesn't coat my hair. A new stylist told me Dove just coats my hair and weighs it down, so that my hair is super straight and lays flat to my head. Is there a reasonably priced alternative? [more inside]
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Discipline when the novelty wears off

When I do yoga or run or meditate after a long time away, I’m so good! I’m diligent with my form and stay focused. But when I try to make them regular parts of my routine, I get so sloppy. I let my mind wander and cheat the clock. I suspect this is partially because I can sense the diminishing marginal return, but I intellectually value long-lived habits and want to make this work. Have you successfully fought this? How do you make sessions 2, 5, or 20 almost as good as session 1?
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Lunchtime gym routine?

I'd like to start exercising on my lunch break. Right now, I usually eat my lunch and then go for about a 20-to-30-minute walk around a nearby park. That's all well and good, but I'd like to do a bit more with my time. How can I make it as frictionless an experience as possible so I actually go? [more inside]
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Mosquito bite near tattoo causes tattoo to raise. Why?

I have a Braille tattoo on my arm. When I get a mosquito bite anywhere within about 6 inches of it it causes the tattoo to raise sympathetically so the braille is palpable, like it would be on an elevator button label or whatever. Today the clerk at 7-11 saw my tattoo and asked if blind people could feel the Braille and I told him about this phenomenon. He acted like I was lying and said, smugly, "well, mosquito bites swell because of histamine and if that was the issue with your tattoo it would be raised all the time." Then he adopted this crossed arms, satisfied, checkmate sort of demeanor. I didn't feel like going and finding a mosquito to try to coax into biting my arm, but what could I have said? It was several hours ago and I am still annoyed.
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How daily my anxious life. How do I stop becoming this person?

What are some tips and advice you can share on how to manage anxiety? Lately it has become so immobilising that I am unable to function properly throughout the day. I am (obviously) having a hard time talking about it with family and friends, though I feel MeFi is a safe space for me to ask. [more inside]
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Last-Minute Dystopian Snack Assistance

My feminist science fiction book club is having a watch-party for the first episode of The Handmaid's Tale on Hulu tomorrow (and yes, there will be much discussion as to its inclusion in our feminist science fiction cannon). But naturally one MUST eat while hiding one's face behind a pillow at the realness of it all and I need help with my dessert game. [more inside]
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swords and sorcery and fewer white bros

Any suggestions for D&D podcast with lady players and non-white players? Possibly, preferably even non-white lady players? I'd love for it to be funny. [more inside]
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Por favor

Can you recommend a Spanish language (possibly an immersion course) for attorneys in the city of Chicago? Cost is only a minor consideration. It's unlikely I will travel out of the city for it. Googling turns up the usual suspects, but I am looking for personal recommendations if possible.
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Deer, Blueberries and Bears, Oh My!

We are working on the landscaping of our Northern Wisconsin (zone 3) home. I am trying to pick plants that are deer (and bear) resistant. I just found out that I can grow blueberries! My head says, no - it will attract deer and bear, but my heart wants blueberry bushes. Go with my head or my heart? [more inside]
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Help me overcome religious baggage about sex

I'm seeking resources for overcoming the guilt, shame, and other complicated issues I'm dealing with after receiving abstinence-only sexual education in my early teens. This took place in an evangelical Christian context. I'd love to read books, blogs, or participate in groups that help people form a healthy and sex-positive approach after internalizing notions of purity. [more inside]
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I bought a pretty ring. Can you tell me more about the stone?

I bought this pretty handmade ring on Etsy last week. The images posted by the seller showed that the yellow topaz stone reflects multiple colors, especially pink. In person it is just as beautiful. I don't really know what to call this kind of topaz. My Google-fu has not helped me very much. [more inside]
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You're No Brother of Mine

I own a pair of 7 year old sibling cats, Jack and Bellamy. They've spent their whole little lives together, never been apart, (normally) get along swimmingly. Two peas in a pod. Until yesterday. [more inside]
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Sorry, another podcast question

Looking for more podcasts like Pod Save America, Two Dope Queens, Pop Culture Happy Hour, and Call Your Girlfriend. ie, topical but sort of general-interest, with smart, funny people riffing on general topics. [more inside]
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Things that are better with kids

Come September my husband and I will be transitioning from our little two-person family to three (fingers crossed, of course)! We've spent some time thinking about things we want to do before the kid arrives, and will be going on a last holiday for just the two of us. But we also want to think about the reverse - what are experiences or things that are better with a kid, or that can only be had if you have a kid? [more inside]
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Help identify this souvenir spoon idol

I recently purchased four unrelated souvenir spoons, including one with this idol-type image. It appears to be a tattooed figure holding two smaller figures. The smaller figures are sitting in each other's laps and holding onto each other. The seller had no idea what the image represents. There are no markings on the spoon itself. Is this an image specific to a particular religion or mythology? Or is it some generic exoticized trinket?
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Laptop repair in Alexandria, VA area

My Dell laptop seems to have a bad video cable - any suggestions for a reputable repair shop? Prefer the Alexandria/Springfield, VA area if possible [more inside]
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If the "Loaves and Fishes" miracle happened, what kind of fish was it?

I'm doing research on fish taken out of the Sea of Galilee during biblical times. I was wondering: if Jesus' Feeding of the Multitude miracle happened as described in the Bible, what species were the "two fish" Jesus used? [more inside]
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how can I ratproof a row of delicious brassicas?

The neighborhood rats agree that my brassica plants are tasty. I want them go eat something else. What do I do? [more inside]
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Starting sertraline (Zoloft), does trouble concentrating improve?

I've been taking sertraline (zoloft) for about a week for generalized anxiety disorder. I am less anxious and sleeping better. However, I am really having trouble focusing at my desk job. I am feeling a little restless, not jittery. I am still on a half dose (25) of my target dose (50). Does increasing the dose or simply more time on the medication improve concentration at all? The irony is that I am concentrating better, in the sense that I'm not ruminating or dwelling. The downside is that I'm not as motivated to accomplish work tasks.
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Recent stats/data on how libraries prevent destitution/homelessness?

I'm looking for *recent* data and statistics, preferably UK based but not necessarily, showing how libraries prevent destitution and homelessness, in any way - but in particular through aiding jobseeking and service-finding for folks without Internet at home. Narratives and anecdotes (published) also welcome.
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Newish Japanese>English translator - how to negotiate contract/pay?

I'll be working remotely from home. This is the first job I've taken in which negotiation is a factor - I'm worried I'll either sell myself short, or end up pulling an Icarus. Rate of pay is per word when translating documents, and per hour if I end up interpreting through phone. Catch: They want to hire me through a contracting agency, and negotiations will be through them. I'm doing internet research, but could use some friendly MeFite advice for negotiating rate of pay, what to ask for/bring up, what to watch out for, etc. [more inside]
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Raising informed citizens

No newspapers and no television - how do you expose your kids to current events? [more inside]
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How do I date the bubble-boy?

I met a great new guy, but he thinks he might be allergic to my dog. [more inside]
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How to function sort of well the day after a night of broken sleep?

I haven't been sleeping so well recently and am having a hard time being productive during the day, what helps? [more inside]
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How do I search for a specific type of hotel room?

I'm trying to find a hotel suite in NYC with a bedroom and a sofa bed outside the bedroom. Not a suite with a bed and a sofa in the same area. This is proving very hard to do in websites like Expedia or Hotels.com. Can this type of search be done? (or alternatively, if you have a specific hotel to suggest, I can just look at that)
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Sharing content online privately, without ceding my rights

The problem: keeping family and friends aware that I exist and am okay. The difficulty: I don’t like using Facebook or email. (Contra, say, Twitter/Mastodon or MetaFilter, which I seem to use compulsively.) What is a good, opt-in way for pushing small text, video, and photo notes to people that doesn’t force me to cede ownership of my content?
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I want to further my education, but have no idea how.

Now is a good time for me to consider furthering my education, but I haven't the foggiest idea how to go about it. [more inside]
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Marriage therapy or continue individual therapy?

I have been seeing a therapist/counselor on my own for a few times due to major issues I have with my husband and his family. My husband knows that I have been going. Would you recommend that I bring him with me to my appointments, or keep on working on myself, alone? [more inside]
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What's wrong with my grapefruit?

Most grapefruits are good and solid, but sometimes they're stringy and the sections fall apart. What causes this, and how do I avoid it? [more inside]
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on a plate or in a hill?

Often for lunch I rinse a can of beans and throw them in a container with some other ingredients to make a salad, like chickpeas + lemon juice + Parmesan. It is quick and easy. What other simple can of bean "recipes" should I try? No dietary restrictions.
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Help me find a specific article?

My boss told me about an article from the 1980's that he would like me to try to find a copy of. The publication was Manhattan,inc.. The article was titled "The Erector Set" and was a profile about some NYC real estate developers, including: Daniel Brodsky, Bruce Eichner, Jeffrey Katz, Steven Ross and David Solomon. I have done what online searching I can, but I think I need some direction here. Any guidance would be appreciated!
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Speeding/Disobeyed traffic control device ticket in NYS

I received a ticket in Westchester county, New York, a couple of weeks ago. The cop told me instead of a speeding ticket, he was writing it up as 'Disobeyed traffic control device'. I'm not sure whether to try to fight this or not. [more inside]
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Windows Movie Maker Replacement

So, I get a new PC and Windows Movie Maker is no longer supported. It was the one thing made by MS that I actually used, other than Windows, of course. Is there a comparable replacement that is free or doesn't cost $200? Will it eventually come back as an app for Windows 10?
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How to embed exercise into one's lifestyle?

I try to latch exercise into my day so that it seamlessly fits in. I'm looking for more ways to do this. Examples include: working close enough to home so walking is easier. [more inside]
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Fire Drill Safety Protocols

I work in a tallish building (around 10 floors) and just went through a fire drill that upset me. However, I think it may have been standard protocol. [more inside]
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Ow. My ear!

My left earlobe has had a state of troubles lately. It's been wrecked by an allergic reaction, then a fungal infection, and now my earring back has embedded itself into the lower piercing on my lobe. What can I do until the doctor can see me? [more inside]
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