March 28

Can I do anything to prevent my MIL from being kicked onto the street?

I am in a dire situation with my mother in law who is poor and (now) homeless. She has been in the hospital for the past month+ due to a suicide attempt, which has also resulted in her being denied return to her independent living home. The hospital has decided she is no longer a threat to herself and needs to be discharged. The hospital social worker has been unable to find her low-income assisted living and is now threatening to put her in a cab and send her to a homeless shelter unless my husband and I take her in. We can't. What can we do? [more inside]
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How to get a job at an organization that's not hiring?

I've been following an organization in my town closely for a while; they do awesome work in a field I'm interested in. A few weeks ago, they posted a job on their website. I sent in my resume and cover letter, but heard nothing. I checked the website a week ago and the job posting has been removed, replaced with "we are not currently hiring." I really want to work there, whether in that specific capacity, or another role. It's a small nonprofit (only 3 fulltime staff), so the staff wear many hats. I believe I have the skills and work experience to make myself a valuable addition. Assume this is my dream job. What can I do, if anything? Reach out to the director directly? Offer to volunteer? How much contact from a prospective employee (hopefully) is too much contact before they get annoyed?
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Tips on Coming to Terms with Sexuality? And a bit of other stuff..

I'm a woman in my early twenties who is experiencing attraction to women and I'm confused. I’m feeling attraction towards my best friend who is bisexual, but I’m not sure if I should act on it, due to morality and fears that she won’t be receptive. How can I explore this identity without acting in ways I might regret? I’d like to build my confidence before I become apathetic towards myself or stifle a part of myself. [more inside]
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March 27

Help me transform a year-long trip into something truly meaningful

I will be spending 12 months on a round-the-world trip in which my girlfriend and I will visit twelve cities in ten countries, one city per month. I will have all business days free as she works remotely on her laptop solo. Please give me ideas for how to transform experience this from a merely fun and leisurely trip to something truly meaningful, magical, and that will jump out on a resume. [more inside]
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Your go-to lacto-fermentation resources

I am about to start lacto-fermenting at home. I feel like I have always been doing this spiritually, but now I am about to do it physically. Your resources, recommendations and experiences please! [more inside]
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How do I make fake foliage that isn't supposed to look real (see images)

I feel ridiculous asking this question, but I know nothing about DIY and I need help. I want to make abstract-ish fake flowers. In other words, I'm not trying to make fake flowers that look real. Instead, I'm trying to make something abstract-ish and modern that adds a pop of color for home decor. I have links to pictures inside showing exactly what I'm trying to do (as a starting point, anyway). [more inside]
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Media Detective: Zoetrope Edition

Around or before summer 2014, there was a lovely zoetrope video that was posted on vimeo, and (maybe) posted on the blue. Help me find it? [more inside]
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Am I abnormally tired?

I feel tired almost all the time, and my boyfriend and I have noticed I need way, way more sleep than him. Does this sound like a health issue? [more inside]
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My manager is leaving. How do I ask her to be my future job reference?

My current direct supervisor is retiring. I don't know her socially at all, though I've liked her a lot as a manager. How can I politely express / request something like this: "Bye, I'll miss you as a boss, please be my reference for future hypothetical job searching, also I need your contact info because I don't know anything about you and you're not on social media." Help?
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15% gratuity on a raft trip fee

I've signed up for a raft trip through a beautiful,wild canyon, paid my deposit and about to pay the final balance. Reading the trip prep information it says I should be prepared to pay a 'customary' fee of 15%-20% of the trip fee to the guide. I've never encountered this before from an outfitter or business and wondering how to proceed. [more inside]
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Another roommate???? At 44 years old?????

My husband and I are kind and generous souls. We'd both give you our last $40 or the shirt off of our back if you needed it. We just got rid of my sister as a we have another...Mefites, help me be gracious. [more inside]
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Lodging reservations when it's too early to get airline tickets?

My wife and I are just now starting to move forward on planning our Christmas trip to Europe (fly into Prague, out of Vienna). However, there is a complication that is vexing us! How do we reserve lodging without an airline itinerary? [more inside]
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Avoiding internet time-suck

I spend far too much time reading the news. Far, far, far too much time. It's embarrassing and I'm ashamed. I kind of want to totally disconnect, but I don't believe that would be effective ultimately. Does anyone have ideas for how to stay somewhat informed without getting sucked into an endless news spiral? I'd love it if there were some digital equivalent of a very thoughtful newspaper (without links!) with only the most important pieces in it, like with a paper newspaper. [more inside]
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Can My Computer Play Civ 6 if it Can Play the Demo?

Pretty straightforward question. When the game came out I looked at the recommended specs and it didn't look like my computer (a Surface Pro 3) could. But I've played the demo on my computer and it works. Will the full game work too? [more inside]
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Eugene, Oregon moving recommendations

My wife got into grad school at UO and so we are 90% sure we will be moving to Eugene (from Pennsylvania) this summer. Several questions about apartment hunting inside, chief among them: WHEN should we make a trip to secure a July 1 rental? [more inside]
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Is it possible to cut off just *one* toxic family member?

My mother is evil, but my siblings and father are nice (if passive and somewhat in denial). What to do? [more inside]
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Easter postcard ideas

I want to send Easter postcards to my 4-yo and 2-yo nieces. Any ideas of fun stuff that I can send them? Light DIY is fine (this is a shop that I can easily access).
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Brooklyn Apartment Hunting

I've recently accepted a job in Brooklyn. I'll have about $1,900 to spend on rent per month (less would be wonderful, obviously). I'm willing to live with a roomie, but would be open to a studio if that was at all possible in that price range (research suggests it's not). What are good options for places to look, given some criteria below the jump? [more inside]
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Best affordable, light laptop for programming work?

I'm going to start a master's program in computer science in the fall. My current (Windows) laptop is great, but it's too heavy to carry to class. I'm looking for something under $1,000 (ideally closer to $500 or below; I'm poor) that I can bring in for in-class assignments and group work. What would you recommend?
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Looking for arguments supporting exceptions to abortion bans

It seems that there is a large proportion of Americans who support abortion only when certain circumstances caused the pregnancy. I'm trying to find any piece that actually argues for this. (Potential CW: sexual violence) [more inside]
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Japanese steakhouse broth soup recipe please?

Have you ever worked in a Japanese steakhouse? Ready to spill your secrets? [more inside]
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Content management system for large organization?

I'm looking for a content management system that will allow for easy sharing of content, including PowerPoint presentations, pdfs, links to online content and videos, etc. [more inside]
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Why can you pressure-cook frozen meat?

So I just got an instapot, and one of the amazing features is the fact that you can drop in a frozen piece of chicken and have it perfectly cooked in no time. My highschool physics is not helping me understand why it's ok to do that with a pressure cooker but not by say baking it. My thoughts were baking may not get the temperature high enough in the frozen center for food safety. Is this not then true for pressure cooking? [more inside]
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Help a first timer find a realtor in the triangle (NC)

I'm a first time home buyer looking for Realtor recs and/or advice . I'm in Chapel Hill/Hillsborough/Durham, NC. Snowflakes within. [more inside]
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Cat adoption and allergies.

My husband and I would like to adopt a cat! Complication: my husband has selective cat allergies, in that he has been varyingly allergic to some cats (ie, more severely allergic to individual cats at some times and in some situations than others) and not at all allergic to some other cats. We would obviously like to adopt a cat that my husband is less--or not at all--allergic to. The question is, how do we do this? [more inside]
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How can I get the best travel deals?

Overwhelmed by this industry online and what deal sites are legit and what aren't. I've rooted around some blogs by people who do this for a living, but again -- they are being sponsored or run ads for these sites. Not sure if those are legit. Help! [more inside]
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Frozen meal from a sketchy freezer: Can I eat it?

I went to Target last night to stock up on convenience meals, and noticed that the freezer unit housing the meals was fogged-up and that a lot of the cardboard inside was damp. The rest of the store was in some state of disarray, and there were random Amy's meals tossed into other areas of the freezer where the windows were clean and everything seemed to be pretty well frozen. But I was so dang desperate for my convenience meals that I bought a couple of them anyway. [more inside]
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How to get ahead at work as an introvert without strategizing?

I do not think strategically, for reasons. Mostly principles, as it feels like manipulation which is not my jam. I am noticing that a colleague is getting ahead through strategy despite low quality work (lots of missed deadlines, typos, red flags in internal audits) and questionable technical skills, because she is managing up with the supervisor. It is clearly a "sucking up" approach, with a clear agenda in all conversations where boss is present that reads as this artificial "I am your friend and you really like me." How can I also get ahead, without resorting to tactics? [more inside]
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How should I choose a jeweler to create a custom ring?

When I approach jewelers both locally, and semi-locally (and maybe online), what kind of questions should I ask. What are some red flags I should look out for? [more inside]
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Dealing with middle-school-like rejection drama as an adult

I thought I was part of a whole new social circle of families in our small town, until I wasn't. [more inside]
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Please explain condo purchasing like I'm an eight year old

The wife and I are considering moving into a condo. But, we know nothing about the condo world, or such a purchase. Please hope us! [more inside]
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Strong non-toxic jewelry glue that doesn't emit harmful fumes?

I am looking for a durable non-toxic jewelry glue that glues metal to metal with a flexible bond and dries clear without emitting harmful fumes. [more inside]
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Help a hapless speed dater

I went speed dating for the first time this past Tuesday (3/21). There were 6 women and 5 men. I got the email on Thursday that I matched with one man - the only information the company gave me was his first name and his email, so I sent him an email that afternoon (3/23). I haven't heard anything back. Do I let it go, or do I try to email again? [more inside]
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Tips for spring yard cleanup and starting the growing season

Spring is kinda sorta here in our corner of zone 6a/b. If you're a seasoned (har) gardener, how do you kick off the spring to get your garden and lawn in the best shape? [more inside]
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Posttraumatic growth?

Hi there, I'm still cry on a weekly basis over some traumatic events that happened two years ago. Does anyone know how traumatic emotional damage ends? [more inside]
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Calming, educational but fun things to watch with young children

We have developed a habit of watching TV once a week with our six year old. It's something we all look forward to (and it means he's not the weirdo at school who doesn't watch ANY TV). We've worked our way through two box sets of Planet Earth and last night we watched Alone in the Wilderness which was wonderful as the narration isn't a million miles away from being like an American Attenborough. [more inside]
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March 26

Special needs care management / legal advocate in Vancouver, WA?

How do we find someone to help my mother manage the financial, legal, and day-to-day needs of her younger sister (my aunt) with special needs now that my grandparents are gone? [more inside]
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What should I do in Rio de Janeiro, Iguazu Falls, and Buenos Aires?

I'm going to be in Rio de Janeiro for 4 days, at Iguazu falls for 2 days, and then in Buenos Aires for 6 days. What are your recommendations for things to do, places to eat/drink/dance, and any tips for getting the most out of my experience? [more inside]
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Wedding recessional -- on kazoos??

Getting married in less than a week -- on April 1, appropriately enough! We're still working out details, and now we're flopping about, trying to decide on a tune that will work well (or well enough) on kazoos (that will be distributed to the assembled guests when they arrive). Ideas? The traditional wedding march is a little tricky. Other suggestions have included the Ode to Joy, but it always sounds like Deutschland Über Alles to me, so no thanks, and the Hallelujah Chorus (mmmmmaybe). Silly is fine, but tuneful would be best. Help!
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Anyone know of any video from yesterday's Debbie/Carrie memorial?

Does anyone know of places online with footage from yesterday's Debbie Reynolds/Carrie Fisher memorial livestream? [more inside]
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High Quality Ropes

Who makes the best ropes for household-type things? [more inside]
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How do I get ex out of my house?

I have finally broken up with my boyfrien. After over a year of unemployment, he had gotten a job, but I still felt things were off. He would lie to me about holes in the wall and say they were there from the beginning, but I just was not paying attention. He has lied about holes in walls and trash and furniture in a similar fashion. He has made me feel sexually inferior and treats me in a way that feels like he has all of the control even after I paid all the bills for that year. Each time I would try to break up before he told me that it wasn't fair and that I was taking away his ability to be happy. [more inside]
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Travel to Pakistan? Tips wanted.

This summer I will be travelling to K2 base camp with a dear old friend. I realise that with all the geopolitics happening, it isn't an ideal moment for this trip, but we've been planning it for literally years and since Skardu is safe enough at the moment we're still going. Looking for tips and thoughts about travel in Pakistan in general or the K2 base camp trek in particular. Also looking for a travel insurance recommendation. (Please don't try to talk me out of going.) [more inside]
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2 - 3 beds + kitchenette

Looking for reasonably priced hotel suites (with kitchens) in Toronto. [more inside]
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Help me identify this Be Good Tanyas track on very little information?

Help me identify this Be Good Tanyas track on very little information? [more inside]
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Idiots Guide to Facebook Pixel Tracking?

I'm looking for a straightforward guide on how to setup Facebook Pixels so I can track conversions between Facebook ads, traffic to a website (my own), and sales on another site (where I've installed my Pixel as well). Help!? [more inside]
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PMS and continuous birth control- does it get better?

I've been using the Nuvaring continuously for the past six months, in the hopes that it would eliminate both periods and PMS. Thusfar I'm still getting periods (and PMS) every 5-6 weeks. How much longer should I continue with the experiment? Suggestions for other things that might help? [more inside]
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What's it like to travel in India?

My wife and I are thinking about traveling to India for vacation. We've mostly travelled in Europe, with the most exotic other destinations being Morocco and Central America. What should we expect to be different about traveling on our own in India?
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How does a good Jew pray 3x a day?

What should I pray every day. [more inside]
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Financially smart ways to convert USD to THB

I have a friend who is hoping to have surgery in Thailand and would like some assistance with the financial process. There are two main questions they're trying to resolve. What is the best way to convert their USD to Thai Bhat? And how can they hold THB before they make their payment to the doctor? [more inside]
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Suggestions for setting up a Homeowners Association

I live in a new neighborhood that is getting ready to take over the HOA from the developer. Currently we have around 250 homes. In future years that will increase to +/-400. We are looking for a low cost solution that can provide a website with announcements, accept payment for annual dues (around $200/house/year) and also issue letters stating current dues status for homeowners that need a letter from the hoa for a real estate closing. [more inside]
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Bundt pan blues

I need to find a 12 cup Bundt pan that is NOT non-stick coated. I don't want a silicone or glass pan either. Does anyone know where I could find one? Nordic ware doesn't make any that are not non-stick. I would prefer stainless steel but aluminum would be ok too. It absolutely can't have a non-stick coating (anything similar to ptfe etc.) I suppose a carbon steel one might work, if such a thing exists. Thanks a Bundt-ch!
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Can I make some side money spearheading an online literary magazine?

I am wanting to start an online literary magazine on the side while I pursue a MFA and intern in the coming fall. I am wondering if it is worth starting a literary magazine to make some pocket change? I know some magazines struggle, and I am wondering if there's any advice on how to make an ample amount? My first aim was non-profit, but there isn't much money in it, unless donations are given. I suppose it depends on the philosophical motive. I want to share and preserve the literary works, but I also want to make some money while doing this. Literarure and poetry are my two greatest passions. It's a lot of work to design and market this out of free labour; I do a lot of volunteer work myself, bur some extra cash with this project is something I would like to pursue. Some people may not view literary magazines as a business franchise while others may do so. Thoughts? Thanks, RW.
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How long does it take you to fall asleep?

I generally fall asleep very quickly. Kiss my husband, light out, head on pillow, and I'm out. My husband finds this remarkable and says it generally takes him 15-30 minutes to sleep. Google tells me most people fall asleep within ten minutes, and falling asleep too quickly can indicate over-tiredness, but I've been like this forever and don't feel tired at all. Because my husband has always been so surprised by this (even after many years bedsharing), I am curious to know how long it actually takes others to fall asleep! More sleepflakes within. [more inside]
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Why is gmail deleting all emails from a particular sender?

Gmail has been deleting all emails from a particular sender and I can't figure out why. The obvious answer is that there's some filter set up which is causing this to happen, but if so, I can't find it. There's no filter set up, that I can tell, which would move all these emails to the trash. Is it possible that there are filters somewhere else in gmail that I should be checking? I've been looking in the obvious place--under Settings, in Filters and Blocked Addresses--and there's nothing that would explain how this is happening. (The address is not blocked, either.)
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Brunch +egg +flour +butter +sugar -milk

I have all the conventional baking ingredients except milk, and would like to make something brunchish. I could use yogurt as a substitute but would prefer not to. What is my most delicious option? Thanks!
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What is this generalization of formal grammar called?

I have been reading a little about formal grammar in the context of computer language parsing. I understand that a formal grammar G is defined as the tuple (N, Σ, P, S), where N are nonterminal symbols, Σ are terminal symbols, P are production rules, and S is the start symbol. N, Σ, and P are all finite sets. But what is it called if they're infinite? [more inside]
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Remember the Alamo! Or, don't: recommendations for 3 days in San Antonio

Other than getting tickets for a game if the Spurs are in town, what should I not miss? Bonus points for quirky or outstanding offbeat places to eat, see, or things to do. Is the Alamo worth it? The zoo? I can get a car, or not. Hotel is maybe 15 min walk from downtown/riverwalk area. Late May timeframe. Coming from the Pacific Northwest, is it going to be hot and humid? [more inside]
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How unacceptable is it to no-show to a house party?

Imagine someone is hosting a casual house party of 20-30 people and invites a guest who is a new friend. It goes like this:
  • Host invites the guest personally, by text message
  • Guest happily replies, saying they will come
  • The day before the party, host texts guest a reminder
  • Guest confirms they will come
  • Guest doesn't show up to party, and doesn't send host a message before or anytime after the party
As a host, how would you react to this behavior?
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Sleeping well in partner's bed

I really enjoy sleeping in the same bed as my partner, except that I don't actually get any sleep. Other than getting separate/larger beds, what can we do to help me sleep better? [more inside]
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