December 3

Mute all but music for iPhone over Bluetooth?

I recently bought a Bluetooth speaker that I use for my living room stereo. I connect my iPhone (6 if it matters) to play music or podcasts. I also like to play games on my phone while listening to music, but don't want the game sounds to play through the speaker at all. [more inside]
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Environmental law jobs like in ClientEarth? (UK)

I think I might like to train as a lawyer (already got a degree, so it would be post-grad training). But only if I get to do things I care about. Like ClientEarth, Bindmans, or Leigh Day. Please advise? [more inside]
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I need post-election house signage

I've been loathe to take down my Hillary 2016 sign, but eventually I'm going to have to do the thing. I want to replace it with something else, though, a sticker or sign that expresses inclusiveness and support for those who are most vulnerable in this scary new world. [more inside]
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There's Always a Subway

Experienced road trippers, what do you do about eating? Especially lunch? [more inside]
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Looking for recommendations of non-horror films with similar scenes to

the ones found in Prometheus and The Revenent. (CONTAINS SPOILERS) [more inside]
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Office Christmas gifts - is separate but equal okay?

I want to give the same Christmas gift to two of my team members, and a different gift to the third. Plus, the gift would be a rerun for one of the two, as it would replace the same item I gave her previously, which got broken. Should I do this, or move on to a different gift idea entirely? Specifics inside. [more inside]
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Tuxedos for women in Los Angeles

I have a formal work thing coming up. We need to dress up, but neither of us wear dresses. I (female) am more femme than my spouse (also female), but not dress-wearing femme. The search for matching-ish tuxes has been harder than anticipated. We are open to both renting and buying. Where to go?
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To explore strange new worlds...

I received Star Trek TOS and TNG box sets for my birthday and have been slowly working through TOS with my husband. I would really love to do some supplemental reading/listening to enhance this, so I'm looking for blogs, articles, and podcasts which discuss the episodes, themes, background info, whatever. [more inside]
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December 2

Advice for moving on

How do I move on when I don't feel ready to? I broke up with my boyfriend 3 months ago and even though breaking up was the right decision, I can't seem to let go (snowflakes within) [more inside]
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[BDSM] Where to get knives for play?

Looking for recommendations for where to find knives for knife play.
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How can I hire myself, anonymously, for overflow freelance work?

I am in charge of communications for a medium-size department in a much larger institution. I've been mandated to expand our communications channels over the past few years, which I have done, but am having trouble populating them with quality content -- and content creation is not actually among my formal responsibilities. It's impossible to find local people in my small city that can support me as freelance writers at the speed, frequency and price point I need, and remote hiring has not been a great success in the past. I'm capable of doing the writing work quickly, efficiently and well, but can't do it during my regular hours. Is there any way I can hire myself as a freelance writer, working on my own time, without my bosses knowing I'm hiring myself? [Canada] [more inside]
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Two interviews, two departments, same university

I am on the academic job market this year (assistant prof level), and I have an upcoming onsite interview at State University in one department for a faculty position, during which I will be giving a public job talk. I also have a Skype interview scheduled two weeks before that with a separate department for a different faculty position that has some overlap with the first one. What now? [more inside]
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What happens when you back out of a job competition?

When you withdraw yourself from a hiring process - either turning down a verbal offer or dropping out at the technical test stage - is it normal to not get an email response or confirmation? [more inside]
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"Jolly" just doesn't feel right

Post-election, I'm looking for boxes or sets of secular winter holiday cards that have a thought-provoking or supportive message, and also don't have blithe good wishes that I wouldn't be able to send with any sincerity. [more inside]
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Contraption & trap supplies for kids

My five-year-old nephew likes building traps and contraptions. I know he uses tape and bungee cords, and presumably stuff from around the house. What could I give him for Christmas that would help support this hobby? Do you have kids that like to build? What're their favorite scraps and fancy things to create with? [more inside]
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Your stop-drinking success stories?

I'm tired of feeling lousy the day after I drink and am thinking of stopping drinking any alcohol in any form, period. If you've done that, how difficult was it, what does it feel like?
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How to keep feet dressings dry in the shower?

For reasons, I have several dressings on my feet which need to be kept dry for the next few days. Any ideas how I keep them dry whilst in the shower? I don't have access to a bath.
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pot too large for wood stove, now what?

I use large pots on the wood stove to heat bathwater in my cabin. Wanting to upgrade a 6 gallon pot, I bought two larger ones at an auction. Only to find my eyes were bigger than my stove surface and the pots I purchased are prrobably something like 20 gallons each! Only 60% of the larger pot fits on top of the stove, the rest would hang off the side. Wanting to avoid spilling 20 gallons of steaming water. Is there any way to make this safe? [more inside]
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The world is my oyster! ...for 2 weeks in March. Travel ideas pls.

Previous travel plans fell through, but I have money set aside and time off from work. Help me brainstorm? Must be March, 2 weeks max. I'm attracted to places with a variety of history, culture, scenery, wildlife, friendly (or at least not hostile to tourists) people. Not interested in shopping, nightlife. [more inside]
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Just got Gigabit internet; networking/ethernet help needed

Recently got Comcast Gigabit (deal with the devil - I know), along with a Netgear Nighthawk X6 AC3200 router. Installation was simple. Getting the best speeds and home network experience has left me with a bunch of questions and problems I'm not sure how to solve. [more inside]
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Musical Denoument

Just a thought today as one of my favorite songs sprang into my head [more inside]
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Toddler iOS/iPad apps that encourage a LONG attention span?

As a followup to my previous question, I'm wondering about toddler-appropriate "slow" iPad apps that encourage a long attention span. I'm explicitly looking for things that do not have stupid music, falsetto voices, branding, IAPs, or really anything saccharine. The more abstract, the better.
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Dispute with Contractor on extra fee. Nothing written. How to resolve?

At the end of a 3 month project, the general contractor brings up an extra $1200 charge for work done by a sub that we thought was included. The contractor said he or his sub (he's unclear on this!) told us it would cost more and we agreed. We do not agree. There's no written documentation on this specific issue at all. Now what do I do? [more inside]
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Christmas Crackers with non-awful gifts

Crackers are a christmas tradition in my family, we all like the bad hats and bad jokes but I always hate the silly cheap toys, especially because every year some child gets excited by their cracker present and then dissapointed when they try and play with it and work out it is rubbish.(sometimes this child is 29yr old me) Can Mefi reccomend some christmas crackers with fun, well made gifts inside?
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How does one handle bullying when it comes in the form of call-outs?

How do you handle what feels like bullying behavior from someone when that bullying behavior is being expressed, for lack of a better word, in the form of demands that you check your privilege? I am involved in a community where one member has an unflagging dedication to pointing out my insensitivity and bias, citing infractions that they do not call out in others and haven't been pointed out by other community members. [more inside]
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Escapism for a social justice multiclasser.

Please recommend well-written cozy mysteries that won't make me angry. [more inside]
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Manly Cat Paraphernalia?

My partner is basically a "cat lady", except he's a dude. I'd love to get him a male version of some of the many cat-related gifts, attire, and paraphernalia that exist for women. Where do I go to genderfuck or disrupt the concept of the "cat lady"? [more inside]
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What is the inspiration for this style of logo design?

Recently I've noticed a lot of designs for logos, tshirts, etc. with an X shape with images around it. For instance this Hamilton shirt or this Twitter account. Are they all inspired by some historic flag design? It seems really familiar to me but I can't figure out what it is.
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Bag that is MOST SIMILAR to QueenBee Trucker bags?

I have used QueenBee Trucker bags for years - but the price has gone up and the quality has gone down, with the latest bag having a fault in how it was made that caused it to disintegrate faster than it should. I am looking for a bag that is most like these bags, but not them. And cheaper than $170 would be swell. Some features I am looking for include... [more inside]
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Gay dude and straight homey out in SF.. Best nightlife for both of us!

We want to wingman each other.. at the same place. [more inside]
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Dentist that takes Delta Dental in or around NYC's UWS

Looking for friendly, decent dentist recs that accept Delta Dental insurance in or around New York City's Upper West Side
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How do I get rid of my lady 'stache?

I'm a menopausal lady with a dark mustache. Bleaching it is no longer cutting it, as it's growing long and thick, and I now look like a blonde Magnum P.I. Tell me about electrolysis or lasers or whatever is best? And recommendations in L.A.? [more inside]
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What's new in the world of menstural products?

I just got my period back after three years. I'm interested in what's now available for reusable menstrual goods (cups and pads) and apps. [more inside]
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How do I recover from burnout enough to find the next thing?

I am more burned out than I have ever been. My organization is transforming in a way that will only make this worse. I am so burned out that I don't feel like I'm good at anything and I can't remember enjoying anything. I need to move on; however I don't want to jump into another role that is going to lead to the same end point. We've just been told no vacations will be approved until March. How do I get myself the space to recover enough from burnout to figure out where I should move to next? This post, like a Tardis, is bigger on the inside and full of special snowflakes. [more inside]
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Privately Refinancing Federally Consolidated Student Loans?

I have been hearing a lot lately about people refinancing student loans with private companies like SoFi or DRB; do you have any personal experience doing this, and did it successfully save you money? [more inside]
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iOS backup: Manual to computer or iCloud

For an iPhone, what's the difference between backing up to iCloud and backing up to your computer (besides the obvious that "The Cloud" is just someone else's computer)? Is one better than the other or does it depend on what your goals are? [more inside]
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Hope me, everyone ELSE has too many calendars

My work life involves contact with three autonomous groups, each of whom uses a series of Google calendars (small mercies, everyone is on the same platform) to keep track of meetings, meeting slots, rooms and/or equipment booking, project deadlines. And so on. There are literally 29 calendars on my sidebar, it's madness. At any given point, around 10 are probably relevant to me, but which 10 it is can change every few months. I need some kind of next-level calendaring solution [more inside]
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Tracking Trump's Term

I want to keep track of how Trump "Makes America Great Again" during his term. What should I keep track of, and from which sources? [more inside]
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People of the First Light

Please suggest brief age-appropriate resources that I can share with my ten year old (5th grade) son to educate him about the diverse experience of First Nations peoples in North America. [more inside]
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Advice on Parenting Books: Which Ones to Read and How to Use Them

I'm having a baby! I'm looking for books on parenting. Not the feeding/changing etc. but the how-to-raise a human being aspects. So my two questions are: 1) What books on parenting did you find the most useful (birth through school-aged) both as general approaches to parenting and related to special issues I'll list inside and 2) The books will inevitably contradict each other. What strategies have you used to figure out what to draw from each set of ideas and what what works for you and what doesn't etc.? [more inside]
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Starter Toolkit as a Gift?

My sweetie recently moved into her own apartment after living with her parents for a while (screw you, Great Recession!). As part of the coming holidays, I’d like to gift her a starter tool-kit that supports both basic maintenance and our geeky building-stuff-together hobbies. It's been close to twenty years since I bought a starter toolkit, so I’m a bit overwhelmed by choice. Hope me? [more inside]
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Looking for recommendations for synth forums

i recently started exploring Synthesizers and in trying to get educated I looking for some forums to communicate questions and gain insight. Do you have a fave or are aware of some great forums?
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Seeking stupid arguments to fight about at lunch for fun and profit.

My coworkers like to good-naturedly argue. Help us find new topics! (Hurry, please, lunch is in an hour!) [more inside]
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Pirate. Cat. Socks.

My wife loved her pirate cat socks. Does anyone know where I could get a pair? The exact socks are strongly preferred, but I've had a tough time finding whimsical cat socks at the usual suspects like department stores.
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Should I purchase carbon offset credits?

I'm looking to reduce my carbon footprint as much as possible, and then purchase carbon offset credits to make up the rest. Is this merely a feelgood way for me to waste my money, or do they have real value? Do you know of any good resource that rates them? [more inside]
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I hear voices. Please make them stop.

I'm getting radio interference on my desktop monitors, and am assaulted by some sports talk show constantly whenever I'm not playing anything that would drown it out. As a result, I am reluctant to turn them on, and do so only infrequently, and am missing out on the full experience of shrooming dog videos on Facebook. They're Yamaha HS50s, connected to a Behringer mixer with 1/4" cables, and the power in my apartment is not grounded. Every time I try Googling this issue myself, I have a confused. Please tell me what to do to to fix this before I learn something about sports and/or throw the speakers through the window!
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Can I get compensation for a near-miss accident?

Earlier this week, a possibly-intoxicated driver barreled through a red light at high speed, nearly hitting several cars (including mine) which were in the process of making a protected left turn. The resulting braking and skidding damaged the brake system in my car, resulting in about $800 worth of damage. The driver escaped, but can I file an insurance claim, or sue the driver, based on the intersection camera footage or something? If so, how would I go about that?
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Children's books with realistic/ambiguous plots

Most American children's books seem to have a predicatable plot with challenges that are eventually overcome with (nearly) complete success. Sometimes it takes three tries, and sometimes there's a twist, but everyone goes home mostly happy. I am looking for kid's books with more realistic depictions of the process of failure and the ambiguity of human experience. [more inside]
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Fix Broken Chair Leg

I have an upholstered chair with a broken leg. I'd love to fix it myself, but I'm not particularly handy and don't know if glue or wood filler will do the trick. More detail inside. [more inside]
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Where to get a "do not duplicate" key duplicated?

The outside door key for my apartment building has "do not duplicate" stamped on it, but I want to get a copy. I'd rather not contact the landlord. The local hardware store has refused and the "make it yourself" kiosks at big box improvement stores don't work for this type of key. [more inside]
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Would you consider this sanitary?

Say that six people share two shower booths, since there are 14 students per floor, where two are in suites, thus leaving twelve people per gender to use two bathrooms equipped with two shower booths each. Also assume that the shower booths are cleaned using bleach-soaked mops every day at 2 pm. Finally assume that you take showers late in the evening and early in the morning. Under this assumption, if you go barefoot into those shower booths, is this okay?
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Petit fours in Boston area?

A recent book has my partner wanting petit fours. I can find them online but I have no way of knowing the quality and would rather buy them from a bakery but I can't seem to find them anywhere. Does anyone know of a quality pastryshop/bakery that carries them?
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What is this American accent?

Please describe the accent in this archetypical startup product video. [more inside]
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Dr. House my foster kitten!

VETERNARIANS OF METAFILTER: I've been fostering an 8 week old baby through a shelter for 3 weeks, there's been some improvement but I'm afraid there's something seriously wrong, the shelter vet is an overworked outside guy who deals with the shelter babies on the side and I'm trying to help her out. Details inside! [more inside]
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Second-hand bike shop in Berkeley, CA?

I will be in Berkeley, CA for 6 months next year and want to get a cheap bike as transport. I won't be bringing it with me when I leave so I don't want to spend more than I need to. Can anyone recommend a good-value bike shop that has a decent range of second-hand bikes? (Bonus points for advice on bike security in Berkeley.)
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December 1

How to maintain rosewood knife handles

OK, so I'm starting to see the limits of my general practice of "maintenance through neglect". I received a set of rosewood steak knives a few months ago and I figure I need to oil them. So what type of oil should I use? Food grade mineral oil? Flaxseed oil? Something else? Any other tips appreciated.
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How do I Christmas?

This will be my first Christmas season without my mother, and I am not sure how to celebrate. [more inside]
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A nonstandard question about the interaction of cats and Christmas trees

How do I get my cat to stop chewing on my (plastic and metal) Christmas tree? [more inside]
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Scottish atheist solves crimes, has steamy romance, on Mystery!

I can't believe I'm asking this, but here we are. Sometime between 1990 and 1998 I saw a miniseries on Mystery! or Masterpiece Theater or just PBS and all I remember is that it was about a Scottish atheist who was a detective, or a PI, or something mystery-related? And he points out that men wearing just socks are silly, but women wearing just socks are sexy? Setting was contemporary. It was in reruns when I saw it. What the heck did I see and can I watch it again?
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Plex and Roku - Do I have this right?

Is this the correct setup for getting Roku and Plex to work in harmony? [more inside]
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