July 24

RSS feed for AFP German 'Topthemen'?

Is there any way to get an RSS feed for the German language 'Topthemen' ("Top Topics") that the wire-service AFP publishes on their website? [more inside]
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What is this plant #313?

This is doing quite well on the SE side of my house in Northern Virginia. Some are over 6ft/2m tall. What is it?
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Facebook: evil, stupid, dangerous: an idea whose time has come!

I'm anti Facebook for all of the normal reasons: ethics, privacy, security, waste of time, as well as some special snowflake reasons below. But I like social media (hence, my MetaFilter membership). I'm feeling the FB pressure and have had a couple of specific "Damn, I wish I were on FB events" happen recently. But Facebook has been, and remains a really bad idea, right? [more inside]
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how can I help my cat be more comfortable in the heat?

I live on the east coast and it's been very hot. I am worried about my cat in this heat - being covered in fur must suck right now. How can I help him be more comfortable? [more inside]
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Why does my tongue keep getting hurt?

For the past month or so, I've had a range of different sore spots on my tongue, that feel like little cuts or raw patches. I'll have a sore spot for a few days in one spot (e.g. back left side of my tongue), all will be well for a few days, and then a few days or a week later I'll have another sore spot in a different location. What gives? [more inside]
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How do I tell if I'm losing my hair?

Female, 33, white. The last 5-6 times I've washed my hair it seems like there's an unusually large amount of hair coming out when I wash it, and when I brush it while blow-drying it afterward. Details, possibly relevant info, below. [more inside]
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Apartment Painting Tips - NYC Edition

My wife and I are in the process of buying an apartment on the upper west side in Manhattan and would like to have it painted just after we close (in a couple weeks) and before we move in. Neither of us have ever hired painters before - she's painted herself, and I've just never painted. Some help would be welcome! [more inside]
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Let's sue the landlord

My former landlord is past due on returning my security deposit. I reminded her after the legal deadline and told her to get it to me in the next week. Now the week is past and I have questions about suing her in small claims court. Several questions inside. [more inside]
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view cached version of Ebay page?

I just won an auction and I think the seller increased the shipping price, but I have no proof. How can I find the old version of the listing? [more inside]
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3 days in Guadeloupe: any tips?

My boyfriend and I are traveling to Guadeloupe Nov 18-21, flying into Pointe-a-Pitre at 6:30pm on the 18th. Any suggestions on where to stay, where to explore, where to eat etc? We're not into fancy B&Bs and resorts, we like DIY adventure (without nonetheless 'roughing it' backpacker style). Budget for housing is $50-75/night. We'll have a car. Thanks for any and all recs!
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'Twas the Best of Candies - Uh, No, 'Twas the WORST of Candies

Crappy nostalgia-filter! Trying to remember the name these weird, powdery little diet candy tablets that were briefly sold during the 1990s. They were profoundly strange and I've never seen anything like them before or since. Everything I can remember under the fold. [more inside]
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Camoflaging electrical box

We have a spot on our wall where a doorbell used to be mounted. We no longer have the doorbell, but the electrical box is still there and the wires are still in place. I currently have it covered with a painted blank plate but I'm wondering if there are any other creative ways we could cover this and make it less conspicuous. [more inside]
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How to Dog: Cat People Edition

How do we successfully have a dog? I, my housemate, and our three cats have four days to learn. [more inside]
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Seeking small ways to practice gratitude and generosity

What are some little things that you do to express gratitude for / generosity toward people around you, like friends, loved ones, or colleagues, that don't require too much time or money? [more inside]
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Any advice for Arrowmont (craft school) in August?

My one-week art workshop at Arrowmont is approaching, yay! After reading all the content Google can find me to read, I thought I'd ask if any of you have ever been there, and if so, do you have any suggestions? [more inside]
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Found Kitty Flier Best Practices

A kitty followed us home last night! [more inside]
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Best scanner for copious quantities of paper photo snapshots.

I need the best scanner to process thousands of 3 1/2" by 3 1/2" family snap shots. Money is no object. [more inside]
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Buying tickets to see Hamilton in Chicago

I have a particular date in mind that I would like to see Hamilton in Chicago. Of course the tickets are all sold out. There are tickets available at Stub Hub and other places. Is it safe to use these services? [more inside]
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Tastiest vegan protein powder?

What are your favorite, best-tasting vegan protein powders? Any flavor or style is welcome.
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How are you all, well, doing (this)?

My therapist said that I seem to have strange ideas of how other people live and cope. [more inside]
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Which unlocked phone to buy in the US for use in Israel?

I'd like to buy a phone for around $250 or less that I can use now as well as with a new SIM card from an Israeli carrier when I move there this fall. Would the Moto G4 Plus allow me to do that? Is that a decent option? An older iPhone? Other? I'm open to anything Android or iOS, as long as I can post to Instagram and play Pokemon Go. :)
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I fainted for the first time. Thud.

Help me figure out what to to next, and how to stay upright in the future! [more inside]
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I want to try to find victims from the same perpitrator. How?

Long story short: I was sexually abused by a principal in charge of a public school. I know there have been cases where victims have found eachother and created a case. I want to know how that happens? US centric advice wanted. [more inside]
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How does one break up a dog fight?

After a traumatic experience at the dog park, I’ve decided to learn how to break up a dog fight, with your help, please! [more inside]
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Moving a baby grand piano 90 miles on a budget

I need to move a baby grand piano about 90 miles. It is the only thing moving. If you have done this, will you share your tips? Would it be cost effective to rent a truck, hire movers to load the piano, drive the truck myself the 90 miles, and hire different movers to unload the piano? [more inside]
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Nalgene Bottles & BPA

I have a dozen 10+ year old Nalgene bottles that were manufactured with BPA. I've finally decided to get rid of them, and buy new bottles without BPA. What should I do with the old Nalgene bottles? Throw them out? Some kind of other non-food/liquid storage? Will Nalgene replace them? Any other ideas? [more inside]
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Au Revoir, Le Creuset teakettle?

Alas! My beloved Le Creuset teakettle was sitting empty on a burner, and the burner was turned on and not noticed until damage occured. Is my teakettle a lost cause? Warning: damaged le Creuset teakettle images within, get yer tissues handy before you view [more inside]
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My friend is not talking to me (the wedding edition)

I recently got asked to be a bridesmaid at a friend's wedding. It involved extensive travel and money. Friend is not happy with the fact that I was not helpful enough during the wedding ceremony. Details inside. [more inside]
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July 23

Lost fan remote....Can I just change the to a wall-switch to turn it on?

Sadly, hard to get constructive help at our large hardware stores (US). But, would appreciate if anyone could offer guidance.... [more inside]
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Mean coworker makes me dread going to work

I think my coworker at the cafe I work at is treating me really passive-aggressively. Is there anything I can do to ease the tension? [more inside]
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Lemons. I haz them.

Our lemon tree delivered a pretty decent crop this year and I'd like to do something with them. [more inside]
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Moving with 2 cats

Moving from Ohio to Florida with my 2 cats So many options : we decided to drive them than fly them... The vet said less stressful Now shoukd we do hard top cat carrier vs soft top? Any advice? Should we separate them? [more inside]
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Does an e-reader with these features exist?

I want an e-reader that has a backlight (like Kindle Paperwhite), but also one that allows you to really HOLD it. The way I prefer to hold it means my thumb will touch the lower part of the screen. I love this about the 4th gen Kindle, but it doesn't have a backlight. Thanks for any recommendations!
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What should I write?

I have two book-length works I've been working on sort of equally over the past couple of months, and I feel like I need to commit to one of them fully and table the other one, so I can just go ahead and finish something. [more inside]
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Worth buying a Samsung Tablet?

I am thinking of buying a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4, but with new ones coming in September, should I buy this? [more inside]
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Can you recommend a book for my daughter?

My daughter loves to read, especially Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Big Nate. Unfortunately, she's read almost all of them and she dissolved into tears when I said there wouldn't be many books left for her to read in those series. I'm looking for books for her to try next. [more inside]
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portable bluetooth keyboard for ergonomics?

I've searched and read the previous posts on this exact topic, but they are all several years out...so... what's an inexpensive, small/compact/portable bluetooth keyboard that you really love? [more inside]
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A case of catsternation

Catfilter: My boyfriend and I recent got a new cat. This is our third. One of our other cats already gets along great with it. The other now hates everyone. What's going on? More details inside. [more inside]
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Please help me find more dresses like this.

Because of another post, I found and ordered this dress on sale from Boden in all three colors. I love this dress. Where do I find more of this kind of dress? What words do I need to look for when I'm searching? [more inside]
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I want my side effect back

I'm naturally very skinny and throughout my teens and early twenties I struggled to put on weight. I'm 5' 10" and I weighed around 9 stone (126 pounds). If I put a lot of effort into eating more I could put on a little bit of weight, but then after a few weeks I'd lose it all again. I started taking quetiapine for depression 6 years ago and, after taking it for a couple of years, I gained around 20 pounds without trying. [more inside]
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Is there a branded LGBT program (other than a podcast) anywhere within the public radio universe (NPR, PRI, APM, PRX)? [more inside]
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Ideas for volunteering with children?

I have very young children. I'd love to get into some volunteer activity. BUT I am basically a stay at home mom now. It would be great if I could think of a volunteer activity that I could do with my kids in any form, esp. if the kids were an advantage! [more inside]
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Recommend intro feminism resources written specifically for men?

I have a brother who needs to learn about feminism. This is important because we have delightful conversations other than when he says things that make me want to shake him until his teeth rattle; he's got some fairly fucked up unconscious assumptions about women. Having dealt with my own unconscious assumptions on many occasions, I've found that I do best with resources that have me as their target audience, especially when the ideas are new. I'd like to give such a resource to my brother--one that is therapeutically gentle/learning oriented with where he's starting as a man, but which also helps him get some of the feminism basics down. I'm not looking for general feminism 101; I'm hoping to find more male-targeted resources. Engaging tone is preferred to academic, but I'll take what I can get.
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I'm a Canadian who has legal access to marijuana and would like to know which strains would work best at combating my various ailments. [more inside]
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Researching American Films' "No Longer in Theaters" Dates?

Is there a way to check to see when an American major production stopped being shown in theaters? The release dates are easy enough to find, but can the cut-off dates for theatrical release showings be researched? [more inside]
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Nature retreat, for individuals, within 3-4 hours of DC

I would like to spend a long weekend or perhaps full week, in mid to late October, alone or semi-alone in nature. An individual retreat that involves yoga, hiking, meditation and contemplation (and maybe even homesteading activities), but is not overly "woo" or religious, sounds ideal to me. Where can I do this within a (maximum) 3-4 hour drive of DC? [more inside]
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My Deepest Voice Says I'm Unworthy, Untalented, and Not Enough

I feel unworthy, and part of me has grown to hate and hide from the world because I feel as if everyone holds me unworthy. While I see a therapist, I have often brought in outside material to our sessions, and I would appreciate book recommendations (or online blogs – namely, readable things) that come from people with similar experiences who have overcome (or at least are in the course of successfully fighting) this viewpoint. [more inside]
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Which Subaru should I buy?

After eight car-free years using public transportation, I am moving to a new region where I’ll need to own a car. I’m pretty sure I’d like to get a Subaru, but am stuck between the Impreza hatchback, Crosstrek, or Forester. [more inside]
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Parental control software

Please give me your best suggestions for parental control software. [more inside]
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Help with Focal Length & Magnification & even brand for visor.

I paint miniature figures, this sort of thing for those that don't know. But I'm in interested in suggestions from anyone that uses a magnifying visor for their hobby/craft. I currently use a magnifying desk light with a 2.5 magnification to paint & find it super helpful but I'm looking for something more portable to take to class. I'm looking to buy a pair of these. [more inside]
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A question of ethics on money raised for charity

I suffer from Bipolar Disorder, and would love to embark on a long cycling journey (Approx 3500Km) to raise funds for a mental health charity (Ideally £1 per Km) . However, to enable this to happen, I would need to purchase a couple of items and pay for travel to the location, to start the journey. I am long term unemployed/able, and don't have any spare funds to do this. Would it be ethical to raise money for the charity, whilst also using a small percentage of the moneys to enable the trip to happen? [more inside]
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Learning Spanish via Internet

I've been learning Spanish for 4 or 5 years now. I've read a lot and now I need to start conversing. [more inside]
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Hope for freelancers with scatterbrained, ungrounded thinking?

I'm a freelance writer, and the freedom I have means that walls of the maze that is my ADHD brain are always shifting...I think I need help in prioritizing, where I can balance my immediate income needs with longer term plans that will bring me more income in the future. [more inside]
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How to I choose which printer to buy for my home and home-office?

I am in the market for a new printer for my new home office. Specifications and limitations below the fold. Your recommendations and experiences would be most appreciated. [more inside]
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Saving for a big trip - mattress or savings account or what?

There are early rumblings that my cousins might start planning our next family reunion (an every four years thing) in Italy for summer 2018. How can I best start saving now to make this a possibility for me, a person of modest means? [more inside]
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Resources for Archiving physical photographs

I have two huge Rubbermaid bins full of family photos dating back to the 1920s and I'd like to organize them and preserve them for the future. I already know how to deal with them digitally, but I need to know the best way to store them in an archival fashion. [more inside]
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Ireland: Self-Catering Driving Tour

We are looking to take advantage of the current extraordinary airfare rates to Ireland. We would like to plan a trip similar to our week in the Cotswolds a few years ago, but we don't know enough about Ireland to be secure in our choices. [more inside]
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Productivity: What's the new GTD?

David Allen's "Getting Things Done" came out in 2001. It's transformed productivity, but the book is outdated in many ways (it predates smartphones). What book or methodology represents "the new GTD?"
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Cell phone options when traveling from North America to Europe

Looking for advice from travelers to Europe, about obtaining a prepaid GSM (data) service for a ~3 week trip in France and Switzerland, as well as about unlocked GSM iPhones. [more inside]
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Poach me! Poach me!

I work at a big company, in Department X. The company hired a new C-level executive to form Department Y six months ago, and he has said very nice things about my work publicly, on several occasions. Department Y could totally use someone like me -- and this guy has won my (professional) heart. How do I maximize my chances of being poached? [more inside]
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