November 25

Photo printer

I'm looking for a reliable photo printer for infrequent, spontaneous use. [more inside]
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November 24

How do I write an amazing letter of intent?

I'm a pharmacy student pursuing post-grad training. How do I write a strong letter of intent to convince program directors that I'm the best person for the position? [more inside]
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So my freelance article got killed -- now what?

I had a freelance pitch accepted from a major national outlet. For various reasons, the editor didn't like it after I wrote it. Now what? [more inside]
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Girls und Panzer movie

Any Mefite Otaku who live in Japan: have you seen the Girls und Panzer movie that hit the theaters last Saturday? Care to answer some questions about it? [more inside]
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Help my flea-addled kitty

I've recently learned that my cat is severely allergic to fleas, which means he can spend hours and hours grooming. I put Revolution on him monthly, but it's not enough. There are way too many other factors here, and I listed them in all their glory after the jump. [more inside]
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Becoming okay with the slow pace of change

In my quest for instant gratification, I lose patience with the fact that projects, goals, and behavioral changes often take a long time and require boring, repetitive actions. Positive change can seem imperceptible in the moment. [more inside]
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Inner ear/fungal infection/Candida diet

I have a chronic inner ear fungal infection which was diagnosed 10 years ago and have a couple questions about diet. [more inside]
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How can I buy a set of Italian china mostly marketed to restaurants?

I fell in love with some hotel china while in Italy made by Schönhuber Franchi. Since coming back to the U.S. I've emailed their contact form (no response) and called them on the phone (language barrier - they couldn't understand my very poor italian) but their website suggests they primarily sell to restaurants. I'm at a loss: how can I manage to purchase a set of this china?
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Best similar boardgame to Betrayal at House on the Hill for two people?

Recently at a friend's house we played Betrayal at House on the Hill and my husband really liked it a lot. He enjoyed the cooperative element, the suspense about what the Haunt would be and who would be the traitor, and the flip from one style of gameplay to another halfway through. He especially liked the procedural storytelling aspect, as he is a big RPG fan. I am thinking of giving him this game for Christmas, but I'd rather find something similar that works better with two players. [more inside]
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Santa vs. the ANC? Huh?

Am I missing a non-racist current political or cultural South African nuance in this internet thingy? An acquaintance "shared" an, uh, thing, on Facebook and I'm not sure I understand the nuance, if any (i.e. is this just a "haha Black people aren't taken seriously" or is this a legitimate political commentary on the ANC, e.g. corruption or whatever else I'm ignorant of?). [more inside]
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Do I need to debrief this brief relationship?

Long story short, a guy I met online sent me a text saying that he was in love with me, after our first date. I talked to him about it and he seemed to understand that it was too much too soon and it made me uncomfortable. It kept happening (he was texting, emailing, calling, talking about how much he missed me and about "us"), all within a month. During that time, he gave me a beautiful piece of art. About a week later, I broke it off. Now he's calling me asking for the piece of art back and asking what went wrong. [more inside]
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When that I relax into a mood, my eyes do smart at thoughts of blood.

I have.."unwanted thoughts syndrome", or something and it seems to come up mainly when I am trying to relax or meditate. I am trying to understand why. [more inside]
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A two-part question about cheating

For those who have been cheated on: how did you deal with the heartbreak? For those who have cheated: how did you deal with the guilt? Would like to hear from those who were in very long-term relationships (10+ years) and whose relationships did not survive. [more inside]
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Final Score: 71-9. In a Youth Basketball game? Really?

I attended a nephew's basketball game at the end of last season. It was an age 10-12 league. My nephew's team was the losing one. I was upset by the final score and the tactics the opposing team used. I am hoping mefites more knowledgeable about Basketball can weigh in and tell me whether this was as outrageous as I feel it was or explain whether I am missing some part of Basketball. [more inside]
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Adulting 101: Business Casual

I'm moving into a new position at work that requires me to do away with t-shirts and jeans, and become a little more business-y. I don't have to wear a suit and tie thankfully so it'll likely be collared shirts/slacks. Any tips for the transition? [more inside]
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Pet Sitting $$ in 2015?

How much is a reasonable amount to pay for pet sitting nowadays? My particulars inside. [more inside]
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Living with an elderly electric oven?

Do you have any practical tips for dealing with a '60s-era electric oven with temperature regulation problems? [more inside]
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Looking for the name of a double CD from the early 90s.

I believe the cover had an illustration of a kid on a tricycle. And it was an independent breakout, double CD, by a guy who I believe was a carpenter or machine worker. It was singer/songwriter or style. It’s haunting me that I can’t remember.
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Wordpress Notification Bar for Twitter or similar?

I am looking for a Wordpress plugin (or service?) which will allow me to send a tweet and display it at the top of the page, with some caveats. [more inside]
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Too many makeup samples!

I have a subscription to a couple of monthly beauty sample boxes (Birchbox for example). Most of the stuff I use, but I am rapidly gaining a surplus of some things I'll never be able to use up. What can I do with this excess beauty supply inventory? [more inside]
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Why should I drink less--really?

First of all: I don't think this is a capital-p Problem with alcohol. I just like it--specifically wine--a lot, and I have some vague sense that I should cut down or stop. Much of this has to do with the fact that my partner is a recovering alcoholic and doesn't drink at all, so I have some guilt with my dinnertime glass even as he says he doesn't mind. I know, intellectually, that alcohol is bad, mmkay, but that knowledge does nothing for my decision-making. [more inside]
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Free wordpress themes - appearance somewhat comparable to divi or avada

Looking for a responsive wordpress theme that's quick loading, doesn't have a lot of bloat, and lets me use my own plugins (SEO, etc.). I used to work in the biz; that plus my current field and sometimes slightly particular aesthetics make a certain amount of customization inevitable. There's so much out there to weed through and many reviews/compilations aren't all that helpful.
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Options for a 1-month Car Rental

I live in California but will be spending all of December in a small city in Tennessee. I need a car to get around the city and perhaps do one longer drive to Atlanta and back. I won't have a car available to borrow there. What kind of options would I have for transportation? [more inside]
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Hannibal's TV house exterior architecture?

On TV's Hannibal, how would you characterize the exterior of Hannibal's house? Architecture-wise, but also history-wise? A UK friend would like to describe/discuss it in her fanfic, but is unfamiliar with US architecture/history. Images inside!: [more inside]
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vegetarian Thanksgiving

Can you point me in the direction of some good butternut squash recipes that would work as the main dish at a small vegetarian Thanksgiving? [more inside]
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Recommend a decent hard shell cello case within our budget?

Need to get a full size hard shell cello case for a nice cello without busting our $300-to-$500 budget, and could use some recommendations. [more inside]
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Flour translation for oil-egg-flour-milk-leavening quick bread.

For my office, and for a Thursday food-related gathering, I would like to make one of my go-to quick bread recipes (almond poppyseed bread) but using one or several of these flours: almond; chickpea; lentil; and/or spelt. Is there a web site or flour translator that would help me re-work the recipe successfully? [more inside]
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looking for Work Plan/ Work Breakdown Structure and Logic Model Template

Hi Hive Mind I would like to create a work plan and a logic model for a project, and I am looking for resources/templates for a Work Plan/ Project Plan/ Work Breakdown Structure as well as a Logic Model. I am looking for something that is clean, easy and simple. I would prefer a Word doc over Excel. Would you have any templates that you have found useful in the past? I found this example, which I attached, and have been trying to tweak. Metahives do you have anything? Thanks!
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Songs where the singer vocalizes the instruments

I'm looking for songs where the singer vocalizes part of the instruments in the song. [more inside]
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What is the best online fiction writing course?

I'm looking for maximum one-on-one coaching from an accomplished writer and teacher. It must be online. Expense is no object.
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Help me find an APP for maintaining a waiting list

I need a SIMPLE ios App to maintain a waiting list of patients wanting to be seen in my (low-tech) psychotherapy solo practice. [more inside]
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Trouble spending

I've always been very frugal and very unwilling to spend money. I recently lost 30 pounds and I'm in desperate need of new clothes, but I'm feeling tons of resistance to actually spending money. [more inside]
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best automatic cat feeder

It's been a while since this question has been asked (I think, unless my archive searching skills aren't so good), so here we are again: looking for recommendations for the best auto cat feeder out there. Parameters inside. [more inside]
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Help me find some good food to eat with these disparate restrictions

Due to a newly diagnosed medical condition I have been given a list of food restrictions that has slashed the kinds of food I can eat by...a lot. I'm out of ideas, help! [more inside]
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Transferring from LaGuardia to Newark Airport. Is 3.5 hours enough?

Hi there, I think I have messed up with booking some holiday tickets for my family and would really appreciate some help asap!!! [more inside]
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Is there a tactful way to ask for more?

A service that I frequently use screwed up, and when I sent a note to customer service about it, they offered a pretty cheap coupon and not much explanation for what happened. I don't feel like justice has been served here, is there a way to push for more? [more inside]
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How do I maximize this college entrance essay?

I'm applying to a (private) college as a transfer student and am absolutely -stuck- on the personal statement. The prompt has a handful of questions and topics to write about. Do I address them all? Pick one and go with it? [more inside]
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All it takes is two close friends and you'll never, ever leave.

I heard a speaker say that if members of a religious congregation have at least two friends in the group--close enough that they feel comfortable socializing within each other's homes--the odds of them leaving the congregation are really small. I can't locate this research and am not sure about which key terms to use. [more inside]
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How to improve the current system of international childrens' rights?

What could be done to improve the international system of human rights with regard to protecting and furthering the rights of children and youth? What challenges currently exist with the capacity of international institutions that protect childhood rights? [more inside]
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Issues with long distance relationship.

I am living in a long distance relationship and have encountered an issue I do not know how to cope with. I hope you can help me. [more inside]
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Help ID this small statue found up in Guadalajara, Mexico

One of my students brought a small statue to class. She says her family found it while digging on property they own in Guadalajara, Mexico. That's all the info she has. It's about 3 inches tall. We'd love any hints about what it is, how old it might be, or anything about it. Or even info as who to ask. Here's a photo I shot of it (balanced on my thermos)
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Can you name this music video/song? MTV, mid-'90s or thereabout.

I've had an MTV music video stuck in my head since 1996 at the latest (when I stopped having access to the channel) and probably for several years longer than that. Please help. Details within. [more inside]
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It's not you, it's me, no, it's you.

I went out with a guy a few months ago. It didn't work out and for some reason I'm still puzzled by and dwelling at times on his behavior. Was it him? Was it me? Wtf. [more inside]
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How to decide if adoption is the right choice?

My partner and I are struggling with infertility. We are thinking of options but I'm not sure how we navigate how we really feel about those options, particularly adoption. [more inside]
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When to quit my job while taking leave?

I am starting maternity leave in a few weeks. My company believes I will be back about 12 weeks after that. I, however, know I am not coming back to this position afterwards. I'm trying to figure out when I should tell my employer in order to still receive full maternity benefits (both from my employer and from the state of California) but also not be a jerk. [more inside]
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Can you have a feminist hen/batchelorette party?

I'm getting married next year, and my friends have started asking me what I'd like to do as a batchelorette party. I'm really conflicted about who to invite because a) I'm a staunch feminist and want the least sexist wedding ever BUT b) I've enjoyed the "female space" at other people's parties AND ALSO c) my brother is in my bridal party, where does he fit in? [more inside]
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November 23

Help me save some of my security deposit

A very dark water ring stain on a wooden surface -- attempts to fix it have made it worse. Please help! [more inside]
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What are the best brands of wire shelving?

What are the best wire shelving brands? [more inside]
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Fragrance free dry shampoo

I'm looking for a fragrance-free dry shampoo that's readily available in Australia. I've always just used Batiste "Blush" but the fragrance is so heavy and cloying that it now makes me feel physically ill (thanks to morning sickness). Are any of the other Batiste shampoos fragrance-free? Are there any fragrance-free alternatives? [more inside]
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How do we improve our intellectual connection?

I’m dating a man who is my kindred spirit in many ways. However, we have been dating for a year now, and I have felt over most of this time a sense of yearning for challenging conversation that I just don’t get with him. How have you seen people develop their critical thinking, abstract reasoning, and complex verbal expression abilities as adults? Conversely, if you have found happiness being with someone with whom you don’t have an intellectual connection, how have you managed around this on an everyday basis? [more inside]
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52 hours in refrigerator: too much for brisket?

Removed brisket from vacuum pack this AM, put it in roasting pan with dry rub, onions, and marinadey type ingredients, left in refrigerator, intended Spouse to start roasting it midday. Due to a mixup, that didn't happen. [more inside]
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Help me bake a pie with frozen blueberries and plums?

I have 2 or 3 cups of frozen blueberries and around the same amount of frozen and sliced (in quarters) plums. (Both fruits were picked and frozen by me this summer.) Can I make a pie with these fruits, together, that won't turn into soup? [more inside]
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Continuing a Prescription for a Controlled Substance while overseas?

Has anyone had a situation in which they were taking a prescribed controlled substance and ran out of their prescription while traveling outside the US? How difficult was it to refill the prescription? What did you do? [more inside]
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Amtrak without eTicket?

We just purchased Amtrak tickets for our in-laws, making the selection "pick up from ticket agent." We were sent eTickets. In-laws do not have the technical savvy to receive or print eTickets. One faq I found says that you can pick up tickets from an agent if you have ID and the credit card. If that's true, the credit card will be a problem, since it was ours. Anyone know for sure? [more inside]
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More like Miyazaki.

I'm looking for films (or books) like Miyazaki's work: full of emotion, where the world is literally wonderful and every new street or path could contain something magical, touching, and unusual. Ideally more Spirited Away than Princess Mononoke, but either mood works. I'm already a big fan of magical realism novels and have Earthsea & Moebius on my to-read list.
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What to do about the strange noise my Honda Civic makes when starting?

My 2004 Honda Civic sometimes makes a squealing noise when I start it up. I took it to a mechanic, but it doesn't look like he fixed the problem. Looking for advice on whether to take it back again and what to do. [more inside]
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Do you remember this three person acting troupe in the Bay Area, c 2006?

Super vagueness coming up but would be so worth it if anyone knew the answer. About 10(?) years ago, my husband took me to see a production of Shakespeare's Richard III, in Oakland. The troupe - or possibly just the way was written? - had only 3 actors, who did all the different characters. The actor who played Richard was a black man. [more inside]
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What's a bad-ass estuarial animal

I need a bad-ass estuarial animal to compare a character to. The animal should be of the give zero fucks, will totally fuck you up variety. It should hang out in North American estuarial settings. I wanted to do crocodile but it turns out those dudes are timid. Give me your estuarial bad-assery! [more inside]
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Inexpensive cell phone for a month in Canada.

So I'm going to be spending about a month in Edmonton, AB this December and need to find an inexpensive cell phone and plan. I don't need data, only text & voice. I've seen other similar questions but they seemed to all have the option of bringing in a mobile phone from abroad whereas I want to buy something cheap and not too crappy.
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Quick Jump-in Multiplayer Online Web-Based Games

Please show me your web-based multiplayer games like this version of Battleship that are super-easy to jump into and play with a friend.
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