May 26

Tell me the nitty gritty of sharing ownership of a car/property/etc

Do you, or have you ever, shared ownership of a large, valuable asset among a group of people? For example: co-owned a car with a friend; shared a vacation property between extended family or a group of friends; shared the cost of expensive equipment (for hobby, not business reasons) with acquaintances. I want to know how it went. Did it go bad, and if so, why? What do you think could have prevented the bad parts? Did it go well, and if so, what aspects were key to successful sharing? [more inside]
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Financial advice for UK-based US citizen

I'm a US citizen who lives and works (indefinitely) in the UK. My financial situation is about to become more complicated. Whom should I consult about taxes and investments? [more inside]
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About to become Canadian! What should we know?

Spouse and I are scheduled to swear the Canadian citizenship oath next week. What should we know about life as Canadians that we might not have picked up in a decade living and working in urban Canada? [more inside]
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Great gift for graduating nephew - refugee edition

Need a great gift for my nephew who graduated from high school last week. Difficulty: need it today and it has to be awesome. [more inside]
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Sleeping in a room with a furnace/water heater closet - okay and safe?

I'd be sleeping in a bedroom in a brand-new house with a furnace/water heater in the closet - would this be safe and/or a good idea? [more inside]
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Emergency wedding reading

Ok! A good friend of mine just asked to me read a poem at her wedding, which is TOMORROW. I know there are dozens of wedding poem Asks and hundreds of wedding poem lists on the internet, but I have a special problem here: I was asked to read the poem in English, but none of the other guests are native English speakers. [more inside]
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Finding a new job while on the spectrum

I'm a middle-aged, low-support autistic woman, and I need a new job. The trouble is, my condition makes me really, irredeemably bad at all the things you need to get a new job--networking, getting references, interviews, making a good impression on new coworkers. How can I begin to approach this? [more inside]
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Mystery switch/control in house

What is the function of this switch? Located on the wall in the basement stairway of a house built in the 1950's in the USA if that's helpful.
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How will digital technology impact schools?

I'm really interested in how educational technology will transform schools - help me find out more about this! [more inside]
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Finding closure / Consulting assertive "friends"

(I apologize in advance for the long post) I was seeing a guy for about a month and everything was going well until some problems emerged. One main thing was my so-called friend expressed her negative opinion and it may have lead to our breakup. Although it's been sometime since it happened, Is it worth going back to fix? [more inside]
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May 25

Give me an l, give me an o, give me a v, give me an e

I am looking for songs that prominently feature certain English sounds for pronunciation teaching. Can anyone help me find not-too-fast songs containing inital r and l (this is for Japanese learners), f and v and the /ər/ sound (like in burn.) [more inside]
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Can you identify this passage?

My Google Fu is failing me, and I'm looking for the source of this passage: "Sleep is the source of our strength, a balm for the sick soul, the best of all medicines. Each person from his own experience knows that often the best and only way to get rid of heavy anxiety or mental fatigue is for them to sleep. Happy is the one to whom the dream is invariably at a certain time, for a certain period and leaves as quietly and imperceptibly as it came."
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Need advice about a legal issue regarding an office I rented

My friend rented an office in San Rafael, California with the understanding that the office would be air-conditioned. He has a medical condition that makes this necessary. They are not air-conditioning the office the way they promised. What legal recourse does he have? How can he find a suitable lawyer? [more inside]
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Blog post about internals of United 'drag off' incident ?

Sometime soon after the United Airlines 'drag the passenger off the plane' incident I read a very interesting blog post about United's contractual arrangements with the company who was actually operating the flight on in question (looked like it was United but in reality they had a contract with another company to provide the planes and fly them on that route). I would really like to find that article again so I'm hoping my rather vague description will allow someone to tell me. More inside. [more inside]
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Job for an easily distracted mathy person

I've recently decided to leave my PhD program in Educational Statistics, and so I'm out on the job market after many (MANY) years of being a Student Forever. I'm feeling a little lost about what kinds of work to even start looking for, and I'm hoping the hive mind might have some interesting ideas to jump-start the process. [more inside]
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I moved all my pictures. How do I tell Lightroom?

I had lightroom (v2). Then I didn't have lightroom (I don't remember why..HD format and never replaced?). Then I ran out of room on my main hard drive so I moved my pictures folder from my C drive to and external drive D. Now I'm installing lightroom (v5) again. It loaded my backed up catalog, but this is looking for my pics on the C drive and thinks my pictures are all missing. How do I point it to the D drive? [more inside]
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You are not my dermatologist, but do I need to go see one?

Small red blotches on my feet, legs and a little on my lower torso have been appearing over the past few weeks. They're not itchy or raised, and I haven't changed diets, detergents, locations, etc. that I can think of that might cause an allergic reaction or expose me to something unusual. Pictures inside. [more inside]
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Online file sharing for dummies

Does your work use a secure online file storage and management system? Can you tell me about it? [more inside]
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i drove a guy away and am losing my mind obsessing over it

I ended a 5 month relationship with a guy who was on the fence about commitment, having recently gotten out of a LTR, and I'm now torturing myself with regret. i can't stop obsessively replaying what happened and thinking about what i should have done differently. [more inside]
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Are you legally a landlord if you're not charging rent?

What if you have a piece of property, like a vacant lot, that homeless people live on in tents. Are you doing anything illegal by not clearing them off? Presumably you're legally liable for anything that happens on the property -- somebody gets stabbed, their relative could sue you into homelessness yourself. Is there insurance for that kind of thing? What if you had a port-a-potty or two. Or a low-key, unarmed, security guard stroll around just to discourage overt, public, crime on the property. Would you be changing your legal standing? [more inside]
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Identifying state legislature swing districts

I'm interested in finding a site that lets me identify swing races for state legislatures, so that I can give those candidates my money. In essence, I'm looking for the state-by-state equivalent of [more inside]
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Thinking of dying hair light blond, what do I need to know?

I'm thinking of dying my hair very light/platinum blond. What do I need to know? [more inside]
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Minding a health insurance gap

I have a short gap in health coverage (5 days) coming up, and trying to figure out the best way to handle it. [more inside]
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A track that samples The Marvelettes "Please Mr. Postman"

I keep hearing this song on the radio but I can't for the life of me find it on the internet. It's a dance track, quite upbeat, with a sample of The Marvelettes song "Please Mister Postman," or at least a cover of that song, because the vocals are almost definitely not the original. [more inside]
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Should I see a doc for this sprain? Is there a Betteridge's law of Ask?

On Sunday evening I was playing with the four-year-old and slipped on a grassy slope. One leg goes forward, the other folds under me. I have done a high-speed yoga kneel with one leg out and the ankle of the leg tucked under me did not enjoy the experience. It's surely a sprain, not a break, but I'm conflicted about going for care. [more inside]
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The senate is no longer congressional?

The lede of this news article about yesterday's dustup in Montana states: "The Republican candidate for Montana's sole congressional seat was charged..." Wikipedia confirms that Montana has only one representative in the House, but they have 2 senators like everyone else and last I checked the Senate is part of the US Congress. I saw similar phrasing in a few other articles about the incident. Surely this is not correct. What gives?
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Dealing with the Wet Elephant in the Room

I want to get back to swimming every morning before work. However, I take public transportation and would be unable to make it back home before heading down to the office. What the heck do I do with my swim gear that is low profile, low odor, and low moisture? [more inside]
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Deep South Road Trip Must-Sees

Flying into Memphis late Friday, Sept 1, flying out early Thursday, Sept 7. In between, will be renting a car and hitting up Mississippi and Alabama. The hitch? There's too much I want to see! What are the absolute musts? [more inside]
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Arts and science books to enrich my business thinking?

Lately, I’m getting fed up of reading “business books” which all seem to look at the business world through a very shallow lens. [more inside]
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Friendship valuation in Western culture?

Is there any kind of hard evidence that Americans (and possibly Europeans, though I'm less sure) value friendship less than in decades past? Family has always been cited as the most important value for Americans, but it seems increasingly common for people in committed relationships, and moreso those with children, to talk about friendships as a small "extra" rather than relationships that remain dynamic and a source of support. [more inside]
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Leg workouts for knee pain?

After reconstructive surgery on my leg, my body weight workouts are causing me knee pain. I'm looking for alternatives to keep me pain free. [more inside]
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Mac OS X Scrollbar Arrows

Is there a third-party add-on or some sort of hack which will put scrollbar arrows back into Mac OS X El Capitan on an iMac? I have a disabled co-worker whose computer was recently upgraded from Snow Leopard, and she's having difficulty dealing with the new interface. We specifically want to add the horizontal and vertical scrolling arrows back into application and finder windows, if possible. [more inside]
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How does overtime work for a part-time job paid hourly?

Question about overtime pay for hourly work in the state of Washington. [more inside]
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Where to next? I need a new job.

I need a new job-- help me think outside the box! (Nonprofit and education background). [more inside]
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Set my sexpectations

What are realistic expectations for a woman to have of a man in the bedroom? Is it reasonable to expect him to multitask? And what's the limit of "Just tell him what you want him to do"? NSFW details inside. [more inside]
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How do I survive this stress inducing coworker?

My coworker treats work as her life, is disorganized in ways that negatively effect our operational flow, has passive aggressive and controlling tendencies, and uses a saccharinely sweet personality so that customers think she's great. How do I deal? [more inside]
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Creating an interactive map of data - frequency and date of visits

I have to create a map showing the Europe, with visits to locations shown, and the dates of the visits. The locations are mostly in the UK, and some places have been visited more than once. Can anyone recommend any software or resources (preferably free) to put this together? [more inside]
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Gas range right next to wall - risk assessment?

We are looking at houses, and have seen several "flips" where there is a gas range right up against a corner wall or full height cabinet. I'm bothered by this from both a logistic and a life safety standpoint. Am I being realistic or am I exaggerating the risk because I’m nervous about owning a home? I picture burning the place down the first time we cook dinner. [more inside]
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Problems with social rejection

Today I noticed that when I get rejected by people I get depressed and negative about it. For example, I ask a friend if they want to hang out Tuesday and they say they can't make it. And then they don't provide a day that works for them or I have to ask them what day works for them. I know I have a problem with feeling that people don't like me if they don't explicitly say "Hey, I like spending time with you". Getting rejected feeds into this feeling. [more inside]
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Home-Based LA business legal or not?

We just bought a home in Los Angeles. Yay! It has a separate suite that is perfect for me to have my bodywork practice in (something like massage). But before we close escrow, how can I figure out if I can legally get a business license/insurance for it? I heard a rumor that California doesn't let you have a home-based business if you receive clients. I receive 20-40 a week, one at a time, very quietly. I tried to google it but couldn't find information specific to my area (zip code 90041). Before we close on the perfect home, can you put my fears of joblessness to rest? Thank you!
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Any travel tips for Mexico City?

I'll be traveling by myself to Mexico City in June, staying there 4 nights and 3 days. I've never been there before but have traveled alone for a similar length of time in Spain and Italy. I'm working on learning Spanish and looking for some advice on what to do/see and how to get there. [more inside]
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Permission to be average, granted

A colleague (who is senior, better qualified, better suited in every possible way) just scored a major promotion. In no way was I ever in the running (I'm so junior that I hadn't even known the position was open) but it brought back all my carefully hidden anxiety about being adequate without being extraordinary at my job. Career snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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My dog is scratching herself until she bleeds :(

What can I do for my dog who's itching and scratching herself to the point of bleeding? [more inside]
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May 24

Grief, sullied by anger

One of my closest friends committed suicide, and left a shit storm for me to deal with. My emotions are a wreck. Can you help me navigate them? [more inside]
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TV Pilots that show the protagonist when s/he was a child?

I'm looking for examples of television pilots that show the audience the series' protagonist when they were a child or teenager. It can be via a flashback or a prologue. (All I can think of is the first episode of "Pushing Daisies!") Note: only interested in a first episode of television, and only interested in series that feature an adult protagonist.
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What could go wrong?

I'd like to rip out my driveway and the patch of cement in front of my house between the sidewalk and the street. I'm thinking I'll just rent a jackhammer and go for it. Am I thinking about this right? [more inside]
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Help identify a music video shot in a parking garage.

A friend is looking for a music video. They describe the video as follows: "It was a new release within the last year and a half. The video takes place entirely in a parking garage. An androgynous human in super tight jeans and boots approaches a beautiful old muscle car. Everything revealed in the reflective surfaces of the car is different than what the audience sees happening around the car." [more inside]
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England's right wing provocateurs, radio stations, and TV channels

In The US, Rush Limbaugh is #1 on the radio, and, until recently, Bill O'Reilly was #1 on TV. Fox News is by far the most watched cable "news" channel. And a host of gadflies--Ann Coulter, Milo Yiannopoulous, etc--are regulars on the best-seller list and lecture circuit. Does England, and/or the UK writ-large, have right-wing media personalities and outlets on par (in terms of popularity and influence) with the United States Where do the English Defense League, UKIP, and Britain First turn for self-validating groupthink? [more inside]
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Developing new card game. Legal protections?

I'm in the process of developing a new card game. Before I actually begin selling this as a product, I'd like to be sure I understand how much and what kind of legal protections I should have in place so my/family personal assets are safe. [more inside]
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Fancy hat decoration that is NOT a feather?

My (male) fiancé recently bought a hat to wear to our wedding. It is vintage (I'll post a pic when I get a chance--sorry, the camera on my phone is potato). What can I decorate it with that is NOT a feather? [more inside]
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VW diesel recall

How much time from documentation to return? [more inside]
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But Mom Always Said to Thank People Personally...

I am working with a recruiter for the first time ever, and I'm new to the protocol involved. I just went on an interview today that my recruiter set up (went pretty well!) and sent them a thank-you email directly as soon as I got home, just like I've always been told I should do. One hour later - my recruiter contacted me to say "so, send me your draft of the thank you so we can get it to them!" I had no idea I had to go through the recruiter. Is this super-bad? [more inside]
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A brief reading of something Victorian for a young woman.

My thirteen-year-old daughter was asked to read a something at a picnic we've been invited to that has a Victorian literature theme. She's looking for something that speaks to her, either poetry or prose, about what it's like being a young woman in the Victorian era. So she's also looking at more contemporary fiction pieces that include a young woman in the Victorian era, and history with young women figures. She's a pretty smart kid, who likes girls, so something about a boy crush isn't going to work. What would you recommend?
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OSX & iOS journaling -- privacy edition

I currently use Day One Classic for journaling. I like it, except for the fact that my stuff is stored on a remote drive I don't have control over. What sorts of secure remote-sync/cloud journaling apps are available, and what is the setup like?
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After hours stock trades

What's going on with after hours trades that are way off the going rate? I understand a few shares going through, but explain this Amazon trade for example. About $2.7 million changes hands after hours today at about $130 per share below the closing price.
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waterproof potty training watch

Looking for a waterproof watch on which I can set 8 or 10 daily alarms. [more inside]
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How to accept friendship graciously?

I'm a 38 year old woman with debilitating social anxiety and trust issues. Yes, I'm in therapy, but maintaining friendships has been a lifelong problem for me. I was recently offered the sweetest gesture of friendship and I don't know how to respond. [more inside]
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Resources and funding for my research on libraries and public media?

Hi! I’m interested in doing some research on collaborations between libraries and public media outlets. I am a full-time public radio employee (I’m an on-air host so what I’d be researching is not specifically job-related), and I’m not looking to leave my job. But I need a project! And I’d like to find resources not only for actually doing the project, but also for paying for it. [more inside]
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best book for prepping for tech interview for ruby/rails position

i have some interviews lined up for a couple of ruby on rails positions. i've been working with the framework for quite awhile, but have not had a technical interview in a couple of years. the books i am familiar with (eloquent ruby, well-grounded rubyist) don't seem to have recent updates. the one recommended that i haven't read at all (practical o-o design in ruby) is also dated plus i am ambivalent about object oriented design. [more inside]
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Research associate interview questions

I have a few interviews for research associate/ assistant/ fellow positions for a variety of medical statistics jobs in the next few months. I am finishing my PhD at present. I haven't done many interviews before and am possibly overthinking it, but what questions should I be prepared for? Much beyond my work so far and general questions in the field? Are the interviews generally laid back or very intense? Any tips/ links/ example qs would be much appreciated!
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