July 1

The right kind of funny

I enjoy taking in funny stuff as a relaxing escape from my intense social service job. Perhaps I can distill my personal sense of funny to: cerebral, not reactionary/racist/misogynist/etc, sometimes weird/surreal. I am a little bit snobby. I don't like violent comedies. Not so much looking for websites but that's OK in small amounts. International/subtitled OK! Please advise: [more inside]
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Craving squeaky toy theme music, GOT edition

Some time ago, there was a rendition of the Game of Thrones theme performed using squeaky toys. Apparently it has now been wiped off the face of the internet due to a copyright claim by Colosseum Music Entertainment GmbH (if indeed that is the one i am looking for). [more inside]
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Can my Dad and I do a Presidential Traverse in three nights?

My father and I have a growing tradition of doing a hike in the White Mountains each summer, and we try for the biggest trek we can find time for. We're both experienced, but our condition isn't great. We've hit upon the idea of doing a Presidential Traverse—a 23-mile hike that summits ten(ish) of the Whites' tallest peaks. We think we're up for it if we take it slow (three nights) and plan carefully. Difficulty: we want to camp in the backcountry each night. [more inside]
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Identity theft question

Somebody ordered an unknown expensive object (UEO) from a large national retailer (LNR) with my wife's credit card. Our wonderful bank (OWB) believed us that it was not us and refunded our account. Now LNR has sent us a letter asking for the return of said UEO. Anybody have experience with something like this before? How did things turn out? [more inside]
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Please help me break into my own bathroom

I'm in a new place, and my daughter just pushed the privacy lock on the bathroom door before closing it (she is outside the bathroom, thankfully). With most of these knobs you can just push something through the hole to pop it, but that is not working. There are no keys over the doorframe. There are no exposed screws on this side of the knob. The door hinges are on the other side of the door. Please help! [more inside]
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Personal Loan

Making a personal loan to a potential direct report so they can return to fill an open position. What do you think? [more inside]
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on an island, a traveler

Seeking fiction recommendations about scientists and anthropologists immersed in other cultures. [more inside]
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Should I water before applying water soluble fertilizer?

Let's say I'm going to use water soluble Miracle Gro on my lawn or garden. The rate suggested is 1 gallon of solution per 10 square feet. Should I water first, then apply the fertilizer solution? Or is the fertilizer application usually treated as a sufficient watering as well?
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How common was the practice of separating twins at birth?

It's a pretty common trope in fiction, but how often did it happen in reality? [more inside]
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Warm Thanksgiving non-beach vacation locales

Can you recommend a natural-beauty vacation locale that will be warm over (American) Thanksgiving? International destinations are fine but total travel time needs to fit into 5 days. Snowflakes: no (or not just) beaches, hiking should accommodate a range of fitness levels.
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Please, sir, I want some more...gifts!

I'm doing a production of Oliver and am trying to come up with gift ideas for the production team. I need gifts for 5 or 6 men and women, that are either the same or comparable. Looking to spend less than $100. Bonus: small all-cast gift ideas! [more inside]
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Best way to frame enormous antique map?

I bought a very large (62"x24") map last week, but now I'm at a little bit of a loss for how to actually display it. Help me think of ways to put it on my wall without spending 50x as much on the frame as I did on the map. [more inside]
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Renting in Chapel Hill/Carrboro area

I've posted some questions about this, and I'm finally ready to pack up and move there. The only catch is that I'm not having luck finding an apartment, and I wonder if I just don't know where to look. Difficulty level: I'm a few hours away and can't tour places on short notice, and my credit is poor. [more inside]
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Got some feelings. Not sure they're mine.

I am questioning whether the feelings I have under the pill and thyroid replacement hormone are actually mine. [more inside]
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Visiting Shanghai in July

Hi, I'm taking a group of students to Shanghai China and will meet with Chinese business people and university professors while there. 1. What kind of gifts should I bring? 2. What should I buy while visiting? [more inside]
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Name this font!

I'd like to use this font for a craft project but am not able to figure out what it is. Any ideas? Image is in this link.
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How to get rid of old laptops?

Seeking advice on the best way to get rid of two old laptops. [more inside]
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Cactus experts needed

We have a Christmas Cactus that has been alive for many, many years. It recently has started to grow a few unusual nodule/bud things, and we haven't been successful at pinpointing exactly what they are from Internet research. Can anyone tell what these are, and if they are good/bad/indifferent? Two images here, one of the cactus and another with a close up of the thing.
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Take the job or leave it?

I'm finishing up my PhD, planning a wedding, have a two week vacation coming up, and was accepted into a fellowship program. Do I have too much going on to accept a new job? [more inside]
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Help me remember scenes in films where characters watch mtv?

I'm thinking of a film in particular where some kid comes home and puts on mtv and rocks out, but I can't for the life of me remember what it is. I'm in general searching for scenes in film where people are watching MTV, any help would be so super appreciated as I seem to be striking out alone.. [more inside]
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“My name is Schwartz.” (pause) “My name is warts?” A Warty Mystery

I have a general question about Chet. Chet is the name I’ve given to the pernicious wart I’ve had on the bottom of my foot for almost half my life. How pernicious is Chet and do you have any suggestions for further treatment? Background inside: [more inside]
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Have old doggo, will travel.

I would like to get this Old Man into this bike basket, and safely drive him around. What’s the best way to do that? [more inside]
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Suggestions for Wall-Mounting a 40" RCA Flatscreen?

I just moved into my gf's cozy apartment. The only place to mount my tv is above the bedroom's French doors. This should be doable but I wanted to talk it through before ordering the right mount and I'd very much like to do this right. [more inside]
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SF Bay Area: anyone know of a child-free Finding Dory showing?

We love kids' movies; hate watching a movie in a theatre with kids. Does anyone know any place offering a child-free showing of Finding Dory?
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Seeking great subject-matter introductions for a voraciously curious kid

My ten-year old son wants to understand everything. He is a voracious reader and doesn't confine himself to kids books. He loves reading the newspaper (NYTimes, Boston Globe), fiction, and non-fiction books. He's old enough to really learn things by reading. Agatha Christie is fun, but he's ready for more than that. He's full of questions about society, politics, science, economics. I'd like to get him some books that will expand his mind, begin answering his questions, and show him how the world fits together. [more inside]
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How to Clean/Shine Parquet Floors?

Just uncovered some old wood parquet flooring. What should I use to clean the floors and make them look nice?
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What is this mystery play?

Yesterday, I ran across the proverb "Great cry and little wool, as the devil said when he sheared the hogs," along with the explanation that this came from "an old mystery play, David and Abigail, based on 1 Samuel." Where/when was this mystery play performed, and is its text available? [more inside]
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Nortel Option 11 support

I have recently become responsible for keeping an old Nortel Option 11 on life support for the next 6 to 9 months as we transition to our new Cisco VOIP system. Any idea where I can find a consultant/tech willing to work for an hourly rate to: 1. Provide some minimal training on moves adds and changes 2. Assist with break fix issues as they arise.
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Minneapolis Brew Pubs & Breweries for Pub Crawl on Saturday?

Hi, we have guests visiting us in Minneapolis for the 4th of July holiday weekend. We've got a minivan and designated driver and we'd like to drive around and visit a number of small breweries/brewpubs tomorrow. We took them to Indeed, Fulton, and 612 last time they were in town. Where should we go? Surly seems like an obvious possibility, but where else?
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Moved 3000 mi for a new job. Spouse hates it here. What should we do?

After moving from one corner of the country to the opposite corner 3 months ago, selling one house and buying another and spending $8000 on the move, we need to not live here because my spouse is absolutely miserable and staying will put considerable strain on our marriage and negatively impact our mental health (his in particular). I am very concerned about both the career implications of making a move so soon, and also that another move will put us into financial ruin. Snowflakes ahoy! [more inside]
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Give this job/boss a mulligan and review in three months?

So I took a job to change my life and industry back in January. There were extended negotiations and a massive interview process and even a couple of test (take home) that pretty much doubled as free work. In person, there was a lot of body language and communication I didn't get but I finally have now. The worst of it is, we're at the point where I said we'd renegotiate or I'd leave and now I find out it's all been blown to hell. [more inside]
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What's the best software to manage restaurant costing and inventory?

I'm looking for software to do restaurant ingredient costing, recipe building, and inventory-taking. [more inside]
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Goody Bag Alternatives

Hello! My baby is having a birthday party, and I noticed that most kid birthday parties include goody bag giveaways filled with all kinds of crap. I don't really want to gather a bunch of cheap things, and instead would like to give one nice gift for kids to take home. Any suggestions? [more inside]
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June 30

Post Brexit boredom

Living and working in Europe has been a big part of my past and going back to live in Europe permanently was my major goal for my future. Now thanks to Brexit I've lost a major interest from my life as it is very hard to pursue European affairs here in Australia (I'm a dual national Australian-British). I'm at a loss to know what else to do with myself instead - please help me work this out! [more inside]
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Help me change tech hardware

I've been a web developer for 14 years and am now a real estate broker. I've swapped my super-powerful MacBook Pro for an iPad Pro. My needs aren't as intense but is there anything I'm missing? Tips wanted. [more inside]
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Home Improvement 101: Covering a Hideous Concrete Protrusion

I live in a split level house where the bottom floor is partially below ground. In several areas, there is a concrete protrusion (part of the foundation) that sticks out from the wall, along the floor. The builders covered some of the areas, but not all. I am a home improvement noob. How do I cover these concrete ledges easily? [more inside]
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Why do I have a second mouse stuck in one location on my Windows PC?

I'm dealing, suddenly, with a very annoying problem on my Lenovo laptop. It's running Windows 10 and is about 1.5 years old. When I opened it this evening, there was a second visible mouse cursor in a little bubble on my screen, and it won't go away no matter what I do. Uh oh... [more inside]
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(pulp) fiction about adventure aviation

I'm looking for recommendations for fiction, perhaps pulp fiction, about aviation, specifically the golden age of aviation in the '20s and '30s. I really enjoyed reading the Doc Savage novels, especially the ones with more of an aviation focus, but now I'd like to branch out beyond the Man of Bronze to other fast paced books that feature lots of flying in fantastic machines. Non-golden age aviation fiction recommendations welcome as well, if they capture the same sense of open mouthed wonder about flight that came through so strongly during the golden age.
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What self help workbooks would you recommend for me?

I am looking for a book that will help me work through issues with intimacy and being emotionally distant, anxiety surrounding myself and my life, self esteem issues, getting in touch with my emotions, and just dealing with a lot of latent frustration. Overall, a book on tools to develop emotional maturity is what I need. If anyone knows of a workbook with exercises that would be best since they tend to keep my attention, but if not a regular self help book would be awesome. [more inside]
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Which neighbourhood in Victoria, British Columbia should we live in?

My partner and I are moving to Victoria from St. John's, Newfoundland. What neighbourhoods should we focus on to find an affordable stand-alone house to rent? [more inside]
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Is there a better solution than Excel?

I have over a hundred vintage sewing patterns (and about half again as many modern ones) and a fabric stash sufficient to make at least 2/3 of the patterns. I am looking for some sort of cataloging option. I'm using Excel, but it does not handle pictures well (right now, each pattern has a link to its page--assuming it has one--at vintagepatterns.wikia.com, but fabric swatches are not really archived online) and I'd like a system that's both visual and descriptive. [more inside]
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Do I squash the seed of leaving or just let it grow?

I've been thinking a lot about my relationship. Maybe it was a mistake asking a question before, but now I can't stop thinking and debating, feeling guilty and exhausted about my relationship. Please advise for hopefully the last time I bring this up. The snowflakes are falling inside and it's a long post, sorry. [more inside]
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help me remember this old punk song

It seems like a lot of people have had success with this, so I'm going to give it a shot. [more inside]
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I want to travel but I don't want to go anywhere

I need that mind-clearing, get-away-from-your-everyday byproduct of travel. But when I open up a trip planning site, I just get tired. I don't want to sightsee, I don't want to hike, I don't want to party. So what else can I do that I'm not thinking of? [more inside]
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random sampling invoices for errors?

To check for errors, what would be a good number to sample? [more inside]
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Things to do in Reykjavik when you're too early for check-in

As seems to be the trend around here, my wife and I will visit Reykjavik in October. However, our flight gets in to Keflavik very early. Any suggestions for entertainment in the mean time? Additional questions inside. [more inside]
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How to find grace as an atheist?

How do I find grace - the feeling that no matter what, I am loved and lovable - as an atheist? [more inside]
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Living with an alcoholic boyfriend

I am in a pickle. My boyfriend is an alcoholic (probably the functioning kind- whatever that is,) and we live together. We have been together for almost two years. I can't stand the drinking anymore, and I have tried nearly every avenue to remedy it within the relationship. The only thing I can think to do now, is move out so that I can distance myself from his alcoholism. [more inside]
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What is this bedroom suite worth?

My 75-year-old mother is selling her home in NJ and moving to TN to live closer to me (hooray!) She has a bedroom suite that may be worth some money, but neither of us is attached to it and we'd prefer not to move it. I'm chasing leads for consignment shops and the like, but haven't the faintest clue how much a suite like this would sell for. Details and pics below the fold. [more inside]
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Amazing dental topical anesthetic: what is it?

I'm very squeamish about having my teeth cleaned, and a few years ago, my dentist's office started using a topical anesthetic that was a total game changer - a thousand times better than what they used previously. Now I want to change dentists and I don't want to call and ask the old dentist what the new topical was. But when I'm looking for a new dentist, I want to find out if the office uses it. Any ideas on what it might have been or how I can otherwise ask? [more inside]
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Engine in Excel

Now this may be a ridiculous long shot but does anybody remember seeing an Excel workbook circa 1993 which featured an elaborate color drawing of an internal combustion engine? It had shading, many colors, and took a couple of minutes to "render" on the Mac we had at the time. I think it came from a magazine cover disk but I could be wrong. If anyone has this I'd love a copy.
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Name That Movie...

Years ago... maybe in the 2000-2003 range?... I saw a movie involving a team trying to get passports or travel documents of some kind. I think the country/place they were in was a communist state or other dystopic place. [more inside]
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Name That TV Show: British/PBS 1980s edition!

Someone emailed my office trying to remember the names of two TV shows, possibly British, that aired on U.S. public TV in the 1980s. Can you and your wayback goggles help? [more inside]
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Can I chalk this all up to anxiety/stress? (YANMD)

I had a stress breakdown a little over a month ago and have been dealing with various physical symptoms since then. A few things in particular have been bothering me over the past 1-2 weeks and I'm curious if my hypochondria might be getting the best of me. [more inside]
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Help me find a monitor for my mac mini

I want a 23"/24" monitor for my mac mini. I do a lot of writing/reading PDFs + long texts plus fair amount of photo editing. Speakers wanted.Not sure if webcams in monitors are worth it. Would be used in sunny room in FL, so anti-glare advice welcome as well. Thanks.
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How can I used my iPhone SE in Canada?

I'm traveling to Canada this weekend from the states (Oregon to Vancouver BC). How can I use my unlocked, GSM iPhone SE (currently on Ting) while on the trip without incurring massive data fees? [more inside]
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Your hair is spun like what?

Chemists of Metafilter: Please help me decipher the second formula on this old-timey comic strip. [more inside]
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Help my friend improve her TV diet!

My friend has taken a vow to only watch television shows that have socially conscious casting and writing, and she's doing this by applying what I'll call "The Nanton Test." Can you recommend well-written shows that fit the bill? [more inside]
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Representation without....

So, it looks like my Maine taxes did not get filed (or "accepted"). I filed through Tax Act, but see no documentation from that they actually charged me or submitted my taxes (I do have the accepted notice from the Feds, and we're all square with them). I discovered this because we owe the state money and have been patiently waiting for them to contact me with the payment agreement as they have in years past. I don't think they yet realize we have not filed or paid. What happens now?
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How to share photos of my child

I'm trying to figure out how to share photos of my child with friends and relatives. I have a vague sense that posting photos to Facebook is a privacy violation, but I'll admit I don't exactly understand how. And I don't have a better idea. Do you? [more inside]
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