August 31

Books, online sources and other material on US Politics

What are some good books and Resources on the politics of Red, Blue and everything in between (in the US)? Inspired by this thread on the blue, I realized I had no idea of what each party really, really wants on the major issues. [more inside]
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Looking for articulations of basic rights

I'm looking for examples of what a culture or social group has articulated as the basic rights owed to any person or at least any member of the culture/social group. The universality is the point here. Obvious examples include the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights or the United States' Declaration of Independence and Constitution/Bill of Rights. What other examples can you give me? [more inside]
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Safe as houses? suggestions for books/movies featuring a house

Suggestions for books and movies that feature houses or other dwellings in a prominent role? [more inside]
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Looking for a digital camera recommendation

Looking for a digital camera recommendation. Something small and compact to take biking and hiking that is able to take action shots. [more inside]
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Why did I want to read this?

Will LibraryThing allow me to maintain a list of books to read with comments about why I want to read them? Is there another book/media management site that will let me do that? [more inside]
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Alternative to Glassdoor in Ireland?

Does anyone know if there's an alternative to Glassdoor website in Ireland where employees/candidates can provide company reviews? Thanks!
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Risks of a used Nissan Leaf?

It is probably time to replace our current car and we are looking at used, 2011 model year Nissan Leaf cars. Are there risks that we are overlooking? The ones we have noted are below. [more inside]
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In search of baked goods that don't need baking

After a ludicrously protracted search, I've bought a house, and I'm moving soon. Hooray! But the kitchen is long past its prime, and in particular, the built-in oven looks to be pretty awful. Dealing with that is high on the priority list, but other things are higher, and realistically I doubt I'll be able to get to it before next year. And that's rather a shame, because I enjoy baking, and enjoy bringing the results to work for colleagues to devour. So, please help keep me sane by suggesting your favourite non-baked baked goods. [more inside]
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Afternoon in San Francisco

I have a business trip to San Francisco coming up soon. I will be more or less booked up with work stuff while I'm there, with the exception of one weekday afternoon. Any recommendations for the best way to spend 4-5 hours on my own? [more inside]
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State ID - Ohio

This is a long shot, but I need to renew my state ID (not driver's license) for Ohio and none of the phone numbers are working. I need to know if I need documentation or If I only need my recently expired ID. [more inside]
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Avoiding Tunnels at all costs

I'll be driving by myself from DC to Erie, PA in a few weeks. I am terrified of driving through tunnels. Help me choose a non-panic inducing route. [more inside]
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Project/programme management resources

I'll be adding some project/programme management responsibilities to my role in the next month or so, and am looking for resources to help me prepare. [more inside]
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Unintended consequences, mortgage refinance edition (USA)

I would consider refinancing both my mortgage and my HELOC (which is reaching the end of the drawdown period next year). However my income has changed since I originally qualified for the loans, due to a more freelance work situation. If, while exploring my refinancing options, my current lender becomes aware of my less reliable income could that cause me problems with the existing loans? [more inside]
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Specialized Quest at the RenFest?

My best friend and I are going to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival on Labor Day weekend. I want to write up a quest/game for us to follow as a specialized gift. This would be basically a two-player LARP/cosplay day. We might accrue additional members to our party, but it would be a base of just the two of us. I need to come up with some quest lines, quest prizes, and achievements for points earned! [more inside]
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Ecard alternative?

How would you send a personal note that is more meaningful than an email, but not deep enough to warrant a hand written snail mail? Ecards seemed to fill this niche previously, but feel too dated and archaic for use now, especially for younger people. Are there any other alternatives?
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How do I learn the piano?

Take me through the logistics of learning the piano for a first-time adult student. Do I take lessons with a private instructor? How do I find this instructor? How much should I expect a lesson to cost? How often will I need to practice? Do I buy or rent a piano? Should I buy a keyboard instead? Headphones for home practice might be ideal in my scenario. Any other advice on logistics appreciated!
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How to cover up an oddly shaped sofa?

We recently moved into a new (to us) house and purchased this sofa. Well the cats immediately thought it was their new scratching post and started to tear up the sides and back. This is my first brand new couch ever and I’d like it to last a while. Plus it wasn’t cheap. [more inside]
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Corolla or Prius c? So many special snowflakes...

If you're on a super-tight budget, would you go with the practical regular ol' car or spring for a (maybe reliable, I dunno) hybrid? [more inside]
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This One Weird Trick...Marriage Edition

I'm getting married this Sunday to a wonderful person. We've been together 5 years and have lived together for two of those years. We are both in our 30s. I'm interested in your "tricks" for a fulfilling and healthy marriage. [more inside]
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My nephew wishes to join the Army straight out of high school.

I wish to suggest other paths to him. Help me be a good aunt to him! [more inside]
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User not able to get/send mail thru OS X Mail but they can w iOS Mail

Email server running Novell Groupwise... User(s) are able to read write w the iOS client, using "" as the server. But... When I plug the same info into OS X's account info pane, I'm able to set up the account, but can not seem to connect or sync with the mail server; it tries, but times out.
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Where should I eat in Newport, RI?

I'm in Rhode Island for a business trip, with some but not all meals provided at the conference. I'm on my own for two dinners and one lunch, and I'd like to make the most of them. Are there any places (that aren't exorbitantly expensive) I shouldn't miss? Please recommend me some deliciousness!
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Watercolors for Beginners - Recommendations Wanted!

Calling artists of MeFi: in search of suggestions for watercolors (and associated materials). Details within. [more inside]
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Do I have to break up with my Moop?

So I'm moving to Prague, which is notorious for pickpockets. I'm wondering if I need to give up my absolute favorite bag i've ever found anywhere in the whole wide world because of a lack of zippers. Bonus: Where the heck do you even sell a used Moop bag? Ebay? [more inside]
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How can I make my life worth living for its own sake?

I want to make my life worth living for its own sake, but I've got some limitations that mean the standard advice on this topic doesn't work for me. Has anyone been in a similar situation, and managed to improve things? [more inside]
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In which song does the lyric sound like China a lot?

Which song has a lyric which sounds like "China, china, chinaaaaa...." I think it's from the 90s. Possibly Britpop or indie. I remember hearing it being sung emphatically in an advert for a compilation album.
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Requesting a single room for a corporate conference, details inside

I am considering requesting a single hotel room for an upcoming week long conference due to anxiety/insomnia. I’m required by my employer to obtain a doctor's note with information supporting my request if I do. Therefore, I'm trying to understand the pros and cons, professionally and otherwise, so I can evaluate my options. [more inside]
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Asking for a bonus agreement two months after hire?

I need to make more money. Not so many snowflakes in this one. How do I get on target earnings in my job? [more inside]
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Looking for my Career Path

I've been out of school for a few years, and have had trouble finding my career path, due in part to my distractibility and lack of certain skills. Difficulty: Bad at Math [more inside]
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August 30

Is there a way out of this?

Dealing with depression, nothing is working, every day is a waste. [more inside]
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Waze Eats All My Cell Data

Ouch. My iPhone used 5gb of cell data this month. AT&T is throttling me. The culprit is Waze. I live in NYC, drive a lot, and need bleeding-edge traffic data (I don't use it for the maps). Any tips for making Waze use less data? I'd pause it for stretches where there are no route alternatives, but can't think of a convenient way. E.g. does simply turning off (not powering down) iPhone stop data influx to Waze? Any other tips for reducing Waze's data hunger?
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Is there a solderless connector for tiny connections on small switches?

The pic of the switch described in this question is here. I have these 16mm diameter switches with these tiny little contacts, with tiny little holes in each. I have to connect wires to all of them, and soldering onto them is really tough because they're so little and so close together. I have a bunch of them to do so I was wondering if there's some sort of ultra-tiny female spade solderless connector that exists, or some other sort of solderless connector that would allow me to skip all that soldering. If so, where could I buy them? [more inside]
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House sale yente needs some help.

House on sale through broker, but it's not moving. Are there alternatives that I should consider? [more inside]
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How can I speak to a knowledgable person at

Mefites, Trying to help my sister with her Federal student loan payments which are serviced by a group out of Pennsylvania at We have gone through multiple rounds of paperwork and hours on the phone with more than a dozen different customer service representatives and managers. Any ideas? Details inside. [more inside]
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I Don't Like You That Way: Love, Sex and Dating On Four Wheels

What do you do about your fear of intimacy and your lack of potential sutiors when you're a virgin at 25 and universally held to have the sexuality of a potato? [more inside]
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What kind of candy am I stealing?

I have been swiping mystery candies from a dish where I work. They aren't mine and they aren't there for me to eat. But I find myself alone with the dish sometimes and they get eaten. [more inside]
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Resources for sick senior mom in Portland

My mom got sick to the point she was hospitalized for two days, pretty much vomiting up her stomach lining. Now she's home, she's lost her discharge instructions, and has a significant loss of balance so she tottering up and down flights up stairs with extreme risk, almost collapsing in the store when she goes to get groceries. She needs a visiting nurse service, something. [more inside]
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Which shorthand method should I learn?

I want to try learning shorthand as a way to more quickly transcribe interviews. I'm open to recommendations for typewritten shorthands, but think I might prefer something handwritten, so I can use it even when I'm not on my laptop. Ideally, I'd like to be able to easily read it later, long after taking the notes. [more inside]
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Motherboard light flashing after PC shutdown, how to stop?

A light somewhere on my PC motherboard, my best guess is near the Ethernet connector, has recently begun to flash irregularly even after system shutdown, which is driving me nuts, because I sleep in the same room. I can't easily cover up the light or open my case, and since the PC was built for me by someone I can no longer reach, I need your help to kill that light. [more inside]
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How can I make the best of voice recording on my chintzy setup?

I'm currently writing a song and part of that includes recording lots of vocals. I have available --my computer, an apple laptop, with a built-in mike --garage band --my headphones with a voice input/mike Help me make it the best it can be! [more inside]
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Manhattan (or close by) KitchenAid mixer repair?

My beloved stand mixer has stripped its gears, and is in need of repair... but the official repair centers are far out in Brooklyn and Queens, and closed on Sundays -- rendering them inaccessible to me. [more inside]
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[NSFW PIC I.D.] Ernest Hemingway and Others (?)

Does anyone know who's in this NSFW picture with Ernest Hemingway (?) and what's the scenario? Thanks in advance!
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How to meet men as an introverted, attractive, "successful" 20-30s woman

I'm an attractive, successful, and put-together woman in my late 20s, and find it impossible to meet men I'm interested in. I have zero social circle in my newish city, live and work with older people with families, and have had no luck online. I'm also not naturally outgoing so don't meet people at random places. Not desperate but just want to find a good person to share my life with. What's a girl to do? [more inside]
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The thin line between encouragement and Pollyanna style b.s.

I'm a guy living with my girlfriend and her elementary school age son. My girlfriend lost her job about three years ago, and has only worked for six total months in the time since. I'm trying to stay positive and encouraging for her because I know unemployment can be soul-crushing, but lately I'm starting to wonder if my "support" isn't just "enabling." Is the future as dark as I fear, and what kind of changes does she need to make in order to restart her career? [more inside]
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Help me fix my broken my job hunt

I am stuck in a constant cycle of deep underemployment. I live a life of sheer financial terror and bitter dissapointment. I can't continue like this. [more inside]
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What Novel Is This Quote/Comparison From?

My Search-Fu is utterly failing me. Where did I read the line (paraphrased): "He was like a tennis player who mistakes his best game for his everyday game [or natural level or basic capability]". I want to say it was in a novel by a female author,: Lessing, Christie or Woolf maybe? I might be completely wrong. Fairly sure the narrator's voice was female. Can anyone help?
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How do I date feminist-leaning women online?

I'm single (straight male, 32) and starting to date women online again. I tend to have much better relationships with feminist-leaning women than with women that believe in traditional gender roles because they match better with my personal feelings about gender. How do I represent this in either my online dating profile or messages without coming across as awkward? I tend to overthink these kind of things. [more inside]
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Walk this way! But how much?

It's finally time for me to get serious about getting healthy. Walking more is a key part of this. But is there a 'too much more'? Snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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Getting a refund on furniture that arrived damaged.

My sister bought a couch several months ago that arrived with a tear. The store sent a replacement which was also in terrible condition and which they refused to accept. Now the store is offering a partial refund, but my sister and her husband just want their money back at this point. Is this realistic? [more inside]
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How to disinfect leather dress shoes

Found a small amount of mouse (chipmunk?) droppings in some otherwise very nice men's leather dress shoes I mistakenly stored in the garage. Can anyone recommend a best course of action for disinfection without damaging the shoes? [more inside]
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Office chair for a tall person with a long torso

My boyfriend is looking for an office chair that will be comfortable for his height (6'3") and long torso (34" from hip bone to top of head). What options are available in the UK? [more inside]
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Wearable [whatever] to track HIIT sessions?

I recently bought an Ironman Essential watch by Timex because I thought it would track intervals, but it seems to only have 1 timer. I need something that will track a warm up of 1m/30s for 10 reps, then a workout of 2m/1m for 7 reps, then a cool down walk. [more inside]
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real things that young kids love (that are not actually toys)

My 18 month old nephew LOVES "real things" that are not toys. For older kids in my life, I LOVE buying them things like rock tumblers, microscopes, binoculars, swiss army knives (when they're old enough and with parental permission), digital cameras, or things to support their hobbies (like nice fins for snorkeling). We send them money from foreign countries just for fun (various small bills and lots of coins) and rocks and seashells. I've also had great luck with kids magazines and non-kid magazines (like Science, or National Geographic). I'm also rather good at getting experiences for kids and older teens - museum passes, or concert tickets, or a special fun restaurant where they sing, etc. But I've realized that I'd love to buy the younger set more "real things" because they seem to love them so much more than actual toys! This is roughly for ages 1-5. Would love some additional help of "real things" that toddlers and preschool kids like! [more inside]
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What should I get to replace CLEAR internet?

CLEAR is dying. What can I get instead for my home internet? [more inside]
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Simple personal budget.

Hello; I am seeking software for a simple home budget. I am wanting a budget that will auto adjust,meaning that if I enter and amount for a bill,then change the amount,the rest of the budget will automatically "adjust"the the "total owed". Should be free,or a very low cost-not wanting a program that connects with my bank. Thank you :-)
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Am I doing this resume related thing wrong?

I was in a PhD program for 4 years, but never actually finished the degree. I'm getting job interview requests and even formal offers that clearly assume I actually have a PhD. Am I doing it wrong? [more inside]
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Solar System geometry - Neptune in solar conjunction

I'm writing an SF story which involves something akin to a space station/industrial complex in orbit around Neptune. I need to know whether Neptune ever goes completely behind the Sun when seen from Earth and if so for how long, or whether the line of sight between Earth and Neptune just grazes the edge of the Sun. [more inside]
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What are these strange things we found in the woods?

Exploring some overgrown woods in London, we discovered several of these thingummies. They were found near what looks like the remains of bomb shelters from WW2. Any ideas what they might be?
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DC to Chicago with two little ones

Our family (two adults, two kids under 3) is driving between the DC area and Chicago this September. Where should we stop along the way to stay overnight? [more inside]
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Help me remember the name of a book...

Novel. Recent (5-10 years max). Female protagonist dealing with brother suffering from a brain injury. A very Oliver Sacks (RIP) character helps her. Possibly "water" or "rain" in the title. Google failed me.
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