September 21

Communicating the importance of privacy without making it an issue?

My business frequently handles organisational and personal data. As a business, how do we communicate that we take privacy seriously without making it a huge issue? [more inside]
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A way to find all the movies that got a certain grade on Cinemascore?

I'm trying to find a list of the movies that got D's on Cinemascore. But I can't come up with the right Google search terms. The menu options on Cinemascore itself lead nowhere. Anybody know a trick? [more inside]
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How to act like an established creative studio even though we're not?

Apart from working inside an agency to learn its inner-workings, is there a resource where one can learn more about these things? Things like documents (contracts, creative briefs, price points, ...), processes, and strategies? How are these learned when one has limited experience working in another company? [more inside]
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Unintentionally Anonymous Madonna Mocker Sought

I'm seeking the name of an unknown comedian who mocked Madonna. He's British, probably in his 50s, and my wife and I saw him probably on either Youtube or Netflix. He did a very filthy and hilarious routine about sex with Madonna. What's his name?
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Chunky Tub

What is the chunky beige residue that appears sparingly across the length of my bathtub? [more inside]
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Retro, short fiction hardback publishing in London UK

As a Christmas gift I want to print about 30 copies of a 6000 word short story, with black and white images, book to resemble a slim, early 20th Century bound hardback. All online or friendly, expert, London UK suggestions welcome.
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Looking for a list of "leftist" places, almost like a bucket list.

I was doing some reading during downtime at work about Rojava/Northern Syria and was thinking about how I always read about these squats or communes and other places where almost experimental societies are cropping up. [more inside]
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Best plus-size raincoat/ rain jacket

I'm looking for the best plus-size women's raincoat or rain jacket that fits my criteria (must be actually attractive and work for PNW downpours.) Wishes: Cute, good color, fits size 22/3XL, prefer a structured/adjustable hood and cuff adjustment. I would like a real coat for the outdoors, not a fashion-y coat. I tried a size 2XL from North Face and it was much too tight, though I could zip it, so NF is out. I'm open to a men's jacket if anyone has one that they think fits well despite being cut differently. I would not like to look like a box. Thank you for any ideas!
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How to get refund for cancelled flight?

Air Berlin cancelled half of the flights on my trip due to liquidation/pilot strike. Customer support is saying I only get a refund for the specific flights cancelled. How do I undo the whole thing and get my money back? [more inside]
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"You Are Enough"

What books, audio, video, songs, affirmations, slogans, meditations, or other things have best convinced/re-affirmed you of the belief that "you are enough"? [more inside]
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Dummy Catalog Data

I'm looking for data I could use to populate a library catalog that I'm building. A while ago, I posted this on Projects. Now I'm at the point where I'm working to build my own catalog to test it out. The only problem is that I need some records to fill it with. Ideally they would be between 10,000 and 30,000 and only books. [more inside]
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How to find a website designer for a unique project?

I'm looking for someone to make a website for a cool project I have in mind. In particular, I'm looking for someone who would be able to impart a unique aesthetic consistent with the content. The content consists of many hours of audio recordings of "Over the Edge" radio shows I did with the now-deceased Don Joyce from the noise collective Negativland. Ideally, the designer would be someone familiar with Negativland and/or Over the Edge, but not necessarily. How do I find this person? [more inside]
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Experiences with therapeutic boarding schools?

My nephew has wreaked major havoc on the family. Would a therapeutic boarding school help? How does my family go about evaluating a "good" program. [more inside]
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I'm female, he's gay, what's happening here?

It's an age-old question: you meet someone at a party, you start to enjoyably email each other every day, and after nearly a month of this he says he has a partner and gives you just enough info for you to realise he must be gay. And yet, he keeps emailing... [more inside]
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Looking for a Nabokov quote

There's a quote by Nabokov that I have been looking for all over the place without success. It's about the transition from Russian to English, and as I remember it, it involved the image of traveling between two brightly lit cities with only a candle/lamp/something to that effect. Am I making this up? [more inside]
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Do they make, like, high-throughput hair accessories?

I'm a big fan of the "one big barrette at the back of your head" thing. I have startlingly thick, coarse, medium-curly hair, and the few times I've tried to put it in a barrette, some part of the metal back bends and it stops working, or else my hair snags in the metal back and I have to break some strands of it to get the barrette out. ELI5 how to wear these as someone with high-volume hair, or what similar style to wear instead? [more inside]
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Best tea for decaf chai

I love to make my own chai, but can no longer have caffeine. What should I substitute for the tea? [more inside]
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Should I update my dev machine to the latest Mac OS?

I'm a web developer (mostly python). Is there a good reason to update to High Sierra? [more inside]
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Portable physics primer?

Best resources for learning physics on a commute? [more inside]
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asbestos tiles on a brick house

My husband and I bought a house. It is a row house made out of brick. The back wall has asbestos tiling on it that looks a lot like this. We have hired a general contractor to remove the tiles. Should we put some new tiles or siding on that wall once the old tiles are removed? [more inside]
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Ontario Maternity Income

I am a freelancer living in Ontario, Canada, and am happily one month pregnant. How does maternity income work for freelancers? What should I do to maximize my maternity income? [more inside]
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Quotes about implementation

I'm looking for quotes that say that having a vision is not enough for a strategy, it also needs a plan for implementation and the allocation and co-ordination of resources. Basically something that sums up that it's not enough to have an idea, there needs to be a practical method for making it happen also. The pithier the quote and the loftier the source the better!
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Banner/topper for merchandiser fridge?

Trying to find an insert (?) for the top of a merchandiser fridge to replace the boring one it came with. Google is failing me, because I don't actually know what these things are called, though I'm sure there's a name for it! [more inside]
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Hibiscus pairings

I have a copy of the flavor Bible and lo and behold there's no column for hibiscus! [more inside]
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Which dry cat food is better for preventing UTIs and blockages

Which is the better dry cat food for a male cat (desexed) to prevent UTIs and blockages? [more inside]
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Girl from the North Country

I guess there's no way for me to get one ticket to Girl from the North Country at the Old Vic for tonight? I leave London tomorrow but have checked everywhere I can think of and it seems to be completely sold out. Any insider tricks I'm not considering?
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Laptop number keys not responding - Samsung Series 9

Non-responsive keys on laptop; what more can I try? [more inside]
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September 20

Can you turn a single speed bike into a 3-speed?

I am shocked at my lack of knowledge about bikes. Someone has a single speed Worksman bike for sale that fits my sudden need of a bike but I really need a 3 speed. Is it something that a bike shop could do for me?
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Mystery Sexy Theater 3000

I've been invited to a bad erotica reading. I need ridiculous erotica! [more inside]
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You have a book that you are halfway done. It is not what you expected. You hope it gets better but it doesn't. Do you finish the book or call it quits? How long does it take for you to decide that a book isn't worth the effort anymore? What do you do with this book when you are done with it? Donate, Trash, Put on a shelf.
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Unbreakable hair claws?

Anyone know if unbreakable hair claws exist anywhere? The ones I can find snap immediately upon contact with my hair. [more inside]
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Style me for a black tie wedding!

I have a black tie wedding, a used bridesmaid dress, and no idea how to style it so I look like a fancy wedding guest. My dress is a wine-colored version of this. I want to accessorize with some easily accessible, hopefully affordable accessories, but my jewelry collection is minimal. How should I style it? [more inside]
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Cheap way to get a US phone number for accounts text/call while abroad?

I recently moved to China from the US and made a bit of a blunder. I let my American number lapse thinking that I would just get a number in China... that has been fine, but now I don't know what to do for credit cards and bank accounts! I have a friend letting me use their physical address, but I don't know what to do about the phone number. More details inside! [more inside]
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Recommend where to donate for Carribean Island hurricane relief?

This hurricane season has been brutal. What NGOs are most likely to successfully deliver disaster, public health, and reconstruction relief?
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Can I eat this? - chicken stock left out for 12 hours....

I would ordinarily throw something like this out immediately but I am out of grocery money and this stock was made with a beautiful organic chicken and a pile of local veggies. Both were gifts. After eating the chicken for dinner last night, I slow-cooked the rest of the carcass overnight. This morning, I drained the hot stock into a pot and accidentally left the pot uncovered in the sink while I went to work. Temp outside today was a humid 75 fahrenheit and it's a shady kitchen. Keep or toss?
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Finding what happened to person in prison

Asking for a friend: I need some help navigating the prison system. I have a cousin who is in federal prison in West Virginia. He was taken out to have surgery, and we have not heard from him in about a month or so. [more inside]
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Tell Me About My Computer

I've just bought a refurbished laptop to replace the former-job-assigned Mac that was my travel computer. It's adorable. And tiny. I have no idea what half its specs mean, and probably don't need to, but… what can I do with my new widget? [more inside]
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Like Jumanji, but with fewer lions

I want to DIY a board/card game as a gift for my partner, based on a set of characters and world we have built together. I'm looking for already existing games to model off of or just reskin, rather than making a whole new game. [more inside]
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Can't find this feminist song from the 70s

I'm looking for a song women marched to in the 70s. [more inside]
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Why is my employer re-requesting my passport and SS card?

Calling all Human Resources managers! I'm suspicious that my boss is up to something fishy, and I'm not sure if these suspicions are valid or not. He says the reason for the request is employment eligibility verification, however, I already provided these documents when I was hired. More details below. [more inside]
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Teaching abroad in retirement.

OK. Starting to do some long range planning. My wife and I would like to retire in three to eight years. Probably around five years from now. I would be 60 and she would be 65. Our after tax income will probably be between 2500 and 4000 bucks a month. House paid off. Liquid assets of $150,000 to possibly $400,000. No debt--hopefully. [more inside]
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Is my sundew plant OK?

My sundew plant has been putting out lots of buds. Is this OK? I'm concerned because after my Venus flytrap flowered, it died. [more inside]
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Turkey Cutlet Recipe from the '80s

I'm trying to find a recipe my mother used to make in the '80s. I think she found it on the back of a package of turkey cutlets. [more inside]
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Need business Thank You gift - for a PO Box

I want to send someone a thank you gift for giving me repeat business. But the only mailing address I have available is a PO Box. That means I can't send chocolates (melty) or flowers (wilty). Do you have a suggestion for a small, business-appropriate gift that costs less than $50 and can sit in a PO Box for a few days without being ruined?
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Iure Sanguinis & EU (Italian) citizenship — che cazzo?

My father became (was not born as) an Italian citizen in pre-EU times, but he has been living in the US as an American citizen for roughly 40 years. I was born in the US. How can I parlay this into EU citizenship for myself? [more inside]
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With depression, what gets you through the lowest days?

I have bipolar disorder and take mood stabilisers which helps with the mood swings, but sometimes out of nowhere my mood will totally plummet. There doesn't need to be any external cause although things like changes in sleep patterns can trigger it. Nothing that I usually enjoy (like cinema or music) makes me happy, the only thing that brings me comfort is overeating with takeaways and lying in bed all day trying to sleep it away, and my personal hygiene and self-care goes out the window. Obviously these are not good coping strategies. Thankfully I don't have issues with self-harm or self-medicating, but these episodes cause me a lot of emotional pain and I think my coping mechanisms make them last longer than they need to. I can't take anti-depressants with my illness because they can trigger a manic episode. What gets you through times like these, if you have this issue? At the moment I just have to ride them out but it gets exhausting.
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Help! New auditor making totally arbitrary rules

Someone got promoted and they are earning their keep by creating new requirements that are arbitrary. This will reduce efficiency. Help me cope and consider my options! [more inside]
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Cracking the Code on Budgeting

I'm an independent contractor who is struggling to get a grip on my money. I struggle with coding my bank transactions in a timely way, coding transactions from different sources (PayPal/Amazon/checks), and having to code transactions repeatedly in different applications (Mint/Quickbooks SE/YNAB). [more inside]
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When would it be possible to completely lose a sense of rhythm?

In wondering whether my dog enjoys having his paws moved to the beat of a song, I wondered whether one can have a sense of rhythm without a sense of math? Or, can one lack a sense of rhythm completely? I guess another way of saying this is: is there an equivalent of colorblindness for rhythm? Not just a tone-deafness, but a complete inability to perceive it? If so, what causes it? It seems to me like it should be related to the ability to understand math, but maybe it is something else? [more inside]
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Thinking of taking home off the market until next spring

Is it a good idea to take a home off the market for the winter. [more inside]
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Does anyone know how kids' brains develop?

I'm curious if the hivemind knows how much people have studied how kids develop mentally. Sure, we know there are intellectual milestones that kids achieve at different rates, etc, etc.. But how much variation is there? Or for a specific example, if a kid seems a bit slower than his/her peers in kindergarten -- how often will that slowness persist through to high school? Do some kids have an epiphany in 6th grade, like a mental growth spurt? [more inside]
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Geographically diverse podcasts; generic or in specific fields

What are some great podcasts that talk about things from around the world and not only, or mostly, from any specific country? [more inside]
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Best remedies to avoid getting sick?

Mr. Circle and I leave in 3 days for the month-long European vacation of our dreams. I woke up this morning feeling like crap. Congested and exhausted. I blew it off as allergies and took some Flonase, but I'm feeling worse. What is my best defense to keep from getting sick, besides going home and going back to bed? [more inside]
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Seeking a fee-based financial planner in Austin

I am looking for recommendations for a fee-based financial planner who is also experienced in student loan debt. I have looked at a few websites but would like to know if there is anyone in the area you would recommend. Sites I have consulted: XY Planning Network, Let's Make a Plan, NAPFA, and Garrett Planning Network.
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Your Best Seattle

I'm meeting up with a VERY old friend in Seattle in October. She is visiting from England and has a free day from 11am onwards. I'm driving down from Vancouver so we have all of half a day to spend together before I have to come home and I want to maximize our time. What would you do? [more inside]
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Is my roof rack African or European?

I have a 2013 Hyundai Tucson Limited. It has this stock roof rack (side rails and cross bars). There is a sticker that says the weight limit is 220#. Is this a static or dynamic weight limit? [more inside]
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Best breweries in the US that employ women?

My podcast (you can find the link in my profile) is embarking on the 50 States Beer Project. I need your help in finding the best of the best in each US state (except Alabama, as I've already done that one). Difficulty: women who work in the industry. [more inside]
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Letting go of a freelance client because of mental health reasons

I feel like I need to stop working for a certain freelance client for my own mental health, and I'm not sure what to say to this person. [more inside]
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Please help me identify this object (kitchen tool?)

We think it's a kitchen implement. There's a small piece broken off, but it's largely intact. If you recognize it, please ID it for us, and thanks! Pics below the fold. [more inside]
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In search of the perfect dehydrated apples for morning oatmeal

I have subscribed to snacks from Nature Box for quite a while, but have grown increasingly annoyed with their website, pricing model, etc. I realized the only thing they make that I don't know how to replace with grocery store items is their instant oatmeal, specifically the apple-cinnamon variety. It has little dried out cubes of cinnamon-y apple, and when you pour boiling water over, the apple chunks become rehydrated and delicious, but not too sweet. Anyone know if there's a good brand out there that sells something like this so I could do my own instant oatmeal at the office instead? [more inside]
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