May 4

Is there an Italo Calvino museum or historic site?

I really love Italo Calvino's novels, stories and nonfiction. I'm planning a trip to Europe and was wondering if there is any kind of museum or historic site devoted to him (I was imagining something like the Hemingway Museum). Is there a place that would be especially good to visit for a Calvino fan? I've googled a bit but all I can find is his grave in Castiglione della Pescaia.
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How much does a Caribbean cruise realistically cost?

I am interested in taking a Caribbean cruise but not spending every penny that I have. As such, I am wondering how much it realistically costs to do a cruise, on a line like Carnival or Royal Caribbean, if I do it "middle of the road" in terms of extras. In other words, I would do a lot of the free stuff, but pay for some extras--occasional non-included meals, drinks, and fun. Do you have any thoughts about what it realistically would cost to do, for example a 5-day cruise? How to maximize fun on a budget? Other tips?
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how do i emotionally disconnect while remaining supportive?

My spouse has got it rough, and I'm arguably the strongest pillar in his support network. Lately, though, I'm finding myself completely emotionally destroyed after offering him the support I've promised him. I need coping mechanisms to maintain my own emotional stability while still remaining supportive to my sweetheart. [more inside]
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How to find a concert as a gift for my parents as a 50th anniversary?

My parents live in San Diego. This year is their 50th wedding anniversary. My idea, since they love music, is to find a concert or show that they could enjoy together. [more inside]
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Way Back Machine to Early 90's Techno Songs - Skinny Bumblebee

Desperately trying to find a techno / EDM song from the early 90's - all I can remember is a lyric that sounds something like: "skinny bumblebee", but kind of drawn out, like "ski-i-i-innnny bumblebee". High BPM dance song. Had it on a mix tape which is now lost to the sands of time.
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Looking for "low woo" couples counselor in Honolulu

I'm looking for a couples counselor in the Honolulu area who isn't a big proponent of anything religious/"Eastern"/mystical/etc. Degrees from accredited universities are preferred. I've already checked the Psychology Today website without much luck. [more inside]
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Why are spiritual mediators characterized by self-denial?

Brahmins, shamans, priests, ascetics, monks, holy kings - all of them have some kind of taboo or another that prohibits sex or the tastiest food items. Jesus, Buddha, and Moses all had intense experiences of deprivation and self-denial before spiritual zeniths. My question is - why is that those individuals considered the most spiritually powerful are also taxed with the most prohibitions or expected to have undergone difficult and costly experiences? [more inside]
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Should I get a Solidox torch?

There's one for sale on Craigslist for $20. Anyone used one? Know where I can get the Potassium chlorate "solid oxygen" pellets? [more inside]
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You climb, I think

Are there any concerns I should have about my daughter doing a lot of rock climbing in terms of possible impacts on her physical development and growth? [more inside]
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I will survive

He broke up with me. I'm not bitter, but I am in pain. I'm looking for fiction or non-fiction books about starting again from nothing. I have When Things Fall Apart and I've ordered a used copy of Eat, Pray, Love. What else can I read that will help me get to the other side of this?
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Cross-Cross Country Move

I need advice to prep for a cross-cross-country move! I moved to Palo Alto, CA this year to live with my boyfriend, but I left most of my things (no furniture, just books, clothes, personal stuff) in storage in Philadelphia. My boyfriend is a student so I knew this was short term and didn't want to deal with bringing all my things to CA. Then I got a job! In Wisconsin! I start in September so I have time to plan this. Basically, the problem is I have my things in two different coasts and need to have them end up in the middle of the country with me. And I don't own a car. I will be buying a car but I need to figure out if it is more cost effective to rent a car (don't put mileage on a new car/don't register it wherever I buy and then in WI) or get a car in Philadelphia and do the move. I need to get to WI in mid-August, so I have to bring together all the stuff from CA (not too much stuff, but a bit more than two suitcases), then Philly to pick up all my winter stuff, and land in WI. Since I don't have an address in WI yet I can't send stuff ahead, which adds to the problem. Suggestions on how this can be streamlined are welcome!
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How to promote a Kickstarter for a book about video games?

This is a question for Metafilter users who have run Kickstarter campaigns (successful or unsuccessful) in the past. What worked for you? What didn't? I'm looking to learn as much as I can. [more inside]
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Where to buy a smart ring in the San Francisco Bay Area?

I'd like to buy a smart (bluetooth, Android) ring for my BF for his birthday, which is only a couple of days away. Google shows a few websites selling these but no actual shops. Anyone know of a physical location where I could buy one of these? Thanks!
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Podcasting on WP?

Is there a good podcasting plugin for WP? Or do I need to roll my own? [more inside]
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Dealing w/ a gifted 11 year old's Sensory Processing Disorder meltdowns

My 11-year old daughter is an incredibly smart, straight-A student. She's in the gifted program, she scores in the 99th percentile on pretty much every standardized test, she reads at a 12th grade level. She has a gift for coding and she makes her own apps. She also has sensory processing disorder, which results in hide-in-a-corner-and-cry meltdowns. [more inside]
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What do I do with this room?

We just bought a new house. Yay! It's a 140-year-old building with a formal entryway (!), which is a room unlike anything I have ever lived in. What should I do with it? [more inside]
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What do I do about this ingrown toenail?

I read the top search results for ingrown toenails, but mine is a little different. [more inside]
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What job can I train for in six months?

What job can I train for in about six to nine months with a reasonable chance of getting hired withing a year? [more inside]
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Clarifying a breakup over email- good or bad idea?

I broke up with my boyfriend of two years two days ago (on Skype, since it was a long distance relationship). I'm horrible at expressing my thoughts and emotions in person/by voice, especially when I'm upset, so the Skype breakup involved a lot of crying and me not being able to answer his questions properly. It was really horrible and I feel terrible. My question is, now that I've had a couple days to calm down and think more clearly--would it be okay to send him a single email that more coherently says everything that I want to say, but didn't get to say? [more inside]
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What's the legal situation with "tiny" houses in Los Angeles?

I'm researching building a tiny house in Los Angeles and I'm looking for building code information. Short of going through the building codes (last I checked the codes are upwards of 6,000 pages) with a finished design, I can't seem to locate any sort of basic summary or "must have" list of features a tiny house has to have in order to be considered up to code. I also can find zero information about the status of trailers or if you could skirt the building code by simply building it on a trailer.
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up in the ear

How do I know when it's safe to fly after having an ear infection? [more inside]
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iPad Pro or iPad Air 2?

My 2nd gen iPad has finally given up the ghost after half a decade. With tax rebate in hand, I am considering a purchase of a new one. But which? [more inside]
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Can a cologne possibly smell different when applied in another state?

Just before a trip to Seattle, my girlfriend went online and bought me a new bottle of the cologne I use. When I sprayed it on in Seattle, it smelled really different than it normally does and didn't seem to last long at all. But now that we're back in Denver, it smells fine, just like it always has. It it possible the elevation or some other factor made that much of a difference in how the stuff smells? [more inside]
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Where are the cheese crackers of yesteryear?

CVS Gold Emblem Cheese Crackers used to be awesome. They changed. I'd like to find out if anyone still makes them the old way? [more inside]
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How did you become a morning person?

Night person here...Hello! Wanting to hear from people who actually successfully switched from being night people to being morning people. [more inside]
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Travelfilter India: what to do with one week in India

If you had only a week, what's a great destination for a dad and 2 kids? [more inside]
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Why does my computer think it's in India?

I am in the US and have never traveled to India. Today, websites started acting as though I am in India (e.g., the Google website had a popup asking if I want to change my default search to, and another shopping website showed prices in rupees). Why is this happening? Is my ISP (comcast) giving me an IP address that is being interpreted by websites as being in India? Or should I be worried about a virus or malware that is making my computer act as though it is in India?
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Best new books on obesity research (that are not weight-loss guides)?

I really enjoyed Gina Kolata's Rethinking Thin and Ellen Ruppel Shell's The Hungry Gene, but they were published in 2008 and 2003, respectively. Presumably quite a bit of research has been done on obesity in the last decade+, and I'm wondering what the best books are that cover it broadly. I'm definitely not looking for how-to diet guides, but also not necessarily interested in authors with a pointed agenda (HAES, anti-sugar, etc).
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Married but interested in younger/beautiful girls

I have been married with an older woman for about 4 years and now I have developed interests towards younger girls. [more inside]
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Summer sublet in Somerville stalling?

I have to leave my three-person Davis Square apartment at the end of May, and need someone to take over the lease for June- August. I've been looking for a subletter with the blessing of my two roommates and landlord. I wrote a brief, nice description for Craigslist, posted tons of pictures of a tidy and sunny apartment, and was happy to see that my monthly rent was a little bit cheaper than many other rooms on Craigslist in the area. I prepared myself for a deluge of responses and then... got a single response over the course of the next two weeks, from someone who did not end up pursuing it. [more inside]
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Architect not providing his work, but he's a friend. What do I do?

I'm trying to do some medium-sized renovations, but my family friend architect is letting us down and stalling the work before it starts. How should we deal with him in order to get the work done in a decent amount of time, without the budget going crazy? [more inside]
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Short and sweet

Is there a benefit to disclosing a disability to your employer that does not require accommodation on their part?
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Easiest Way to Create an Interactive, "Multi-Factor" Game/Exercise?

Programming-challenged foodie here, trying to create a cooking activity for a staff event: From a list, you choose ingredient A as a starting point. Then you choose other ingredients to add to A (D and W, say), and see the result: A+D+W—a dish you can make at home. How can I create something (digital, paper, or otherwise) that allows people to choose any ingredient, add any others, and see a possible resulting dish? [more inside]
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Files on my phone that my PC can't see

I have a 3rd generation Moto G with Android 6.0. When I connect it to my PC with a USB cable, there are files that exist on the phone - mp3's and photos - that are invisible to my PC. There are other mp3's and photos on the phone that are not invisible. Why can't my PC see these files? Is there a way to make them visible? Is there a faster way to move these invisible songs and photos from my phone to my PC than copying them to Google Drive and then downloading them? [more inside]
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Bamboo Plant Labels: how to make them last

We have been labeling plants in a public garden with 1 inch bamboo and black text printed on clear all weather label tape. These labels don't last as long as we'd like them to and we're looking for ideas on how to fix this so we don't have to replace 40% of them each year. [more inside]
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Where is my Mac (and maybe my iphone?) hiding stuff I may need?

Tomorrow is my last day at a job I’ve been at for years. For all that time, the company has owned my only computer and my only phone. Much of what’s on both is the company’s, and of course I’ll leave that behind. There are some personal documents that I know are mine, and I know how to keep them. Is there other stuff tucked away on the Mac or the iPhone that I may want to keep? What, and how? [more inside]
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I happen to know the day is Wednesday.

What is this unearthly plant? [more inside]
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Aftermarket HID or LED headlights on new cars?

I'm looking at a new car purchase and have noticed that the "better" headlights (HID or LED) are typically only available on the highest trim level or with an options package that includes a bunch of other features that I'm a lot less interested in. What should I know about doing an aftermarket install of HID or LED headlights on a new car purchase in the US? [more inside]
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May 3

Do I mention a nasty personal rumor to a colleague at work?

Over the weekend a very nasty rumor regarding one of my colleagues at the office reached me, and I'm troubled about what to do. It would damage him if it reaches the wrong ears. Should I tell him that this rumor is making the rounds? Would you want to know? [more inside]
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When can I get my license back

I lost my license to a medical suspense when I lived in Virginia. I currently live in Colorado. Which state laws do I have to follow? [more inside]
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How to stop getting frequent colds

I get colds a lot. How can I stop getting them so frequently? Also, how can I make the duration of them shorter? [more inside]
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Three Men in a Longship (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

Looking for information for an upcoming summer trip to Scandinavia. [more inside]
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Should I knock this paper wasp nest down?

A paper wasp has started building her nest on the air conditioning unit in front of my window. Should I knock it down at night or leave it up? [more inside]
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Keeping my dog's ears after she dies

I want to save my dog's ears after she dies, but I'm not sure what I need to know & do. [more inside]
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How to deal with bumping into a stalker-y former friend in public?

Soon, I'll be face-to-face with a former friend who's been harassing me. What are some things I can say/ do to get out of there, while also keeping the public 'scene' to a minimum? [more inside]
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car restraint for grade school-aged child

My 7 year old goes to a special-ed school that some in the district refer to as "the school for violent children." In the car, he thinks it's funny to undo his little brother's seatbelt and/or beat his brother up. I need some way to safely restrain him in the car.
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living in Islip, Long Island

One of my favorite brothers has a job opportunity that would bring him to the East Coast from a small town in the Midwest (Yay!). Specifically, he would probably move his family to Islip, Long Island. He called to ask me what the area was like and I had no idea how to answer him. I live in North Brooklyn and have only been to Long Island a couple of times for brief visits. So I'm asking here for any insight into what life is like in Islip. I can find some facts online, of course, but nothing that gives and inside view of day to day living. Is it really expensive to live there? What is the culture like? Anything unique and wonderful about the place? Does it totally suck? [more inside]
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Funky Trash/Recycling Center in Greater Seattle Area. Dream or reality?

I have vague childhood memories spent stopping by a waste drop-off / recycling center in the the Greater Seattle Area. My family would drive through deposit different items in large receptacles. Was it for donations? Getting rid of trash? Who knows. All I remember was that each receptacle was maybe the size of a two-person tent and had a different color. They also had faces on them! They looked like DOTS Gum Drops with cartoon faces, kind of like Pacman Ghosts. There were maybe 8 of them? Stumped. [more inside]
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Help me make my trip to Sweden awesome.

I decided it's time to visit the Motherland, and I have no idea where to start. (It won't be this summer, but probably next.) [more inside]
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Advice on a new blog I want to construct

I have run an ad-free blog for over 12 years. My site gets good traffic, is free, and I have enjoyed putting it together each day. Since I am retired and have lots of time available I thought of initiating another blog that would aim at boomers, those feeling the need to think of the future, retirement, health, and yes, even death and the inevitable pains of aging. What topics, issues, areas should I consider, and would you, as a reader of my question here, think such a free site might be of interest? [more inside]
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Easy-clean leakproof 20 oz. coffee mug with loop or strap?

I'm looking to upgrade my carry-everywhere coffee mug. [more inside]
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Vegan traveling to New Orleans with non-vegan parents

So, have been vegan for just a little while now, and living in San Francisco, it's been great. However, I have a trip to New Orleans planned in a couple weeks which wouldn't worry me that much except I'm meeting my folks there and they're definitely not vegan. [more inside]
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Google's Chrome browser is refusing to forget my passwords with LastPass

I've used the Chrome browser with the LastPass extension for years, and for years it's been set to refuse automatic access to accounts such as Facebook, metafiilter, GMAIL, etc, unless I type in the master LastPass password. Suddenly, this has changed, and Chrome refuses to forget my's driving me nuts! [more inside]
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Ceiling light bulb hole?

What do I do with this ceiling light bulb hole? [more inside]
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Work Username Etiquette

Is it ever okay to ask someone what their LDAP work username stands for? [more inside]
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How should I create an awesome customizable searchable database in 2016?

Technology keeps changing and I know you guys are on top of it more than I am... so helllllpppp! We want to create a database of detailed text information, photos, videos, links, etc. (whatever I can find) that can be tagged and accessed easily when we're looking to provide a client answers on a topic. Before we compile and input it all, I want to make sure we're using the best possible resource to build it instead of just throwing it all into evernote or Excel without looking into other (possibly better, easier and more flexible) solutions. [more inside]
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Godbaby's christening gift

What should we get our godbaby for his christening present? [more inside]
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All art must be easy?

I remember reading a philosopher say something to the effect of "all art should appear easy" or "all art should be easy to make." Anyone have any ideas who this might have been? I think maybe it's somewhere in Nietzsche or Schlegel.
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Mechanism design

A simple mechanism made of two identical gears can be used to reverse the direction of rotation without changing the speed of rotation. Is there a simple planar linkage (e.g. 5-bar or 6-bar) with only rotary joints and rigid links that can do the same thing? [more inside]
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Is there a time limit for Medicaid to recover funds?

When a person who is on Medicaid dies, how long does Medicaid have to recover funds from the estate? [more inside]
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