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What deep insights into human cultures do non-specialists miss out on?

A question for anthropologists, linguists, cultural historians and other humanities scholars. What's the most thought-provoking custom, idea, metaphor or sociocultural phenomenon you've encountered in the academic literature that non-experts will probably never get to hear about? For example, the "sound-painting" of the Siwu , the absence of fiction or art among the Pirahã people [pdf], or the popularity of communism in 500 AD Persia [pdf]. Or to put it another way: in all your years of digging around in dusty old journals, what was your biggest "whoa" moment?
posted by dontjumplarry to Society & Culture at 1:18 AM on Jun 16, 2017 - 8 answers [94 favorites]

Songs That Make You Go "THAT'S MY SONG!"

People of Metafilter: what are your jams? I'm talking about the songs that are so instantly recognizable and hype-worthy that the second they come up at random on your Spotify playlist/on the speakers at a store/at karaoke night/at a dance party, you are 100% delighted and cannot help but IMMEDIATELY get stoked and/or dance-y. I'm not necessarily talking about favorite songs overall (although there could be overlap), but about the songs that take you from 0 to 10 instantaneously, especially when they catch you by surprise. All genres welcomed and encouraged!
posted by helloimjennsco to Media & Arts at 11:01 AM on Jun 19, 2017 - 147 answers [90 favorites]

What 'positive attitude' reality shows should I be watching?

I recently finished watching the three seasons of The Great British Bake Off (sorry, fuck you, Pillsbury, The Great British BAKING SHOW) that are available on Netflix in the US and I enjoyed it way more than I expected. What other 'positive' reality shows will I enjoy? [more inside]
posted by rmd1023 to Media & Arts at 1:39 PM on May 31, 2017 - 60 answers [88 favorites]

What are the best non-fiction books about con men?

I just read MY ADVENTURES WITH YOUR MONEY. I loved it. What are some other great reads about Swindlers, Tricksters and Confidence Men?
posted by rileyray3000 to Writing & Language at 12:06 PM on Jun 7, 2017 - 26 answers [82 favorites]

What are the best bad reviews?

Give me your favorite published zero-star and otherwise negative reviews by professional reviewers of media! Mostly interested in book, music, game, and movie/TV reviews by paid reviewers, but if it's especially good then I'll accept non-professional reviews and reviews of other things. Thank you!
posted by capricorn to Media & Arts at 4:25 PM on Jun 12, 2017 - 71 answers [66 favorites]

What's playing at the Crone Island multiplex?

Seeking movies where women work together and win! [more inside]
posted by phunniemee to Media & Arts at 12:40 PM on Jun 12, 2017 - 32 answers [53 favorites]

If I want to learn to code, what should I learn and how?

I am currently in an IT-ish position (database manager for a non-profit, all front end stuff) and I would like to take the ubiquitous "learn to code" advice because I think I would be good at it and I would like to do a job that is more interesting and earns more money. I am looking for suggestions (as concrete as possible) about the best way to do this, but I have no idea what to learn or how to learn it and would be super, super appreciative of any advice you could give me. [more inside]
posted by Mrs. Pterodactyl to Computers & Internet at 10:31 AM on Jun 12, 2017 - 17 answers [51 favorites]

Books Like Island of the Blue Dolphins

Mini McGee, who is 8, asks: "I loved Island of the Blue Dolphins, so I want more books similar to it. I like the adventure, the awesome surviving stuff, like wolf attacks and being alone, and it's one of the best books to me. Go ask MetaFilter, what are more books like it? Especially if they have modern things like vehicles." [more inside]
posted by Eyebrows McGee to Writing & Language at 5:13 PM on May 23, 2017 - 84 answers [50 favorites]

Straighten up and fly right

My posture is terrible. How can I fix it? [more inside]
posted by Serene Empress Dork to Health at 9:00 AM on Jun 7, 2017 - 27 answers [50 favorites]

What are the best resources for learning graphic design concepts?

I've been working as a 'graphic designer' in a very niche segment for almost 15 years, without actually needing to know basic graphic design principals. Now I'm job hunting and realize I need to do a crash course on all the basic theory (grid layout, whitespace, color theory, typography...etc..). I have a lot of skill with the tools (Adobe CS) but not the theory behind the practice. What books, websites, videos etc should I be reading?
posted by gofargogo to Media & Arts at 9:25 AM on Jun 7, 2017 - 8 answers [50 favorites]

Month-long house and garden projects for greater self-suffiency?

What are some simple-ish house and garden projects I can undertake in the course of a month? Now that I am a homeowner, I want to expand my gardening, sewing, and culinary skills that were previously limited by living in tiny apartments. I want to design a year-long self-guided series of month-long projects to help increase my skills towards greater self-sufficiency. Bonus points for book, video, and blog recommendations. [more inside]
posted by mostly vowels to Home & Garden at 7:08 AM on May 29, 2017 - 29 answers [46 favorites]

Small talk for awkward party?

One of my oldest friends is fond of hosting earnest, awkward parties where 10-15 people who have little in common are thrown together for the evening. I am going to one of these this weekend. Please tell me your finest lines for starting (interesting) conversations with people beyond "So, how's your work going?".
posted by Lluvia to Human Relations at 9:05 AM on Jun 17, 2017 - 49 answers [46 favorites]

Ideas to sustain the self "These Times Of Trump"

Are you finding yourself exhausted by the recent politics? If so, what are you doing to sustain yourself emotionally, physically, energy-wise, health-wise, and in any other "-wise" way during these times? [more inside]
posted by bananaskin to Law & Government at 2:30 PM on Jun 17, 2017 - 34 answers [45 favorites]

Healthier alternatives to Clif Bars?

What are some non-perishable lightweight bars that 1) have less sugar and more protein and 2) are still made with relatively good ingredients and 3) that have the texture of food, rather than fondant? [more inside]
posted by atetrachordofthree to Food & Drink at 7:11 PM on Jun 2, 2017 - 35 answers [43 favorites]

squishy sandwiches

I am a fan of the squishy sandwich - ie a sandwich with a filling that is wet enough to squish. e.g. egg mayonnaise, tuna mayonnaise, Nutella, PB&J. I am seeking ideas for more savoury or sweet sandwich fillings which have the desired consistency - ideally the type that I can assemble and refrigerate and eat, cold, later. What are your favourite squishy sandwiches? Go nuts with your suggestions. I eat anything and everything. Thanks guys. [more inside]
posted by Ziggy500 to Food & Drink at 5:17 AM on Jun 6, 2017 - 47 answers [43 favorites]

Good story-heavy games to play with others?

I like to play visual-novel-esque games with my mostly-non-gamer girlfriend (and occasionally one other friend), with me "driving" and us all discussing the plot / themes / puzzles / choices as they occur. Looking for other games that do well with this "Let's Play"-meets-book-club type treatment. [more inside]
posted by one of these days to Sports, Hobbies, & Recreation at 10:48 AM on Jun 12, 2017 - 26 answers [41 favorites]

Bean-based Instant Pot recipes?

I've tried to like beans, but they always took so long to make and with minimal taste payoff. However, I just got an Instant Pot and a lot of time this summer. Help me love beans! (Slow carb recipes especially welcome)
posted by facehugger to Food & Drink at 12:40 PM on Jun 19, 2017 - 17 answers [39 favorites]

Books for procrastination/self-defeating help

Please recommend books for help with procrastination/self-defeating thinking; specifically the feeling that "it's too late" to do anything. [more inside]
posted by Mid to Human Relations at 9:16 AM on Jun 21, 2017 - 12 answers [39 favorites]

Greatest Hits of Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything Vegetarian?

What it says on the tin. Do you own this cookbook? What are the best recipes in it? I find it to be very hit-or-miss. Certain staples (like pancakes) are so helpful but other recipes turn out just plain bad (I'm looking at you, tofu in tomato curry sauce). But I am just as loathe for it to collect dust. There are so many variations and tips: what are your favorites?
posted by athirstforsalt to Food & Drink at 2:20 AM on Jun 21, 2017 - 11 answers [37 favorites]

Weight training guidance

I am a 46 year old woman who has gotten into weight training. I'm training for strength and endurance, not power. I've worked with a trainer, but after a 4 week start-up where I met with her every week, I can't really afford to see her more than once every 6-8 weeks. What books, blogs or youtubers can you suggest that would help me plan my workouts? [more inside]
posted by OrangeDisk to Health at 7:24 AM on Jun 7, 2017 - 9 answers [36 favorites]

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