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May 23

Apple Crisp in a Smoker? Am I Crazy?

I have this pie-in-the-sky idea that I can make an apple crisp in a smoker whilst delicious meats are also cooking. The temperature would be around 220F, and I'm thinking 2.5 hours would do it. Have I wildly miscalculated? [more inside]
posted by julen at 10:59 AM - 15 answers

May 22

Simple appetizers that match with Lillet

I'm looking for basic snacks to serve with Lillet Blanc before a dinner party. Bonus points if they're simple and traditionally French. [more inside]
posted by kanewai at 4:29 PM - 12 answers

May 21

How do you organize bottle feeding on the go?

What is your setup for bottle-feeding your infant on the go? We are interested in things like - How do you keep the leftover formula from spoiling, what does your on-the-go kit look like, how do you keep things clean, how do you heat up the bottle (or do you?) when you are out for the day, or at the park, or wherever. We have a 3 week-old who needs to be partially bottle fed but we are struggling with how to get outside and not starve him out, and not end up throwing away most of a bottle of formula. [more inside]
posted by andreapandrea at 4:38 PM - 24 answers

Your favorite uses for gochugaru

Thanks to an ordering snafu we’re now the proud owners of a giant one-pound bag of gochugaru Korean red chili flakes instead of the small container we thought we were getting. What can we do with it beyond kimchi? [more inside]
posted by _Mona_ at 1:18 PM - 17 answers

Not too sweet yogurt

While I enjoy Chobanis and other greek-style yogurt cups, they're little sugar bombs. And plain is a little too plain for me. Recommend me a brand of yogurt that is less sweet (lower sugar but not artificially sweetened) and comes in single-serve cups. [more inside]
posted by aimedwander at 10:48 AM - 40 answers

What used to be an ok amount of alcohol now is not. Help!

I've been through a lot of changes lately and one of them has been losing 40 lbs. I love beer and socializing. And another change is being more social and putting myself out there. But the combination of eating less and weighing less has put a dent in my ability to deal with alcohol. I end up slightly more drunk and a lot more hungover How do I continue to enjoy the things I love without it affecting me so much? [more inside]
posted by Ironmouth at 10:18 AM - 34 answers

May 20

Rump Shaker

I bought a 2lb choice rump roast on deep discount that needs to be cooked today - how should i cook it? I googled around some but the cooking temps start at 200 and go up to 400, so i don't know who to trust. Note, I'll be cooking for a diabetic so I won't be doing a layer of potatoes or added tomato sauce or any other carb loaded options like that.
posted by radiopaste at 11:46 AM - 10 answers

May 19

Do wineries discard the first four harvests of newly planted vines?

I cannot remember exactly where I heard this claim made, and of which wineries and wine-producing regions. I've searched Google in vain! Any confirmation, particularly from a credible published or primary source, would be very satisfying. On the one hand, maybe this is a rare practice — or, on the other, perhaps so commonplace that vintners deem it too obvious to mention?
posted by alexandermatheson at 1:12 PM - 10 answers

May 18

What are your favorite pie-iron recipes?

What is there beyond white bread 'n' pie filling? Or white bread 'n' Nutella, or white bread 'n' cheddar... Please help me take my pie-iron cooking to the next level. [more inside]
posted by The corpse in the library at 5:18 PM - 21 answers

Which fancy restaurant on Orcas Island - New Leaf vs Ship Bay

I'm trying to pick a fine dining restaurant on Orcas Island for my best friend's 50th birthday. It looks like the top options are The Inn at Ship Bay Restaurant and the New Leaf restaurant at the Outlook Inn. They both get great reviews on Yelp and TripAdvisor, and they both have great views, and I need help choosing. [more inside]
posted by matildaben at 11:07 AM - 4 answers

Kid friendly high protein low sugar breakfasts.... without eggs.

I'm trying to nudge the kids (4.5 and 18 months) towards lower sugar/processed carb breakfasts. Protein is good, fat is fine, we're not counting calories - one's majorly underweight and the other's a toddler. "Nutritionally dense" is what we're aiming for. But there are snowflakes. Always with the snowflakes. [more inside]
posted by telepanda at 6:48 AM - 73 answers

May 17

How shelf-stable is Oaxacan mole paste?

My brother bought me two ziplock bags full of Oaxacan mole paste from a vacation in Mexico about two months ago. I asked him how to store it and he said to just toss it in my pantry. I totally forgot about it until today. I'm making dinner for him and his lady tonight (as well as my husband and toddler) and was thinking of using it for enchiladas. It still smells fine. Would you eat it?
posted by macrowave at 10:36 AM - 3 answers

May 16

Hired to cook for 20, stuck cooking for 40...

I was tapped by management recently to work the galley of a decent sized merchant vessel. Due to varying factors, I am stuck working alone, and will be cooking 3 meals a day for 40 people, rather than the usual 15-20. How can I make this bearable? What are some tips/tricks/shortcuts I can use to do as much as possible ahead of time, and maybe sneak in a nap here and there? More details inside. What will freeze well? [more inside]
posted by holybagel at 11:54 PM - 19 answers

Is there a (non-alcoholic) drink that Australia calls its own?

I have been planning fun and cutesy little dinner parties just for two once a week for my boyfriend and I where I find new recipes for a meal, a drink, and a dessert. Seeking an Aussie beverage! [more inside]
posted by cristalina at 5:59 PM - 18 answers

Fiddlehead fern safety

I want to make this fiddlehead fern recipe. However, it only recommends boiling/blanching the ferns for 1-2 minutes, whereas government safety websites (and plenty of others) seem to recommend boiling for 15 minutes or steaming for 10 minutes. What should I do? [more inside]
posted by andrewesque at 1:46 PM - 8 answers

Even starving academics (in Highgate) need to eat

Tomorrow, I'm off to the UK to sit in the British Library and read bad religious novels by authors you've never heard of! But when I'm not doing that, I may need to eat occasionally, lest the lack of nutrition make me fall asleep over triple-deckers by Mme. de Genlis. I'm staying in the Highgate area, relatively close to the cemetery. Any recommendations for good but not luxurious fare? Most cuisines are fine (Indian, Thai, Chinese, etc.).
posted by thomas j wise at 1:45 PM - 7 answers

May 15

Where to get beer I like in Italy?

So what are some good beer makers for me to look out for in Italy, and what particular bars or restaurants have good beer selections in Rome and Venice? My preferred styles are IPA, Belgian ales, stout; but anything that has some depth of flavor is good, especially if it is rooted in local/regional brewing traditions. Just not flavorless lager! [more inside]
posted by Mechitar at 9:53 AM - 7 answers

Jacques Pepin everyday egg breakfast

I'm trying to recall a cooking method. I saw it mentioned on, I believe, Top Chef within the past few seasons. I'm pretty sure it was Jacques Pepin, and he mentioned that his daily breakfast was a soft-boiled egg he prepared in a mug, possibly in a microwave. It basically seemed like a hack of his eggs en cocotte recipe. [more inside]
posted by mkultra at 6:56 AM - 7 answers

May 13

Get That Juicy Double

Help me make the perfect hamburger! I'm new to making my own hamburger patties, and am looking for tips to making the best beef burgers. [more inside]
posted by Bella Sebastian at 12:30 PM - 25 answers

May 12

What do you eat when craving sugar?

What are your go to snacks and beverages when craving sugar? I'm trying to give up processed foods again and the sugar detox last time was killer. I'd like to find a variety of ideas to increase my chances of success. [more inside]
posted by gilsonal at 6:58 AM - 31 answers

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