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March 20

Zen and the art of making tea all day

I have a bodywork practice. While people are in the waiting room, I would like to offer them some delicious herbal tea at the least possible inconvenience to myself, while maximizing their enjoyment. Is there a beautiful tea maker and warmer that is easy for people to pour from and maybe even works on a timer? Do you have recommendations for an extremely delicious herbal tea that I could source online? Have you seen any small ceramic cups that look like "California hipster wellness" that are not overly expensive? What am I forgetting?
posted by andreapandrea at 3:17 PM - 19 answers

March 19

Will this salad stay fresh unrefrigerated?

I found a new yummy salad to take to lunch. It has cut up cucumbers, tomato, mozzerella and onion in it. I'll have the dressing in a seperate container. Will this last in my bag at room temperature for five hours until eaten? Or should I find an insulated container? Thanks.
posted by starlybri at 4:01 PM - 22 answers

40th Birthday Cake - with challenges, of course!

Good friend is turning 40 and I'd like to make her a special dessert. A cake would be great, but she can't have dairy, eggs and really shouldn't have wheat, but will occasionally. Tree nuts are also off the table because of my own allergy. I am a decent baker, but have never had to mess around with subs or this set of restrictions. Looking for tasty cake ideas or if that is unrealistic, other options for a special dessert. Thanks all!
posted by MandaSayGrr at 1:58 PM - 23 answers

March 18

How does one fill gummy bear molds easily?

What tool, device, dropper, or whatever can I use to accurately and quickly fill 1.5 mL gummy bear molds with hot sugary sticky gummy mixture? [more inside]
posted by Mister Fabulous at 3:18 PM - 6 answers

Good online resource for food nutritional data?

I'm surprised how hard it's been to find this by googling: a reliable source that simply lists common foods (basic ingredients, including fruits, vegetables, grains, meats, etc.) along with the nutritional content of (defined quantities of) each. The list would ideally be sophisticated enough to distinguish between cooked and uncooked versions of the foods, and include dozens of foods, if not hundreds. At the moment I'm only interested in protein content, so that needs to be one of the nutrients listed. Anyone know of (hopefully free) sources that offer this?
posted by Mechitar at 2:51 PM - 7 answers

March 17

Improve My Diet Filter: Fish Edition

I've been working on eating more healthy in an effort to drop some weight. Now I'd like to focus on improving the quality of the fish I consume. [more inside]
posted by Gosha_Dog at 3:08 PM - 18 answers

Food Trucks in Austin, TX

I will be in Austin, TX next week for a convention. I'll be at the convention center. Where should I go to find food trucks? And are there particular trucks I should look for? Bonus question: Any restaurants I should not miss in Austin?
posted by OrangeDisk at 6:52 AM - 5 answers

March 16

Why is my stock fat floppy?

I make 50-something gallons of stock a week at the restaurant where I work. We make the stock from roasted bones; beef, chicken, veal, etc, no veg. We make the stock in either a steam kettle or a very large pot. Sometimes the fat, when cooled, creates a very solid layer on top of the stock. Sometimes it is mushy and soft like a slushy. What gives? , I still haven't figured out the variable that creates a soft or hard fat layer. [more inside]
posted by Grandysaur at 2:49 PM - 11 answers

Skippy Skimping Out?

My skipping peanut butter jar's bottom is concave. Why?
posted by INFJ at 12:15 PM - 8 answers

March 15

Informal reception for 30-40 people in Boston

Boston-area people: Please suggest public houses within a mile of the Prudential/Hynes Convention Center that can informally accommodate a gathering of 30-40 garrulous geographers. [more inside]
posted by obscurator at 7:39 AM - 6 answers

Recipe conversion: tomatoes to tomato puree

I don't like tomatoes. It's a texture thing. Can I substitute 1:1 tomato puree in things like chili and stews? [more inside]
posted by capricorn at 7:29 AM - 21 answers

March 14

Help me host a St. Patrick's day party

I would like to buy snacks and drinks for my team of 10 people on Friday afternoon in celebration of Saint Patrick's day. [more inside]
posted by elvissa at 7:01 PM - 8 answers

March 13

Is there a guide to international kitchen knife types?

I was at a nearby megamart that prided itself on being bi-lingual, everyone spoke Spanish and Portuguese! Apart from their excellent on-site fishmonger and butcher, who were very helpful and friendly, their cookware section had a lot of culinary knives of a pattern I hadn't seen before, and looked outlandish to my French/German/Japanese/Indian sensibilities (The Bonti, with coconut scraper, is the one kitchen utensil I really, really want, but know I am just not equipped to use it.) [more inside]
posted by Slap*Happy at 8:46 PM - 4 answers

Stovetop popcorn protocol

When making popcorn on the stove, I always pop in a couple "tester kernels" with the oil while it is heating. I was taught that once those kernels have popped, the oil is sufficiently hot and the rest of the kernels can then be added. Why is this necessary? Doesn't the act of adding a bunch of room-temperature kernels bring down the temperature of the oil anyway, causing the oil to have to re-heat? Can't I just add all the kernels in at once and let everything heat up together? The testers never appear to taste burnt or off to me- in fact it's impossible for me to tell which ones they were once all the other kernels have popped. [more inside]
posted by btfreek at 8:01 PM - 18 answers

What is the best fudge I can order online?

My friend recently finished his novel, and I would like to send him some celebratory fudge. Because novels are terrible to finish, I would like it to be exceptionally good fudge. What is the best fudge I can order and ship to him online?
posted by Alex Haist at 7:20 PM - 11 answers

March 12

Best Filet Mignon in Asheville

Where can I get an amazing filet mignon in Asheville, NC next Saturday night? [more inside]
posted by thebrokenmuse at 7:00 PM - 9 answers

Tips on Making the Best Fried Sweet Plantains (Platanos Maduros)

My plantains (platanos maduros) aren't as gooey and sweet as I would like them to be? How do I fix this? I'm trying to use this recipe. [more inside]
posted by andoatnp at 4:18 PM - 9 answers

March 11

Keto to go -- what to bring?

I am taking a road trip with my daughter and a few of her friends to a crafting retreat for a long weekend. And I am on day seven of keto (low carbs, medium protein, high fat). The meals are provided, but I don't want to drop the ball for four days. Any suggestions for things I can bring to snack on while avoiding carbs and sugars? ** Little snowflakes, all in a row below. ** [more inside]
posted by TrishaU at 5:43 PM - 12 answers

'Hot Enough' Drip Coffeemakers Cost, Electric Kettles Are Cheap. Why?

The thing with drip coffee makers is supposed to be that most do not get the water hot enough to produce a good brew. A few products that say they get the water hot enough are available for premium prices. But... ANY cheapo electric kettle produces boiling water. What's so hard about boiling water, letting it cool several degrees, and then spraying it on coffee grounds?
posted by justcorbly at 9:25 AM - 18 answers

March 10

She wants to eat [sophisticated] cake in Los Angeles, California

One of our group has a birthday coming up...we'll be in La Brea/Wilshire area restaurant but need to find a great cake to pick up for dessert and singing. Sweet Lady Jane isn't cutting it any longer--and we don't want a 'boring' old fashioned type of Susie Cakes for our birthday girl. [more inside]
posted by calgirl at 1:21 PM - 7 answers

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