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September 21

Laptop number keys not responding - Samsung Series 9

Non-responsive keys on laptop; what more can I try? [more inside]
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September 20

Can you turn a single speed bike into a 3-speed?

I am shocked at my lack of knowledge about bikes. Someone has a single speed Worksman bike for sale that fits my sudden need of a bike but I really need a 3 speed. Is it something that a bike shop could do for me?
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Mystery Sexy Theater 3000

I've been invited to a bad erotica reading. I need ridiculous erotica! [more inside]
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You have a book that you are halfway done. It is not what you expected. You hope it gets better but it doesn't. Do you finish the book or call it quits? How long does it take for you to decide that a book isn't worth the effort anymore? What do you do with this book when you are done with it? Donate, Trash, Put on a shelf.
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Unbreakable hair claws?

Anyone know if unbreakable hair claws exist anywhere? The ones I can find snap immediately upon contact with my hair. [more inside]
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Style me for a black tie wedding!

I have a black tie wedding, a used bridesmaid dress, and no idea how to style it so I look like a fancy wedding guest. My dress is a wine-colored version of this. I want to accessorize with some easily accessible, hopefully affordable accessories, but my jewelry collection is minimal. How should I style it? [more inside]
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Cheap way to get a US phone number for accounts text/call while abroad?

I recently moved to China from the US and made a bit of a blunder. I let my American number lapse thinking that I would just get a number in China... that has been fine, but now I don't know what to do for credit cards and bank accounts! I have a friend letting me use their physical address, but I don't know what to do about the phone number. More details inside! [more inside]
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Recommend where to donate for Carribean Island hurricane relief?

This hurricane season has been brutal. What NGOs are most likely to successfully deliver disaster, public health, and reconstruction relief?
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Can I eat this? - chicken stock left out for 12 hours....

I would ordinarily throw something like this out immediately but I am out of grocery money and this stock was made with a beautiful organic chicken and a pile of local veggies. Both were gifts. After eating the chicken for dinner last night, I slow-cooked the rest of the carcass overnight. This morning, I drained the hot stock into a pot and accidentally left the pot uncovered in the sink while I went to work. Temp outside today was a humid 75 fahrenheit and it's a shady kitchen. Keep or toss?
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Finding what happened to person in prison

Asking for a friend: I need some help navigating the prison system. I have a cousin who is in federal prison in West Virginia. He was taken out to have surgery, and we have not heard from him in about a month or so. [more inside]
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Tell Me About My Computer

I've just bought a refurbished laptop to replace the former-job-assigned Mac that was my travel computer. It's adorable. And tiny. I have no idea what half its specs mean, and probably don't need to, but… what can I do with my new widget? [more inside]
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Like Jumanji, but with fewer lions

I want to DIY a board/card game as a gift for my partner, based on a set of characters and world we have built together. I'm looking for already existing games to model off of or just reskin, rather than making a whole new game. [more inside]
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Can't find this feminist song from the 70s

I'm looking for a song women marched to in the 70s. [more inside]
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Why is my employer re-requesting my passport and SS card?

Calling all Human Resources managers! I'm suspicious that my boss is up to something fishy, and I'm not sure if these suspicions are valid or not. He says the reason for the request is employment eligibility verification, however, I already provided these documents when I was hired. More details below. [more inside]
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Teaching abroad in retirement.

OK. Starting to do some long range planning. My wife and I would like to retire in three to eight years. Probably around five years from now. I would be 60 and she would be 65. Our after tax income will probably be between 2500 and 4000 bucks a month. House paid off. Liquid assets of $150,000 to possibly $400,000. No debt--hopefully. [more inside]
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Is my sundew plant OK?

My sundew plant has been putting out lots of buds. Is this OK? I'm concerned because after my Venus flytrap flowered, it died. [more inside]
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Turkey Cutlet Recipe from the '80s

I'm trying to find a recipe my mother used to make in the '80s. I think she found it on the back of a package of turkey cutlets. [more inside]
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Need business Thank You gift - for a PO Box

I want to send someone a thank you gift for giving me repeat business. But the only mailing address I have available is a PO Box. That means I can't send chocolates (melty) or flowers (wilty). Do you have a suggestion for a small, business-appropriate gift that costs less than $50 and can sit in a PO Box for a few days without being ruined?
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Iure Sanguinis & EU (Italian) citizenship — che cazzo?

My father became (was not born as) an Italian citizen in pre-EU times, but he has been living in the US as an American citizen for roughly 40 years. I was born in the US. How can I parlay this into EU citizenship for myself? [more inside]
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With depression, what gets you through the lowest days?

I have bipolar disorder and take mood stabilisers which helps with the mood swings, but sometimes out of nowhere my mood will totally plummet. There doesn't need to be any external cause although things like changes in sleep patterns can trigger it. Nothing that I usually enjoy (like cinema or music) makes me happy, the only thing that brings me comfort is overeating with takeaways and lying in bed all day trying to sleep it away, and my personal hygiene and self-care goes out the window. Obviously these are not good coping strategies. Thankfully I don't have issues with self-harm or self-medicating, but these episodes cause me a lot of emotional pain and I think my coping mechanisms make them last longer than they need to. I can't take anti-depressants with my illness because they can trigger a manic episode. What gets you through times like these, if you have this issue? At the moment I just have to ride them out but it gets exhausting.
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Help! New auditor making totally arbitrary rules

Someone got promoted and they are earning their keep by creating new requirements that are arbitrary. This will reduce efficiency. Help me cope and consider my options! [more inside]
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Cracking the Code on Budgeting

I'm an independent contractor who is struggling to get a grip on my money. I struggle with coding my bank transactions in a timely way, coding transactions from different sources (PayPal/Amazon/checks), and having to code transactions repeatedly in different applications (Mint/Quickbooks SE/YNAB). [more inside]
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When would it be possible to completely lose a sense of rhythm?

In wondering whether my dog enjoys having his paws moved to the beat of a song, I wondered whether one can have a sense of rhythm without a sense of math? Or, can one lack a sense of rhythm completely? I guess another way of saying this is: is there an equivalent of colorblindness for rhythm? Not just a tone-deafness, but a complete inability to perceive it? If so, what causes it? It seems to me like it should be related to the ability to understand math, but maybe it is something else? [more inside]
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Thinking of taking home off the market until next spring

Is it a good idea to take a home off the market for the winter. [more inside]
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Does anyone know how kids' brains develop?

I'm curious if the hivemind knows how much people have studied how kids develop mentally. Sure, we know there are intellectual milestones that kids achieve at different rates, etc, etc.. But how much variation is there? Or for a specific example, if a kid seems a bit slower than his/her peers in kindergarten -- how often will that slowness persist through to high school? Do some kids have an epiphany in 6th grade, like a mental growth spurt? [more inside]
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Geographically diverse podcasts; generic or in specific fields

What are some great podcasts that talk about things from around the world and not only, or mostly, from any specific country? [more inside]
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Best remedies to avoid getting sick?

Mr. Circle and I leave in 3 days for the month-long European vacation of our dreams. I woke up this morning feeling like crap. Congested and exhausted. I blew it off as allergies and took some Flonase, but I'm feeling worse. What is my best defense to keep from getting sick, besides going home and going back to bed? [more inside]
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Seeking a fee-based financial planner in Austin

I am looking for recommendations for a fee-based financial planner who is also experienced in student loan debt. I have looked at a few websites but would like to know if there is anyone in the area you would recommend. Sites I have consulted: XY Planning Network, Let's Make a Plan, NAPFA, and Garrett Planning Network.
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Your Best Seattle

I'm meeting up with a VERY old friend in Seattle in October. She is visiting from England and has a free day from 11am onwards. I'm driving down from Vancouver so we have all of half a day to spend together before I have to come home and I want to maximize our time. What would you do? [more inside]
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Is my roof rack African or European?

I have a 2013 Hyundai Tucson Limited. It has this stock roof rack (side rails and cross bars). There is a sticker that says the weight limit is 220#. Is this a static or dynamic weight limit? [more inside]
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Best breweries in the US that employ women?

My podcast (you can find the link in my profile) is embarking on the 50 States Beer Project. I need your help in finding the best of the best in each US state (except Alabama, as I've already done that one). Difficulty: women who work in the industry. [more inside]
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Letting go of a freelance client because of mental health reasons

I feel like I need to stop working for a certain freelance client for my own mental health, and I'm not sure what to say to this person. [more inside]
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Please help me identify this object (kitchen tool?)

We think it's a kitchen implement. There's a small piece broken off, but it's largely intact. If you recognize it, please ID it for us, and thanks! Pics below the fold. [more inside]
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In search of the perfect dehydrated apples for morning oatmeal

I have subscribed to snacks from Nature Box for quite a while, but have grown increasingly annoyed with their website, pricing model, etc. I realized the only thing they make that I don't know how to replace with grocery store items is their instant oatmeal, specifically the apple-cinnamon variety. It has little dried out cubes of cinnamon-y apple, and when you pour boiling water over, the apple chunks become rehydrated and delicious, but not too sweet. Anyone know if there's a good brand out there that sells something like this so I could do my own instant oatmeal at the office instead? [more inside]
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Quick NYC Sightseeing Itinerary

I'm at a conference with quick access to NYC and my colleague, who has never been before, would like to go in for the evening. All of my day trips in the past are predicated on getting back on the train at like 5:30 so I have no clue where to take her. [more inside]
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What metal are beer bottle tops made from?

What metal are beer bottle tops made from? [more inside]
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Books about sheltered people becoming worldly

What are some books where the protagonist is naive/spoilt/sheltered and goes through a life changing experience that makes them worldly and resilient? [more inside]
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Top Gear Challenge - Luxury Car flavour

I'm doing a "Top Gear £1000 Challenge" with a group of friends next year. So looking for some assistance / advice / recommendations from you guys. Challenge this year is "In a team of 2 people, buy a luxury car for under £1000 and drive some of the best, most iconic driving roads Europe has to offer. " What car should I go for? I know next to nothing about cars so need something that will be reliable.
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Can venmo turn over someones clients to the authorities ?

Lets say I have a friend who walks dogs and I pay him for walking my dog by way of Venmo. Lets say, hypothetically, this dog walker also sells pot to other people (which is illegal in the state I live, and I understand is against venmo's TOS - but I imagine this could happen). If my dog walker accepts money for pot through Venmo and then is arrested, could the authorities look into his Venmo account and see all the people that have paid him money? Could I be under suspicion for buying drugs because I have paid this person for his dog walking services? Is there any legal consequence for using Venmo with people who might not be following the Venmo rules?
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Advice for a graduate advisor on harassment in external lab

I am an advisor to graduate students in a science-based discipline. The university at which I work has a centralized lab facility made available to all students to conduct their research. One of my graduate students needs this lab to complete their thesis. Unfortunately, the lab is currently managed by somebody who makes my student uncomfortable. I am trying to find a solution so that this lab manager's present does not impact my student's education any further. What can, and should, I do? [more inside]
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Stuck and struggling

I feel stuck and I don't know what will help right now. What should I do? [more inside]
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September 19

Explain it like I'm a 5 year old with graying hair

I have literally never dyed my hair except for getting red semi-permanent lowlights or tints from a salon now and then. Never gotten a full dye (not sure what it's called, but I mean vs. highlights or tints) nor have I ever even used permanent color. [more inside]
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Why did it have to be snakes?

This is on behalf of a friend who keeps finding these guys in her apartment. Can anyone identify them and safe ways of removing this unwanted houseguest? [more inside]
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How to send a modern mixtape

My bff is in residential rehab and requested that I send her music in a care package. She has no access to a smartphone or any other technology. How do I send her a digital mixtape or personal music device loaded with tunes for under $50? I have plenty of music on my personal iTunes-- purchased and uploaded from CDs.
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Recommend a circular fish eye lens for Canon Rebel Xsi?

Hi. I am wanting to purchase a circular fish eye lens for the Canon Rebel Xsi. My budget range is $350 - $600.
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Legal responsibilities of management re: harassment between employees

What legal responsibilities or consequences are there for someone in a management position when it's discovered that one employee is sending harassing messages to another? Not sexual harassment, but expletive-laden rants about how terrible the employee is, how stupid, how bad at their job, how they need to quit, etc. [more inside]
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*gestures at question*

I am looking for a specific image... meme? overlay? of a man gesturing at/presenting a photo in the background with outstretched arms (like an angled V, or <). The man is looking at you, the viewer, not the photo, with a slightly defiant expression. It is generally used by people trying to emphasize their point by substituting their own image in the background. I have seen this many times on twitter and tumblr but currently cannot for the life of me find it nor the correct search terms to bring it up. Thank you. [more inside]
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Low in iron, high in irony

Suggestions for recipes or meal plans for high-iron foods please! [more inside]
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Speedy Laptop Recommendation Needed

What speedy 14"-+ reliable laptop do you swear by? [more inside]
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ISO amazing potluck dessert recipe

My friends are having an end-of-summer potluck this weekend and I have volunteered to bring a dessert. Desserts are perhaps my one and only strong suit when it comes to cooking, but all of my go-to awe-inspiring recipes are very long and complicated and/or unsuitable for a casual pot luck (Paris-Brest cake! Creme brulee!) and I'm still in the process of replenishing my kitchen after my roommate moved out and took his half of the pots and pans. :) Suggestions please for a relatively simple but spectacular dessert for such an occasion? [more inside]
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Am I missing a joke from "Toast of London" or is it a mistake?

The BBC show "Toast of London is full of surreal jokes, so I can't tell if I'm missing something or it's just a filming glitch. [more inside]
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What movies/TV shows have somebody saying "wake up"?

I'd like to find movies and television episodes where somebody says "wake up," or something idiomatically similar ("rise and shine," "wakey wakey," "get up," etc.). Ideally with links to clips of that moment in the movie or TV show. This is for an audio project, so "interpretive" wake-ups (silent films with title cards, animals making noises to wake each other up, foreign languages) are delightful but don't serve my purpose: hoping for clear, English-language "wake up" spoken clips.
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Dog Losing Weight and Other Symptoms

My 6 year old spayed female Maltese has been exhibiting some worrisome symptoms of what? In July, I took her to the vet after she was throwing up and having diarrhea and walking around kinda hunched up, not acting herself. [more inside]
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Tame my hellscape

I have a large (1 acre), steep (30% grade) south-facing back yard, with several very large trees in Zone 6b. Right now it is running amok with weeds and vines because it is just so uncomfortable to be out there. What can I plant that will stop erosion, suppress weeds, and look lovely year-round? [more inside]
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Why do I lose my voice so often?

Every time one of my kids passes on a cold to me(and that happens multiple times during Autumn/Winter/Spring) I lose my voice. Why? [more inside]
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Help keep me shod!

I need some new shoes, but I'm not sure how to describe what I want. And of course my feet are unique snowflakes so of course there's more details inside. [more inside]
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Snack foods for a classroom

I need to buy 300 snacks for my son's kindergarten class. What's the most cost effective way of doing this? [more inside]
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Low-key outdoors experience in Portland/Rainier area

If you were starting the day in Rainier and ending up in Portland this Sunday, where would you go for an easy hike? [more inside]
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Is there anything productive I can say to litterbugs?

I live in New York (work in Manhattan, live in Brooklyn) and often see people just throw trash on the ground whether it's a cigarette butt or some plastic, even while in close proximity to garbage cans, is there anything productive I can say to them? [more inside]
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GarageBand and iMovie for newbies

I've started writing and recording original songs. I'd like to be able to record isolated vocal and ukulele tracks, and to make short videos for them. I can't figure out how to use GarageBand or YouTube for the iPhone S. [more inside]
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Weather phenomena, delusional edition...

I woke up in intensive care on January 13, quite delusional. I "remember" quite a few things which, I am told, didn't really happen. The most vivid memory was of watching the weather Channel from my hospital bed and hearing of weather phenomena (severe storms and even forest fires) on earth caused by a conjuction of the planets including Pluto and Jupiter. I can find no reference to this now that I am in my right mind. Did my subconscious make this up, too?
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Tips for helping learn the tricksy parts of the Irish language?

Miko and I are leaving for Ireland (Dublin, Galway, Aran Islands, etc.) in early October, and we're having enormous fun learning Irish. Could use fluent speaker assistance in cutting through the competing information. [more inside]
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Why am I not losing weight on Wellbutrin and Topamax?

I've gained 20 pounds over time because of antidepressants I've taken, and that has made me more depressed. As a result, my doctor changed some of my medications to Wellbutrin and Topamax. [more inside]
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I want a large screen displaying Google and Outlook calendars--cheap!

I have a 24" by 18" paper calendar on my work desk showing me a whole month of stuff, but for some reason, I can't get it to automatically sync with Outlook and Google. [more inside]
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Workout advice for a noob

I've just started exercising for the first time in my life and I could use some guidance around what kinds of workouts would be best for me as a 40-something fat guy with zero gym experience. I have a Planet Fitness membership, realistic (I think) goals and expectations, and (so far) a strong will to make this work, but I'd like to know what I can and should do to maximize the return on my efforts. [more inside]
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Skirting around the issue. (The issue is the late 90s are over, boooo.)

I would like a cargo skirt please. Something like this to answer all of my tween-age dreams. (Actually, I had one when I was 12 and I wore it every time I had to wear a skirt and it was great and I'd like to revisit that great skirt.) Please help me find one! [more inside]
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Why Do Wounds Itch as they Heal?

It seems like especially small wounds (like a scrape) can drive me bonkers with itching as they heal. I'm curious to know why wounds itch as they heal?
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Which Lil Wayne documentary should I watch?

Three Lil Wayne documentaries are available on Netflix: The Last Soldier, Blood Sweat and Tears, and Hoodz. They're all rated 3 or 3 1/2 stars. I want to watch one of them. Which should I choose?
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Care package post shoulder surgery

A good friend, who is normally a very active person, is about to get her shoulder operated on and will essentially be one-armed for the next few months. A group of her friends, including me, are getting together to send her a care package to help her make it through this time. [more inside]
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What does cat stress grooming look like?

My adorable cat Ember has been over-grooming for a couple of months. She's got bald patches on her legs and on her back. I'm not sure if it's stress grooming or a food allergy. When she bites or licks herself, it's sudden, like something is biting her, but we're 99% sure that it's not due to bugs. MeFites with cats that stress groom or have in the past, does sudden biting and licking mirror your experiences, or does it seem more like some sort of allergy? [more inside]
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Where does the purse go in a car?

You are a purse-carrying individual who drives a vehicle. Where do you put your purse for the drive? And how does a passenger in the front seat change your answer? [more inside]
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How do I get my apartment renovation started?

I’m actually quite comfortable with the late-90s furnishings of my place, but I want to sell or rent it out soon, and I know updating everything would make it more appealing. Everything I’ve seen on the web says “start looking at design ideas” — but I care more about utility than appearances. I’d like to spend as little as possible to make it up-to-date. Where do I start? Can I just go to a contractor and say “give me your cheapest paint-by-numbers package”? [more inside]
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Software to measure room layouts.

I'm refitting my home and often need to take measurements to figure out what materials I need and what will fit where. I need a simple tool to draw rooms and shapes and figure out what can fit in. But wait! It's not that simple. My house is a boat and EVERYTHING curves in several directions at once. [more inside]
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Damage to Slow Cooker

I bought a new slow cooker a few weeks ago, and each time I've use it the coating on the inside of the pot has changed colour, as if heat is damaging it. Can anyone explain what's happening? I'm a bit worried I'm going to be poisoned by it, so I've stopped using it. Here's a photo. [more inside]
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Paper reference library

I want to own a series of good reference texts for my home that I can browse and with which to edify myself. Right now, I am most interested in learning about geography, but I am open to suggestions on any reference texts that are important to have in a home library. [more inside]
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Visiting Australia with different interests?

Three friends are traveling to Australia for 9 days (including arrival/departure days). This time will be split between Sydney and the northeastern coast (Great Barrier Reef). They have very different interests, and they sincerely do not wish to ruin each other's trips, but also don't want their own trips ruined, especially because it is unlikely that they will ever have the time/money to return to Australia. [more inside]
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Shopping Carts in San Francisco Bay

Oh well, shopping carts. In San Francisco Bay. What to do? [more inside]
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September 18

Building a small house in Canada

Hi folks! I've been exploring the possibility of buying a piece of vacant land in BC or Ontario to put up a small house in 8-10 years when I'm sick of work. Is it a good idea to find and buy a nice plot of land when it comes up, and just hang on to it till I'm ready to build? I also have a list of questions about living in more rural areas. [more inside]
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IRS Notice of Levy?

My partner received an IRS Notice of Levy from their employer... what does this mean? [more inside]
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How to develop resilience as an adult

Or, help me kick my own ass. Please. [more inside]
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Lorenzo Il Magnifico

Ada Palmer refers to Lorenzo de Medici as a "perfect humanist prince." What is the best single-volume biography of Lorenzo? Best single volume history of the Medicis? And best single-volume history of Medieval and/or Renaissance Florence?
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Bean safety

I canned some green beans about a month ago. Is it a problem if the beans are poking up above the liquid? When we initially canned them the beans were below the liquid and the beans were floating. Now they're not floating, and the liquid level has lowered. The lids are all secure.
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Two day interview survival tips

I recently got an interview offer for what I think is my dream job at a major university. I know the area and the department as I used to live/work there, and provided the salary and workday is what I expect it is, I plan to take this job. But they just sent me the itinerary and it's a two-day behemoth where I meet/interview with 25 people. Help me not screw this up! [more inside]
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Help Me Post My Open Job!

My small company is growing and ready to hire an officer manager. I’m lost when it comes to knowing where to post this job. Please help! Location: USA> California> Los Angeles [more inside]
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Kid's birthday party etiquette help, SVP?

My 1st grader has been invited to 2 birthday parties at the same time on the same day. I already accepted the first invite, how do I handle the 2nd? [more inside]
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Getting new carpet when you have a heart condition

I live alone. I have newly diagnosed hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. I have no friends that live nearby. I can do light cardiovascular exercise but I am still in the phase of treatment where I am supposed to avoid lifting or moving heavy objects. Unfortunately, because I've lived in my apartment for so long (10+ years), my landlord is demanding that I get all my carpets replaced (on their dime) as part of renewing my lease. How do I do? [more inside]
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Recipes with jalapenos for novice pepper-eater

What can I make with these half a dozen ripe jalapeno peppers? I haven't cooked with them before, and I am OK with pretty spicy food, so what should I make? [more inside]
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What's cool in the refrigerator market?

We are in the market for a new fridge to replace our aging one. What should we look for, and what should we avoid? [more inside]
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So am I vegetarian now?

This sounds like a dumb question I know. Lately I've had more concerns about meat. Is this what it can feel like or how it started for you? I'm not sure how to sort my feelings. [more inside]
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Is Teen Vogue appropriate for a 13-year old?

I keep seeing links to cool/thoughtful articles about current topics in Teen Vogue (today's example: Why Hollywood’s White Savior Obsession Is an Extension of Colonialism). But, I've never seen the hard copy magazine to get a sense of the overall tone of the print magazine, and whether it is really pitched to older teens (say 16+), or whether it would be ok for a younger teen who can read articles at the level of the one I linked. I'd get a subscription for my daughter if it's the latter. [more inside]
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ID this old comic

Single issue (I think? Yet it seemed like a full story?) I read in the late 80s. It belonged to my big brother and was kinda over my head. Theme was nuclear holocaust. It was not realist. Art style was simple and uncluttered. Bright colors and clear lines. Not a lot of dialog or words. I remember the image of the sky looking like the old Tide logo. That's all I remember.
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Foot funk on furniture

What's the best way to remove a sour, smelly foot smell from a couch? [more inside]
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Bikin' bike bike! Is it worth it to overhaul my 1981 Schwinn?

I have a 1981 Schwinn LeTour of which I am extremely fond, Susan. I would like to start using my bike again. Is it worth it to pay for an overhaul of a 36 year old bike? [more inside]
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Setting up a shared drive for enterprise

Looking for suggestions for current best practices and options for setting up a new shared drive in an enterprise setting that is robust and support enterprise level shared growth over time. [more inside]
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Relationship between Michelson & Morley (1887) table and figure

I'm trying to understand Michelson & Morley (1887), and as part of this I'm trying to reproduce their figure 6 from the data in the table. I do not understand how they relate. [more inside]
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Your best resources and advice for Sims 4 please

What are the best websites for user generated content and walkthroughs for Sims 4? Any personal gameplay challenges you've dreamed up or fun things to do that you have discovered? [more inside]
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dumple me

The stars have aligned and I have everything I need to make delicious Asian-style vegetarian dumplings at home...except a great filling recipe. Please help! Specifics inside. [more inside]
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How do I lead in the presence of interpersonal conflict?

I'm taking a leadership role in an organization. There's a guy here who I don't feel comfortable or happy to work with. How to proceed? [more inside]
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Best time-clock application or system?

Hi folks! I work with undergrads who do not currently use a clock in/out system but still have to put in their hours at the end of the week. We're looking for a simple clock-in/out system for them that would be usable across our work computers but not accessible online, necessarily. [more inside]
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Nursing - Why Is Baby Snoozing at the Tap?

Little REH is a beautiful 5 week old boy. Breastfeeding is going pretty well, but there have been variations...regressions? [more inside]
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Can you park in front of an in-line sidewalk ramp in a residential area?

I live in Denver and the city installed these sidewalk access ramps on the curbs in our neighborhood. Great, right? Except our house right at the end of where a street dead ends, so they put in an in-line ramp right in front of our house, like the place where we park our car. Is it illegal to block this? [more inside]
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Flashcard app for the mac OS environment?

Flashcard app for the mac OS environment? Looking for something that will do "smart" spaced learning in the same way Anki does (meaning, it adapts to your responses). Need it to work on desktop and iPhone --- no iPad. [more inside]
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Help me manage multiple video files and episode watchings.

I'm having trouble keeping up with where I am when I watch several different shows each day and the episode names are unmemorable. [more inside]
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Car Conundrum! Confounded by Conflicting Conclusions!

We recently bought a used car that we expected to last us about 5 years, with reasonable repairs needed on occasion. But just a few hundred miles into our ownership, it started having engine troubles. We have two mechanics’ differing opinions as to the seriousness of said troubles. We are trying to decide whether or not this car is worth fixing. YANMM, but some additional perspectives would be nice. Saga after the jump. [more inside]
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How do you add special effects to a video?

Hi, I have the IMovie app and it works nice to piece together video clips to make a larger video. It does slow motion and has some sound effects, but I want to have more visual effects. I'm looking for fast motion and fun things, like maybe twinkling stars or pretty much anything. Do you know how I can add those to IMovie? Or would I have to get a completely different video app. Hopefully I can just get an app that will allow me to add on to the IMovie app. Thanks in advance!
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One-time cat breeding. Is it possible?

My family is thinking of getting a cat. I would like my kids to have the experience of a cat birthing a litter and raising its kittens until it's time to give them away. This would be just one litter, and then we'd have the mother cat spayed. What is the best way of accomplishing this? [more inside]
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Seeking superior subterranean sleeper sofa

We need to upgrade our guest room amenities, but there is limited space is in basement of our Philadelphia rowhouse. [more inside]
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Looking for iPad games

I have some travel coming up, and would appreciate game recommendations for the iPad, particularly point & click puzzlers. [more inside]
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Student loans still listing as in deferment

I graduated recently. I have some student loans from my master's work 5 years ago, and did exit counseling mandated by the federal government through their site. I noticed that I hadn't received a bill in the mail, so I went to my borrower portal on the lender's site to check on things, and they have me listed as being in deferment for another 4 years. What's the difference between contacting them to set things straight, and just letting them take the time to figure out that they're incorrect? Is a lag like that normal? Is it my responsibility to reach out to them with the proper status? [more inside]
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How do you shoe?

How often do you (or should you) replace sneakers for cross training? [more inside]
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Render unto me your papercraft recommendations

So I read the very interesting Irving Harper post and, looking at his papercraft stuff (especially the hanging sculptures) I thought, "I could do simpler, clumsier versions of that stuff and it would still look pretty neat". [more inside]
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Need ideas for a wedding gift for horror fans

Are there any great horror coffee table books or a source of truly creepy housewares?(My friends are HUGE horror movie buffs, so I want to get them something appropriately creepy for their wedding.)
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existential angst-filter

My friend died. I am struggling with, I am sure, extremely normal feelings like "what's it all about anyway?" How do I work through this? My heart is telling me to quit my job and run away to the countryside but I'm fairly sure this is temporary craziness brought about by bereavement. [more inside]
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Oh cat, I really wish you wouldn't do this

I am writing this at 3 in the morning because for the millionth time our cat had diarrhea, stepped in it, and tracked it around the entire apartment. It took half an hour to clean up. What can I do to prevent this living nightmare from ever happening again? [more inside]
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How to sell a house in France (help for British in-laws edition)

Can any mefites help - my parents in law are British citizens currently living in the area of Lot-de-Garonne (close to Marmande) in a beautiful two-bedroom house which they are struggling to sell and I don't know how else to help them. [more inside]
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I haven't told my dad I'm pregnant. Meh or is this a mistake?

I'm an only child. I'm pregnant in my late 30s with my first child and therefore my dad's first and possibly only grandchild. My dad is about 75. So yeah I guess he could die or get really sick in the near future. We don't have a good relationship, but we're not deliberately estranged nor am I formally disowned. [more inside]
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September 17

Recommend a urologist that more doctor than mechanic.

I would like a recommendation for a urologist in the Boston area that: 1) Can do a vasectomy. 2) Can intelligently explain the risks of various complications and what they would do to mitigate them. [more inside]
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Am I expecting too much?

If you developed a potentially worrisome medical issue, how much do you expect your partner to proactively follow up on it? By follow up, I mean actions such as generating their own questions or doing their own research? [more inside]
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How do I stop wanting unavailable guys?

I seem to have a type, and it is men who cannot or will not love me back and commit to me. I've read the self-help books, I've talked it out ad nauseum, I've thought it through, now how do I actually detach myself and find myself someone who really loves me and wants to be with me? [more inside]
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Self-contained foods

I like empanadas, hand pies, tamales, burritos, and other food that's encased in something starchy. I shouldn't eat (much) wheat. What else should I try making? [more inside]
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Basic art direction, skills and narrative ideas for a semi-beginner

I posted this question three years ago and I still haven't figured out to actually become a better artist. Although now I've kind of articulated what I need help with. I've mostly been doing illustration since 2007 in middle school and have been working on and off without much improvement. [more inside]
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London or Edinburgh?

Trying to decide where to spend some precious vacation time! [more inside]
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Pasadena to LAX

I haven't been to LAX on my own in about 6 years. Tuesday I fly out of there for a day trip and need to be at the Spirit Airlines gate by 5 am to check in for my 7am flight. Where do I park and how do I get to the right drop off point for Spirit? Is there a shuttle? Do you recommend against or for any other things I may not be thinking about? Thank you!
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Buying books signed by the author on the internet

How do I know that the signature in these books is truly from the author?
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Denver, Zion, Yosemite, Bend, and Olympic NP. Help me camp.

Mid-October road trip needs a smidge of formality. This is where you guys come in. Help me find things to do and places to see with a tight schedule. [more inside]
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Good video game streams

I've watched all of awful squad and I need new streams to watch. [more inside]
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Alternatives to Root Beer Floats

What are some good soda + ice cream combinations, as alternatives to root beer floats? [more inside]
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I lent my iPad to my nephew, now it runs... poorly

My family came to visit for the summer, my nephew needed to do some schoolwork and his iPad was broken. I let him use mine, he did his work, all's well. Except it runs like crap. [more inside]
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ˈɪndɔː plɑːnts: plants that die slowly in buildings

I need to get up to speed on designing (and to some extent maintaining) indoor plants. [more inside]
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Finding old picture book -- Children's Lives Around the World

I'm trying to find an ilustrated picture book I had sometime around 1990 that showed a day in the life of children and families around the world. [more inside]
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best books about U.S. health care?

I want to read 2-3 books about the current state of the United States health care system. My goal is to have a better working understanding of the current problems, potential solutions, political realities, etc. Bonus points for lively, compelling reads! What should I be looking at?
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Innsbruck and Salzburg!

My Smizmar and I are popping to Innsbruck next week for 4 nights (Sat-Wed), with a day trip to Salzburg. Please give me your tips, especially for a day's walking in the mountains. [more inside]
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Just bought a new iMac and I’m looking for a second screen

I just bought a new iMac with Thunderbolt C connections. I’m looking for a great second green for creative work, editing, etc. Something new in the $1000 range. Any suggestions?
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Besides "To an Athlete Dying Young"

Looking for poems about sports and athletes. Any sport. Any time period. If it's not online, it would be great if you could provide the name of a book it's in.
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How did you find confidence in social interactions, esp dating?

I also wrote this question, and many people rightfully said I just needed to stop overthinking things and have more confidence... the thing is, I don't know how to do that! [more inside]
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I feel insanely unlikeable

... I'm pretty sure it's not just me. How do I work on this? [more inside]
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Close friend making ignorant comments. How to deal?

She's white, I'm not. It's stressing me out and worrying me. [more inside]
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Think happy (critical) thoughts!!

How do I become an optimistic critical thinker? [more inside]
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September 16

How do I get a dishwasher to fit with pipes in the way?

The installer showed up with the new dishwasher (KitchenAid KDTM404EWH). Once he took the old one out, he found that there are pipes in the way. Any ideas about what I can do? [more inside]
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Fun Podcasts about Windows Server / Enterprise Geekery?

Are there any entertaining podcasts that'll help me get familiar with Windows Server or general IT enterprise support? [more inside]
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How can I donate for victims of the Asian flood?

What's the best way to help victims of this flood?
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And was that fun?

My five year old niece likes to talk to me on the phone, and is finally starting to actually participate in conversations instead of just going silent if she doesn't have an immediate answer to a question. But now that I can ask her questions and get real answers, what should I ask her? And how? [more inside]
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Find me an exercise I actually want to do!

I'm a natural layabout who needs to find a (preferably core-strengthening, preferably cheap) exercise I like enough to become a habit. [more inside]
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Recorded at Electric Lady in NYC and Abbey Road in London

Why do bands record their albums in multiple studios all over the world? [more inside]
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What's the deal with Plott Hounds?

Looking to bring another dog into the family and seeing quite a few but not familiar with the breed. [more inside]
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How do I deal with my body image issues after comments during sex?

A good friend and I hooked up a few times here and there and he didn't try to hide the fact that he doesn't find my body to be that attractive. [more inside]
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What ballpoint ink refill is this? Sanrio

Dear pen and ink experts: I'm trying to find a refill for a ballpoint pen and am having no luck. All I know is that it's definitely not a D1; the pen is by Sanrio, made in Japan, probably '90s. The refill shaft is smooth with no nubs or anything and looks very generic. It attaches to some kind of base and the entire length of the refill is covered by a spring. Photo attached- about 62mm in length, plastic.
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What was the name of the lipstick in last month's Sephora Play box?

I believe the brand is Tarte, the tube is a light blue. I loved it, I dropped it in a water fountain at the mall, and I want to buy it! The girls at Sephora said it was Tarte Rum Punch but I tried that one and it looks wrong. Can someone check for me please?
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Thoughts on cordless electric weedeaters?

I'm looking at getting a cordless electric weedeater, but reviews are pretty mixed on all the ones I've looked at. I'm hoping to keep it around or less than $100, since I wouldn't use one very often even if I liked it. Anyone have any recent experiences, good or bad, or recommendations? [more inside]
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80s images for a half sleeve tattoo.

I'm a massive 1980s fan. I'm seriously considering getting a unique 1980s themed half sleeve tattoo. I want it to contain loss of 80s images. Pacman, a space invader, Rubics cube. Maybe a wslkman. Any one come up with some other suggestions? Also I want to add a 1980s or 80s in a nice neon type script in it. Any pointers?
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help me do my D&D homework

D&D 5e tomorrow, last session with these characters, and the DM has said that he's come up with a """"fun""""" and """""really challenging""""" final dungeon. I assume this means he is going to do his level best to murder us all. Help me come up with a legendary-level item to make him work for it. [more inside]
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What's the movie about a depressed professor with a bomb?

What's the movie I watched a few years ago about an old depressed professor who took steps to bring a bomb to school? I believe he taught film and I recall the students mocking him behind his back. Google isn't helping.
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Songs you didn't know were covers b/c originals are relatively obscure

After the current bump in online chatter regarding Natalie Imbruglia's 1997 hit "Torn" actually being a cover of a relatively obscure song by relatively obscure group Ednaswap from 1993, I'm curious just how many of the songs I know and love are actually covers by popular artists of unknown/obscure bands/songs. [more inside]
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Pick up an iPhone SE now or hold out for a (potential) SE2?

I'm currently getting by with a 4S, but TMobile has dropped support; I now get 2G speeds at best for data, and cell coverage is spotty now, too. I am not a heavy phone user, so I could limp along and make it work for a little while -- I mostly need text/email/music functions -- but since a refresh seems unlikely to happen until at least Spring 2018, am I frustrating myself needlessly? Obviously, I keep phones forever, so being as futureproof as possible is an important consideration.
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Help my tween have a good time at her first school dance.

This is her first year of middle school in a new district. She's mostly nervous about dancing, so I've been looking for some beginner's tutorials she could be comfortable with, but they look either dated or too advanced. Can you point me to some current, cool, beginner's dance tutorial videos? Bonus: How do kids generally dress for casual dances? Does the dance theme matter for that? Any other tips? [more inside]
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Trying to find a bag worn by Chris in the show "I Love Dick"

Looking to buy a bag as a surprise gift for my wife. It's worn by the character Chris in the Amazon show "I Love Dick." You can see it at the start of episode six. A couple of screen caps here and here. Any leads greatly appreciated!
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getting back into DSLR phoograph!y

I got myself into digital photography in 2009, and I did it for a few years. I bought a DSL and two lenses, and used them happily for a few years (about till 2013). I'd like to get back into photography, but I'd like to upgrade to a better quality base camera. More info inside! [more inside]
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Should I delay my optometrist appointment?

I have an optometrist appointment today (in about 2 hours) to get a new prescription for my glasses. I was up really late last night working on my computer and didn't get much sleep. My eyes are so tired now they actually feel tired, which hardly ever happens to me. Will my eyes being so tired corrupt or negatively influence the results of the testing? Or maybe it'll make my prescription even more accurate? Or have no effect at all? [more inside]
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Best way to share my pixelated farming with others

I'd like to build a budget-range gaming PC capable of Twitch streaming some low-medium fidelity games (more Stardew Valley than PUBG). What's a good target? [more inside]
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Seeking specific quotes from Twilight Zone, Donnie Darko, similar

Hey sci-fi fans: I'm looking for quotes from one of these shows/movies where a character has the realization that something is really off about their reality, that something just feels 'off', that things are somehow not as they are supposed to be. This could be a Twilight Zone episode, the movie Donnie Darko, or a movie made from a Philip K. Dick story. Bonus points if you can tell me the time point of the quote, or where it occurs in the video.
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Add a Contact Yahoo Mail Android

I can't find any way to create a new yahoo contact by capturing an email address from a received email using only my android phone and the yahoo mail android app. Am I missing something or is this functionality missing?
posted by grahahw at 9:57 AM PST - 1 comment

car titles and mail forwarding in California

I bought a used car in California before moving to Pennsylvania, and never got the title in the mail. Help! [more inside]
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I need book recommendations for a teenager

I tutor at a school, and am working with a bright sixteen year old girl who has been out of the habit of reading for pleasure for several years (she says she stopped reading for fun at eleven or so, after switching schools) but is keen to get back to it. I'm looking for books to recommend to her. [more inside]
posted by Aravis76 at 6:17 AM PST - 38 comments

Arrangements of Beethoven piano sonatas for orchestra?

ClassicFilter: are there any well-known/well-regarded orchestral arrangements of Beethoven's piano sonatas, especially the late ones? [more inside]
posted by huimangm at 3:29 AM PST - 6 comments

Helping partner through sudden pet death

Seeking advice to help my partner, and myself, through the sudden and unexpected loss of a pet. [more inside]
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September 15

NO No No No No!!!

Please help me politely navigate a visit to my dad and his wife, where they are asking me to do something I don't want to do. Details follow. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:12 PM PST - 32 comments

Creating a mom's room at work

I have a new mom returning to work at my office, and I'd like to convert our underused conference room to a nursing/pumping/mom's room. Pinterest is failing me. What should a room like this have (aside from a lock on the door)? [more inside]
posted by Toddles at 10:58 PM PST - 29 comments

How can I make the most of this family drama situation?

Going through a huge amount of stress with family visit over seemingly small issue and am looking for advice [more inside]
posted by Ryogen at 9:54 PM PST - 48 comments

Why are there so many floss picks littering parking lots?

I keep seeing floss picks in parking lots. Gas station parking lots, supermarket parking lots, strip-mall parking lots... all the parking lots. Why? I don't understand how floss picks are ending up in so many random parking lots. Do people keep and use and discard them in the car? Are there a coterie of dentists who are confetti-ing local parking lots? What the heck in going on?
posted by lazuli at 9:12 PM PST - 14 comments

If peeing the carpet is cool consider her Miles Davis

Can you help me figure out why my dog isn't housebroken anymore, and what I can do about it? [more inside]
posted by quiet coyote at 8:45 PM PST - 6 comments

Where can I find spumoni in Manhattan?

Preferably a mix of chocolate, mint, rum, pistachio, and anything else. Candied fruit optional. Not that crap sold by Dreyer's/Edy's! If necessary I'll take the subway. I would tell you how delicious this is, but I want it all for myself!
posted by Napoleonic Terrier at 6:10 PM PST - 2 comments

How to break in boots that are older than I am?

I picked up some unworn, vintage boots several years back. By all measures, they appear to fit me well (quite well in fact!) but my lack of knowing how to break in boots like this has prevented me from wearing them on the reg. I have many questions about the care and maintenance of these boots. [more inside]
posted by furnace.heart at 5:07 PM PST - 6 comments

What to expect, other than being as awkward as always.

I, mid-30s, fat, incredibly introverted, and completely not at all cool, have been invited to a concert tonight for a group I'm really excited to see, with some people I know who're a few years younger than me. Problem: I have never before been to a concert at a bar like this, and I'm incredibly nervous about it because I have no idea what to expect. So how do events like this actually work? [more inside]
posted by Sequence at 4:40 PM PST - 23 comments

Apples-to-Oranges comparison: Which should I bring to work?

Please excuse the pun in the title. I'm looking for a way to meaningfully compare two slightly older computers so I can decide which one to bring to work. [more inside]
posted by The Pluto Gangsta at 4:05 PM PST - 7 comments

I really hate my life right now and I don't know how to make it better

When I'm finished my day at work, I get so sick thinking about my "real" life. I have felt so profoundly alone and lonely since my father died in March. I've been left to "take care of" my 72 year old (alcoholic, etc.) mother and it's just too much for me to deal with, I'm an only child. I've recently moved out, but I still feel awful. I just feel so alone. How can I make it better? [more inside]
posted by modesty.blaise at 3:59 PM PST - 15 comments

Help me find a black leather wallet in a figurative haystack.

Maybe the hivemind knows a current seller of a wallet in this style? Salient features: bifold, id card slot on one side, 3 credit card slots on other side, invisible card slots behind each side of bifold, leather, black. [more inside]
posted by myrrh at 3:03 PM PST - 7 comments

Dublin in the winter? (or other alternatives)

My husband and I are celebrating a big anniversary this January, and I'm hoping to get his passport renewed and drag him over to Europe for a visit to celebrate. [more inside]
posted by PussKillian at 2:52 PM PST - 9 comments

Where should our family take a European trip?

If you were looking to spend a month in a European city, you had kids, and you were an inexperienced American traveler, where would you go? [more inside]
posted by linettasky at 2:48 PM PST - 39 comments

Urethral Stricture is in the picture

I was recently diagnosed with a urethral stricture. The doctor made it seem like no big deal, but googling (I know, I know) has me a little freaked out. If you have any knowledge about this diagnosis or know of US-based medical centers that have particularly good Urology departments please share! [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 2:23 PM PST - 4 comments

Disguising dermatillomania (picked-at finger skin) to look professional

I have to go to a job interview type thing tomorrow and I need to look as professional as possible. Unfortunately I've been super stressed, and I've picked some skin off some of my fingers. Left-hand thumb and index finger are the worst right now, but there is still some evidence (pinkness and scabs) on several other fingers. It doesn't look good, it doesn't look professional. Is there anything I can do? I'm thinking multiple plasters would not look good either.
posted by tangerine_poppies at 2:11 PM PST - 18 comments

Tapeworm treatment. What happens?

Our new kitty Wolfgang Pauli arrived from the shelter complete with handsome ear furnishings, fluffy tail, and a tapeworm. The vet just treated it with a large pill. I find myself morbidly and grossly curious: what's going to happen next? Will the tapeworm come out in the litterbox? Will something else horrifying happen? Do they die in segments? Obligatory weird sideways photo.
posted by media_itoku at 1:59 PM PST - 7 comments

Squash Blossom Suggestions

I just got 8 fresh, fat squash blossoms at the farmers market. [more inside]
posted by littlewater at 1:15 PM PST - 8 comments

Replacing iTunes on a Mac/iOS system

Over the last several versions, iTunes has become a cluttered wasteland that pushes features I have no use for while impairing the usability of the stuff I want. I'm looking for alternatives that still work with my Mac and iOS devices. [more inside]
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Tech solution needed:

I work in a mixed Apple/Android/PC environment. I use a stylus to take notes on my work iPad with Penultimate and on my personal Galaxy Note 4 with S-Pen. I also make notes on paper or by emailing myself when I'm at my desk. As you can imagine my notes are a mess and I need a way to organize this. Help me come up with a seamless (probably cloud-based) notes workflow. [more inside]
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For want of a nail and a cobbler

We lost m'ladie's extra-narrow or 4A width golf shoes during a move. Despite hours searching I am no closer to finding any shoe even close (despite the misleading help banners). Is there any business that sells ladies golf shoes in an extra-narrow or (US) 4A width? Who and where are they? I am desperate enough to consider custom made but prior experiences have not been good.
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CapitalOne360 alternatives?

Ever since ING turned in to CapitalOne360 I have been less and less pleased with it. I'm looking for a new online savings account, one that's not with my regular bank (PNC) so it's harder to get at the money. No minimum deposit or account balance.
posted by misanthropicsarah at 12:09 PM PST - 10 comments

What do I need to know about piercing/stretching my earlobes?

While I can find all sorts of information about all sorts of piercings on the Internet, I can't find any descriptions of the particular situation I'm considering. Ultimately, I need to know: What is the smallest size tunnel plug that will accommodate regular earring posts? [more inside]
posted by mmtaylor at 11:53 AM PST - 9 comments

Help me pivot my pizza sauce!

A few years ago I perfected my pizza sauce. Now I am getting a sensation of... Spaghetti. Help me tweak my recipe! [more inside]
posted by rebent at 11:45 AM PST - 21 comments

What software will help accept and track donations?

I'm part of large group of people (around 300-400), that are interested in pooling our money to do events. We've settled on doing monthly donations and I've accepted responsibility for figuring out how to organize this. Surely there's some software I can use to just give a link to people so they can send in a donation to a new Paypal account, right? [more inside]
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Stupid Excel question...

Hi. I'm not sure how to Google this one. Let's say that I have three Excel sheets, each one being a dictionary of a different language, each sheet being about 1500 words apiece. [more inside]
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helping a child be comfortable alone

My oldest child is 7 years old, very social, and very uncomfortable being alone. He doesn't want to use the bathroom at home by himself because he is afraid, for example. If he gets in trouble or fighting a lot with the other kids he can never be put somewhere else (his room) for a time out or just to chill out -- he will freak it and go through extreme measures to escape. How to get him more comfortable with being alone? [more inside]
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Numbness in calf and foot, lower back pain

Suddenly, running --> intense left calf and foot pain and numbness, and sex --> lower back pain in an otherwise healthy young woman. YANAD, but I've been to the doctor twice already. Do I need to go again? [more inside]
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What was the price of a 7-Eleven Slurpee® in the early 1970's?

I vaguely remember there being two sizes of Slurpee when I was a child. Also, did it cost more for the plastic specialty cups?
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How can I repair this mysterious hole?

The other day, I noticed that a small crater had mysteriously formed in one of the small tiles in my bathroom floor. It's a little bigger than a quarter and almost as large as the tile. You can see the tile at the bottom of this picture. The bath is a very small room designed as a wet room (fully tiled so the floor and walls doubles as the shower floor and walls, with a drain in the middle of the floor). [more inside]
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Why do pants fit me like this?

I can't believe I'm using a question for this, but I've noticed over the past few years that 9 times out of 10, when I try on women's non-jeans pants I have a specific fit error. Could you help me figure out what's going on so I can better pick out pants that will actually fit me? I just started a new job that requires me to dress on the formal end of business casual, and I'm struggling to find work pants! Pictures and more detail inside. [more inside]
posted by cimton at 10:17 AM PST - 16 comments

Workstation vs gaming PC

Help me buy a computer. I'm looking for a box for video work (After Effects and Premiere.) Which secondhand computer would suit me best? [more inside]
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How To Get My Right On?

I feel trapped in my left brain and have been since birth, basically. But I’m tired of it. Are there effective ways to achieve better lateralization of my brain hemispheres so that I can unlock some (hopefully latent) creativity? [more inside]
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How to support a friend through a major weight loss program?

A friend has struggled with her weight for many years and lately had some serious health consequences. A few years ago, she lost ~150 pounds through strict dieting and exercise, and still would have another ~100 before reaching a "normal" BMI. She has since gained that weight back and then some, and enrolled in a long-term, medically supervised program to manage it. She has shared this with me, and I know she is enthusiastic but daunted. I'd like to be supportive, so what can I do to help? What should I not do? [more inside]
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Getting started with DIY electrical

I am trying to improvement my DIY electrical skills. I have replaced a few plugs and switches as long as the wires are a obvious match to the new fixture. But to complete my project of updating all the plugs, switches, and added fan timer switches in the house. I need to improve my understanding of wiring. I signed up for a adult continuing education class for electrical but they canceled it due to low enrollment. Youtube videos are helpful but I have some wiring in my house that is not standard due the house being built in 1976. So, I need to learn to use a voltmeters to identify the correct wires in some fixtures. I have some handy co-workers but everyone is too busy to impose on them every time I run into a odd setup. I need recommendations for books, classes, etc... I am even pay someone for one on one instruction.
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An unpopular bar in Madison? Is there such a thing?

Three friends going to Madison on a football weekend, for reasons unrelated to football, would like a place to day drink that won't be loud and crowded. Is this possible? [more inside]
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Putting up Thai chilies for the duration?

My Thai chili pepper plants have done wonderfully, and I'm ready to harvest. I'd like to end up with a shelf-stable paste/thick sauce. Can I ferment these, and then puree and can them BWB-style? [more inside]
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How do you cut a toddler's nails safely when she won't let you?

Our precious kraken is a fourteen-month-old bundle of energy. How do I cut her nails when she won't stay still? [more inside]
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Best way to download all my Flickr photos?

Is there a good tool these days that will let me do a full dump of all my Flickr content, including my non-public pics, at full resolution? What's the best way to do this, and are the new owners likely to change it any time soon? Thanks!
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Recycling/re-using the contents of airline amenity kits?

I travel a lot, and sometimes I can fly business class, so I've collected quite a few airline amenity kits. I seldom use the contents. Ideas for what I could do with them, instead of simply junking them? Difficulty level: UK, southern England. [more inside]
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What state taxes am I responsible for?

I just got a remote programming job. The company is headquartered in Illinois (and IL state taxes are being withdrawn from my paycheck). I live in NYC (which means both NY state tax and NYC resident tax but those are not being withdrawn from my paycheck). Does anyone out there have experience with this situation? Especially the part about living in NY state or even NYC (because NY state has particularly strong ideas about who pays taxes).
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Perfect lunch quest

I'm looking for delicious and interesting recipes that make 4-8 servings, freeze excellently, and incorporate inexpensive cuts of meat and non-starchy vegetables. Rather than finding a few favorites and rotating them, I get bored. I do like new twists on old classics. In the past I've had good luck with just about anything involving chicken thighs in some kind of flavorful sauce or braise, brisket, goat stew, chilis, etc. [more inside]
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Tattoo Filter: What's a word, phrase, or image representing resilience?

I want my next tattoo to be on my wrist and represent the concept of resilience in some way. First because I have had to draw on my own stores of resilience during hard times and also because it's an important concept in my field (social work.) [more inside]
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Work wardrobe, roof style.

I'm looking for the perfect pants and shoes for work. However, my requirements are a little different than most work-clothing questions around here: abrasion resistance and grip. [more inside]
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How to manage a accounts/passwords with no clear owner

I work in a medium sized business (let's say around 100 people). This business has a set of random accounts ranging from their Instagram profile to paid online subscriptions that have no clear owner for them and it causes problems. If people leave or on holiday, there's a panic about how to access the account. Passwords are stored on random emails on random people's inboxes. I have volunteered to take ownership of this issue although this does not mean I should be the owner of these accounts either (but I could be if I deem it to be the best approach). How do we approach this in a flexible, secure way? Details and caveats inside: [more inside]
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September 14

What would you like to know about being a vendor at a Farmers Market?

I'm with a group of like-minded folks who are trying to bring a Farmers Market to my city. One of our goals is to "grow our own" vendors from our community. We are going to be holding a panel discussion with community member panelsts that are already Farmers Market Vendors/CSA farmers. The audience will be filled (I hope) with both wanna-be vendors and with people who have a general interest in Farmers Markets. I need to come up with some good, thought-provoking questions for the panel. Help? [more inside]
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The Big Quit

I have smoked for 30 years. I recently turned 50. It's time to quit. I want to make this as painless as possible. I know about nicotine gum and, well, ick. I'm not interested in medication. I'm also leery of the patch. But from what I gather vaping can be a decent substitute. Can you advise? [more inside]
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You're the Boss! Not That There's Anything Wrong With That.

My boss is allergic to the idea that her staff would follow her instructions simply because she's the boss. Her allergy is rooted in the fact that she's a control freak. Help me avoid the ten-dimensional chess that sometimes ensues. [more inside]
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"I think it's cool."

How would you respond to a stranger/acquaintance who makes negative remarks about your partner/family/friend's hobbies (even when they are not present)? Specific examples will be appreciated. I need short effective comebacks which 1) are not overly rude 2) show my 100% support to the person being made fun of 3) make it clear I will not engage in further conversation if they do not stop.
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Country Video

I'm looking for an old country video, from the 80s probably. The main setting of the video is in a restaurant and the singer is on a date. There are plastic ketchup and mustard bottles on the table, and I think a checkered table cloth. Other scenes from the video include classic US Southern trees and covered bridges. I don't know who sings the song but the music is 80s country lite, along the lines of this Ronnie Milsap song. Halp? [more inside]
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Jake and Elwood get beaten for no reason.

I once saw a censored version of the Blues Brothers which was particularly notable for the scene where Sister Mary goes after them both for swearing. In the overdub they're just saying "Shoot!" "Gosh!" "Darn!" so it looks like she's just beating them with a yardstick for no reason. Other people have seen this version so I know it wasn't a fever dream, but the best I've found so far are bleeped versions. All I'm really looking for is the nun scene. Can anyone help?
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Tea Masochists Unite

Is there an equivalent of "SUPER XTREME HI-OCTANE DEATH POWER" type foods (like with hot sauce or coffee) or weird intense eating/drinking challenges for tea? [more inside]
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Getting a video off an Android phone with difficulties

My mom is on the other side of the country and has a video on her phone that I need. I'd like to get it in the full resolution, not have the resolution be truncated the way emailing sometimes can. I have a google drive but, my mom is not very experienced with her phone and doesn't know how to do this. And I don't have an Android. What's the easiest way to make this happen? [more inside]
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Kia ora!

My rooster and I have a fabulous trip to New Zealand on the calendar, but we haven't nailed down the planning part. Will you tell us if the itinerary is crazy or missing something obvious? [more inside]
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Word 2011 (Mac) document inadvertently converted to Chinese characters

I worked on a Word 2011 (version 14.7.4) document on my Mac running OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 for several hours and then attempted to hit Command-S to save. Instead, I hit some other key combination and suddenly parts of my document were in Chinese characters. Help! [more inside]
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Am I going to get sick from this chicken mistake?

I made fajitas from frozen chicken today and when I bit into one I found a tiny (about the size of a pencil eraser) piece of chicken meat that wasn't all the way cooked. I spit it out and rinsed my mouth thoroughly with mouthwash. What else should I do?
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Zoom zoom zoom.... But which one?

I am in the market for a new to me car. I would like something a little fun and sporty. I think I've narrowed it down to a 2006 Mazda3 with 56,000 miles and one owner, or a 2006 Mazdaspeed 6 with 101,000 miles and two previous owners. I like that the mazdaspeed is AWD. But maybe it would be more expensive to maintain in the long run and I could get by with snow tires on the 3? Help me decide which best fits my needs! [more inside]
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Make a map with multiple locations labeled?

How can I input several addresses into a web form, with titles, and get a google map with their locations and perhaps a list below? Does anyone let you do this for free?
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Should I get a pixie cut?

I have super fine, super thin, super straight hair. I've been thinking about getting a pixie cut for a long time, but I'm worried that 1) I don't have the right kind of hair for it, and 2) the maintenance will drive me crazy. If you have hair similar to mine, have you rocked a pixie? Would you do it again? [more inside]
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San Francisco to Portland Drive - Suggestions Please

Driving from San Fran to Portland - Leaving Wednesday stay the night somewhere in between and wake up Thursday and finish the drive to Portland. Heres my question..... [more inside]
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I need to find an image of the corny romantic leading man

Who has a twirly starburst at the corner of his smile and eyes. I'm thinking of Tony Curtis maybe? [more inside]
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Mid-career, dream job, now want to do something totally different. Wut?

I'm a knowledge worker in a large organization. Last year, I took a major promotion into an upper management position. Here I am, 9 months later, getting the urge to chuck it all and start over in a fresh career path. Am I crazy? Has anybody else done this? [more inside]
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Debt help for ostriches

Partner has lots of post-divorce debt and is a financial ostrich. Partner has recently gotten access to some liquid assets. We are trying to determine how to best proceed. [more inside]
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There Must Be Some Way Outta Here?

Help me find a way to get out of Boston Logan Airport in a rental car without paying a cashless toll and then activating the rental companies scammy plate pass scheme? [more inside]
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Northern California dog friendly backpacking

Where can I backpack with a dog in Northern California? I'm basically a novice but have done some camping and low stakes bikepacking and backpacking before.
posted by latkes at 2:14 PM PST - 4 comments

Can I Eat This? Tofu edition

Frozen tofu in sealed supermarket packaging, thawed in fridge for a week or more, safe to eat now? [more inside]
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What are possible weekend side hustle/part-time options?

A lot of part-time employers are not interested in people that just work weekends right? Please correct my assumption! What exists out there for part-time weekend work, especially around the holidays? US, college educated.
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Amazing and amazingly expensive preschool worth it vs. adequate one?

We're not very happy with our current preschool, but it's not terrible. We're thinking of making a switch for our 2-year old. We just toured a preschool that really blew us away and addressed basically every concern we've ever brought up about preschool, but it costs much more than we currently pay. We could afford this, but it would be a hardship. Is it worth it? [more inside]
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Smashed a finger - need a doctor?

I know that YANMD, however, I'm trying to decide if one is really needed. [more inside]
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How Do I Rent A House?

After many years of home ownership we are scaling back our square footage and will be renting for a couple of years, until we decide what we want to do with the rest of our lives. We haven't been renters since the 90s. What do I need to know about leases, management companies, etc., so that we don't get stuck renting a dump from somebody we hate? If it matters, we'll most likely be renting a single family home or townhouse, in Richmond VA.
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iPhone repair question

iPhone 6 was completely soaked (in the rain outside at a concert) - we dried it out, but didn't do the silica, and it was on when the damage happened and left on / used. Now, it randomly powers off, the power button on the right no longer works (so when it powers off, it has to be plugged in to get it back on). Is this fixable, or should we look at another phone? [more inside]
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New Year's Eve destination for 2 traveling gals?

A friend and I have decided to take a long weekend trip somewhere for New Year's Eve/Day this year. We are considering destinations in one of three categories: 1) somewhere tropical, 2) California, or 3) somewhere cold. I'm trying to put together a list of possible things to do and places to stay, but for 'somewhere cold' I haven't even narrowed it down to a region of the country, much less a city. Suggestions on lodges, resorts, places to go or cities/states I should be googling? [more inside]
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Long term rental with Airbnb: Should I worry about anything?

I am interested in moving into a flat/apartment owned by a landlord who lives in another country and who wants to manage this arrangement via Airbnb. Is this a bad idea? How bad? [more inside]
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How do you listen to music?

Ever since Spotify and Google Play became the way to listen to music, I have stopped listening to music because it feels like too much work (aka I don't understand the new way of picking songs and I don't want to spend my whole dinner party scrolling through my phone). Can you help me figure out how to put on some good music without a lot of fuss? I used to listen to music all the time and now it seems too hard. Because I am old? or because it is just complicated now? help! [more inside]
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Is this a good enough gas stove?

Our electric oven is dying and I'd like to replace it with a gas one; I've used them in the past and loved them but never owned one. This model is currently a great price - but is it good enough? Should I spend more for something better? Usage: Normal every day cooking for a family of 3. I don't bake often, mostly at Christmas. [more inside]
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Psychiatrist recommendations in the SF bay area

Does any one have any psychiatrist recommendations in the SF bay area for anxiety & depression? [more inside]
posted by aloysius on the mixing boards at 9:07 AM PST - 3 comments

Is this insurance any good?

Can you help me figure out why a job offer seems to include health insurance that's more expensive and has less coverage than my current individual plan? If so, what might be my negotiating options might be with this? (And if someone can explain how a national retailer has worse insurance than I do, that'd be interesting too!) [more inside]
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Need to get my old Flickr shut down, not connected to ANY of my emails

For my own personal safety, I need to get my old Flickr account shut down. I own the account but I cannot access it and I don't have either a Yahoo account or any recovery email or phone number connected to it. I need to log it in and either turn it private or shut it down. [more inside]
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Vaguely remembered anti-Irish folk song

When I was in college, very late, when many people were impaired, I remember some of them started singing what seemed like some sort of old anti-Irish song. I want to know where it came from, if they didn't just make it up. Google doesn't show anything. Half-remembered lyrics inside. [more inside]
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can I replace my hard drive preserving Windows

My Windows boot hard drive has an intermittent problem and needs to be replaced. If I clone it to a new bigger HD using GNU ddrescue as suggested by flabdablet in 2015 will it boot Windows 10 Pro as before, or do I need to extract my Windows key somehow (how?) and reinstall Windows on the new drive? [more inside]
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Is there an English word that means "object of my desires"?

More specifically, is there a word that means "the person (or thing) that someone thinks about when they are masturbating." [more inside]
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How to Handle Hurricane Irma Repairs - HALP

My 72-year-old mother and I are trying to sort out what needs to be done after our home took a direct hit from Irma. My dad always handled this stuff, but he passed away in May, and we don't know what we're doing. We're losing our minds -- help! [more inside]
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Is there an upside to paying on a charged-off credit account?

My partner and I are in a debt management program, and I have recently figured out that one of our creditors is reporting the debt as charged off. Does it make sense to keep paying on it? [more inside]
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grows like a weed

I have some questions *as a gardener* about growing weed. [more inside]
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Can you identify this piece of classical music?

I heard this piece of classical music as the background to a video on Vimeo. It's uncredited. Anyone know what it is?
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Smelly Wet Shoes

My feet don't stink, but my wet shoes do. And it seems to be permanent. [more inside]
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Sunday daytime in Hanover, Germany

I am going to a family wedding in Hanover, Germany, this weekend. My flight back to London is on Sunday evening, and most of the rest of my clan are returning to their respective cities earlier in the day. What should I do with my free time before I have to go to the airport? Will everything be closed? [more inside]
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September 13

Do you share your apple ID with your kids?

I'm curious how other parents share Apple/iPhone setups with their tweens and teenagers. [more inside]
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Morning Face Time

A long time ago I came across an idea, from the now-deceased blogger Seth Roberts, that seeing faces in the morning is beneficial for sleep & mood. I've investigated it enough, on and off, to think there might be something to it. Now I want to properly test it for myself. Help me find some good sources of faces. [more inside]
posted by gold-in-green at 9:14 PM PST - 11 comments

Am I horrible for calling in sick so often?

I think I've called in sick on average once a month since probably February and I feel horrible about it because it's always due to a combination of lack of sleep, anxiety, hating the job and feeling trapped. I think I'm depressed. I am good at my job and get praises for it, but at the same time I don't like it or the environment and feel incredibly guilty and awful about myself when I take days off. [more inside]
posted by hexenkunst at 7:48 PM PST - 32 comments

Online Backup service for Linux

The shuttering of Crashplan's consumer business has left me looking for other backup services. I think I've settled on Backblaze for my Mac/Windows needs, but they don't support Linux. What is a good cloud-based backup service that supports Linux? [more inside]
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Looking for a wedding/engagement photograper in NYC

I'm getting married! We're looking for a photographer to do our wedding and some engagement photos. The last time someone asked, three studios were listed. One is still open, but the other two are no longer around. [more inside]
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Can someone explain amazon glacier pricing to me?

I am trying to understand how Amazon glacier pricing works. I have looked at a million sites and I still don't get it. Can someone explain it to me? [more inside]
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I'm looking for a free language app with no lessons locked.

I would like to learn french using a free app. I've tried duolingo and it's not for me. I've been using busuu but it has so many locked lessons that it's completely getting in the way of learning the language. I'm looking for recommendations for the best free language app with no lessons locked or at least very few locked lessons.
posted by Tziv at 4:52 PM PST - 3 comments

5000 Most Frequently Used Domain Name Prefixes and Suffixes FOR FRENCH

What are common pre- or suffices for French Domain names? [more inside]
posted by yoyo_nyc at 4:37 PM PST - 1 comment

This Feels Sketchy. A Little Advice for a "Non Business Man"?

Is this a good idea for getting out of a vehicle purchase that I can barely afford? Explanation inside: [more inside]
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Noun or Adjective?

School has started again and homework is in full swing, maybe I don't remember my parts of speech or have their functions mixed up but... [more inside]
posted by Whatifyoufly at 3:28 PM PST - 14 comments

Graduate student printer that is not a Brother

I need a printer that prints double sided automatically. Primarily for black and white articles, but occasional color for craft projects. I am extremely sick of the Brother printer I have and do not want another one. [more inside]
posted by brook horse at 2:59 PM PST - 13 comments

Recommend a publishing platforms for a minimalist photography magazine?

Hello. I work for a small minimalist photography magazine that focuses on political essays too. I am wondering if anyone could recommend some free (and paid as a last resort) publishing platforms that share photography photos from a minimalist angle? Here's a synposis: "A keen eye for pattern, light, comical essence and allegory are the key ingredients in what we publish." Also, are there any publishing platforms or literary magazines that will promote (or advertise) and publish political essays for better traffic for the minimalist magazine? Thanks again.
posted by RearWindow at 2:31 PM PST - 5 comments

Why Won't Word Work Well With.. Images?

I often create Word documents and Powerpoint presentations that include various images, like logos or clipart. They are almost exclusively in .gif or .jpeg formats and may or may not include transparent backgrounds. But many of the images get messed up along the way and I can't figure out HOW or WHY and, more importantly, how can I fix it? [more inside]
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How can I donate two working CPAP machines?

I have two working CPAP machines I don't need. (One is my old one, one was a relatives I ended up with somehow.) My spouse swears she caught a news report saying displaced hurricane survivors are suffering without all of their meds, therapies, and yes, CPAP machines. Do you know of anywhere I can send these to help those people out?
posted by DirtyOldTown at 2:18 PM PST - 3 comments

Is my user name an ableist slur?

I have used this username it many contexts across many years, but am becoming worried it may be a put-down along the lines of "derp". [more inside]
posted by Durhey at 1:42 PM PST - 16 comments

Getting a handle on inflation

I'm trying to wrap my head around a simple question. If one wanted to retire an receive a yearly income of 50 000, how much money would I have to put away yearly starting today. [more inside]
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looking for a specific doodle poll alternative

I have used but now can't find a specific meeting scheduling tool that allowed each responding person to shade blocks of time they're available. This was instead of checking off set meeting times like doodle. As people respond, overlapping times show up darker. It was free and could be sent as a link.
posted by sepviva at 12:28 PM PST - 2 comments

It's easy: I have money, you have bills

What do I call the sort of organization/fund I'm looking for? I want to give people small sums to pay their bills. [more inside]
posted by OrangeVelour at 12:22 PM PST - 21 comments

Need help naming a thing!

My company is working on a new data infrastructure project that needs a great name. It is essentially an automated pipeline for location-based data that has logic for cleaning, de-duping, flagging etc. Would be great it if related in some cute way to the name of the company (Winnie), but we've already used Winnebago for something else. Go!
posted by annekate at 12:06 PM PST - 11 comments

sue thy neighbor

I need help figuring out what the process will be to resolve damage to my house caused by the neighboring house. [more inside]
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I want to eat the same lunch every day.

I eat the same thing for breakfast every day and it really helps me keep my diet on track. Lunch is a separate beast. I also have obnoxious dietary restrictions including no dairy, eggs, or gluten. What should I eat every single day? [more inside]
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Style Blogs

I wish to be someone who "knows fashion" and is not "basic". I currently live in a pretty androgynous-feminine space, haven't figured out how to stop wearing skinny jeans and can't be bothered to search for fashion inspiration. I'd like to know what the current silhouettes are (is it really just... very baggy everything?), how to wear them, and use that as a basis going forward. Is there a blogger who does broad-strokes work like that? [more inside]
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Restaurant recommendation site for France?

What do the locals in France use to find good restaurants? Essentially, the equivalent of stuff like yelp, Zagat and so on. I'll be traveling there next week, and would appreciate something that could point me to good places to eat near wherever I happen to be. [more inside]
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Rings on the wing

What's the best way to ship a jewellery item from NYC to Toronto, Canada? [more inside]
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What to ask rheumatologist about Sjögren's?

Based on some recent labwork, it looks like I have Sjögren's. I'll be seeing a rheumatologist in a couple of weeks and I'm trying to brainstorm some questions to ask at that appointment. (TBH, I'm not really distressed about having Sjögren's - I just don't want to pay my $35 copay for a 5-minute chat that covers things I've already read online.) [more inside]
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researt & arsearcht

Who are some individuals who are top-notch artist-researchers and researcher-artists today? And how did they develop their expertise? [more inside]
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Because we aren't brave enough to be outdoor winter runners

Suggestions for an treadmill for indoor running? Sweaty snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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more like a party eye

I have a lazy eye. is it too late to fix it? [more inside]
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US food + UK food = ??

Help me think of typical UK foods with US ingredients and vice versa. This is for a party, and no idea is too crazy. [more inside]
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FIDO? U2F? What do these mean? Should I go fetch a Yubikey?

Is there a concise layperson's guide (i.e. for Dummies) of the advantages and limitations of using a U2F/FIDO/Yubikeys, distills all the jargon (FIDO, U2F) out there, and can recommend which one to use (if any)? [more inside]
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Seeking a web paginator

There's a neat little Chrome extension that paginates a "readable" version of any website, MagicScroll Web Reader. It does so in a way I find quite pleasing for the reading experience, and I have it installed on all of my desktops. But the extension is long in the tooth by now and doesn't work on (iOS) mobile systems. Are there other vague equivalents out there? I do use Pocket, which has a somewhat similar functionality in its app, but it's not as seamless as using a bookmarklet or the like.
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Is kids whining a cross-cultural phenomenon?

Is whining from young kids cross-cultural? I'm speaking specifically of any sort of wheedling, high pitched speaking designed to express negative emotion and desire at the same time. If it is, what are the theories for why young children do this as opposed to communicate in some other way? For reference, my kids are American English speakers who whine like it's their job.
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Would you heed this letter if you were a liquor store manager?

I would appreciate any suggestions on this letter I intend to send to the 6 bottle shops within a mile (1.5km) of my abode that I frequent much more often than is good for me. Doing this was suggested by the facilitator and encouraged by my group therapy pals. [more inside]
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UK banks willing to open a normal account for dual UK/US citizens?

I'm looking for a new bank account and am wondering which bank to try. I live and work in the UK, have no income from abroad and don't make payments overseas, but I do have US citizenship. I'm looking for a standard everyday pounds sterling bank account from a British high street bank to hold jointly with my British non-dual citizen husband. [more inside]
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Leggings, available in the UK, that are exactly what I want?

I have precise leggings requirements which, believe it or not, Sainsburys extra-posh version used to take care of extremely well. They've stopped doing these beautiful, many-colour leggings now and I need a replacement source. Where do you get your thick, cotton, awesome-coloured leggings from, UK comrades? [more inside]
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"Wakey, Wakey! This is your wake up call!" What just happened?

At 11:10 p.m. the land line sitting next to my desktop rings. I answer it. Impossibly cheerful voice says, "Wakey, wakey! This is your scheduled wake up call!" I hang up. Phone rings again. Same routine. Third time I engage in brief conversation, then hang up and unplug the phone. What just happened? And should I have responded differently? [more inside]
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September 12

Bisexual Visibility Day for a moot bisexual

I am bisexual in a way that kinda doesn't matter and very few people know. Would it be appropriate to make it more widely known? [more inside]
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Non-profit recruiters?

I am the executive director at a large and well-known regional environmental non-profit and am ready to move on. This is my first ED job, and I didn't go through a recruiter to get the position. I think though, that would be best for the next job. How does one find a recruiter? [more inside]
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Nonfiction describing learning/daily experience in profession/skill/etc?

I just finished Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, a book about working in a crematorium, and I am craving more nonfiction books describing what it is like to work in a particular field/profession, or just what it is like to learn or do a particular skill/hobby. Does not have to be sole focus of book, just occupy big chunks of it. [more inside]
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How to turn 30 alone

Due to frequent moves and the isolation caused by chronic illness, I'm facing my 30th birthday in a place where I only have a couple of acquaintances. Help me make it a good time? [more inside]
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Removing leather dye from wood

Arts-and-crafts-gone-wrong filter: I dyed a pair of boots black using Fielbing's LeatherColors dye and suffered a massive masking tape malfunction on the soles. The result (similar on the other side and other shoe as well). I have tried, separately, baking soda and rubbing alcohol, with little apparent effect. How can I save these boots? [more inside]
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The Daily Grind(y Game)

I'm looking for a very specific kind of Windows or iOS video game to scratch a particular, weird itch. Help me find a character to level up forever! [more inside]
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"Experience" gift for someone visiting Paris?

My parents will be visiting Paris soon celebrating a milestone occasion, and I'm looking for suggestions of something I can arrange online for them. Share your Parisian wisdom and anecdotes with me! [more inside]
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Seeking Melatonin pros and cons

My health care provider recently recommended that I try Melatonin to help improve my quality of sleep. If you've tried Melatonin, did it work for you? [more inside]
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My little boy asked me to buy him a dress. I have questions.

My little boy asked me to buy him a dress. I did. Now, I have questions. [more inside]
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pet shelter standards?

Isn't it standard for an SPCA shelter to test for heartworm before advertising a dog as adoptable? Can any pet shelter call itself "SPCA" without any certification from the ASPCA? [more inside]
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This back and forth is killing me!

I'm in the process of divorcing from an abusive Ex. He's threatened me with a horrible scorched earth divorce. In the meantime, he claims that he still loves me and wants me in his life, but is driving me crazy by telling me about all the dates he is going on. His jerking me around is cruel. Even though I've been involved with someone wonderful, the Ex is driving me crazy and I don't know what to do. [more inside]
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Prison escape leads to dead end with skeleton

Trying to place this story or film. Prisoner finds note leading to passageway. Following passageway leads to more notes "You're on the right track!" and such. Passageway gets narrower and narrower, prisoner is unable to turn back. Eventually passage leads to exit barred by steel bars and skeleton, presumably the author of the previous notes. Ring any bells?
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Disaster Recovery - Mexico

What are the reputable organizations providing relief help to the victims of the Mexico earthquake? Preferably not the Red Cross.
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I need swag, just not so swaggy

I need to hang a light about 2 feet from where the ceiling fixture is located. The only word I can think of for this is a swag, but that implies a drape, which is not what I want. I would like a modern, straight pipe-like thing that exits the light box, extends 2 feet parallel to the ceiling, turns at a 90 degree angle, and hangs my light. A ceiling hook that supports the weight near the bend is okay. [more inside]
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Ad Agency Speak

I'm starting to freelance for the first time next week at a large ad agency. I've worked in post-production for a few years but new to the agency world. I need to catch up on lingo. [more inside]
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Book/article recommendations - Men's body image & positive masculinity

I'm looking for book/article recommendations for a dude about developing a more positive body image and positive masculinity. Bonus points for materials that reference recovery from strict body-negative Christianity. [more inside]
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Converting to a totally virtual office - how phone?

The small company I work for is getting ready to convert from having a physical office to having the few of us who work there work from home instead. But, how do we manage the phone? [more inside]
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Help me find non-(p)leather handbags

I am trying to find vegan handbags that avoid the look and feel of leather (so, no fake leather). Specifically, I'm looking for slightly upscale examples that would fit in an office professional setting and look more like, say, a structured doctor-style bag and less like a tote bag (already have plenty of totes). Bonus points for ethical manufacturing practices.
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Asking off at a temp job

Currently (and for the last 2 months) I am/ have been working a temp job with a definite end in about 4 weeks. [more inside]
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Ideas for what to do with myself if alone in Paris on New Year's Eve

I'm brainstorming ideas for a trip within a trip all by my lonesome, and I'm considering being in Paris by myself on NYE. What to do that is fun and/or interesting and relatively safe? [more inside]
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Speculative Fiction fit for the Trump era?

American War - The Mandibles - The Plot Against America - Underground Airlines - The Handmaid's Tale [more inside]
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What are some great Clinton Hill / Fort Green restaurants?

Brooklyn food filter: I'm pretty close to Pratt in Clinton Hill, and looking for a place to do my birthday dinner with friends. I'd like it to be walkable, so let's say within a mile. I like pretty much everything - so type isn't a concern - but I'd like for it to be a sit-down restaurant. Preferably not too fancy. 15 to 30 dollars a plate would be the ideal range. I'm new to the neighborhood, so I'm open to all kinds of suggestions - even if I don't use them for this meal, it will be nice to know in the future.
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Yet another question wasted on the pursuit of perfect bangs.

Should I get bangs? Or not? If yes, how do I style them? Pictures inside. [more inside]
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Is there a way to have Adobe Audition auto-create tracks from CSV?

Doing some scratch recording for a video game tomorrow. We have a spreadsheet with all our dialog demarcated by role, level name etc. and then an "ID" column that looks like "DIALOGUE_SUPERJOE_WAREHOUSE_299_01". Is there a way to hand Audition a CSV or similar of those ID's and have it auto-create tracks with those names or do I have to manually name each track by hand?
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Trying to find an artist who uses massive globs of paint

A few years ago, I saw and adored paintings by an artist who used massive globs of paint in their city street scenes - each piece had chunks of paint, visibly protruding from the canvas, to disrupt the observer's vision in the way that snow or rain does. Who was it? [more inside]
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I need Harry Potter party games for 7 year olds.

I fail the Pinterest. Please help me anyway. Have you tried or heard of fun Harry Potter kid's party games? Are the ones I'm thinking of going to work? [more inside]
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non-industry-specific troubleshooting

I used to do software support, and I really liked it. Now that I'm looking for a new job, I've got a bit of free time, which, in addition to job searching, I'm using to teach myself how to do random stuff. I'm finding that my troubleshooting background is coming in handy for a lot of things (e.g., cooking, figuring out why my kid is crying). I want to know if there's a general guide to troubleshooting that's not specific to a certain product or industry. [more inside]
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What does a tilde (~) in front of a number mean to a non-mathy person?

If you don't normally identify as a science/math/engineering type, how would your interpret the meaning of a tilde symbol in front of a number in a friend's text message? [more inside]
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Fleas. Dog. Gross. Help.

I'm afraid I was remiss when I saw an adult flea on my dog a few weeks ago. I had bathed him, put on Advecta, vaccummed the house, and then assumed the problem was solved. My dog now has worms (on meds as of today) and I saw a few white, maybe baby, fleas fall off him when i was scratching him outside just a few hours ago. Please help me as I'm in spend-all-my-money-on-amazon-prime flea stuff mode. [more inside]
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Card games

Card games - Is folding pocket rockets UTG on the bubble ever a positive ev play? I mean pushing and getting rivered by some flush is one thing, or folding to fight another hand.. in the money. What would you do?
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Trimming the bits

Ladies: what is your favourite electric trimmer for your private parts? [more inside]
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Want to hide the light - calling designers and decorators!

My new basement bedroom has low ceilings AND five fluorescent light fixtures. I will use lamps for illumination and I want to hide these ugly things. Here is pic with obligatory cat (Syd)inserted. Image Fixtures are 4 feet long and there are electrical outlets in the ceiling at one end. Assume that dismantling the fixtures is not currently an option. Handyperson skills are in the high beginner range. [more inside]
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My dad's bored and lonely. How do I fix it?

My mother died back in 2011, after a period of prolonged illness. My siblings and I have all moved out. But this leaves my father rattling around this big old house by himself. [more inside]
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In Night and Morning, by Robert Browning, what does the last line mean?

Describing his dawn parting from a lover, the narrator closes with "And the need of a world of men for me." What's he referring to? [more inside]
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Subaru - free oil change with oil consumption test?

I own a 2013 Subaru Impreza hatchback that fell under the oil burning class action lawsuit. Long story short, I have been trying to do the free oil consumption test for the last year (two failed attempts with dealer here in Chicago; most recent, was supposed to do it at my last service but the representative forgot to document it). Now my car is due for an oil change, and I've scheduled the oil consumption test for Saturday. But the dealer is telling me I have to pay for the oil change? What's the deal? [more inside]
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What is the most creative way you can think of to drain a pool?

A buddy of mine has to drain his pool. He asked on Facebook how to actually do that. We've given him a bunch of "helpful" ideas, but I'd like to get more help on this. The more unpractical your idea, the better. Let's science the crap out of this. [more inside]
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Help me identify this stain on wooden floor

Dear MeFites, yesterday I arrived to our family condo to find two stains of unknown origin on the wooden floor, probably left by one of the holiday guests. Are there any wood-experts who would know how to remove them? Links to pics inside! [more inside]
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My favorite things

Hello - I don't know what my favorite music is called. Help! [more inside]
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Damp Basement

I have a property that we're not in a lot, so the air inside gets stale -- and this is most noticeable in the basement, which apparently traps humidity. [more inside]
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What can I make with semiprecious stone beads, other than jewelry?

I have a LOT of semiprecious stone beads, and some crystal/glass/metal ones, ranging from big and clunky to seed bead size chips. I have made all the jewelry I can stand. What ELSE can I do with these beads?
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When to euthanize our cat?

She had a great run but due to multiple conflicting health issues, there is nothing our ~17 yr old cat can eat without causing further issues, and she has almost no appetite. We will not be subjecting her to any further extraordinary measures. How will we know when is the kindest time? [more inside]
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Who's gonna fill their footwear of choice?

I've been on a Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes? kick lately, an elegiac tribute to a past generation's country singers. What are similar songs in other genres? Requirements: As much name-dropping as possible, with implicit or explicit doubt that the current generation will be able to match the old heroes. Any/all genres are good.
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What should I be doing all day?

I've somewhat unexpectedly been signed off sick from work due to mental health issues. How can I best spend the time to maximise recovery? [more inside]
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Single member LLC , how do I pay estimated taxes?

1) Should I pay them from my LLC bank account or from my personal checking account? 2) I have been paying self-employed taxes electronically for a while now (FFTPS and MA). But now I am doing all my work through my LLC. I don't have an EIN, using the social. I assume I can use the same EFTPS and MA State account to pay my estimated taxes?
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What is my job title and how much would you pay me?

I work for a small company, doing all manner of business administration from renewing the PO box to configuring CRM. It’s all over the place. I need your brilliant ideas for when the new contract discussion starts. [more inside]
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September 11

Cord me, please.

Please help me find curvy-cut women's cords without a boot cut. [more inside]
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Hormones and (no) weight gain

I'm worried that my inability to put on weight will negatively affect my health in any future pregnancies [more inside]
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How Do I Get My Landlord to Stop Smoking Under My Window?

It sucks, literally. [more inside]
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Searching for material on recent South-South cooperation and development

I'm interested in finding epistemic communities and reading material related to South-South civil society engagement in but not limited to the UN's Social Development Goals (SDGs). More after the fold. [more inside]
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At 6'8" and about 255lbs, am I too big to ride horses?

I rally hope that's not the case, because my wife and I think horseback riding would be a wonderful hobby for us. Draft horses really big, aren't they?
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Can I cancel a refi mortgage with USAA after I signed it today.

I made a huge blunder in applying for a mortgage refinance with USAA. I signed the paperwork today. Now after re-reading all the stuff I know I should not have done it. I want to cancel it. Any advice as to how to approach this. I have emailed everyone at USAA that I have dealt with (4 hours after signing). The office is closed and I have not heard back. But I sure do not want this to happen. I am 87 years old and the process is having a horrible effect on me.
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Help me break my couch.

An old couch I inherited (and have to deal with until I can afford to buy a replacement) has a footrest that... is permanently extended. It's stuck. No amount of hammering and shoving has worked. I need this broken footrest DOWN and don't care if I have to break it more in the process. Whatever it takes! [more inside]
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Data privacy/governance analogies sought

I'm writing about data governance, data leakage, data compliance (GDPR flavour) and similar stuff. I'm trying to give my client a choice of analogies to make the issues seem less distant and more urgent. When it comes to data leakage, for example, one analogy might be that of a formal event ruined by a bunch of party crashers. Who wants that? Nobody. So privacy nerds, marketing wonks, word wizards: got any suggestions?
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Is this hemlock? Or otherwise poisonous?

Never have I been so glad of the two-questions-a-week option! Is this stuff hemlock? Or some other poisonous plant? [more inside]
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Seattle resume services?

Can you recommend a service or person in/around Seattle who can help me write a resume for essentially the first time in 20 years? [more inside]
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How boned is my desktop PC?

I did a very stupid thing and basically shorted some pins on a SATA power connector while my desktop PC was on and running. There was a spark and a pop and it hasn't turned on since. [more inside]
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Oily forehead -- why?

My forehead these days feels sticky to the touch. Not so much a greasy look, but a tacky feel, as opposed to the rest of my face. Just curious. [more inside]
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I lay down a while and I gaze at my hotel-like facility wall

So I’m listening to the John McEnroe episode of Desert Island Discs. At about 04:25 he starts telling an anecdote about meeting David Bowie, and he says that he and Bowie were staying at the same place in London: “It wasn’t a hotel but a hotel-like facility.” What is he talking about? What is a "hotel-like facility", if it's not a hotel? Are there secret places where only celebrities and/or the super-rich stay? [more inside]
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Tutoring for web dev?

I do some simple web development as a hobby. I have a couple of projects that I've stalled out on, and I'm willing to pay for a couple hours of tutoring to help me understand the concepts I'm not getting. Are there legitimate websites where I'll get what I'm paying for? [more inside]
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Damage from a running tap?

Just got a call from my landlord that my boyfriend left the faucet running before going to work, and the two apartments beneath me have flooded. What can I expect? [more inside]
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Can I stack two mattresses on top of each other?

Currently I have 1) a very annoying creaky ikea bed frame with slats and a mattress, and 2) an older mattress I was planning to get rid of. Could I just use the older mattress as a pseudo-box spring instead, and put it directly on the floor? The solution doesn't need to last for longer than say a year or so. [more inside]
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Will they or won't they?

I'm looking for well-written books or short stories that do a good job of building sexual tension. I am not looking specifically for sex scenes, but rather stories where the tension simmers and builds and you find yourself asking 'will they or won't they'? Bonus points if the tension is between same-sex characters. Not interested in sci-fi, probably not interested in fantasy.
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Getting feedback on illustration work

I'm an aspiring self-taught children's illustrator working in something of a vacuum. I'm wondering how I could get feedback on whether my work is any good/whether it's worth continuing, etc. [more inside]
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A Basic Client Database and Conditionally Sending Emails - How?

For my job I have a list of clients. Every client has one or more contacts (name, email). Each client needs to do a small number of things, which I keep track of. I need to export lists of clients who have and have not done those things, then send out reminder emails to the ones who haven't. I've been using a simple excel list and manually emailing, but the number of clients is getting too large to handle this way. What is my alternative? [more inside]
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Help us name our new non-profit coalition!

Please help us name our new nonprofit! We are a cooperative (co-op based), community nonprofit incubator redevelopment coalition! Any and all suggestions would be very welcome! [more inside]
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DNS problems with Chrome

Lately my Chrome browser has been doing weird things relating to DNS stuff. I am not a computery guy so please bear with me inside. [more inside]
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Is this how a heat pump is supposed to work?

Recently, our entire hvac system was replaced, but I'm not sure the heating cycle is running correctly. [more inside]
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Professionalism and piercings

How do I reconcile my desire to be a professional and my desire for ear piercings? [more inside]
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...even as the river and the sea are one.

I'll turn 50 in about seven weeks, and I've started having hot flashes. But this isn't a question about that. Instead, my problem is that every time I have a hot flash, I'm reminded that I'm going to be dead in 25-30 years, and its starting to really make me upset. [more inside]
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Download ALL my music from cloud to iphone at once?

So I have a lot of music in iTunes and it's all in the cloud. Is there an easy way that I can download all that music at once to iPhone from my iPhone? Don't have access to the computer for a while so would need to be done from my iPhone, without having to click on the download arrow for each song.
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Revisiting decent Outliners that work on Windows 10 and Android?

I am still using a "Personal Information Manager" from the 1990's (Ecco Pro), which really has never been matched. I'm looking for something "modern" that primarily offers sophisticated outlining tools. [more inside]
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organizing contacts for event planning

We have started doing a series of food festivals and I'm really struggling to find the best way to manage our contacts; especially vendor contacts. [more inside]
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Used car shopping, Lexus edition

We need a second car. We used to have a Lexus ES 300 we liked and which gave 15 years or so of great service. I think we'll get another, used. Can I get your take on which sedan and model year is right for us, and whether the current Lexus financing is as good as it sounds? [more inside]
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Where can I get away from the holidays?

For a variety of Reasons I want to avoid the winter holidays altogether this year. If I could afford it I would leave town the day after Halloween, but the best I can do is disappear some time around 12/20-1/3. If I could afford it I would go to Dubai or Tel Aviv or someplace with a *very* low Christmas threshold, but I don't have $1,500+ for a plane ticket. Where can I go affordably that will minimize holiday vibe?
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Recommendations for Podcast Discovery in 2017?

I am always on the lookout for new podcasts to listen to but I find that Overcast, Pocket Casts and Apple Podcasts discovery engines are very limited - Are there any other recommended avenues to explore on this in 2017? [more inside]
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You Fell A Victim ... on your bells?

Based on the score, is there a "right" way to end the bell part at the end of Shostakovich's 11th Symphony? [more inside]
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September 10

How to help an overmedicated teen?

My 17 year old child has a friend of the same age who is a great kid but has some learning difficulties, including ADHD. He takes Adderall for that, which causes him anxiety and he takes Xanax to counteract the anxiety. He is also on antidepressants. Adderall has bad side effects for him, including persistent anxiety, irritability, insomnia (the boy takes sleeping pills for that), lack of appetite (lost a lot of weight) and does not seem to help the grades at school. [more inside]
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i never thought i would post a question like this.

My friend is dying, miles away. I am an emotional wreck. I'm meant to return to work tomorrow after taking some time off, and I don't know how to approach this with my boss, or even if I should. Can you recommend some wording for me? A couple more details below the fold. [more inside]
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DIY High Shoulders/No Neck?

How to create high shoulders/no neck for a Babadook costume? [more inside]
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circular despair

I made a work error - not a serious, business destroying one, but a stupid one that was easy to avoid had I planned ahead - and I can't stop dwelling and beating myself up for it. Help me figure out how to get out of this circular thinking and move forward. [more inside]
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Charge the World

Can you recommend a credit card for travel rewards? or a new car? [more inside]
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What can an ex-curator do?

I have hit a ceiling and know I need to begin pursuing something else, but I have no network outside of my current field, no sense of how my skills might translate elsewhere, and only the foggiest sense of what kinds of jobs even exist outside of the art and academic worlds. Help? [more inside]
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Modern game console for casual exercise

I just want a modern console that helps me do fun physical activities when it's 105F+ outside. I liked the Wii well enough but I'd like something newer and more flexible. What do you recommend? And are new consoles just around the corner? [more inside]
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My IUD has never really felt right. Help me proceed?

I got an IUD back in April. It hurts all the time. I'm going to make an appointment to have it looked at this week. What do I say when I'm there so that they take me seriously/what can I expect them to do to investigate without them just taking it out? It seems to be my best bet for long term birth control given my tolerance for hormones. [more inside]
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Academic anxiety?

My first paper for my graduate school program is due in a few days and every time I think about it or start doing research I get anxious. I have never, ever experienced this type of anxiety when it comes to school projects before. How do I get over it? [more inside]
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Genetic test for cystic fibrosis unexpectedly appears on OB lab invoice

I am pregnant and at my very first OB/GYN appt they gave me what I was told a routine blood test. The blood test was run at an independent QuestDiagnostics lab. I received an invoice from Quest for the correct amount of my co-pay ($20), but I see a list of things they tested for, including a genetic screen for cystic fibrosis! [more inside]
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How can I better focus my charitable giving?

Since the election, I have made an effort to increase my charitable giving. I've given small amounts to lots of different organizations around many issues: funding abortion, fighting climate change, donating reparations to individuals and groups, ACLU, SPLC, local food banks, Donors Choose, and many others. But my budget is relatively modest and I haven't been doing much in the way of volunteering or taking action. I'd like to get more focused about making an impact. Can you help suggest the best way to do that? More details below.... [more inside]
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Yet Another "Can I Eat This?"

I purchased an entire bushel of delicious freshly roasted Hatch chilis. And then left them overnight on the kitchen table. They're in the frig now ... I'd been planning to freeze them and make chili later. Sigh. How risky is this? I wouldn't serve them to anyone else now. Or do I need to kiss that $25 (and those delicious chilis) goodbye?
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Book/film with friend dying noisily in tent

What is the book/film that's thriller/horror, has some friends that are, I think, stranded on an island? One of the men gets some kind of infection (in his leg perhaps) and spends a few days dying loudly and unpleasantly alone in a tent while the others increasingly try to ignore him through disgust/guilt....?
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Anyone know where I can purchase a specific Walker Evans print?

I am hoping that even though I have scoured the internet and found nothing, one of you may know if and how I can purchase a print of Truck and Sign. [more inside]
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Bible readings for end of life

My non-religious partner would like to read for a while to a relative who is passing quietly away at a great old age. As the relative has always read the Bible my partner thought that would be a nice thing to read aloud as we sit company. Can you please suggest some passages that might be suitable? These might be ones that have a comforting message for us or be about "the end of the day" or something, or indeed just interesting parables to read aloud. Ideally not too heavy-handily about death or judgement day or going to live with god etc. My partner is thinking New Testament, but we are open to whatever.
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Does this Lutti candy contain hazelnuts?

I can't find any information about this candy, apparently called Noiset'Or. Here's a photo of the wrapper. My son, allergic to walnuts, pecans, and hazelnuts, is having a reaction and I would like to know if this is the culprit. It's the last thing he ate. Thanks for any help recognizing or finding info on this.
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How can I quickly sell a big box of silver and silver plated stuff?

I have a big box of silver and silver plated stuff that I really need to deal with. I'm not looking for a windfall. What are my options? [more inside]
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Music recommendations, African and S. American vintage dance/funk

I have £50 to spend on itunes and I'd like to explore some new musical areas. I have included examples below of what I'm looking for, what I would say they have in common is a dirty funky sound, very danceable, quite old (60s-70s), originating in Africa or South America mostly. [more inside]
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Buying a new used smartphone, preferably iPhone 6

My iPhone 5 died recently, so it's time for a new (well, used/refurbished phone). My preference is for an iPhone 6 with 64 GB. Verizon is the only provider here, so it must be Verizon-compatible. I've already had some shopping adventures and am generally overwhelmed by all the options and vendors, plus many of them don't give enough info. More inside. [more inside]
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Normal bathroom fan usage?

My new downstairs neighbors run their bathroom fan for a total of two or three hours every day. We hardly run ours at all (maybe 20 minutes per day max, just while showering). What is normal bathroom fan usage? [more inside]
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Cooks of MeFi: Can this recipe be right?

So I've been to the place that serves these amazing jackfruit sliders, and I'm excited that they shared the recipe and I can try them at home. But three tablespoons each of cumin and coriander for 16 ounces of jackfruit? That seems a little crazy to me. Can it be right? I have the ingredients ready to go and I can stay at home for the hours of cooking, so I'd really like to make them today, which means I can't contact them and ask.
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Baby monitors

We have this baby monitor. After 16-ish months, the parent unit has started dropping the link at random times during the night, which means loud, unmutable-unless-you-turn-the-whole-unit-off-and-then-sleep-through-your-kid-wailing-for-an-hour beeping. Suggestions for a durable replacement? [more inside]
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Where to Live As A Mid-Age Single Woman?

I'm living in the Southwest because it's sunny, warm (I have SAD) and the cost of living is lower than where I'm from in Washington and Oregon. I bought a house here for $135K. But problem is I'm worried about global warming (we had the hottest June on record for this area 2017) and I'm a 20 minute drive from just about everything. [more inside]
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Looking for a piano tuner in or near Athens, Georgia

Who's the best piano technician in or around Athens to service my Yamaha G2 grand piano? [more inside]
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Mit viele Zauber!

What German tv shows and Movies might I like? [more inside]
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Help me find a doctor who will remove a cyst

Where can I find a doctor (otolaryngology, dentist, neck or oral surgeon) who is willing to remove a painful but probably otherwise benign cyst that is in my throat or lower jaw or ear region (not sure exactly where it is located, but somewhere around there). I am a female who has seen countless doctors about the pain and discomfort and they all ignore my complaints and send me away without treating me. I live in Ohio. I want this cyst removed, either by surgery or if it's possible to lance it or dissolve it with drugs... it's driving me crazy and causes me earaches, neck and jaw pain. [more inside]
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Thinking of buying a business, but afraid of getting taken

My wife and I are thinking of buying a functioning but neglected movie theater. We need advice on performing due diligence and negotiating the sale, so that we don't get taken. [more inside]
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Should I go for a long run today?

I'm training for the NYC Marathon. The last two weeks I've been battling gastrocnemius tendinopathy. I'm scheduled to do 15 miles this weekend. Should I do it or is rest gong to be more beneficial? [more inside]
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Are reading glasses inevitable?

Virtually everyone, even with 20/20 vision, needs reading glasses at some point in their 40s. Or do they? Is there any way to stop or even stall the inevitable? I read about an app called "Glasses Off" that supposedly strengthens eye muscles but the reviews were very mixed. Wondering if anyone knows any strategies for avoiding the dreaded glasses. (Yes, I should ask my eye doctor, but I don't have one.)
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Help me be polite in this situation

I have a legal right to something; I know. But in this situation involving my apartment building manager I also don't want to be an ass. How do I proceed? [more inside]
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80s/90s fantasy/medieval strategy game

I had a sudden memory of a medieval / fantasy PC game I played as a kid in the late 80s or early 90s. Trying to identify it? [more inside]
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Home Climate Temperature Humidity Data Logger Tracker Wi-Fi

I am looking for a cheap device that will monitor and log the fluctuations in temperature and humidity in our home (bonus for Indoor + Outdoor monitoring system) and from which I can upload to a computer via WiFi or USB or something similar. So that I can then track hourly, see graphs, etc. for the humidity fluctuations etc in the house. We have issues with window condensation in the winter so thought this might be a way of helping with that. [more inside]
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September 9

Paying for a Car Without a Physical Bank Account

I'll buy a used car from a dealer in a week or two. I don't have a checking account, just a brokerage acct. It lets me write checks...but not certified checks. Is my only solution to open a checking account, deposit funds from my brokerage, wait to clear, cut certified check, then close the account? I only need a certified check maybe once per decade. [more inside]
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We have a plinth next to our driveway. What should go on it?

We have a plinth but aren't sure what to use it for. Photo for reference. [more inside]
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Help me find a better fitting sports bra

I just ran my second ever 10K today and am sitting here in pain with a pretty bad rash on my sternum from my sports bra. Help me troubleshoot and find a better bra for my needs. [more inside]
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Oral minoxidil: recipe for a hairy disaster?

This question comes from Mrs. Gefilte. She is wondering if any women out there have tried using oral minoxidil (Loniten) for androgenetic alopecia (female pattern hair loss). Her dermatologist suggested trying it since the topical stuff was causing too much scalp irritation. Apparently some people have had success, but the risk of growing hair in unwanted places is a bit scary. Looking for any further anecdotes about using this stuff and what effect it's had, for better or for worse.
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How do you get GA Floor tickets to high demand concerts?

Ticket sales restrictions have changed so much in just the past few years that I'm wondering how people even get their hands on floor tickets for bands like U2. [more inside]
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What's the best replacing to American Apparel?

I went to American Apparel as they fit me (skinny guy) and at least in early years were surprisingly high quality. The basics endured years as work clothes. What's the alternative? Bonus points for being in stores, not just online. [more inside]
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Need a crash course on the enviromental justice movement, your recs plz

I'd like referrals to the latest podcasts, blogs, book titles and twitter accounts to follow on thought leaders in the enviromental movements and enviromental justice arenas. I would love general stuff but issue specific is fine. Looking to consume this in a relatively short period of time (the next 3-5 days) to get up to speed on the basics of the movement, what issues are at hand, where it's coming from and where it's headed, policy wise. What am I missing out on? [more inside]
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Do I have a rat or mice infestation?

I have some not-great pictures of one a rodent in our garage, cunningly evading a rat trap and eating it's bait without setting it off. But what kind of rodent is it? [more inside]
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What are the final concentrations after mixing these two solutions?

If I mix 15 mL of solution A consisting of 5 mg/mL of compound A, with 15 mL of solution B consisting of 5 mg/mL of compound B, what will be my final concentrations of compounds A and B in the resulting 30 mL volume? Similarly, what if I mix 15 mL of solution A with 15 mL of solution C consisting of 2.1 mg/mL of compound A and 5 mg/mL of compound B. [more inside]
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How did they measure and test typing speed before computers?

How did they measure and test typing speed before computers? Also, how would I measure and test typing speed on a computer, but without Internet or software other than Word?
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Looking for general men's dance shoes

I'm finally starting to take some dancing lessons. The program is at a local ballroom and switches styles every 3 weeks, over the course of several months. The instructors recommend shoes that will slide easily on a wooden floor. I think I'm looking for a smooth leather-soled shoe, but it turns out those are not super common in stores. I don't really love the look of the oxfords I've found; I'd like something less pointy and decorated. What should I be looking for? Links to zappos or similar would be highly appreciated. I don't want to spend a ton on these if possible (with the assumption that I'll probably buy something else in 6 months once I've got some experience and know what I'm looking for)
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Can't swallow pills

I have a bad cold. I need some relief but despite many, many attempts have never successfully swallowed pills. What is my best choice of OTC medicine to get? No pharmacist available. Usually I get children's meds but any other choice?
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Relative Amtrak newbies have some West Coast itinerary questions

Later this month, we're taking our first long-distance train trip, on the Coast Starlight from Seattle to Los Angeles! We gather that delays can be part of the Amtrak experience. We're considering heading immediately to Anaheim to hit Disneyland first thing the next morning. Is it reasonable to plan to catch a connecting train, or should we make other plans? We don't particularly want to rent a car or be stranded. Schedules/details within. [more inside]
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Florida, one parent in evacuation zone has children and won't evacuate.

Friend's children are with the other parent in Hillsborough County, Florida, evacuation zone A. Other parent is likely not evacuating, and will not release the children. What options do they have, if any? [more inside]
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The Weekend Starboy Tour - how long do individual concerts last?

The Weekend Starboy Tour - how long do individual concerts last? Typically. Understanding that each show is different, but, you know - in general. We're anticipating Boston here, so the follow up is, how difficult to get public transport from TD Arena to South Station for a 9:30 PM train on a weekday night. Frankly, I'm not optimistic but, you know - knowledge is power.
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How do I dog?

I've never owned a dog nor did I grow up "around" dogs (or even have many opportunities to be around dogs as an adult, now that I think about it). However, I'm about to move in to a house where my roommate has a labradoodle dog and I'm getting more... apprehensive about it. How do I get used to a dog? How do I act around dogs? The number of dog "rules" and "tips" I've read already exhausts me. I don't want to lock myself away in my bedroom away from the dog all day. [more inside]
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Bedding in the dryer - any tricks?

Washing our bedding every week helps us sleep better. But in the dryer, the bedding gets tangled and lumped and twisted together, which makes it take much longer to dry. Right now, I'm drying for 30 minutes or so at a time, untangling everything, and doing it again. (And then again, and again.) Are there any tricks to making drying bedding in the dryer easier? Some way that I can just throw it all in and it'll all come out dry an hour later? [more inside]
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Best blogs or video channels about keeping plants (not gardening)?

I want to read currently updated blogs about keeping large collections of cacti, succulents, tropicals, ferns, and/or other types of houseplants, please! [more inside]
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I have to teach outside my discipline using materials I dislike. Help.

Please help me teach some sessions outside my discipline, using curriculum and materials I hate. Please. I'm dreading this! [more inside]
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How do I reattach my car cigarette lighter socket?

The cigarette lighter in my car has detached from its faceplate, and the faceplate itself has detached from the dashboard. Do I glue this? With what? Do I need a clamp? Heat it up and hope it fuses back? Or just duct tape everything?
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ISO functional kitchen miniatures

I collect miniature kitchen items. Some of these are just very well-made dollhouse things, but, my ideal is items that have been made in miniature by an actual kitchen product company. Favourites in my collection include mini Rosti Margrethe bowls, a mini crock made by an old crock company, tiny cast iron pans that are technically useable... I want more, but my search skills are weak. [more inside]
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This happened because I said Thinx were stupid

I have a (now dried) blood stain on the back of a beautiful beige leather skirt. The suggestions on Google didn't work. Now what? I love this skirt! [more inside]
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Gifts for the hard-to-buy-for mother

My wonderful mother has a birthday soon, and she has, or can get, everything. Help me buy something meaningful! [more inside]
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Dishwasher shopping, low counter edition

Our countertop is about 34-1/8" above the floor. We want a new dishwasher that will actually clean the dishes, for a change, and that will fit the space, and that won't break too quickly. If you considered these factors or have had your dishwasher ~3 years (so that a similar model is still available but has been tested), would you recommend it? [more inside]
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Self employed people, who do you create waypoints for your business?

Yes, I set goals. I track and review these goals on a weekly basis for progress. But how do I set more waypoints for my business? At the moment I use my summer holiday in June a and conferences throughout the year as “markers” or waypoints in my calendar. These really help in the setting of goals and giving some structure to my time. [more inside]
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Night light technology is unwanted

I'd like help finding where to buy inexpensive LED night lights with manual on-off switches, like this discontinued Safety 1st night light. Now most night lights are auto-on, light-sensing, which means they tend to flicker in moderate light situations. Bonus points for an LED with warm tone light. [more inside]
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DIY credit security

I have frozen the 3 major credit bureau reporting services to give out my information several years ago. I need to pay money and supply a pin number to unlock and re-lock each account if I need to. In light of the recent EquiFax leak, is there anything else I can do? [more inside]
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What headphones should replace my Skullcandy Aviators?

I'm looking for a set of headphones that come close to the sound produced by my Skullcandy Aviators: richest in the mids and highs, particularly the highs, ample but not overdone bass. [more inside]
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Do I need an agent as a musician? How do I find one?

I'm a jobbing/session musician based in the UK, and I'm beginning to get large and frequent enough gigs that I should probably have representation ... but I have no idea how to go about it. How do I find/choose an agent? [more inside]
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September 8

Cat peeing on bed - what am I forgetting?

The new cat has started peeing on the bed. I've gone through a number of old questions - but want to make sure I'm not missing anything. We've recently decided that the little feral cat (cranky cat pic) we've been keeping inside as he dealt with dental issues should be a regular part of the household. [more inside]
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Which medical supplies are most likely to run out during disasters?

When a hospital or clinic is in a natural disaster and can't resupply in a timely manner, what are the key medicines/medical supplies they will be most concerned about depleting? [more inside]
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Show me all the tweets!

I'm not much of a Tweeter; mostly I read, on my Windows 10 PC. How can I make sure I'm seeing *all* the tweets from the small number of folks I follow, without browsing to their individual pages? [more inside]
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Experian and TransUnion refusing to freeze credit online?

I, along with many others, found out today that my PII may have been leaked in the EquiFax hack. Following the suggestions of many people both here on the blue (green?) and elsewhere, I froze my credit through EquiFax, and tried to freeze my credit at TransUnion and Experian. However, I ran into some difficulties and I'm freaking out a little bit. [more inside]
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My Cat's Eye is Irritated

My cat's eye is a little irritated. Her upper and lower eyelids are red on one eye, and she's closing that eye a bit more than the other. Normally, I'd probably just wait and see, and take her to the vet if it got worse or did not improve. But I'm in an area that is about to have to (probably) ride out hurricane Irma. My vet closed today. Is there anything I can buy or do that might help my cat in the short term, from grocery stores or pharmacies? [more inside]
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Argument with my brother about triangles. This is not homework; I'm 48.

I KNOW IT'S TRUE I JUST CAN'T PROVE IT. I am having the world's dumbest argument with my brother about triangles. He says if you have two triangles, with two pair of proportional, corresponding sides, then the triangles have to be similar. I say no, you totally can have two non-similar triangles with two proportional, corresponding sides. [more inside]
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Anybody familiar with Internal Family Systems therapy?

Therapist wants to try Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy with me. I read what little was available on the internet about it and it and it seems simplistic, overly reductionistic, and kind of corny. I like my therapist and am willing to at least give it a shot, but I feel like I'm going into this with a lot of doubt. Can anybody here who has had experience with this give me a less cheesy lowdown on IFS? Or, just tell me more about what you think made it helpful for you, or what your experience was like? [more inside]
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Eastern & Southern Germany questions

I'm a mid-30s woman who will be travelling alone from Leipzig to Zurich by train next summer. Please suggest places to visit. [more inside]
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I confuse people (and get frustrated) when I switch between subjects.

I've always struggled with getting a word in edgewise, and it gets especially frustrating when multiple subjects come up in conversation. I then feel the need to backtrack and clarify everything, and often my frustration gets in the way and makes it even more confusing. How can I get better at making it clear who/what I am talking about at a given moment? How can I switch subjects more clearly...and without frustration? [more inside]
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I need to switch jobs NOW because...reasons.

I'm being laid off in a month. How do I conduct a job search without telling people I'm about to be unemployed? [more inside]
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Hunkering down for a hurricane in the ER in Miami?

My dear friend is a trauma surgeon in Miami and has been assigned to work this weekend. He was hoping for Ryder, the rock-solid hospital proofed for Cat 5 storms with carefully organized plans & procedures...instead, he's stuck at The Other Hospital, the one that's demonstrated poor organization/staffing/prepping, the one that most certainly does not have their shit together, the one that can't even get their own AC properly regulated. He's bracing for power going out and medicine running out and doing the best he can with what he has. He's showing up with water & food & headlamps and...what else? I should perhaps feel less worried than I am (he's a med team mgr for FEMA search & rescue, so I'm sure will also bust out all his disaster skills as needed!) but I feel helpless and far away. I'm wondering if the hive mind has any words of wisdom to offer or lists of things to pack!
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Save me Costco, you're my only hope....

So I waited too long to book catering for a party I'm overseeing for 25 family members in tiny town I've never been to. There is a CostCo in a town we'll be driving through on Friday, but whatever I buy there would have to still be fresh by Saturday night (we'll have a fridge/freezer.) The meal doesn't have to be fancy, but should be a step up from pizza. What can I get at CostCo to feed all these people without having to slave in the kitchen (and that isn't just sandwiches?) [more inside]
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Cipro and joint pain

YANMD. My doctor prescribed Cipro for a stubborn UTI. I've taken three doses since Wednesday and have experienced stabbing, achy, joint pain and stiffness.... only in my right hand, and not consistently. Mostly when I'm mousing at work. I'm not sure if this is a serious concern. YANMD, but what gives? Is this a thing with Cipro?
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The maple kind?

I'm having surgery next week and will be laid up and medicated for a few days. I'll additionally be a nervous wreck as we may find out some very good or very bad health news. I expect my attention span will be fly-level and I might feel a bit down, but nothing cheers me up like a funny internet clip! What are your favorites? [more inside]
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Is Melbourne worth visiting?

I've never been to Australia before (ie. I'm grossly ignorant about the country). Friends of mine have invited me to Melbourne but I'm on the other side of the world in Ottawa, Canada. It would take me more than 20 hrs of traveling to get there. So is Melbourne similar to say, Toronto? If it is, then I would likely pass. What is there that is compelling/exciting about Melbourne? What would I see or experience that I would not in other parts of the world?
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Recommendations on Dark/black comedy literature

Some people cope with difficult life events with cat photos but I prefer reading parody, satire, non-fiction/fictional accounts of terrible events written in an entertaining manner. [more inside]
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Best way to respond to the Equifax credit hack?

I know there aren't many details on the Equifax hack yet, but I'm wondering about some best practices to move forward with given what we do know. [more inside]
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Punished at work for a false reason. Help?

I'm being demoted at work and I don't know what to do. Any advice is appreciated. Much more inside... [more inside]
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Daughter just started Grade 3 and is having a tough time.

My 7-year-old daughter suddenly doesn't want to go to school, spending the day crying and telling the teacher that she misses her mom. What could be the underlying reason? [more inside]
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Responsibility for cleaning shared office and how to ask for help

My wife's officemate made a mess in their shared office yesterday. How does she get her officemate to clean it up with minimal drama? (Or, is there another solution?) [more inside]
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Persuading partner to use rear-facing car seat

Toddler_in_Rome is 13 months. Me and partner have bought our first car. I have made it very clear to partner that I want Toddler to be rear-facing for as long as possible, ideally until 4. I am a very anxious person and have massive worries about car safety. I've read so much about the benefits of rear-facing but partner won't listen and has bought a forward-facing seat. How can I persuade him we should buy a rear-facing seat instead? [more inside]
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Will not a tiny *spec* blot out the glory of the world?!

ISO sub-$1000 laptop for coding & light graphics, audio and video work. Point me, MeFi... [more inside]
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Probable move to Germany and I have SO MANY QUESTIONS

It's looking like there's a very good possibility that I will be transferring to my company's home office in Munich, Germany by the end of the year. We would be there for 3-4 years. I have never been out of the US for more than 1 day. I have a bazillion questions inside! [more inside]
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Database query of a single table using one lookup table?

SQLFilter: I've been wracking my brains trying to come up with a query that will work to pull data out of a table where relationships between its records are defined in an external lookup table. More inside. [more inside]
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House of illuuuusion

Have you ever seen a household interior decorated in ways that created an optical illusions? Like the equivalent of the old train tunnel painted on a wall in a cartoon, but just in somebody's home. Things that would would cause a guest to do a double take, or possibly deceive them if they weren't paying attention. [more inside]
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What Would Cause Low Uric Acid in Blood?

What are all the causes for a consistent low uric acid count in someone's blood?
posted by watercarrier at 6:50 AM PST - 2 comments

Looking for French immigration lawyer recommendations

I've been married to a Frenchman for six years but the road to citizenship still looks complicated from my initial research. I'm hoping an immigration lawyer could help me out here. [more inside]
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What Things Do I Own That People Want To Buy? And Where?

I have a semi-urgent need to make a small-to-moderate amount of money quickly, so selling off things seems like a no-brainer. But how do I go about it? What do I probably own that could actually bring in cash? Where is the best place to sell them? Even if you think the answer is super obvious, I am freaking out badly and can't even think, any advice appreciated. [more inside]
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Apple Mail thinks PDFs are movies

I'm using on my Mac, and recently it's started thinking that PDFs are movies. They open fine, but they display badly. Pics inside. [more inside]
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How to design an incentive plan for my small business's managers?

I'm a small business owner who has been doing all of the management-level tasks solo for the past five years. I've been quite successful, but I'm exhausted and need help as we've grown too large for me to run things alone! Luckily I've found two great candidates for two new management-level roles, and while the base salaries will be modest I'd like to design a profit-sharing plan to sweeten the deal as both roles can have a direct impact on growing sales in their area of the business. [more inside]
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Leaping over the lag

What are the best ways to get to working immediately, whether it be at the office or at home? [more inside]
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Current thoughts on Somatic Experiencing?

I am interested in seeking help for mental health and life issues that I believe include depression, anxiety, ADHD, and complex PTSD. I am interested in somatic experiencing, but I'm having trouble finding detailed, unbiased information about it. I would also welcome other suggestions for treatment. [more inside]
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September 7

Buoyancy in the (sf) Bay

I need to experience buoyancy in the bay this weekend. I could rent a kayak, but is there something cheaper? [more inside]
posted by wym at 10:44 PM PST - 11 comments

How do I move my stuff from the Bay Area to Los Angeles?

I recently moved to LA and have a bunch of my belongings in a 25 sq. foot storage unit in the Bay Area. (Mostly boxes, a few small furniture type items.) I am about to sign a lease on a house and want to figure out the cheapest and/or easiest way to haul my stuff down here, ideally about ten days from now. [more inside]
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Should I buy a Chromebook?

Long time business PC user now looking at Chromebooks. Pros and cons? [more inside]
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Tell me what to do with my bounty of hatch chiles!

I have 5 lbs of green, New Mexico hatch chiles. I've read the responses to this previous AskMe, but since my chiles are still raw (not pre-roasted, like those belonging to the previous asker), I'd love any additional ideas folks might have for making the most of these special chiles - including, but by no means limited to, the best methods and techniques for roasting them. [more inside]
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How is it possible to be so bad at eating?

I live alone, and my diet is godawful. How can I improve it? [more inside]
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Purpose driven vs everything else

I have a great job with benefits, room for growth, free food, and the option to work from home occasionally. My salary is nothing to complain about and there is potential to make a lot more if I get some certifications. The problem is I’m miserable. [more inside]
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iOS calendar not syncing all Google calendar events

I have my own Google account and a shared one with my husband. I have my iOS calendar app set to sync with both Google calendars. I have several events from the shared calendar on my iOS calendar, but there are several missing. Those missing events all show up on my husband's iOS calendar and in my own Google Calendar app. Why won't they show up in my iOS calendar app? [more inside]
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Why would someone recommend therapy with a neuropsychologist?

My psychiatrist recommended going in for an assessment for possible adult ADHD, as well as talk therapy. At the end of the assessment appointment (no results yet), I asked the testing psychologist if she had any recommendations for talk therapists at their facility. She recommended a colleague, a neuropsychologist, and emphasized that it would be the best fit. I'm not sure what to think, thinking of finding someone else. Any experiences? [more inside]
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Suggestions for a toddler toy that makes a loud noise?

My neighbours' toddler enjoys throwing those fireworks poppers that make a loud bang when they hit, but hearing them especially when I'm trying to work in my yard gives me anxiety. The bang is very loud! I've asked them to stop, but I feel bad taking this enjoyable thing away from the kid and wanted to give the neighbours a gift as a gesture of thanks for respecting my request. What sort of toy do you think a toddler would enjoy that is similar, but can be done inside the house so that I don't have to hear it?
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Where to eat in-between Downtown LA and Anaheim?

I live near downtown LA, in Echo Park. My friend is visiting Anaheim. I'd like to meet her for dinner - where should we eat? [more inside]
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As a US driver, what should I watch out for driving in France?

I will be driving a rental car in Provence and the Côte d'Azur with my family while on vacation. As a US driver, what should I know in particular about driving in France? [more inside]
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Safest place in a two-story house with open floorplan: Hurricane Edition

We're in the cone for Hurricane Irma, and there is no windowless interior room on the first floor of our house. Where should we go during impact? [more inside]
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Cleaning nicotine from an acrylic on canvas painting?

I picked up a painting at Value Village recently. It appears to be acrylic on canvas. It is a hearty winter scene of lumberjacks in the woods -- nothing special, I just like it. There is plenty of snow, and lots of white clouds, all of which is quite brown with nicotine. Now -- how do I clean this painting, and restore it to its original appearance? [more inside]
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Examples of companies with a range of products under an umbrella?

Through a friend, I got thrown a random freelance assignment to do some competitive analysis for a major enterprise technology company. I'm looking for examples of companies- not just enterprise tech companies, but a few of those would be helpful- that have aligned a variety of products under a conceptual umbrella, a messaging architecture that people seem to just get, even though there are clear conflicts and divides between those product lines when you really get down on it. [more inside]
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Best side trips from Singapore

Going to Singapore, but I'm more interested in leaving again. Where do I go? [more inside]
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Help me process my anxiety about a really fun date I had

Not sure why I feel so anxious now. If you are really bored, feel free to read this extra long post and help me out. [more inside]
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American Thanksgiving in Montreal

My family will be in Montreal during American Thanksgiving. Is there a restaurant or other business in the city or suburbs of Montreal where we might be able to get a Thanksgiving dinner on that day? [more inside]
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Did Native Americans *really* not climb the White Mountains?

So I'm reading Forest and Crag, Laura and Guy Waterman's excellent history of hiking in the hills and mountains of New England. I'm mostly really liking it, but at the beginning the book makes an assertion that I found unsatisfyingly dismissive: that pre-contact Native Americans did not climb in the mountains of New England. I would like to dig deeper into that and try to figure out how true that claim really is. Can you help me? [more inside]
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Difference in ambition - was this breakup a mistake?

I recently ended my relationship with a long-term, long-distance boyfriend and am having regrets. Did I do the right thing? [more inside]
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Is my boyfriend's answer a sign?

I asked my bf where does he see his life at 35 (4 years from now) and he said a millionaire. I asked him, if that's it and he said yes. Is it a sign that I need to move on from him because he is wasting my time? [more inside]
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What are some examples of flexibility and lateral thinking?

I find myself engaging in black and white thinking, assuming that there's only one way forward, only one solution. That is generally incorrect. What are some examples I can keep in mind when trying to solve a problem? [more inside]
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CD ID Filter: track title "Bread and Salt in Your Own Home"

Can someone find this obscure Balkan / Eastern European (?) pop-rock album? All I have to go on is the single track title I remember "Bread and Salt in Your Own Home". The title and song names were in English (translation?) but the lyrics were in .
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Excel: prune by list

I have a list of values I'd like to use to prune another sheet. If those values are found in the user_id column, then I'd like to delete the entire row where they occur. Filtering would work too. I feel like there should be a relatively easy way to do this, but Googling turns up solutions that don't work for me. [more inside]
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Help me find this series of romance novels from my childhood

When I was younger I read three or four books from a series of romance novels. They were very mild (nothing more than a kiss or two) and all followed the same format. A Girl in Historical Time has to choose between two men; Nice Safe Man who she likes quite a lot and Rugged Dangerous Man who sets her heart racing. [more inside]
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What Frying Pan Best Fits My Needs?

I am looking for a frying pan. [more inside]
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Books like Anne of Green Gables and Jurassic Park

I need new books to read! These are two separate recommendations I'm looking for (but if you know of a book like both Anne of Green Gables and Jurassic Park, I'll buy it in an instant). [more inside]
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YNMDerm, but need help!

YNMD: For the past year or so I've had a recurring dryness/flakiness on my eyelid and around my eyes and a little on my nose (see pic). I've seen two different dermatologists who've diagnosed this as dermatitis Does anyone have any OTC/remedies that have helped here? Or think of a combo optha/dermatologist they might recommend in NYC? [more inside]
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Tips on being emotionally supportive in conversations

I think I do reasonably well at providing emotional support for small problems and ‘bad’ days. However, I think I am below average at supporting people with bigger problems, or in long lasting tough situations (illness, depression, mid-life crisis type stuff) that you talk about in depth or have conversations about many times. [more inside]
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Did I dream this TV show?

In the 1980s / early 1990s I have a memory of watching a kids' TV show in South Africa called 'Good Stuff'. The show was either American or Canadian and started with a presenter talking about *something* and then went into a live-action drama during which some Life Lesson would be imparted. At the end of the show (and possibly intermittently throughout it) the presenter would reappear to comment on what was happening in the drama. [more inside]
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After grieving, funny videos with chickens or goats?

A dear friend had to euthanize her elderly pet this week, and will need plenty time to be sorrowful. When she's ready to smile though, I'd love to send her a video or two that would give a guaranteed laugh. [more inside]
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What book had these spooky mysteries?

It was softcover, not hardcover, but wider/longer than most paperback books are. It had a white cover. It had three stories in it. Each story was a spooky mystery and it had all these different clues for how you could solve them, and then at the end of the story it told you what the solution was. I think one of the three stories involved....a ghost train? Another may have involved an old mansion. I think it was different from the ghost train one but I can't be sure. Also there were lots of illustrations. This would have been read in the 90s. Asking for a friend.
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Classical figures who were masters in one art and hopeless at another?

JMW Turner was a masterful painter. He was also a keen, but by all accounts dreadful, poet. One article I read recently described his poems as "totally devoid of any literary merit". What other famous classical artistic figures were masters of one field but terrible in another. Did Shakespeare do sculptures, did Mozart pen any vampire romcom?
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Student Loan Nightmare

I need help determining what my parent is on the hook for, and how to disentangle my private loans. Please hope me. [more inside]
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September 6

Greyhound and cats / longish working hours

I would like to adopt a rescue greyhound. I have always loved greyhounds and there is a big dog-shaped hole in my life. However, I have two cats and am away from home for 8 hours at a stretch three days a week. [more inside]
posted by hazyjane at 9:48 PM PST - 18 comments

Should my friend go to the ER?

I'm writing on behalf of a friend, who has had a bad headache since Thursday. She's in a foreign country and is trying to decide whether she should go to the ER. She is not sure whether the headache is serious or treatable in the ER (and is of course worried about the cost). In her words: [more inside]
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How does an ad agency producer [digital] get flexible remote work?

I'm a producer who has been working for ad agencies in NY and LA for several years producing and project managing digital marketing campaigns. I manage creative teams [art directors, writers and developers] creating websites, emails, display campaigns, social media content, and video for brands. Last October I had cervical fusion surgery which has had out me out of work for almost a year, and have recently learned that I will need a revision surgery to correct a hardware issue that is preventing my bone graft from healing. My savings is drying up and I need to figure out how to generate income. How do I translate my knowledge/skillset into work that is flexible and doesn't require me to sit/stand at a desk for hours? [more inside]
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Augmented reality apps that show text at a particular location?

I am working on a treasure hunt activity. I would like people to travel to a particular location and once there retrieve some text clues on their phone. I'd like to be able to specify the text and location. I am able to travel to the places to do so if needed. It would be particularly cool if it were an augmented reality app and I was able to place the text on some surface for them to see. Can anyone recommend something for me to try? I'd prefer something that works on both Android and iOS.
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How do I stop being needy?

I have been going through a rough few years, its caused friends to leave or distance themselves from me. Losing my social support, can't find work or a therapist...How can I stop being needy when I am, need of help I can't yet access? [more inside]
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What's it like living in Beacon, New York?

I'm interested in possibly moving to Beacon or another Hudson Valley town. I currently live in a large city and I'm wondering if anyone can comment on what it's like to transition to a much smaller town (I particularly like the anonymity of cities; is Beacon small enough that everyone knows you?). I also think I might have seasonal affective disorder, and wonder how the winters are there—does it go weeks without sunny days? [more inside]
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Irma and me

So I have a plane ticket to (and a rental car in) Fort Lauderdale, FL. On Friday. Um. [more inside]
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Cam for puppycam?

Looking for a camera for (ojala!) puppycam. Or is using an old phone really the best bet? [more inside]
posted by ROU_Xenophobe at 6:51 PM PST - 5 comments

Suggestions for co-op puzzle games

My son is a young teen and a gamer, I, alas, am not. We have, however, had a great time playing portal 2 (on xbox 360) together. We like the cooperative aspect of the puzzle solving. What are some similarly awesome games we should play?
posted by OHenryPacey at 5:31 PM PST - 17 comments

I'm having bad dreams on most mornings, shortly before waking

A change in my sleeping habits has caused an unexpected side effect: I now have bad dreams almost every morning, shortly before I wake up. [more inside]
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Professional backpack recommendations

I used to carry a tote to work, but for the last year I've carried this mini backpack and fell in love with being hands free. But I need more space! Recommend your favorite specific model of backpack, please! [more inside]
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See Empress. See Empress Dress Herself....

Hey there! So, you may remember I asked about my parents' anniversary a while back - as it turns out, they took that over from me anyway, and so all I needed to do was send out the invitations and report back with RSVPs, throw some money at my brother for booking the venue, and then - showing up and looking cute. That last is the part I'm having the most trouble with. [more inside]
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Planning stuff to do in Boston in February?

I'm going to be in Boston in mid-February, 2018, for a few days (which days are yet to be determined). What should my family and I do while we're there that requires advance planning? For example: when we went to DC, I got tickets to the African-American History Museum months in advance. I used to live in Boston but I don't know what's going on now. We've got adults, teens, tweens, with a variety of interests.
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How can I find high-quality photos that can be turned into prints?

I'm looking for some photos that I can turn into prints to hang on my apartment walls. I'm assuming that they would have to be .tiffs. Is there a reputable company that is into this kind of thing? I'm mostly interested in photographs, especially random travel or slice of life photographs, but I've got an open mind. I would buy prints myself, but they're expensive!
posted by Fister Roboto at 1:32 PM PST - 13 comments

Is travel to Turkey safe right now?

I will be in Europe for a week for work, and my friend and coworker who's traveling with me wants to spend a few days in Istanbul. Given the political climate right now, I'm wary of this, especially with the warning on the State Dept website. [more inside]
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Data upload from Garmin Forerunner 310xt through Android

Anyone know how to configure a Samsung Galaxy S8 so as to upload files through ANT+ from a 310xt to Garmin Connect/Strava? [more inside]
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Late Taxes: Graduate Student Edition (USA)

I only filed taxes for both 2015 and 2016 a few months ago, as one of the pieces I'm picking up after an extended bout of clinical depression. Now I have a tax bill from 2015 that I cannot pay in full immediately, plus a tax refund from 2016 that has neither been applied to my 2015 bill nor deposited in my bank account. I am trying to figure out how to pay, how to get my refund applied, and how to navigate fees and penalties. Would appreciate any help. [more inside]
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Best CMS/eCommerce/Something Else for donations

I am a web developer setting up a new site for a client who will be taking donations for charity. Need suggestions on the best way to set everything up so that it works together easily and efficiently. [more inside]
posted by dawkins_7 at 11:36 AM PST - 3 comments

Will my son's project be a computer or a pile of components?

My thirteen year old son wants to build himself a computer. He will do this at school as part of his once-a-week maker-space experience. He wants the computer for school work, internet and gaming. Could you help with the build he's put together from Newegg? And can you help with my specific doofus questions?  [more inside]
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Frugality by choice and willpower?

I have lots of reasons to be more frugal, but continue to falter towards instant gratification especially with creature comforts. This is happening because I don't feel the pressure of consequences pushing me to make better choices. Hope me. [more inside]
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Is this an example of a Self-Fulfilling or Self-Defeating Prophecy?

If we don't sell enough widgets, the manufacturer has to raise the price to compensate for the lack of revenue. But if the manufacturer raises the price, it will be harder to sell the widget.
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How do you clean the back of your ears?

When I rub the back of my ears, my hand comes away smelling like rhinoceros ass. This happens even an hour or two after a shower. Scrubbing hard with a washcloth and soap seems to help a little, but that causes irritation. What is YOUR outer ear care routine? Thank you! Not rhinoceros-ist
posted by Melismata at 8:52 AM PST - 43 comments

What to do with rough garnets?

I received some raw garnets as a gift. They have sentimental value. I would like to have something nice made from them as a memory piece, but I have no idea where to start. I am possibly the least crafty and/or creative person alive. Help? [more inside]
posted by frumiousb at 8:39 AM PST - 8 comments

Flavor Combination Conundrum

As one who is prone to eating ruts, while possessing negative integers of culinary skills in any form (think, 'banned from my Italian grandmother's kitchen, after being deemed "a disgrace to my heritage"- level ineptitude'); I am in need of flavorful ideas from the trusty Hive Mind, please. Rigid preferences inside, because this beggar is choosy as all hell, but for very valid reasons! [more inside]
posted by Amor Bellator at 8:37 AM PST - 7 comments

Membantu saya!

I'm going to be working in Indonesia (rural Borneo). I know basically nothing about Indonesia! What are your favorite books/podcasts/movies/websites/music/resources/??? from or about Indonesian history, culture, politics? [more inside]
posted by ChuraChura at 7:30 AM PST - 5 comments

How to grind pepper?

What is the best manual pepper mill to replace a battery-operated pepper mill? [more inside]
posted by Polychrome at 7:18 AM PST - 36 comments

Who said this mystery TV dialogue that pops in my head?

For most of my life I've had one line of dialogue from either TV or a movie running in my head in random situations. Can you help prove I'm not making up tv shows and solve this thing that has bugging me for years? please? [more inside]
posted by kanata at 7:10 AM PST - 5 comments

External monitor brightness control

External monitor: can I force its brightness to actual zero without powering it off? (That is, without losing its window positions?) [more inside]
posted by kalapierson at 6:33 AM PST - 8 comments

Henhouse, Meet Fox

What are some good counterarguments in favor of a restored EPA and environmental regulations? [more inside]
posted by thedarksideofprocyon at 6:02 AM PST - 10 comments

Obscure reference in 'Bring Up The Bodies'

What is the 'fallen man' referred to in this throwaway passage from Hilary Mantel's 'Bring Up The Bodies'? I assure you this is not my homework. [more inside]
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This crap isn't crap. So what is it?

I've found several piles of material which looks kind of like scat, but has a fibrous texture, on my porch. What is putting it there and why? [more inside]
posted by jackbishop at 5:21 AM PST - 7 comments

Best short-term CD?

I just sold my condo, yay! There will be a three-to-six month gap between this sale and buying a new house, and I want to stick the down payment somewhere it will make more money than my piddling savings account. What's the best way to shop for a three-month CD? [more inside]
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How to manage email barrage from my mom?

By the standards of MetaFilter and the rest of the world, my mini drama with my mother may not amount to much. That said, my mom drives me a little nuts and has a LOT of questions. So many questions. Constantly. [more inside]
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How do you reward / bribe yourself to go to the dentist for fillings?

How do you reward / bribe yourself to go to the dentist for fillings? [more inside]
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September 5

Should I move in with a new partner, close to our families?

I live in a city in the middle of a housing bubble (some say). My lease is ending, and I'm considering moving into a new place with someone I've been seeing and like a lot, whose lease is also ending. He loves a particular area. I'm not as thrilled with it - here are my pros and cons: [more inside]
posted by cotton dress sock at 11:56 PM PST - 25 comments

ISO: the perfect black undershirts

Looking for good quality black undershirts for my spouse to wear under his work uniform. Requirements: crew neck, available in 2XL, neutral to thin weight/breathable (he runs warm), and durable. I'll take any price point. (Purchased some Hanes brand recently and they are now like cardboard, crop top length, and have those weird splotchy discolorations all over them. Gross.) Thanks for your input!
posted by sealee at 11:25 PM PST - 14 comments

Boyfriend's emotional affair - is cutting contact how we resolve it?

I believe boyfriend was having an emotional affair, he admits it was inappropriate although still insists they are friends only. He thinks he should cut contact, but is this the best solution? [more inside]
posted by Willow251 at 11:17 PM PST - 69 comments

Master lock key box won't close. Help!

I am looking after my neighbour's cat. They have a Masterlock key box (like the kind real estate agents use--the model number is worn off) and when I went over tonight, I entered the code, opened the box, took out the keys, did all the cat stuff. Then when I put the keys back and tried to close the lock box, it WOULD. NOT. CLOSE. It won't latch shut again. I googled and can find lots of stuff on how to break into one of these puppies but nothing on what to do if it won't close. I've just taken the keys home with me for now, but I'd like to make my neighbour's lock box work again if possible. Any ideas?
posted by hurdy gurdy girl at 11:11 PM PST - 12 comments

Staying home for fun and profit

I have to be super frugal for a few months. I like to stay at home anyway but I'd love some ideas for pleasant, mildly constructive hobbies to do at home. [more inside]
posted by stoneandstar at 11:05 PM PST - 24 comments

Where to have a dinner and breakfast in Montreal?

We just have the night and morning there, and want to make the most of it. [more inside]
posted by The Notorious B.F.G. at 10:49 PM PST - 2 comments

subset that has the same name as the set?

I'm looking for a way to refer to a subset that has the same name as the set it is included in, but context makes the distinction obvious. It feels very similar to a homonym, but it's more an issue of a difference in antecedent within the same set. [more inside]
posted by SpacemanStix at 9:00 PM PST - 6 comments

Iconic recipes

What specific recipes are very well-known/iconic/household names? [more inside]
posted by eeek at 6:50 PM PST - 65 comments

What are your favorite things to do with egg whites?

What are your favorite things to do with egg whites? We bought a pack of six cartons of egg whites from Costco this weekend without a clear plan for what to do with them, other than making egg white omelettes. Any good recipes for that or other things? Breakfast things most preferred, but anything else would be great.
posted by jroybal at 6:38 PM PST - 23 comments

ID this song?

There is a song featured in a CBC documentary that I'd like to get for my collection. [more inside]
posted by InsertNiftyNameHere at 6:34 PM PST - 5 comments

Songs to get your wisdom teeth out to

In three days I'll have all my wisdom teeth removed with IV sedation. I hope to wear headphones during/after the procedure and I'd like recommendations for a playlist while I'm super fucked up. [more inside]
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I don't know what to do about my elderly mentally ill alcoholic mother

I'm at a point where my mother's mere existence is causing me so much stress. I don't know what to do or how to deal with her for the rest of her life. I wrote these three questions about her. I've taken the advice and encouragement given to me in those posts and I'm in the process of moving out, but what next? I'm at such a loss. I don't know what to do about her. [more inside]
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Best Sci-fi Stand-alone TV Episodes

There is a lot of good TV on at the moment. I don't have the time and don't really want to commit to watching the full run of most TV series. Please recommend great stand-alone sci-fi episodes that don't require me to view previous episodes to "get" them. [more inside]
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Moving/housewarming gift? (challenge level: Canada to the Netherlands)

My friend and her partner are uprooting and moving to Amsterdam! I'm super excited for them and want to get them a gift. However, it's very last minute and I need to do it remotely. Help? [more inside]
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How to find friends when one is gifted and lonely?

Hi. I do not have many friends. I have a difficult time socializing with most people because I think and feel differently due to being gifted. Small talk bores me to death. I like original and open minded people; someone that is curious and likes to have deep talks. Where do I find these people? Even online? I live in a small town that's pretty conservative and straight-laced. No idea where to find creative and people that get me for being different. I know being humble is important too. I just feel lonely.
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Local guides in Havana Cuba?

I'm heading to Havana, Cuba for a few days later this month and would love to hire a local guide to show me around a little bit - both the touristy areas and maybe a few things off the beaten path. [more inside]
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Should we rebook this flight?

We booked a flight with an hour long layover in DTW, flying from NYC (LGA) --> DTW --> Tokyo (NRT). The first flight was shifted and now we have a 40-minute layover. Should we change our flight to instead have a 3-hour layover in DTW? [more inside]
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Just 2-3 Shades of Grey

I have moved to a foreign military base with my boyfriend of just over one and a half years. He is just getting back to a job where he is gone for long periods of time, he left three weeks ago for 2 months, and this is our first time apart. We have also been having major sex problems. I slept with an old friend of mine who came through town, and it has left me questioning my entire relationship. Do I have to break up with my boyfriend? Can we fix the problem we are having? [more inside]
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Connecting with other divorced/ing dads?

I'm a 45-year-old guy in the early stages of a divorce, with two young kids involved. I'd love to find other dads who are or have gone through something similar, for perspective and support. But I'm not having much luck finding any, either in person (Portland, OR) or online. [more inside]
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Devils Tower, Wyoming by public transport - is this possible?

I have a significant birthday coming up in a year or so, and am seriously comtemplating spending the actual day at the location of my favorite movie. But I don't (conventionally) drive, and may be totally reliant on public transport. Options appear to be ... zero. No Amtrak lines, and no coach lines (unless I've missed an obscure one). Is it possible at all to get there, in September, without driving? If not, how much - roughly - would a cab/taxi cost from the nearest town or city with a public transport connection?
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Where can I buy this dress?

I saw an awesome black (linen?) dress with sets of crooked white lines. The woman wearing said dress could only remember that she bought it online. Can you help me track it down? [more inside]
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Cosmetic art

I love love love looking at all the pretty eyeshadows at Sephora. So many different colors, textures, glitter/no glitter, etc.! So it occurs to me: has anyone ever tried to make art using makeup instead of paints or pastels? Is there anything inherently unsuitable about makeup that would make this a no-go? For example: a "painting", on a regular canvas, but using the Naked palette instead of oils.
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Farmer Ants

So I noticed little ant hills around the base of each strawberry plant the other day. So cool! The strawberry plants are looking happy, so I'm not too worried about them. The internet says these ants are probably here to farm aphids, and it's fine if that means I never eat a strawberry. But the strawberry plants are right under the huge & beloved amazing rosebush that makes deep red roses all summer long. Is there any way to keep the strawberries (and ants) without ending up with an aphid infestation in the rosebush? [more inside]
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(Translation) How to count Japanese source characters in a PDF?

New-ish translator here! I am attempting to count the source characters in a Japanese PDF, in order to come up with an estimate for a new job. I have employed a variety of different methods and programs (Word, CountAnything, JCount, MemoQ, etc.) and have even tried converting it into different formats like PPT/Word, yet the count discrepancy is significantly high for some reason. I am assuming that this is due to some rookie mistake of mine - what could I be doing wrong? [more inside]
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Holy Grail of Exercising, Exercising without exercising.

How effective is exercising on a 'machine' vs 'reality' differ on the various exercise machines available such as a stationary bike, under the desk cycle, treadmill, stairmaster etc? [more inside]
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Weird physical anger reaction: what gives?

When I am extremely angry, I will usually try to do some deep breathing to dissipate/calm the immediate visceral "anger" response. This works, but lately I have noticed that when I am doing the breathing, I will feel a strange deep-muscle tingle - typically, only in my legs and feet. I do not notice this when deep-breathing for other reasons. What mechanism is at work here? [more inside]
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Courier / item pick up from Bratislava to Vienna

I left behind an item at a restaurant in Bratislava, Slovakia, and they have confirmed they have it there. I need it delivered to Vienna, Austria within a couple of days, and I haven't been able to get the restaurant to agree to ship it, I think partly because of difficulty communicating with them in English. Is there a courier service or anything along those lines that I could hire to pick it up and deliver it, or to pick it up and ship it (either to Vienna or to the US)? I would need to be able to communicate with them in English.
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Fast Paleo

Is there a way to do Paleo that does not involve hours and hours of cooking every week? [more inside]
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What blogs / websites / columns are written from a fictional POV?

I'm interested in blogs, websites, news columns, reviews, advice columns, etc. that are written from a fictional POV. [more inside]
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Bae hasn't caught me slippin...

I wish my SO would take more pictures of me. But I'm embarrassed to ask, and even more embarrassed to explain to him why it would mean so much to me. Is this my vanity speaking, or is it a reasonable thing to ask? How should I approach this? [more inside]
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Why do all my joints pop?

It feels like almost every joint in my body pops, cracks, or creaks. Why is this, should it worry me, and what can I do about it? [more inside]
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Advice for protecting against cybercrime (especially for women)

What advice can I give for protecting against cybercrime, especially for women? What are generally good precautions, behaviors, apps, settings, etc. and which are even more important for women? In other words, what kinds of are cybercrime are disproportionately targeting or affecting women? How can one, as in classical security, best prevent, detect, respond to, or recover from them? [more inside]
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Illinois Toll Plaza HELP!

While travelling through Illinois I went through the I-Pass lane by accident.I don't have I-Pass. Apparently you can just pay online at with no penalty but I'm having trouble figuring how where I entered/exited & how much I owe, and the customer service rep seemed really hazy on this (she wasn't able to answer with certainty "what is the last toll plaza on 80 before entering Indiana?") so I'm doubtful. [more inside]
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We want to eat at a "Chef's Table" level restaurant

My husband and I love watching "Chef's Table" on Netflix. I'd love to go to the restaurants that are featured on the show, but the only one near us (N/Naka in Los Angeles) is booked through the year. Can you recommend other restaurants of "Chef's Table" caliber in Orange County and Los Angeles?
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Replacing bathroom radiator with floor heat

We're remodeling our medium-sized bathroom. We definitely want to add radiant floor heating under the tiles, but we're trying to figure out if we should also ditch our steam radiator. According to the calculator, the room is small enough to be entirely heated by radiant heat (about 7.5'x9'). Looking for first-hand experience - did you replace your bathroom radiator with floor heat, and how do you feel about it?
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PS4 wireless headset for a large head

We need to get a new wireless headset for our PS4 that is adjustable to fit both myself and my husband, who has a larger head. [more inside]
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Help me find this dress!

I have desperately fallen in love with this dress Emily V Gordon is wearing. I realize that it may be a bespoke dress, but if anyone happens to know the designer/purveyor of this dress... [more inside]
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How to see a friend during an O'Hare layover

How can I see a friend during a four-hour layover at O'Hare? [more inside]
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Where can I get medical training to help people hurt protesting?

I am planning to go to at least one protest that seems like it has a chance of turning violent. I really hope it doesn't, and I am frankly terrified at the possibility, but I want to be prepared if something happens. I absolutely do not plan to use violence myself, but I support people fighting white supremacists, including those using physical force. if people -- bystanders, peaceful protestors, Antifa, whomever -- are hurt by Nazis I want to help them. Where can I learn how to do this? [more inside]
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Where can an Australian find some AFL in PDX?

An Australian coworker is over in Portland for the week, and is looking to catch an AFL game this Friday at 11pm or so. Anyone know where he might find a sympathetic bar to watch it in?
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Ways to save - the out of work with no pay maternity leave addition

We are adopting a new born, due in the next week or so. I will be out of work for 6 weeks with no pay, and I make the most money between my husband and I. I need survival/savings tips! [more inside]
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Does this explanation of a website malware fix make sense?

Our website had the problem where if you search for it on Google, the results description on the Google search results page referred to Cialis and Viagra links. Clicking on these results takes you successfully to our website, and no Cialis or Viagra junk is visible on the actual site. The problem was only visible from the Google search results page. Can someone tell me if this explanation of the problem and solution makes any sense. (It seems to me that this description is certainly describing a problem, but I'm not sure it's related to the symptoms above.) [more inside]
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Movie recommendations for 3 yo, not scary

My three year old gets screen time occasionally. She loves Mary Poppins, but has a very low tolerance for scary stuff, or really any oppositional behavior. We have some travel planned (including her first air travel) and I'd like to bring some media she will enjoy. [more inside]
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Can I refuse to be paid by cheque?

You Are Not My/An Accountant (or Lawyer), but can I refuse to accept payment by cheque for my freelance business? [NB: this question refers to Australian business practice and regulation.] [more inside]
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New Office, New Office Creep

How do I deal with a creepy guy who watches me all day while I work? [more inside]
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I'm too selfish to be married to someone who travels frequently

I don't know if I'm capable of making the emotional sacrifices necessary to support my partner's career. Would the most ethical choice be for me to leave? [more inside]
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Help me get out of my head a bit when it comes to dating (esp in China)

I’m currently living in a smaller city in China (well, by Chinese standards). I’m comfortably conversational in Manadarin — working every day on making it better! — and I plan on being China for the forseeable future; I don’t know if I’ll be in this particular city for more than a couple months more, but my plans are very open ended. I’m a bisexual, thirty-something white-ish male who tends to really overthink romantic social interactions and is trying to make sense of how to think about dating as a foreigner. More details within… [more inside]
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What music is my character listening to - in 2003

I am trying to build a playlist for a fictional teenage girl in 2003. All I listened to in 2003 was Jonatha Brooke and Dar Williams. Help me make her a little more well rounded. [more inside]
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Best work break apps at this point in time?

I'm looking for a good app to remind me to take regular computer breaks. There are lots out there; what's your favorite? [more inside]
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What is this elaborate logo or symbol?

Further to my letter-writing habit I've bought a number of sets of vintage writing paper and envelopes from eBay. Usually it's possible to get some approximate idea of when and where the paper was made, but my latest acquisition has me puzzled. The stationery in question came in a flat white cardboard box adorned only by a symbol incororating the letters HAS. Does anyone recognize this as the logo of a paper-manufacturer or retailer, or a symbol representing some other organisation or individual? Do the component parts of the symbol have a coherent meaning? [more inside]
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Gee, it's good to be back home

I am thinking about moving back to the US after a decade in Europe. In the current political and social climate, it feels like contemplating a move into the wolf's den. Help me decide if this is really a good idea or actually a very, very bad one. [more inside]
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September 4

Animal Welfare for the Non-Cuddly

I'm looking for an animal welfare group which helps reptiles and/or fish, and many of the big names seem less than helpful. [more inside]
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May evac to Orlando. Where to stay?

I'm making a few evacuation plans based on where Irma may go. One is to Orlando. I'd love to hear from locals on areas to seek or avoid - somewhere safe, not too prone to flooding. I'll need a place that is pet friendly and disabled accessible.
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Good sources for learning about new and upcoming non-popcorn movies?

What are some good websites or other resources for keeping up with non-Hollywood-blockbuster movies? Meaning: independent flicks, interesting non-American / non-English-language stuff, or just Hollywood fare that's (1) a bit off-the-radar and (2) isn't a remake, a comic-book movie, or a "property". Bonus points if they have a Facebook page that I can follow for utterly passive consumption! [more inside]
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Is this generalized angst, mid-life angst, or something more?

I've had peaks and valleys of depression and contentment (never outright blissful joy, I'm just not made that way). Recently, I've found myself to be in a lot more valleys than peaks and I want to get some perspective on whether this is a thing or A Thing. [more inside]
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Question regarding teenager games

In The World of Henry Orient from 1964 starring Peter Sellers among others, two teenagers who are infatuated with the eponymous character rove around New York City. Among their various activities is one where they jump over objects like fire hydrants while crying out, "Splities!" Why do they do this crying out? Is it part of some kind of game or is it just a calling out of how they are jumping over the objects they jump over? [more inside]
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Relationship refresh!!

How do I keep a relationship fresh and fun for a long time? [more inside]
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Body mod mural?

Can you tell me what major American museum has, or had, a mural depicting various ethnic groups showing traditional body modifications? This is a disturbing memory of mine. [more inside]
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Non-gingerbread cookies suitable for construction

I'd like to construct a box or perhaps a cake stand sort of thing out of cookies that I can then use to display yet more cookies. Please give me recipes that make cookies suitable for building so: ones that taste good, are strong, hold a shape well etc. And if you've got any cookie construction tips I'll take those too. [more inside]
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Name my kitten!

My partner and I have had the pleasure of fostering six rambunctious kittens and their mom, but our time together is coming to an end. Of course, we're keeping one... And he needs a new name. [more inside]
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Sock puns

I'm in the position of needing to mail some socks back to a friend who lent them to me for bowling this weekend. He enjoys silly cards with silly puns, so I'm trying to think up dumb sock puns to accompany the returning socks. (They're plain white athletic ankle socks, in case you're wondering.)
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Lightweight (thermos) drinker

I'm looking for recommendations for a small, lightweight thermos (capacity ~12 oz). I'm a coffee nut and have accumulated a bunch of fancy thermos gear, but I'm really trying to minimize how much I carry around on a daily basis. As a result, I'm currently using a plastic bottle. Surely there must be a better way. Perhaps you know what it is?
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Where can I find this blue pinstripe tank top that says Long Beach 1975?

Here is a picture of the blue pinstripe tank top in question. The IG model in the picture noted to me only that it was purchased in Medellin, Colombia. I figured googling all the things I put in the tags would yield something, but I found nothing. I am looking for some place to buy it online. Thanks!
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Save Our Spiders?

Three or four spiders live in or on the old wooden window frame in our kitchen. We like spiders, so we leave them alone. Tomorrow when we're at work, our landlords are letting themselves in to take a look at the window, which leaks. The odds that they also like spiders are not high. We don't want the spiders to get squished, but putting them outside could also kill them. Can we keep them temporarily in a box instead? What should we put in with them? [more inside]
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Katrina Car Comebacks

A few days ago, I went car shopping with a friend. They had been through Katrina, and with all of the focus on Harvey, they were thinking hard about Katrina cars; cars that got shipped out of New Orleans to all parts of the country for sale with doctored titles. People all over got stuck with these ruins that had all kinds of problems and never ran right. [more inside]
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Books: specific events/topics that still give broader history

Not quite sure how to phrase exactly what I'm looking for, but I'll give it a shot. I just read Hue 1968, which focuses on a specific battle in the Vietnam War. However, the book still gives broad color around the war, what led to it, aftermath, etc., despite not trying to be a history book about the entire Vietnam War. In essence, it's a very engaging and interesting way to learn about a topic through a narrow lens that turns out to be not so narrow. What are some other books that focus on a specific subject/event/person, yet effectively give a broader history? [more inside]
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Visit to sleep clinic - how does this work

I am going to a sleep clinic for an initial out-patient visit and this has to work. How do I get the most out of it? (details below the fold) [more inside]
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Alternatives to Cooking NYT

Cooking NYT has gone paywall. Sad! Are there alternatives that will work as well for me, or should I pony up the $? [more inside]
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Where does this idea come from?

I'm trying to find the source (who said it where) of the concept that a medium is mature when it is used mainly to discuss other things than the medium itself.
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What are the bridges in this Black Box Wine commercial?

Between 0:11 and 0:12 in this commercial, you can see a very brief shot of a cable-stayed bridge. It looks so familiar, but which one is it? It's not the Zakim in Boston, since the towers are a different shape. It isn't the Sunshine Skyway, either. What about the bridge at the very beginning?
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Lead me around Leeds

I'm going to Leeds for the first time next week (American, first time in the UK). What should I know/see/do? [more inside]
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What vodka should I try next?

I've recently gotten interested in vodka, specifically making vodka martinis at home (vodka + vermouth, up with an olive). I've been using Reyka, which I love, but I'd like to try something new. Which one should I try next? [more inside]
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I need hope or some other way to motivate myself to keep dating

I'm a 40 year old female and never been in a committed romantic relationship. Done the FWB thing a few times, dated a guy for a year one time, but starting to feel hopeless about ever finding an actual "Relationship". [more inside]
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First thing tomorrow vet visit or emergency vet?

The cat is exhibiting weird peeing behavior - urinating in small amounts, getting into the litterbox and not peeing. This started this morning. She is eight. Obviously we need a vet visit - do we need to go now to the emergency vet, or first thing tomorrow to the regular vet? [more inside]
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What's causing my foot cramps?

For a long time - at least 3 to 5 years - I've regularly experienced very painful cramps in my feet. I feel like I should be able to pin down the cause and do something to prevent them, but so far no luck. Help? [more inside]
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Print magazine suggestions needed!

I love receiving and reading actual print magazines. I'm looking for 1-2 new ones to try. My likes and dislikes are inside... [more inside]
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Name that 90's dystopian YA novel

I'm looking for a book I remember reading in middle school. It was fairly horrific dystopian YA set in the future, about two teens (both boys I think?) who go to... a summer camp, maybe? Of course it turns out to be more of a murder camp... Graphic details below the fold. [more inside]
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Self-Care During Stressful Time

I need help figuring out how to make it through the next few months without breaking to bits. Your best self-care tips, please. Details below. [more inside]
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Can you use a less powerful charger to charge a laptop?

My work computer is a 15" MacBook Pro, and it has a beefy 87w adapter. I also have the 60w adapter that comes with the smaller MBP. I know using a less powerful adapter will charge the computer more slowly, but besides that, is there any downside to using it? I would just be plugging it in when the computer is not in use.
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Can you ID this bug?

I found this bug in my home. Can you tell me what it is? [more inside]
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Quick Chinese (or possibly Japanese) translation requested

Hi folks. I have an old electronic panel meter that has Chinese or possibly Japanese writing on it, and I'm curious if anyone here could help translate it for me? Pics of the meter are here. Thank you!
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Barcelona specific recs?

I've been planning to go to Barcelona for years- and now we're going in October. I am a little overwhelmed. Anyone have advice? Specific requests below. [more inside]
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Help me stay calm during medical uncertainty

High amylase levels on health check 3 years running --> see doctor just in case --> CT scan today, Monday --> results to come Friday. No symptoms to speak of now or earlier (except now my stomach hurts, jeez...), not sure what or how much to worry about. Not in search of medical advice, just ways to not panic over the next 96 hours. [more inside]
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What's living in Tampa like?

I'm considering moving to Tampa or somewhere near it to be closer to my mom, who is moving there this year. Tell me what it's like! [more inside]
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Is there an affordable option for a print newspaper?

I have a bad, bad addiction to the internet. I want to severely limit my time online, but I want to keep up with the news (global and local). A print newspaper seems like a good solution, but most of the subscriptions I'm seeing are very expensive. [more inside]
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Socially withdrawn during grad school

I feel bad about not having made any friends during grad school, because I was dealing with multiple stressors at the time. [more inside]
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Should I be financially sound, or should I be happy?

I have the opportunity for a new job that I've always wanted. Should I go for it despite a large drawback? [more inside]
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Help Me Find This Half-Remembered Cartoon

In my youth, I saw a cartoon where somebody runs into a room so fast that they end up running right out again. I would have seen it in the 70s or 80s but it could have been from an earlier era. Can you help me find it? [more inside]
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Headset with mic MacBook Pro (2016) — preferably using headphone jack

Hiya. I'm looking to buy a comfortable headset with mic to use with a MacBook Pro. Ideally these would connect to the headphone output and just work, but I'm confused about requirements. [more inside]
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How to cool down automatic gate opener?

I have a standard sliding gate opener on a drive way. When the temperature hits around 85 or more on a sunny day, the gate opener seem to get over heated and stops working. When the sun goes down, the gate will automatically work again... This seems to happen every spring and summer period. I've put a dozen holes on the plastic cover for venting.. It didn't help. Is there anything I could install to cool the opener? I was thinking some sort of insulation.. or even small computer fan... but I don't know if that is enough.. a small AC unit may do.. but pricing and electric over usage may be problem. Any specific ideas and/or brands would help.. thank you~
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September 3

cleaning service recommendations, Boston area?

I need a new cleaning service. Snowflake-y details inside. [more inside]
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Finding happiness in a difficult year

Due to a combination of career transition and temporarily high child care costs, i'm going to be poor this year. How can I reframe this in my mind so that I'm not in a miserable deprivation mentality for the next 10 months? [more inside]
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good 20 minute exercise videos?

I'm looking for recommendations for good 15-25 minute videos that are not too intense but are kind of varied and work out the whole body. Will pay if necessary, but free is good too. Specifics inside. [more inside]
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Cold Brew Coffee for the Lazy?

I spend too much buying cold brew coffee at cafes, but I've not had good luck learning to make it myself with one of the Toddy kits. What's the current state of the art in cold-brew coffee? Bonus points there's an easy way to make a week or two in one go (to be kept refrigerated)! [more inside]
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False depiction of guns in movies and shows

Do the false sound effects for drawing a handgun on a person in a movie or t.v. show drive you nuts, as someone familiar with guns? Which shows/movies get this correct? [more inside]
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Can I replace a locking gas cap with a regular gas cap?

We have a 2009 Honda Fit. I am far more worried about misplacing the keys for the locking gas cap than I am about people stealing gas from our tiny car. Can I just buy a standard gas cap to replace the locking one, or will that create Check Engine light/gasoline fume issues?
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Female looking to stay 2 nights near Queens College NY, safe? Any ideas?

Need to stay 2 nights near Queens College in order to take test there, younger woman will be alone and wondering where a safe place might be....I've been to NYC several times but not familiar with Queens....on a budget also....any ideas? Suggestions? All appreciated...
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To whom should I donate my car in the Bay Area?

My car needs to go; what charity should I donate it to in order to maximize the benefit? [more inside]
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The power to bring the world revolution

Where can I find the Revolutionary Girl Utena fansubs I used to love? [more inside]
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Injured Cervical Disks -- Best Chair/Support?

Hi -- I recently injured my C5 and C6 Cervical Disks. Does anyone have advice on a good OFFICE chair at my job to help? Or which elements of a good chair I should be looking for? (Most everything out there is geared toward Lumbar injuries...)
posted by antipode12 at 12:18 PM PST - 4 comments

Name of musician

Hi All. Last month, August 2017, or maybe the end of July, I was listening to NPR and they were interviewing a musician. I think she was interviewed by Terry Gross. She had just released a new album, and had moved to or from NYC, and was a bit disappointed that she was working at a coffee shop. I think her name was something like Francis Jones... Thanks.
posted by coberh at 11:52 AM PST - 2 comments

How to make Facebook act like Facebook circa 2010

I would like FB to show me most/all things my friends post, and most/all things the groups I follow post, in reverse chronological order. I don't much care if they want to also show me ads, but I'd like to see most of the stuff I actually care about. [more inside]
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The book focuses on one of the best salesman ever ... not Og Mandino

My brain tells me it was Robert Asprin but the internet says it ain't so. The idea was in a sci fi book set in the future and it opened with someone buying a burial but then the salesman adding all these things and finally upgrading the buyer to a super fancy coffin ...
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Help me get a 16 year old tourist from Zürich to CERN

Assuming I can get him a reservation on the Individual CERN tour, I want to provide a 16 year old (American tourist) explicit and concise instructions for a day trip from Zürich to CERN and back. [more inside]
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How can I get neighborhood diversity information before moving?

While looking at places the other day, I saw some Nazi-affiliated signage in neighboring houses, and it freaked me out pretty badly. They don't usually advertise, so how can I find and avoid racial enclaves within more diverse cities I am unfamiliar with where this kind of stuff is more likely? [more inside]
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Cookbooks that are about fixing fuckups?

It occurred to me that the most useful programming books I've read are about fixing bugs and refactoring fuckups, and that a similar principle might hold in useful cooking books. So I'd like to ask for recommendations of cooking books that are about fixing fuckups.
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"When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed"

How can I unpack my emotions about a friend's recent decisions? [more inside]
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Sparking Shopcraft saw safe?

Not very knowledgable tool person here... I bought a heavy Shopcraft saw at a yard sale, and while testing it, I am seeing a bright motor spark and click whenever I let go of the trigger. Is this normal, and is it safe to use? See this video. Thanks!
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I lose everything. Help me not lose my expensive season ticket.

I have a 12-month season ticket for my new train commute. It cost a lot of money and I am very, very prone to losing things. How do people keep hold of these? [more inside]
posted by Catseye at 8:05 AM PST - 38 comments

Why does only tile see my phone?

I lost my phone at IKEA yesterday. Find my iPhone says it's been offline since the moment I realized, but the tile app keeps saying it sees it every ~15 minutes. Huh? What could this mean? Is there any hope? [more inside]
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What's going on with my toenails?

I get my pedicure done at a place that seems to be on it, with respect to hygeine, but I notice that when my polish is removed, my nails are solid white underneath. What's that about? [more inside]
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Do I Call My Mother Back?

My parents attempt to control me through guilt and threats (Mother) and financial power (Father.) This has affected my entire life. Recently I took several steps to distance myself from them. These include not letting my mother blackmail me emotionally, and refusing any further financial assistance from my father. The last time I talked to them on the phone was in April. We have communicated via e-mail ever since . Two days ago, my father left on a ten-day trip, and asked that I "have a heart"and call my elderly and depressed (depressed in my opinion, since she refuses to see a therapist) mother, who is alone while he is away. I am working hard to build and maintain boundaries with them. Do I call her back? [more inside]
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September 2

Cymbalta stole a year from me, now what?

My doctor put me on Cymbalta for my fibromyalgia. That, and a few other things have turned me into an agoraphobic. Now, I don't know how to break out of it. [more inside]
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No "pee-pees" or "hoohaws", please

Please help me find an accurate and direct book for a toddler on where babies come from. [more inside]
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How to build more love in my life

I want to build more intimate and loving relationships [more inside]
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Point (and Click) me in the right direction

Lie any good 90's kid, I grew up playing point and click computer games. For the sake of nostalgia, I'm on the hunt for a new favorite to play. Details inside! [more inside]
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iMovie help! Original elements deleted, how to recover?

My wife is devastated. An iMovie of the first year of our twin boys' lives is ruined due to the way iMovie functions. Help me help my wife who's currently upstairs bawling, somewhat understandably. [more inside]
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Some PDX Advice, Please!

Can you help me with some advice on finding a sublet in Portland ASAP for a couple of months or so in a good, walkable neighborhood for my retired mom? [more inside]
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B R I T I S H L O V E and jokes

I LOVE BRITISH ROMCOMS. Please give me more movies and tv shows to inhale. [more inside]
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When to tell new job about baby coming?

I had an initial interview for my dreamish job this week, and have another interview next week. I would love to take this job, but the timing is pretty crap, as my wife and I are going to be having a baby in about two months, and I'm wondering how to handle it. [more inside]
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Will I like Claus Porto soaps? And if not, what will I like?

Pacifica have stopped making their Persian Rose soap. This is a problem. I live in the hinterlands with no access to fancy shops in which I could smell fancy soaps before buying them, so I'm reduced to mail order, and I have special needs. Basically, I hate almost all scented products, except for soap, and I especially hate complex or "perfumey" or artificial-smelling fragrances, anything with patchouli, and pretty much anything with musk. I like a soap that has a fairly simple but strong natural floral or citrus scent. I've identified Claus Porto as a brand of soap that sounds like it might have what I'm looking for, especially the Banho Verbena or some of the rose-based ones. Have you smelled these in real life? Would I like them? What other brands might I like?
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Google drive: mass/bulk undo/revert moves/deletions from shared folder?

Asking for the good lady researcher her indoors: is there any way to bulk undo recent moves or deletions from shared folders on Google Drive? [more inside]
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Good karaoke software?

I'm having a party tonight and would like to do karaoke. We have a dj with a full sound system, laptops, and a slow internet connection, so I thought it'd be fun if I could just download something for karaoke. [more inside]
posted by heathkit at 1:05 PM PST - 5 comments

Looking for a detailed map of DC parking meters

Is there a map online showing exactly where parking in Washington DC is metered, and what the time restrictions are? All I've been able to dig up are general zone maps.
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Reading list for a bright 13 year old iconoclast

Looking for book recommendations for a bright young lad who sees himself as a rebel and an outsider. He is well versed in comic book culture, music and videogames, but has hardly read anything at this point. [more inside]
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What to do with vintage computer equipment?

I have some vintage/historic computer equipment including an IMSAI 8080. What should I do with it? [more inside]
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Will Bridge City, TX be flooded due to dam B release at Steinhagen Lake?

My parents have evacuated their neighborhood (Bevil Oaks outside of Beaumont) and are staying with family in Bridge City. How will dam releases affect the water level where they are? Should I ask them to evacuate? [more inside]
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Professional-looking shoes for a workday of biking and standing in lab

I want a shoe that I can bike in (~2 hours per day), will tolerate light rain, is suitable for chemistry lab work, and is comfortable enough to stand in for most of a day. They also have to look professional and have woman's wide sizes (or men's sizes). I've read through a bunch of AskMeFi shoe threads, but nothing was quite right for my needs. Any recommendations? More details below. [more inside]
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Please help me find new homes for new children's books!

I regularly make donations of children's books to various organizations, and I'm looking for some new ideas for organizations/groups that can use them. [more inside]
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Local animal rescue group trying to figure out best web solutions

Web development for cats, the perfect AskMe question: An animal adoption org in Durham is trying to move to an easier-to-maintain web system. They are considering one approach (Wordpress, with interest in a couple of significant plug-ins) and have talked to one web development firm so far. Looking for insight on their technical approach and also advice on overall approach or other firms. [more inside]
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How to have healthy unstructured time?

I feel I need some time each week that isn't burdened by need to schedule or discipline myself in any way. I struggle with avoiding temptations and destructive distractions during time I set aside for this. [more inside]
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My new loveseat is trying to kill me.

Bought used, upon delivery noticed a chemical smell. Whenever I sit on it I end up breaking out in hives. What could be causing it and how do I fix it? [more inside]
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Men's trousers for slim men? (28x32)

Shopping filter: Looking for companies that make trousers with a 28" waist and 32" leg, and with normal cut (not skinny or baggy). Gap was previously my go-to, but their current men's trousers all contain stretch. Uniqlo only does a 29" waist. What else is there? Must be available in the UK. Looking for chinos and plain styles, nothing too on-trend or flashy. Thanks in advance!
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.COM Domain naming in French, Italian and Spanisch

What are common domain endings (eg., in these languages for .COM domains? [more inside]
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Excruciating back pain - what to do next?

After a few episodes of sciatica over the last year, I started physical therapy. After 2 months and not much relief or change in pain and frequency, I was sent to get an MRI and to a physiatrist. The MRI showed 2 herniated discs in the lumbar region of my spine. More details inside [more inside]
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September 1

How should I handle a controlling parent and potential relationship?

Hi AskMe, I'd appreciate your thoughts. I’m male, in my late 20s, near Seattle, and totally blind since birth. I have a female friend with potential for more, who is older than I am and also blind, about an hour away. My mom, with whom I live, disapproves of my going to stay the night with her, and has threatened to kick me out of her house. How can I address this with the woman I’m interested in, and deal with my own feelings of anger towards mom? [more inside]
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Let's give this another try, or how can I forget bad first impressions?

I'm starting a professional course-based grad program this fall and my cohort had the opportunity to meet each other for the first time this week. I can't put my finger on it, but I am already disliking these people. I don't want to spend the next two-years disliking these people, so how can I forget first impressions and meet them "again" for the "first time" when our courses start? [more inside]
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How do I do the layoff part of managing?

I've been managing my team for about 18 months now. At the moment, I have two FTEs and two contractors. Decisions have been made above my head for financial (not performance) reasons to end the two contracts. I have to give them two weeks notice tomorrow. How do I have that conversation? [more inside]
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Help us figure out how to not end up homeless by winter

This was what was happening two weeks ago. Things have taken a new turn. My partner and I have been given two months to find a way to pay $2000 in rent and utilities or move out because his mom wants to go to an assisted living facility. We need help coming up with a game plan. [more inside]
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Can She Evict a Non-Tenant "Squatter"? How?

My sister owns a rental condo. Her tenant passed away and the tenant's boyfriend, who is not on the contract, has been occupying the place for a month or two without paying rent or responding to my sister. Can you help us plan out some steps to evict this person? We and the property are in California, if that helps. (A bit more inside.) [more inside]
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best very small business accounting software? - cloud or not.

I hate accounting. I always have. It's part of what's made me avoid running my own business. "Sure," you say, "that's what accountants are for." Nevertheless, I want to do as much of it on my own as I can, mainly because given all the cool software tools these days it seems like it ought to be (relatively) easy. More on the insides. [more inside]
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Flying solo in PDX this weekend, your tips and suggestions?

My wife is at a conference outside of Portland in Clackamas and I came along. I'd like to have suggestions on what to do all day tomorrow (Saturday) and Sunday on my own, as I explore the city while she is busy. It is my second time in Portland but I am still very unfamiliar with the city. Your suggestions and stories and must dos welcome!! [more inside]
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Do You Know What This Thing Is?

My Mum found this thing in a container of pocket change that belonged to my Dad. He passed away a couple of years ago so we can't ask him what the heck it is. [more inside]
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Online Photo Gallery

I need to create a small online gallery. I don't want to start from thumbnails; I want a sequence of fully expanded photos, and I don't want the service to trim size/resolution (within reason). Users can click to go to "next" (i.e. not a slideshow). I'll need to add captions. Interface should be uncluttered. It should display well in mobile. Can anyone recommend a web site/service?
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Best fancy / special cocktails SF

Suppose you are visiting San Francisco for a day or two and you want to try a fancy / special cocktail place, with fancy / special cocktails? Is there any place that's particularly unmissable? Or do you have a few top recommendations? [more inside]
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How can I connect with my busy husband?

I have often begged my husband for time out as a couple. I would be happy with a low-key date night once a month. He is proud of his job and sees that as his main contribution to our household. He has angrily told me "You have a big house and two beautiful children and that's STILL not enough for you?" [more inside]
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Read anything good lately? Yes!...Uh, I remember it had some words...

How can I get better at quickly recalling the titles of books I've read recently? [more inside]
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Has Google Search gotten worse?

I used to reliably find answers to questions using Google Search, or find articles I faintly remembered reading. That seems to have changed over the past year or so. [more inside]
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Wreck beach stairs and first time visitors guide

Thinking of visiting wreck beach this weekend for the first time, but my partner is worried about the 400+ stairs on trail six, as neither of us are in great shape. Is it just one long staircase, or are there flat areas to catch your breath? Is it easy to pull off the stairs mid-walk to rest a bit? Also, is it still true that you can hike away from the main party and find a quite spot to read easily, or is that out of date? [more inside]
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Need recommendations for a reliable printer.

1. Preferably inkjet, but I'll consider good value b&w laser printers. 2. Preferably for less than 200 dollars. 3. Preferably sold at Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, or Newegg. [more inside]
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Instagram log-in / access nightmare

My main social account now is suddenly blocked. Am I screwed completely or just partially?... I went back to add some hashtags to my newest post. Suddenly I was kicked out, and in order to log back into my account, they asked me to input a 6-digit security code. [more inside]
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What are common "scams" or bad financial deals targeting new parents?

I've been going to baby shows and get ads for things like cord/stem cell banking and life insurance for the baby. Do babies need life insurance?? What are things to steer clear of as new parents? [more inside]
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Silent alarm for mac desktop

I need an app that will provide silent notifications at a given time. [more inside]
posted by elf27 at 11:52 AM PST - 3 comments

What song is playing in the Ulo Kickstarter video?

I love the twangy song playing in the background of Ulo's Kickstarter video. Shazam doesn't seem to recognize it, though I wonder if it's a set of clips of a song edited together.
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Medical-grade wrist accelerometer that measures in 3 planes of movement

I’m looking for a medical-grade wrist accelerometer to be used in a study in Canada. So far, I have tried: Actigraph, Actiware (Philipps Respironics), and Garmin, but none are suitable (Actigraph cannot ship across the border due to Canadian restrictions; Actiware has discontinued their Actical model; Garmin doesn’t have the accuracy needed in the 3 axes) We need a wearable accelerometer that measures in three planes of movement. Any suggestions?
posted by kirsti at 11:06 AM PST - 2 comments

How should I break up with someone early on?

What's an appropriate way to "break up" with someone after only a few dates, when you don't have a good/specific reason? [more inside]
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Bathroom design help

We are gutting/renovating our small bathroom. We don't have a master bath so the idea is to help this bathroom be the best everyone bathroom it can be. I found a layout I like but I can't picture how it will look in reality and can't find real life photos of this particular layout. [more inside]
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"So, about that Donald Trump guy?"

I shy away from arguments/conversations, like to change the subject, etc. But it seems like I'm missing out when its between friends who actually really enjoy these conversations. Have you changed how you get better at accepting what I call basically meaningless arguments ? [more inside]
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Gaelic Goblin Cognomen Glossary

I'd like Irish/Gaelic speakers to tell me, in as much detail as possible, about the correct way to pronounce an uncommon name. [more inside]
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What is worth paying a *little* more for?

The other day I bought a bottle of bleach at the market. Normally for this kind of item I'd look for the cheapest generic version. However, the Clorox brand has a no-splash pour spout that works well, and for that my clumsy butt is willing to pay an extra 70-80¢. We've had questions about worthwhile splurges on the higher end. What are some practical* examples of features that are a relatively cheap upgrade? [more inside]
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Suggestions for after-school care and combative co-parenting

So school is about to start and I've picked up a part-time gig as a bus aid while training to be a driver. I have a morning run that they're trying to work around Agent K getting on the bus since I can't convince anyone to come feed him breakfast, dress him, and get him on the bus. The problem comes after my afternoon run. I'll be home an hour or two after he is. And thanks to my ex, I'm completely screwed. [more inside]
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UK/US/French Seasonal food

I've recently got into cooking and baking in a big way. Does a book exist which sort of says: "OK, beginning of Autumn, these sorts of baked goods were traditionally made with this variety of in-season fruit at this time of year" and/or "ok begining of Winter, people began eating preserved red cabbage with their meats and for breakfast would begin eating porridge at this time"? [more inside]
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Bisexual online dating

After 6 miserable and fruitless years of online dating men, I would like to try online dating women. I have in the past dated both genders, but not through online dating. What should I know? [more inside]
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sometimes it's just easier to fake it... [nsfw]

In the ideal world, nobody should ever fake an orgasm. But sometimes -- because I want sex to stop, because I don't want to explain I'm on SSRIs and can't, because I'm not comfortable yet with the very particular manuevers it takes, because it's just not happening tonight -- it's just easier, nicer, and better to fake it. [more inside]
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Pro tips for getting through a long weekend with SO's angry ex?

Pretty much as per the title: I've just learned that my SO's ex will be at a weekend group event with us and is angry I'm attending. As an introverted, semi-anxious person, I'm looking for some tips for how to power through. Details within. [more inside]
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Car rental/no credit card.

Hello; Is anyone aware of a car rental place in Toronto,that will rent a car to a customer for about 1 week with no credit card and accept cash or debit? Thank you :-)
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Is a proof of "P versus NP" itself subject to the P/NP argument?

There are reports again on the internet that "P versus NP" has been resolved. I'm not a mathematician, but did this set me wondering, as it is an interesting question, whether the proof of P/NP was in itself a case of a P/NP problem. So: Could we program a computer to attack P/NP? [more inside]
posted by carter at 5:30 AM PST - 10 comments

Sodium Acetate-Based Reusable Heating Pad No Longer Working

I own one of those sodium acetate-based reusable heating pads that are activated by clicking a metal disc. It worked well when new but now it gives off little heat. Could it be restored? [more inside]
posted by whitelotus at 2:53 AM PST - 13 comments

Loveliest route from Brooklyn upstate

We're driving up from Brooklyn to near New Paltz in the autumn to see the turning colours and let the dog sniffle across the land, finding new smells and meeting cows. We are in no rush to get there. Give me your recommendations, please, on the nicest route from A to B that might take us through pretty towns, provide the best scenery, or give us a flavour of the valley. Bonus points for great bookstores, good coffee shops, green spaces to let the dog explore, and places to get ice cream. [more inside]
posted by giraffeneckbattle at 1:33 AM PST - 5 comments