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January 31
I once wandered into a store selling vintage steel road frames converted into fixed-gear bikes. I think I was in the Silverlake area, but it could have been Los Feliz or Echo Park (I had been exploring LA all that day with a free TAP Card and wasn't 100% oriented). Does anyone know what store this might have been, or where I could find a similar store in the LA area? [more inside]
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I had an interview for an okay-fit position. I learned a position with a better fit for my skills recently opened up in the same company, under a different manager. Should the thank you note indicate my intention to apply for the other position as well? Odds of interviewer 1 finding out I applied for job 2 are basically 100%. [more inside]
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I can't seem to wrap my mind around the language of higher level math. Definitions, theorems, and proofs make me fall asleep, but I really do want to understand. Do you know of any good resources that can help me out? [more inside]
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I've recently created a small hobby site using wordpress and currently hosted on wordpress.com. It is a niche site and I will have a number of product recommendations that I feel would be valuable to monetize. I'd like to add affiliate links (specifically Amazon.com) or possibly use adsense but that's a no no on wordpress.com. Can anyone help me through the myriad of options for hosting by providing some recommendations? [more inside]
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I need to draw up an agreement that would be legally enforceable in Hungary. The catch is, the circumstances of all parties (and witnesses) signing it are such that meeting at a notary's will be very impossible. Would a document signed by both parties and two witnesses be considered legally binding in Hungary? Great thanks in advance.
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How do I change my extremely destructive work habits? [more inside]
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My Dad is in his late 60's and through some combination of age, TIA's, and overmedication, he is at some times out of it and inappropriate, and at all times tired and lethargic. My Mom is struggling horribly with this as she's unwilling to see herself entirely as a caretaker, and she enables him with regards to alcohol and drugs, and beats up on herself over things she can't control. I'd like to support her and give her good guidance without being overly harsh. [more inside]
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There's a particular Police concert video that I'm seeking. Does anyone know which concert I'm describing? [more inside]
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About a decade ago, I had a quarter-life crisis and decided to drop out of grad school in science... how do I deal with that now? [more inside]
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I have a WDTV Live box and a NAS drive. My WD live will not properly refresh the contents, insisting that folders are empty when they are not, displaying files I have deleted, and not refreshing to show files I have added. Many files show up in the list 2 or 3 times, though some only show up once. I can't force a refresh, I've tried restarting the WDTV and disconnecting and reconnecting it to the network, but it just keeps showing me the same duplicates. How can I make it work?
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What things should I be concerned about when it comes to our 11 year old having a 3DS? [more inside]
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Some freelance programming/design work (javascript data visualization) is about to drop into my lap through a friend who has heard me talking about how much I enjoy this stuff. I'm a student and have never done this professionally, but would love to in the future. Help me not look like a rookie and make this go smoothly and professionally. [more inside]
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I need to find a Web designer -- but one that can design for a Django environment. MeFi Jobs hasn't turned up anything, and free sites just get me spam from India. What pay-to-play posting sites are worth paying for? [more inside]
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How is living in Portland, Maine? [more inside]
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What resources would you recommend for an adult who is a native English speaker who nonetheless struggles with grammar and spelling? I'm asking on the behalf of my boyfriend, who dropped out of middle school, and is also dyslexic. He asked if I had a book or website to recommend, but most of what I could find is geared towards kids or people learning English as a second language. He already feels insecure about all this, so recommending an ESL book seems really patronizing. He even acts sheepish asking me about grammar or how to spell something, so something he can pursue on his own would be ideal (even though I'm happy to help and don't judge him whatsoever).
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I'm looking for written narratives in the form of interviews or memoirs of people who escaped from the southern provinces of the Mainland to Hong Kong from the 1950s to the 1970s. The refugees would first journey on foot, then by swimming several hours while trying to avoid border patrol boats and sharks. I have read memoirs of escapees who have found freedom through student visas to Western universities, so there is no need to mention those.
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I have a 1995 Toyota Corolla Conquest who's factory standard radio has just died (I think). It made a slight noise last night and cut out, and is now just flashing 01:00 on the clock with no buttons responding at all. I thought maybe the fuse had blown so I checked the radio fuse, but it doesn't look to have blown (something I suspected as a time keeps flashing on the display and I thought a blown fuse wouldn't allow any electronics to work). Also the cigarette lighter still works and that is connected/part of the radio fuse. [more inside]
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A few questions about doing a longer trip to move myself and my stuff to a different city, for someone who hasn't done it before. [more inside]
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I have an Excel spreadsheet with couple hundred rows: URLs, a few fields of identifying information (outlet, etc.), for media hits on the organization I work for. I need to make this into a pretty (or at least semi-legible to the computer illiterate) document that I can give to board members, senior staff, etc. What I would like is to use some form of scripting to automate this. Bonus points if the script can somehow open the URL and take a screenshot of the story so that I don't have to. I have a Mac, and both the Adobe and Microsoft suites. How do I not spend tedious hours manually doing this? Especially since I have to do it each month and quarter.
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Help me find the xkcd comic about Google Wave? [more inside]
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My 12 year old son wants an iPhone. We agreed that if he completes some fitness goals and an educational goal we would get him one. I am trying to set the educational goal. He is pretty bright and gets straight As in school so I would like the goal to be something not school related and preferably something he probably won't get exposed to in school. I am an electrical engineer and initially thought some sort of computer programming. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.
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Bookish Mefites, help me come up with a list of literary sad sacks. [more inside]
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I use Comcast cable service to get online, but it's expensive and I never watch TV so I'm paying for a lot that I don't use. All I want is Internet access. Is there a cheaper way? I live in the San Francisco Bay area, near Oakland.
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I'm confused by my boyfriend's criticisms of my personality. I can't tell if they're legitimate problems I should work on in this relationship because I will encounter the same issues with most perceptive guys, or if it's a sign that he'll never fully accept who I am. [more inside]
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A recent post into the blue brought me to the attention of an electronic act calling itself Lazerhawk. At first I was just a bit amused, having myself used the name Lazerhawk for my metal music output. But when looking at some of their official artwork.. I started to get a bit.. upset. It bears a distinct resemblance to the logo I was using for my own Lazerhawk project.
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I'm looking for the smallest, most streamlined way to hold 15-20 documents that each have a plastic report cover (similar to this.) [more inside]
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My husband and I hoping to be the farmers running a CSA farm at a new co-housing development (similar to Prairie Crossing, Ecovillage at Ithaca, or Davis Homes). At some point we will probably need to "pitch" our business - and we have everything but a name; it will undoubtably be easier with a name... and we're at a total loss. [more inside]
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Looking for fun things to do in Kauai! (and any other advice you may have about vacationing there) [more inside]
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As an anniversary gift, my girlfriend got me all this cool stuff to begin learning to make sushi with. But where to begin? What is the purpose of some of these things on the left there? I get the bamboo mat but some of the other things are throwing me for a loop. Also, what would be the very best way for a beginner to jump into this world? Difficulty: I really dont want to sent anyone to the hospital from them eating some sushi I made.
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Help me pick out an awesome song to sing at Karaoke! [more inside]
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Is there some kind of class, part-time apprenticeship, or in-home tutor I can use to get hands-on handyman training near Livonia, MI? [more inside]
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Today, I purchased a new 13" MacBook Pro, model MD101LL/A, which I believe is a June 2012 model. I have an existing, working 13" MacBook Pro from early 2011. Can I just pull the hard drive out of the old one and stick it in the new one, or should I restore from a backup? Also, what are the odds the memory in the old one will work in the new one? Both are Core i5. [more inside]
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I'm looking for a simple awesome speaker that I can plug my Nexus 7 tablet into. I've used a set of desk speakers in the past, but I hate how there's two of them and the cords get all tangled. I'd ideally like a single speaker that plugs into the wall; something I can blast some sweet tunes on in the kitchen, and then pick it up and move it to the bedroom with a minimum of fuss.
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This is a case of forgetting to write something down. I was in a record shop in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle, and the shopkeep was spinning a record that I enjoyed a made a mental note to look the band/album up when I got home. And now a night has passed and the details I remember are coming up with nada when googled. The details: 1. The band name was something that ended in "-ex", like Solex or Purex. I remember thinking it kinda sounded like it could be the name of a condom. 2. The clerk said it was released "last year" (he could have meant 2011 or 2012). 3. The album cover was a letterboxed (think Joy Division's "Closer") picture of a rose and a chain, the rest of the cover was red.
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I ordered a few USB cables and adapters online, in an envelope marked free gift was this.... thing. It's padded, plastic, baffling.
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Today is the last day to buy Windows 8 (specifically, upgrade) at the discount price of $40. Is it worth it? [more inside]
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Why isn't there more seafood in the San Francisco Bay Area? Geography, history, or something else? [more inside]
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Asking for my sister: Her sweet cat is being obsessively stalked by the neighbor's crazy unstable cat. What can she do to curb this? [more inside]
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Is there an avenue in the Bay Area for renting or borrowing a Mac, especially for (grad) students? [more inside]
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I just went skiing for the first time in Colorado with some friends and loved it. Now that I'm back in the Bay Area, where can I go skiing that's beginner friendly and close enough to make it a day trip? [more inside]
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I'm looking for a figure of speech that describes searching for a problem in something someone else is doing where there is no apparent issue. Sort of like a "witch hunt", but smaller in scale. Like nitpicking, but with more of the idea of looking for a critical flaw.
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Please help me evaluate whether or not I should aim to go to business school (many personal details inside). [more inside]
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I have a job interview next Friday. Yay! But I have questions about what is a setting-appropriate choice. [more inside]
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I hope this will be my last job-related question for quite a while. I want to give two weeks' notice today or tomorrow at this job and I'm not sure how to go about it. [more inside]
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I need to find device-specific US market share for mobile phones and tablets. I can find plenty of info on mobile/tablet OS and browser market share, but I need % market share for Google Nexus, iPad Mini, etc.
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Most androgynous clothing styles skew towards the masculine. I'm trying to work out some ways might it be possible to go in the other direction. Specifically, if you have or have wanted to shift towards a more feminine presentation, what kind of clothing do you wish you could find? [more inside]
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I need a way to see and do a simple search on two large xml files under OS X. [more inside]
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Just trying to lay my mind on an album cover, fairly recent (last ten years) that is very simple, no prominent text - just two hands reaching across and holding each other in a shallow V, with a simple color background - I want to say light blue or turquoise. It's not obscure, just one of those moments where the brain can't access that information. Probably alt/indie artist.
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I am grossly fat and very unhappy. I've already figured out how many calories I need to consume to lose weight and joined a gym and bought a scale (gross). I'm an emotional binge eater. How can I maintain my motivation? [more inside]
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I want to get my driver's licence but I don't have a car. What are my options in Maryland? Are their provisions for this?
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My husband is going to turn 30 in a couple of weeks. We don't usually give gifts on birthdays but since this is a big one I want to get him something special. I could use some help deciding what that could be! Details about him within. [more inside]
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Wife has a poor prognosis cancer – How do I stay engaged? [more inside]
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For a 60th birthday, it's an old Japanese tradition to dress the celebrant in a special red hat and vest (Here's a bonus picture of a cat in said attire). Where can I get a hold of the hat and vest in the U.S. (or some kind of reasonable approximation)? [more inside]
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My favorite kinds of biographies have political/military figures from classical antiquity or America, with a focus on their intellectual development. I really enjoyed Dreams from My Father and Plutarch's Lives because they really delve into the intellectual development of their subjects. Biographies that span someone's entire lifespan are fine, as long as early life is well covered. Any recommendations?
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I live in a cooperative household in California - 8 people total - and we have a house bank account that we use to pay for communal food, toilet paper, etc. as well as rent. We all deposit $ in the account, and our house treasurer writes one big check for rent that our landlord cashes. Now the local credit union wants us to pay taxes on the money going in and out of that account, which we've never encountered in the ~5-10 years the house has been running things this way. What to do? [more inside]
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Please help me think of a shared experience my mother and I can have to celebrate her 60th birthday that does not include a spa or salon. I'd like to leave the parameters mostly open, but my budget is somewhere around $150 - $200. [more inside]
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How do you make yourself go to sleep/do errands/be a grown-up when you have no responsibilities or schedule you need to keep? When I hear people say they loved a show and watched 3 episodes before bed because they had to work the next morning I laugh because if I love a show I might watch 10 episodes because I can. [more inside]
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I've always been lousy at small talk, but have made great improvements in this area over the years. There's one aspect of it, though, that's currently bugging me. [more inside]
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I'm in the early stages of exploring a career shift into management consulting. I've spoken to a few people in one company, but I'm interested in hearing from people who do not have to speak for their employer as well. [more inside]
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Please recommend me your best vacation spots near Boston for an early 30s couple that likes the outdoors, history, trivia, movies, books, and good Italian food -- and prefers a trip that’s a mix of active and lazy. We’ll be in the area for a about a week around Memorial Day and want to know our options beyond the city itself.
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My iphone 3gs screen is locked keeping me from entering the passcode. When I try, the computer voice announces the action but in a very rapid cadence but still doesn't permit me to unlock the screen. The phone is relatively new and I would like to continue to use it. Any suggestions?
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Need strategies for not getting stuck in my own mind for hours every day over thinking a new relationship. How to know whether you are ruining things in your own head or things are not right? [more inside]
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Back in 2005, I visited St. John the Divine Cathedral in New York with a friend of mine. Recently he asked if I remembered a quote engraved on the floor, something to the effect of, "Forget the [...], take up the chorus". While this sounds very familiar to me, I can't recall the full quote or the source. I remember it was part of a series of quotes engraved on the floor, mostly from (I believe) 20th-century writers and thinkers. Other than that, I'm stuck.
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"Men want sex" and "women want romance" -- so the stereotypes go. To what extent does the average woman believe (or not believe) in these stereotypes? Does anyone know if there is research on this? I've been searching for hours, but haven't turned up anything yet.
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During a windstorm, a tree fell on our detached garage last night and destroyed it (no cars were in it, but the roof is completely caved in and the walls are buckling). We live adjacent to a public high school, and the tree was/is on the school's property, not ours. I filed a claim with our homeowners insurance already and asked if I should call the town directly or if the insurance folks should do it. The call center person I spoke to recommended that I wait. The claims adjuster is supposed to call "before tomorrow evening." I'm feeling antsy. Should I just go ahead and call the town? Would I be letting myself in for any potential foul-ups in reimbursement (either from insurance or from the town)?
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I am 35, my husband is 44. I have always struggled with my career, and recently quit my job and entered a sonography program. Just before entering the program I am in, I also applied to PA school. I have been offered a place in PA school, and I do not know what to do. Lately my biology has caught up with me (baby. now.) and I do not want to put off baby much longer (we could start trying to conceive in exactly one year if I stay and complete the sonography course-I am in the second quarter of a two year course). If I switch to PA, (program is also two years but does not start until 7 months from now) it means either having a baby during my clinical year and going straight back to rotations (ouch) or putting baby off for TWO more years...also ouch. It is worth noting that I do not think that I am strong enough/career motivated enough to leave my baby for 12-14 hours per day, which is why either way, I would like to have the baby at the end of either program, so that I can stay home for a few months before starting my first job. Please see more inside. [more inside]
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I've been very disappointed with my doctor--she's obviously rushed and makes simple mistakes (like writing me a prescription for an over-the-counter medicine, telling me I need bloodwork but then not testing for the things she said she was going to, etc). I've also felt on several occasions that she didn't really listen to what I was saying to her. I'm thinking of joining this concierge medical center but I wanted to hear other people's experiences with this form of health care first. [more inside]
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ISO gift guidance for meetings with disability rights advocates in Mumbai. [more inside]
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The New York Philharmonic recently presented Symphonic Sondhiem at Avery Fisher Hall. Is this the same program as Symphonic Sondheim: Don Sebesky Conducts the London Symphony Orchestra that is on Amazon?
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I just had to replace the hard drive in my mothers computer and reinstall Windows 7. She is open to using Linux so it seems like a good time to get her to switch. [more inside]
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This is perhaps the most innocuous, inoffensive house insect I have ever encountered. What is it? [more inside]
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I leave for a much much much needed vacation tomorrow that I've been looking forward to for the past two months. As more and more people around me (family, friends, coworkers) have been getting sick during this nasty flu season, I have been super paranoid about getting the flu myself just in time to spoil my vacation. I started feeling really achy and fatigued last night, but maybe it has more to do with other things? [more inside]
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I went to my doctor because I could feel a mass or swelling in my abdomen just to the right of my belly button. The doctor could feel it too and called it a mass or a "feeling of fullness." Slightly gross details inside. [more inside]
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My mom is in a skilled nursing facility short term after a difficult surgery (she is getting better fast, yay!). There are aides and nurses who are being very good to her. What is the protocol for showing appreciation for them? Can I give cash gifts/tips to the aides? Gift cards? How about the nurses? I don't want to give offense but do want to thank people appropriately.
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I need to move today. Last week I found a mover on Kijiji. Confirming about 11 pm last night, we found out that he didn't have a vehicle. [more inside]
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January 30
One of my oldest friends is selling his 2002 VW Passat Station Wagon (GLX V6). He bought it new and has taken good care of it (I've known him for 30 years; he takes care of things). He has all of the car's records. As it turns out, I'm in the market for a used car. The car drives beautifully. He is listing it at $6K. But a thorough pre-purchase inspection uncovered several problems, for which he is willing to take the price down. How can we find a fair value for the car? And should I buy this Volkswagen at all? [more inside]
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My mom has been battling colon cancer for the last 6 1/2 years, and essentially my whole family had settled into the rhythm of her treatment, and I know exactly what I could do to help, but recently her condition took a sharp downward turn, and I feel as if I'd been blindsided without any idea what I can do now. [more inside]
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In Star Trek: The Next Generation: Are there any explicit examples, in either the show or the non-canon supporting materials, of Data holding a specific image in his mind? Does he ever say anything like, "I am picturing ____" to explain, in visual terms, what he's thinking about? Does anyone ever direct him to "picture" something?
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Please help me compile some American versions of Scandinavian recipes. My american-scandinavian mom died a few years ago and someone stole or tossed her recipe tin. Now this california girl has found herself living in Norway, can recognize the foods mom used to make, but can't remember how to cook it!!!!!!! Please please help!!!!! [more inside]
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There's a deal that looks inexpensive for a trip to Costa Rica in May, to Arenal and Matapalo Beach in Guanacaste. Usually the deals have some kind of catch to them, such as off-season rainy weather, or hotels undergoing construction, or something. I can't find anything bad about this one. Is there a reason not to go in May? Or should I start getting excited about going to Costa Rica?! [more inside]
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I work in technology as a senior architect. I really like my firm but it is quite a bit smaller than other firms in the area and in a similar industry. I've been getting offers ~40% more from two, more established, larger firms. These are lateral moves. I'd like to stay where I'm at, but the salary increase being offered is too much to ignore. Can I bring this up with my firm, or is this a sort of take the larger offer or don't bring it up sort of situation? [more inside]
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My computer is slowing down and I need to revive it! [more inside]
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I am traveling to Wellfleet , Cape Cod for a week this Saturday. I would like to do a lot of cooking for my aging mother and need to do a healthy shopping on the way from Logan Airport. I would go into Boston to Whole Circus and Trader Joes, but it is not really on the way. Where can I go for a good grocery shop, preferably with a decent organic selection, that is in between Logan and Wellfleet, MA Thanks!
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I'm thinking my best option for staying in phone contact with my one or two overseas friends (mainly UK) might be a calling card. Can anyone recommend a specific card? [more inside]
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I am of one race/ethnicity; my partner is of another. No kids. How will adopting a child from a third background impact him/her? [more inside]
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Sorry if this seems like a stupid question, but I'm not TOO familiar with many songs of that era and genre. I'm looking for a song that conveys a sentiment similar to Lisa Loeb's 'Stay' (link to lyrics here if it helps). [more inside]
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Do house centipedes bite? Because I can't figure out what made a meal of me... [more inside]
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A friend of mine needs freshly or newish US pennies for an art project. [more inside]
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Where can I find the George Carlin quote, "Before every football game, both teams pray they'll win. One team always loses." [more inside]
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I would like to travel the world while writing my own software (for profit). Ideally, I'd like to stay in each place for a couple of months, not just a few days or weeks. Where can I learn about the legal specifics of doing this? [more inside]
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I'm not sure if i should discontinue my health coverage or not, and how to handle it - and if there's any way to *temporarily* discontinue my health coverage. [more inside]
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Can you help me to better distinguish cheery lovebird songs vs. the squawks of ailing canaries in my dating coal mine? [more inside]
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I'm not her assistant but she's treating me like I am. Frankly I'm ready to just quit but I can't afford it without another job lined up. To rub salt in that wound, she's micromanaging and professionally lazy and generally gets under my skin... Help me stick it out while I look for another job! [more inside]
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This question is for people who are familiar with gun culture & etiquette, and concerns having one's holstered gun pointing at other people. [more inside]
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Every year for the Super Bowl we make food from the teams' hometowns. This is our seventh year, and it's the first time we've had difficulty finding a food for a team! (Although two years of Hoosier Pie was no fun for anybody.) [more inside]
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I told my eight year-old niece that if she jumped in puddles and got her feet wet my license to be an aunt would be revoked. She now wants to see my license - I have explained that I keep it in my other wallet but that I will show it to her next week. Help! [more inside]
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Final job interview this weekend. How do I disclose the federal felony and prison time on my record? [more inside]
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I'm looking for recommendations for decent audiophile speakers (for music) that can be mounted on a wall. [more inside]
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Should I get a standing desk? Please share your pros and cons, and any tips! [more inside]
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I am looking for recommendations for software to track/monitor/record someone's computer/Internet usage. Windows XP, one user account. [more inside]
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My partner is legally changing his first and last name and doing away with his middle name altogether. Help us think of everything? We're in the US. [more inside]
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I want to be done with my pills. So I stopped taking them. Just making sure that what I'm experiencing right now is normal because if it's not I've got a phone call to make. [more inside]
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Please recommend movies that view coherently with the sound off. The example that I offer is 'Cast Away,' which, even during the book-ends of its series of scenes that have dialogue, every last minute point of film's exposition is conveyed through blocking, apparent emotions, and, obviously, action. [more inside]
posted by herbplarfegan at 1:24 PM PST - 50 comments

I have just become the person In Charge of Facebook for my small company. Last week I sat down and wrote some Facebook posts that my boss thought were "too cheesy." I agreed with him. They totally were. I am a social media lover- I have a tumblr, a Facebook, etc. I know when people try too hard and used to work for a government official who Did Not Get Facebook and so I know what definitely doesn't work. I've just never been in charge of writing one. [more inside]
posted by timpanogos at 12:52 PM PST - 13 comments

Laid off and underwater. . . are there any programs that can help me to keep paying our mortgage? [more inside]
posted by Kalatraz at 12:48 PM PST - 6 comments

The standard Type 1 fonts from Adobe don't have a definition of Leading. What should I use? [more inside]
posted by plinth at 12:41 PM PST - 6 comments

I have satellite internet service with a monthly download/upload allowance of 15 GB. I am a heavy Microsoft Office user. With Office 13, apparently there's a web-based subscription option, and it sounds great (5 licenses vs. 1). But will constant communication with the servers eat away at my monthly allowance? [more inside]
posted by jackypaper at 12:41 PM PST - 1 comments

I missed a Registered Mail letter - how do I find out who the sender was? [more inside]
posted by pseudostrabismus at 12:15 PM PST - 2 comments

We've been together almost 2 years and at first I thought he was almost a perfect match for me. We got along, he made me so happy, he's so sweet, makes me laugh, and considerate. I know that every relationships get into the comfortable phase but lately I feel like he has taken me for granted and has gotten way too comfortable to the point I'm starting to lose interest in our relationship. I no longer look forward to seeing him and want to be alone, say I love you, kiss, or anything. [more inside]
posted by Asian_Hunnie at 12:11 PM PST - 50 comments

It's January, which means my mortgage servicer (Wells Fargo) has once again determined my escrow account is short by about $300. This seems legit since there was a recent property tax increase. Outside of personal preference, is it better for me to pay this all at once, or to spread it out over the year? Is it better for Wells Fargo if I do one or the other? Context: It's probably my tinfoil lined hat, but whenever a bank gives me a choice like this I assume one of the choices will screw me out of a little money, put me in a position to be screwed out of a little money, or put them in a position to make a little more money off of me.
posted by alan at 12:04 PM PST - 6 comments

Lots of lumbar pain, limited options. Advise please! [more inside]
posted by TomMelee at 11:51 AM PST - 40 comments

In April I'll be attending a weeklong conference in Alexandria, VA and will likely be traveling alone. I've never been to DC. What can I do (safely and cheaply) by myself? [more inside]
posted by almostmanda at 11:38 AM PST - 23 comments

A friend in the same field as me, who was underemployed last year, helped me on a project last year. Over the whole year it was a total of 32 hours (I paid him at $50/hr). Now he's asking for a W2. I think it's pretty clear that he was not an employee (W2), but rather an independent contractor (1099). Aside from inventing a time machine to go back and clarify the terms (which I didn't think would be a problem, considering our friendship), what should I do here? What's at stake?
posted by Anonymousness at 11:29 AM PST - 14 comments

This snowflake is woefully under-hoodied: I cannot locate a hoodie which meets my specific nitpicky criteria. Can YOU? [more inside]
posted by julthumbscrew at 11:26 AM PST - 15 comments

Would it be crazy to do C25K with a torn ACL? I do not plan to get surgery to repair the ACL. [more inside]
posted by OrangeDisk at 11:19 AM PST - 5 comments

Assuming one already knew the planet had a safe, breathable atmosphere and a similar terrain to earth's. Also assuming the group already had team leaders, security guys, pilots, and engineers for ship/equipment operation and maintenance. Just trying to discern what KINDS of scientists (or even cultural anthropologists, etc) might prove useful to an information-gathering mission-- one in which encountering intelligent life is highly likely. [more inside]
posted by np312 at 11:02 AM PST - 24 comments

Back in the mid to late 80s my dad had this casset tape series of stories that I absolutely loved. Not kids stories though. They were narrative with the person / people guiding you through the experience. The part that sticks in my mind the most is that there was this wall with a hole in it. The man tells that when he stuck his finger in he couldn't pull it back out, he could only go further in. So he kept digging and pushing himself into the wall ... and thats all I remember but it just amazed me. If anyone knows what this is I'd be eternally grateful.
posted by mrflibble at 10:51 AM PST - 4 comments

Can anyone help me with a malware problem in system 7, possibly related to a recent ransomware attack? [more inside]
posted by Huplescat at 10:41 AM PST - 17 comments

Is a Master of Science in Strategic Leadership a real thing? Should I pursue it, given that it wouldn't cost me anything but time? [more inside]
posted by cessair at 10:27 AM PST - 5 comments

Recently I've been thinking of going back to school to get a Computer Science degree but I have a few questions: [more inside]
posted by Mister_Sleight_of_Hand at 10:03 AM PST - 17 comments

When an interviewer asks an interviewee for a programming job to design an object-orientated elevator control system, what are they looking for in a good answer?
posted by Artw at 9:47 AM PST - 8 comments

I'm looking for a professional careers coach in LA to give me advice about changing careers (especially ones who are good at talking with MBA grads who don't necessarily want a typical MBA-type job). The variety of coaches available out there is a bit confusing and some of them are expensive - can anyone personally recommend one? And what criteria should I be judging them on anyway? [more inside]
posted by zresearch at 9:29 AM PST - 2 comments

Which jurisdictions have databases of powers of attorney documents? [more inside]
posted by modernnomad at 9:13 AM PST - 4 comments

As a photographer, I often spot people on the street who are interesting to me, and of whom I'd like to make portraits. With guys, that's fairly straightforward - I just approach them and ask. However, I'm unsure about how to approach women whom I think would be good portrait subjects. How can I do this without being creepy? [more inside]
posted by gmb at 8:56 AM PST - 48 comments

I'd like to buy a bulk (i.e., 20+ in a stack) slide scanner that will work with recent-model (usb/firewire/thunderbolt) macs. I see prices ranging from $1200 for used Braun scanners, to some real cheapies that look like a mistake waiting to happen for under $200. What's in the middle? Most of the used Nikons in the $500 range on ebay are SCSI only; I'd love something that works with current hardware (i.e., NOT SCSI) and has a pretty wide gamut - something approximating the RAW quality I get from my digital SLR. Is there hope for me?
posted by luriete at 8:52 AM PST - 4 comments

muscle-minded members of Mefi: how do I strengthen the Rectus capitis posterior minor muscles? [more inside]
posted by mirileh at 8:43 AM PST - 2 comments

I've hod ongoing pain for months in my right foot, and after seeing a doctor and getting x-rays and and MRI done, the best advice he had for me was to buy new shoes and hope the pain eventually goes away. My question is, what sort of shoes am I looking for? I spend about an hour each day walking between classes, work, and my car—aside from that, I'm not terribly active. I'm also on somewhat of a budget, but if I need to pay $100 to not have to limp around, I'll gladly pay.
posted by reductiondesign at 8:37 AM PST - 20 comments

How do people find emotional stability and inner peace when they are not tied down to any particular place? Am I just doomed to feel 'out of place' for the rest of my life? Advice from other 'Third Culture Kids'/people with international careers/etc. sought. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 8:29 AM PST - 17 comments

Please help me to remember where I saw this: A US agency (CIA?) captures/kills an Arab(?) terrorist(?) prince(?) (or South American drug lord?) but then makes it look like his plane crashed while taking off from a Caribbean(?) island so that their involvement is hidden and people don’t realise the CIA(?) knew he was a wrong 'un. Our hero(?) is in on the airplane plot but her/his colleague is suspicious about the crash and starts looking into it and finding holes in the story. I think they might have to kill the colleague to shut him up. [more inside]
posted by Gomoryhu at 8:23 AM PST - 4 comments

I love my car. It is reliable, trustworthy, and it has carried me safely through at least one rather hairy situation. Best of all, it was cheap. When I touch the dashboard, I remember the thrill of the negotiation process, and even the salesman's sweaty palm as we shook hands on a price thousands of dollars lower than what my friend paid for the exact same model. [more inside]
posted by wolfdreams01 at 7:53 AM PST - 24 comments

A new private restaurant/club is opening in my Santa Monica, CA neighborhood. Membership fees are $1250/yr if you are under 30, $2000/yr if you are over 30. There is no justification stated for this policy, like the way auto insurance rates justify their age-based rates. Is this legal? [more inside]
posted by Room 641-A at 7:52 AM PST - 14 comments

Hi all-- I am a female writer with a high sex drive. With most of my moods, I have figured out how to use the energy of anger or sadness or whatever to write something borne from it. But when I'm feeling horny, I really don't know what to do with it, aside from write about sex, and I want to be able to do more than that. This may sound like a silly inquiry, but I'm wondering if other artistic sorts have dealt with it.
posted by anonymous at 7:50 AM PST - 12 comments

Only marijuana lets me be the person I want to be. But I don't want to be dependent on drugs just to function. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 7:49 AM PST - 14 comments

Asking for a friend: "I'm researching for my current WIP, and I'm stuck. I need to build a comprehensive picture of the social perceptions of disability in Japan, both currently and within Samurai culture. Help, anyone?"
posted by daisyk at 7:45 AM PST - 10 comments

I was a re-entry student graduated in 2007 with a bachelor's degree in Public Administration. My entry into the field got derailed and since 2008, I've been working out of the field, underemployed. How can I get back on track? [more inside]
posted by entropicamericana at 7:43 AM PST - 11 comments

I'm planning to scan a large number of old family photographs, with an eye to eventually creating family photobooks. I need a wide variety of my family members to be able to access these photos in order to comment on them, and tell me who is in them, when they are from, etc. [more inside]
posted by jacquilynne at 7:26 AM PST - 6 comments

So we've got a chocolate-tasting party next month, with about 50 people attending. We divide into dark, semi, milk and (yes, sorry, purists) white, around 20 types. I've done this before (really fun) but used paper and pen, tallying up the winners at the end of the night. This time I was thinking of giving guests a few of something to hold - poker chips? - and have them drop them into jars or something near their favorites. I'm not so hot on the poker chips in a glass jar idea, though, since you can't see them from far away, and it doesn't really have much volume in the jar. Any fun ideas?
posted by VeniceGlass at 7:08 AM PST - 26 comments

I'm pushing 50, but I still have urges. Entrepreneurial urges. Ideas for products. Cool websites. Apps. Little businesses. Stuff that makes some money. But: Every cool startup I see comes from a 12-year-old. College is middle age. 30 is elder statesman. 40 is dead. I've never done this before. Its scary. Where are my role models? Networks? Inspirations? Mentors? Resources? Snowflakes inside. [more inside]
posted by RandlePatrickMcMurphy at 7:06 AM PST - 18 comments

I am hoping to (eventually) settle in the UK permanently, but one of the requirements is worrying me somewhat, and I was hoping someone could clarify under what circumstances it is possible to leave the UK for short periods of time while on a Skilled Worker Visa. [more inside]
posted by kalimac at 6:37 AM PST - 6 comments

My friend is Italian and living in Milan. He has developed a product that he will sell through Amazon. I want to help and get involved but not willing to risk my future to do it. [more inside]
posted by shaarog at 6:29 AM PST - 5 comments

I believe that I need to use the expected value function of the Gumbel distribution to analyze some data. However, I can't find a guide of how to do this that is not written for mathematicians, beyond answers like a(n) + gamma*b(n), which isn't exactly helpful if a(n) and b(n) are not clearly defined. Or, do I even need to calculate this? [more inside]
posted by Peter Petridish at 6:22 AM PST - 6 comments

For a variety of reasons, the second half of August is turning into a better time for us to take a vacation than October, as we had originally planned. We are hoping to go to Venice. We're OK with heat and humidity. Is there some other dealbreaker I'm not aware of? [more inside]
posted by elizeh at 6:16 AM PST - 10 comments

My dad is having heart bypass surgery. How can we make his recovery more comfortable and more interesting? [more inside]
posted by Captain Chesapeake at 5:28 AM PST - 8 comments

So a little while ago I invited my supervisor over for dinner with his partner at my little studio in a couple of weeks and it just occurred to me, I've never actually done this kind of thing before and I'm not entirely sure I know how. [more inside]
posted by Blasdelb at 5:18 AM PST - 27 comments

I've upgraded to a Galaxy S3 and I've sold my old Verizon Galaxy Nexus. It is rooted and running Cyanogenmod 10. I have Rom Manager installed. How do I wipe the data and restore it to the standard Verizon firmware?
posted by mattholomew at 5:12 AM PST - 3 comments

How can I care for this stray cat, in Japan, when I can't take her in? [more inside]
posted by DisreputableDog at 2:20 AM PST - 8 comments

What's my best option for reading ebooks in an auto-scrolling format? [more inside]
posted by pete_22 at 1:36 AM PST - 7 comments

January 29
Need lot of ideas for lunches for a 1 year old. [more inside]
posted by HMSSM at 11:17 PM PST - 21 comments

Even when I have free time, I find myself rarely doing the thing called "relaxing". I'm looking for how I can better relax, and what I can do to give myself a better environment to do so. [more inside]
posted by parudox at 10:50 PM PST - 15 comments

My girlfriend and I are leaving for a vacation in Chile in about a week. We'll be spending most of our time hiking and seeing glaciers and penguins in southern Patagonia, with a few days in Santiago at the end. I'd like to bring a compact, versatile, weatherproof camera with great image quality, 15-20x zoom, and good low-light performance -- but compromises must be made. What kind of camera should I take with me? My budget is $300-750. [more inside]
posted by Serf at 10:30 PM PST - 14 comments

I loved this book as a kid in the early 90s. Please help me identify it! [more inside]
posted by florencetnoa at 9:43 PM PST - 2 comments

I can't believe I'm wasting a question on this, but searching the internet has failed to give me a definitive answer. In the song Some Nights by Fun, which is the proper lyric? [more inside]
posted by Ruki at 9:15 PM PST - 5 comments

I'm at home ill at the moment, watching lots of films and reading a lot (this week I've watched 14 films and read 2 books). I'd like to find sites (or podcasts/lectures/etc) that intelligently examine media and/or popular culture. I regularly read articles on Popmatters and sometimes the A.V. Club (but not so much). What are your favourite film/media crit resources? Podcasts? Lectures? Thank you in advance for any help!
posted by everydayanewday at 8:41 PM PST - 13 comments

My exactly-two-year-old (tomorrow) shares a room with his older brother. When bedtime rolls around, stories are done, and lights are out... he will not stay in bed. Looking for any ideas. [more inside]
posted by rouftop at 8:28 PM PST - 25 comments

If I quit my job in April and start working on my own projects, can I buy a new laptop in July and write it off as a work expense on my taxes, even though I might not actually make any money from my projects until next year? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 7:36 PM PST - 13 comments

Where can I download TT or T1 of public domain font IBM Courier? My Google-fu is exhausted. I can't find this font on my own. Help me, HiveMind! [more inside]
posted by ScarletPumpernickel at 6:56 PM PST - 7 comments

I run my small company (freelancer) and want a kickass online banking experience; minimal fees, good TOS, photo check deposits, and sure, why not, ATM reimbursements. I won't mention my brick and mortar bank (out of Boston for 'citizens') but they leave quite a bit to be desired. [more inside]
posted by filmgeek at 6:48 PM PST - 9 comments

Looking for a descriptive and short name for a blog about university study. Save me from bad puns and opaque acronyms! [more inside]
posted by Paragon at 6:28 PM PST - 12 comments

Cleaning apt. of a deceased friend. Their mattresses were on the floor - a boxspring, and a mattress on top. Found these bugs in between the boxspring and the mattress. [more inside]
posted by samoa at 5:34 PM PST - 14 comments

I'm trying to understand the logic of wildly overpriced used books on Amazon. [more inside]
posted by Bookhouse at 5:31 PM PST - 15 comments

My wife and I are planning to travel from Washington, DC to London in late May / Early June, and I'm seeing round-trip ticket prices at around $1,050 per person ($1,250 for direct flights). That seems weirdly high to me, but we've never been there before and have no real basis for comparison. Am I booking too early in the year, such that waiting a month or two will probably net me better prices? Our plan is to fly out Friday night on a red-eye and return Sunday afternoon, so unfortunately we can't get midweek pricing. [more inside]
posted by Televangelist at 5:14 PM PST - 11 comments

I'll be starting a full-time MBA program this fall. What can I do now to make that experience easier? [more inside]
posted by cranberry_nut at 5:07 PM PST - 9 comments

I would like to transfer $ 5000 from an account in Italy to my bank account here in the State. Can it be done electronically and if so, how?
posted by francesca too at 5:04 PM PST - 9 comments

The ice melts, releasing the pebbles onto the sculpture. YOUTUBE Anyone know more about this genre of what I call sonic sculpture? [more inside]
posted by surplus at 4:58 PM PST - 10 comments

I moved out of my apartment, but am still on the lease, which extends for several months. I have "transferred" my renter's insurance policy to cover property and occurrences at my new apartment. This leaves me uncovered at the old place. Does this matter? [more inside]
posted by QuantumMeruit at 4:44 PM PST - 6 comments

While changing a bulb in one of our rooms, replacing a LED with a CFL because of a need for brighter lighting in this work area, it suddenly hit me: Why does an LED light have a bulb? In both incandescent and CFLs, the bulbs trap gas (or vacuum as the case may be.) But why an LED? It doesn't use a gas and it doesn't need to operate in a near-vacuum for efficiency. Closer examination showed that the bulb was plastic and had no lensing effect. This question is almost answered here. Because of the question regarding heat sinks (which seem much reduced in modern LED lights, I'm guessing the answer is because they get hot. So I'm guessing that's what it is, though I also think that having a bulb makes it easier to screw into the socket. Taking these points together, I can imagine getting a burn if there was not bulb by brushing up agains an LED stalk that was on until a few seconds ago when you decided to unscrew it. So...have I answered my own question or is there more behind the bulb?
posted by BillW at 4:41 PM PST - 9 comments

when to hang on, and when to bail, when there is a lot of love, but also coldness [more inside]
posted by frequently at 4:35 PM PST - 11 comments

i am trying to measure the vibration of a bearing, which is at one end of a simple fan shaft. the fan is large but rotates at reasonably slow speed. fan diameter approx 3m, shaft speed approx 145 rpm, 2 dodge s2000 bearings. i am getting FFT data but when i look in the low frequency range the data is not meaningful. i am using sample rate 4096 Hz, block time 0.125 sec. 20 sec sample time and i think the acceleromter is set up correctly. where might i be falling over?
posted by edtut at 4:26 PM PST - 11 comments

I once played a turned based strategy video game on my PC. You built buildings, mined minerals, set up defenses. [more inside]
posted by 922257033c4a0f3cecdbd819a46d626999d1af4a at 4:19 PM PST - 6 comments

Hunan Pan was at the SE corner of Hudson & Perry when I left NY in 86; I don’t know when it closed. Does anyone know if they moved somewhere, or opened another restaurant? I was quite attached to the place for a few years, and haven’t seen a couple of dishes done quite so well anywhere else.
posted by LonnieK at 3:48 PM PST - 2 comments

Help me create the perfect Death Star ice sphere. [more inside]
posted by Diskeater at 3:25 PM PST - 16 comments

Oh I get it! [more inside]
posted by Dansaman at 3:13 PM PST - 13 comments

My friend is applying to university after dropping out of a different school a few years ago. At his previous school he was placed on academic suspension for a semester due to absenteeism and low grades. The Common App he's now filling out asks if he's ever been disciplined for academic misconduct. Does this qualify? Should he answer yes or no? More details below, including the exact wording of the question: [more inside]
posted by henuani at 2:57 PM PST - 27 comments

Tools for staying positive while "getting back on the wagon", so to speak. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 2:43 PM PST - 9 comments

I have angered my stomach, and don't know how to get it back on track. Details that I can't believe I'm talking about inside. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 2:42 PM PST - 23 comments

Help me find a dialect map for the pronunciation of the word "data". [more inside]
posted by janell at 2:26 PM PST - 32 comments

Help me find the song of a YouTube ad featuring a beautifully tattooed hand sketching some amazing artwork? [more inside]
posted by driedmango at 2:20 PM PST - 2 comments

So I love my Etymotic hf2 headphones. The sound is crisp, lush, and only just a little light in the bass. The problem is cord noise. Is there another brand or model of in-ear phones that doesn't have this problem? [more inside]
posted by seanmpuckett at 2:17 PM PST - 8 comments

I love reading lists with exquisite explanations of the things on the list. For example Time's list of the 100 best novels of all time or top ten lists that have descriptions of why the included items are deserving of being on the list. Could I get some more lists with this kind of breakdown?
posted by holmesian at 2:06 PM PST - 8 comments

Help me figure out specific techniques, distractions, etc. to employ while I stop taking pain medication for migraines. [more inside]
posted by hapax_legomenon at 2:05 PM PST - 32 comments

What do you recommend for airlines, must-see tourist destinations and other travel tips for a late-March trip to Cape Town, South Africa? [more inside]
posted by KevCed at 2:04 PM PST - 4 comments

I can't do a single sit-up. Can someone point me in right direction? [more inside]
posted by dragontail at 1:37 PM PST - 16 comments

Now that WeEndure is going away, I need somewhere to track my exercise. There are a number of places that have biking and running, but not swimming. I'd prefer simpler to the more complex sites like MapMyRun (which, again, doesn't do swimming, from what I can see). I have seen this and wondered what things are out there, four years later. Bonus: a place that I can dump all my WeEndure data into so I hit the ground running. [more inside]
posted by notsnot at 1:18 PM PST - 9 comments

Asking for a friend. Ideally I'd like to find a well-established mainstream psychotherapist with experience of both acute and long term treatment and support of adult patient with depression. CBT, integrative and/or psychodynamic modes, and with a positive view of integrating with NHS services. Ideally also with reduced rates for low incomes, but this isn't vital. I know about the COSCA list, but am trying to get a recommendation based on opinion or experience. Thanks in advance.
posted by cromagnon at 12:58 PM PST - 3 comments

My mother left a crockpot with a tea towel under it on the counter today before she went to work. It was on high. It was pretty hot. Am I overreacting in thinking that this is unsafe? [more inside]
posted by heavenstobetsy at 12:56 PM PST - 21 comments

Have you ever had a relationship, that maybe not DTMFA worthy, started out pretty rocky but eventually turned in to something good and healthy? Details are appreciated. [more inside]
posted by mockpuppet at 12:44 PM PST - 18 comments

Hoping for advice, encouragement, discouragement, honesty, etc. I just ended a marriage (shy of one year) last year and am newly single as of four months, I was in a 6 year relationship which ended because I realized my ex was not faithful and continued to question our marriage. [more inside]
posted by love2much at 12:33 PM PST - 13 comments

In an effort to healthify, I've replaced milk in my coffee with almond milk (unsweetened vanilla). It is awesome and yummy. I've taken to using my aerolatte to whip it into a tasty froth before adding my coffee. Add a little cinnamon on top and magic happens. So this worked great until my last purchase of almond milk (pure almond from Silk). It Will Not Froth! MY QUESTIONS: 1. Why won't it froth? 2. Could the absence of Carrageenan be the cause? 3. Should I worry about the presence of Carrageenan in my nut milk?
posted by leotrotsky at 12:27 PM PST - 13 comments

Does anyone know the piano song in the Comedy Central commercial for the new season of "Workaholics"? [more inside]
posted by lovableiago at 12:02 PM PST - 2 comments

I hate giving out my Social Security number (other than in connection with tax reporting and where I need to have a background/credit check--where I realize it's necessary). How much do you squawk when asked for your social in other scenarios? Example inside. [more inside]
posted by Admiral Haddock at 12:01 PM PST - 15 comments

I'm the program developer at a gymnastics club, and my latest assignment has be wracking my brain. We have outside daycare groups come and visit us once a week for around an hour, and my boss wants us to add on an additional activity to make us a more appealing choice. Help? [more inside]
posted by hasna at 11:32 AM PST - 19 comments

My weekend is overbooked to the tune of family vs. work. Help me figure out how to tell my very difficult boss about this the right way. [more inside]
posted by chatelaine at 11:28 AM PST - 12 comments

Can you recommend short, easy-to-understand math writing I can read before bed? [more inside]
posted by kristi at 11:26 AM PST - 12 comments

A couple recently purchased a beautiful Hacienda-style home on my street. They want to tear it down and replace it with a soulless, bland, aggressively imposing mini-McMansion. Luckily, I live in a really special city with an incredibly strict design review committee. What can I do to fight them? [more inside]
posted by acidic at 11:12 AM PST - 34 comments

I've historically chosen the World's Most Precarious Professions (tm). I'm about to turn 30 and I'm filled with fear and regret. How can you survive and perservere when you may end up unemployed/unemployable at any moment? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:10 AM PST - 6 comments

I'm in the final stages of my PhD and writing up my dissertation. The prospect of losing my analysis and written work is petrifying. Can iCloud be used to save documents like an external hard drive? [more inside]
posted by DorothySmith at 10:36 AM PST - 20 comments

I may be able to apply for nursing school as early as this fall. Yay! Can you help me come up with some resources to help guide me through the application process and assess the merits of different programs? [more inside]
posted by ActionPopulated at 10:32 AM PST - 7 comments

Need private health insurance for my partner, my workplace will be reimbursing all his private health insurance instead of adding him as family/dependent. So cost is minor issue, more concerned with good, specific coverage. We would like to go Blue Cross/Blue Shield due to previous positive experiences. Confused as to what plan will work. He works in a high-stress, very physical outdoorsy job. Without fail, he makes a few urgent care/ER visits a year and would appreciate some therapist coverage to deal with anxiety related to job. Being able to see specialists, get bloodwork and labs done without breaking the bank would be appreciated as well. Any advice? Florida here, if it matters. Looking for low deductible, fixed doctor and hospital visit costs.
posted by caveatz at 10:21 AM PST - 6 comments

The other questions deal more with alterations. I would like to get a woman's suit made. I am hard-to-fit and my go-to place (Eddie Bauer) has changed their designs so they don't work for me. (The new pants are curvy -- and I am not. And the jacket is longer -- and I am, well, shorter.) [more inside]
posted by Lescha at 10:19 AM PST - 5 comments

I play piano. Recently I got a keytar (!) because I wanted to have something more portable to play, and to experiment with other sounds. The keytar has lots of cool "lead guitar" sounds, which are cool, but I have some questions that a guitarist could best answer. In the end, I want to be able to describe the kind of guitar sound I'm looking for in ways a guitarist would understand. [more inside]
posted by mcav at 9:53 AM PST - 10 comments

Hello Everyone, So my car is currently impounded at a private tow lot in New York City as it has been for the past 5 weeks. I only received notification from the police department by mail in the past few days. When I called up to the tow lot this morning and spoke with the general manager, he informed me that my car has already racked up almost $1400 (!) in storage fees at $27/day. (The police document said only $17/day). He also said that he had sent a package to me on 1/26, but I still haven't received it yet. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 9:44 AM PST - 25 comments

Here's what I want to do. 1. put cd/dvd in drive of computer 2. rip it 3. software places files in folder structure I define 4. spits out cd/dvd and does it all over again. Ultimately what I'd like to do is create a digital library of all my music and movies in one central place so my smart tv/computers/tablets/phones have access to the media whenever and wherever. Please flood me with suggestions. I'm a noob at this.
posted by Mantix at 9:34 AM PST - 9 comments

I followed google image search to an art and photo stock site recently and became curious about the payoff, if any, for providing content to such sites. Some of the member artists have 100 - 200 pages of thumbnails, and a lot of the work looks quite professional to me. It's hard to believe anyone, let alone a pro, would go to such trouble if it didn't provide any payoff of the grocery-buying, rent-paying kind. Do any of our askme artists have any experience or war stories?
posted by jfuller at 9:27 AM PST - 7 comments

United Airlines says they have refunded my flight. They have not, advice? [more inside]
posted by audio at 9:16 AM PST - 16 comments

Excel 2007 will sometimes refuse to let me move its margins in print preview mode so that the document prints 1 page wide (despite letting me print that way previously on the document). How do I fix this? [more inside]
posted by lea724 at 9:12 AM PST - 3 comments

I am looking for books or movies where someone is unknowingly drugged in such a way that it changes their behavior/personality but there are no obvious side effects like blackouts or hallucinations. [more inside]
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What is a reasonable salary range for a business intelligence/reporting analyst? Every site I have reviewed seems to indicate that the pay range is much higher than the reactions I receive when quoting my salary requirements seems to indicate. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 8:56 AM PST - 4 comments

So, I'm starting out on meditation, but finding it near impossible to stay focused for more than a few seconds. Any tips for not thinking about cheese et al for a while? [more inside]
posted by Wordshore at 8:55 AM PST - 24 comments

How does it influence my riding if I carry my 3.5 lb bike lock in my bag on my back instead of on the bike frame? Not an athlete, but I like riding fast. [more inside]
posted by arhammer at 8:39 AM PST - 19 comments

I'm starting a new professional job, and I need a new, professional bag. I need something large, very lightweight, and preferably with a cross-body shoulder strap. [more inside]
posted by decathecting at 8:31 AM PST - 12 comments

Our dear friends' 6 year old daughter was murdered on Dec. 14th at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The father is testifying at a public hearing in Connecticut this afternoon. This is the website from which it will be broadcast.; the event is titled "BI PARTISAN GUN VIOLENCE MENTAL HEALTH WORKING GROUP". I have been asked to make a recording of this event. I live in Massachusetts and cannot view the event in person nor do I receive this channel on television, so recording it as it streams online is the only route open to me. I have experimented with recording the stream using VLC and SDP with no success thus far. Your help would be greatly appreciated by me and the parents.
posted by EKStickland at 8:01 AM PST - 5 comments

Doctor recently advised that I take flaxseed or fish oil for the Omega-3 goodness, and I can't seem to get into the habit. I do not have much a morning (or evening) "routine", which I guess is working against me. You guys are grown ups (and I feel like less of one since I can't figure this out!) - how do you remember to do it?
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I have about 500 PNGs. Each is 8" wide and anywhere from 1" to 5" high. I need to assemble them into a PDF, as many images as possible that will fit per page without cutting off. [more inside]
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What qualifications (certifications, skills, volunteer experiences, etc.) can I realistically pick up, for free, without actually being employed in the field which they would qualify me for? [more inside]
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We're buying a house (still negotiating, hence the anonymity), and we have learned that the level of lead in the water is slightly above the expected range. Not knowing whether this is a big deal, I've tried to do some math to figure out whether being over the threshold is an object of legitimate concern (or whether the range is the fruit of a hyperactive regulatory state) and the process has led me to even more questions. [more inside]
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Please explain to me how my dog's butt works. Thank you. [more inside]
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My wife and I are thinking about starting a martial art to get in shape. Help us figure out what type of martial art we should do and where specifically we should do it in the Washington, DC area. [more inside]
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What items (gadgets) should I have on hand for power outages? [more inside]
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I'm thinking of doing a free trial of Netflix's DVD program. I love listening to commentary tracks. What are some of your favorite commentaries on film/tv show dvds (specific seasons, please!)? [more inside]
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I need to convert 16 pages of 14" x 17" artwork into digital images to submit to a book publisher. What is the best way to make high-quality digital copies of my artwork? [more inside]
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I like science fiction books that are placed in the general fiction section - but for me they are hard to find on Amazon or in libraries. Examples of these kinds of books are The Sparrow, The Yiddish Policemen's Union, Oryx and Crake, Cloud Atlas and The Dog Stars ... but I need more new stuff - any suggestions?
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Help me find movies with telephone or phone booth scenes! (even if said scene is only 10 seconds long). [more inside]
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January 28
I'm soon going on a long trip to the tropics. I wear glasses for vision correction (-2.5) and need to figure out what prescription eyewear to bring. Should I go with contact lenses or glasses? (Also considering prescription sunglasses and Transitions lenses.) [more inside]
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I found this impressively large and intricate cross-stitch bedspread while thrifting. It's stitched on a pre-printed blue grid, it's queen- or possibly king-sized, and it appears to be backed in feedsack. Further ID and cleaning suggestions sought. [more inside]
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If I was to go from zero to learning one tool/software for professional 2d video animation and editing (creating simple animation/transitions and splicing live/animated content) what should it be? [more inside]
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I have a friend who gets extremely sensitive and anxious outside her comfort zone. Sometimes it gets to be too much for me. How to deal? [more inside]
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Friend is divorcing a high conflict personality (to put it more than politely). Since he is pro se, he generates a massive amount of emails and motions and false accusations etc. This results in having to collect a huge amount of documentation to be able to say in court "you're lying and here's the proof" [more inside]
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Close friends wedding coming up and need to know the right amount to spend on their gift registry, they have various items ranging from $40 upto $250. We're in Australia, details inside... [more inside]
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What, exactly, is meant when referring to a "kand position"? [more inside]
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My car ran out of gas this morning. I was running in the rain on the highway shoulder, eyes set on the ramp to the nearest gas station, when a very kind person pulled up to offer me a ride. I didn't even pause to assess his likelihood of being a serial killer - the guy just exuded mellow good neighborliness. I was so grateful that I jumped right in his car, figuring that he most likely was on his way in to work at the same giant company that I work for (which, happily, turned out to be true). He drove me to the gas station, and then backtracked on the highway to drop me back off at my car, where he waited to make sure all was well. Guessing he was late for work as a result, but he couldn't have been more pleasant and easygoing about this gesture (and so politely brushed off my embarrassment at running out of gas and needing to be rescued!). I found out from a colleague where he sits, and I'd love to drop off a thank-you note and an appropriate small, thoughtful gift on his desk tomorrow morning. Something to acknowledge this very personal gesture, while still remaining professional. You know, like a can of beans that says, "Here's hoping YOU never run out of gas!" Ack! Totally joking. That would be terrible. No joke gifts, just something classy and small. Would a bottle of wine be too personal for a business relationship? Thanks in advance for the help!
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A few days ago I met someone who attended an early college program, and I'd love to learn more about her experience. Unfortunately, this person I met is a seventeen year old girl, I am very much neither of those, and it's apparently not unheard of for people my age to make passes at people her age. Is there any way for me to ask her for a cup of coffee (hot chocolate?) that is tactfully and yet unmistakably devoid of romantic subtext? [more inside]
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I have a Sony VPL-PX40 and a Sony VPL-PX41. How can I open them up to swap the lenses? [more inside]
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What's the best way to hang origami on the wall? Painter's tape? That blue putty stuff? Any suggestions welcome. [more inside]
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Our 8 year old Maltese dog eats twice a day: a main amount at 7:30AM and a smaller amount at 6:30PM. We recently got an automatic feeder so we don't get pawed awake in the morning. For the first few days it was fine, but now he barks at the feeder every morning when the food comes out. Once I go into the kitchen and nudge him near it, he stops barking and eats all his food. At night, with the same food and feeder, he doesn't have an issue. Any ideas?
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If I'm ordering something online and they're based in Canada, will I have to pay customs when they ship to the US? [more inside]
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Looking for suggestions on how to thicken liquid, namely water or milk, for the purposes of photography. [more inside]
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One of my 17 year old Laserline CD towers broke. The one that broke held 400 CDs and my total collection is somewhere in the 800 range. I need one or more storage towers/racks to hold at least 400, and possibly all of them at some point. Besides being able to store a lot of CDs, the other feature it needs to have is "slots". Most current storage options for large quantities of CDs, are basically empty shelves for you to fill. My CDs are in a particular oder, so if one is out, I want to be able to see the missing CDs at a glance. Any suggestions?
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Just got a pressure cooker. Now I need to make some stuff, but what? [more inside]
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What is the difference between harmony and polyphony?
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Occasionally I notice men checking out my online dating profile repeatedly, but they never send a message. It's neither here nor there really, but it strikes me as somewhat odd to hover but never reach out. Any idea why people do this? I imagine this varies from person to person, but it seemed interesting to me.
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Hi there - our 5-and-a-bit year old is starting primary school next week. He is a bright, caring and generally happy type - a "good kid" - but I was wondering if there's anything, as parents, we should maybe say or do before the big day to provide him with "good vibes" about this next step in his life. He is looking forward to school and has no problems there. We are taking him out for a special dinner on the weekend to celebrate him going to school as well. But are there any experiences, tips or other things that have worked well for fellow MeFites when their children have started school? Thanks so much.
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So I had a small fire in my oven... [more inside]
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In Russian fairy tales, bears are named Misha. Or so my girlfriend, a student of Russian, says; so does Wikipedia and this New York Times blog which quotes something saying "all Russian bears are named Misha". But does this Russian bear have a last name? [more inside]
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Help figuring out the best setup for a home theater projector. Total projector newb here.... [more inside]
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We pay $200 a month for weekly service that includes all trimming, upkeep, lawn service for 3 lawns, significant pruning and leaf cleanup from 12 trees (citrus, pine, chinese elms, japanese maple, coastal oak, liquid ambars). Is this too much? What do you pay and what do you get for it? [more inside]
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Everyone says "get out while you can!" RE: Ph.D.s in the humanities. But really, what else can I do? Difficulty level: somewhat debilitating emotional dysregulation & student debt. Snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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Recently in a social situation I was asked my thoughts on a budgeting item and I gave it along with a solution that I had given thought to and was planning on presenting to the budget chair. (We work in different departments but run things past each other on occasion). One of the people at the gathering was a woman with political ambitions for our small town. A few days later she wrote a letter to the editor that gave my exact idea. What would you do? On the plus side it was very well received, OTH it was mine. I realize I should have said nothing and it was my mistake. I figure people that were there would know it wasn't hers and hopefully someone will point that out. Can I address it or should I leave it?
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Can someone suggest a module or series of modules that is designed for, or could be adapted to, an all-dwarf party? (Other than An Unexpected Journey! But that sort of party, yes.) 3.5/Pathfinder preferred but can adapt. [more inside]
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I am trying to rip a few of my favorite Gaiam yoga DVDs for my iPad. I used Handbrake, but the ripped file resulted in a distorted picture (though the sound was fine). I tried various Handbrake settings, but the result was the same. How can I make this work, and view my DVD on my own device (damn you, DRM!)?
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Looking for an NYC therapist specializing in treating problematic drinking. It is for someone who is a very private person so 12-step/AA/etc. is not an option. The issue is infrequent binge drinking leading to behavior stressing an otherwise happy and healthy relationship. Anywhere in Brooklyn or Manhattan works. Looking specifically for a psychotherapist, not a psychiatrist. Insurance not an issue. Throwaway email: soothemythroat@gmail.com
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I would like to set up a randomly reoccurring weekly event in my calendar -- either Outlook or Google -- such that it repeats every work week (M-F) between the hours of 9-5, but randomly. In other words, I want it to be at 1 pm on Monday one week, then 10 am on Friday of the following week, etc. Is there a quick and easy way to do this or must I set up a reoccurring event and then go through each week moving the appointment to what feels like a random time?
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Because of a story in the newspaper, I discovered that a local nonprofit will soon have a job opening that sounds like a perfect fit for me. The job is not posted on their website yet, but I was thinking of emailing someone there anyway just to let them know how interested I am in the organization, the job, and the changes they've made to make the job possible. Will this result in them looking more favorably on me when the job is posted, or in them looking at me as over-eager and unprofessional?
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Help me get over my gym anxiety and stay motivated to exercise. [more inside]
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One of the longest-running modern-day battles is that of Cable vs. Dish Network. Both seem to basically offer the same stuff. Most everything I read says Dish Network offers everything Cable does, except it's cheaper. Which is better and why? Does Dish Network really go out when it rains or is cloudy? Do you have experience with both and a compelling reason for one over the other? Thanks in advance.
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Examples of fiction books or stories touching on the debate about whether viruses are living things or not?
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What are the best automata (formal language theory) simulators? This is mainly for teaching purposes. I have used JFLAP in past iterations of the class in question, and my google searches suggest this is still the best option, but I was wondering if there is anything newer and better that I'm not finding. Details below. [more inside]
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Not-insignificant age gap [5 years +] in our long-term relationship: she's the older one. Can it be salvaged? I'm 28, SO is 33. We've had a great, loving, 4-year relationship. The past few months have put a heavy strain on us - work, holidays, a death in the family - this spurred her into thinking more about the future. [more inside]
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My 10-year-old son recently purchased a second PSP for me. He has my old one, so we now have two PSPs. We have been playing the Call Of Duty: Roads To Victory multiplayer over Ad Hoc, looking for other games to play Ad Hoc. [more inside]
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It's 2013, it's the future, it's time to fire lasers into my eyes. Does anyone have any particularly good/bad experiences with offices in the Boston and Brookline area? Did you use Qualsight? [more inside]
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I have a Buddypress site set up with all of my contributors set up as Authors. This has worked well, up until this point, where the users want to make groups. However, the Author role doesn't have permission to create groups. I've used several role modifying plugins to try to switch it on, but none of the plugins have this option available. The current plugin I'm using for role moderation (called 'Members') has an option to add in new Wordpress actions to allow/disallow, but I'm not sure what this would be called. Further data about installed plugins, versions, etc. available upon request. For the moment let's say that simply changing all user's roles to something else isn't an option.
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Last week a neighborhood bar played a song I loved, and trying to identify it has been driving me crazy ever since. Details: - Chorus has the solo female voice (second soprano?) singing something very close to "I dream in alcohol" and then another phrase with the same rhythm & number of syllables. - Backing music is somewhat like a musette, husband says (He's a fan of gypsy jazz.) - I believe the rest of the song was in English too, but I wouldn't swear to it because of bar noise. - Other music heard on this station: Waits (obviously), Tiger Lillies, musettes, modern chansons. - Bartender said "It's the Tom Waits station on Pandora." - Definitely not a Tom Waits song. [more inside]
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MD said he would talk to me about a graduate position opening up this year. Haven't heard anything yet and I do not want to let this one slip through my fingers. How communicative should I be, and by what means? [more inside]
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I'm looking for bus-powered portable Firewire drives that daisy chain correctly. Desired size is 1 terabyte. [more inside]
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I took my dog to vet to get his teeth cleaned today. They saw a very obvious bump on his nose that I hadn't noticed before, told me to see a specialist ASAP, and the dental cleaning did not happen. And then I cried in the car for twenty minutes. Obviously, I'm not asking for a diagnosis via Metafilter, but how can I negotiate/maneuver with veterinary costs? [more inside]
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Please help me brainstorm ways to supplement my soon-to-be-radically-reduced income. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 12:13 PM PST - 24 comments

I use (and love) Google Chrome both my home (Mac) and work (Win 7, 64-bit) computers. But in the last few weeks Chrome has become nigh-unusable. Basically, what's happening is that ~20 minutes after opening the browser, an attempt to access any new domain will a) take forever and b) freeze up the other tabs, so that they won't scroll or allow text selection. Restarting Chrome fixes the problem, but only for another 20 minutes or so. I've tried the various Flash fixes out there and nothing has worked; this has only been a problem in the last few weeks or so. Please help, I really don't want to go back to firefox. Thanks!
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Help me fill my reading queue! I'm looking for engaging, character-driven fantasy/sci fi/speculative fiction books or series to read. The thing that grabbed me the most in the last year was Daniel Abraham's Long Price Quartet. What else should I read? [more inside]
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My family of four will be taking a long road trip this summer, from Chicago to Yellowstone, and I had the idea to take a hot air balloon ride somewhere around Mt. Rushmore. It looks to be really really expensive, so before I start saving the money I'd like to get perspective on the experience. For those who have taken a hot air balloon ride: what was it like? How long did it last? Was it scary (for kids or adults with height issues)? Was it worth the money you paid? [more inside]
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I like myself fine when nothing depends on it, but the moment I want something or someone's approval, I shrink to nothing. How do I learn to like myself for who I am? How do I deal with self-doubt and learn to take compliments? [more inside]
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I may have HIV and I don't know what to do about it. [more inside]
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I have a Soundcloud account. I think it's among the better sound file sharing sites, but it can be a little pricey. I am regularly adding new content so I am always butting up against the file size limitations of my account. So, I want to have a way to look at the files in my account and decide which of them needs to go and keep the most productive ones. I want to be able to compare how long a file as been posted to number of times it has been viewed. I think that deleting a file based just on duration or views could be deceiving because I could delete an old account that is delivering consistent viewers while a new account that starts out fast could drag as time goes on. I can't tell that by just looking, so I need some help. Can I create something in Excel? I also have SPSS. Would creating crosstabs help?
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I need to do a rough and ready news analysis. I want to go to a specific news site and see the frequency of certain words and phrases before and after a certain date. Ideally, I'd be able to do this in a slightly more complex way, with combinations of words and phrases. I want to do this for free. Does such a tool exist? [more inside]
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My 66 year old father will be bedridden for a few months. He's not tech-savvy but loves simple comp games like solitaire, free cell, etc. Would a tablet pre-loaded with games be a good gift? Recommendations? [more inside]
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Bad divorce, after many years of pretty much only dating men I really didn't care about, I finally met a great guy that I want to care about very much. Help me not fuck it up. [more inside]
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I have a chunk of money just sitting in an account that doesn't even earn interest. I'd like to park it into an IRA, but would like to avoid spending many hours researching them. I'd love to just pick a place, transfer the money over, and be done with it. What bank/financial institution currently offers the lowest fees for the best results? Do you have one that you adore, and offers a good deal? [more inside]
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I've been wracking my brains trying to remember the identity of this female folk singer from the 1980s-1990s. She made at least a few albums targeted at kids, incorporating many environmental themes. And I can't for the life of me remember even enough to do a proper Google search. Gah! [more inside]
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Can you recommend a service that will let me broadcast SMS notifications to all staff in an emergency? I am assuming it would be an SMS marketing service, but if there are other options I'd love to hear them. The main feature I need is that it is easy and fast to send out a notification in an emergency. [more inside]
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A new role has been created within my department for which I would like to be considered. What should I keep in mind when preparing my application for this internal role, given my familiarity with the company and with the hiring managers? [more inside]
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My chosen midwife is out-of-network for my insurance company. She also costs less than the deductible for out-of-network providers. Should I still bill my insurance company? [more inside]
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Lily is prone to darting out the door and coming back hours later any one of fifty shades of gray. We don't know what she's been joyously rolling in, so we try to wipe her off or bathe her, meaning one very unhappy kitty. Last night's dark stains still haven't fully come out, even with some powerful detergent. What's your best method or product for keeping a white cat clean? [more inside]
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I have been an introvert for as long as I can remember. I do have a few good friends that I enjoy talking to, but usually they were the ones who befriended me, instead of the other way around. Now, because of changes of circumstances in my life, I would like to bring more new people into my life, more actively this time. Dear hive mind, please give me some tips on how I can do it. [more inside]
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I'll soon be debt free. How do I make the most of it? [more inside]
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I work on technology with a staff of about 30 teachers. I found a way to introduce new technologies that seems to work well: Each day I send out an email with a five-minute task. After about 40 of those, provided you stick with them, you're pretty strong. Now I'd like to automate this per user. How? [more inside]
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I'm looking for mission statements from 90's advertising agencies. Specifically, super "edgy" ad agencies that targeted the Gen-X demographic. The more over the top and "extreme" the better. Worst-case scenario, I'd love to know where to start looking for them myself.
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Lets say you have 30 minutes a day for the next six months, and at the end of the six month period you have the vague goal of being an extra awesome, turned-up-to-eleven version of yourself. What types of things do you focus on? What skills/behaviours/changes to your life do you take on to achieve that goal? Big or small changes, it doesn't matter.
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My wife and I bought our first house about a month ago, and for the first time in our adult lives, we have our own little back yard (typical Chicago-size, maybe 900 sqft). We don't have kids. There's a fence between our yard and one neighbor, but no fence between our backyard and the backyard of the other neighbor. They have several kids between ages 6 and 11. I've looked out the window and seen them running between our yards on a few occasions, and I've found their toys in my yard a few times. (I've just tossed them back when I have.) This isn't really a big deal in and of itself, but I get the distinct feeling that I'm going to be seeing a lot more of these kids and their toys once the weather warms up. What should I do? [more inside]
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And if so, please tell me how you did it? What the situation was? And what kind of resources did you use?
posted by Unred at 8:51 AM PST - 17 comments

Help me find good study music -- aka bands that sound like the Lumineers. [more inside]
posted by DoubleLune at 8:46 AM PST - 12 comments

I got a full-time job offer and will be giving my two weeks' notice to my current freelance gig. I want to give the people I've worked with a nice little gift before leaving. It's a big company so I can't take them all out to lunch/happy hour. Any ideas on what would be appropriate and not terribly expensive?
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My sump pump currently has different ideas of when and how it should work than I do. I have a couple of questions about plumbing for the sump, and a question about whether there is something I can fix that will allow me to not replace it. [more inside]
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An advertising company called my place of business and basically deceived one of my employees over the phone. Long story short, they made it sound like they were confirming an existing advertisement, rather than making it clear that they were soliciting new business. The charge for the service is $599. The advertising company is located in the state of NY and my business is in OR. I have submitted a complaint through the Better Business Bureau, but we have no resolution yet and the Advertising business in question is holding steady on their position that I owe them the money. I feel that their tactics were deceitful, and we would have never signed up with them if they had made it clear that is what they were trying to do. Since it looks like the BBB route is going to fail, what are my other options?
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My recently-widowed father seems to have started dating. What are some resources to deal with the emotions I'm going through and the ones that will no doubt come up later? [more inside]
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I'm getting married this summer, in a small, casual, non-religious wedding. We're not planning to have a wedding party, and haven't been able to come up with any good ideas for an officiant, so we're probably going to try to do without one of those as well. Have you done something similar? How will the logistics work out here? [more inside]
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Sometimes someone important comes into your life (a (potential) close friend / significant other or a long lost relative). How to really get to know them? And if you only have limited time? [more inside]
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What possible avenues are there to get 'back' on an academic career path in your late 30s? Are there any unusual paths that I have not considered? [more inside]
posted by mary8nne at 7:53 AM PST - 6 comments

Movie theaters seem to only post show times on their websites for Friday-Thursday on Friday which makes it difficult to make advance plans for Friday night. Is there some other website/service that posts the times earlier? (I vaguely remember finding some site that did that, but I can't find it now). Also, why do theaters do things this way? [more inside]
posted by bluefly at 7:28 AM PST - 14 comments

I may have an opportunity to teach a ten week class to ninth graders about food, cooking, and sustainability. These are topics that interest me and that I pursue in my spare time, but I'm realizing I don't know as much as I thought I did-- what books, resources, concepts do I need to study in order to get a real grasp on this so I can teach it well? [more inside]
posted by bonheur at 6:58 AM PST - 6 comments

Buckwheat, down, millet, feather, foam? Which pillows have you tried and what did you think of them? How can I make an informed decision about pillows without wasting time and money? [more inside]
posted by absquatulate at 6:52 AM PST - 40 comments

I lack the networking skills needed to progress further in my job. I'm trying my best, it's not working out. I need some help on how to make it happen. [more inside]
posted by gadha at 6:45 AM PST - 1 comments

I quit my job teaching. Please help give me suggestions for what I should do next. [more inside]
posted by Mrs. Pterodactyl at 6:43 AM PST - 12 comments

Details: When I was about 5 I got a US passport, my Dad was in the airforce so my brother, parents and I traveled around a lot. We'e been state side since about 1998. Since then we've not left the country. My Fiancee and I are going the caribbean for our honeymoon on a cruise & I need a passport. Do I need my old passport when applying for a new one? What if I can't find it?
posted by snow_mac at 6:34 AM PST - 10 comments

So Sunday night at the SAG Awards, "Downton Abbey" actress Phyllis Logan hollered, "Shut the French windows!" when the show won an award. Is this a common Scottish/English saying? A pop-culture reference? Just a British version of "well, butter mah biscuits"? Any information would be appreciated.
posted by GaelFC at 6:28 AM PST - 13 comments

I'm trying to identify the ideal activity monitoring device for a research study. Interested in both commercial devices (ex: FitBit) and clinical monitors (ActiGraph). Not a pedometer; must be an accelerometer (i.e., measure activity like playing with your kids). Wish list inside. [more inside]
posted by pants at 5:23 AM PST - 3 comments

Upgraded my video card from a Radeon HD 5770 to a GeForce GTX 660, now the blue colors are off (in some programs) and giving a purple tint... [more inside]
posted by querty at 5:22 AM PST - 5 comments

I have a domain, myname.com, that I want to have forwarded to my Google Sites webpage. My old domain company did it for free but now that I signed with register.com they want either a fee to do it or I have to accept their annoying banner ad. How do I get around this? [more inside]
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Is adopting a dog sight-unseen foolish? [more inside]
posted by InkaLomax at 3:55 AM PST - 30 comments

Hi. I've had a weird fetishy tragi-comic cartoon web series thing for about 4 years now, and I obsessively monitor how many (or how few) people are watching it. But just recently, something weird and highly annoying happened with Youtube... [more inside]
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January 27
Doing a long-delayed errand, depositing a few checks from various and sundry rebates. One has a date of 10/30/12 and a statement on it declaring "Not valid after 90 days". 90 days after 10/30 is.... today, January 28th. If I cash the check when I go to work in the morning, and my bank accepts the check today, then processes it through to the originating bank a day or two later, will I ultimately get hit with a returned-check fee? [more inside]
posted by sesquipedalia at 11:11 PM PST - 9 comments

Spending two days/nights in Seattle. Hotels, restaurants, activities? Please advise. [more inside]
posted by sadtomato at 10:07 PM PST - 18 comments

Help me find awesome mailing materials, please! [more inside]
posted by unlucky.lisp at 9:51 PM PST - 11 comments

I'm well positioned (I think), to become a real estate investor. I'd like advice on how to take it to the next step. [more inside]
posted by mistermc at 9:37 PM PST - 19 comments

Our son will be turning 11 during our trip to Germany in a few weeks. We're planning on traveling from Wolfsburg to Frankfurt by train that day, and we're flying home the next morning, so where should we go in Frankfurt for a memorable birthday dinner? [more inside]
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I have been sober for 8 months. I was on suboxone for 16 months then got off in May of last year. I have not taken pain pills in 2 years. I never attended any AA or NA program. IT is not for me. The problem is over the last 9 weeks I have been obsessing over my past use. This scares me and makes me fear I will relapse. I never want to do that stuff again, but it scares me that it is always on my brain. My therapist said sometimes it takes a year to die down. I hope I make it. Anyone have any previous experience with this?
posted by Truts83 at 9:06 PM PST - 27 comments

My friends are all prepping for careers, and I'm wondering how I'll balance mine with the many things I want to do that are (probably) mutually exclusive. Looking for insight. [more inside]
posted by Urban Winter at 8:45 PM PST - 10 comments

Hello. I'm interested in mutual fund timing, but most fund families (Pro Funds and Direxion notwithstanding) hate the idea and throw up all sorts of limits to prevent one from doing this. Are there any reasonably tolerant fund families out there? I'm looking specifically for minimal "minimum time held" and the ability to bounce back and forth between funds, especially between a money market fund and bond funds. I know this is a bit of a Hail Mary, so thanks for any info.
posted by mrhappy at 8:04 PM PST - 10 comments

So, my skin doesn't like metal. I mean it really doesn't like metal, but I'd like to have a wedding band. What to do? [more inside]
posted by patheral at 7:31 PM PST - 43 comments

My piano teacher gave me the music for this. The video is of one of my fave pianists (Cortot) giving a masterclass on the piece and I'd really like to know what he's saying. (Hope this is the appropriate place to ask.)
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I used to be a lawyer, but I hated it, so I quit and became a barista. Now I'm about to get my own café, and once again I hate my job. I need to change careers again. What next? [more inside]
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We're staying near the Hotel Le Littre from next Thursday through Sunday. Where I can I go for a nice run? [more inside]
posted by rybreadmed at 6:51 PM PST - 4 comments

My partner and I want to get a car window tint job. We're more concerned about quality (materials, won't bubble, etc.) than price, so what do we need to look for? One well reputed company in town is offering "basic color stable film," "high performance stable film" and "CTX ceramic," in ascending order of cost, but we don't know one from the other. One company offers LLumar and another offers 3M--how do we choose? Is quality more or less proportional to cost? Look for a lifetime warranty? Is ceramic the preferred material? Any advice would be appreciated.
posted by jroybal at 6:30 PM PST - 6 comments

I'd appreciate your advice on dealing with what seems to me racist joking/bantering at work -- particularly when it's directed at me. This is my first white-collar job since moving to North America, and I think this kind of "joking around" is unacceptable but this office's culture seems to tolerate it. [more inside]
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As of not very long ago we have an expensive cable TV subscription and a little time to watch it, but no patience for lowest-common-denominator entertainment (we're in the US). Is there a website or even blog that can give us the lowdown on the week's and day's programming that is worth watching? We're interested in smart, thought-provoking documentaries, news-programmes and critically acclaimed movies/TV shows, especially independent and foreign ones.
posted by Dragonness at 6:00 PM PST - 5 comments

Is it normal to feel nauseated while riding the metro? [more inside]
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I'm learning a language (Hungarian) and I look up new words in a bunch of websites (2 dictionaries, Google images inside of Google Translate, Forvo.com). In general, I just copy and paste each word into the URLs, but there must be some way of clicking a button and searching all four websites at once. Is there? [more inside]
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I've been offered first dibs on renting a super nice house. Unfortunately I need to find at least 1 and ideally 2 people to rent it with me. Just asking around my network if they know anyone hasn't worked out. I'm pretty sure Craigslist is the next best option...what should put in my post, and ask potential people in person, to weed out the crazies? [more inside]
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I am starting a casual relationship/FWB situation. Previously, I'd only had sex in a relationship or a one night stand. What should I be thinking about ahead of time? What are some guidelines/general expectations that you've used in this situation? [more inside]
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How do I entertain my 3-month-old without dying of tedium myself? [more inside]
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I have an old (30+ years) pair of speakers, and the foam rubber surrounding the woofers is cracking and falling off. Numerous DIY websites explain how to replace this foam, but none seem to answer the most important question: why would you bother doing this? The speakers still make sound. [more inside]
posted by wondercow at 3:55 PM PST - 3 comments

I waited too long and now my roots are coming out. I really ought to fix this tonight. I was wondering if anyone has used the root touch up product and how your results were? Also, do I really need to do a test 48 hours ahead? I've used various hair colors with no ill effects (I have no tattoos). I had a salon job, brown with highlights and cannot go there this week.
posted by Prairie at 3:54 PM PST - 9 comments

My roommate bikes about 4 miles to work. His feet are size 13 and he uses platform (flat) pedals. He wears pretty chunky shoes. We live in Portland, OR. For HolidayGiftingTime I bought him some Sugoi Resistor booties, but within a month they have shredded and ripped to the point of uselessness. What are some other options for the large-footed, shreddy-pedaled biker? Are there any booties specifically for platform pedals? [more inside]
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I'm moderately hairy in a male eastern European sort of way. I have a thin cover of fine, straight, black hair on my chest. My skin is sensitive, and pretty much at all times I have 2-3 irritated spots. [more inside]
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I've used some RSS readers in the past (Google Reader, Feedburner, etc.) but haven't in many years, so I'm unsure of what's out there and what will do what I want. It's pretty simple - I'd like to receive daily emails with the full text of every blog post in the blogs I subscribe to. Ideally it will be a clean, easy-to-read email, and iPhone friendly. Thanks for the help.
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NAME. THIS. DOG! [more inside]
posted by Quincy at 2:42 PM PST - 68 comments

So, my buddy signed me up for a GoRuck Challenge in May. So, my predicament is that im about 25 pounds overweight, can jog at best a total of 10 minutes, and im not that muscular (Can do about 15 pushups and no pullups). Im 38 and dont have the $$ to join a gym or crossfit. Can someone help me with putting together a workout Monday through Saturday to help me get ready for what looks to be the toughest 12-14 hours I will ever go through? Is it possible to get into incredible shape in 3 months? Is this GORuck possible for me, I dont want to chicken out but am I reaching to far here?
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Help me identify this book? Hardback, with illustrations of towns & shops; lots of detail, kind of cartoony, escalators & stairs crossing. 1960s/70s? Know it's not much to go on, but it's all he gave me. Have at it guys.
posted by ulanbator3 at 2:39 PM PST - 8 comments

I know this question sounds like a very special episode of some teen show, but I really would appreciate some advice on dealing with this issue from those who have been there. [more inside]
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Sometimes when I am in a three-person conversation the other two people make lots of eye contact but I am excluded. I hate this so much! Am I doing something wrong? How do I make them include me? [more inside]
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I'd like to make attractive html tables (and various kinds of graphs, charts, etc) for a wordpress blog, but I don't think like a programmer. Is there a program where I can manipulate the design elements like pictures instead of code? And then plug the information into the table cells and grab the code when it all looks like what I want?
posted by fucker at 2:14 PM PST - 6 comments

What does the Russian mind associate with the color yellow?  [more inside]
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Every time I go to my boyfriend's parents place for dinner, his dad teases me about how much (or how little) I eat. He likes me and he's just joking around....so help me come up with some good comebacks! [more inside]
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Does anyone know exactly what Johnny Cash sings about "the Cumberland...." in his song "Southern Comfort"? [more inside]
posted by mister_kaupungister at 2:02 PM PST - 21 comments

I'm in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is just lovely. But where can I buy wine? [more inside]
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Hi all! This is yet another hair question. Within the last year, my hair has had a number of transformations. Right now, it's relatively short. I'd like to grow my hair out back to its virgin state. I'm looking for some tips, in particular, I'm looking for dye suggestions. [more inside]
posted by two lights above the sea at 1:41 PM PST - 11 comments

There are plenty of websites that ordain laypersons as ministers, but we want to a.) Find a legitimate ordination website, and b.) make sure that we can do this in Utah in Grand County. We would like a relative to marry us and she is not currently ordained. [more inside]
posted by luciddream928 at 1:20 PM PST - 9 comments

Inspired by onions sprouting in my cupboard, I'd love to plant some veggies inside. I have and area about 4'x2' to plant, in front of a south facing window that gets plenty of sun. But my house isn't very warm. Suggestions? [more inside]
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About 30 years ago my dad had a large gun collection (about 100 total). They were stolen and only about 10 of them were ever recovered. He had a list of models and serial numbers that he sent to local law enforcement. I still have that list. is there any chance of recovering more of the guns? How would I go about that?
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Someone contacted me about using an image (an inked line drawing, which was part of a series of process scans of a more completed and colored, image), they found on my blog. She would like to use this particular image largely as-is in her new business cards. She also wants to know how much I would charge to create a logo for her new business based on the line drawing. [more inside]
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When did people stop using the term "model minority"? [more inside]
posted by jason's_planet at 11:27 AM PST - 27 comments

Has anyone created a game - RPG, Computer, tabletop etc - that uses Global Warming as its basis? [more inside]
posted by stbalbach at 11:19 AM PST - 10 comments

Is it proper etiquette to turn in a resignation notice in-hand? Also, I have a great manager and have a few questions about that. [more inside]
posted by signondiego at 11:17 AM PST - 13 comments

I'm a writer who has two one-act plays on in a theatre. I am also directing them but this will be my first time working as a director. What do you think makes a good director? What positive and negative experiences have you have and what could I do to make this go brilliantly? [more inside]
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I love to stop and draw when I take walks in New York. I'm inspired by architectural details and monumental perspective, contrasts of space and light. Usually I wander aimlessly until I find an interesting spot to sit with my sketchbook, but that's a bit tougher when it's 20 degrees outside. I'm in the process of setting up weekly sketching adventures with a novice artist friend, and I feel there should be some planning involved. Help me compile a list of potentially inspiring places we can sit and sketch in the city without our fingers freezing off. [more inside]
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I am looking for ideas on how to achieve an Atkins/low-carb diet without meat, soy, fish or eggs. Possible? [more inside]
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I was watching a movie a few weeks ago and saw a ring that I need to have. My normally masterful googling skills have failed me. It doesn't have to be exactly the ring pictured (for example, the circle could be smaller, it could be gold-tone, the circle itself could instead be square or rectangular or octagonal) but I want that thing strapped to my finger ASAP. I've searched etsy and this is the closest I've found but the leather bit is too wide for my liking. I have contacted a couple sellers on etsy whose stores include leather-based accessories and inquired about commissioning my dream ring but I have received no replies as yet. It's times like these that make me real sad that etsy alchemy doesn't exist anymore.
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Maybe I should just bail out some water from the tank or something? Better explanation below. [more inside]
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So, my girlfriend is in her early 30s, as am I. We've been dating for almost a year; we're moving in together and it's overall great - but I'm starting to get irked that she leaves almost every saturday morning, and comes back almost every sunday night, to go to her parents who live in another state. I love her; and this is a silly problem; I don't want to make it one, but I'm at a loss on how to react...
posted by anonymous at 9:56 AM PST - 36 comments

I have a few new couple acquaintances that are on their way to becoming friends. Here's the trouble. As I get to know them more, i realize that there is a common thread about most of them. They are all quite pre-occupied with "how do i make more money" in life. [more inside]
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I'm planning to visit the Pantanal wetlands later this year. Do you have any tips or recommendations for activities and tour companies? [more inside]
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Spouse has a couple of 100% cashmere sweaters that are a little baggy on him all over--arms too long, too wide in torso, etc. As they are now, he won't wear them, which just seems to be a crime. They are so soft and wonderful! So, I want to try and shrink them. Any tips for how best to accomplish this? Wash in cold water, put in dryer on medium heat? Wash in warm or hot water, then dry flat? Please advise... [more inside]
posted by msbubbaclees at 9:15 AM PST - 20 comments

Hey guys, I'm 28 and I have the HSV-1. One outbreak a year or less, got from my mom, etc. Question: when should I disclose this to my partners, considering there's no outbreak? Options I see are: before kissing, before sex, before oral sex, and before engaging a relationship. Knowing about asymptomatic transmission and how most of the population have it I usually don't make a big deal out of this, but I realize different people have different standards, and that culture has some relevance when it comes to this (I'm originally from another country, where I suspect herpes is less of a big deal than in the USA). Anyways - trying to figure out the correct approach here, thanks!
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I bought a used car & didn't feel ok about someone with a key being able to open or start it, so I had a locksmith re-key the locks. But the keys he made have absurdly tiny teeth. Why so small? Does this mean that a sufficiently filed down, entirely toothless key would also open it now?
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I recently discovered Commander Chris Hadfield's excellent Twitter stream, and would love suggestions for other great "tweeters" that I am currently missing out on. [more inside]
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I've checked a couple different apps, and I can't find an Android remote that works with Itunes 11. Is there one? [more inside]
posted by garlic at 8:02 AM PST - 2 comments

Can I buy or customize a mop that can use standard Clorox Wipes or their generic equivalent? The standard wipes seem to clean my hardwood floors better than the made-for-mop wipes. Plus, I always have standard wipes around.
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I would like to acquire to soundtrack for the film King of Devil's Island? I am having difficulty doing so. I am fine with purchase or otherwise. I have scoured and came up empty. Any suggestions, oh Metafites?
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Before the holidays I started a new strength training regimen and I've been really consistent so far. I really, really want to keep it up during an upcoming trip to NYC in February. I haven't had much luck searching for gyms with single-visit fees or similar. Can anyone offer advice / help? [more inside]
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Why did my cat just fall over onto her side during Standard Hairball Procedure? [more inside]
posted by Theophylactic at 4:37 AM PST - 14 comments

I would like to finally find a routine I can follow to eat healthy during the week and I am looking for book recommendations. Unfortunately, most nutrition/cooking books are very one-sided (only contain recipes, only discuss cooking skills, or only nutrition theory) and very biased towards some radical approach (vegatarian/vegan, very low-carb, very high-protein etc.). I am looking for the opposite - ideally a single book for learning about nutrition, cooking and planning your groceries and cooking so all the good advice is actually actionable considering having a 40-hour workweek; also without going into any dietetic extremes and based on sound science and actual practice. Details inside. [more inside]
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How do you quell irrational fears? And how do you know whether it's irrational or trying to tell you something more? [more inside]
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Stop taking me to new tabs! Pinterest, why are you the only site that overrides my Firefox preferences? [more inside]
posted by Charity Garfein at 12:21 AM PST - 6 comments

January 26
My Step-Daughter's Father graduated in December from a technical school in Tacoma with an associate's degree in CNC machining. He learned the lathes, multi-head machining, how to build sets and a bunch of other things as well. He also learned some of the software (Solid Works I think, and another one as well) and some of the other programming aspects of CNC milling. He's learned a ton and it would seem to me that someplace would find his knowledge valuable. [more inside]
posted by roboton666 at 11:43 PM PST - 12 comments

What are your best broth recipes? [more inside]
posted by zennish at 11:38 PM PST - 9 comments

How do I transfer my iTunes library from my desktop iMac to my Samsung Galaxy tablet?
posted by jabo at 10:23 PM PST - 10 comments

I ate some sort of multi-layered, rainbow Jell-O-like snack once. What was it? Where can I find it in Boston or NYC? [more inside]
posted by topoisomerase at 9:50 PM PST - 8 comments

I got lost on the internet and found a small business selling great-looking US map prints for under $30. I think they were CO-based, but I've lost the website! [more inside]
posted by deludingmyself at 9:07 PM PST - 8 comments

Another frustrated poster asked here about changes to Google search terms but it just adds to my confusion as it's precisely the recommended quotation marks that no longer work. I'm trying to find the obit. of my husband's favorite teacher, for example. I search for "Betty Goodrich" with the school and city in their own quotes and get a hundred hits for every other woman's name before Goodrich in every area but the one we're seeking. Used to be you could count on boolean search terms. What gives?
posted by R2WeTwo at 9:06 PM PST - 17 comments

I want to buy an aftermarket car stereo that supports streaming audio over a USB connection. I want the audio to be streamed over USB so that I can play audio from Pandora and Google Navigation through the car stereo. [more inside]
posted by zixyer at 7:38 PM PST - 12 comments

This is an issue that I've been aware of for years, but have never investigated it with a doctor because it usually only hurts when I put pressure in one particular spot. (Hey, doc, it hurts when I do this...) The spot is 3-5 inches above my ankle, along the very edge of my shin bone on the inside of my left leg. It's very tender, hurts quite a bit if that one spot is knocked or if I push on it. There's no bruise visible on the skin. [more inside]
posted by Trespassers William at 6:52 PM PST - 16 comments

Let's say someone (anyone) made a fortune in the early 18th century - would it be possible to track their fortune over time to see where it is in the present day? I can imagine this being relatively simple if the money just stayed in the family, but what if you wanted to track the fortunes made during something like the Gold Rush?
posted by domakesaypat at 6:18 PM PST - 8 comments

I caught someone I knew promoting their book in a dishonest way. How to react? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 6:09 PM PST - 42 comments

In the medium term it looks like I may have the opportunity to do part time on-the-job retraining. I'd like some recommendations on what technologies to focus on if I want to plan for or at least be open to moving from a job where I work remotely for an office in Maryland to an in-office job at a company in the SF/Bay Area. More snowflakey details inside. [more inside]
posted by kalessin at 5:32 PM PST - 8 comments

Best statistical resources for comparing crime by neighborhoods? [more inside]
posted by ohsnapdragon at 4:54 PM PST - 9 comments

What can I do to get started on my dream of creating a website that provides the tools that I believe should already exist for teachers? [more inside]
posted by melancholyplay at 4:49 PM PST - 6 comments

What are the best resources and references for a novice interested in modern electrical engineering? [more inside]
posted by clearly at 4:47 PM PST - 13 comments

So I upgraded from Microsoft Office Starter 2010 to Microsoft Office 2010. I uninstalled the Office Starter program. Then things went wrong. Please help! [more inside]
posted by merocet at 4:23 PM PST - 3 comments

I need someone I can pay to come clean my apartment once a month, in Beaverton OR. Anyone have a recommendation? [more inside]
posted by Chocolate Pickle at 4:07 PM PST - 4 comments

NYS Health Insurance Filter: I live in New York state. I am between jobs. I just enrolled in Healthy NY because I can no longer afford my monthly COBRA payments through my former employer. The good news is that my monthly premium with my new insurance is reduced by 50% from what I was paying for COBRA. The bad news is, I just realized that in all likelihood none of the prescription medications I take regularly are covered by this plan. Please help me figure out what, if any, my options are at this point. [more inside]
posted by thereemix at 4:06 PM PST - 20 comments

Washing my skin with just water has gotten rid of 90% of my acne. How can I get rid of the remaining 10%? [more inside]
posted by tomorrow at 3:42 PM PST - 24 comments

This tree is taller than our single-story house, has soft brown branches, grows long, skinny, pointy leaves in groups of three, produces bunches of tiny yellow flowers, and is full of bees. It grows very fast. The flowers and leaves don't seem to smell like anything in particular. We're in Los Angeles. The leaves are green year-round, and the tree needs no watering. Here's a pair of photos of the tree and a branch tip. Here's a close up of the flowers. And here's a close up of the underside of the leaves. What is it?
posted by smoq at 3:40 PM PST - 17 comments

From these scant details, can you tell me what Italian short film from the 50s/60s I saw? [more inside]
posted by run"monty at 3:08 PM PST - 2 comments

My partner's Grandma recently passed away, and my partner kept this brass head that she owned as a memento, because he'd always been drawn to it as a kid. Can you tell us anything about it? Pics inside! [more inside]
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My sister would like to send my nephew to a football camp that will specifically aid him with developing his game with his new prosthetic. You can read more about my nephew here: Former question about Koni. I've found some amputee camps, but they either focus on soccer, or various outdoor activities, not specifically football. Koni's fundraisers were very successful, and he will have the funds for travel, etc. if needed, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Sincere thanks, Jayed
posted by Jayed at 1:59 PM PST - 2 comments

So more and more I'm working with PHP. I can hack my way through most tasks using logic and reference material but I think it might be time to build a better base of understanding. [more inside]
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I'm starting a new job and probably won't get a paycheck for 3 weeks. I can't stand waiting that long to find out what my paycheck amount will be after deductions, but I don't want to seem greedy and weird asking HR for that information. What's a good reason I could give them for needing to know my net biweekly earnings? [more inside]
posted by kitcat at 1:23 PM PST - 19 comments

I need to start working on ITIL certification for my job but the official books are really expensive! Do you have any books or other resources you would recommend? My first preference is books because I learn best by reading and taking notes. I'm not really interested in the online course and exam bundles because my company will pay for the exam, but if there is an online course that is really good, let me know. After the Foundation certification, I would probably look to work on the Service Lifecycle modules for the Intermediate Level. Are there any good book series that start with Foundation and then continue on?
posted by scarnato at 1:22 PM PST - 5 comments

It's 'Is this a stupid idea?' time! Is it a stupid idea to take an ambien at night (~ midnight) if I have had a few drinks in the early evening (~ 7pm)? [more inside]
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My cat is sick. I have next to no money. Is there a really-truly-worth it pet insurance company you recommend? Or is there a place I can apply for financial assistance? [more inside]
posted by greta simone at 1:14 PM PST - 15 comments

I am writing copy for a loyalty program that has the usual 'earn points and redeem them for rewards' message. However, I'm getting confused about how to use the word redeem. Is it better/right to say 'redeem points for products such as laptops', or redeem points on products such as laptops' or 'redeem points against products such as laptops'? I am also considering suggesting we use the word 'spend' instead. It's a simpler and older word, and less tricksy to use. Would that be better? Any thoughts?
posted by Summer at 1:12 PM PST - 15 comments

So I left my lysine supplements in the car overnight, and the temperature dropped below freezing. Did I screw them up? Can I still take them? Sigh. [more inside]
posted by Coatlicue at 1:08 PM PST - 6 comments

Will we know the words? [more inside]
posted by mutt.cyberspace at 12:58 PM PST - 30 comments

I would like to save up for a new laptop. My current laptop is an original (2006) black MacBook. Should I save up for a new/refurb MacBook [Pro/Air], or are there less expensive but high-quality PC laptops out there? [more inside]
posted by WasabiFlux at 12:36 PM PST - 13 comments

What are some of the most useful, unusual, time-saving, unexpected, and/or awesome things that are (safely) laundry-machine-washable? [more inside]
posted by nicebookrack at 12:09 PM PST - 25 comments

I am encountering unexpected difficulties cleaning a kit of PDP drums. I've owned several sets of drums from different manufacturers over the years, but this one is hands-down the biggest pain in the tail to clean. [more inside]
posted by Guy_Inamonkeysuit at 11:54 AM PST - 3 comments

I'm looking for fabrics and sewing notions in Berlin. Large selection of fabrics, especially home decor would be great. Google is not helping me.
posted by buck:fuller at 11:30 AM PST - 5 comments

My darling dearest kitteh is 5 years old, and seems to have some kind of stomach issue. Our vet is closed til Monday, so in the meantime -Is this a potential emergency? -If not, how can I help her poor little belly? Slightly gross details below. [more inside]
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When I stream video from almost any source, it gobbles up 100 percent of my CPU usage and becomes choppy and unwatchable. I've tried every trick in the book. Any suggestions? [more inside]
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My sister (married, one child) and I (married, no kids) want to plan a joint family vacation. We do not want our parents (divorced, both remarried) to come. Our mom is extremely sensitive/dramatic, and we are hoping to avoid a major meltdown from her. Help? [more inside]
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I've put it off until it can't be put off anymore, and now, due to diverticulitis/diverticulosis, I need to have my colon resectioned. Will you please tell me things you wish you knew before you or your loved ones did the surgery? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:15 AM PST - 4 comments

I need a solution to share a single iTunes library with two machines. Possibly. [more inside]
posted by terrapin at 11:14 AM PST - 7 comments

Trying to find a reference about a type of conversation where what ever you say the other person will have an opposing statement, not because they disagree but because they say something "anti" in every case. "Confrontational conversation" maybe??
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Our year-and-a-half old cat hates being touched. He's incredibly aggressive towards anyone except me and my wife (and sometimes towards us too). We've yet to find a toy that holds his attention. What would make him happy? [more inside]
posted by and so but then, we at 10:46 AM PST - 42 comments

I am trying to find a vinyl LP 33rpm record I owned second hand in the UK in the late 1980s. I remember it being called something like "Ellington in England" or "The English Ellington", but I might be wrong! at any rate, it featured tracks from Duke Ellington's 1930s tour of England, and one of the tracks was "Ain't Misbehavin'" - a vocal, not an instrumental, version. The record I remember was most probably released in the 1970s, but could conceivably have been 1960s. Various extensive web searches and some decent Ellington discographies have come up blank. I'm not wrong am I? I'm not remembering something that never existed? Help me, Mefite Ellingtonians!
posted by pyotrstolypin at 10:26 AM PST - 6 comments

I feel like I understand a thing or two about light, but I can't figure out how/why this particular phenomenon happens. This photo I took shows a shadow line cast by my bank (on the right) that seems to just hang in the air. [more inside]
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Sometimes I just want to get out of the house and read/write by myself with a cup of tea for an hour or three. Where are some cafés in or near Alexandria, Virginia where I can do that without getting nudged to leave? [more inside]
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I'm in a difficult life situation, in addition to which I am having some problems with ADHD, depression and anxiety. I'm insecure to the point that I cannot accurately assess my situation, and frozen with fear. [more inside]
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Apparently everything I want in life is just outside my comfort zone but the problem is that it's just so.........comfortable in here. Please share your tips, strategies and resources for pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. [more inside]
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Canto-filter: Where in downtown Toronto/ U of T area can I find semi-structured Cantonese classes for a total beginner that starts some time in the near future? I often see signs in China town for language classes, but they seem really disorganized. Can you recommend good ones? Alternatively, I am willing to work with a tutor, but how do I make sure they are good? [more inside]
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We're starting a new backyard from scratch in the spring (new home with only dirt). We want a backyard that is compatible with our dog, and a toddler. [more inside]
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My son's PC, a dual boot Ubuntu / Win 7 box that I built myself about 3 years ago will not boot. It was working fine last night. When you power up the CPU fan runs for less than a second then shuts down and nothing else happens. The motherboard LED does stay lit, so there is some power getting to the board. Am I correct in guessing that replacing the power supply is my most likely route to a fix?
posted by COD at 9:18 AM PST - 4 comments

Rather than rely on our usual email correspondence, I would like to write some letters by hand to someone very important to me who lives very far away. [more inside]
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I want to read more about the cultural history of Quebec's Quiet Revolution, a short period in which suddenly the people of the province became more secularized and the pace of life revolved less and less around their traditional Catholic faith. What are some good papers and books about this? [more inside]
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I have two laptops, an old XP machine with a dying power supply, and a new Windows 7 machine that could easily store the old XP harddrive. Can I clone the XP drive and make a dual boot system on the Windows 7 machine?
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Things to do as an international living in Paris. [more inside]
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Sex and social life is all screwy. FWB, hookups, extreme libido - need help! [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 8:01 AM PST - 18 comments

Finding it hard to trust a colleague who I know has told lies and who I’m worried is trying to undermine me. [more inside]
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Could anyone recommend me some bands/tracks with similar(ly interesting) guitar/production? Or alternatively, if anybody knows the influences of these bands? [more inside]
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I was just gifted a fresh Caribbean lobster caught by my friend. It was put into the freezer. Now what do I do? It's whole and rather large. I've never prepared anything like this, and googling recipes isn't helping - half say I should thaw it first, half say I should stick the whole thing in boiling water. [more inside]
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I'm a writer married to a jazz musician. I always hoped I'd end up in this sort of arty, creative marriage. But there's a problem that is becoming overwhelming. In spite of fully expecting me to experience and support his art, my husband never, ever, reads anything I write. Not a two-page story or a blog post much less anything longer. He says he feels awful about never getting around to it (and I've made it clear it's fine if he hates it—I just want him to be willing to check it out) and he seems to be sincere... But he still doesn't read it. It really hurts me. [more inside]
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I have a golden opportunity to volunteer in rural Nepal for 3 months with an established organisation. I was excited at first as I've never been to a developing country before, but now I'm terrified that I'll die in a bus accident/food poisoning/rabies/political uprising, or just not cope with lack of technology, contact with home, electricity etc. Are such fears normal, or are these signs that I probably wouldn't enjoy this and should consider not going? [more inside]
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YANMA. I am working full-time and taking part-time classes at the same University where I work. They provide a full tuition waiver and just require me to pay taxes on the amount over $5250, as required by the IRS. These taxes are taken out of my paycheck over 4 months. Can I claim this amount somehow when I file my taxes?
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I'm looking for the biggest, most complete French-English dictionary available in one volume. I'm aware of Le Petit Robert, but I need French-English, not French-French. The biggest I've found so far is the Collins-Robert, but that can't be the biggest. [more inside]
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My electric heat pump is icing over something fierce, and the technicians don't really have a clue what's going on. There is one theory I'd like you to comment on, and if it makes no sense, I'd appreciate alternate theories. [more inside]
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One year old is very inquisitive and very active. I need to drive twice a week with a one hour duration each way. With a dislike of being in the car (or just being confined), little one has figured out how to undo the seat belts. Without getting new car seats, are there any good mobile toys or anything to keep this mind (and hands) happy? Stores are full of colourful toys which last all of 2 minutes. Was contemplating something along the lines of an easier version of rubik's cube. Open to all suggestions. Thank you. (Also welcome suggestions for iPad apps - preferably ones that require some thinking rather than just play music.)
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My five year old, tough outdoorsy cat has developed a really irritating behaviour- every time I go into the kitchen he begs for food- even if his bowl is full up...any better advice than kicking him? [more inside]
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Tumblr has changed and I'm having trouble finding the picture uploading functionality I was used to. Can anyone help? [more inside]
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Asking for a friend; please help ID this particular bit of shrubbery.
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My office delivers projects - about thirty a year, about four months each, give or take a few weeks if they go well. They're always late, but when planning the next project, we use the same optimistic assumptions. I think reference class forecasting (RCF) could help. Any pointers for (or links to a crash course in) using RCF to turn a spreadsheet full of historical start / end dates and milestones into more accurate forecasts? Or is this something best left to a math geek?
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Help me have fun in San Francisco but not get stuck in the Mission! What's your favorite spot? [more inside]
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I have recently been introduced to the concept of pseudoreplication as a mistake that people often make when using inferential statistics to evaluate treatment outcomes. My field (evolutionary and conservation biology) makes heavy use of inferential statistics, including techniques that are vulnerable to pseudoreplication, yet nowhere in my formal education have I been taught about how poor experimental design and lack of statistical rigor can lead to fallacies like this. My personal statistical proficiency is poor, but I am working to remedy that. To that end, could folks help me by identifying and ideally explaining whatever other potential pitfalls you can think of, and explaining how they can be avoided through careful experimental design and data-analysis?
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January 25
Metafilter has a lot of good advice about cold sore prevention (previously). What I need is advice on what to do in the middle of a full scale outbreak with a cold sore that has developed an impenetrable scab. Past experience leads me to worry that a new sore will form as soon as the scab falls off, a cycle that can go on for well over a month. Am I doing something wrong? Disgusting personal details inside. [more inside]
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A couple of years ago I found the best black leather jacket ever, and I diligently applied some sort of waterproofing/leather protectant spray every few months for the first year. It's been pretty well-loved since then, and is starting to show slight signs of wear--nothing major, but enough so that I don't want it to get worse. How can I restore it to its former glory and keep it protected so I don't have to think about buying another one for many years? [more inside]
posted by rhiannonstone at 9:50 PM PST - 3 comments

Is eating peanut shells on a regular basis a bad idea? [more inside]
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Where does a thirty-something resident of Vancouver go for electronic dance music? [more inside]
posted by TangoCharlie at 9:21 PM PST - 2 comments

I will be heading to Seattle and I have about 20 GB of videos I need to upload while I'm there. Is there anywhere in the Seattle area that is accessible to the public with fast internet? Or even something like a co-working space available at a modest price?
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Looking for a hip hop or rap song that samples Nina Simone's "Young, Gifted, and Black." Any ideas?
posted by liketitanic at 8:05 PM PST - 2 comments

I have been diagnosed with the dreaded pre-eclamsia. Good news is that we are 40 weeks! Bad news- my cervix didn't get the memo. I am being induced on Monday. Given my 'unfavorable' cervix, should I ask for a c-section or go ahead with the induction. We had originally planned a natural water birth at a birthing center, but all of that is out the window now. I just want the least stressful situation for the baby (and me). [more inside]
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I am going to be present at a meeting in which a group of us will be asked to make a decision based on a document with misleading information in it. I would like some advice on how to present the correct version of events without being insubordinate or seeming to call my higher-ups liars. [more inside]
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I'm heading to Scotland in a few months and I'd like to give my host, who's a fan of Scotch (or just whisky, there) a gift of good American Bourbon. My criteria are that it's a very good bourbon, and that it's a bourbon that he couldn't get there in Scotland. I don't know anything about bourbon, though. Want to help me out? [more inside]
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I'm a woman, my friend is a guy, both 30-something. We work together, and recently started having music jam sessions that have gone really well. He's been contacting me a lot, and we've opened up to each other about stuff. It's all been platonic. [more inside]
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How do I get a fair size (100+ messages) corpus of first-contact messages on dating sites? [more inside]
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Should kittens be chubby, like human babies, or lean, like adult cats? [more inside]
posted by insectosaurus at 5:57 PM PST - 10 comments

She is thinking of a skit that's she is pretty sure was on SNL (or maybe another show, like Mad TV) before 2000. The main character was a white guy with mullet-like brown hair who is easily offended. He challenges other guys to fight and acts really cocky, talking smack, but he can't maintain his muscle strength so he starts out trying to punch his opponent in the upper body, but his punches land farther and farther down on the opponent's body until he winds up on the ground. She thinks in one of the skits, he says something like, "Are you calling me a turkey???" He might also call his opponents turkeys. The setting of the skits might be a bar.
posted by reren at 5:50 PM PST - 6 comments

I've been trying on and off for years to remember this YA book. Actually, I think it might be a series, but maybe not. Details within. [more inside]
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Sergey Brin was spotted on the subway wearing a really cool jacket. Any ideas where I can get that jacket? [more inside]
posted by gregr at 4:19 PM PST - 5 comments

One of my best friends was just diagnosed with late-stage cancer. My friend's going to need a lot of help, and I want to organize people to do it. Have you organized or been part of a caregiving group? I need advice from someone who's been down this road. [more inside]
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I have a custom CSS script in a special directory on my computer, for Firefox to read and parse. See: http://floppymoose.com/ Is there a way to do this in Google Chrome, and if so where is the directory to put the CSS script? [more inside]
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Where can I find some educated speculation about how the Roman Empire might have avoided its decline, and how it might have developed (and affected world history) had the empire not fallen? Would prefer works by historical scholars, but alternative history works would be OK if thoroughly researched and detailed.
posted by El Sabor Asiatico at 2:32 PM PST - 19 comments

I deleted a gmail draft that I didn't mean to. Is there a way to get it back? Thanks.
posted by mlle valentine at 1:55 PM PST - 11 comments

I don't know my neighbor, but I do know she's going through a rough time. Can I anonymously help her without freaking her out? [more inside]
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Does anybody make a Rubidium Beam Atomic Clock that I can plug into my PXI Chassis to discipline its 10 Mhz clock to approximately 10-10 parts. I don't want a card that I can put a external 10 Mhz clock into, I simply don't have the space in my system.
posted by Confess, Fletch at 1:26 PM PST - 10 comments

Monaco 14pt in MacVim seems to me to look much better on retina than Anonymous Pro 14pt. Why is this? Is it just me? [more inside]
posted by doteatop at 1:19 PM PST - 9 comments

We may need to get an EPA Title V operating permit, even though we have no intention of actually emitting any pollutants. Apparently we still need it because of the amount of solvent we use in our processes might exceed 100 tons per year. There is lots of information online about the details - so there's no need to rehash that here. What I'm really looking for is practical experience from folks that have gone through the process or are already operating with the permit. [more inside]
posted by Long Way To Go at 1:01 PM PST - 7 comments

Are raw Toll House cookies deadly to a puppy? [more inside]
posted by littleredwagon at 12:38 PM PST - 46 comments

Is anyone still manufacturing high-end laptops with 1920x1200 (not 1920x1080) screens? I'm looking for a luggable/7.5 to 8 pound size, 17" screen laptop, Ivy Bridge based Core i7 CPU with a serious dedicated GPU and 1920x1200 screen. Everything I can find uses 1920x1080. Battery life is not a concern, this would be used in a role like an occasionally relocated, folding desktop PC.
posted by thewalrus at 12:36 PM PST - 7 comments

My girlfriend told me that recently she has become sad and preoccupied with death. She often finds her mind drifting and starts to ruminate about her life stresses and sometimes death. Please reccomend novels to spark a love of reading and hopefully give her a distraction for when these bouts of worry surface. Preferably novels that are fun, with plots to get lost in or carried away with, and not too heavy or serious. [more inside]
posted by Erred at 12:26 PM PST - 52 comments

What architectural style is this house? Or what style was it originally? It's located in the Midwest and was built in 1941. I've tried this neat tool, but nothing seems to fit. Maybe the place is just a mutt.
posted by scottatdrake at 11:47 AM PST - 19 comments

How do I prevent OCR on a document (typically a PDF but I could use another document format if necessary)? I know that when I scan it from a hard copy to a PDF I can disable/stop the OCR process, but Adobe allows it to happen on any PDF I scan in, whether OCR was eliminated at scanning or not, and I have to stop that (I have work product I'd like to distribute electronically, but my boss would like to make sure it's not searchable and it's as hard as I can make it to copy). I can use any software or process within reason.
posted by mrs. taters at 11:44 AM PST - 27 comments

Some time back I either read in a magazine or saw on TV an article about a company that provided their employees with small cottages or sheds as their work space. [more inside]
posted by Allee Katze at 11:33 AM PST - 10 comments

We have a Whirlpool Duet washing machine (about 2 years old). The cycle is taking WAY too long to complete. The load that's running now should have been done in an hour and ten minutes, so far it's been an hour and a half and there's still 30 minutes left on the timer. No error codes, and it's doing stuff the entire time - the timer just isn't counting down. What gives? [more inside]
posted by tealcake at 11:33 AM PST - 10 comments

I've just started up a new Wordpress blog, which is all well and good. I've also got a lot of content on Youtube in a channel, quite a bit of videos, as in 200+. Most of that content is not going to be embedded in the blog, but it's useful content that I'd like to be able to index and show to a browser. When I googled this topic, I found a WP plug-in that seemed to do precisely that, generated an XML sitemap of a Youtube channel and a URL on your blog that you could browse and see the content as thumbnails and synopsis. The plug-in unfortunately is no longer available and the developer is not interested in supporting it. [more inside]
posted by diode at 11:24 AM PST - 2 comments

The short version: chronic paraphrenia. [more inside]
posted by Iosephus at 11:07 AM PST - 6 comments

What would you call this type of jar? [more inside]
posted by psychostorm at 11:04 AM PST - 15 comments

14 months ago, I bought a bag of pink hard candies at this lovely boulangerie in the Montmartre. The flavor seems to be burnt sugar-like. They taste like the fanciest cotton candy imaginable. [more inside]
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I only really have time to read a single book on the origins of photography. What do you recommend? Think Daguerre and Talbot, no need for hundreds of pages devoted to the camera obscura. I'd also prefer something heavier on text than actual photographs.
posted by Lorin at 10:44 AM PST - 5 comments

I am struggling with deciding what the right balance is between forgiving someone even though they have not (and probably will not) acknowledge their wrong thoroughly and ceasing substantial contact with them (which will also make me sad) in order to demand the treatment that I feel I deserve. (snowflake details inside) [more inside]
posted by sb3 at 9:51 AM PST - 42 comments

How do I stop sabotaging my own plans to leave a badly fitting job? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 9:11 AM PST - 5 comments

At what should be the three-way intersection of Paulina St. and W. Rosehill Dr. in western Edgewater in Chicago, there is a cement wall (looking north, looking south) that prevents you from turning from one of these streets onto the other, turning Paulina into a dead end. Why? [more inside]
posted by enn at 9:10 AM PST - 17 comments

My whole family is (finally) comine to visit me in NYC in late March. Help me think of things that will amuse my parents and my 20-year-old sister. PS: We are all giant nerds. [more inside]
posted by showbiz_liz at 9:08 AM PST - 17 comments

What if Japan had not attacked Pearl Harbor? [more inside]
posted by mousepad at 8:54 AM PST - 20 comments

Have you participated in the annual Brooklyn Bridge Swim (or other similar NYC SWIM event)? If you or someone close to you has, I have a few questions. [more inside]
posted by ThePinkSuperhero at 8:45 AM PST - 9 comments

I recently had reconstructive surgery on my leg. How long should I wait before I get a tattoo, or should I ever? [more inside]
posted by bluloo at 8:26 AM PST - 11 comments

My G-Drive is brand new. At first, it worked great as a Time Machine backup disk. Now it won't stay connected and Time Machine is failing. Help! [more inside]
posted by shew at 8:14 AM PST - 3 comments

Help me find this advanced text input APP that predicts your next letter [more inside]
posted by crawltopslow at 8:08 AM PST - 3 comments

I want to buy a new alarm clock radio for my bedside table as the old one keeps gaining four hours or so overnight. However when I look for one, I'm presented with your basic model ugly modern electronics, and I have a Art Nouveau theme going on in my house. Can anyone help me find an alarm clock that will not look so absurdly out of place sitting next to my brass lampshade with the stained glass shade? I know there are brass alarm clocks, which would work aesthetically, but I can't bear to be woken up by an alarm, so while I don't have to have a radio alarm clock I do need an alarm that won't make me hurl the clock across the room, such as something musical. I also want to be able to see the time in the dark. And no I don't have a watch with an alarm or a cellphone, and I'm not interested in getting either. Ideas?
posted by orange swan at 8:08 AM PST - 15 comments

The product will target two completely different groups of users, with different deadlines. Should we be separate teams or one team? What other applications are there that does something similar and how are they managed? [more inside]
posted by tedunni at 7:22 AM PST - 7 comments

I found a used darbuka on craigslist (yay!) and have been wanting to pick up a hand drum for a while. It's 12" wide and 18" tall according to the ad, and the current owner says he thinks it is made out of aluminum. It has a sticker on it that says "World Beat Percussion" out of Pakistan, and he wants $65 for it, which I can afford. How can I know whether this a good drum at a good price? What am I looking for? [more inside]
posted by gauche at 7:04 AM PST - 9 comments

I work with a group of colleagues that I get along well with, mainly male. However, certain subjects come up, my Sexism Klaxon starts going off... but any comments I make always get batted down with "chill out we're only joking" or something similar. Can you give me tips to not always come out of these conversations either seething with frustration or feeling like the Grand Ruiner Of Conversations? [more inside]
posted by greenish at 6:40 AM PST - 91 comments

Where can I find reliable data quickly about Obama's re-election campaign? Things like: - How many volunteers - How many door-to-door contacts or telephone calls made by volunteers - How much money got raised through the website Thanks!
posted by Omnomnom at 6:30 AM PST - 5 comments

I want to use this image for a critical thinking exercise in my classroom. I once saw a series of images that depict, what I remember to be a series of images that reveal more information as the frame pans backwards. But I can no longer find it. [more inside]
posted by swimbikerun at 6:28 AM PST - 8 comments

Why is WORD inserting an extra line every time I type an apostrophe? [more inside]
posted by DMelanogaster at 6:12 AM PST - 10 comments

I would like to have a site or app where I can list stuff I want to buy from many different places - ideally from any vendor on the web - and people can buy it for me without them getting my address. Does such an animal exist?
posted by By The Grace of God at 6:00 AM PST - 6 comments

January 24
To what degree does copyright law cover the sounds objects make, when those sounds are actually samples? I know copyright law covers sampling in media; if I sample a song or other media, I need to check that my use of the sample aligns with various licenses. As far as I know, it doesn't cover the sounds of most other (non-media) objects: if I record the chiming sound a mechanical clock makes, as far as I know I don't need to ask anyone's permission. But what happens if my clock doesn't chime mechanically, but instead plays a sample of a chime? It's playing sound media; if I want to record it do I need to ask anyone's permission? [more inside]
posted by Michael Pulsford at 11:37 PM PST - 10 comments

Help me find a decent set of books for an 8-yr old niece who is heavily into reading (touch wood). Harry Potter, The Hobbit and some other books are not for her at this point. [more inside]
posted by theobserver at 11:20 PM PST - 68 comments

I’m about to start a six-month-long online course that I'd like to do really well on. The next ten days are very quiet at work. How can I use this time to help myself prepare, given that I’ll need to be in the office for part of each of the ten days...and then keep up with the course while going back to full-time teaching? [more inside]
posted by mdonley at 11:08 PM PST - 8 comments

Vaguely remembering a short, classic modern dance film I was shown in a college dance history course but can't remember the title or choreographer. In it the dancers (men and women) were performing stylized versions of competitive athletic events; the overall tone was upbeat, competitive, vital, playful. I think the title may have been something like "The Athletes" or "Competitors"... Era: 70s or 80s? (It's not Leni Riefenstahl)
posted by dahliachewswell at 10:48 PM PST - 3 comments

I am a mother of 3 kids, age 2,4,10. I need babysitter to take care of my kids for 1-2 hours during the weekend, so that I can run other errands. But it seems that babysitters typically look for more work (money) than 1-2hrs ($30)/job (with typical rate of $15/hr). I am willing to pay $30 to $60 per hour if the babysitter can teach the kids music, dance, gym, drawing or other arts and can involve all three of my kids. [more inside]
posted by akomom at 9:43 PM PST - 22 comments

Looking for a referral for a tax preparer for personal and small creative business. I am located in Los Angeles. [more inside]
posted by i_wear_boots at 9:13 PM PST - 1 comments

Pretty much every day of the past year has been a bad hair day for me. Please help. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 9:05 PM PST - 43 comments

I am taking a very new, unique class this semester at my university, which has a final project related to "breaking social norms." The teacher implied the project should most likely have some videotaping or physical results, and manipulate social norms for a better/more positive outcome. Sky is the limit on this project, there are very few guidelines and boundaries, and I'm not sure where to go with it. Suggestions? [more inside]
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How to not overreact when people joke about cancer? [more inside]
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I arranged a date with one guy, then had another absolutely fantastic date in the interim, & really want to focus on that. Should I cancel the other date? [more inside]
posted by littlegreen at 7:54 PM PST - 19 comments

Back in the late 70s, I found a how-to book (ca.1967) at the local library about starting a rock and roll band. What was that book??? [more inside]
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After about 6 years of wet shaving with a DE razor, I finally got fed up with the cuts and the time requirement. I picked up a Norelco Sensotouch 3D after reading that rotary is best for people with thick beards and omni-directional hair growth, and that rotary is a less close shave than linear (I don't want too close, because I get ingrown hairs). It's been 3 days. My face is covered in bumps, and my neck is red. Is this part of the 3-week "adjustment period"? Will it get better? Thanks!
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I just discovered that my bf (official since christmas) had a party dec 1st at his house and didn't invite me to it. I found out b/c I just recently agreed for us to become fb friends (wanted to wait until it was official). We hung out on nov 30th into the day of dec 1st. He created the event on the 25th and never mentioned it at all to me. He also didn't mention it to me after the fact. The thing that really gets me is dec 1st when he was leaving my house he made up an excuse about having to do something that wasn't HOSTING this party. We weren't officially bf and gf at the time but were hanging out 2x per week and acting like it but both knew we didn't have the title. Plus we'd been dating for many months. Now I feel like I can't really TRUST him! Am I crazy for feeling this way? [more inside]
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I'm wondering, after breakfast, and a shower, and a commute, and coffee - what is next? [more inside]
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Please recommend to me books prominently featuring dragons that will meet my rather high (and specific) standards. Lots of details to calibrate your suggestions inside. [more inside]
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Trying to find a permanent, food-safe way to mark all my cutlery and cooking utensils (that won't wear off after repeated washes). [more inside]
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My work has to produce sometimes one, sometimes two at most DVDs when we do a transfer of an older video recording to digital file. We're looking to purchase a desktop printer for use with DVDs, and I'm hoping the mefi community has recommendations! [more inside]
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My son has a rash on his wrist (yes, he has seen a doctor). We think the rash might be a reaction to an admission wristband from a local play area. But those bands are made of Tyvek, which isn't supposed to trigger allergies. Any ideas? [more inside]
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I’m trying to get Adobe Photoshop CS3 on Snow Leopard to show me the colors I expect. I’m using it to do some basic color selection, which will ultimately be pasted into a Python script that generates data graphics for use on the web. Part of my workflow involves screen captures from a browser that get round-tripped through Photoshop and into code, so I need basic RGB hex values to stay consistent through the process. [more inside]
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I'll be in Dallas in a few weeks for a conference and I'd like to go record shopping. Specifically, I'd like to buy 60s garage records from the Dallas/Fort Worth scene. Where should I go? [more inside]
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Hey all. Posting my questions to this community has been very helpful. I'm thankful so far for the advice I've been getting. This question has to do with something I've been struggling with my whole adulthood. I was diagnosed with clinical depression in my teens, and since then it's really limited a lot of what I can do. It didn't help much that I married a very overbearing person when I was 19 who basically took over my life for me. I left him two years ago and I've been recovering from my depression thanks to medication and a lot of self help techniques. I've started exercising and eating right, and I've lost weight, which I'm happy about. My next goal is to become self sufficient. My work ethic needs help though because I have a lot of trouble getting things done. I believe it stems from all those years I spent in deep depression and not being able to take care of myself. I procrastinate out of being overwhelmed and fearful of outcomes. I wouldn't call it laziness. It's just tough for me to learn a new way of living. Any advice on how to deal with this and improve my work ethic? I believe it's due time I start getting out of my own way. Thank you MeFi community. :)
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I want to become one of those people who dislikes buying things and enjoys saving. I'm a real spendthrift right now, but I'd really like to shift my thinking so that paying bills and saving money create pleasure, and buying things other than those expenses creates discomfort or boredom. Currently, going out shopping will get me out of the house when nothing else will, even if it's "shopping" for cleaning supplies and I only spend ten dollars. I get a sense of relief when I make purchases and then the pleasure of looking at, say, those shiny bright new bottles of household cleaner and sponges, even though I don't neccessarily need them is pleasurable. I also feel like I have achoeved or accomplished something when I buy stuff... [more inside]
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I am a man with certain needs, and yet I am constrained by my most unfortunate financial condition. Where might a discerning gentleman go in London to see the most flesh per pound exchanged? Preferences are given to those establishments with some standards, although if an establishment is less than reputable but has great character, I would be willing to give it a go. One for the memoirs, you understand.
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What are your best practices and tools for trimming a beard with scissors (and without an electric trimmer)? [more inside]
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I am a recent PR/communications graduate. I was wondering if there was a place to find freelance/volunteer opportunities in order to build my resume and experience?
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I'm a web designer/developer. I've been self taught my whole life, but now that I'm getting higher up in my career and more people interested in me as upper level management experience. I dropped out of college and taught myself everything I know. Now, though, I'm wondering if I need to go back to school for a degree to progress any higher. [more inside]
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Can you recommend a jeweler in the Boston metro area who can resize a gold ring for me?
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My Ravens-loving boyfriend wants to watch American football next weekend. [more inside]
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Having been away from the PC gaming world for a while due to dodgy then broken laptop, I'm now looking with bemusement to find some great games. Most of the amazon/etc best-seller lists seem dominated by World of Warcraft and toys for Skylander. I'm mainly interested in RPGs and Action Adventure games. Strong plots a must. If they have fiddly controls then a nice learning curve is a must! [more inside]
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In March we are going to be driving between Tamarindo and Manuel Antonio via 34 along the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. Google Maps says it's a four hour drive. We would like to break up the drive by stopping for a night somewhere enroute. We are renting houses on the beach at either end so seashore is not a priority. Ideally we'd like some kind of jungle/bamboo/eco hotel. Lots of flora and fauna. [more inside]
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Please help me think through this car battery problem. I have a new battery, but no car power. Details inside. [more inside]
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I have a 14 hour layover starting 10PM tomorrow night at LAX before I leave on a 12:30PM plane to China the following day. I need help deciding between staying at LAX or leaving to go to a 24/7 cafe...can anyone comment on the free wifi at LAX? [more inside]
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I'm looking at buying a gym quality exercise bike, which bike should I buy and what price range should I expect? [more inside]
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What are ways to make a really large wedding feel intimate and special? My boyfriend and I just engaged (yay!) and we are super excited to be married to each other. We're also super excited to have a wedding: we're taking a relatively relaxed, guests-first approach to the ceremony and reception, with the goals of the whole thing feeling (1) intimate, (2) special, (3) really, really fun. All this was eminently doable when we thought the guest list was going to be 75. But now, many difficult conversations with our parents later, we're facing down a guest list of over 250, and I'm at a loss as to how to still hit our mood/vibe/emotional atmosphere goals. [more inside]
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One of my relatives got a strange note from one of her co-workers. She was minding her own business when this guy comes by and gives her a note that says, "I'm sometimes suicidal. My niece makes me feel better, maybe you can make me feel better too." Should she tell HR? Call the cops? What does that crazy note even mean? More details below... [more inside]
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Five of us from San Francisco and Los Angeles like to meet in the middle along the coast once a year and car-camp for a long weekend. The past few years we've had a blast at Limekiln State Park campground, but it's under new management now and they won't allow us to reserve a specific ('our') campsite. In case we can't get one of the spots we want there, we'd like some backups to make reservations with somewhere between the southern end of Monterey Bay and San Luis Obispo—any suggestions? Hang on, let me tell you what we liked about Limekiln. [more inside]
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A couple years back, the New York Times ran a profile of a super-awesome home in Philadelphia. Help me track down the article again? [more inside]
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Dear Interlocutors from Ask MetaFilter, Please help me understand if the sequence of the steps I figure out to transfer my son Edoardo from a private school in New York State to the New York City public school system is correct. Unfortunately the staff of the High School Enrollment Office is very laconic. 1) I have Edoardo's current school complete the "Out of City Request Form" 2) I fax the HS Enrollment Office 2 documents as a proof we are residents in New York City 3) I enter my high school choices in priority order on my "Round 2 and New Schools Choice Form". My question is: where may I find this form? 4) I return the completed and signed "Round 2 and New Schools Choice Form" to my guidance counselor. Here my question is: who is my guidance counselor? Best, teebay [more inside]
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My two sisters and I were equal beneficiaries in a realty trust. This past year, my older sister bought my 1/3 share (as well as that of my sister.) According to the legal documents, it was a "transfer of beneficial interest". Other than signing and notarizing the documents to transfer the real estate share, nothing else official occurred and my sister just paid us our fair share of the assessed market value. She is not planning on reporting the transaction. I have no idea if I owe taxes on the money I've received (and will also be receiving this year - it was divided into a few payments) and if so, what kind of tax that might be. [more inside]
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Are there any other VJ softwares that allow boygrouping? I am starting to research the possibility of using a planetarium for live visual interaction. Its difficult to find much information on whether there are VJ software's that allow boygrouping. But I'm already savvy with the needed planetarium dome distortion techniques. So far I've only been able to find that VVVV is able to do exactly what I need. Its unclear if Resolume is able to. If you have any insight or knowledge, it would be much appreciated! [more inside]
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What is good business (fibre?) internet access in San Francisco? [more inside]
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What are you best strategies for researching a little known actress? [more inside]
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My fiancee loves Bill Raftery and I would love to get a signed photograph for him, but I can't figure out how to make contact. [more inside]
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I have a friend who wants to get a tattoo on his forearm, consisting of a numbered "to do" list. He can then fill in the numbers with whatever he needs to accomplish that day. However, he's heard that serial killers sometimes have "To Do" lists on their arms containing names of their future or past victims. He doesn't want to raise any suspicions that he is a serial killer, rather than an admirably efficient and conscientious person. Does anyone know if this is true or not? A Google search wasn't helpful. Thank you.
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My younger sister is getting married, and there are a million ways this could go wrong for me. Help me not ruin her wedding. [more inside]
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I've got a bike. I've got a compatible pump (two actually!). So why can't I seem to get the tires full enough to ride on? NB: I'm starting from completely flat tires (it's been a long time since I've ridden the bike). Is it not possible to hand pump bike tires all the way from flat?
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I have a $1,700 airfare credit with American that I cannot use by its expiration date in July. What can I do? [more inside]
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My wife and I will be spending a week in Toronto in late July. Airbnb has lots of housing options, but we have no idea where a good location would be. We like to stroll around and like the usual stuff - museums, cafes, bookstores all a plus; nightlife not so much. We figure there will be plenty to see and do, but if you have some 'don't miss' suggestion, that would be appreciated also. Thanks.
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Can you recommend me a book with interesting, well-drawn characters and a page-turning plot that is not horribly depressing? Maybe (but not necessarily) something of the chick-lit variety? [more inside]
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I just bought a pair of these Grenson Stanley Wingtips. How do I care for them? [more inside]
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I am looking to perhaps purchase a condo in Toronto. What are some objective data sources or opinions to determine whether its a good time to enter the real estate market? [more inside]
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Will onsite ticket sellers (scalpers) give discounts to buyers after a sporting event has begun? [more inside]
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Today my eight-year-old niece broke her two front teeth, both diagonally so that she has a triangle-shaped hole between her teeth. They are adult teeth. They are on their way to the dentist, but I just wanted to get some information from experiences you all may have had. [more inside]
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I need recommendations for an attorney in the Philadelphia area, who can handle divorce and custody cases where one party (myself) is a non-US citizen, who is here on a marriage-based Green Card. The Card itself is about 2 years old.
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How do atheist or otherwise non-religious parents teach their kids about the Abrahamic mythology? [more inside]
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Everywhere mentions a 10% penalty, but nobody says whether this is pre or post tax, or whether it's added to your existing tax burden, or how these taxes actually get paid, etc. [more inside]
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we rent in an olllllllld apartment. the fixtures in our bathroom are white, but not matching. and some of them are um, dingy white. ie, white tub liner that's a bit stained from water damage and mildew (there's no mildew on it, but it still remembers a time when there was). the bathroom doesn't get a lot of ventilation so the walls get mildew on them. we want to attack! we have bleach-cleaned the walls and want to paint them with white mildewcide paint, but is this a good idea or will it make the old-and-off-white-ness of the fixtures stand out? our landlord won't replace the tub liner and we can't afford to either, so it is staying. our dream is this but we know we can't have that. can we get close or is it just going to end up gross? any ideas?
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Cluelessly-dressed 30-year-old office-working lady here. I have come to the conclusion that it is in my best interest to start leaning much more toward the business side of business casual on a daily basis. Professional women/fashion mavens of Metafilter, could you lend me a hand with these business wear-related queries? [more inside]
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I'm newly diagnosed with perioral dermatitis. If you have had this, then I have some questions for you. 1) How did you treat it? 2) Did it go away and stay away, or has it been a recurring problem? 3) Have you found dietary issues to be significant in causing it/helping to clear it up?
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My company is considering switching our work phones over from iOS phones to Windows Phone 8, and I've been asked to report back with how this will affect our ability to work. [more inside]
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I have recently switched from my own health insurance to going back on my mom's plan. I feel silly asking this question, because it shouldn't feel like a big deal, but when I get my birth control rx filled through her insurance, how obvious will it be to her? [more inside]
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I want to dye my medium brown hair dark brown, but I also want the few grey hairs I have to stay grey/white. [more inside]
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Wireless Repeaters - Easy , effective, and fun? [more inside]
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I split up with my wife a couple of months ago, and have been doing really well since then. Recently I've been feeling a little bit like she's been stalking me on social media, and today I've woken up to messages asking me why I'm in contact with someone from my past. How do I handle this? (I've tried to anonymise this as best I can) [more inside]
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I was exposed to HIV last year, but am not infected. Do I need to disclose this to future partners? [more inside]
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I'm looking for a website where I can buy a loose facetted ruby in the UK (has to ship from UK). Bonus points if certification is offered (even at extra cost) [more inside]
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Is UK Prime Minister David Cameron being hypocritical when he talks about cracking down on tax avoiding companies domiciling within the EU? Surely the UK offers low tax incentives too that could be classed as facilitating tax avoidance? [more inside]
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I have an array which has listing information for products on a website. The products fit into two categories (call them 'bits' and 'bobs') I need to sort the array so that it goes from a completely mixed up and randomized list to: bit, bit, bit, bit, bit, bit, bob, bob, bob, bob, bob, bob, bit, bit, bit, bit, bit, bit And so on, basically reorganize the array so that the list is in alternating groups of six Array structure is basically a numbered array of keyed arrays, like so: Array ( [0] => Array ( [id] => 39549 [title] => Product Name [author] => Author Name [price] => 7.66 [type] => bit ) [1] => Array ( [id] => 39549 [title] => Product Name [author] => Author Name [price] => 9.66 [type] => bob ) )
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What is on the ID pack Essentials that my Virgin Mobile phone, a Galaxy S2, is bugging me to install? [more inside]
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I blush easily, but I'm not aware that it's happening. I used be nervous in social situations, but my mind isn't anymore, though apparently my body still is. For example: the professor mentioned my name in class today as part of a hypothetical. I didn't feel nervous or anxious at all, but he commented about how red I turned. Had he not said anything, I would have been totally unaware that I was blushing. [more inside]
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I find that cheap iPad styluses get squishy-tipped quickly and stop working nearly as well. How can I avoid this? [more inside]
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Convince me not to get a Master's degree. I'm looking into a program at Columbia which would be at full price, which is not cheap. I'd like you to convince me not to attend, or tell me why it's a good idea after all. [more inside]
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I have been on sick leave for the past 10 days due to first the flu, and then some flu-related complications. I am due to go back on Monday and I'm panicking, literally. The thought of going back to work made me burst out crying earlier this morning. I strongly suspect this is less about the flu right now, and more about general unhappiness with my work situation, and anxiety, but I'm a total mess. How do I pull myself together when I only have 72 hours left? [more inside]
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I'm looking for visual representations or imagery that can be used as an analogy/representation of how drinking (too much) alcohol clouds one's judgment. (explanation inside) [more inside]
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I have cotton napkins, some 100 percent, some 65 percent. And it says on the label to wash them in cold. I want to make sure that when my child puts the napkin to her mouth that the napkin is sanitary. But I'm wondering if washing them in cold takes all the microbes out. I'm not only talking about the food, but what about my wash machine which may have just washed our family underpants. Is this common practice? Or am I missing something? Am I supposed to be washing the napkins in a bucket instead? I wanted the convenience of washing in the washing machine, but if that is not sanitary I will do the bucket. Also, if I can do it in the machine, should I do it in warm to make sure microbes are gone? Or is cold best? Also, should I line dry or do it in the dryer. Thanks in advance for your help.
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I need to rephotograph some stuff off a computer monitor and I love the texture of the screens in this clip from Moneyball, especially in the extreme close ups and player head shots. The visible honeycomb of pixels is what I'm interested in. I've shot stuff off a Cinema Display (no visible pixels really) and broadcast monitor (visible but rectangular) before and it doesn't look like this. Any idea what kind of monitor or LCD looks like this?
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We are looking for an ERP solution to a new business. Nothing complicated, we just need to be able to manage one vendor, a few customers, manage stock and issue invoices. Does anyone have a program they use they can recommmend? Free is good, or a trial and then low cost.
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OS X has spaces. I can assign programmes to different spaces. What I can't have (it seems) is one of those spaces/second desktops show up on the external monitor, it is always an extension of the desktop I am using. So I get a double-wide desktop A (Mac + monitor), then swipe across and get a double wide desktop B (Mac + Monitor) when I go to a different Space. I want A on my Macbook and B on my monitor. [more inside]
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I've worked professionally for over 15 years, and in all the that time, I've never been on time to work consistently. How do I show up to work around 9 o'clock like a normal person? [more inside]
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I'd like to estimate the number of days a year when the high temperature is likely to be below a particular threshold, e.g. below freezing. This turns out to be harder than expected. [more inside]
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Here's an European writing a book/thesis about storytelling in journalism. What texts (linguistics, literary theory etc – preferably *not* mass communication theory) might help in analysing contemporary changes in that field? [more inside]
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We do not own a car. We're thinking about getting a dog. Is this doable? [more inside]
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Last March, I went to London and returned without spending all of the Pounds I'd withdrawn from an ATM machine. Believing that the money changers in the airports are major ripoffs, I decided to hang onto the Pounds. "Surely I will run into a friend with plans to visit London soon!" Hasn't happened. Anyone have any creative ideas on how to exchange the Pounds for Dollars now? Without paying someone a ghastly percentage?
posted by starkraven at 4:19 AM PST - 16 comments

Where are there reliable Android reviews for both applications and games? Metacritic does not yet have an aggregator for Android and Play Store ratings are of little use. So what is recommended? [more inside]
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What would you do if you had tomorrow (a Friday for posterity) morning free in Toronto and had never been there before? I need to be at the University of Toronto at 12.30 or so. Assume College and Spadina as a start and end point. If a transit museum existed (it seems to have been proposed, but doesn't exist), I would go there.
posted by hoyland at 3:27 AM PST - 15 comments

Does anyone memorize quotes from literary works and use them in conversations? [more inside]
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Sorry for the squick factor but I'm curious. What happens if someone bleeds, vomits or poops in a public swimming pool? Do they just fish out the solids and let the rest disperse? Or does it all get emptied out?
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My wife and I will get the chance to go away for 5 or 6 days without kids for the first time in a decade at the end of this year. It also happens to be my partners 40th birthday. Where should we go, from Sydney? [more inside]
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I'm looking for a guide to how to set up and use Nutch, Solr and Drupal. Particularly Nutch and Solr. I have never coded before. [more inside]
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I have a USD account in the UK and received an incoming amount in GBP. However, it was supposed to be sent in USD from the US (so that's a cross-border transfer). The sender also claims that the amount was sent in USD. My bank claims and also the statement tells that the money came in GBP. Because of the double conversion (usd->gbp->usd) I received significantly less than if it happened without any conversion. My only idea at the moment is that an intermediary bank applied a conversion.. Can this happen? How can I clearly find out what happened? How to avoid this from happening again? Thanks for your suggestions!
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January 23
I want to send some money to a preferably local organisation/group in Uganda that supports LGBT rights. I'm open to advocacy or direct help, and any religion or secular is fine. Please give me your recommendations, or tell me why Amnesty International is still the best option.
posted by viggorlijah at 11:38 PM PST - 2 comments

I love the TV show Homeland. It's very different from the kinds of things I'm normally into, but now I'm hooked. I would like to find some books that would scratch the same itch, to keep me going untl next season. Ideally I'd like non-fiction, because I'd like to learn more about how all this stuff goes down, but I realize that due to the nature of the topic, it's hard to get detailed non-fiction accounts. So I'm open to fiction if it isn't really over the top. [more inside]
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You are a UK solicitor, but you are not MY UK solicitor [more inside]
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In my organization, we're not great at job titles. Mostly they aren't really needed. But for what I do it would be helpful, when contacting people both within and without the organization, to have a title to use that both speaks to what I do and gives folks an idea that I'm someone who is authorized to [get information/make changes to accounts and procedures/make decisions/spend money/whatever]. [more inside]
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My wife and I are planning to start trying to conceive in the next few months, and being academic bookish types, would like some books on the whole process. Specifically, we're interested in fertility issues (we're in our mid-30s) and generally the logistics of the whole process - prenatal nutrition, choosing a doctor and a hospital, preparing for the kid, and so on. My personal preference is for books that are more detailed (citations to back things up are great) rather than touchy-feely.
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Is it better to pursue a career that allows you to earn more money or further develop your passion? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 9:14 PM PST - 27 comments

English boys' school filter: about an hour into Lindsay Anderson's if..., what's going on in this scene? [more inside]
posted by Rash at 9:06 PM PST - 5 comments

Do I really need to stay home with the flu? [more inside]
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Does anyone know where specifically (like near what street) I might be able to find wild Manzanita Trees in Alameda County or Contra Costa County? I have heard they may grow on Mt. Diablo... [more inside]
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In a couple months I have to attend my first ever military ball. I do not know much in the way of social expectations of such an event, I guess I'm just supposed to go and look pretty.. which leads to the real question, What do I wear!!!? . Or how I should dress exactly, what are the "norms"...
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Two part question: 1) Can you recommend a great one-week itinerary in Trinidad and Tobago, or 2) Should we go somewhere else? [more inside]
posted by AlmondEyes at 8:26 PM PST - 6 comments

I work alone, in an office isolated from other people with zero opportunity for social interaction. I could, if I wanted to, arrive at 8.30am, stare at a screen til 12.30pm, break from 12.30pm-1.30pm, then stare at a screen from 1.30-5.15pm.In silence. Alone. I really, really don’t want to. Help me come up with things I can do every hour to ‘break’ for a few minutes before getting back into the next hour-long block of work. [more inside]
posted by t0astie at 8:15 PM PST - 21 comments

I live less than 10 miles from Polyface Farms, so last weekend I decided to get my ass out there and buy some meat from them. They did not have any bacon, but they had fresh sliced side meat, which the girl in the store told me could be cured like bacon, but she did not really know how to do it herself. Against my better judgment, I bought a package. [more inside]
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I've been contacted by an inmate of a federal prison. I do not know this person, I think they've entered the wrong email address. Unlike many automatic services, there's no way to report an misdirected email. What do I do? [more inside]
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Android Appfilter: I have been reading about humanity's sleep schedule (polyphasic sleep) before industrialization and the eight hour day. I would like to know if there is an app or something else to help me regulate my waking/sleeping to that schedule. I know there are apps for picking the best times to go to sleep and wake up, but they don't have the kind of windows I am looking for. Any help?
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I have a large storage tote full of Lionel train cars, still in their boxes that I'm tired of storing. [more inside]
posted by Nickel Pickle at 7:27 PM PST - 7 comments

Hi everyone, I am looking for recommendations for therapists in or around San Jose, CA (San Francisco would be too far) who take Kaiser insurance, or if this is even possible. I cannot change insurance, and the Kaiser therapist I talked to a year or two ago said they are allowed to prescribe medication and see patients a maximum of once a month, and I would prefer something weekly. If anyone knows of any therapists that somehow are allowed to take Kaiser or have reasonable rates for out-of-pocket pay, I'd be very grateful. Also want to add that I don't need a specialty therapist; this is just general life ennui stuff (some days worse than others). Thanks!
posted by madonna of the unloved at 6:43 PM PST - 6 comments

We are trying to manually download a dropshipper's XML file of products. The file size is over 22MB and I can't open it in my web browsers Internet Explorer or FireFox (both latest). I tried asking them if they could allow me to read the directory the file's on so I could right click on it and download it manually but they refuse to do so. They told me I need to use an external program to download this XML file. I tried looking but with no luck. Could someone please help me. Thank you so much...
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I have an idea in mind for what to give my niece as a HS graduation/off-to-college gift, but I'm overwhelmed, not knowing where to start on making it. Any crafty people w/ bookbinding or relevant experience wanna give me some (much needed, much appreciated!) guidance? [more inside]
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How can I protect myself from buyer fraud selling something through paypal? [more inside]
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I'm looking for ideas for vegan lunches and snacks that can be eaten cold or at room temperature. [more inside]
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I absolutely hate baking. I really love good bread. No vendor in my area has good bread. Should I try making bread? [more inside]
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Please help me find an image that I saw online but now cannot find! [more inside]
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There's plenty of thinking around how equity is split in startup companies, as well as projections of how much it's worth when employees cash in. Are there any real-world numbers, like there are for salaries? [more inside]
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I'm looking for recommendations for lounges in Boston for a birthday party with around 10-15 guests. We'll all be in our early 20s. Ideally, the place will play livelier music but not blast it to the point where I have to shout to have a conversation. Price range is pretty flexible. In terms of location, closer to the financial district is preferable, so nothing near Allston, brookline, etc. This would be for a Saturday night between 8 and 11 PM and I'd like to be able to make reservations. A decent sized crowd is appreciated, as we don't want to feel like we're the only group of people in the place. [more inside]
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The house the boyfriend and I bought was already wired for surround sound, however, we don't want the receiver in the spot where the previous owners had it. The wires coming out of wall are too short for where we want it, so we would like to use wire extenders to lengthen them. However, I'm not sure what gauge the wires coming out of the wall are, so I'm not positive they're compatible with our speakers. Is there a way to tell what gauge they are, or is that sort of thing pretty standard? This is our first experience with surround sound, so we're pretty clueless, but trying to educate ourselves. [more inside]
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I enjoy making large, colourful crochet blankets. I have enough blankets but I don't want to give any more away or sell them. Apart from yarn bombing, in what artistic way can I use them? It can be for private or public display. This is an example of what I make.
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I have a friend who insists on a certain way of understanding how men and women couple off. Basically, he sees the situation as rather animalistic, where all the women are essentially waiting to be asked out, and the first men to do so get the "choicest" women. The rest of the women are left for, well, the rest of the men. Obviously, this is pretty traditional/sexist/chauvinistic. Anyway, barring all that, he feels a constant urgency to get to women "before somebody else does," because "the best women will be taken." Of course, I understand asking someone out before someone else does, but his theory is off-putting to me. It seems like human personalities, reasoning, circumstances, geographies, and cultures throw a monkey-wrench into his theory. Things are a lot more complicated in my mind. Do you have an alternative way of seeing the dating world, have a different experience, or are there any studies that you could point me to on this subject?
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I have been working as a temp in a university staff /admin support position for several months. I make $12 an hour as a temp. They're finally about to hire me, thank goodness, but I have until tomorrow to give them my "salary requirements". What the heck am I supposed to ask for? [more inside]
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I'm a woman, 20s. I'm talking to two women - A and B. A has everything I want on paper, and there's a spark there... but there's more of a spark with B, who has next to nothing I want on paper. Is it a bad idea to pick B? [more inside]
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I currently have a high paying desk job, but want to live free and make art. Should I save my money or aggressively pay down my student loans? [more inside]
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My company offers an employee escape program if you can come up the "best" idea of how to spend the $1000 and extra week vacation. I have a few ideas of what I might want to propose - but would love to see what you think: if you had a week and $1000 - what would be an incredible adventure? Note - most employees who get chosen usually tie in some sort of service program or volunteer efforts, but sky is the limit.
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Didn't take my meds for a few days, then started them up again. I am like a new person. What gives? [more inside]
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I'm trying to find a way to have a group video conference between 4-7 people, that allows iOS and Android devices to connect, as well as Mac and PC users. [more inside]
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Advice sought on solving a workplace dispute between several departments [more inside]
posted by sock, the puppet at 4:13 PM PST - 6 comments

What are best practices for navigating an employment situation that maybe is heading in the direction of filing a complaint with an EEO commission? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 3:44 PM PST - 5 comments

How to deal with a school's unwillingness to challenge a twice-exceptional kid? [more inside]
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I have an old computer I'm thinking of turning into a home theatre PC, as well as a dedicated FTP and multiplayer game server. Can it be done, and what do I need? Tech specs and more detailed questions inside. [more inside]
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Having no luck finding a video of a Coca-Cola commercial from the early to mid-80s - likely featured the lyrics, "Travelin' down a dusty road, goin' to meet a friend." I believe it only played in movie theatres before the movie started, not on TV. Any help?
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I'm approaching the dreaded moment that I need to buy a new (used) car. I hate the idea of negotiating with a salesperson. I love the idea of no-haggle. But I also hate the idea of getting a lemon. I've read loads of reviews of Carmax online, but they're so mixed, I don't know what to think. Can you offer insight? [more inside]
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I was reading an introduction to "The Tale of Genji," and I was struck by the claim that Genji's manor is the most well known example of the architecture of the time, even though it never existed. Are there any corollaries in the West? Elsewhere? [more inside]
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I've got maybe a day to kill with my wife and kid in Baltimore... never really been there before, so what are some must-see things in the area? I've vaguely heard something about cherry blossoms... when do those bloom or where is the best place to view them? I'll be going in mid-April, so I've got some time to plan. TIA!
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I recently bought a toy glockenspiel for my baby. At almost 9 months he's too young for it still but I have fun plinking out some songs on it while we're playing. I'm looking for songs I can play that use only the eight notes from middle C to high C, with no half steps. Any kinds of songs are welcome, and I don't need the full sheet music, just the title of the song. (If I can listen to it, that's enough.) I'd particularly like folk songs and kids' songs, but songs from any genre will make me happy as long as I can play them without missing notes. [more inside]
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I am done with letting limerence rule my life. Tell me your stories of conquering limerence. How did you cope? Is it even really possible to say "no more limerence" if you're prone to it? [more inside]
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We need to identify the front face of a transparent glass calibration target. If the target is held wrong-way to the camera, it won't work, so we need to make it obvious to the user when it's backwards. We can certainly just write "FRONT" on it, but it's going to a lot of different countries - is there a strictly graphical way to indicate this? An icon or graphic that looks wrong when viewed from behind and therefore reversed left to right? [more inside]
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I gave my wife a Kindle Fire 2 (7") for Christmas, and I am thinking about rooting it for her. She does not seem to be too enamored with the Amazon interface, and is thinking she might like a standard, stock Android OS. I know that if we do this, we will likely lose Amazon Prime Instant Videos, which she does not use. If you have rooted a Kindle Fire 2, please share with me what you like and/or dislike about your new set-up. Thanks!
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You have an online store where customers pay in, say, monthly subscriptions. The customers are able to manage their account online. You also sell a few other items as one-offs via a webstore. None of this requires shipping as your customers pick up in person. What sorts of programs are you using? How do you deal with credit cards? What should this all cost? Any opinions about programs such as Member Assembler, CSAware, Farmigo or DeliveryBizPro? [more inside]
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I'm nineteen. Four months ago, I moved out of my parents' houses to a medium-sized Midwestern city. I'm more consistently happy here than I have ever been (even despite breaking up with my long-term SO) -- I'm making friends regularly, working on interesting projects, and devouring the library. My biggest problem is that I can't find a job. [more inside]
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It's winter! And I need spring, summer, fall....heck, any other season than winter! I want to spend some time with flowers. I am looking for places, specifically in the NYC metro area where I can sit with a group of flowers: maybe an indoor garden/nursery, or a flower show....or some crazy field that has flowers growing in the dead of winter (I know!) I do not want to buy flowers and watch them die in my apartment. Do you know of anywhere that I can sit and commune with flowers? Thanks!
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I have a small netbook (Samsung NC10), running Windows XP, that I very much like for travel. But in some places, it doesn't connect to the internet over wifi. I've never tried to figure out why, or fix it: it's so far always been somewhere I could either skip being connected for a few days or plug directly into a router. But for an upcoming trip I'd like some help with a better plan and some tools and resources. [more inside]
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I was told I can't code anymore, but I love to code. I want to keep up with cutting edge technologies, and while I'm learning -- why not develop projects that people need while getting a part-time income. One problem: Where can I find projects? [more inside]
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I've got 2 Mini Coopers that I love: 2006 automatic with 35k miles and sunroof that I own outright, 2011 manual with 17k miles and a Thule kayak rack that I owe about $7k on. My older teens have moved out and I don't need to have both cars anymore, so I'm trying to figure out the quickest, most hassle-free way of having only one car. Because I work full-time and live with just my son, I really don't want to have people coming to my house as I try to sell a car on my own and I'm willing to lose a little cash if I can make some type of deal on the spot with a dealer. Again, I really do NOT want to do Craigslist and sell the car on my own. I have a good relationship with the Mini dealer where I bought both cars. A friend suggested I bring in both cars, explain the situation, and see what they come up with. Any other ideas about the easiest way to get me into one Mini? Ideas to make the cars more desirable to the dealer? What angles have I not considered?
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For the last four months, I've been getting anywhere between 3 and 60 calls per day on my cell phone from (555) 555-5555, at all hours. If I pick up, it's a recorded voice, somewhere between a computer and a british lady saying "one... one... one..." What the hell is going on, and how do I make it stop? [more inside]
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I love watching male ballet dancers in the New York City Ballet. What else would I enjoy watching? [more inside]
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I am supposed to come up with a few personal and a few team goals for a meeting at work. I am someone who always leaves the "Objective" section of resume blank because this stuff is alien to me. Anyone have any insight into management expectations with this stuff? [more inside]
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Do you think that silk dupioni is the best choice of fabric for my wedding dress when I am plus-sized? I have described it in detail inside. [more inside]
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Is there any sort of vogue scene in the SF bay area?
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So, a few years ago I bought a set of cock rings, and I seem to have lost two of them! Can you help me find me a similar set? [more inside]
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I'm a guy looking for sunglasses, no vision correction necessary. I like the sort of mid-century modern frames of a Warby Parker or a Classic Specs but, after try on programs from both, I'm discovering that just about all their frames are too small for my enormous head. Help? [more inside]
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My period is happening a lot. I'm 45. What can I do about it? Details inside. [more inside]
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We lease a Honda and the lease is ending on February 27. This is our first time leasing and we are nervous about the end-of-lease vehicle inspection. Should we expect to have to pay? [more inside]
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I'm in the very early stages of house-hunting in the Hamilton, Ontario area, but I'm not sure how fast I should be going. [more inside]
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I believe we have a need for two to five computer monitor magnifiers where I work, some for laptops and some for desktop monitors. [more inside]
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The rear brakes on my 2010 Ford Fusion, which is still under warranty, have worn out in what seems to me like a premature and unusual way. I have included the details inside and would like your opinion on whether this is an issue I should press with the dealership and/or Ford, or whether I should just fix the brakes and move on. [more inside]
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I am looking for a variety of photos to choose from for a caption contest. The contest is related to sexual health, but the photos need not be, and preferably will be fairly suitable for public viewing. [more inside]
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My Verizon Galaxy Nexus is unlocked, but I also broke it. Help me put it back together again! [more inside]
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Basic logic question. The validity of modus tollens is intuitive when the antecedent and consequent in the first conditional premise aren't negative statements. But whenever the argument begins with something like "If not-p, then q", the whole thing seems less intuitive to me. Can someone explain to my very rusty brain why those instances of modus tollens are still valid? [more inside]
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I have been running a couple of email announcement lists for a while, and want to clean out all (or most) of the addresses that are bouncing. What is a good way to do this? [more inside]
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These two trees are in my friend's new Los Angeles backyard. Any idea what they are? [more inside]
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I love these older pics of victory garden posters (e.g.). I was wondering if anyone knew if they were out in the public domain? I'd like to use them for a Tumblr/blog post, but don't want to start ripping folks off willy nilly.
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Fan of photo collage journals like Peter Beard and the late Dan Eldon's work. Can anyone point me to other similar artists? [more inside]
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I'm interested to hear feedback that others have had with using the LearningRx system for improving cognitive processing skill and speed. [more inside]
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DU's comment got me wanting to expand my Audible library. I have a few credits to burn so help me fill up my library! I love biographies and science fiction but would like broaden my listening habits. Bonus points if you can recommend any narrators that you have found enjoyable as well. [more inside]
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I know, I know: it's silly to have an argument about this, but please help! [more inside]
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Have you tried the 5:2 diet as discussed in this Metafilter thread? Did it work for you? Do you find it sustainable? [more inside]
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Please recommend me the best books and films about basketball. [more inside]
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I'm an admin in a big corporate firm, but I'm secretly planning to hunt for a new job in a couple weeks. I've just been asked to take on new responsibilities here. Can I get out of this, and if so, how? [more inside]
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TorontoToothpasteFilter: When my husband was vacationing in Spain, he picked up this amazing toothpaste and we fell in love with it completely. It is flavoured with fennel, myrrh, and propolis rather than the North American **All-Mint-All-The-Time** Extravaganza, and we realised that we liked this taste much much better. Sadly, our usual stores have succumbed to the minty-fresh lobby. [more inside]
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UK tax filter. Help, I registered for VAT by accident and I made a wee mess. How do I best get out of it? [more inside]
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Should I try to fix our sex life? If so, where do I start? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 5:59 AM PST - 13 comments

Is "hypochlorhydria" (low stomach acid) a scientifically sound problem or some natural-health quackery? [more inside]
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We woke up this extremely cold morning (9F/-13C) and various electric things in our condo seem to be flaky, like there's not enough power. I also noticed that the thermostat for our heat pump says "Auxiliary Heat On", which I haven't seen before. Has anyone seen something like this before? Since it's all electric, it seems like it might be related. [more inside]
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Can't take the cold Northeast and wonder if Charleston would work? My husband and I recently moved from Los Angeles to the Eastern shore of Ct. for a variety of reasons mainly cost of living and seeking a closer knit community. Now that we have experienced a cold winter ( it's just starting!) we see that it isn't for us. Weather is a big deal and we thought we could handle it but the being stuck indoors, the layers of clothes, the desire to hibernate are all getting to us pretty quick. [more inside]
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We're hitting -25C here for the next few days, so I thought I'd indulge in an experiment -- putting 2.5L of cheap kit Shiraz into a food-safe container with a loose-fitting lid outside and fishing the ice out at the end of every day. What should I expect? When should I stop?
posted by Shepherd at 3:32 AM PST - 20 comments

Scaling a steamed pudding recipe up or down: how do I work out the adjusted cooking time?
posted by monkey closet at 2:04 AM PST - 3 comments

Does anyone have any links to watch the various shorts that have been nominated for this years Academy Awards? [more inside]
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Did my iPod Classic finally kick the bucket? It's a generic "Portable Audio Player" now, and Windows refuses to format it. [more inside]
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January 22
I moved out of my apartment and want to travel and work remotely most of the year before taking a new apartment. My problem is that I don't have a fixed address in the meantime. My mail is forwarded to my parents outside the US (working very well), but I need an address to use with the IRS/Licence bureau/bank, etc. Could I boldly use my previous address even if I moved out? Can I use the foreign address with the government and the state without getting in trouble? Could I still be a resident of my state even if my mailing address is abroad? Could I use a P.O. Box? Some other service? What if I lengthen my absence from my state, at which point do I cease to be a resident of that state? (I'm a US citizen and a tourist in the countries I'm traveling to). I can use some heads up!
posted by kirsti at 10:44 PM PST - 10 comments

I need supportive shoes for lots of walking, but I want to look good too. What's a young lady in an old lady's body to do? [more inside]
posted by Dilemma at 10:35 PM PST - 25 comments

A good friend is getting married in Vancouver, WA. Where in Vancouver, Portland, or nearby can our group of ~15-20 friends host a boozy board & video game bachelor party for him? [more inside]
posted by bargex at 10:24 PM PST - 2 comments

She's important to me. She used to be so smart and so much fun to be around. I feel like I can't just walk away, and in any event, I don't want to. Help me figure out what to do. Avalanche of details to follow. [more inside]
posted by sevensnowflakes at 9:29 PM PST - 22 comments

I'm looking for instances of animal or insect migration that occur annually within a limited geographical area in Africa. The more concentrated the accumulation of one species in a relatively small area, the better. Thanks! [more inside]
posted by np312 at 9:12 PM PST - 9 comments

For the cooks and bakers and candy makers out there, what do you do when you need to roll a lot of little balls of foodstuff? Are there any amazing tricks to get multiple smooth rounded orbs of delicious at a time? [more inside]
posted by Cold Lurkey at 8:41 PM PST - 9 comments

I'm having a hard time dealing with feelings of profound loneliness and paranoia about the states of friendships which in turn affect my dreams and my moods (being a vivid dreamer) and I don't like the affect it has on my happiness. Is there any good literature or advice that you can give to help me conquer these feelings and appreciate what I have in my friends or branch out to finding others? Any communication advice to being clear with friends and alleviating my paranoia without insulting them or sounding weird? [more inside]
posted by Recca at 7:58 PM PST - 6 comments

My '08 F-150 likely needs a different engine. I do not want an engine out of a wreck or from the junk yard or one rebuilt by a local shop. I am looking for a remanufactured engine. Does anyone have any experience with or insight into the quality difference between a Jasper Remanufactured engine versus a Ford Factory remanufactured engine? [more inside]
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What resources should I be reading to learn more about marketing? [more inside]
posted by astapasta24 at 7:28 PM PST - 7 comments

So, I find myself in a bit of a bad spot at the moment. I'm in need of some serious dental work, and faced with some major hurdles to get it done. I need to find a dentist somewhere in the Atlanta metro that fits a rather restrictive set of criteria. [more inside]
posted by strixus at 7:27 PM PST - 5 comments

I have to go to Peoria, IL for a week starting February 6 to tend to the affairs of my mother, whose dementia is getting worse. I grew up there but I haven't been back for years, and when I did go back I stayed at Mom's. Now there is no room at Mom's because she's in assisted care. Where should I stay? [more inside]
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One of my developers just had got an "office makeover" (mostly a much needed paint job), and now has about a half dozen Ikea RIBBA frames on the walls. Unfortunately, he hasn't figured out what to put in them. Fortunately, we're all here to help him out. [more inside]
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Just woke up from a figurative 4 year coma called back-to-back babies. What NOT to wear? What are the big no no's? What should I just discard? I'm thinking terrible ie. Crocs or Ed Hardy. [more inside]
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I'm sure you've all heard the phrase "living in your parent's basement." I was just wondering if it is common or if young adults/people actually live in basements or if it's just a saying. Where I'm from (southern california), I've never actually heard of anyone living in a basement, usually they will have a room in the house.
posted by nathanm at 7:08 PM PST - 63 comments

I am currently 21 weeks pregnant and my wife is not getting the attention, congratulations or support I get from others. How can I help others see her as a parent now and when the baby comes? [more inside]
posted by livlab at 7:04 PM PST - 21 comments

Asking for a friend: can you recommend a reputable (presumably brick and mortar) university that has a good online program for child development or early childhood education? [more inside]
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I have a video chat interview tomorrow. Tips? [more inside]
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I would like to upgrade my Mac OS 10.5.8 to 10.6. I've been told that the way to do this is to order the CD from apple. However, my CD drive is broken (all else is fine with my Mac). How can I upgrade to 10.6 another way?
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We ended up biting the bullet on tickets to Maui for our spring break in March yesterday (arriving 3/10). You guys were awesome when we went to the Big Island last year- where should we stay and what should we do in Maui? [more inside]
posted by charmedimsure at 6:19 PM PST - 17 comments

Short version: what are the best practices when asking for charity donations? [more inside]
posted by jetlagaddict at 6:00 PM PST - 6 comments

Teach me how to make Cancoillotte cheese from things I can buy in an American supermarket or (unlikely) where to buy it for shipment to the USA (Nebraska). [more inside]
posted by jepler at 5:31 PM PST - 13 comments

Looking for a recommendation for an upholsterer who serves the upper west side? Used to use Patterson Silks, but they closed. Need couches recovered, cushions, repairs and so on, lots to do!! Around 72 nd street specifically, but quality is the watch word.
posted by Great Swell at 5:20 PM PST - 3 comments

Would anybody be kind enough to help me by translating some Japanese text of some type, that might help shed some light on a mysterious item that I have had in my posession for several years? [more inside]
posted by wats at 5:02 PM PST - 3 comments

My boyfriend has a kid from his previous marriage, who is now long distance. He'll be coming to stay for a month in a few months, and I'm not sure what to do! (so many snowflake details!) [more inside]
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Do you have an Ipad Mini ? - would you recommend it and why ? [more inside]
posted by sgt.serenity at 4:20 PM PST - 27 comments

I have roughly 20 people who each need a project. I have 27 projects and don't want anyone to share a project. I let the people pick their top five projects and rank them so I know who wants what. What is the best (easiest...) way for me to fairly figure out who should get what project so that the most people get their top choice, or at least one of their top choices? [more inside]
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I’ve been teaching private voice and piano lessons for children for the past five years, and am about to embark on the next stage of the plan: opening a children’s theater!  Most of my ducks are in a row with one large exception - the name. [more inside]
posted by subsupra at 4:15 PM PST - 11 comments

How can I better "manage my managers" who can only think in the long-term? They have lots of really great ideas which never go anywhere because they don't schedule people to work on them. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 3:59 PM PST - 3 comments

I'm a nurse who has trouble at the start of my shifts because my brain doesn't get up and running until I've been there for at least an hour -- but the work really requires me to be at 100% from the first minute. There are plenty of questions about how to wake up your body in the morning. How do I wake up my brain? [more inside]
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The standard format for a romantic comedy has both key characters introduced very early in the script/movie -- say, in the first ten pages/minutes. I'm looking for examples of romantic comedies where one of the romantic leads is introduced later in the movie. [more inside]
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Is there a better printing app for the iPad than HP eprint or Apple Airprint? One that allows you to print directly to a printer over wifi (i.e., without having another computer running and connected to the network), offers legal size printing and photo print sizes other than 4x6? Thanks!
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I do a Spotlight search for "foo." I have at least a dozen files with "foo" in the name. I do the search while looking at foo.pdf, foofighting.pdf, etc. right in the Finder right in front of me. But when running the search, none of them show up. Why? Under System Preferences for Spotlight, I have Folders, Files, and PDF Files all checked. Any idea why Spotlight is blind to these files?
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How can I prevent video results from showing up in a Google search? For example, if I do a google search on "picasa os x 10.6.8 screen resolution", half the links on the first results page are youtube videos. If I want videos I can select "videos" instead of "web". But I can't figure out how to prevent videos from showing up in a regular web search. (I'm running Firefox on a MacBook Pro 10.6.8; I get the same results using Chrome.)
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If one was moving to a country that engages in surveillance of its citizens as well as foreigners and you wanted to best protect yourself, what would you buy? [more inside]
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Really over Fitness and its monthly workouts. What should I subscribe to instead? [more inside]
posted by spunweb at 3:04 PM PST - 7 comments

What toys would you suggest for a cat that needs exercise but isn't motivated by treats? She does like scratching posts/beds and chin scritches, but I don't know how to work those into an active toy.
posted by Evilspork at 2:26 PM PST - 35 comments

Hubs and I are contemplating a trip to Venice in October--acqua alta season. What kind of gear would we want to manage the high waters? Like: Would we want to bring full-on rubber boots, or will we be able to get by with regular waterproof shoes? [more inside]
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Please help me find good ideas of how to incorporate a 4" x 5" piece of needlepoint into a project for a new baby. [more inside]
posted by sparklemotion at 1:57 PM PST - 16 comments

Someone makes rape jokes at your workplace. If you could make them read and write an essay about an illuminating book on rape and sexual violence, what would that book be? [more inside]
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I have a 24x40 poster that I would like to stick in a frame. I am reluctant to go to our local custom framing shop, because while they do very nice work, the price is usually in the >$100 range, which is more than I can spend right now. I've done some searching online, and haven't found great results, plus it is hard for me to assess the good vs. bad websites to purchase. Any recommendations on where I can get this size frame (or another size that my poster would look okay in - does not need to be super professional-looking), hopefully for less than $50? I can swing by a store like Target, but don't want to get into anything too complicated like looking at flea markets.
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I am in a really amazing relationship after a long, bad one. It is mutually supportive, caring, engaging, and honest—loving, in the best, most positive way. We never fight. This confuses me, and I need some reality-checking and standards for how normal good relationships are supposed to work. [more inside]
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I am planning a vacation and tortured by all the choices. I'm thinking of the Caribbean or Central America (but open to just about anyplace). I need help narrowing it down. The trip is for my husband, my 5 year old son and me. We'd be flying from Boston and going for a week. So much more inside... [more inside]
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My wife and I relocated from Baltimore to KC last month and are rather homesick. We are looking for a house with some architectural value like Prairie Village Drummonds or some of the moderns in KCK. We would do anything to avoid the soulless reaches of Leawood. [more inside]
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Help me find the name of this hard, pungent Italian cheese. [more inside]
posted by Thin Lizzy at 12:55 PM PST - 20 comments

I'm looking for a purely online course for an introductory electrical engineering course from a legitimate certified institution for the purposes of transferring to my current institution.
posted by gzimmer at 12:53 PM PST - 2 comments

I have always had a very irregular menstrual cycle. I am interested in learning about any natural ways to make it more regular. [more inside]
posted by JoannaC at 11:48 AM PST - 23 comments

I am asking on behalf of a friend. She is looking for a GMAT tutor in SF, ideally who has access to a large library of computer exams in order to practice that format (my friend has struggled with the nature of the exam...she really wishes she could directly mark up the questions!). She has done well on standardized testing in the past (ie the SATs) and currently is an SAT math tutor so she definitely has a good foundation, but she needs someone who can help her with her verbal side (this is where she really struggles with the all-computer format), as well as pacing in general. She really appreciates your recommendations, thank you. She is willing to pay for quality. Word of mouth is so much better than Google!
posted by wooh at 11:43 AM PST - 2 comments

My love has begun getting her foot in the door in the restaurant industry and working some kitchen shifts. Currently she brings her knives to work wrapped in a towel and rubber bands. I'd like to get her a nice knife bag/roll and have it monogrammed. I need advice on good brands/places to purchase this/what to look for! Any chefs/cooks out there have any recommends? Online stores or San Francisco shops preferred. Thanks!
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What withholding should I put in my W4 if I'm paying alimony/spousal support? [more inside]
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I love playing guitar, and I love British rock/pop/punk (esp. 90s Britpop era). If you were compiling a list of awesome UK music to play on guitar from, say, 1975 to today, what specific songs would you include? [more inside]
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NameThisDogFilter: 8 week old island pup needs a new name for his new life. Obligatory adorable puppy pictures inside. [more inside]
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Dear Portland, I'll be spending three weeks in your fair city starting this coming Saturday. I'm there for a pretty particular reason- I just had foot surgery at a point in my life when I'm living with my parents, and it's turned out to be pretty toxic for me. A friend has kindly invited me to recover at her house. Looking for foot-friendly adventure and Good Times. [more inside]
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How can I learn to draw from my imagination? [more inside]
posted by kristi at 10:32 AM PST - 15 comments

I will be traveling to a remote location to interview key informants for a research project. I am looking for a convenient interface which to enter the data. [more inside]
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Hivemind, what sights are they are to see and/or photograph along the way? What should we not miss? What is a must see? What is out there that's unique? Ghost towns? World's largest ant? [more inside]
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Asking for a specifically male perspective here: what do you wish you'd known before having kids that would have made your relationship better? [more inside]
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Every now and then, after exercising, I get overwhelmingly tired. How can I prevent this? [more inside]
posted by Petrot at 9:59 AM PST - 17 comments

I have had my eye on these shoes for months and despite the price tag, I'm tempted to bite the bullet. Can you help me find some comparable shoes at a lower price point? [more inside]
posted by kat518 at 9:48 AM PST - 16 comments

Can you think of any good sources of information on Polish daily eating habits, dietary trends, frequently used ingredients and dishes etc.? Bonus question: how much overlap is there with other Eastern European countries? [more inside]
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What a cool gift I could get a 9 yr old? [more inside]
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I am looking for something to help me quickly and easily change the IP address(es) I use on my laptop's network adapter. [more inside]
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Which one to get: Macbook Pro i5 duo core, i7 duo core or i7 quad core [more inside]
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I'm in search of a personal medical alert product for my middle-aged mother and somewhat overwhelmed by the volume of incomplete solutions, vague descriptions, sketchy resellers, and keyword hoarding. Help me be the best geriatric technologist this side of sixty! [more inside]
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We have an old cat who eats special prescription food. We are thinking about taking in a friend's old cat who also eats special prescription food. Is there a convenient way to do this? [more inside]
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Now my guess is that it's so they can sell the same thing in both the U.S and Canada but why does this seem to be unique to shampoo and not other products commonly found in the supermarket like detergent?
posted by zeoslap at 8:24 AM PST - 15 comments

I'd like to keep my button-down shirts tucked in to my suits better, but I mostly wear skirt suits. Traditional shirt garters clip onto your socks, so those won't do. Any ideas? [more inside]
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I want a Clarisonic - I think I want one with a body brush, which as I understand it, means the Plus or Pro. I plan on purchasing through Amazon. What do I need to know? Any recommendations? [more inside]
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I bought a new couch. It got delivered yesterday. The couch is damaged (though it's very minor). I'm going to call "the guy" today and "work something out." Please help me choose the best option. [more inside]
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Defending and depositing my engineering dissertation by end of April. Strained relations with advisor and distant relations with committee. What next, and how? Please advise. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 6:08 AM PST - 10 comments

I have had an eating disorder for years, but only sought professional help recently. I'm on a waiting list for therapy, but I don't know how much longer it will take to get an appointment. Looking for books/hacks/advice...anything to try and get myself back under control. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 6:07 AM PST - 28 comments

I need to publish a map for a website that shows the user's location and a pre-defined destination. [more inside]
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Please help me with my baseball hats - the logo/crest is "dented" [more inside]
posted by dbirchum at 5:23 AM PST - 6 comments

Calling fellow hockey players, young and old, what specific gym or off-ice training will be the most beneficial in terms of keeping me in hockey shape for as long as humanly possible? [more inside]
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I loved the movie "Don't Look Now" (1973) but I have some questions about what exactly was going on. [spoilers follow, of course] [more inside]
posted by pete_22 at 3:11 AM PST - 5 comments

I'm considering writing a technical book, mostly a labour of love. I want to do the writing process online, like Bruce Eckel did for his excellent Thinking in Java years ago. In order to facilitate user feedback, Eckel had a very fine-grained commenting system, which he developed himself and called TalkBack. At the end of each paragraph there was a "comment" link that let users comment on that particular paragraph. Are there any other CMS that offers fine-grained feedback like that? I'm aware of an older (2003-2004?) Zope TalkBack implementation, but would like something more current. And if you think I'm looking for the wrong thing and should go about writing a book on the web differently, please chime in!
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In my lab I was hired in part so as to have a native speaker of English on hand to improve the general knowledge of the language if only by osmosis. So, deciding to take my duties seriously, the other day I drew the Oh Snap Flowchart on the whiteboard of our break-room where it was a big hit, what other amusing flowcharts are there floating around the internet that I could use to explain any of the various oddities of the English language? [more inside]
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What are some famous works of obsession? Things like the guy who kept a detailed diary for decades, or extreme collectors, or people who have strived to do everything on a list, or perhaps some mammoth cataloging or organising effort.
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January 21
"I don't love you, I just love how you make me feel." What does it mean to be on the receiving end of this? [more inside]
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I am looking for the worlds toughest squeaky toy. [more inside]
posted by fshgrl at 9:23 PM PST - 22 comments

You liked The Dresden Files. What other books did you enjoy? [more inside]
posted by Mitheral at 8:30 PM PST - 15 comments

A job agency recruiter sent an e-mail about a possible job opportunity at a very large company. The recruiter mentioned that she got my information through my friend (who currently works at that company). Initially, I thought it was spam however my friend does work at that company based on a quick search on LinkedIn. I haven't spoke to my friend for 5-6 years since graduation. Also, the job agency recruiter appears to be real and has a legit profile on LinkedIn. I am not looking for a new job at the moment. Should ignore or write 1-2 sentences back? Thank you
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My father has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. He cannot receive treatment or transplant. My father is going to die in 4-8 months. On new year's eve I got engaged and now my father wants me to get married soon. March soon so he can walk me down the aisle and maybe even dance with me. [more inside]
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I feel like I should be able to find the translation with Google, but it is proving more difficult than expected. I would love to know what they were saying in the Vietnamese parts of this movie.
posted by monkeys with typewriters at 7:04 PM PST - 2 comments

Nicotine replacements seem to do nothing to abate my cravings. Any thoughts on what the heck might be going on? [more inside]
posted by Lescha at 6:21 PM PST - 24 comments

I know there may be no way to know this for sure, but my impression is that there are more male pedophiles, and in general more male sex offenders than female ones. Is there any way to ascertain this? [more inside]
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This is somewhat of a fairly negative post, so let me apologize now. I have a lot of things to be happy about, and I am really struggling to feel happy. I should be grateful for all of the blessings I have, but instead I keep thinking about how much of my life has been wasted on fictional goals and trying to find something that I stand out in. [more inside]
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My wife and I are thinking of heading to Iceland for our summer vacation. This year will be a little different as we will be traveling with our 14month old. Since are on the East Coast the flight to Iceland is reasonably quick and Iceland is quicker than some domestic locations We hope to rent a house in the south eastern part of Iceland in late May or early June. We will use the house as our base and do some small day trips from there. Our only goal for the vacation is to enjoy the scenery and see a few things. We are going to travel light and purchase most food and diapers there. Any hints, tips, and tricks traveling to Iceland with an infant. What can we expect in terms of availability of conventional baby foods and diapers? Anything else we should know?
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I love my girlfriend. However, she's not curious, and so we don't have discussions. I don't know what to do about it, as it's rapidly starting to affect my feelings towards her. [more inside]
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I read a nonfiction piece awhile back that I can't find via my google-fu. It concerns a guy visiting Cuba who meets with locomotive types in memory of (or for) his father, who was a train buff. The piece was nostalgic and colorful, and focused on the concept of Cuban train engineering effectively being frozen in time. Can anyone help?
posted by eggman at 4:47 PM PST - 2 comments

I broke my friend's lamp and I am trying to find the closest possible replacement. [more inside]
posted by ptsampras14 at 3:52 PM PST - 9 comments

I've asked similar questions on here, but I'm now focusing on one of my behaviours--Talking way too much, way too soon. I'm in France on exchange, and while I've made friends and calmed down a lot since my last question, I'm still in the habit of monopolizing conversations (ughhhh) and generally being an intense weirdo due to my social anxiety. I'm generally confident and extroverted and was improving on my intense-crazy communication style quite a bit, but this trip is bringing out the worst of my social anxiety bad habits. Please help! [more inside]
posted by rhythm_queen at 3:38 PM PST - 16 comments

I'd like to get some help for a new trendy, southeast Asian restaurant name. The restaurant will be limited service (fast-casual), similar to a Chipotle. Some names that I like: 1) Papaya 2) Spice 3) Samosa Any help would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if you have questions, and I can try to answer them. Thanks! Eric
posted by emeyer5269 at 3:27 PM PST - 61 comments

We have 12 hours with a car, starting in Waikiki and ending at the airport. What to do? [more inside]
posted by cgg at 3:22 PM PST - 20 comments

I work in a very small IT company that makes custom business applications. The owner is way too involved in the day-to-day and pushes the sales guy to schedule us back to back to back for projects. We have no dedicated support staff so support for existing clients falls back to us (me and the one other developer) in addition to building new applications - and having all the meetings etc with clients. We are like half BA, half developer with no project manager anywhere in sight. I need to develop some skills that will allow me to get another job but no one here has the time or interest in creating requirements documents or making use cases. I barely have time to get my work done and am working more than 40 most weeks without overtime (I am salaried). I am getting burned out and need to leave. But the lack of actual SDLC/Agile/documentation stuff is really killing my attempts to transition to a straight BA position. [more inside]
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I need a new phone! However, in looking at the available options, I am finding myself mired in analysis paralysis (not to mention a lot of "junk" websites full of keyword matches but zero useful content). Help narrowing down my selection, or even just finding a reliable source of sincere, information-dense reviews would be greatly appreciated. [more inside]
posted by aecorwin at 3:09 PM PST - 15 comments

Does a Simmone Phenom Comforpedic need a mattress cover to protect against dust mites? [more inside]
posted by modoriculous at 3:09 PM PST - 3 comments

I'm moving in March and have decided I would like to put together a nice, high-quality sound setup on the cheap based around a Class-T Amp. On a whim I picked up this one for $16 and am now looking for advice on the other equipment. [more inside]
posted by lattiboy at 3:07 PM PST - 23 comments

I'm looking for recommendations of a good plumber in the Bay Area, ideally SF [more inside]
posted by mikoroshi at 3:03 PM PST - 9 comments

I'd like to have a professional guide my new husband and I through filing taxes jointly, investing and saving for future goals, and so forth. How on earth do I find a financial planner to help us get started? [more inside]
posted by The Biggest Dreamer at 3:03 PM PST - 4 comments

About five weeks ago, I applied for what seemed to be a great job at the university from which I recently graduated. (It's not a teaching/faculty position.) I applied about a week before the deadline and I think I'm a good candidate for it. The website, which is updated daily during the week, says that it has yet to be filled, that the selection is still in progress. However, I just saw a new job posting go up with the same title with a few small differences. I haven't been notified one way or the other as to the first job. How do I navigate applying for the newly-posted job? More specific information inside. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 3:02 PM PST - 12 comments

I'm looking for some board game suggestions. The target audience would never have the patience for serious German-style strategy games like Settlers of Catan. On the other hand, party games like Cranium or Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity are too freewheeling and silly for them. What are some games that fall into that sweet spot between serious and silly? Examples could be Rapidough, Pictionary, Balderdash. I haven't played it but I think Ticket to Ride might also fit in here.
posted by dontjumplarry at 2:54 PM PST - 52 comments

Ok, HiveMind, I want to sharper my memory. What have you tried/implemented with success? I decided to pick up Sudoku again, but, what else is good for a mental workout and more focused on memory strengthening? [more inside]
posted by TRUELOTUS at 1:48 PM PST - 13 comments

Our home in Seattle contains a dozen or so electric heaters. We would like to get rid of these and upgrade to something more efficient/attractive/economical. It seems our two options are 1) Central gas heating or 2) ductless heat pump. To make gas heating work, we would have to install ducts. Does anyone have any experience with adding ducts to a ductless house? One possibility that has been suggested is to put the ducts on the outside of one side of the house. This would probably work in our case since all of the large rooms in our house share a common wall. What are your thoughts/experiences with installing either gas heating with new ducts or ductless heat pump heating? I'm assuming that central gas would work just fine in a Seattle winter but I'm not sure if a ductless heat pump system would be adequate in the winter ( considering that our hope is to replace - not just augment - the existing system ).
posted by metadave at 1:28 PM PST - 15 comments

I have an old armchair that I'd like to reupholster, but I have zero prior experience in the "furniture repair / restoration" field. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a very basic "step-by-step" guide to get me started. [more inside]
posted by NYC-BB at 1:27 PM PST - 5 comments

How do I deal with an incident of screwed-up spelling? [more inside]
posted by gregb1007 at 1:15 PM PST - 13 comments

Do you love your doctor? I'm looking for a new general practitioner. In the past I have had best experience with doctors who use integrative or holistic to describe their approach -- though I recognize that those terms mean different things to different people. Bottom line is that I want someone who isn't going to throw pills at me right off the bat. Thanks!
posted by LittlePumpkin at 12:56 PM PST - 3 comments

I am eligible to nominate for the Hugo Awards (one of the big science fiction and fantasy awards) this year, and I want to do it right. I have about two months to read more books from last year to broaden my slate - what should I read? [more inside]
posted by restless_nomad at 12:47 PM PST - 11 comments

Kitchen Cleaning Gurus of MiFi: What's the best way to clean 1) oily gunk from between the handle and the netting of my all-metal spider, 2) a colander/strainer? Tips and tricks requested! [more inside]
posted by Diablevert at 12:41 PM PST - 7 comments

So, the book is done. Woo hoo! I intend to seek an agent and a publisher, but I would also like to self-publish a small quantity for friends and family. I'm also considering self-publishing a somewhat larger quantity for local distribution. Would doing either of these things adversely affect my chance of being picked up by a traditional publisher? Other considerations I could use help with: get an ISBN or not? E-publish? Any other guidance would be most appreciated!
posted by ecorrocio at 12:08 PM PST - 13 comments

Our offer was accepted, so it looks like we're buying a house. Our three-to-four-hour home inspection is tomorrow -- what do we we need to know going in and what do we need to be prepared to ask? I've read through the previous threads, but I was hoping to get some advice specific to the frozen north (Shorewood, WI, outside Milwaukee). [more inside]
posted by gerryblog at 12:04 PM PST - 27 comments

Why do I have constant internet stability / DNS lookup issues on my laptop but not on my iPad etc.? [more inside]
posted by pravit at 11:26 AM PST - 11 comments

I just discovered the wealth of audio programs for linux, and it's very exciting except I don't know how to use any of it. I'm learning linux, computer music composition, and music programs all at once. [more inside]
posted by lhude sing cuccu at 11:24 AM PST - 5 comments

What is the best film for a Polaroid 600 Business Edition? [more inside]
posted by kittensofthenight at 11:12 AM PST - 9 comments

Halfway through my last year of law school and my partner of ~5 years has walked out. After months of trying to deal with an emotionally abusive relationship going seriously wrong, my life is decimated and my work for law review is behind and I'm getting angry emails all over the place. I'm having trouble just getting out of bed. Counselor through the university has let me vent a lot but I'm not feeling any better. Something needs to give, but how? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:09 AM PST - 29 comments

I have mental health issues and I need to see a therapist, a psychiatrist, and have my medications prescribed/refilled regularly. I'm moving next month to be with my significant other (not married), but I'll lose my health insurance which is through my current state. Where do I get these mental health services at a reduced cost as an uninsured person in Tucson, AZ? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 10:45 AM PST - 8 comments

I'll be blunt: I think I married a man who is too good for me. I'm having trouble dealing with my feelings of low self-worth and am tormented by insecurity. It's like the relationship version of Imposter Syndrome. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 10:44 AM PST - 27 comments

Has anyone used LinkedIn premium for finding jobs? Did it expose you to more recruiters/hiring managers? And most importantly, can people besides recruiters see that you are using it (like...current coworkers)? [more inside]
posted by windbox at 10:42 AM PST - 7 comments

My five-year-old son and I just finished reading Bone, and we need a new comic to read together. I'd prefer something with an ongoing story, but good non-serial comics are also welcome.
posted by mokin at 10:21 AM PST - 19 comments

Paraphrased: "It's not that that half of your visitors will be on mobile devices, it's that all your visitors will be on mobile devices half the time." Who said it? I saw it on Twitter a few weeks ago and can't find it anywhere.
posted by furtive at 10:17 AM PST - 1 comments

I have an extra $15.00 tacked onto my library fee. This is apparently a collections agency processing fee. Is there any way to not have to pay this exorbitant processing fee? [more inside]
posted by ablazingsaddle at 10:16 AM PST - 23 comments

Could the hive mind recommend blogs or other writing about contra dance? I'm especially interested in discussions of technique, etiquette/custom/tradition, and calling. I've previously enjoyed Jeff Kaufman's blog and The Contra Syncretist.
posted by d. z. wang at 9:55 AM PST - 4 comments

I'm trying to track down a picture book from my childhood (late 70's-early 80's). All I remember is that the illustrations were line drawings filled in with pastel colors, and on one page there was a giant sun in pale yellow and orange (maybe spanning two pages.) Does anyone remember this book?
posted by Ralston McTodd at 9:53 AM PST - 15 comments

I've checked numerous places, but I can't find any credits for this Sesame Street "Triangle Detective" sketch. Does anyone recognize the actors? They both look familiar to me but I can't figure out who they are. Any eagle eyes appreciated.
posted by 41swans at 9:42 AM PST - 5 comments

My husband and I are taking my nearly 2 year old on her first trip to New York. We're going to be there to buy books and fabric, but this will take less than a day out of our three day trip. We've been to New York dozens of times, but never with a kid in tow. We'd like some suggestions for toddler-friendly shops, sites, and restaurants that we can use to break up our errands. [more inside]
posted by Alison at 9:26 AM PST - 19 comments

I'm a man in my late-30s and want a winter coat that's less Urban Outfitters, more classic and grown-up. Help? [more inside]
posted by deern the headlice at 9:12 AM PST - 21 comments

Tea kettles: electric vs. stove-top. Tell me which one to buy! [more inside]
posted by cooker girl at 8:46 AM PST - 70 comments

Good puzzle book (or series of books) for bright senior mom with mild confusion/dementia? [more inside]
posted by Currer Belfry at 8:43 AM PST - 3 comments

My husband and I adopted a shelter dog last week, who we absolutely adore. When we were looking at her I asked one of the workers if they knew what kind of dog she was and they said no....just a mutt. My curiosity is getting the best of me though, and I would like to see if anyone might have some insight into what kind of breeds she might be. Pictures are here 3 photos included and she is the bigger dog in photo 1. She's about 2 years old so I'm assuming she's fully grown, also slightly under weight. As for her height, her head is about hip height (I'm 5'5"). So please someone satisfy my curiosity about our newest baby and tell me what kind of pup could she be?
posted by RubyDoom at 8:23 AM PST - 36 comments

Return address quandary: I've left my old apartment but I haven't moved into a new one yet. I'm forwarding my mail to a POB in the meanwhile. When continuing official correspondence, what should I put down as my return address? [more inside]
posted by mirileh at 8:21 AM PST - 8 comments

I will be need to present my thesis (which is a 200 page theoretical book) to an audience in about a week. Some of the audience will have read it, but the majority will have not. The argument of the book is too complex and extended to summarize into a 10 minute presentation, so I am not sure what to present. If I try to condense it or if I select just a part to present, the result will be that the whole book will be judged based on that one part. [more inside]
posted by cmp4Meta at 8:01 AM PST - 11 comments

We talked about smart houses before on AskMeFi, now what about smart cars? I'd like to smarten up my car a little, especially for parking. [more inside]
posted by Rosie M. Banks at 8:00 AM PST - 8 comments

I am currently undergoing a career crisis and I need some wisdom, blunt feedback, and strategies for going forward. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 7:47 AM PST - 17 comments

It's time for me to get a new car. I'm leaning towards a smaller car. What should I get? [more inside]
posted by reenum at 7:41 AM PST - 55 comments

I'm looking for tips and recommendations to improve the audio/video quality of online meetings. We already have good connections/machines for online meetings - but as I'm doing more and more of those, I'd like to specifically improve experience of everyone - especially for sound & video. [more inside]
posted by motdiem2 at 2:37 AM PST - 8 comments

Simple enough question. I've never read any Elmore Leonard, and think I will give him a whirl. Where should I start?
posted by Alaska Jack at 1:10 AM PST - 18 comments

Friend stuck in abusive relationship and totally unable to break up. [more inside]
posted by fishingforthewhale at 1:01 AM PST - 34 comments

Every once in awhile, I'll get this rediculously itchy spot on the sole of my foot. It's always on the exact same place, in the middle of my foot in the nook right where the ball of my foot meets the rest of my foot. It only happens on one foot, and only for about 5-10 minutes on any given day. It doesnt happen every day, but I haven't been able to figure out what's different about the days it does itch. There is no visable rash, scab, scar, discharge, flakiness, nothing. There is no visable difference in that part of my foot. Does anyone else get this? What is it from and how do I make it go away? (And yes, it is itching now.)
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January 20
Help me show my drink/party-loving friend who is visiting Tokyo a memorable time! [more inside]
posted by Kamelot123 at 11:22 PM PST - 6 comments

With the rise of single-format sharing sites (eg. Youtube and Vimeo for video, Pinterest and Flickr for photos), how do you consolidate assets from multiple sources in a single "project"? [more inside]
posted by felspar at 10:43 PM PST - 12 comments

What's going on with my knee? (YANMD) [more inside]
posted by bardic at 10:24 PM PST - 11 comments

Partner and I saw a segment on one of CTV, Global or CBC (national? maybe... we're in Calgary) in which an American professor of... kinesiology, or something like it, demonstrated what he said was the perfect core exercise. Desperately trying to track it down. [more inside]
posted by ethnomethodologist at 9:28 PM PST - 4 comments

How do I, a barista, flirt with one of my hot regulars? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 9:27 PM PST - 54 comments

Do the crews of ships such as container and bulk good carriers leave the ship and get to see the place they are visiting? If not, why not? General descriptions of the lives of modern seafarers that illuminate this question are more than welcome. [more inside]
posted by deadwax at 7:01 PM PST - 19 comments

I came across the phrase "in his/her/my wheelhouse" last year for the first time and was shocked to learn there's an entire genre of writing with its own set of metaphors that I know nothing about. Sportswriting! [more inside]
posted by spamandkimchi at 6:42 PM PST - 38 comments

I'm the director of a local road race that raises funds for our public school, and I'm looking for a reasonable online app that lets us solicit credit card donations via individual participant pages which would associate given donations with the participants who solicited them. [more inside]
posted by delfuego at 6:40 PM PST - 6 comments

Need recommendation for a tailor on or near the UWS of Manhattan, NYC . Standard stuff, mostly altering off the rack shirts, pants, and jackets, nothing too extreme but should be familiar with vintage and custom-mades. Would prefer quality over speed or cost.
posted by The Whelk at 6:17 PM PST - 1 comments

Could anybody suggest some name ideas for a program (UNIX command-line/cron job, not GUI) for progressively backing up/archiving files in a directory tree to archive volumes and sending them to some remote location (i.e., Amazon Glacier, or else a server reachable by ssh)? [more inside]
posted by acb at 6:16 PM PST - 22 comments

We just adopted a dog and and are looking for a good dog walker in Cambridge, MA to take out him out four times a week. We're new to the area and don't know other dog owners who could recommend someone, so we're at the mercy of Yelp. We live in the Inman Square neighborhood of Cambridge. Any suggestions would be very welcome!
posted by fdhidalgo at 5:34 PM PST - 7 comments

I'm interested in making a new podcast/audio interview series for the web. What's the best way to integrate quality phone interview audio into my series, either using my existing podcasting equipment or with new equipment? [more inside]
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I need one of these pink things. Someone online must sell one. Do you know where I can buy one? [more inside]
posted by royalsong at 5:20 PM PST - 8 comments

My friends have a house-sit. The house's owners possess two of these objects. We don't recognize them. The blades are sharpened, and they were stored beneath the sink. We have some strong theories, but no real answers. The owners are Bangladeshi Americans, if that helps. [more inside]
posted by eyesontheroad at 4:49 PM PST - 5 comments

How should I approach asking for a letter of recommendation when the letter writer doesn't write well in English? [more inside]
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What are some films or TV shows about librarians, or that feature prominent/notable characters that are librarians?
posted by Bektashi at 4:26 PM PST - 32 comments

Can I get cheap tee shirts tailored so they don't choke me to death? [more inside]
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Am I reading the US Constitution Article III Section 2 correctly, when it seems to say that Congress can legislatively make exceptions to the Supreme Court having appellate jurisdiction? If I am reading it correctly, have they ever done so, or has there ever been a serious proposal to do so? Are any such exceptions in place now? What were/are the details of such exceptions? [more inside]
posted by Flunkie at 3:50 PM PST - 4 comments

Is my 2 year old's extra tantrum-y behavior normal? And if you've been there with a super difficult kid, what helped? [more inside]
posted by kpht at 3:18 PM PST - 30 comments

Returning to work after maternity leave when my boss doesn't want me to. [more inside]
posted by Wantok at 3:03 PM PST - 15 comments

I have a Toshiba 35" TV from the mid-90s that still works perfectly. I still have the manual it came with, and the original remote. The TV stands on a custom TV stand that was built by the manufacturer specifically for it. Unfortunately, I don't want it anymore, the TV weighs 165 lbs., and I cannot carry it myself. Options I've exhausted include: [more inside]
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How do people decide to do and execute big moves abroad? Is it a dumb idea to move abroad without a job in hand first? [more inside]
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I made some delicious slow-cooker pulled pork using this chow.com recipe. I cooked the pork shoulder with the skin on, believing it to add flavour. After cooking, it came right off, along with a thick layer of fat. I've looked up pork scratching recipes, but none of them take into account that I cooked it for 8 hours beforehand. I'd like to do something useful with it, but I'm not sure what. Is it destined for my tummy or the bin?
posted by Magnakai at 1:57 PM PST - 9 comments

Samsung Galaxy Note II - How can I get the screen to always stay on while charging? [more inside]
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I have a software RAID5 array in Ubuntu. According to the SMART status, all the devices are okay (one has "a few bad sectors," but the health is green). I have 5 drives, but I can't get the raid to assemble! I'm about to try raid create as outlined here but it looks risky and I was hoping to see if there's something simple I'm missing. [more inside]
posted by geoff. at 12:55 PM PST - 11 comments

I accepted a higher salary in lieu of shares. Found of first week on the job the company is in talks to be sold. Am I entitled to demand shares? [more inside]
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Can you help identify this Christmas Present? [more inside]
posted by Fiat124 at 12:15 PM PST - 20 comments

Is it possible to buy an insulated mug/single serving thermos that is flat, eg, like a liquor flask? (Or at least flatter than the norm.) [more inside]
posted by biffa at 12:08 PM PST - 4 comments

[SeattleFilter] Where to watch the inauguration? [more inside]
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I've been Googling and looking through different lists of recommended books (including some recommended by orgs like RAINN) about healing from sexual trauma, but I'm looking for 1 or 2 good books that are reasonably-priced. (Many of these books seem to be out of print and therefore expensive.) This is about an assault that happened to me as an adult, so books about child abuse are out. What I don't want: hokey, religious, new-age, preachy, textbooks, "workbooks" My ideal book would deal with many of the symptoms of Rape Trauma Syndrome, including having "body memories" of the assault. Hope this is descriptive enough.
posted by anonymous at 10:28 AM PST - 8 comments

I ran into someone at a party that I'd previously met briefly in a clinical setting (in a position of authority), but I lacked the social tact to refrain from mentioning this. Is there anything I could have done to right the situation? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 10:27 AM PST - 23 comments

My heels come up out of these gym shoes when I walk. I can't return them because I took off the tags. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
posted by Kazimirovna at 9:41 AM PST - 12 comments

I have been in treatment for cancer for a very long time now, as I have discussed earlier in answers on the green. This is not a cancer question, however, but an insurance paperwork question: specifically, do I need to keep it all? [more inside]
posted by pickypicky at 9:41 AM PST - 6 comments

I’m trying to find out if there were any Northerners during the U.S. Civl War who ran guns to the Confederacy. I’ve done research and have found nothing about this. Any Civil War buffs out there ever hear any rumblings about this? If so, can you point me to resources?
posted by MarioM at 8:55 AM PST - 7 comments

I have a Google Voice account and phone number, and from my desktop I am able to send & receive SMS (google.com/voice) and even make outgoing calls (gmail.com). I just got a Nexus 7, and would like to find the 'Google Voice' app, but I'm not able to. What am I missing? [more inside]
posted by jpziller at 8:45 AM PST - 5 comments

I have a pretty decent job but don't enjoy it and have started underperforming - how can I motivate myself to work harder again? [more inside]
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Loading this web page I get an error saying that a plugin is disabled. I've disabled Java. How do I tell if this page is using Java? I've placed the page's source code here if that helps answer the question. Thanks!
posted by dfriedman at 8:19 AM PST - 9 comments

Help me find the source of this video clip, it begins at 2:08 here. It's a dance sequence,the one with the woman with short blond hair. Given the subject of the video it's likely from an advertisement in the late 80s - early 90s. The music playing in the background on the video is not the original music accompanying the clip.
posted by mattholomew at 8:10 AM PST - 9 comments

I am about to be engaged. We have briefly discussed the ‘engagement ring’. I do not want to come across as shallow, but I would LOVE to have an engagement ring. He doesn’t make a lot of money, so we are considering a fake diamond. Does anyone have any experience as to the best simulant out there? [more inside]
posted by Amalie-Suzette at 8:09 AM PST - 52 comments

All day starting 1/19, cannot compose or reply, just receive -- BUT, that's only on one laptop; on my other (older) lappy Yahoo works fine and I CAN compose/reply. [more inside]
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My fiance and I are planning to get married next year, and we would like to ask a dear family friend to officiate the wedding. I want to know if there are any drawbacks/difficulties that we may not have thought of. [more inside]
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I'm just finished a research masters, and I have been doing freelance work in my field throughout that to pay the bills. My plan was to go looking for temp work next week, but I'd love some advice on how you've balanced getting temp or other jobs when your other work needs occasional daytime availability. [more inside]
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I will be in Philadelphia from 9am to 5pm today with my wife to celebrate her 30th birthday. It's our first time here. What are some things that we can do and a brunch that we can have to make it memorable?
posted by libbrichus at 4:15 AM PST - 18 comments

I am in the process of moving from my abusive family's house/city to another city with the wages I have saved over the past few years, but I have been unable to choose a city. It would ideally be affordable, and have a supportive environment for artists/illustrators with natural beauty and publishing opportunities. Do any cities come to mind? Any help would be very much appreciated! [more inside]
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Inspired by all these threads (1, 2, 3) I was wondering which products are much cheaper than other products in the same class, but offer comparable, or exceptional performance. Generally, I would suppose these would mainly come from Chinese companies that aren't very well-established internationally. [more inside]
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I love the 1990's neverhood claymation game. Can the green recommend anything similar for iPads? [more inside]
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Suppose we define an indoors number as the number of doorways that one must pass through to get from a given location to the outdoors. What location has the highest number? [more inside]
posted by Rhomboid at 2:33 AM PST - 27 comments

Should I buy a Microplane? I'm hesitating because $$ (looking at this one), and a small kitchen means I try to keep gadgets strictly to a minimum. Is it worth it, and what are the things you use your Microplane for? [more inside]
posted by taz at 12:43 AM PST - 47 comments

Where are nice places to get married somewhere in or around Seattle? For the place, what is the general cost? If the specifics help provide a better answer, we're trying for a late-summer, weekend ceremony and reception. Probably 55-65 people. [more inside]
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I've been looking for this song for years now, and I have no idea where to even start because I don't even know what language it is in. So, I'm hoping the HiveMind will be able to point me in the right direction. I've posted a sample here. [more inside]
posted by rozaine at 12:18 AM PST - 5 comments

January 19
I want to mentally rebuild myself, so to say. There's a lot of wrong and/or conflicting info in my head. I noticed that I have too many prejudices, too many predetermined opinions about people/stuff, I do too much quick jumping to conclusions and too much judging. I want to stop doing that. [more inside]
posted by _Seeker_ at 11:44 PM PST - 13 comments

What's a quality Bittorrent site in 2013? Demonoid is down, and TPB has no focus on quality. My interests are in film and music, with an experimental bent.
posted by dunkadunc at 11:38 PM PST - 23 comments

I'm looking for the very best non-dry nonfiction about different mythologies, especially as they relate in a historical/societal context. Comparative mythology is awesome, but so is focusing on a specific mythology (like a book focusing solely on druids or fairies or what have you). I don't want a compilation of myths or retellings. I do want an examination of common themes within a culture or the structure of the culture's pantheon.
posted by goosechasing at 10:43 PM PST - 9 comments

If an individual sells a gun to another individual, how would the seller do a background check? Is the NICS database available to private individuals? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 9:44 PM PST - 4 comments

My 19-year-old-daughter is very smart, but due to her disability can't handle a school- or workday of more than 3-4 hours. Help me brainstorm career ideas for her as she completes high school. [more inside]
posted by DrMew at 9:39 PM PST - 53 comments

I'm stupid at wedding planning. I have a 2 hour gap between my lunch/dinner and a show I'm taking my guests to (both at Caesar's Palace in Vegas). Is there a really nice easygoing bar/lounge that's open at 5 pm in Caesar's or near Caesar's that you recommend for people to digest, chat, etc? It would be nice if they had some not too loud live music, too. Thanks!
posted by KimikoPi at 9:25 PM PST - 5 comments

How important are common interests in relationships? [more inside]
posted by loveoracle at 8:38 PM PST - 47 comments

I feel like I'm looking in the proverbial haystack for the long-lost needle. More specifically, I am looking for long standing/respectable accredited online colleges where I could finish my BSW. No, I'm not looking for things like Everest Online or ITT Tech. Advice/experience appreciated, and of course, snowflake deets inside. [more inside]
posted by camylanded at 7:36 PM PST - 10 comments

I want to transform my department's social media team into the campus experts on social media. What are the books, workshops, tools, websites and communities I should be looking into? [more inside]
posted by pwnguin at 7:34 PM PST - 12 comments

For years, I've accepted as fact that Russian-language PDFs don't play nice with other programs. That if you tried to paste copied text into Word or Notepad, you'd get gibberish characters. (I work on two laptops, one with Windows Vista and Acrobat, the other Windows 7 and Reader.) Are there any clever workarounds or programs I should know about? [more inside]
posted by lily_bart at 7:23 PM PST - 7 comments

My brother assumed the worst about why I didn't attend a family event out of town. He wouldn't return my calls or texts to just talk about it. Other members of the family insist I should keep trying to 'get through'. I feel like I never deserved his anger and I don't deserve his further disdain. Help me stop torturing myself about it. [more inside]
posted by Tandem Affinity at 6:01 PM PST - 24 comments

What are the odds of actually getting sick from poor food handling at home? How can I convince family members their food hygiene is at worst deadly, at best simply gross. Let me know if I'm overreacting here please. [more inside]
posted by Che boludo! at 5:33 PM PST - 34 comments

My bestest good friend of 20 years is pregnant! YAY! I'd like to get her something simple but awesome to commemorate this. What should I send? [more inside]
posted by youandiandaflame at 5:25 PM PST - 14 comments

Metafilter, I am a tall and fit guy but my voice is high and nervous sounding. Are there any methods to deepen my sissy voice and make me a paler version of Morgan Freeman? [more inside]
posted by Sentus at 5:20 PM PST - 14 comments

My partner just ended our relationship, what strategies can I use to get through the night and next few days? [more inside]
posted by Asherah at 4:56 PM PST - 34 comments

What are some minimalist blogs that link to something interesting (article, video, etc), and offer minimal explanation but for a concise remark about it? [more inside]
posted by Quarter Pincher at 4:37 PM PST - 13 comments

Why does Andrey Yefimitch, in Chekhov's *Ward No. 6*, read the last pages of The Doctor first? [more inside]
posted by slowlikemolasses at 4:19 PM PST - 5 comments

I love serious, obscure TV sci-fi aimed at twelve year olds. Please help me find more of it! [more inside]
posted by PhoBWanKenobi at 3:47 PM PST - 44 comments

Do you think moderate daily caffeine consumption is, on the whole, a good thing? I certainly feel some positive effects on my productivity when I accidentally drink some caffeinated tea or whatnot, but I'd like to hear from people who drink tea/coffee every day. Are you glad you do? Do you wish you didn't have to, or do you think it gives you a boost you couldn't have otherwise, even with plenty of sleep? Does it have other health benefits? In short, would you recommend caffeine?
posted by malhouse at 3:35 PM PST - 39 comments

Stylefilter! I love my new puppy. I love my boyfriend. I love that my boyfriend loves waking up early and taking the puppy outside. However, he doesn't love getting fully dressed at 6 am in his normal clothes, and I don't love things like track suits and crocs. Help! [more inside]
posted by amoeba at 3:35 PM PST - 30 comments

How can I find a lawyer or similar professional with experience in applying for EEA Family Permits in the UK, while I am still living in the US? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 2:27 PM PST - 3 comments

My desk is not deep enough for me to sit comfortably with the monitor at a distance. How would I go about anchoring a wood plank onto it that will hold the counterweight of a 24" monitor sitting on the overhanging edge? This picture should explain what I mean. Clamps? Nails? Screws? [more inside]
posted by legospaceman at 2:05 PM PST - 17 comments

Help me book-shop! I have $150 credit with Routledge. What are your favorite books from their catalog? I'm in media/humanities but all recommendations welcome.
posted by media_itoku at 1:46 PM PST - 6 comments

How do I go about getting fire extinguishers inspected by a reputable company? [more inside]
posted by Brocktoon at 1:32 PM PST - 7 comments

I'm looking for perspectives on what music composers generally charge for work on video games and films. [more inside]
posted by hanoixan at 12:21 PM PST - 3 comments

My husband's brother just lost his baby daughter to what appears to be SIDS. It was a terrible shock and of course everyone in the family is in a lot of pain. What can we do to help at a time like this? There's an additional level of nuance in that I'm heavily pregnant and we're due in about a month; how will this affect the grieving family? What can we do be supportive while also being sensitive to the fact that it may be difficult for them to see us right now?
posted by annekate at 12:14 PM PST - 13 comments

Some of my mail is not ending up in my Inbox, and instead is only found in "All Mail". This includes emails from my wife, which is slightly problematic! I don't have any filters directing mail to other locations. The problem is occurring within the Gmail web app, and subsequently on my other devices too (Mail in OS X, Gmail app on iOS). Searching for a solution to the problem only results in specific client issues, or problems with Filtering. Can you help troubleshoot?
posted by Amity at 12:00 PM PST - 3 comments

Can my Japanese-reading MeFite base shed some light on this delightful image? [more inside]
posted by mwhybark at 12:00 PM PST - 12 comments

My boyfriend and I live together. I am wondering, if it is reasonable to request, that he texts when he is out past 3am (More inside) [more inside]
posted by cascando at 11:22 AM PST - 72 comments

I currently don't have any version of Windows installed on my PC (it's a Mac). I would like to install Windows on a Bootcamp partition. I noticed that Microsoft has a special offer where they are selling a Windows 8 download for $40 through Jan. 31. That's a good price for me. The possible catch: Microsoft seems to be saying that I need to have an earlier version of Windows installed in order to use that download. I can't quite tell whether they are serious about this. Do I really need to have a preexisting Windows install to take advantage of the $40 Windows 8 offer? [more inside]
posted by grobstein at 10:29 AM PST - 5 comments

The Arizona/ASU mens' basketball game starts in about an hour. My mother is on an airplane with wifi and wants to know if it's possible for her to watch the game on her iPhone somehow. She has a DirecTV subscription but no Nomad. [more inside]
posted by joshuaconner at 10:26 AM PST - 3 comments

I want to better understand my body. So, I want data - baseline data. Going to sign up for 23andMe, and I'd also like to get some imaging done. In particular, I'd like an MRI of my body (head and torso) and any other medical diagnostics I can buy. I'm interested in your suggestions for cheap medical imaging, and also for your suggestions on other ways to collect hard data about my body and its condition. [more inside]
posted by fake at 10:20 AM PST - 36 comments

Is it possible to interrupt a period that has already started? [more inside]
posted by argonauta at 10:04 AM PST - 18 comments

The product was called Burt's Bees Carrot Seed Oil Complexion Mist. I was in love with how it felt on my skin and especially its (slight) hippie smell: subtle enough not to offend people, but hippie enough that my winter hat still wafts patchouli when I put it on. [more inside]
posted by blueberry sushi at 9:31 AM PST - 4 comments

I had an anchovy freak-out a few months ago, and really want to give this 'superfood' a new chance. Please help! [more inside]
posted by Draccy at 8:19 AM PST - 19 comments

I need to find someone to cut my hair in DC. I’m a shorthaired and semi-androgynous hipster-lite lady in my late twenties. [more inside]
posted by vakker at 8:12 AM PST - 11 comments

Were you in a single-income doctor's family in the US during the 1990s? Help me reconstruct what lifestyle and education my siblings and I might have enjoyed if my mother hadn't been a pathologically miserly narcissist. Many, many details inside. [more inside]
posted by stuck on an island at 8:03 AM PST - 96 comments

In the late nineties/early aughts I was an editor at an investment bank that everyone loves to hate. I was a part-time consultant and, while hired directly, paid through a temp agency. I was laid off in 2002. I'd like to get back into it, but I have no record of the name of the temp agency. How to hook up with a temp agency that staffs investment banks? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 7:34 AM PST - 6 comments

If you have experienced child sexual abuse and came to some sort of healing what do you wish you had known from the beginning? What words of advice do you have for someone just beginning to go down that path? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 7:34 AM PST - 17 comments

In February, my brother will be the age I was when he was born---or, to put it another way, I will be twice his age for the one and only time. To celebrate "double day," I would like to send him a box of double things---like double mint gum. Unfortunately, the only double thing I can think of is gum and a whole box of gum just seems a tad bit uninspiring. So hive mind, what else can I send that would fit the "double day" theme?
posted by rapidadverbssuck at 7:27 AM PST - 27 comments

My feet are roughly the shape of a duck's. What brands of women's (fashion) boots should I investigate? [more inside]
posted by Bardolph at 7:19 AM PST - 12 comments

As a Midwestern expat living in the South, I have more Southern literature, magazines, blogs, and podcasts than I can shake a stick at. How do I find the Midwestern equivalents? [more inside]
posted by mostly vowels at 6:20 AM PST - 3 comments

I can't figure out whether it's possible to force Skype to use available wifi signals, rather than my data allowance, on my unlocked Nexus 4. I'm using a T-Mobile no-contract sim, and I can see why the carriers would like to discourage this, but since the phone's unlocked (bought directly from Google) I'm thinking it must be possible. Is it?
posted by oliverburkeman at 6:15 AM PST - 8 comments

In "A Muppet Family Christmas," Rowlf meets Sprocket. Sprocket barks at him, and Rowlf responds, "Woof woof! Yeah, bark bark!" Doc says, "Don't you just hate it when you can't speak the language?" Here's the clip in question (at about 0:50.) Are the two dogs actually communicating? [more inside]
posted by wolfnote at 6:12 AM PST - 6 comments

Hello, I am currently studying Chinese. I'd be interested in any advice people could give me with regard to making my Hanzi practice more productive. [more inside]
posted by Musashi Daryl at 3:11 AM PST - 11 comments

My new single speed is a bit too easy to ride. What are my options to make the gear harder? Specifically, what should I ask a bike shop to change and how much should it cost? [more inside]
posted by Silentgoldfish at 2:05 AM PST - 8 comments

My husband ate a small jar of opened caviar that has been in the fridge an undetermined amount of time (longer than several months). Internet seems to indicate caviar should be eaten with 2-4 days of opening the jar (vacuum sealed, not from a refrigerated section) but doesn't indicate if this is for flavor alone or safety. Expecting food poisoning? Should we be heading to the ER tonight? Clinic tomorrow? Wait and see? [more inside]
posted by HMSSM at 1:12 AM PST - 16 comments

January 18
I like a guy but I don't think of myself as attractive. Obviously, he is attractive to me, but I also think he is considered attractive by most people. People tell me that you should always aim for your own attractiveness-level, so I'm wary about this already. Plus I really don't know how to talk to him because I've placed him on this pedestal and I am completely in awe. How do I approach him? [more inside]
posted by madsy at 8:14 PM PST - 27 comments

I'm 30. By living rent-free with my parents, I should be debt-free by early next year. Is it worth it to go back to school and get a professional degree? [more inside]
posted by srs airbag at 8:01 PM PST - 19 comments

Please give me advice on possibly quitting my job. My boss (also my father) has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Long story inside. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 7:39 PM PST - 15 comments

There is a film series of short films called "cities of love." The most common one is "New York, I love you." and "Paris, j t'aime" which are all over the place. However, my friend said "Moskva, ya lyublyu tebya!" (Moscow, I love you) is really good, but I can't find the English subtitles. I already have the movie, I just need the subtitles file. (Though hints on finding the movie with subtitles is also appreciated!) Any ideas where to look? This movie seems to be really obscure!
posted by pandorasbox at 7:35 PM PST - 1 comments

I understand that a lot of musicals are basically theatrical performances with lots of music; however, what about musicals like Les Miserables that are told entirely through song? Why don't we call them operas as well?
posted by jamincan at 7:27 PM PST - 19 comments

Where in Melbourne, Australia can I be tested for STIs? I live in the eastern suburbs, so the Melbourne Sexual Health Centre isn't particularly convenient - though if it is cheaper/quicker for testing/results, I will consider making the trip there. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 7:23 PM PST - 4 comments

Have you gone to therapy or counseling after a rape? What outcome were you looking for? Did it help? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 5:59 PM PST - 11 comments

FWB: It's fun and easy and we seem to have no problem keeping it casual-- turns out that's probably because he has a girlfriend! [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 5:58 PM PST - 43 comments

My contract for my current phone is up in April. Ideally I'd love to get a Nexus 4, unlocked and then use a Straight Talk sim for service. But the Nexus 4 is out of stock, so my question is, what is the best currently available Android phone that is unlocked and will take a Straight Talk SIM?
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Opera won't load Facebook on my computer about 75% of the time. It tells me "Internal Communication Error: You tried to access the address http://www.facebook.com/, which is currently unavailable." I am using a Mac. Facebook is not down, and other browsers work fine. [more inside]
posted by Nattie at 5:32 PM PST - 10 comments

Poor credit and varying work hours, but mom needs a new apartment in Chicago. [more inside]
posted by anotheraccount at 5:31 PM PST - 6 comments

I was in a kitchenware store on holidays a few weeks ago and I saw these great silicon-type glass drainers. Of course I can't remember what they were called, nor can I describe them in ways that google will like. Can anyone help? I'm Australian and I saw them in Beechworth... [more inside]
posted by jojobobo at 5:07 PM PST - 3 comments

My in-laws gave me a gift certificate to the Guthrie Theater. It will pay for two tickets (for me and my wife) to one play. Given the cost of babysitting, tickets, and dinner, this may be the only play I will see this year. I'd like to see something by Shakespeare. Here are my choices: As You Like It - performed by The Acting Company; Twelth Night - performed by Propeller; and, Taming of the Shrew - Performed by Propeller. Which play should I see? I'll note that I'm leaning towards either seeing As You Like It or Twelth Night, as I've seen Taming of the Shrew twice before and found the sexism made it less than enjoyable both times (I was also in a production of it during college, and found it offputting then as well.)
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I am looking for a rental agent in San Francisco, but I'm confused about how they work. I am looking for the equivalent of a realtor -- someone who has access to all the listings, and will show me various properties (regardless of who owns them) until I find one I like. Does this exist for renting, and do you have any recommendations for someone who does this work? [more inside]
posted by Susan PG at 4:57 PM PST - 7 comments

What are some differences to expect for someone working at a software agency for the first time, coming from the enterprise world? [more inside]
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I carefully change my photos' color temperature using Shotwell (not accurate, but fast enough and easy), export them to smaller-sized pictures and upload to Facebook using Facebook's uploader, but the color balance is wrong. They're all green. [more inside]
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I just landed an interview for a job I really want, and I'm very excited about it. I'm seeing a coworker, also a very good friend, for dinner tonight. Should I tell her about it? [more inside]
posted by eleanor_of_aquitaine at 3:55 PM PST - 27 comments

I am making a prototype of a consumer electronic device, the final product will be housed in plastic. I want to get a case made for the prototype that will resemble the final product. The case design is nothing complicated, essentially a rectangular box with some rounded corners and some holes for buttons, etc. I have designed the look of the outside of the case in adobe illustrator (top, bottom, front, rear and side views). The case will have a top shell and a bottom shell that fit together. What is the best way to go about getting maybe 2 cases made for prototypes? I am thinking either cnc or 3d printing, but I don't know what the best route to making a 3d model is from adobe illustrator or anything...
posted by Charlie Lesoine at 3:24 PM PST - 16 comments

My Nexus 7 has become a near-indispensable kitchen tool, and I'd like to find a way to mount it in the kitchen so I can use it more easily while cooking. I have zero counter space available, so a stand is out, and I can't mount it on the underside of a cabinet, either. Safe wall space is close to zero, too, so I guess that leaves me with the fridge. Are there any decent fridge-mounting systems for the Nexus 7 or other 7" tablets? Ideally I'd like something that allows me to easily insert and remove the tablet, since it won't live in the kitchen all the time. I could probably DIY this but I'm working on so many other household projects I'd really like to be able to buy an out-of-the-box solution and be done with it, though I'd be willing to add magnets to a great non-magnetic mount.
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My partner's mother is on death's door and I'm struggling to find the words to be supportive as I should without being vapid and trite. He's making difficult decisions about life support against his mother's wishes, etc. An illness of my own has me bedridden and unable to be at his side. Any advice on what to say/what not to say to comfort/console/support him given the circumstances would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
posted by blue t-shirt at 3:10 PM PST - 15 comments

I would like to create a private music streaming service for a small circle of friends, using Amazon S3, Cloudfront, an HTML5 player and a password-protected website. Is this possible? How to do it best? (Full walkthrough of the idea within.) [more inside]
posted by the brave tetra-pak at 2:56 PM PST - 9 comments

My dog ate nearly a pound of coffee beans. The vet gave him some drugs to get him to vomit them up. (He'll be fine.) The beans came up largely whole/intact, and they... bagged them up for us. If we were to rinse the beans, grind, and brew them, what's the worst that happens? [more inside]
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My father is hospitalized and will likely go to a long-term care facility if/when he is discharged. He has a Living Will and I am his health care surrogate, but I have reservations about getting power of attorney. [more inside]
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Very excited about a new guy I'm seeing. We were getting hot & heavy and he admitted to having performance anxiety issues, that he would like to go slow, and just needs to get comfortable with me. What can I do to ease his mind... & body? Slightly NSFW. [more inside]
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I'm organizing a conference which has a Wordpress website. Can anyone recommend a plugin that facilitates easy setup of pages/posts with speaker bios, session descriptions, locations and times, and an attractive auto-generated conference schedule page with links to the bios and session blurbs? [more inside]
posted by beagle at 2:21 PM PST - 2 comments

Cookie recipes sought, All kinds. That's all. Thank you. [more inside]
posted by beshtya at 1:40 PM PST - 23 comments

I sometimes have trouble understanding the visual differences in height of two different objects. [more inside]
posted by lstanley at 1:11 PM PST - 4 comments

I've got Home Designer Architectural 2014 and a desire to buil a house on a steep hillside. I need topographic data for this. [more inside]
posted by cmoj at 12:41 PM PST - 12 comments

I want to write a non-fiction book with basic formatting like bulleted lists, numbered lists, along with some callouts. Think "XYZ for Dummies". I'm on Windows XP / Windows 7. Don't want to upgrade XP on my seconday machine if not absolutely necessary. [more inside]
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Spoiler filter - novels/scripts where the protagonist was in a coma/dead (etc) the whole time? [more inside]
posted by tzb at 12:33 PM PST - 46 comments

We keep our code in git. It's mostly great, except that we would like to include various external libraries in a more sophisticated fashion than "copy the files in" without hating our lives. I know people have come up with various alternatives to submodules. Does anyone have the experience to point me at one of these which is actually sane and will not make my coworkers want to murder me for introducing it to a shared project?
posted by brennen at 12:27 PM PST - 5 comments

What do you do when someone has trouble hearing and moderating their own tone of voice? They often come off harsher and more hostile than they intend when they are frustrated. [more inside]
posted by PuppetMcSockerson at 12:01 PM PST - 24 comments

I've got this Dewalt miter saw, and it seems to be slightly out of square -- neither the 0º miter or bevel is exactly square, at least with the door casing I've been cutting. Does anyone have any tips (or links to good resources) on how to square up this sort of saw? For what it's worth, I think I've figured out how to adjust the indicators & scale on the saw, so I'm not looking for advice on how to adjust this particular saw. Instead, I need help figuring out how to determine which direction -- and to what degree -- I need to move the scale to square it up. Advice on how to cut and match a board to test the square is just the sort of help I need.
posted by jacob at 11:35 AM PST - 7 comments

So, I have something of an eyewear fetish. And I'm looking or something new. And small. [more inside]
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My friends went to Germany on a whim and now they are cold and miserable until their flight back in early February. I don't want them to give up hope. What are some truly awesome things that they can do in Berlin and the surrounding areas in the coming weeks? [more inside]
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Can you recommend web-based tools for visualizing human history/civilizations in the context of larger geological timescales and weather changes? [more inside]
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I want to start a business while helping people in my city. One option would be to purchase a homecare franchise, such as Visiting Angels, Home Helpers, Senior Helpers, Comfort Keepers, etc. I understand that these franchises might cost anywhere from $50k - $150k plus ongoing fees. Alternately, I could hang out a shingle and start my own without any outside support. I have financial experience, but I have never done homecare and I have never owned or operated my own business. Does anybody have experience or advice with related to buying or operating a homecare franchise? Does your franchise treat its members well? Does it make sense to purchase one from a well-known provider or start from scratch? I welcome all feedback and advice!
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I'm interested in using a Ruby CMS as a substitute for the usual Wordpress or Drupal. Although I know my way around Rails, I am not sure whether there might be a good off-the-shelf way to make the control panel as easy to use for regular folks who are not programmers. [more inside]
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For a work assignment, I need to come by a conceptual understanding of modular forms that's light on jargon and, ahem, actual math. If such a thing is possible.
posted by Zerowensboring at 10:47 AM PST - 13 comments

What resources are available to accurately assess a car or truck's performance in specific situations? I'm interested in knowing how different makes and models stack up in stop-and-go traffic or poorly-maintained roads, and it seems every review site ignores or spends little time on situations like these. [more inside]
posted by CancerMan at 10:06 AM PST - 7 comments

I have a Sony/Google integrated TV. The screen quality is fine for how its used (no cable or antenna; mostly Netflix, Amazon, DVDs, some internet radio) but the way the OS works drives me crazy. I don't want to buy a new TV. I am very happy with Android on my phone. Is there anything that can make my Google TV user experience more friendly and efficient? [more inside]
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We're a couple of poor students who'll be travelling through San Antonio on our anniversary, and we'd like to get a nice memorable lunch or dinner there without going broke. We don't much care how formal it is — super-fancy and super-casual are both okay, as is anything in between — as long as the atmosphere is basically pleasant and cozy. (Bonus points for friendly neighborhood-ish joints, or places with good people-watching.) But the main thing is we're looking for the sort of restaurant where you sigh happily after the meal and say "man, I haven't had an XYZ that good in a long time." [more inside]
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Is spikenard inherently unsafe for human consumption? If not, where can I get some food-grade spikenard oil? If so, what is the closest equivalent spice?
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Our dog has started staying up at night and barking loudly. We can't sleep, we can't quiet him down, and I'm really afraid he's pissing off the neighbors. [more inside]
posted by BigLankyBastard at 9:19 AM PST - 26 comments

My birthday's coming up, and I'm looking for a place near Dupont Circle (DC) to get together with friends and co-workers after work on a Friday where many of us can have dinner, but which will also smoothly accomodate some people coming in and out for drinks only (and people ordering their apps and/or entrees at different times.) Basically I'd like to be there for at least 2 to 3 hours but for it to be no problem for some people to come late or leave early, and for people to feel equally welcome either to stop by for a few drinks or to arrive at any point, have dinner and stick around to possibly continue elsewhere afterwards. [more inside]
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I own, and love, Naturalizer Maude flats for working as a bank teller, where I stand at least half the day and constantly hop off and on my stool. When they're new, the comfort insole is perfect for my feet. However, after a year of use, I've squashed any cushioning they have and they're killing me. What insoles will fit into a dressy ballet flat that does not have removable insoles? [more inside]
posted by Juliet Banana at 9:00 AM PST - 13 comments

I have a very utilitarian relationship with food. I want to have a sensuous relationship with food. [more inside]
posted by Nomyte at 8:59 AM PST - 35 comments

Tiny coffee-shop style arm chairs? [more inside]
posted by ian1977 at 8:50 AM PST - 2 comments

My boyfriend of four months just told me he loves me. I don't love him, and I don't think I will in the future, but I do LIKE him. Now what?! [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 8:38 AM PST - 41 comments

I need to correlate two spreadsheets which relate to the same group of people. The name data is messy, however, and I'm having a hard time matching the names. [more inside]
posted by mammary16 at 8:35 AM PST - 8 comments

The internet has failed me in a search for sriracha oatmeal cookie recipes. [more inside]
posted by atomicstone at 8:30 AM PST - 12 comments

I'll try to make this brief. I recently turned 23, and due to a combination of drugs and depression since getting out of high school I have essentially no work experience. This makes responding to job postings very frustrating and humiliating as my resume feels like a complete joke. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 8:23 AM PST - 16 comments

I had been planning to graduate college in three years, but the opportunity to stay an extra semester has come up. Should I take it? [more inside]
posted by tooloudinhere at 8:14 AM PST - 14 comments

This was me We broke up and he's stopped paying. Do I have any recourse? [more inside]
posted by sunshine37 at 8:02 AM PST - 24 comments

Can you recommend a good divorce lawyer in Winnipeg (MB), Canada? Or, if you can't, can you tell me how I can find one? [more inside]
posted by TheGoodBlood at 7:40 AM PST - 3 comments

Are there any reliable blogs/websites that talk about upcoming fashion trends? [more inside]
posted by joeyjoejoejr at 7:33 AM PST - 7 comments

I have bright-burning short-lived interests in many things, mostly around technology and writing. I admit it: I'm a dilettante. Is there any way I can turn this weakness into a strength? [more inside]
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I live in a Midwestern college town, and we are homeowners fairly close to the university campus. A large chunk of land about a block from our house has been sold to a developer. The developer plans to turn it into student housing, provided they can get the required zoning changes. I'm looking for people who've had similar experiences dealing with local governments on zoning issues, and what I, along with my neighborhood organization, can do to cope in the months to come. [more inside]
posted by sararah at 7:19 AM PST - 28 comments

My Chicago nonprofit is putting together a series of social events for our amazingly wonderful volunteers, including some bar nights. Our usual venue for such revelry recently reconfigured its space and is less group-friendly now, so we are on the hunt for great new places. Where should we explore? [more inside]
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I read that Justice Clarence Thomas made his first remarks ever after 7 years of silence during a Supreme Court session recently. I am curious as to why he stopped speaking during sessions. How does he or does he, ask any questions during a hearing? Does he pass his questions onto another justice? Is he an effective justice without speaking? I'm just curious, not a lawyer.
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What is your absolute favorite fast casual restaurant in your city? I'm working on a project where I'm trying to get exposed to more of these by region. I would love to hear the name of your favorite soup or sandwich or burger joint in your area. [more inside]
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Is there a tool that I can use to test my website's various pages across multiple platforms (different mobile devices, different browsers etc) without having to, you know, manually get hold of each mobile device and open up each browser and test it? [more inside]
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I've recently started listening to Scriptnotes, a great podcast by John August and Craig Mazin about screenwriting. Is there a similar podcast about novel/short story writing, or indeed writing in general? Podcasts I already subscribe to and key things I like about Scriptnotes inside. [more inside]
posted by Happy Dave at 3:41 AM PST - 4 comments

What does it mean for palm oil and soya to be 'organically farmed'? Is it ethical to buy products with organic palm oil in? (I know that in general palm oil is bad news and I try to avoid it.) [more inside]
posted by daisyk at 2:59 AM PST - 8 comments

Broke a piece of furniture while subleasing. Moved out. Owner is coming back. What to do? I feel bad, but she doesn't even want the furniture. [more inside]
posted by AppleTurnover at 2:10 AM PST - 26 comments

I'll be going to NZ for a couple weeks in a few months and have an old iPhone 3G S that I'd like to be able to use there as a local cell phone. Can anyone suggest the best method for doing this? [more inside]
posted by Frisbee Girl at 12:39 AM PST - 10 comments

Brother suspended for three days from his high school in California, due to 1. "racist comments"- from an off colour joke and 2. refusing to tell an officer his name. Is the disciplinary action taken equivalent to his behavior? How can we go about appealing it,if so? More details inside. [more inside]
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January 17
Occasionally I will run across a webpage that has some or all of the text look like this. It's all bunched up and completely illegible. What gives? [more inside]
posted by zardoz at 11:57 PM PST - 6 comments

I need some fast, easy, healthy meals that I can make while traveling. Difficulty level - ingredients often limited and I'm sick of sandwiches. Extra points for vegetarian. [more inside]
posted by Paper rabies at 11:21 PM PST - 6 comments

In mid February I will be in Brooklyn for three days. Apart from the Brooklyn Museum what should I absolutely not miss? [more inside]
posted by lesbiassparrow at 11:05 PM PST - 13 comments

Are air purifiers useful for asthma/allergy sufferers? Our 11mo son is currently sick with pneumonia, is at high risk for asthma and our doctor has recommended a air purifier. [more inside]
posted by Admira at 9:25 PM PST - 20 comments

Recommendation for good international LD cycling trip in March/April? [more inside]
posted by letahl at 9:06 PM PST - 4 comments

The movie was released in the late 1990's early 2000's. It's a movie set in LA in the 70's or 80's. There's a murder (or beating?) at a nice house over a drug deal. [more inside]
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I'm stepping into a new role at work in which I'll manage a team of consultants. Each consultant will work on a few projects at once, each with its own start date, duration, total number of hours, etc. Is there some software out there that can help me track their activity? [more inside]
posted by donblood at 8:37 PM PST - 10 comments

Please direct me to some short to medium-short essays on feminism, specifically in regards to femininity. Bonus points if it makes explicit references to mainstream media. Double bonus points if it's Disney princesses. Double plus bonus point if it's sleeping beauty. [more inside]
posted by FirstMateKate at 8:17 PM PST - 6 comments

Is it better to approach family issues from within, or wait until you can gain an outside perspective? [more inside]
posted by cucumber patch at 8:00 PM PST - 31 comments

My son is now 15 months old, and I would like for him to have the best possible mathematics education. What should I be doing now and what sort of long-term plan should I have in order to help him both to learn and to love mathematics? (He doesn't have to be a mathematician when he grows up, but really knowing mathematics is non-negotiable.) [more inside]
posted by Jonathan Livengood at 7:45 PM PST - 48 comments

I am a young adult woman living in the home she grew up in, with parents and siblings. My parents are NOT abusive - they have always provided me with a place where I felt safe and cared for. But the way they relate to me now that I've gone to college and come back has not changed since I was several years younger, and I think it's affecting me negatively. I need to figure out what my action plan is for establishing my independence, both materially and emotionally. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 7:35 PM PST - 80 comments

I have an iMac desktop running OS X 10.6.8 and a newly acquired MacBook Air running 10.8.2 and I want to make them be as friendly with one another as possible. Can you hope me? [more inside]
posted by broadway bill at 7:21 PM PST - 6 comments

What age-appropriate documentary should I watch with my 10yo daughter to help her understand the civil rights movement and MLK's place in it? [more inside]
posted by j_curiouser at 6:37 PM PST - 9 comments

What would happen to my son if 911 were called for me? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 6:19 PM PST - 18 comments

My wonderful iPod, going on nine years now, seems to have finally gotten to the point where I can't fix it anymore. I've replaced the hard drive, battery, hard drive cable, and logic board, and yet all it does is turn on, show the Apple logo, and turn off, repeating over and over. What else could be wrong, and how can I fix it? This is a B&W 4th gen iPod, originally 40 GB.
posted by reductiondesign at 5:52 PM PST - 4 comments

What are some good Birthday gift ideas for new mothers.... [more inside]
posted by Bwithh at 5:47 PM PST - 10 comments

How do I take life less seriously? I need things to be meaningful to get absorbed by them, but then I get so serious about it that I stress myself out! Help me get to a healthy balance. [more inside]
posted by DoubleLune at 5:07 PM PST - 8 comments

Looking for prompt-less PDF creation and appending [more inside]
posted by colecovizion at 4:34 PM PST - 9 comments

Joseph Stiglitz and Paul Krugman had a discussion about economics back in October 2012 that ran for an hour and a half. What other intellectually stimulating videos exist out there? I just want to sit back and learn stuff, and so either a friendly discussion or a partisan debate (where the debaters are equally matched) could work.
posted by SollosQ at 4:25 PM PST - 14 comments

60-year-old house, trap arm and drain/vent are galvanized, trap arm is rusty and I want to remove it. Or should I cut it, or hire someone to do it for me? [more inside]
posted by davejay at 4:21 PM PST - 11 comments

I dropped off my computer to be repaired because it kept powering off randomly, and often before windows could even start booting. They told me it was a faulty power supply, which they replaced. I received a call about fifteen minutes after I got home from a tech there telling me that they forgot to plug my DVD drive into the power supply, and that I can bring it back and have them fix it. When I ran it at home, I noticed google chrome was missing. Another one of my programs doesn't work now, telling me that "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable." 3-4 other programs that I've picked at random and tried to run work fine. [more inside]
posted by Modus Pwnens at 4:12 PM PST - 21 comments

Someone I met told me about this bizarre jewelry shop he went to once in NYC 15 years ago and I want to know what shop it was and if it still exists. [more inside]
posted by MaryDellamorte at 3:42 PM PST - 6 comments

Hi. I was wondering if anyone here could help to recommend resources for a complete beginner to better understand the history of Christianity, etc so I may have a deeper, more contextualised understanding of british history and politics. Some stuff I'd like to know better are: [more inside]
posted by ethelwulf at 3:37 PM PST - 8 comments

My husband and I visited a Montessori charter school today. We had a classroom observation as well as a tour of the entire K-8 school. After hearing such wonderful things about the school, we were ... less than impressed. [more inside]
posted by checkitnice at 3:22 PM PST - 20 comments

We own a coop apartment with unused space adjoining the unit which we'd like to try to purchase and combine with our unit as a patio. Looking for advice from anyone who has been down a similar road before to help us get our head around the process (convincing the board, establishing a fair valuation, navigating DOB/Landmarks, financing), pitfalls to watch out for, etc. [more inside]
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For various reasons, I've never been entirely comfortable with a very common type of social event -- I'd characterize it as meeting in loud spaces in the evening with strangers around alcohol. In college, they were frat parties. In business school, it's been beer blasts. In professional life, it's been bars and happy hours. These social events are so common that I haven't been able to avoid them entirely, and I realize to some extent attending them is important because they're so common -- this is how many people meet mates, job prospects, connections. Is it worth it to force myself to get better at enjoying them, or am I completely justified in avoiding them as much as I can? (personal details follow) [more inside]
posted by Borborygmus at 2:53 PM PST - 27 comments

Do I have any recourse against my employer, who misled me about the terms of my hire, and can you recommend some resources to quickly find work and make him my ex-employer? I'm in Ontario, I am already a recipient of assistance (because I) do not get enough work to be eligible for unemployment. [more inside]
posted by windykites at 2:46 PM PST - 13 comments

This is the first year my SO and I will file a Partnership Return for additional income, but I'm finding the various options almost impenetrable....help? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 2:44 PM PST - 1 comments

Looking for fictional characters that are engaged in mid-level prostitution [more inside]
posted by 99percentfake at 2:24 PM PST - 45 comments

Asking for advice and book recommendations for letting go of bad family relationships. [more inside]
posted by yawper at 2:11 PM PST - 5 comments

I get google drive document invites sent to my work email, and I can't access them through my gmail account, even though I've successfully linked the two addresses in my primary google account. Any ideas? [more inside]
posted by mercredi at 1:46 PM PST - 9 comments

I have recently inherited half of a property that has development potential and am looking for some advice on what to do next. Prior to this inheritance I have never owned a home or even managed to save a small deposit for a mortgage, so I have absolutely no experience of the property market.If all goes well, selling the property could set me and my fellow beneficiary up for life - we each hope to use our shares to buy our own homes mortgage-free! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me and I'm anxious to get the best possible price for the sale! [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 1:42 PM PST - 4 comments

I'm coordinating a project that involves sending participants to remote communities in the Canadian North. The communities have varying speeds of internet connection, but in general, I've been told it's pretty slow, and sometimes bandwidth is restricted. The participants need to record video of themselves and send it to their evaluators back here in the city. What is the best (free) solution? [more inside]
posted by MissSquare at 1:41 PM PST - 15 comments

What kind of plant is this? The coloring is similar to alternanthera dentata, but the leaf shape is wrong.
posted by roger ackroyd at 1:10 PM PST - 7 comments

I participate in a play-by-post fantasy roleplaying game and my character fights with two daggers. Can you help me find resources from movies, books, or video games of characters with a similar fighting style, to help develop my own character's skills? [more inside]
posted by wintersonata9 at 1:09 PM PST - 23 comments

After reading this thread of people describing ADD/ADHD symptoms, and reading the links, and feeling like they were describing my life, I got a really, horrid sinking feeling I might actually be ADD. It's kinda wigging me out and I don't know what to do. [more inside]
posted by ArkhanJG at 1:04 PM PST - 18 comments

I'm trying to figure out the best choice for individual health insurance for myself, and I'd like to have it pay for my currently-out-of-pocket therapy, but I have questions about how this works. Does therapy count as an "office visit"? Do I actually want insurance to cover therapy? (I'm in the US.) [more inside]
posted by mysh at 12:57 PM PST - 10 comments

I'm about to start running a community college multimedia lab, aimed at providing kids with the resources to make videos. I'm looking for software that'll make it (relatively) easy to administer. Specific hopes and dreams inside… [more inside]
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I have a voluntary position with the union I'm a member of, which involves a lot of extra work, which has been fine up until now. Recently, the job role has changed, with people in my position being encouraged to take on additional duties. There have also been other changes that I'm not happy with. How do I go about resigning my position without causing bad feeling, especially as I will likely need the services of the organisation in the future? [more inside]
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I like to paint my nails occasionally, but I get frustrated to go to all of the trouble of applying polish (and drying and drying) only to have the nail polish chip within a day or so (or even sooner). What can I do to help my nail polish last longer? [more inside]
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I'm paying $3.79/gallon for heating oil in Westchester county, NY. Is that a reasonably ok price? If not, can anyone recommend another supplier (I'm using Castle).
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I teach an improv workshop from time to time, and one of the most popular games that I created is "Dysfunctional Relationships." [more inside]
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I'm looking for books about parenting in past times -- did the Victorians write about raising children? How about the middle ages? Even early 20th century would be interesting to me. If you have any personal insights about past parenting methods and the day-to-day of child-rearing, please share!
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What were the curse words George Orwell was trying to list? [more inside]
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I'm creating a simple website. It will be a single page with a photograph and a block of text. I will need to update it with a new photograph and a new block of text at a certain time each day, say midnight. I anticipate being able to do this manually most of the time, but would like an option to somehow pre-load at least one photo and text block and have the site automatically update if needed. It would also be great to have multiple days' worth ready to go without human intervention. [more inside]
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Have you convinced your corporate overlords to let you transition from a full-time employee to an independent contractor? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, TELL ME HOW YOU DID IT. [more inside]
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Buying a furnace for just one floor of a house - help! [more inside]
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After reading a book on Korea written for American children, my daughter got curious about what books or websites written for kids in other countries might say about life in the United States. We were unable to find any example online. Does anyone know of a website where we could see an example (in English) of something written for kids in other countries about life in the U.S.? Or perhaps you have such a book at home and would be willing to translate and post a few snippets?
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After years of being an Android user, I finally bought my first iPhone. I'm having trouble and getting thoroughly confused with merging and syncing all my contacts. Please help me start over and create the Ultimate Contacts Manager solution that doesn't require me to become a sync wizard. [more inside]
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Help me fill in this vague recollection of a story I read? I read it probably as recently as last year. I don't remember if it's a short story or an incident in a novel. [more inside]
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What did we witness happening yesterday morning in Chinatown? We were walking down Pell St. at about 10:30 am, when I noticed a large crowd huddled around one of the storefronts. It was about 20 people, all of whom looked to be locals, most if not all of them older folks. [more inside]
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Some stray thought reminded me of a book that I enjoyed in the early eighties (I think). It was a post-apocalypse sci-fi where people wandered around fighting each other 1-on-1 in rings. Very honor-bound with strict rules. ... [more inside]
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Looking for a solid, reliable printer in midtown Manhattan (preferably). I'm designing a program for a memorial service that will be taking place there next month but I'm located out of town and don't have any NYC designer contacts. The files will be ready well in advance so we won't need superquick turnaround. Can the hivemind recommend anyone? Thanks!
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I have a radio control boat without a remote, very similar to the one pictured here. After much Googling, it doesn't look like a replacement is easily available. How would I go about setting up a radio control remote for this boat? What information and equipment would I need?
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What kind of equipment could I purchase within a $300 budget for the backdrop and lighting? My house is naturally very dark. I use white plates and minimal props for the food. My camera is a Canon 40D. I don't have much time lately so I'll spend a little more for convenience. [more inside]
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It's been a few years (Almost 5!) since I last sat down to monkey with an Arduino. I now need one for a physical computing class and the number of kits has exploded. What's the best kit for no more than $100? More details inside [more inside]
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After a more than 10 year long hiatus spent in the business side of technology, I'm looking to get my hands dirty again. I'd like to find a tutor. [more inside]
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I'm working on my first ever scientific paper: a meta-analysis of data from other studies. I've just finished my search for relevant papers. My paper is to cover two related (but different) topics (determined by my advisor). For Topic A, I have a fair number of papers (nearly 20) from which to obtain data. For Topic B, though, I only have two! Is it even possible to do a meta-analysis of two papers? If so how would I go about it? I'm asking y'all instead of my advisor because he is unavailable this week and next, and I want to go ahead and get going, at least by reviewing other meta-analyses so I can get a sense of what I need to do with the papers I've got.
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I love coffee, and I have it every morning. But I live with only one other person, my girlfriend, and she doesn't drink coffee in the morning. And most mornings I drink 1 cup, at most 2. So it makes little sense for me to brew a pot. Suggestions? [more inside]
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Solo January roadtrip from western Indiana to RI. Up to a week to do it in (if I really wanted to), want to visit a friend in State College, PA on the way. How can I make this the least amount of terrible? [more inside]
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I am interested in critical theoretical and marxist spatial theory, please recommend me some books that provide a good overview or introduction to this area! Thanks!
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Our Chicago bungalow has double-hung replacement windows on the first floor. On the top sash are little latches that seem to be designed to flip open as soon as the bottom sash is lifted, preventing the window from opening more than a few inches (either as an anti-burglary or a child-safety measure). The latches seem to be malfunctioning (they spring open when the bottom sash passes them, which doesn't prevent the window from opening but rather from closing) and I want to remove or replace them, but I can't figure out what they're called. [more inside]
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I'm about to bomb my body with a double dose of powerful, wide spectrum antibiotics. What can I really do to help save/repopulate my gut flora? [more inside]
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I graduated from music college in the UK about 10 years ago, and recently decided that while this time has been spent developing skills to augment my income as a freelance performer, I'd now like to consolidate those skills into a related career which would leave me more financially stable. For a long time now, I have been interested in becoming a music supervisor in the film/television industry, music researcher or working in a production music library. Whenever I have had any involvement with music rights or negotiating clearances, I've been fascinated by it but have never had the opportunity to have this as my main focus. How do I do this as someone who is not able to do long-term unpaid work experience/internships? [more inside]
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Chegg contacted me to ask if I wanted payment or credit for what appears to be someone else's books -- I'd like for the actual seller to earn the money, but it's hard to contact Chegg by phone or chat. [more inside]
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I want to buy a water bottle/thermos, but am not sure what is the best kind to buy. I'm primarily interested in using it in the winter for hot liquids (hence the new question - appears that MeFites previously had other requirements). It looks like there are stainless steel ones, glass ones, and potentially other types. Any thoughs about which material would be best, or recommendations about particular brands/bottles that have worked well for you? I would prefer something very easy to clean (wide mouth?), very portable (I'll be using it when on the road for research trips), that keeps liquid warm for as long as possible (ditto), and as reasonably priced as possible. Something available on Amazon Prime would be a plus! I've been given one of these, but I've never had a glass bottle before and I'm not sure I trust glass with hot liquids on a series of bumpy buses and in luggage. Thoughts?
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My mother is a narcissist and I need help getting over her; please read? [more inside]
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Despite having no ties to the community beyond a few old facebook friends and the blogs they link to, I'm fascinated by the language quirks of modern conservative Christianity. Less so the specifically theological terms (washed in the blood, new life, etc.), but more how particular words and turns of phrase mark the speaker as belonging to the community even when they are not talking about premillenialism. [more inside]
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How much thinking about your ex is too much, and how do you control it? [more inside]
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How can I successfully avoid the full-on self-destruction of my stomach on a cross country drive? [more inside]
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Real novice surfer, caught the bug last summer, but landlocked in London UK most of the time. In what ways can I train to make myself fitter for the times when I do actually get to the waves? Basically I'm looking for methods by which to become a better surfer without actually surfing. [more inside]
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Hi, I'm looking for recommendations on a high pressure shower head under $30. Not looking for anything fancy, just want something that would wash away the soap as quickly as possible so I don't have to spend 30 minutes in the shower. I saw this online and it looks promising (if it works like they show in the video) I'm ok with buying in store (Home Depot, Menards, ACE hardware, walmart, bed bath n beyond, sears) or buying it online. Thanks.
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For an art project I'm looking to build a transluscent human-sized fishtank-like container. How can I accomplish this without spending thousands of dollars? [more inside]
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I keep comparing myself to my sister, and it's making me miserable. [more inside]
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So, I definitely want to convert all my high bit rate mp3 songs in iTunes to a lower bitrate of 190. I have the bit rate setting changed in iTunes, and I know when I right click and choose "make mp3 copy" it does exactly that. BUT, I don't want the original around anymore in iTunes and don't want to manually go through and delete them or go into the folder to do that. The threads I have looked at tell me how to do the first but don't address the issue that I still have the higher bit-rate copy in iTunes. I have a lot of music, I don't want the higher copies cluttering it. (I have a backup of the originals anyway). Is there something I am missing so it just lowers bitrate but doesn't make it a copy?
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Posting for my sister. Can anyone recommend a good book about the stock market for a smart beginner and layperson?
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The president of the college that I work for recently asked to see my resume and has set up a time for me to talk about 'my future career track' at the college. I am honored, shocked, and flustered. I have no idea how to navigate this situation. [more inside]
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I have been looking forward to today's bikini wax for over a month. Yesterday, I noticed a large pimple down there. Is is still ok to get waxed? [more inside]
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I'm a 20 year old girl, and I've never been in a relationship. I feel weird about that. Where do I meet guys, apart from school, and how do I get more confidence? [more inside]
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I was just laid off this week. Am still reeling from the shock, crying at odd moments, cycling through grief, despair, relief, hurt. Though many people from the company were let go I was the only person from my department and relatively low level, so it feels quite personal, as if the big layoffs were just an excuse to get rid of me. I will eventually have to come to grips with whether I want to remain in my industry or not but that seems like a decision best delayed to a time when I am calmer. [more inside]
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I love great photography and nature, and I check my RSS feed a couple of times a day. I'd love to have great nature photography scattered among the news and blogs I'm reading. It's also fine if it's great photography that includes other subjects. So, what great photography sites provide an RSS feed of images/posts?
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This ranks up there with "non-anonymous embarrassing questions." If you wanted to feel hipper than someone today, here's your big chance. The last time I really listened to newly-produced rock music of any kind was somewhere between Casey Kasem and Nine Inch Nails. I don't even own a radio right now. I have an iTunes account....I use for free podcasts. [more inside]
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I've seen the Nano Nails product that is supposed to turn your fingernails into a capacative stylus. I like this idea, but they aren't out yet, and anyway I want to do my nails myself! What can I use that's lightweight to attach to my fingernail so that it conducts enough electricity to operate an iPod Touch? [more inside]
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My grandmother (born in 1905) used to refer to herself as the "Oy-yey Lady" (I'm spelling phonetically here) every time she had to clean up something particularly gross (usually animal related). I'm wondering if it's a real word or something she made up. [more inside]
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I was thinking of this comment by humanfont - "The high Rockies are at the edge of the spirit world and not to be entered into lightly or alone." Where else is like this? [more inside]
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I have a 2000 Subaru Outback. It needs a bit of work, the most costly of which is replacing the leaking power steering pump... shop says $360. Is this a repair that I can do myself? [more inside]
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I'm ignorant about almost everything relating to this question, so I'm probably missing something obvious. I'd like to own the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra's New Brandenburgs in some medium. While I've been able to listen online, I haven't found a way to buy them digitally or physically. [more inside]
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Is there a practical way to keep someone from f-cking with my car? [more inside]
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January 16
Planning to drive the Apache Trail (AZ-88) from east-to-west next week. In a rental car. [more inside]
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If you were to somehow freefall infinitely – no ground or water below, just air forever – what would you die from? [more inside]
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We got this bluetooth/CD deck from Santa and wonder if we should consider installing it ourselves. We're not very mechanical but we're comfortable installing RAM and network cards in our computers. We drive an older Corolla and there's an after-market CD/AM-FM in it now.
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When renewing my WA State license online, I can specify both a residence and mailing address. Which one will it be sent to? [more inside]
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How to reduce comcast internet bill, and how fast do I really need? Details inside. [more inside]
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I am am looking for an Asian style restaurant that does a good hot pot in Orlando. Alternatively, if there aren't any that you would recommend, is there a good dim sum place? I simply don't have any options where I live that serve those.
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I have lost my laptop's internal HD. Please help me find it. [more inside]
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Back in 2009, Sleater-Kinney.net hosted a collection of 176 live bootlegs of the band; it was stored as eight zipfiles collectively known as "The Live Vault". (archive.org shot of the Live Vault page.) Since then the site has gone offline and the recordings seem to have disappeared from the Internet. If you have copies or know who to speak to about them, I would greatly appreciate any pointers. [more inside]
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I'm asking this question because I can't really verbalize it as well as I'd like to since I'm trying to look at it from all perspectives. I've been under the management or oversight for a couple of total assholes this past year and a half. The first was the director of the graduate program I am on leave from, and the second is my current boss, a cafe owner. [more inside]
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Can anyone recommend a reputable and good-quality online vendor of fresh food delivery, especially meats (not beef)? [more inside]
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My boss and I agreed I am not right for my job. How can I be eligible for unemployment while not having a black mark of being fired for future employers? [more inside]
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I disabled my Okcupid account. When it asked Why? I checked "I met someone on Okcupid." This is true. I'm seeing 4 someones from Okcupid - obviously nothing serious or committed and all in early or very early stages of exploration. Four is overwhelming enough without tinkering with the site further. When the form asked who I met, I listed all four. After hitting submit I realized with terror that there is a chance okc might somehow notify these fellows that I listed them as "met someone." Please tell me I am wrong.
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A few years ago (at least 3 years but probably 5 or more), I was driving with my mom and we saw the extremely decorated house in these pictures: [more inside]
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I'm looking for a small canvas bag ideal for packing beach supplies + camera, but not a trendy messenger bag, nor a backpack. [more inside]
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I have about a dozen .com and .com.au domains with GoDaddy and Name.com.au which I'd like to move, ideally to a single new registrar. Criteria below the fold: [more inside]
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Am considering publishing an unusual philosophical self-help tract written in a fiery, contrarian tone. Think Hegel meets Deepak Chopra, for lack of a less weird description. Right now the manuscript is short. I'd like it to provoke conversation, make a reputation, and build an audience. I lack these currently. Am I better off a) self-publishing, b) creating a Kindle Single, or c) publishing traditionally? C would require me to expand my manuscript to 5x its current length, but give me prestige, a (likely small) advance, wider distribution, and perhaps more publicity. The other options would be far faster and might allow me to iterate my ideas / write other pieces based on audience reaction. Any advice on which option (feel free to add options) would best serve my goals?
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I'm a 25-year-old female with thick, dark curly hair. Every now and then I see a single gray hair making its way through. I hadn't seen any for awhile, then tonight I noticed a silvery strand near my temple. Is this normal? [more inside]
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We'd like to purchase a stovetop grill. There's a whole bunch on Amazon, all with good reviews, so I'm sort of stumped. Which one should we get? [more inside]
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On the new White House gun violence website, there's an image of the White House that fades out as you scroll down the page. How does it work?
posted by El Sabor Asiatico at 3:48 PM PST - 4 comments

Fabulous, hidden gem restaurants in Melbourne? [more inside]
posted by meerkatty at 3:43 PM PST - 16 comments

Help! I’m having trouble adjusting to college and accepting myself, and it’s stressing me out. What can I do to fix this? Lots of details inside. [more inside]
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My puppy does not want to go through the door at doggy day care. Is there any likely explanation other than she just doesn't want to go there? [more inside]
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My friend found this slip in some packaging; can anyone tell us what it says? Image here.
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Looking for experiences related to reconnecting with estranged family for very limited purposes. [more inside]
posted by angrycat at 3:21 PM PST - 5 comments

I'm trying to track down a song I heard on a CD back in the 1990's. My goodle-fu is a-failin me. Here's what is known [more inside]
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Save me from my glasses! I'd like to find the perfect contacts. [more inside]
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Can I scotch guard my coat? [more inside]
posted by nickhb at 2:34 PM PST - 12 comments

I'm living in an intentional community similar to the ones described in this link. It is way harder than I expected. Can you tell me how you made a similar year work for you? [more inside]
posted by Snarl Furillo at 2:16 PM PST - 15 comments

What should a pedestrian do if hit by a car? [more inside]
posted by threeants at 2:11 PM PST - 25 comments

I'd like to donate some money to an organization that helps mentally ill homeless people in San Francisco. Which organization would give me the most "bang for my buck"? [more inside]
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I'm having trouble with Thunderbird connecting to incoming/outgoing servers, but only intermittently. I can't for the life of me figure out how/where to isolate the problem. Can you help point me in the right direction? [more inside]
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I would like advice on creating a dynamic graphing website to display clinical data on a intranet website to better aide clinicians. What my superiors are seeking is a "Data Mall." My programming/server-admin. experience is minimal, but my Linux-hobbyist mentality hates the MS Access solution that is being built. [more inside]
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Family dog overseas has the disease Mange. Need more information around a possible cure for it. [more inside]
posted by pakora1 at 1:46 PM PST - 9 comments

I spent 4 years learning French in high school, and have retained just enough since then to vaguely eavesdrop on a fellow commuter's French novel the other day. I would like to brush up on my reading comprehension, and could use some suggestions for some simply written fiction to pick up. [more inside]
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I have a DVD containing Ghost in the Shell 2.0 (the re-mastered version with a new score) and the 'original movie version'.
If I'm only going to watch one, which should it be? I'll be watching with Japanese dialogue and English subtitles in either case.
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I need a "medium-build" adhesive to glue some fairly small (5mm) plastic components to each other, and my usual glues aren't useful here. [more inside]
posted by aramaic at 12:44 PM PST - 8 comments

An Audi A4 is a bit small and I can't import and RS6, what else should I look at? [more inside]
posted by VTX at 12:42 PM PST - 34 comments

My car broke down on me. Needs a new alternator, battery and wiring. It costs $800 to fix. How can I come up with the money? I have $0 to my name, 1 maxed out credit card, and no way to take out a payday loan because I just started a job 4 days ago after a lengthy unemployment. I can't borrow the money or bum rides from friends/family. I'm required to drive for my job and I'm in danger of losing it. I've also just started making new friends after years without them and now I can't drive to meet anyone anywhere. I'm worried my life is going to fall apart. I have one thing that I can sell for maybe $150. Are there ways to come up with the money I'm missing? I'm freaking out. Thank you.
posted by Pericardium at 12:35 PM PST - 38 comments

We're planning a trip next year and will be staying (for free!) near Lovina on the North-central coast. We'd like to rent a car for the week and day-trip to see the other parts of the island. Is this realistic and/or advisable? How are the roads in reality? [more inside]
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Where is Bill Crowley -- former WCBS, WINS, and Air America Radio news guy -- working these days? I always admired Bill Crowley's ability to keep his head in the midst of madness, but I've lost track of him since Air America Radio shut down its news division. Given his long career in radio, he's kind of an unheralded treasure. I'd really like to know what he's up to these days, and to find a way to hear his voice again if possible.
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I made an honest error at work, and people are upset (or more) at me. How do I balance taking responsibility and standing up for myself? [more inside]
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I woke up this morning to find a letter on the door of the room I'd been staying in, reading: "Your time is up. I want you out of my house. No matter how you take this, I want you out of my house. I don't care who you have to call, but you must be out by today. Your stuff is already outside in the living room." She was the one who let me in after this situation occurred. I have work at 4, she will be there, and all I want to do is scream and call out sick. [more inside]
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I'm looking for the best tool to maintain a list of long-term goals and a resource for generating short-term ones. [more inside]
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I'm planning a trip to Iceland, probably for May, and a friend has expressed interest in coming along. I'm a bit worried ... [more inside]
posted by like_a_friend at 11:13 AM PST - 21 comments

Not literally. But I'm stuck on picking a color. Special snowflake details inside. (Possible triggers for mental health issues) [more inside]
posted by 1066 at 10:20 AM PST - 22 comments

I need to take the plunge and buy a new, used car and have never done the test drive before. [more inside]
posted by lpcxa0 at 10:13 AM PST - 13 comments

Looking for guidance and recommendations on renting a house for one week in Rhode Island this coming June. I'm looking to be somewhat near Bristol, RI (but can be as much as 30 miles away), near a beach, biking trails and a cute town with a few nice restaurants and attractions. Would love your recommendations on what town to look for a rental, as well as rental agencies/websites to go to to find properties and information on how one goes about doing it - should I contact the owner, how do I get a guarantee that this person/place is legitimate, and that my deposit is guaranteed. Also, can you give me the ins and outs of renting a home for a week vacation? Tips on how to go about doing it, what to watch out for, as well as how to make the best of a one week's rental or things to do in a Rhode Island seaside town would be fun. Thanks!
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What are some movies based on longform journalism stories? So far I'm coming up with Bernie (Midnight in the Garden of East Texas in Texas Monthly), 21 (Hacking Los Vegas in Wired), and Into Thin Air (Into Thin Air in Outside) but there must be more! (I think Into the Wild was a book first and not an article, but I could be wrong.) Both names of movies and links to the articles that inspired them would be most helpful.
posted by fiercecupcake at 9:45 AM PST - 28 comments

Has anyone had any experience in dealing with organizations like nomoredebts.org or consolidatedcredit.ca? [more inside]
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I feel that my current job threatens my personal safety. How can I leave this job as professionally as possible while protecting that safety? [more inside]
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What's a good song that embodies the feeling of... "you found the person with whom you want to spend a lifetime together... but you're kept from being together (not because there are other people, but other reasons)... and every day it hurts to dream about, in a sweet way." kind of like a song that would describe Jim and Pam's tentative pre-lationship in The Office season 1 on... thanks!
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Many years ago I recall watching a movie, where this southern state politician (supposedly based on a true character) was pulling dirty tricks during his campaign. IIRC, he for example accused his competitor of being a "humanist", along with several other carefully chosen praise words which, to his uneducated voters, sounded like insults. Does anyone know which movie I am referring to, or who this politician was?
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I just hired a dog walker this week... and it just occurred to me today: am I supposed to be tipping? And if so, how? The weekly bill is $60; am I supposed to leave a couple of bucks a day, or could I leave $10 or $12 at the end of the week or something? Or is it more of a holiday bonus thing (in which case I feel kind of bad, because the holidays are a year away). Some days, the owner of the business will walk my dog. Is it like a salon where you're not supposed to tip the owner, just employees? Or am I totally over thinking this, and is dog walking not a tipping sort of service?
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I thought he was attracted to me. I'm really attracted to him. Turns out he's just really excited about my creative work. Help me find the words to be honest about the attraction and the fact that I'd like to get past that imbalance so we can do all the collaborations we want to do. [more inside]
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I have a Zhone wifi router/modem which I purchased from my ISP. It drops connection occasionally but regularly (a couple-few times a month) which can be fixed only by restarting the modem which is sort of a pain. Googling around suggests that my modem is a crappy router. Is it better to purchase a different router/modem or just to buy a wifi router and turn off wifi on the modem or to buy the wifi router and to run the modem in bridge mode (I have access to the web UI)? If one of the latter two, what is the current first choice for routers?
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After any sort of cold/respiratory illness, I descend into a month or two of sore throat, raw/drippy/sneezy nose, and asthma-type-coughing and wheezing caused by post-nasal drip. In high school, I briefly used a wedge pillow to minimize this and I'm considering getting one again, but I'm not sure if my sleeping position is compatible with a wedge pillow. Any experiences and advice welcome. [more inside]
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My workplace, a public library, is planning to replace/ enhance the landscaping with ornamental, edible vegetables. We'll be donating the produce to the local food pantry as it comes available. What we need is a catchy promotional phrase to promote and advertise what we're doing. One early suggestion was "food, not flowers" but that's dry and sort of negative. So, give me your best, catchiest, inspired ideas!
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This is a short question, but the internet sucks at poetry books so I've had no luck finding out what I need to know through other channels. Where can I find Tim Seibles' poem "The Groom"? Of his books that actually have a table of contents available online, that poem doesn't appear in any of them, and of course I haven't been able to find it among the other set. Help please! I love that poem and I want to have it again.
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Should I get a hard case or a soft bag? Single or double? Anything else I'm not considering? [more inside]
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How do I deal with a difficult colleague who doesn't respect me when I'm getting zero support from my boss? [more inside]
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This could come across as a stupid question to many people but I'd like to know how I can "feel & think better" about my financial independence from my partner. Sometimes I get a nagging feeling inside that I'd be a happier person if my partner just took care of everything and I didn't have to work so damn hard. I know I should embrace the fact that I have financial independence, am debt-free, good with money, savings and so on and feel good about being able to take care of myself. [more inside]
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Is there a good SMTP service to send bulk emails (or another good solution for sending bulk emails, using the tools I already have, rather than a service like Mailchimp?) [more inside]
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I need to cook a lasagna by Friday for a large party. But in the great book purge, the cookbook that has the best lasagna recipe got removed! I am prepared to buy it new on Amazon, but I can't remember the title, and my fuzzy memory is supplying only generic terms. Please help me either find this cookbook, or recommend an even more awesome lasagna recipe! Clues follow. [more inside]
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I want to convert a personal facebook page to a professional one. The issue is: the personal page already has a group created under it. What happens to it? [more inside]
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What type of chart do I want to show that one number is several times as many as another? [more inside]
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I was wondering how small retailers (think of a mom and pop sized clothing boutique in a high-end shopping district.) find store managers and associates. I know that the small retailer can post an ad on craigslist or in the local paper, but will they ever use the services of a local recruiter? More broadly, can anyone explain the economics of becoming a “head hunter”, whether for a low paying retail position, a typical corporate middle management position, or for an executive position?
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What would cause my vagina to suddenly be tighter? I've been sexually active since I was 19, and I'm 31 now. In the last 2 years I've suddenly gotten comments from multiple partners about how tight I am. In particular, a porn star I was dating, who obviously has seen his fair share of vaginas, tells me mine is the tightest he's ever felt. Aside from this being a totally awesome sexual superpower I seem to have developed, what could have happened? The only thing I can think of is that before these two years, I had a dry spell of about a year. I know that can tighten things up. But I've been having a decent amount of sex in the last two years - at least 1-2 times a month usually, with the exception of the three months of dating the porn star (cause, well, dating a porn star). Apparently I'm still as tight as ever. Wouldn't that tightening that resulted from the dry spell have loosened up again by now? What's going on with my lady bits?
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I'm well aware that this opinion is not shared by everyone, but I really like Jamie Oliver's style of cooking (and, I confess, presentation on tv): simple ingredients (but the best you can get), big flavours, lots of fresh herbs, very informal. The thing is, he's not that big on vegetarian recipes, and I'm making an effort to *not* eat meat 3 or 4 times a week, so could you recommend a vegetarian Jamie Oliver please? Note: I googled this phrase and google came up with Simon Rimmer, but I was kind of underwhelmed.
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I've got maybe 700 cds, I hardly ever use them, I'm all on mp3 player now. They are taking up lots of space, they're annoying, I'm not going to listen to them. So I want to get shed of them. But how? [more inside]
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I am on warfarin therapy permanently and, as a result, I cannot use NSAIDs (aspirin, naproxen, ibuprofen, etc.) easily. I have been thinking of tart cherry juice as an alternative. Do you have any experience with tart cherry juice for arthritis or other pain and inflamation? If you are on warfarin, what alternatives to NSAIDs have you tried?
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January 15
If C is the basic, root note of the Western musical scale, why is C not named A?
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I'm a female. An unknown female came into my room very late at night. I woke up but thought it was my guy roommate's friend needing to sleep on the other bed in my room (which has happened before), so I just kept sleeping. She slept on the other bed. She is probably in her 20's like myself. Later my roommate told me she was homeless trying to get herself back on her feet and wasn't anybody's friend; one of my roommate's friends just met her (I don't know how & where). Just from this info, if you were me, how would you feel about continuing to sleep in the same room with this person?
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Have any U.S. Senators been appointed to fill out a term of a previous Senator who had been of a different political party? If so, who? I brought this up because of a bar bet between some political junky friends of mine. I guess this would have to be post-17th amendment, but if you have any relevant pre-17th amendment Senate succession stories, I'd love to hear that too.
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I want to buy olive oil that actually tastes like it came from olives. Which specific brand(s) would you recommend? [more inside]
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this is driving me crazy. at least ten years ago, i remember a commercial for jeans. levis, lee, wrangler, i looked for them all on youtube, to no avail. it's about some white dude, t-shirt, jeans, picking up some african-american woman for a date at her family's home. it makes a big deal about how he's white and he's definitely seen by the neighboring dudes as an interloper. can anyone remember this and/or provide a link? thanks.
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"Logistics" is not quite the right word, but what are some very good "logistics" textbooks? [more inside]
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Our house still has its original roof from when it was built in the mid-1950s. It's finally getting replaced tomorrow -- after months of leaks in nearly every room -- but I'm worried about our two indoor cats dealing with it. I know the noise will terrify them and they will hide, but are there other things I should worry about? [more inside]
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I need advice on calmly asserting that a new task that's been dumped on me is A) unsuitable for my skill set and B) unreasonable in terms of time and expectations. [more inside]
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