WP Blog gone blank, Admin section is fine
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WorpressFilter Blog gone blank, Admin section is fine - help !

I've upgraded my Wordprees blog to the latest version and all hell broke loose on me... First it was a full blatk blog and admin section. I've regained access to the admin section by deleting a theme folder but there is still a white page where used to be

Deleting the content of the plugins folder did not help.

if it's of any help I'm hosted by DreamHost
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Did you do something to your htaccess file? The page source for your site is completely blank.
posted by maxpower at 4:01 PM on January 6, 2008

I just updated, and had the same problem. The placeholder index.php that's left at the root of the blog isn't the one you need.. In my case, it was probably because I didn't fully read the instructions, and neglected to run their update script.
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I just checked out a fresh download of the latest wordpress. The index.php in wp-content (the one with the "silence is golden" comment) isn't the one you want to end up with, as it will show as blank. The index.php at the top-level (with the "short and sweet" comment) is the one that works. At least, that was my problem; you may have run into something else.
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Just to be clear, "silence is golden" isn't what you want in the root, but that index.php is what you want in wp-content, to keep that folder invisible to prying eyes.
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Also, check your error.log file (should be in /home/username/logs/sitename/http/error.log) for PHP errors. Sounds like you might find some clues there. Normally when this happens, the PHP errors are turned off and don't show up, just a blank page does.
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"silence is golden isin wpvontent", "short and sweet" is in the blog root. I'm investigating the htaccess clue
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Worst case, you can go into phpmyadmin and backup your mysql database, then download your wp-content/themes and wp-content/plugins, then delete and reinstall.

sounds like a php error to me, though. you might try downloading then deleting all your plugins until it starts working.
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in wp_options database, something called gzip compression was causing all the fuss! Once set set to "disabled" everything was back to normal.
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