Vista it's been fun, don't let the door hit you on the way out...
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HP TX1220 (TX 1000) downgrade to XP filter; Hi hivemind, I have a HP TX1220 hybrid tablet PC I wish to downgrade from Vista to XP. Any comments on your own experiences or links to others who have ventured down this path as well? Thanks
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Google turned up this.

I just downgraded on my ThinkPad X61. I needed to slipstream SATA drivers onto my XP CD to even boot, but nLite made this easy. I also needed networking drivers. Everything else I could get off the web later.
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A guy on a tablet PC forum took the time to figure out how to make an ultra streamlined version of XP for the Thinkpad X41, and then the X61. These are the best installation instructions I have ever read. Unfortunately, they aren't for your computer. In the HP section, they compare Vista and XP for HP2710. You can post a question in this area.
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I downgraded a ThinkPad R61 just by calling Lenovo with the type and serial number and asked for XP downgrade discs. Told them some legacy scientific software won't run on Vista (a lie). Got them in the mail in five days. Didn't even have to pay for shipping.

Try giving HP a shout?
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I was recently shopping for a computer for my parents, and high on the list was XP support, since I'll need to walk them through things from across the country. I checked out HP because my agency has an employee deal with them, but an HP rep told me that they do not support XP on their machines, and in fact that the warranty would be void if I installed XP myself.

So, my advice is to learn to love Vista. (I bought my parents a Dell.)

On top of that, you will probably want not just XP, but XP Tablet Edition, which is not available in a retail package. So if HP won't offer it to you, you basically can't get it at all.
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an HP rep told me that they do not support XP on their machines, and in fact that the warranty would be void if I installed XP myself.

This is wrong. He/she is lying or an idiot. Or perhaps both. Your warranty is NOT contingent upon the OS installed.
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*shrug* That's what he said. I have it in writing.

Whether true or not, it made me not want to buy an HP.
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