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Can I transfer my AppleCare/iTunes from a stolen Mac to a new Mac?
December 20, 2007 7:11 AM   Subscribe

My apartment was burgled and my Macbook was stolen. Can I transfer my old AppleCare account and iTunes library (or at least iTunes purchases) to a new Macbook?

There's not much more to say, but:

- a Latvian police report was filed, as that's where I'm living at the moment; presumably this can be translated into English if Apple wants to see it;

- I couldn't find the serial number to the computer itself when the police were there, but I did give the police the AppleCare serial number, and this is what appears on the report - is it possible for Apple to verify that a computer belonged to me from the AppleCare serial? Would they tell me the computer's serial number if presented with evidence (like the police report) that it had been stolen?
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Apple's usually pretty clear that the onus is on the purchaser to backup their iTunes purchases on their own, so you're unlikely to get any mercy for redownloading of your purchases. If you have a backup of them, that's less of an issue - you can always just use another activation, or if you're out, use the "Reset Activations" button to clear out all of your activations. The button was made for these sort of instances.

As for Applecare agreement transfers, I'm leaning no. The only transfers allowed for Applecare are to new owners of the covered equipment.

You may be able to get a partial refund of the unused portion, though. The US APP agreement reads:
If you cancel more than thirty (30) days after your receipt of this Plan, you will receive a pro rata refund of the original purchase price, based on the percentage of unexpired Coverage Period, less (a) a cancellation fee of twenty-five ($25 USD) dollars or ten percent (10%) of the pro-rata amount, whichever is less, and (b) the value of any service provided to you under the Plan.
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> Apple's usually pretty clear that the onus is on the purchaser to backup their iTunes purchases on their own, so you're unlikely to get any mercy for redownloading of your purchases.

Actually, there have been a lot of reports across the Internet that Apple will allow a only-one-time-in-your-life re-download of all purchased items. A lot. I'll see if I can find something official, but I actually think it is fairly safe to assume that one time only, you'll be able to recover your stuff by redownloading it from iTMS.
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Well, nothing official, but this blogger reprints an e-mail from iTMS support that said, "In the event that a customers entire music library is lost, the iTunes Music Store does re-grant the purchases history. Please keep in mind that Apple does not offer protection against the loss of purchases, so this is a one-time exception."
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The very same thing happened to me (albeit not in Latvia). I didn't ask about AppleCare, but after I purchased a new Mac I e-mailed Apple a very sweet note and pointed out that seeing as I had now cumulatively spent $5000 on Apple laptops in the last 2 years, could they possibly let me download all my purchased music again? And they let me.
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My daughter had he itunes library wiped out because her hard drive crashed. Apple sent her an email in reply to the email I had her write instructing her on her one time only mulligan on her purchases. It can and will be done if you ask.
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