Cleaning smoke from paintings
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Do you recognize this painting ? If not, can you tell me how to clean the soot off of it?

I've had this painting hanging in my room since I was a small child. We had a house fire a couple of years ago and it was ruined by smoke. I would like to either replace this painting or clean the soot off of it (I have several other paintings to clean also). Does anyone know where I can get another print of it? It isn't signed.
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I should also point out that the painting was done in the early 1970s or before.
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Kasparov vs. Shallow Blue?
Here's some cleaning advice.
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if it is a real oil painting (rather than some print on paper) then human spit and a soft cloth work well. I've seen people from top art museums do this though often what they are cleaning off is so-called 'nicotine' - the painting has been in a room for 100s of years where people smoke.
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That painting is on the cover of an Andrew Loyd Webber album I had in the late seventies Variations/Julian Lloyd Webber (1978)
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Try the Canadian Conservation Institute for some good tips.

Another print of it? Is this a print or a painting? Cleanign methods will certainly differ in important ways.
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I've had no luck looking for it. Can't find the cover of that Andrew Lloyd Webber album, either, oddly enough. Some places you could look, although I didn't see anything close to yours:
- chess paintings
- chess graphics

The Chess Game by F. Beda is similar but has a number of obvious differences.
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I don't think it's on the cover of Variations.
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If the album cover in question is the one that can be seen by going to Julian Lloyd Webber's discography, and selecting "Variations - original rock version", then it's not the same as your painting. (Though it's got figures cut from a similar painting; might still be a worthwhile lead. The picture at that site is tiny, too.)
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Yes - nice one, icon - I couldn't get that full-size image. (also must preview.)
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It looks like a print.
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I think I've seen it before, but I can't recall where.

Maybe you can do an image search in yahoo or google for keywords: chess, chess player, chess victorian, chess painting, etc.
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