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What is the best browser to use to access Gmail from a Mac running OS 9?

I have all kinds of weird behaviours with I.E., Opera, and Netscape. I assume it is related to JavaScript. Opera works the best, but not great. Any suggestions?
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Have you tried WaMCom. Even though it's old, it's built on the Mozilla code base, so it _might_ work. Good luck.
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iCab should work. An old build of Mozilla should also do the trick. You may have to run Gmail in HTML mode, but you'll still be able to access your mail. It's possible to access Gmail with a text browser, so you have quite a few options.
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Download this build of Mozilla (as also suggested by -t) which is still the best OS 9 browser by far.

To use Gmail with it, log in then go to this link: to load the proper whizzy version. You won't get chat, but can give you that.

I use that browser every day at work, and it's good. Unfortunately, the defaults are anus. Turn off the side bar, and spend a while with the preferences whittling it down. I'd also suggest getting a better theme. I can't remember the one I'm using, if you're interested drop me a line and I'll check tomorrow.
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There's also POP access, which works with any typical email client. However, you would lose several niceties of the web interface.
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