Cream cheese mix-ins
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Can you suggest savory ingredients that I can mix into cream cheese to spread on toast and slather on potatoes?

Herbs, spices, veggies, meats, and unexpected ingredients! Woohoo!
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Chopped smoked salmon + dill!
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Nutritional yeast!
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Black pepper with a squeeze of lemon juice.
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Black olives, sundried tomatoes (or pesto), artichokes, general antipasti vegetables.

Fried mushrooms with garlic and/or pesto.

If you roasted aubergine with whatever kind of spices you like (I think either chilli or curry seasoning would work) and blended it into a whip with the cream cheese, I bet that would be delicious.

I second dill as a good herb to mix - dill, cucumber chunks, garlic and a bit of mint would be like cream cheese tzatziki.
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Of all the main ingredients you can do, my secret weapon add-ons are: worcestershire sauce, liquid smoke, various vinegars, smoked paprika, chipotle or ancho powder with or without mild chili powder and cumin, fennel seed (anise seed), sesame seed of every color and toastedness level, furikake, and (I mean, or) curry paste. I'm a big cheeseball fan.

There is also my favorite party dish, sun dried tomato and pesto torta.
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Fig jam
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Trader Joe's Everything but the Bagel seasoning blend!
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Roast your Mushrooms like J. Kenzi Lopez-Alt suggests, then chop and add (along with any of the delicious 'shroom liquor you capture).
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Mustard and worcester sauce (together).
Chopped celery, apple and walnut.
Spinach and mushroom.
Hot sauce.
Fried sausage.
Varied combinations of guacamole ingredients.
Roast beetroot.
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Feta, garlic, parsley, marinated artichoke hearts.
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Pickapeppa sauce
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Homemade chimichuri!
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Sardines , paprika and sour cream with salt and pepper to taste. Chopped onion optional.
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Miso, but go gentle
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Totally forgot about Zaatar. Definitely try zaatar!
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Fresh chopped chives.
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Chives, chives, chives!
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Or make Liptauer! (In which you then dip pretzel breadsticks.)
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Freeze-dried real bacon bits.
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Chopped roasted red peppers, chopped scallions, salt and pepper.
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carmelized onions and shallots
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Everything Bagel spice mix. It's to die for, especially with a bit of horseradish. I believe Trader Joe's sells it.

....and Jhope beat me to it!
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The seasoning packet from good quality ramen.
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this stuff is awesome, either mixed together using a mixer or put on top of cream cheese.
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Carrots and ginger.
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Mango chutney
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Ranch dressing powder and/or Marinated Artichoke hearts
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Jalapenos and bacon.
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Canned crab meat and minced raw onions.

Guava paste.
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Svan salt.
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Baharat is a nice mix.
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onion dip mix (it's powdered and usually lives near spice blends)
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