Pandora, Cassandra, and who else?
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Can you add to this list of mythological representations of human traits: For example : --- Pandora: Curiosity gets her into trouble. --- --- Cassandra: Always right yet never believed.--- --- Narcicus: Wastes his life away admiring himself.--- --- Sisyphus: Endures endless repetition of meaningless tasks---

I'm looking for names that are pretty much synonymous with the trait they represent and traits that are relatively common. For this reason I am not including, for example, Midas and Prometheus . ( Someone else might interpret some of these characters/stories differently than me though ).
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Judas: the betrayer

I suppose not all would call him mythological.
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Hercules / unparalleled strength
Dionysus / epic party
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Adonis - woot wooooot! (whistles)
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Icarus - died for his hubris.

Aphrodite - humiliated by her infidelity.
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Well, Mercury gave us "mercurial," though while there's some overlap I'm not so sure it's an entirely direct route from his character traits to the character traits now represented by the word.

Tantalus seems to line up with Sisyphus in your examples.

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Helen of Troy - Great beauty at great cost.
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Medea = cold murder
Junoesque is a thing but it isn't a personality trait, it's a queenly, tall and curvy figure

and of course there's Oedipus and Electra for quasi-incestuous obsession with mom and dad respectively!
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You mean, like Doubting Thomas?
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and Hey there, Delilah...
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He's got the Midas touch... turning everything into wealth.
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Prometheus: punished forever for trying to be helpful
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(Name of god: divine personification of)

Eros: Romantic love
Nemesis: Retribution
Mania: Insanity
The Furies: Revenge/vengeance
Discordia: Strife, discord
Harmonia: Harmony, agreement
The Fates: Destiny
Aether: Air
Mnemosyne: Memory
Hypnos: Sleep
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Santa Claus: giving
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Procrustes: A Procrustean bed/analysis/solution. Refers to an Attic bandit who would waylay travelers, tie them to his bed, and either stretch them until they fit or chop off the excess until they did.
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Oedipus = motherfucker

(this is an actual joke in Derek Jarman's Sebastiane)

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Mentor: you know, the original/eponymous mentor.
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Orpheus was a singer who could move stones to tears. But his talent was not quite enough to save the girl he loved. Teared to pieces by adoring fans.
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Pyrrhic victory - "winning" a battle, but the cost is so great you die of it. Named after Pyrrhus of Epirus.
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