Need help naming a thing!
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My company is working on a new data infrastructure project that needs a great name. It is essentially an automated pipeline for location-based data that has logic for cleaning, de-duping, flagging etc. Would be great it if related in some cute way to the name of the company (Winnie), but we've already used Winnebago for something else. Go!
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Where's Winnie? (aping off Where's Waldo? / Where's Wally?)
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cleaning, you say? Windex.
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Winnie De-Pooh (since it cleans up data?

*ha! preview.*
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My sister jokes about getting two cats and naming them Bruce Lee and Bruce Willis, and then they could just go by Lee and Willis. In that spirit, you could come up with a whole schema for project naming: Freddy, Peggy, Dexter, Pooh...
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Your project is sifting the wheat from the chaff, which makes it a Winnower.
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One of the miseries of life is that everybody names things a little bit wrong. —- Richard P. Feynman
inniwinnie, winnieinni, ... winnieinnithingy (aka WIT)... got nothing
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Winnie's Circles

and for some of the power of acidic's excellent idea with maybe a little less of the copyright birefringement film: Winniedex
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Winnow -- synonyms for winnow are choose, clean, cull, separate, examine, filter.
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Pipe Dream
Pied Piper
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