We have a plinth next to our driveway. What should go on it?
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We have a plinth but aren't sure what to use it for. Photo for reference.

We're not religious so there's not an obvious source of iconography for us. Looking for ideas. We live across from a cemetery so we'll probably avoid anything too macabre.
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Get another gargoyle!! That would be so cool ... I would be very jealous.

Or go the traditional route and get a pineapple, which apparently is the symbol of hospitality.
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I would absolutely put in one of those Little Free Libraries - maybe one that looks like a little cottage or something? I've seen some super cute variants that would look interesting on a plinth.
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Solar light/lamp?
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Something simple and ominous, like an orb made of opal or obsidian. It will just look like a decorative piece- but is it?

It absolutely will be. Bonus points if you get an obsidian pineapple, because that is my serious answer, echoing the above poster. Pineapples are nice. Ominous pineapples are better.
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I just discovered you can get solar-powered gargoyles and I am on team solar-powered gargoyle.
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Although what I would probably actually do is go to some local art shows, especially student art shows, and find a piece of weird local outdoor sculpture that I loved and put that on there.
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Or a birdhouse, that looks just like your own house.
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Perhaps a stone pineapple? It's a traditional sign of hospitality.
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I would probably grow a plant on it. Or place an outdoor sculpture or birdbath, or possibly all three at once.
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Whatever you get (gargoyle, pineapple, tennis ball sculpture) I think you should affix glow in the dark googly eyes to it.
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Oh. You could also do something slightly seasonal. Pumpkin or gourd (with googly eyes), xmas tree, killer bunny or zombie Jesus (googly eyes), anatomical heart, etc.,
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Cafe table, chair(s), and you. Let the plinth hold the observer rather than the observed.
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We had a neighbor who had a pair of cement bears at the end of their driveway. They used to dress them up every few weeks depending on the season and the event. For example, in April, they had raincoats and rain hats on (April showers...), in October, Halloween costumes, etc. My kids loved, loved to look to see what the latest get up was. Put some sort of animal and dress them up!

Something like this.

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Is your mailbox required to be out at the property line? Cuz it would make a good mailbox pedestal.
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Or make it a hitching post.
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How about a creative folk art sculpture, maybe with colored glass. Some of these you might be able to make yourself, others you would have to find or commission.

Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch

Driftwood and stained glass

Various glass lawn art (not all of it a propos)
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A dinosaur.
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Papercrete Totoro
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water feature? marble run? bird bath?
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Nthing the pineapple, or maybe a gazing ball?
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Came to say pineapple. I don't myself have a plinth, but I have a few pineapples because of my fondness for finials.
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All these answers make me want to go get a plinth just so I can put something on it!!
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A gargoyle would be ideal. I'm not a fan of the solar-powered LED lights showing up everywhere, but this would certainly be a reasonable place. Finding good art might take time, a potted vine or flowering plant is a nice placeholder. Some things I liked. raven
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a gargoyle ominously brandishing a pineapple
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a gargoyle ominously brandishing a pineapple

And then cast its base from a mold of the top of the plinth so the top can be finished however.
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An armillary.

Bonus points for having it set properly so that the arrow is parallel to the earth's axis.
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If it where me I'd put up either a largish(2-3') metal sculpture of a DNA double helix or spherical-ish generic molecule.
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