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I'm in the position of needing to mail some socks back to a friend who lent them to me for bowling this weekend. He enjoys silly cards with silly puns, so I'm trying to think up dumb sock puns to accompany the returning socks. (They're plain white athletic ankle socks, in case you're wondering.)
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This is a little long, but it's the best socks pun I know.
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Thanks for helping me mate!
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I'm restocking your stockings. Thanks for letting me borrow the darned things!
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Thanks for socking it to me!
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My gratitude is a-pair-ent!
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Someday I'll spin a yarn about how you knocked my socks off by lending me yours.

I'd feel like a heel if I didn't return them promptly.
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"Thanks for loaning me your socks. I gutter go out and pick up a spare pair for myself soon."

I guess that's not a pun about socks, though.
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Personally I'd just stick googly eyes on them and be done with it. The eyes with the sticky backing will stick long enough for joking purposes without ruining the socks as they can be peeled off again.
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Don't mean to knit a long yarn but darn it, I'd feel like a heel if I didn't say "Thanks"!
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"Darn" is all you need. It's truly hilarious.
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You could include a copy of "The Lady From Sockholm" - a feature length film noir sock puppet film.
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Thanks, hoser!
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This list of sock users is a good starting point for sock puns.
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He'll need to pardon the socksual innuendo. I mean really.
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I was dis-pairing - and then you stepped in-
two white socks- $friend'sname for the win!
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That's the best option given the specifics of my situation. Thanks pun masters of mefi!
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