Is this a carpenter ant?
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Ant was in our light fixture, must have gotten in from the ceiling. Is it a carpenter ant?

We're in a row house in Toronto, and our roof probably needs to be replaced in a few years, it's not impossible that some moisture has gotten in. I'm very nervous about ants, as the neighbour's roof collapsed a few years back (don't know if it's was pest related or now). Bug photos: Photo One, Photo two
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Yep.... sorry. :(
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I have them right now, verified by a pest company, and yes - you do too. Commiserations. You need to get professionals in to put the right poison in (above) the light fixture, so the ants will carry it back to their nest. It's the only way. Almost nothing else deters ants.
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Yeppers, I'm afraid it is. You definitely want to make sure that you get your place treated, and then treated regularly. They are a pox upon us down here in Florida, and they can do some dang damage, that's for sure.

Follow these steps to prevent Carpenter Ant infestations:
Correct moisture problems, roof leaks, and plumbing leaks.
Cut back tree limbs or branches that could serve as a bridge to your structure.
Seal cracks and openings around the foundation, especially where utility pipes and wires enter from the outside.
Stack firewood away from the house, elevated off the ground if possible. Carpenter Ants love to nest in firewood.

We had a firewood stack next to the house at my last place and it was the drawbridge to a total house infestation.
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Carpenter ants will generally only be found where there is moisture. If I found one in my ceiling I'd be looking for leaks. The leak is the problem, the ant is a symptom.
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Sigh. Everything is terrible - but thanks y'all. We did have a little leaking around our skylight a while back and had it patched - at that time we were told the roof had ~5 more years in it. We'll have to see. Probably will get a pest guy first.

If anyone has recommendations for pest services in Toronto, please PM me.
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I am in coastal Georgia, I tried baits and didn't have much luck. Granted they are the baits sold to proles at the big box store. I ended up twice tracking them back to their nests in rotting trees, both times Crepe Myrtles. Even spreading the bait around the tree didn't have much effect. It was quite satisfying, though, to empty a couple cans of aerosol ant killer into the cavities in the trees. Watch out for them dropping on you from above as they do the dance of death. Both colonies pretty much covered the sidewalk with dead bodies. (I will omit expressing the absolute glee I felt when I knew they would bother my house no longer.

Note to Mr. Vino, this was within one year of me buying a dilapidated house and replacing all plumbing. There was quite a bit of evidence they had been working on the house for years.
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It's possible that rather than having an infestation you've just caught a scout (fingers crossed). Putting out some poisoned bait (I've used a homemade borax & sugar solution in the past) might help give you a sense of the scope of your problem before you go to the expense of hiring an exterminator.
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Can confirm the ant is a symptom of moisture, or I'll add, sometimes an infestation of smaller critters. We had carpenter ants show up after the Argentinian ant infestation got very robust.
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Welp, called a couple of pest places and they both said "You carpenter ant? And you want us to do what now?". I guess we should wait and see if anymore turn up, otherwise not panic. Will report back if the ceiling collapses in the night, but in the mean time, thanks for help all.
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