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Seeking movies where women work together and win!

I have seen this previous question and it's great, but it's a few years old and also not quite what I'm looking for. I'm specifically interested in movies where a group of women get together and support each other with teamwork and friendship to accomplish a goal.

Some movies I think fit the bill:
-Nine to Five
-First Wives Club
-Calendar Girls
-A League of Their Own
-Made in Dagenham

Some movies that are close but not quite:
-Steel Magnolias (it's more slice of life than winning)
-Legally Blonde
-Bring It On (there's a lot more infighting than friendship and also a romance subplot)
-Pitch Perfect (same reason)

I'm really just looking for movies here, but Call the Midwife is another great example of what I'm seeking.
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Spy and The Heat
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Hidden Figures!
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Also, I think the new Ghostbusters fits the bill.
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Antonia's Line
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The anime series _Princess Nine_, with the caveat that there is a romance subplot.
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Iron Jawed Angels: "Defiant young activists take the women's suffrage movement by storm, putting their lives at risk to help American women win the right to vote."
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I just saw Borders (Apolline Traoré, Burkina Faso) at a film festival - it may be on the edge of "slice of Life" and "work together to achieve", but I thought it was great.
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The Miracle Worker can feel a bit dated at times but the strength of the women, especially Annie Sullivan's conviction, is essential to the denouement.
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* Whip It (though the coach is a man, and there's definitely some rivalry)
* Bad Moms might fit the bill, though not perfectly.
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Big Business, that silly film with Lily Tomlin and Bette Milder.
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Bletchley Circle is on Netflix. It's a mini-series, but maybe that counts too?
Baghdad Cafe though it's just a pair there.

I also saw Borders at the Seattle International Film Festival and will second that. Try and see if if you can.
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Manny & Lo? The trio's friendship/teamwork has a bit of a rough start what with the kidnapping, but they get there in the end.
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Also this reminded me of two films I loved as a kid - I have no idea if they still hold up (I imagine they're rife with casual isms just because everything was at the time), but
The North Avenue Irregulars
How to Beat The High Cost of Living
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The Witches of Eastwick
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Practical Magic. It's not super-great, but it is kinda campy fun and a whole bunch of women literally get together and form a magic circle of feminine bonding and power to defeat their nemesis. The romantic plot exists, but is definitely the B-plot.
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Thelma & Louise?
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Jurassic Park doesn't exactly fit the criteria but is still one of the more satisfyingly feminist movies I've watched.
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Jurassic Park doesn't exactly fit the criteria but is still one of the more satisfyingly feminist movies I've watched.

I liked the part where the female dinosaurs teamed up to accomplish their goal of eating all the fucking men.
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Desperately Seeking Susan gets good when the women team up.
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You might be interested in the most recently released season of Orange is the New Black. Wont spoil anything in case you're working your way toward or through it.
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Possibly Dick? There are only two (young) women, but they get it done.
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Not a movie, but the PBS series Home Fires is all about women working together (to win WWII).
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It probably doesn't count, but I have to suggest Priscilla Queen of the Desert.
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Fury Road

My 70-year-old mother took her church group to see it twice.* It is literally about women joining together to destroy the patriarchy. If you find dinosaurs Killing All Men® satisfying, I think it'll do you well.

*They are unitarians, but still.
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Yes you said movies, but the Amazon series Good Girls Revolt is great, and based on a true story.
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I was also about to suggest Good Girls Revolt.
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Bound, kind of. Two women, not an ensemble.
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Volver. Women solving their own problems together, from hiding a crime to running a restaurant. I don't even think this movie even passes the reverse Bechdel test.
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it's old but, ' Fried Green Tomatoes At The Whistle Stop Cafe' should fit your criteria
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