How do I move this toilet base?
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So the wax ring in my basement 'utility' toilet finally failed. Difficulty level: Unusual toilet.

I'm pretty sure I can manage the actual seal replacement process, but I'm hung up on moving the base. You see, it's not an ordinary toilet with the cistern directly mounted on the base, the cistern is bolted to the wall and connected to the base by way of a 90 degree elbow. I got out my channel locks and removed the pipe nuts, figuring it was some sort of compression-type fitting and the elbow would just fall out once the nuts were released, but so far as I can tell it's still firmly connected. Any suggestions? If it boils down to a full disassembly and new rubber seals all around, ech. And I'm assuming the prior occupant didn't grout the toilet to the floor (and that's why it doesn't move now that I've removed the flange bolts), which is a possibility.

I'm not necessarily opposed to a complete replacement - the current one is obviously the antithesis of a low-flow toilet, but $150 is $150, y'know?
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And FWIW, I live somewhere where water rates are ridiculously cheap. Although my community's sewer rates are nearly doubling in the current decade, that one toilet is still a miserable fraction of my total household water usage, making the amortization against a new toilet pretty lousy.
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You might want to inspect the inside of the cistern--is there anything you should loosen from there?
Also, take a look through this information on how this type of toilet is refurbished and installed;
there might be useful notes
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Ah yeah, that pretty much confirmed what I was afraid of - it sounds like removing the base starts with removing the tank from the wall, then working your way down the elbow and refurbishing the seals. Bleh. But it does suggest that they're moderately in demand for restoration-minded types, so it might be worth reigning in my inner Peter Gabriel and removing it cleanly.

(And once I've gone to that much work, it might just feel straightforward to refurbish it myself. At least now I have the right words for what I'll need, so I can burn that bridge once I've successfully pulled it off the wall.)
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Either hire a plumber or just get a new toilet (plumber's opinion)
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