Help identify this plant
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What type of plant is this (pic 1, pic 2)? It looks a little like bamboo, but the stalk is much thinner.
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Why don't you think it's bamboo? Bamboo can be quite thin. Source: I've lived in two houses with yards choked by bamboo, ranging from skinny to chunky.
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I'm pretty sure it looks like bamboo because it's bamboo.
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It looks like a clump of bamboo. There are many different types of bamboo with highly variable characteristics. Not all types have thick and tall trunks/stems.
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That shit is bamboo. Kill it with fire and roundup before it is too late.
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Bamboo. I'd hold off on the nuking from orbit until you take a stalk w/ leaves into a reputable garden shop, botanical garden or local university extension to get it ID'd. Not all bamboo is virulently invasive.
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Certainly Bamboo. My neighbors as a child were Chinese. Very nice couple. They had a circle of Bamboo about 4 feet in diameter that looked almost identical to what you have. They moved away years ago but the bamboo remains. What has remained doesn't seem to be very invasive, it grows up quite a bit and fairly quickly, but it is easily maintained by the current (non Chinese) owners.

Occasionally my dad (with their permission of course) will get a few stalks of it for various crazy notions he has. He likes to play with the strength/flexibility of it in his shop.
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What beautiful bamboo you have!
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Not all bamboo is virulently invasive.

Yes, all species of "bamboo" are exotic invasives in North America. What is not exotic and less invasive is a set of native plants in the same genus that people refer to as "cane".
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Um ... ok, so bamboo it is! Thanks everyone!
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10th Reg - It does look a lot like cane (Arundinaria) from the pics I'm seeing online.
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