How can I select or delete ALL messages from a yahoo webmail account?
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How can I select or delete ALL messages from a yahoo webmail account?

There's like a bajillion messages there, some in folders. I want to start this thing afresh.
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Use Thunderbird as an imap mail client. It will let you click to select the first message, and shift click to select the last and everything in between the two. It will also let you sort by sender, in case you do want to not delete someone's email.
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Or, watch this.
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See where it says "Compose" on the menu? Look to the right. There is a blank checkbox. After that there are icons for Trash, Move, Spam, More. Tick the check box and it selects all the emails in your inbox. Click on Trash. If you have folders, open those and do the same.
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The checkbox only selects items on the current page. In my case, I have about a hundred bajillion pages, so this is unlikely to work for OP.
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Oops. Thanks, that explains why my obvious answer was incorrect.
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I had the same problem - Beagle's video has the solution.
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Thank you all!
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