How can I find out more about this possible antique necklace?
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I have a cool dragon choker that looks just like the one this page. How can I find out more about it?

It looks just like the one in the image, but they mention they were making knock-offs until 30 or so years ago. How can I tell if the one I have is antique or just a modern copy?
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Look at it very closely for a craftsman's mark or anything stamped into the metal.
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How "just like" do you mean when you say it looks just like the one in the picture? Because if you mean it's an exact or near exact match, consider the fact that 300+ years ago jewelry was not mass produced. While there may have been stylistically similar pieces made, a fancy heirloom gold and diamond piece would have likely been a one of a kind. Even if more than one identical/nearly identical pieces were made, what is the likelihood of two surviving to the present day?
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