Do I mention in a cover letter that I've applied to a job before?
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I'm applying to a job with a company who I interviewed with last year, but I ended up removing myself from consideration to stay with my current company. Do I address this in my cover letter?

I was living in VT at the time and toying with the idea of moving to Maine, so I applied to a job and got an interview. The interview went really well, I spoke with HR about benefits, etc. Then my old job gave me a promotion to prevent me from leaving, so I spoke with HR and dropped out of the running.

Now I've moved to Maine and am looking for a new job. Do I even mention this in my cover letter? It is the same HR rep. This all happened about a year ago. FWIW its a nursing job.
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I would just call the HR person and chat. If they liked you then, they'll like you now assuming they have a need for someone. Just makes sure you have a good answer to why you've changed your mind again.

I wouldn't do the formal cover letter + resume thing in this situation. The HR person may ask you to do that for process reasons after you talk of course.
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Yes. They liked you last time, so what would it hurt? Anyway your name will probably already be in their system, so not mentioning it would look weird/clueless/dodgy.
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Yes, I would. It's easy to work in--e.g., "Dear Hr Person--I am writing to apply for the position as XYZ listed on your careers page; the position is a great fit for my ABC, and I believe I would be able to make great contributions to your staff. You may recall I applied for Other Position last year while I was still living in VT. I was greatly impressed by your staff and facilities, but withdrew my application from consideration to stay in Vermont another year. However, I remained interested in your program, and I am now living in Maine, and would like to be considered again." Etc.
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Sure! Especially if it's a smaller company that would remember you.

I used to do hiring for a small nonprofit. There were a few times when job candidates got a better offer after I had interviewed them and intended to hire them. Had I seen their resume the next year I would have been delighted to give them another chance. Good luck!
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I was interviewed four times for a job three years ago. I didn't get the job but when I saw a job posting in July I mentioned it in my cover letter and sent an email to the recruiter. Three weeks later I was hired. Frame it to display a continuing interest in the company and they will like you for it.
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