Help me name these 2 songs one sounded like Rihanna other like
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OK, the first song, I heard someone playing in their convertible when I was walking by. It was r&b/hip-hop genre. I thought it was Rhianna, and that I would easily be able to find it- no luck. It was a very happy, dance song and it referenced an 80s or 90s female lead song. It is not "we found love in a hopeless place", but much like it. Uggh, I think it kinda was a like a pat benatar reference, but it was a very poppy/hip-hop new song. any idea?

The other song, was in the vein of Anthony Hamilton, it starts out very slow- just some vocal sounds, not words, I heard it on a tv show I am sure, I thought it was Suits, but it does not seem so, could be Rush. It was a kinda love song I think. thanks!!
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Was it Sia - Chandelier
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Could the first song have been Levels by AVICII?
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nope, not chandlier
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not levels, the singer sounds young, just like rihianna, sia was a good try
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it is postive and happy, makes you wanna dance, not cry-lol
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Maybe Selena Gomez — Come & Get It?
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nope, but that is the closest yet, but still the singer truly sounds like rhianna
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Afrojack f Eva Simons - Take Over Control for the first song?
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I'm going to guess it's Lil Kim "Don't mess with me" ?
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This doesn't sound much like Rihanna to me, but it's all over the radio.
Ariana Grande - Problem
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you make me feel
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I'm guessing it was Rhianna- How about Cheers- (Drink to that) - it's got a loop of Avril Lavigne . Maybe a bit slower than 'dancey' but that's my best guess
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Danng, who knew this would be soo difficult! sia and selena are the closest

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Kat Dahlia - Crazy ?

Sevyn Streeter - It Won't Stop ?

Beyoncé - Partition ?

Sorry no links. Based on Selena, I think (*hope*) it's Beyoncé.
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2nd song - do you watch Girls? Could it have been Miguel - Simplethings?

On a phone - sorry again about no links.
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1st one- Flo Rida feat. Sia, Wild Ones? Or, no, I bet it's Oh Na Na by Trey Songs.

Second one, John Newman, "love me again" from this promo.
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2 On by Tinashe?
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Grimes - Go ft. Blood Diamondz ?

Originally written for rihanna
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SONG 2: Nope, but I watch graceland, it is def and african american dude, it almost seems like it would be john legend, but it is totally not him
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ok so Rita is soo closely, upbeat and very dancey, but it was much closer to rihanna, omg, we are almost there.ahhhh
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nope, but I do like wild ones :) that same energy
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for song 2 kinda almost like slow jazz meets maxwell introl
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nope, not queen B either. hmmmm. any ideas how I can figure this out??? anyone know a DJ-lol!
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You can hum or sing the melody into one of these apps to see what the songs are.

Here is a list of the songs used on Suits in season two, with a link to season one at the bottom. This tumblr is current through Season 4 episode 7.

If you can remember any of the lyrics, partial lyrics or even themes (doing shots vs unspecified turn down for nothing vs hot girl), we would be better able to help.
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nicki minaj - starships ?

what city do you live in?
when did you hear the car song?
had you ever heard the song before?
are you generally up on top 40/top 100 hits?

song 2: james blake - retograde ?
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nicki minaj - your love?
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i live in boston
it was in the afternoon
nope , not up on top hits at all
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