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Cinema where characters are forced to cannibalize
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I can only think of 'Alive'. what others am i missing?
posted by JimAbacab to Media & Arts (34 answers total) 2 users marked this as a favorite
There's 'The Road,' not sure if that qualifies.
posted by Librarypt at 7:24 AM on August 2

The creepy Donner Party movie which contains the cannibalism keyword which is not as helpful as you might think.
posted by jessamyn at 7:24 AM on August 2

Cannibal! the Musical and Ravenous spring immediately to mind.
posted by Parasite Unseen at 7:27 AM on August 2

There's a well-regarded horror short from 2012 called "Survivor Type," an adaptation of the infamous Stephen King short story.
posted by infinitewindow at 7:28 AM on August 2 [1 favorite]

posted by Lemmy Caution at 7:35 AM on August 2 [5 favorites]

(The cannibalism isn't seen but it is discussed in Snowpiercer.)
posted by Lemmy Caution at 7:36 AM on August 2 [1 favorite]

Fried Green Tomatoes
posted by If only I had a penguin... at 7:38 AM on August 2 [4 favorites]

Peter Greenaway's The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover
posted by fryman at 7:39 AM on August 2 [3 favorites]

Don't know if this counts but there's the dinner scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.
posted by floweredfish at 7:40 AM on August 2

Hannibal Rising
posted by Wrinkled Stumpskin at 7:52 AM on August 2 [1 favorite]

Delicatessen, a 1991 French movie.
posted by primate moon at 7:54 AM on August 2 [6 favorites]

posted by rhapsodie at 7:59 AM on August 2 [2 favorites]

Sweeney Todd
posted by Bromius at 8:03 AM on August 2

Soylent Green (maybe not what you want but definitely people being forced to eat people)
posted by steinwald at 8:04 AM on August 2

Eating Raoul?
posted by prize bull octorok at 8:09 AM on August 2 [4 favorites]

With caveats, but... Life of Pi
posted by argonauta at 8:09 AM on August 2

There are a lot of on- and off-screen cannibalism scenes in post-apocalyptic movies. I'd just reference the genre instead of trying to list them all, with The Book of Eli being a perfect example of that kind of scene.
posted by Dip Flash at 8:10 AM on August 2

Rocky Horror Picture Show
posted by Pirate-Bartender-Zombie-Monkey at 8:22 AM on August 2 [1 favorite]

We Are What We Are
posted by fairmettle at 8:30 AM on August 2

There's Titus, an adaptation of Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus. It's sort of a different kind of forcing to cannibalize, but I think it counts.
posted by General Malaise at 8:40 AM on August 2 [1 favorite]

Does it have to be Cinema? The Last of Us has this plot point, and it's an important one for the story, and (arguably) inevitable. Also in TV, The Walking Dead seems to be bumping up against the issue.

In terms of Cinema, The Last Confession of Alexander Pearce.
posted by SpacemanStix at 8:42 AM on August 2

Silence of the Lambs?
posted by whistle pig at 9:32 AM on August 2

Whoops, guess Lecter wasn't forced to cannibalize.
posted by whistle pig at 9:34 AM on August 2

wait, thought of another, Ray Liotta's character (name?) in 'Hannibal'
posted by JimAbacab at 10:19 AM on August 2

In the TV show Hannibal, there is a character (Abel) who meets a similar demise.
posted by SpacemanStix at 10:33 AM on August 2

The 2012 Chinese film, Back to 1942, based on historical events.
posted by Corvid at 11:29 AM on August 2

Trouble Every Day
posted by citron at 12:34 PM on August 2

posted by prospero320 at 2:30 PM on August 2 [1 favorite]

Thanksgiving (NSFW, NSFL), the fake grindhouse movie trailer directed by Eli Roth futures a character at the end I'll just call by its credits name, "human turkey," but nobody is shown eating, but since the family is bound, the implication is there.
posted by Sunburnt at 2:45 PM on August 2

It's very arguable but one theory is the cannibals of Pandorum have no other choice.

Also, seconding The Road.
posted by evil_esto at 2:03 AM on August 3


It's a film adaptation of Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus.
posted by sandra_s at 7:54 AM on August 3

Ric Burns (brother of Ken) did a fantastic documentary on the Donner Party for PBS' American Experience. Narrated by David McCullough.

It's eery, haunting, sad and strange. I know not everyone likes the Burns brothers' style, but if you're a fan it's definitely worth checking out.

I don't know how long it's good for, but there's a copy (not HD sadly) on youtube. There's also a segmented copy.
posted by marsha56 at 4:25 PM on August 3

TV movie, but The Day After - the old guy from Northern Exposure!
posted by Chrysostom at 8:57 AM on August 4

The (really quite shocking and scary) horror movie Dread touches on this.
posted by symphonicknot at 9:57 AM on August 4

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