Help us name this puppy! Warning: Corgis ahead.
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We are getting our Pembroke Corgi, Dazzle, her very own puppy. He is also a Corgi in a nonstandard color, currently being referred to as 'Cloud' by his breeder. Dazzle came with her name, but Cloud just isn't going to cut it. Names that have been considered but discarded: Flash, Blaze, Blitzen (my favorite), Winston, Sterling, Silver, Titus, Cato and Ghost. We are looking for a name that is preferably two syllable and neither a popular human name (Henry) nor a cutesy title (Professor Bigglesworth.) We are running out of ideas and seek the creativity of MeFi!
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Rumpus, Jolly, Aldo.
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Here is the second picture: Cloud.
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Would Razzle just be awful?
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Gawain means white hawk. Gavin is a more anglicized version. It's a male first name but not a super popular one.
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Stormy, Cirrus, Graymane.
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Mrs. Sauce, while cooing over his picture, was enthusiastic about Boombox.
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Cloud just isn't going to cut it

Cirrus or Nimbus, in that case.
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Duke. Because the Queen has Corgis, and Duke is the only cool sounding hereditary title in the UK. Well...maybe Baron.
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a sprite is a type of lightning?
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Widget. Always Widget.
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'Glow' or 'Afterglow'?
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You have my permission to use our Pemb's name: Buddy. One of Buddy's claims to fame was his visits to the nearby nursing home when he escaped from our yard. There the front door would open for him, and on more than one occasion he would follow residents on to the elevator and explore other floors. Drawback: it's a pretty common dog name.
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D'aww, he's totally a Snowball!
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Casper. He's the friendliest ghost, you know.
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Oh he's adorable. I was going to suggest Loki but Casper is a great suggestion.
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Nipper, because, well, it's what corgis do.

(Also: squee!)
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Only 1 syl but he looks like a Jazz or Fitz to me.

As a Corgi owner/aficionado, I would love to see how those colors turn out when he's full grown.
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I came here with other suggestions but...

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I'm thirding Yeti! What about Blue because of his eyes?
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In honor of my parents' Pembroke, which was quite delightful: Stubby.
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He's so cute and such unusual coloring! I can see why they went with "cloud."

I second Nimbus.

I too need to see more pics of this pup as he grows. Too cute!
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I also like Nimbus!
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Cotton. Because he's got no shins!
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Iggie (from igloo)

But I love Luna for her!! [edit: oops it's a he! Most of these still work.]
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Selkie - with his grey fur and big eyes, he looks like a little seal to me!
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Or just Fluffy works too, but I really like Razzle.
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I love Nimbus.
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Nimbus because I bet he's as fast as Harry Potter's broom!!
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Winter and Yeti are being added to the maybe pile! I've also favorited some others I liked. We have two weeks left to decide before he comes home so please keep up the suggestions!

Razzle was one we previously considered but decided would be difficult for them to tell which dog was being called.
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I like Smoke or Smokey because of his grey highlights. What a gorgeous dog! Zima or Zimski is the word for winter in Croation, Polish and a few other languages. Although as a fan of the Rankin & Bass "Rudolph the Red Nose Snowman" I'd go with Bumble.
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Argus - Odysseus' dog from the Odyssey
Astro - from the Jetsons (or RUDI/RUDY - George Jetson's computer!)
Orbit - kind of like cloud, but cooler
Jasper - ghost and many other fictional characters
Krypto - Superman's pet from Krypton!
Otto (from Beetle Bailey)

Something from the cloud deities?
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Two too adorable corgis!

Buster, cause it's fun to call and you have the excuse to say, "you are in such trouble buster!"
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Nimbus also has the possibility of nicknaming to "Nimby" so if he breaks into your neighbor's yard they have something good to yell at him.
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Cotton. Because he's got no shins!

This would easily be in the top seven dog names ever.
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The correct answer was 'none of the above.' We were out having a beer and talking about True Detective, and you can see where this is going. His name is Cohle.
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