Right to be forgotten.
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Does there exist anywhere an automated Chrome plugin to subvert the EU "right to be forgotten" law?

I wouldn't think it would be that tricky to do, just a comparison of with and highlight what's missing?

Anyway, I can't currently find one, but I'm wondering if my search terms are wrong or if maybe it too is blocked from google search results. (I'm fairly sure that last one is not the case)
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just a comparison of with and highlight what's missing?

That would not work, because each Google user is being shown personalized results based on their Google login profile, previous searches, location, etc. So a UK user and and a US user are being shown different results even without the "forgotten" removals. Assuming that the requested removals are not removed from non-European versions of Google, you would have to use a proxy server outside Europe to see those results in Europe. Here's info on a Chrome plugin which does that.
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IIRC you don't even have to use a proxy server - just search from instead of your local engine. There's a button to switch the mode on the search results.
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It's more that I wanted to see what had been blocked by it.
So if I were doing a search I could see highlit things which should have shown up.

I wonder if they publish a list or something?
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