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Where to find sturdy wood crates
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Where can I find sturdy wooden crates? Like fruit crates? I know they have ones at Michaels and JoAnn fabrics, but they are little flimsy, more for crafts. Where can I find a reliable source of decently sturdy wooden crates?

I know they have ones at Michaels and JoAnn fabrics, but they are little flimsy, more for crafts.

Where can I find a reliable source of decently sturdy wooden crates?

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If you're looking for vintage crates, they show up on etsy all the time.

For new ones, they are available at packing supply companies, like Monte.
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Would wine boxes do? I pick ones up from the fancy wine shop near my house on a weekly basis. (The lower-end places that don't specialize solely in wine tend not to have very many, and to save what they've got for displays.)
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Do you want to order them by the pallet? If so you can get nice stacking wood fruit crates from farm supply companies like this one..

The thing about the good crates is that they are meant to be reused, and they are, for years, until they are totally thrashed/run over by a tractor- and then they are no longer functional crates.
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All of the crates linked so far look pretty much like the ones we use at my (produce) store. They hold up pretty well for the most part, but a little DIY contribution can turn them into kits for something nicer. They're nailed or stapled together, and usually left pretty rough and raw. If you pry them apart (and mark the pieces as you go with pairs of small numbers), you can sand finish, and reassemble them for a crate that won't collect grime. If you add glue and clamps when reassembling, it'll last for ages.
The above is all a bit ridiculous, but if you don't have access to tools, or sufficient skill with a table saw, it's a pretty good compromise.
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(noticing the above links are all for huge minimum quantities)
Oh, and a local grocer or food co-op may be happy to give you their old ones, and buy new ones. It's always nice to get fresh fixtures, and if someone's offering to subsidize the purchase (even if only 1/2 price), it's a no-brainer.
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Home Depot sells wooden crates. And they are on sale right now.
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A long shot:

If you're willing to exert some effort, you might be able to arrange the purchase of crates from Hanford Mills. It's a historic mill in central NY that primarily serves as a museum, but they also produce beautiful and sturdy solid wood crates. When I used to live in the area, everyone I knew had a few around their house.

I couldn't locate any decent pictures of the crates online, nor do they regularly sell them online, but they're beautiful and potentially worth asking about.

Hanford Mills
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I also wanted to recommend wine boxes. My local grocery store gives them away for free.
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Thanks everyone. I ended up finding a bunch on Craigslist. Used old ones. But I will bookmark all of your answers. Thanks!
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