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The New York Times has historically been printed in multiple editions: a first edition, published around 10:30 PM; an early edition, printed the next morning; and afternoon/final editions, later that day. Are there copies of the earlier versions anywhere?

Specifically, I'm looking at an article from January 15, 1970, which I can find via ProQuest or on the Times site. I know for a fact that a significantly different version of the article ran in the first edition, printed around 10:30 PM on January 14. Is there any way to find an extant copy, on microfilm, online, or otherwise?
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Looks like the NYT has an online archive, TimesMachine, that includes early editions, but I would want to call their customer service to check as it is a paid service.
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I know you said ProQuest, but have you specifically checked the "ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The New York Times" database?
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Not the most straightforward, but if the databases don't have the right edition, you might try the NYT clippings morgue at the Briscoe Center at UT Austin. It is organized by subject, not date. The article might have gotten clipped from the first edition when it was put in morgue.
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I know you said ProQuest, but have you specifically checked the "ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The New York Times" database?

Yes. I'm a historian. I've got the basic stuff down.

I do have a subscription to TimesMachine and didn't realize they had early editions! I'll try that next.
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OK, I only saw the Late City Edition in TimesMachine and it looks like that is the only one that is consistently microfilmed--the others may or may not be available, but finding out where they might be held is tricky.
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I found it! Because it went out on the Times wire service, it was in another paper that Google had scanned.
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