Please help us name our kitten - very specific requirement edition!
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We have a naming convention for our cats - so far they are all science related terms that start with M. We have Magnet, Möbius and Meniscus. Now we have a new little fluff ball - a black kitten with a white tuft on her chest. Can you help think of a name for her? So far we've thrown around Muon, Mendel (too masculine) and plain ol' μ.
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Murphy after Murphy's Law.
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Minus(Min for short)
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Moraine, or Melanin (Mel).
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Molecule, Molly for short.
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Mole. As in the unit of counting. 6.02blah blah blah 10^23.
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Oooooh, Moon would be perfect for her coloring!
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Ditto Megaparsec, as it was Meg Murry's nickname in "Wrinkle in Time".
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Marie, from Marie Curie.
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Metamorphosis (meta for short)
Milky way
Morpheus (NASA's lander)
Mitten (M.I.T.)
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I think plain ol' Mu is perfect.
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Method (terrible idea, but I had to)
M-theory (I wouldn't actually!)

But I also like Muon and Mu. Too cute! Meg(aparsec) is great too.

I dunno, you might have to get more kittens!
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Meitnerium; it was named after Lisa Meitner. Plus, you can call her "Meit" (pronounced "Mite") for short.
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If you go with Moon then next time you hear a cat in the kitchen, you will say, "Must be Moon."

Then there will be another, bigger noise.

"That's no(t) Moon..."
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All these answers are great - here's better pic and if you listen carefully, you can hear her purring
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Millibar, or Millie for short.
Mare, because her unusual spot is like the spots on the moon.
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I was recently contemplating a desire to have cats named Momentum and Inertia. Momentum seems good for cats in motion that tend to stay in motion.
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Milli (millimeter)
Momo (short for momentum)
Maxwellian (..... Distribution Definition)
Mazut (petroleum residue after distillation)
Mopsical (short sighted)
Motrix (From Kepler's 3rd law on how planets kept their orbit - viz motrix (life force))
Myriad myriadth (an Archimedean number)
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Magistra (Maggie)
Mercuriade (Merry?)

My 4 year old would love it if you named her Mt. St. Helens.
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Molybdenum. Mo or Molly for short. But I'm liking Muon and Mu as well . . .
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How could I forget?
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Specifically for her coloring mix of black with a little white - Marcasite. (Examples of marcasite here, here, and here, for starters.)
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My first thought was Moire, but I don't know how well it fits a (mostly) black cat. Also
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My (boy) cat is called Macrophage.

You could name her Myc for the oncologists out there.

Or decide to break the schema and call her Anomaly.
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Molybdenum / Moly
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μ is a good idea and Mosfet is pretty cool too, but my contribution is:

The Romans didn't have "science" as a discrete concept but Minerva, goddess of a thousand works, was the goddess of medicine, wisdom, crafts, and other knowledge-based arts, now appears in the seals and logos of many universities and educational institutions, and is the patroness of the Max Planck Institute.
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What an adorable little thing! :) I went looking and found a few lists:

One of the terms in the last one is "MESA", so the geek in me humbly recommends "Black Mesa". ;)

And then, even though it's not technically scientific, I would be remiss as a child of the 80s if I didn't suggest Megatron. (Hey, it sounds like it could be scientific! Kind of. Maybe? Sort of. Okay, nevermind...)
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With these devilish looks: Mephisto
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Mrs. A
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Hmm....if you don't intend to add to your herd, then:

Tux (for tuxedo cat)
Bibs (for her lovely little wisp of a bib)

Now, you may have to actually recite the names of your herd to appreciate this:

Magnet, Mobius, Meniscus and Bibs (Tux).

Otherwise, I like Mu.

Thanks for the pix. She ran past adorable at a gallop, and landed smack dab in the middle of endearing.
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Miscible. Modulo. Monomial. Matrix.
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Mean, Median or Mode
Melatonin (only if she is a particularly sleepy kitty)

I also thought of Mandelbrot and like that one.
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I like puns but µ is still a little punny for me (mew).

Mersenne is my suggestion
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By the look of those perky ears, black coat and little white tuft, she is probably a Bombay cat.

(We have one named Tony Soprano because he's a big fatty who's very quiet and then he explodes and pounces, so there's that.)

If it can be M and not science, you could go with Mumbai, the Indian name for Bombay, or there's Manas, the Hindu name for mind.

Call him Manny for short.
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Melmac (Alf's home planet).
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My mother's Armenian girlfriend had a little bird she named Mass. I'm pretty sure Mass meant something no more startling than birdie. Then she got an active, high strung black kitten who used to tear up and down the halls and climb the curtains. The black cat was named Energy. The entirely predictable occurred.

Yes, Mass was converted to Energy.

True story.
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Millirad. If she's stinky in the litterbox, mercaptan.

I too name my cats with science, if not alliteration. My two are Amalgam (Ama for short) and Ferrous.
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Muon as a name for a small black and white cat is endorsed by the Cambridge University Institute of Astronomy.
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Mendel, as in the laws of Mendelian inheritance
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I'm voting for Megaparsec (called Mega, not Meg - hopefully kitten will stay small and hilarious) and suggest that you save Mu for a black and white spotted cow cat.
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I've always thought Manganese sounded like a cat name.
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Mrs. Buckyball (cheating a little, but suitable for a little ball of black fur)
Molecule or Minerva to stick with convention.
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Marie Curie (or Marie Purr-y!)
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Name her Max after Max Planck. But pronounce it so it rhymes with box. And then you can nickname her Moxie.
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Molybdenum. Call her "Molly" for short.
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I'd call her MuMu i.e μμ
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I really like μ, honestly.
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The single tuft of white makes me think Monopole for some unclear reason.
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I'm going to second Mica, because I've always wanted to name a kitty after a silicate. >.>
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Thanks again, all. I think we've settled on Muon, with Mu and MuMu as potential nicknames. We'll keep all of these suggestions in mind for the next generation of cats - we're currently at n+1 capacity.
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