Looking for some hilariously awful movies to watch.
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I recently got my friend hooked on "so-bad-they're-good" movies. We're looking for more to watch together, but the last few haven't tickled our funny bones quite like the others we've watched. Happen to know of any quality bad movies that might leave us in stitches? So far we've enjoyed these films the most: The Room, Troll 2, Birdemic, Miami Connection, and Sharknado.
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Death Race 2000
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Eating Raoul
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I haven't seen any Neil Breen movies, but this article suggests they might be up your alley.
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ELVES- I've never laughed so hard at a movie.
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Nothing But Trouble! So bad, so good.
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Road House
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The Toxic Avenger
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MEGAFORCE. The answer is Megaforce.
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Army of Darkness
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Ice Pirates
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Road House.

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Zardoz. Sean Connery as you've never expected.
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Make sure it's the original Death Race 2000, not the remake.

Also, try these:
Hell Comes to Frogtown
Surf Nazis Must Die
Tango and Cash
Road House
From Justin to Kelly
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Zorro, The Gay Blade
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Any Ed Wood movie should do. Glen or Glenda is a classic.
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Zardoz. Sean Connery as you've never expected.

I was just about to suggest...myself.
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Yes, Road House.
Big Trouble in Little China.
Everything Arnold has been in, especially Commando (featuring a Freddie Mercury lookalike as a supervillain!) and Raw Deal.
Rad Racing.
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You may find some good suggestions in the back catalogue of the How Did This Get Made? podcast.
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Flash Gordon. If the football scene doesn't fill you with giddy glee, I don't know what will.
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The Apple, especially if you enjoy over-the-top, futuristic, moralistic disco-era musical kitsch. (Here's the trailer.)
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Check out some episodes of the various bad/cult movie podcasts (The Flop House, How Did This Get Made?, Proudly Resents, Read it and Weep) for more possibilities, and to get some more comedy out of the movies you've already seen.
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I trust you've heard of Mystery Science Theatre 3000?
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Burlesque and View From the Top.
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A Knight's Tale
Hudson Hawk (many people think HH is awful; I think it's more of a masterpiece)
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Wild_Eep beat me to MST3K!
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Oh, man! A question I know stuff about!

I love bad movies. I saw a ridiculous lot of the MST3K movies before they were MST3Kd. I am a lifelong insomniac, and spent much of my youth watching bad movies on TV waiting for the sun to rise. I am something of an aficionado, if I say so myself.

And if I had to pick two of the greatest, most hilarious and engaging bad movies to watch that you may not have seen already, it would be these:

The Thing with Two Heads, starring Rosey Grier and Ray Milland as the two heads. The full movie is right here!

OMG, so is Dwain Esper's The Maniac. It has a mad scientist, a Vaudeville actor/impressionist, a cat/rat pyramid like scheme for no reason, a man who thinks he's the orangutan from the Murders in the Rue Morgue, two ladies having a hypodermic needle fight, one of them being Phyllis Diller but not THAT Phyllis Diller, and there's also some action and drama in it too.

If I could pick three of the greatest bad movies, the third would be something called The Blood of Nostradamus, which is a Mexican horror film edited down from a serial, about Nostradamus, who in case you didn't know was ALSO a vampire. Or something.

I can't find that one anywhere these days, though. If you ever get a chance, though, trust me. It's worth it.
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Titanic 2. Come for the bad acting, stay for the terrible special effects. (It's supposed to be this fancy ship, but it's a rust-bucket for the exterior and I suspect a high school gym for several of the interiors.)
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Snakes on a Plane? I loved it.
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Deep Blue Sea
Night of the Lepus
Hundra (a true standout!!!)
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Anything released by Troma sounds right up your alley.

Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter.
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Absolutely Tail Sting.
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Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters is *awesome* (and requisite terrible).
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Tom Hanks in "The Burbs".
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The Sword and The Sorcerer
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There is also Chris Stuckmann's Hilarocity reviews which also has a list of bad movies.
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Drop Dead Fred
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How about a hilariously and purposely bad tv show with Richard Ayoade?
Look no further than Garth Marenghi's Dark Place.
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Truth or Dare: A Critical Madness

(Bonus appearance by a young AJ from the Backstreet Boys!)
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Bubba Hotep

Elvis is still alive and in a nursing home. He fights and evil mummy.

Do you need to know any more?
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Starship Troopers! I realize that there is a huge cult following, but man, it's so bad it's awesome!

Mission to Mars.

Are the Twilight films bad enough to qualify? I think at least the final one.
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Very Bad Things, but it's quite dark adult humor.
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Another vote for Showgirls. Its magnificent.You couldn't make another movie like it if you tried.

I also love Hudson Hawk and Striptease unabashedly.
Conan the Barbarian and Red Sonja.
Rosemarys Baby (i know more people think of this as a "classic" than a B movie but they are wrong).
The Stepford Wives
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Heartily seconding Teeth and Bubba Ho-Tep, and also just remembered Ravenous.
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Phantasm (and the following sequels)
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Killer Klowns From Outer Space. Seconding Ice Pirates, as it was hilariously enjoyable. Return of the Living Dead II.
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Anaconda! (And Anaconda 2, and Anaconda 3.) All three are delightfully, horribly awful.
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The Librarian with Noah Wyle!

A friend of mine and I also laughed hysterically all the way through The Notebook... But maybe that's just me. :)
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Jack the Giant Slayer. See Stanley Tucci try to channel Alan Rickman! Big boss giant with scene-stealing little second head! Little second head out-acts wet blanket leading man! Ewan McGregor slumming it, etc.

(Some people may say Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves is wonderfully bad, but they are wrong. It is fantastic and here is Alan Rickman explaining why.)
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The Stuff
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The Covenant. A friend and I watched this together recently and HOWLED with laughter the entire time.
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Another vote for The Apple. It is the source of many long-term family tropes. But the music is by George Clinton! Then you realize...wait...not that George Clinton. Just so deliciously bad. We used to pile the kids soft baby toys next to us on the couch so we could hurl them at the screen during the worst parts; it was on late 80s Showtime about 47 times a week.

"I know how to be a....master."
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Basket Case!
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Ricky Oh: The Story Of Ricky

"The most dangerous man in the prison is the Warden. The second most dangerous man in the prison is....the Assistant Warden!"
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Am I the only one who immediately thought of Cruel Intentions? I recently unearthed a DVD copy while going through my high school things. It really is as terribly good as I'd remembered.
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To Wong Fu, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar Wesley Snipes, Patrick Swayze, and John Leguizamo in drag, what can be funnier than that? I love that movie.

And the Australian counterpart The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

If you don't mind foreign movies, there's always Tokyo Zombie - it's so awfully bad I just couldn't look away.
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The original Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie is great too.
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I agree that Showgirls is phenomenally bad, and so so good. Another great one is Iron Sky (Nazis on the moon).
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Olivia Newton John as the Muse of Roller Disco? That would be Xanadu.
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Pretty much anything with Vincent Price in it.
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Sword of the Valiant. More "yikes!" Sean Connery.

I can't remember if it was this one or another one that included the...uh...memorable line, regarding a sword: "Death dances along its edge and hangs like a dark star from its tip." What now? (If this is from a different bad 80s fantasy movie, somebody correct me.)

In the "not exactly bad but awesomely over-the-top" category:
Eagle-Shooting Heroes
The Heroic Trio
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Les Miserables
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Oh, and "Operetta tanuki goten," aka Princess Raccoon. I just ... what? Best watched with a room full of slightly tipsy friends. (Don't let anyone get to the point of impairment where they'll think they imagined it all.)
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Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam. Previously on the blue.
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Cannonball Run. Evil Dead.
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Midnight Madness
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Folks have beat me to Zardoz (Sean Connery in a leather bikini and thigh-high boots!) and Xanadu (Olivia Newton-John and roller skates!), so I'll just stick with:
Terror of Tiny Town (the world's only all-midget musical western) and
Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (seasonal, but jaw-droppingly awful)
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All you need to know is three words: The Killer Tongue.
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After Last Season. Don't be fooled by the good reviews.
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Finally a thread in which I get to heartily recommend Glitter.
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Seems like there's some confusion between hilariously awful and inimitable kitsch here; in that spirit I give you:

drum roll

The Lair of the White Worm

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My freinds and I enjoyed Timeline. And Gymkata, which merges gymnastics and karate. There's luckily always a pommel horse or set of parallettes nearby when he needs to fight.
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2-Headed Shark Attack. Hilariously bad.
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I have a soft spot for Roller Boogie.
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Top Gun.
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Maximum Overdrive.

It's about cars that become sentient and try to take over the world, pretty much. Focuses on Emilio Estevez and a group of survivors.
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Imagine a martial arts movie beamed directly from the mind of a horny but slightly confused thriteen-year-old boy. You're imagining DOA. It's magnificently bad.
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Dracula 3000 (Coolio plays a genius space pothead who turns into a perverted space vampire, and they apparently did not have enough money to actually film an ending)
A Sound of Thunder (Did you think the Ray Bradbury short story was well written and thought provoking? Well this totally isn't)
Alone in the Dark (Uwe Boll's least watchable movie, which is saying a lot. The closest thing to a plot you get is the several paragraph crawl dumped on you at the beginning, after that it's just a series of things that don't make sense)
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Two from the Cannon Films empire:

Lambada: The Forbidden Dance
The Versace Murder
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The 2nd Planet of the Apes movie, 1970's Beneath the Planet of the Apes, is hilariously bad, with ridiculous special effects, an absurd plot involving the apes attacking subterranean telepathic mutants who worship an enormous phallus/nuclear bomb capable of destroying the Earth, and lots more idiocy. Charlton Heston only agreed to be in it for a few minutes, and only if his character was killed. It's a gem of the so-bad-it's-good genre: "To simply call it bonkers doesn’t begin to describe it."

Just be sure not to confuse it with Battle for the Planet of the Apes, the 5th in the original series, which is just atrocious with no redeeming kitsch value at all. The 3rd movie, however, Escape from the Planet of the Apes, is a ton of fun with lots of humor, absurdity and pathos that some might consider so-bad-it's-good territory, too.
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Soul Vengeance (aka Welcome Home, Brother Charles)
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I'm somewhat surprised by some of the films suggested. To the OP, are you looking for badly-conceived and/or executed films (mostly what MST3K featured), or mostly competently-executed films with a grindhouse bent (something like Sharknado or anything starring Bruce Campbell)?
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Based on her own review, the first few items in Sharon Stone's filmography.
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The Dragon Lives Again. "Bruce Lee" versus The Godfather, Dracula and Emmanuelle, with the help of Popeye and James Bond. And they all live in Hell.
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Street Trash!
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If you happen to be a DDR fan or at least get the concept of the game, The FP may be up your alley. I'm *pretty sure* it's intentionally bad.
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How has no one mentioned They Live?
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Fatal Beauty. Whoopi Goldberg plays a cop.
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Oh, and Twice Upon a Time if you can find it. You Tube says the full video is on there but I couldn't find it.
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My favourite of this genre is Vanilla Ice's magnum opus Cool As Ice.
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Oh, I forgot about Vampires Suck which I thought would be too bad to watch, but it was pretty good for a parody (I mean, it was awful, but awfully good).
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Another vote for Road House.
It's so delightfully bad, but so very entertaining.
posted by MacChimpman at 2:45 PM on June 22

Drive Angry
The High School Musical trilogy.
posted by fox problems at 3:05 PM on June 22

You simply cannot miss out on the made-for-tv wonder that is Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park.
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Oh my goodness, jormundgondir's post made me realize that the original Breakin' hasn't been recommended yet! It's got Ice T, a character named Popin' Taco, and a marvelously random hillbilly punch-em-up scene partway through ( ... I'm pretty sure I didn't imagine that part). So ... delicious ...
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The titles used (abused?) in the annual Smithee awards for bad movies are a rich vein for this. Each year they watch a ton of terrible movies and then hold several public shows where the audience votes for the worst clip in categories like 'funniest looking monster.' Under the 'ceremonies' tab you'll find lists of which movies were nominated each year in each category and information about why they stink.
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One more from me: Mamma Mia.
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Beowulf! Not the one with Angelina Jolie (maybe that one too, I haven't seen it), but the post-apocalyptic one starring Christopher Lambert.
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There's a feature on Red Letter Media (the same guys that did those Star Wars reviews) called "Best of the Worst" where they review really bad VHS movies. The movies range from hilariously awful to just plain awful.

Some of the "so-bad-they're-good" are even available on Youtube:
Russian Terminator
Robot Jox
Roger Corman's Fantastic Four
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Better Off Dead
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Werewolf of Washington
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John Travolta! Olivia Newton-John! Grease? NO! Two of A Kind - the 1983 romantic comedy which reunites them to save the planet from the wrath of God (I am not making this up).
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Another vote for The Apple, where you can meet an actual, actual, actual vampiiiiiiire.
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Nthing Robot Jox to the nth power! How could I have forgotten Robot Jox?!?
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If you're going to watch Showgirls, know that there's a version out there with a commentary track by Dave Schmaeder, a Seattle writer who used to do a regular Showgirls "the greatest movie ever made" viewing party with live commentary. It is fantastic.

I have never seen Manhattan Chase (in full on Youtube), but Something Awful posted a, erm, "highlights reel" a while back that should give you a taste.
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Almost forgot: Hard Ticket to Hawaii!
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Santa with Muscles, which stars Hulk Hogan.
Conan the Destroyer, which features Grace Jones with a high top hair cut and a thong.
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120 replies and no mention of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes? Preposterous.
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Simon Sez. Dennis Rodman. Contains the line "We're monks! Monks of death!"
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The Last Dragon!
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Teeth. So, so bad.
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Possibly in the same vein as Miami Connection: The Warriors.
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HAUSU. I've seen it described as a Scooby Doo episode as directed by Dario Argento.
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I have to second, third, and fourth PIRANHA 3D. It's everything Sharknado wished it had been.
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Jason Statham in the movie Crank is a classic piece of American cinematography.
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If you're still checking this thread, Lady Terminator and Knock Off are both amazingly and wonderfully bad. Lady Terminator is weird and culturally fascinating; Knock Off is one of the most confusing and confounding movies ever made, and it stars Jean-Claude Van Damme as a Hong Kong fashion designer who dabbles in counterfeit jeans with his partner Rob Schneider. Please read the Wikipedia plot description and I dare you not to watch it.

If you like Knock Off, in fact, Double Team is another fantastically odd JCVD movie.
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The Chronicles of Riddick
posted by Chessboxing at 4:10 PM on June 25

Came back weeks later to suggest "Leonard, Part 6" with Bill Cosby. How could I have forgotten???
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