Help me name my business?
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I'd appreciate help naming a small graphic design firm whose work is grounded in natural beauty. Extra points for help with a tagline based on the view that nature is the touchstone of all art. Brainstorming so far has yielded: "Second Nature Arts" and "Inner Nature Designs." I'm getting stuck because I don't want to use the word, "nature" twice: in both the name and the tagline. Any other words evoke natural beauty for you?
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Designs from Nature

Natural Design Studio

Organic Views
Natural Designs for an Unnatural World

Best I can come up with this early in the morning

*One of the legendary Two Trees of Tolkien. I don't know if you'd run into legal issues.
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The first thing that comes to mind when you ask, what word evokes natural beauty: petrichor, the smell in the air after it has rained. I think it's both a beautiful and intriguing word, as well as an interesting-sounding one.
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Landscape Graphics?
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Something with "vista," or "horizon"?
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Untouched arts.
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"Ars Naturalis" or "Neo Naturalis" (disclaimer: haven't bothered to think about the Latin grammar implicated, don't feel like finding my Cambridge.)

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A negative suggestion (because I happen to learn more from what NOT to do:)

Do not use the word "Solutions" in either your bizz name or your tagline. It's done to the point of exhaustion, and mis-used, at that. A solution is what you soak your contacts in, period.
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Yes, feckless; the trees with names that take years to speak! And I love your latin, snuffleupagus. "PixCell" is in the shortlist, too. This is so much fun!
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Double Helix Designs: art from nature
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(Telperion doesn't speak. He and his sister tree were the only sources of light in Valinor until Ungoliant ate them, and killed them. Yavanna and Manwe created the Sun and Moon in response. You're thinking Ents, Treebeard etc.)
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Fractal Inspirations: art from nature
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riffing on salamander & tristanpk:

art from nature
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More latin for the tagline: "Artis natura magistra" — "Nature is the teacher of art and science"

P.S. Check you can get the URL before you set your heart on anything :-)
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What about something that involves Eden or Arcadia?
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Touchstone: Inner Nature Designs.

(When I saw the word in your question it jumped out at me as perfect.)
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