A catchier way to say "Nice Meeting You" / "Let's get together again"?
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Looking for words or short phrases that represent the idea that it was "Nice Meeting You" or "we will see each other again" or maybe "let's hang out again sometime soon." The best I've got so far is "Ciao," which may be perfect - it means hello and goodbye, and it's kind of informal.

This is for an online service that might allow you to follow up with people you've just met.
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Chus/Tschuss is what Germans say, it's fun to say!
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Until next time!
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Be seeing you...
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You really can't beat 'zai jian' (再见) for literally, 'see you again', but people don't really like zs and js, most people who know what it means won't get the clever 'let's meet again' meaning, and Mandarin has low cachet.

BUT hey, your i18n problem is solved for 1/6 of the world!
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Why not say "it was nice meeting you, let's have coffee sometime?" unless you have something else in mind?
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My best friend and I have said "Freak freely" as our signoff for a few decades.
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"Hope to see you again soon!"
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"Catch you on the flip side!"
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'Ciao' is great in Italian, but has some slightly obnoxious connotations in the U.S., I think. Seconding "until next time" or maybe just "talk soon."
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A la prochaine!
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"To be continued!"
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I gotta say that if you're in the US, speaking to other native English speaking US people, I think that any of the non-English suggestions are going to make you sound pretentious and wanky.

"Let's hang out again sometime soon" is a short phrase that conveys exactly what you want to say--maybe it's not super catchy, but it's memorable anyhow, because you're saying hey, I really enjoyed seeing you, and would like to see you again sometime! It feels a lot more sincere than many of the alternatives, simply because it's so straightforward.
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You are talking about text for a web app/web site, right? In that case, the longer phrases are going to seem a bit awkward. And most of the foreign ones are going to sound twee (sorry). I know you want clever, but I think you might have to settle for clear (always the better choice if you have to pick one). I think this would be easier to answer if we knew exactly what the function was. Is it more like a "contact me" button? A log out button? A sign off from a conversation, but imply interest button? A "thanks for visiting our site, please come again" button?

Or am I misinterpreting, and you are just a client on a web service, and you want a clever way to end contact with someone you'd like to hear from again? If so, you have more leeway, I think, but I'd still avoid being overly clever.
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Came in to say "Be seeing you." Will definitely endear you with any TV nerds within earshot.
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My go-to is, "Catch you in the flip side."
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Thanks for the suggestions thus far.

Yes, I am looking to NAME an app/web service, so the shorter ideas make it to the next round. :)
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Later, gator.
Later, tater.
Catch you on the flip flop.
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Don't the Brits say "cheers!" in this context?
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Au revoir!
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How about "encantada," which if my memory of middle school Spanish serves means "nice to meet you." So fun to say.
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"It's been grand"
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Agree with au revoir. Catchy!
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Seeing your clarification, how about BCNU? I forget if this sort of letter-homonym construction is too 1999.
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"Smell you later!"
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Hasta la vista.
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If it's the name of an app, maybe Cheers. Or Toodles, if you don't think it's too cute or Google-y sounding (the short English version of à tout à l'heure, or see you later).
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"Take care!"
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Don't be a stranger
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Tschuss is what Germans say

Younger Germans. And when it's the parting word from, like, a shopkeeper, I interpret it as "dismissed" rather than "Nice Meeting You" or "we'll see each other again". Another thing Tschuss reminds me of is the "Be Seeing You" one hears in The Village. In other words, somewhat indifferent and way more formal than "let's hang out again sometime soon".

But I like the expression and wish it would catch on outside the Deutschosphere. However, I agree with MeghanC:

I think that any of the non-English suggestions are going to make you sound pretentious and wanky
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Surprised "Talk soon!" or "Speak soon!" hasn't been mentioned yet, seems to be catching on where I'm at.
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