Media Center Computer: MadCatz M.O.J.O vs. AppleTV 1/3 with XBMC
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I have 2 AppleTVs and I'm considering getting this new MadCatz M.O.J.O. Is it worth the price? Mostly for media consumption, the gaming is just a plus...

have an AppleTV 1st and 3rd generation under my TV that I switch back and forth... The aTV 1 was rooted and I have XBMC on it, which is great for browsing my media library with an SMB share. Problem is that it doesn't play my old 1080i .m2ts video from an old video camera.

I also have an AppleTV 3, which can't be rooted, but it's still useful for streaming HD movies from the iTunes store, and it has some nice apps (Netflix, Hulu, MLBtv etc). I think that AppleTV 3 is a dead-end though, if only Apple would open the App Store to developers for ATV apps, the thing might be awesome. But alas, it can't even be rooted to get XBMC!
So I see that there's a sale on this MadCatz android box, the M.O.J.O. I'm thinking I can use it with XBMC to stream my library (photos, tunes, etc.). Can I run rdio through a browser on this thing? Can I stream .m2ts files? Is working with android the same as working with linux, mostly? Can I do a remote desktop connection to my main server box? The sale price is $160, which is right in line with what I paid for the aTVs when they came out...
The gaming stuff is a plus, right now all I have under the TV for gaming is an old busted Wii. Is setting up emulation pretty straightforward? Again, I have no problem with command line, I'm an old DOS hacker...
I'm about 60% sure I'm going to try this box...
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What OS is your server? If it's windows, you might just want to consider getting a used xbox 360 from gamestop. They're around $130-150, including games. It has all the same apps and streams from windows media center.
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