Tattoo around a scar
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I have never once considered getting a tattoo, until now. I have a fairly large scar just below the belt line on my back, just above the 'ol butt cheek. I had a bone graft when I was a teenager, and have been used to this scar peeking out on my back when I wear shorts in the summer, etc. 20 years later, and now I've thought about getting a tattoo around it- something whimsical, snarky, funny, not sure.

Would kind of like something that is only partially seen from above the pant-line, meaning the only people who would see the whole thing are me, my wife, the occasional friend whom I'd be willing to show my arse-cheek, and that creepy guy at the YMCA locker room who never actually seems to work out, but is always at the Y.

Need some ideas!
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I believe some sort of stitching pattern would be the classic answer; picture something like the stitching closing the opening on a roast turkey.....
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One of my favorite tattoo websites is You can select categories on the left and check out tons of great work and ideas. Overall there are tons of great tumblr websites with tattoos. Memail me for more details. I'm on my phone atm. (Source: have lots of tattoos. I also tattoo fruit as a hobby.)
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I came here to say one word.... Zipper
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I came here to say one word.... Zipper

Yeah, this. When I was 15 I was diagnosed with a thing that will probably require me to have brain surgery at some point in my life. The surgery leaves a pretty large, unsightly scar right up the back of your head.

The way that I made myself ok with this likely eventuality in my life was the decision to get a zipper pull tattooed at the base of the scar when and if the time comes.

I vote for zipper pull.
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An idea: get temporary tattoos, for example from Tattly, to wear for a few days so you can see which one which one will work with your scar as well as aesthetically.
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Since you say you're "not sure," I'll add that there's also the option of getting "Paramedical Tattooing" done, which can improve the appearance of scars using permanent makeup.
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Stick figure holding a chainsaw as though they were tracing your scar.
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A friend has a tattoo of a fish hook going through her foot right at a scar. It has enough of a trompe l'oeil look that I did a double-take, and fishing/outdoorsiness is really central to who she is, so it's just right.

Based on that, I'd ask what sorts of things are so important to you, or important about that scar, that you'd want to memorialize them.
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I don't meant to be a creep, asking to see your butt cheek and all, but do you have a pic of the scar? A terrific answer might jump out at us after we see what you're trying to work around.

Example: I went to college with a guy who had not only a scar, but a bad homemade tattoo of a skull he wanted to sort of tattoo over. We took up a collection and helped him get a Hawaiian shirt, straw hat, and coconut drink with umbrella tattooed around the skull, with the scar incorporated into a palm tree in the background. Add in a colorful sunset and he actually had a bizarrely awesome tattoo when this was all done.
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Stick-figure construction crew patching the hole.
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the only people who would see the whole thing are me, my wife, the occasional friend whom I'd be willing to show my arse-cheek, and that creepy guy at the YMCA locker room

I bet you get plumber's butt more often than you realize, so be prepared to have other people see it. We all get plumber's butt more often than we realize.
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Since the scar is from a bone graft, maybe a small dancing skeleton coming out of the scar. It hits symbolic and whimsical and would make a good story to anyone who you care to show it to.
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